but then i also kinda ship them as a couple


Reaper76-Charms i worked on today!

Eventually when i figure out how to make charms, i will have these made, and i also want to do everyone from Overwatch with their own Pachis!! Mchanzo will be the next ship, and possibly a couple other ones that i like as well

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Okay okay. So are blonde and silver brothers in okja or are they a couple? Because when I first watched the movie I was screaming "MY TWO FAVORITE ACTORS ARE TOGETHER IN A GR8 MOVIE" And then the nagging thought that they might be brothers started stabbing at the back of my head at 3am in the morning

Hi :) I’d like to tell you that Silver and Blond as a couple is 100% canon. But I gonna tell you they’re 90% canon. Because while some tumblr affirm they were confirmed gay by the director, I wasn’t able to find any source as evidence. So if one of you guys have some proof, please let us know (@treelifter maybe?)

However, both Devon and Daniel made it clear that they totally see Silver and Blond as lovers. Both liked and retweeted many tweets about them being a couple. Devon made the fanon ship name “Platinum”, created by @happylawnmowerprince the official one: http://thecrystal-cave.tumblr.com/post/162518543850/guys-devon-officially-approves-the-ship-name. While Daniel expressed at a press conference “ There’s definitely more than a bromance. I think the character of Blond and Silver are lovers, so well picked up on that; yes, it goes beyond friendship, I think.” Src: http://www.rappler.com/entertainment/news/174067-okja-movie-fun-facts-bong-joon-ho

There’s also this article that states them as gays and in love: http://www.pinknews.co.uk/2017/07/04/netflix-blockbuster-okja-features-a-gay-couple-but-you-might-not-have-noticed/

Now I know that the lack of kisses on the mouth (but Blond did kisses Silver on the cheek) “I love you” or “here’s Silver, is my boyfriend” for instance, may lead some people to deny them as good representation. I don’t think any of these are absolutely necessary for a ship to be canon. 

It’s kinda hard to express, but for me Silver and Blond are just too intimate together to be brothers. It’s not always easy to see it because a lot of their moments together are in the background. 

This hug for instance, is clearly a lover hug imo, I don’t force anyone to see it that way if they don’t, but…come on. Look at them. So cute, so gays, so in love. 

i think what i love about amy and jonah is that they're such a Classique example of opposites attract?? like from the very first episode you get the dichotomy of amy as v v pragmatic, she’s a realist, she’s very aware of her limitations. and then jonah swoops in and he’s very like “find beauty in the small moments” and a starry-eyed romantic dreamer (just got in a car and kept driving til i stopped for gas and saw somewhere that was hiring: that’s not the actions of a guy who is super rooted in reality and sensibility); and I think what makes them so absolutely lovely is that he pushes her to be kinder to herself/more selfish while you can kinda see jonah’s shift into being a little more engaged in the real world. also like,,, they’re just so sweet and goofy when they’re together. it’s not super explicit like it is with other couples that i ship, definitely, but i think they do push each other to be their best selves. idk i just think the first episode sets up the dynamics of their friendship perfectly…,,, 

Why I ship darus

Okay first things first I’m writing this at about midnight and just can’t get my mind off of it so if this doesn’t make a lot of sense well I’m sorry. Second of all, i don’t really need to explain why darus is my life but this is more just some back story as to why i would want this to be canon –and even if it won’t then I will still love twd–

So my main and number 1 reason for shipping darus is because of Daryl’s backstory. We know he is from Georgia which is a southern state, we also know southern states are notorious for being homophobic/racist (not saying all are, I’m saying thats where you’d typically think to find them). So with this we can imply that his father was most likely both of those things and not to mention a drunk asshole who abused both Daryl and Merel. We still don’t know why he abused them, it could just be that he was an abusive father but I think that it’s something more than that especially with Daryl. I think that Daryl’s dad thought Daryl was gay from his lack of being sexual with women. We know this from his encounters with Carol, but I do believe most of the beating were because he thought Daryl was gay. Then we get to the fact that Merel had always questioned Daryl’s masculinity calling him “Darlene” ect. We already know Merel is racist, at least a little from season 1, so we can also guess he would be homophobic again based off of where they are. This all in mind now we get to the biggest turn of events, I believe Daryl is asexual and demiromantic. Woah I know big twist but let me explain. Daryl has never been sexual with anyone, at least not that we’ve seen, and he’s never -really- been romantic with anyone either. This is where the asexual comes from and the demiromantic comes from the fact that he never really got a connection with anyone again at least that we have seen. But as time goes on he’s starting to grow closer and closer to Jesus. Yes this sorta happened with Beth but him and Beth were forced together, he choses to be around Jesus (that or Jesus forces him but then again he could just leave in that case) and he seems to look at Carol as the mother he technically had but lost at a young age. With that being said I think that if he does like Jesus romantically he was taught by his family that it was wrong and that he shouldn’t and that he would have a rather rough time coming to conclusions with it himself. With his backstory and what I think his sexuality is, I 100% think that he likes Jesus in more of a romantic way than a platonic way, and that because of the way he was raised and the lack of sexual desire he doesn’t know how to express it. There’s a lot more detail I could go into but I’m pretty sure you get the gist of it.

My second reason and probably not as good as my first is the chemistry between them and the richonne parallels. It’s obvious these boys both have trust issues and both feel useless when they don’t have something to do. They have so much in common with each other that they both have yet to learn about (broken families, past relations ships *platonic and romantic* ect.). With that they are also two completely different people that i’m pretty sure it’s impossible to be that different. I’m pretty sure you’re all like how tf is that a reason to ship them and well I’ll tell you why. This just shows that they are going to grow and need each other to help themselves and the other grow and learn to move on/get passed certain things. Both of them are very stubborn so it’s gonna take awhile but if they were to get into a relationship i fully with everything in me believe that they would help each other cope and grow into stronger people even more then already. We know Daryl is at a rough spot and Jesus can definitely help him with time and a lot of patience. Not to mention that during that time Daryl would also help Jesus to learn to trust more and open up. They would be such a good couple for each other it physically pains me i stg. And the richonne parallels are kinda self explanatory but definitely what made me start shipping them to begin with.

So i could go on with a few more reasons but these are really the reasons and theories that make me ship darus and hope that the writers make it canon. Again no matter what happens I love the show and even if darus never happens I will still love Jesus and Daryl and continue watching. I just think with all of this plus the added fact of how awkward and raw the relationship would be would just make it feel even more like real life then before. Sorry for making this really long and hey if you still don’t ship it thats cool too dude. And also again sorry if this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but to me my reasons are very clear and hopefully some of you get it too, especially the first one because i don’t think I did a good job explaining it even tho it’s the longest of the reasons. Anyways have a lovely Darus filled night - Max

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I've been following this blog for a while, and I'd be always confused by so many likes on Wolfstar posts. No hate really, but do people really honestly ship them? People always say Snily is unhealthy (which I agree), but they totally fawn over Wolfstar. Evidence: the Prank, distrusting during First War and let's not forget Tonks. That's also unhealthy. So what's the deal with them? Just because that way Hogwarts gets a gay couple or what? Maybe it should have been James & Sirius hm?

i’m going to be 100% real by saying i sorta kinda ship james and sirius, hehe.

but i still love wolfstar! it’s just that the wolfstar i picture when i do the incorrect quotes posts is the marauders during their hogwarts days. so, i don’t see anything unhealthy about their relationship there. :P if you do though, feel free to tell me about it! i’d be glad to discuss. 

however, i do see where you’re coming from when you say a post-war relationship between them doesn’t seem…healthy. the distrust especially. so i can see how some people don’t ship wolfstar, but at the same time i feel like sirius and remus could really work through everything if they had enough time.

but still…i wouldn’t compare wolfstar (two former best friends who let war, deception, and mistrust tear them apart, at worst) to snily (a relationship with a racist who called his supposed best friend a racial slur, at best). ahaha nope.

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I know that prompts aren't open but what about headcanons? If they are can you PLEASE do some Yuri on Ice hcs? I love your writing! <3

YURI ON ICE TICKLY HEADCANONS INCOMING ! Sorry for making you waaait~ My friend’s showering and preparing for our day out so I am quickly spamming this. Ohohooo:D

I don’t wanna list all character names and I don’t wanna make this too chaotic either like I often do with my headcanons, so now it’s gonna be pairing based. Sorry but I’m a shipper-girl *////*

[Including Victuuri, Otayuri and… also some Chris/Phichit yeeeesss I kinda ship them]

Victor / Yuuri

♡ Biggest tickle dorks you’ll ever meet. They’re both superb switches, both highly sensitive aaand a day in their lives together goes barely by without a case of hysterical laughter and flailing limbs.

♡ Not only hysterical laughter. Both of them are very cuddly and love pleasant soft tickles. Yuuri is so hypersensitive that even the normal things that aren’t meant to tickle- lead for the couple to break out in a cute tickly session.

– Such as Victor washing his hair (ticklish ears and scalp ftw), washing his back (Yuuri keep stiiill!- halfhearted victor-whines), helping him fix his necktie (yes that tickles) or his buttons (Victor likes being caring and also Yuuri just. can’t. stand. this. And mooore:))

♡ When they are in bed, it’s even normal that Victor curling his toes against the tops of Yuuri’s feet will have him giiiggle and have them break out in a feet-tickle fight. Just with their feet. It is possible.

♡ Let’s not mention lick- tickle fights but just kind reminder these two are unbelievable dorks.

♡ Victor is stronger than Yuuri and it keeps surprising Yuuri how immobile he is when his coach pins him down and tickles him mercilessly.

BUT once Yuuri lies his fingers on Victor’s ticklish body and catches him off guard, all of Victor’s strength goes to minus 4032658 because omg he is so ticklish and him being stronger doesn’t mean Yuuri isn’t strong. When Yuuri manages to tickle Victor, it’s his victory of the day… or night ;)))

♡ Like I already showed in my GIF thing huehue, it occurs that one of them brings up tickle-related stuff while they’re around friends, and the other gets flustered but he does react to it, resulting in hilarious situations.

♡ Yuuri likes to tease Victor by making sudden fake attacks like suddenly reaching out with grabby hands or a finger ready to poke without even touching Victor. It will make him jump and squeak in surprise! (He will have to make it a real attack soon or Victor will retaliate fast as punishment for teasing him)

♡ Most of the time they are *cautious* around each other even when they’re outside but especially at home, because tickle attacks for both of them are always waiting around the corner.

♡ Yuuri has very ticklish hands and Victor loves to hold his hand and trace his palm and lightly scribble his fingers all over the top of it while they watch TV/a movie and hear Yuuri giggle. He is especially sensitive between his fingers, and Yuuri will make cute whiney sounds and bite his lip in the most adorable way.

(others under the cut)

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#PROJECTTWOTI This is probably the longest post I have ever done, but please do read.

The project #PROJECTTWOTI is a project made in 2015 and is still alive. Back then they were just ideas and not a project. But now it is. The name of this project actually means this
The World of the Interwebs.
What is this?, you ask. Well my dear friend that’s a fanfic that I’ve been making since 2015 and thanks to it I have improved a lot in my writing.
This fanfic was made just for fun and to kill the desperation I had when the last and the longest hiatus happened on The Interwebs Series. Since I have a pretty pessimistic personality I thought that this was the last hiatus and that after this a post about Crestor was going to tell us that she actually cancelled it. Guess that I was right and I’m pretty happy of making that decision. I see that some people hate it by it’s flaws. At first I didn’t see the flaws of The Interwebs Series, this doesn’t include topics about politics, because what is important in here is the writing. This fanfic is going to fix that, this fanfic is going to be the new refuge for these new fans of the interwebs series and yes, there’s a amount of people I have met that are new into this, finding out it ended this abruptly. Mainly the found me because I’m the only one active in here.

This is what a want with this fanfic. I want to this fanfic to be able to make the fandom be alive after it’s death. Just because something ends doesn’t mean it has to also the fandom die. We have a lot of examples. Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared was supposedly dead,(now they are making something related to it and I’m happy) still people were active in there. The Powerpuff Girls ended and the fandom was still alive, I bet it became more alive since that atrocious reboot.

Everything has it’s flaws. This isn’t an exception for the interwebs series.
I completely understand that Crestor hates it. She made it when she was 13 years old, I mean everybody Is kinda dumb at that age! But I’m surprised she did a lot by her age. I understand why she sees it so bad, because is one of her oldest works. I see why she hates it because she actually didn’t wanted it to grow like this. She just expected to be like another drawing that will be forgotten and after years you will cringe about. That wasn’t the case for her, people pushed her to make it a series and when you get pushed for that isn’t it enjoyable. Of course you are excited about it but when you have to do this for others NOT FOR YOURSELF it gets tiring boring… And I completely understand her! I got through something similar!

She wants to let it die, but I just can’t do that. I see so many potential in this and most of these errors can be fixed. But this is mainly about how much the interwebs series did to me, it may sound cheesy and like “dude wtf” but the interwebs series brought me so much people into my life. Thanks to the interwebs series it made me more inspired than ever, thanks to the interwebs series it made me have a real BFF and realize who were the fake friends I had even though my best friend is so far away from me. Maybe this and more The Interwebs Series did this to other people! Crestor may not see this and I understand her. I may not see why she finds it so bad about it. We are all blind in our ways and that doesn’t deserve hate, it deserves respect. We have our opinions.

I can still see that the interwebs series has potential, and with my fanfic I could fix those errors.

1. The whole Bing being young thing.
If Bing is supposed to be a kid then why is he working with Google and Yahoo!? Shouldn’t he be still studying?
The webcomics shows us that Google and Yahoo! are more intelligent than Bing, but by following this logic Bing is more intelligent than them, because he skipped most of his grades. So when he’s at Google’s age he would be WAY more intelligent than them. In the fanfic this is all replaced with one little thing. Have you guys seen the documental about the world smallest girl? She suffers from some kind of condition that makes her look like a kid, when in reality she’s an adult. Her body is tiny and her voice is like a little kid. There’s also more people suffering about this. So Bing in the fanfic may suffer that, which it lead to bullying and the fact of why his personality is like that or maybe that’s he’s just an asshole.

2. The whole YouTube Drama Thing
I won’t fix this, because this is in the past and it’s already cannon. But there’s some big flaws in here.

Let’s face it people, DeviantArt was only in this because she was going to be the stereotypical girl from mangas of Yaoi that interrupts the also stereotyped gay couple in Yaoi and that she was literally thrown away after that and that she was comfortable of shipping them. Yeah DeviantArt cried but she didn’t suffered a lot,the fact that she agrees with he shipping make her seem more obsessed for Blogger than in love with him, and agreeing with the shipping make her a hypocrite because she hates YouTube. I kinda see that Crestor tried to use her in more comics to try to fix that. But what is done is what is done. I have a pretty strict opinion on Yaoi and it’s about the whole stereotype thing and the false representation it brings to the LGTB community and so goes for Yuri. I don’t hate LGTB’s couples, I dislike those manga genders. In fact I am bisexual lmao.

b. The overused yaoi references.
I explained this on the A.

c. The drama was going too fast.
I remember reading somebody saying this to Crestor. Maybe she misunderstood it but she replied to it being pretty rude, or maybe she wasn’t mad at all and she wrote it like that and I’m misunderstood it. This happens to me a lot in real life. Anyway if you want to see that it’s up to you to find it on the blog.

3. Blogger
The reason of why he isn’t in the second problem it’s because he doesn’t affect the YouTube Drama thing but it also affects the blog. The problem with Blogger is that he actually doesn’t have a personality. He looks cute and is kinda nerdy and shy and other stuff. Just like the typical uke on the yaoi’s. I know that all of the characters are stereotypes. But Blogger was used and identified stereotypically. The rest of the characters may be stereotypes but by the way they talk and act we get to know more about them. Blogger didn’t do that. Blogger was acting all “cute” over the place acting shy and more stuff. Yeah he said stuff but it didn’t personalized him. So he doesn’t deserves the overrated thing on interwebs. The second problem is that Blogger is one of the characters that most appeared on the blog, even if this happened with my favorite character Yahoo! I still wouldn’t be glad to see that, mainly because I don’t get to know well the characters. This is what happened with Blogger, we didn’t got to know more about the rest and even if they did appeared less than him, they brought us more than Blogger. Because they weren’t used for the purpose of a whole drama. I never enjoyed this character, I love all of them except him, I don’t hate him, but I dislike him. Blogger was there to make the YouTube Drama and to satisfy the girls fantasies and I could say more about him more specifically but If I do that I would never end this.

4. YouTube Drama 0.1
a. It was fanservice. Clearly it was. Or I think. Since people liked mostly that part they started to request that a lot, and that goes the reason why it appeared a lot. (This was actually the part that I least liked about the blog, I actually enjoyed more the funny interactions other websites had with each other.)

b. The YouTube Drama was so overused that it didn’t got to other websites dramas to shine or to ever happen.

1. Add more time to shine to the characters. In the fanfic there would be star moments. Which it means that in a lot of characters a drama would be based on that character, still the other characters have their spotlights.

2. Add more depth to the characters (character development)
Yes, they are based in stereotypes, but with enough character development we can make them break them and be even more lovable character, but still with their original shine that they had. I’ll do my best to do this with Blogger, since he didn’t had an actual personality.

3. Tell more about their world adding more computer and internet based references.
They just can’t be humans, nobody is named after a website and we don’t see a lot of references about internet in the comics.

4. Add more drama in it.
There’s going to be a lot of drama in it. But not only romantic ones, because with only romance dramas,then this would be boring.

5. Add more diversity.
To be honest as a Latin I do not care about this, but people would be happy about it. Some slightly but not annoying changes are going to be in the characters! Most are going to be still the same but more POC characters will be added, of course they would just be secondary, because he protagonist are the canon characters. I’ll give you some examples.

A. Pinterest is an Spaniard and she has an apple figure.
The origin of this headcanon happened in my school because I brought some old drawings I did for TIWS and a friend told me Pinterest looked like an Spaniard. The apple thing came to me because I see her having that shape better than a hourglass figure.
B. Wikipedia is a corean albino.
This headcanon is based of the way his eyes were differently shaped than the others.
C.DeviantArt is not white, she’s more tanner in skin, this is because she’s bi-racial her father is black and her mother is white. That color skin fits her better with the green she has. It makes a big difference but not an annoying one.
D. Fanfiction is more chubbier than she used to be.
E. The boys will also have different body shapes and described in the fanfic.
F. The girls will have different shapes as described in the fanfic. The only one with an hourglass figure is Yahoo! even though that Yahoo! will have a non noticeable through clothes little tummy on the start of the fanfic what happens to it is obviously exercise.

And now, what is the fanfic about?
This fanfic is about being in the world of the interwebs. Their universe is another dimension mainly based in ours. This is because the alternate dimension was created accidentally by Crestor so her (our) universe is based by that universe, still it has pretty big differences. Yet Crestor left the place and stopped being a god so probably another creator came and is going to make a lot of twists between the past and the lives of our protagonists. There’s something else besides websites and animals living in that world though, and there’s some powerful stuff going on without them noticing. This takes place after 7 months that Blogger told YouTube that he also has a crush on him.

(Note: The canon past that Crestor did is not edited)

If you got it through here CONGRATULATIONS! Please support me by reading the first chapter, the other 23 ones are being fixed.

Thanks for reading!
Ugh! I wanted to get this out of my chest so hardly!


pile of Jaspers (well, two piles XD)

Also, if anyone was willing to get one, there’s one pre-made (ready to ship) left. Also it is the last one available for a very long while (I won’t open new commission slots for them in couple of months) because of I used last piece of dark orange minky for those and it will take a while to get new piece (which is also a lottery with online purchases - I often get significantly wrong colors and sellers are excusing that as “monitor settings” so I kinda just have to deal with it :/) or maybe won’t relist again at all if I won’t get right color again.
Here’s link to the last one left: https://www.etsy.com/listing/459517098

Friendzoned M.C - chapter 1

Originally posted by cliffxrdsloveaffair

Summary: Nyla thought a trip to Bali with her best friend was all she needed to escape her problems but she didn’t know that things are always complicated. Even in a tropical destination with your best friends, things can get pretty heated. In good ways and in bad.

A/N: I did say this in my previous post but this fanfic is really long and it’s kinda crappy buuut there’s some cute Michael fluff and smut in here so if you hate most of it I hope you like the fluff + smut. Also the way Crystal is written in this book is no way what I think of her in real life, I think her and Michael are really cute and I do ship them together as a couple.

- Find my Masterlist here -

- chapter 2 - chapter 3 - chapter 4 -


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So by Bakugou saying that Uraraka isn't "Frail" (which is a fact) that automatically means that he's in love with her? He treats her like shit and told her to fuck off when she was trying to talk to him. Must mean love right? RIGHT? clearly it's izuocha that canon is leaning towards which is a mutually respecting and caring ship . I'll never understand how you could ship Kacchako over it. Your logics are so flawed

Woah woah woahhhhhh where is all this hostility coming from? 😂 shit.

I just wanna start off by saying I (or pretty much any Kacchaco shipper that I’ve seen, for that matter) have NEVER claimed that Bakugou has any type of romantic feelings towards Uraraka. Ever.

Second off, he doesn’t treat Uraraka as anymore of shit than he does anyone else (did that even make sense?? What even is English??) It’s not like he’s extra mean to her and nice to everyone else, he’s just an asshole in general🤷🏻‍♀️

Thirdly, I am (as is everyone else) well aware that Izuku X Ochako is more canon than Kacchako will ever be, but we ain’t bothered lmao. It doesn’t change anything 👍🏻

Lastly, I DO ship her and Deku, I just ship her with Katsuki more. Why?? Because I just don’t tend to be a fan of the cliche “main guy and main girl fall in love everything is all peachy” ships and that’s OKAY, everyone is entitled to like what they like, and for me, it’s just not my cup of tea. GIVE ME THAT DENIAL, GIVE ME THAT ANGST, GIVE ME THAT DEVELOPMENT, ya know? But for her and Midoriya, everything as it is is fine 👏🏻 like they’re all good, A-okay and it’s just kinda boring to me. BUT NO SHADE, because I do love both of them as individuals and a couple 💚 I just prefer Kacchako 💚💚💚

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Can you talk more about the reasons you ship Jamie and Brienne and not Jamie and Cersei?

Yes!!! I love this ask!!!

So first of all you have to understand what’s shipping for me. Shipping for me is either wanting two characters to get together or, if they are already together, wanting to watch them grow, challenge each other, solving their problems with empathy and communication. I don’t like unhealthy ships or ships that don’t even have the potential to be healthy because i feel this is wasting my time, i love love (and i have very strong opinions about what love is and what love isn’t), I don’t love  seeing characters i like being into relationships that stunt them emotionally or mentally.

Under a read more because I have a lot of feelings and I might not be very coherent:

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 Okay….let me just share another opinion on here. NO HATING, ITS JUST MY OPINION. With that….I shall continue…

First of all let me say I ship both Starco and Tomstar. And thats exactly the issue in here. We all know Marco and Star are meant for each other, we know it.Even if you dont like it, you know it. Now I really love Tomstar, ever since Tom appeared, the problem in here is that I wanted to know how their relationship was before to know more of them, I have to say that with the 3 Season I kinda know how their relationship was. But still my fear was this. Now if you remember the main ships of the show at the beginning were Starco/Tomstar but since no one thought Tom would have a chance with Star thats why they ignore the couple. Now my main thing in here is this. I really wanted Tomstar to be a ship like this right now, but i also didnt want it. Now let me tell you why.

Mostly cause Starco is the main ship and its gonna be cannon we all know that. And thats why I didnt want that, because now that Tomstar is a thing, its basically repeating all over, they are gonna break up. And believe me, OH BELIEVE ME.ITS GONNA HURT, in that point I kinda understand the Jarco shippers. I wanted Tom to be with Star, but as friends, okay mostly as they are right now. Now the main problem is this one. Im shipping both sides Starco and Tomstar, so it means that I will have to be happy and sad at the same time, cause come on people face it. Tomstar is not gonna be endgame and you know it. And its coming from someone who loves and desires Tomstar a lot. But reality is what it is. The thing is, im gonna be super happy for Starco cause man I love them a lot, but im gonna be in pain for Tomstar.

Now dont get me wrong, i really wanted Tomstar to be like they are now, for Tom and Star to at least be on good terms. My problem in here is I would rather prefer them to no be something because of the end of Tomstar. I dont know if you get me, I love Starco but still I adore Tomstar. And the fact that its gonna end soon kills me. Cause face it, Starco is gonna be endgame and you know it, not that it bothers me at all. Buts still thats whats gonna happen, 

So at least I hope they put Janna and Tom together. Cause Tom is a lovable character, and I actually ship him a lot with Janna, even Jackie who know, but that boy has work on himself a lot to control himself. So the least he deserves is a girl for him, Janna or Jackie, I really done care, but one of them. 

My main thing in here is I didnt want Tomstar to be something, cause believe me every great thing comes to and end, as jarco. But I will be happy for Starco, always rooting for it but still sad for Tomstar.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And please if you have an opinion share it with me, Thanks.

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Love your bnha fics. Thank you for writing them. :) Just out of curiosity: could you see either Katsuki or Izuku with other characters in a ship? I Kinda like the idea that Todoroki crushes a bit on Deku, bit I also like that mindwipe guy. Shinshou, I Think he is called. My otp is Katsudeku though, but I Can see the potential.

First off, thank you for reading! Second, thank you for asking such an intriguing question, since I have a feeling this isn’t the most popular opinion but whatever.

Without going into yet another crazy full-blown rant, I personally do not ship outside of the one I’ve chosen. When I choose that one particular couple that I like, I cannot see them with anyone else. 

Granted, this is only from my perspective and it does not mean that I do not see the logical basis that makes other ships prevalent, enjoyable, and interesting for the people who ship them. 

In fact, in Boku No Hero Academia, I see plenty of reason why there are so many ships. I respect them all equally (unless the ship concerns Mineta because fuck that character) but I personally cannot see myself choosing to ship outside of what I’ve chosen.

As someone who loves KatsuDeku, I can safely say that, by comparison, they have some of the least amount of traditional canonical elements that promote their ship. Shipping them requires… well, the reasons I posted about before. I guess I’m more drawn to ships that explore how damn difficult and slow-burning relationships between characters like this can be. 


There are two other ships in particular that concern Katsuki and Izuku that have been given plenty of popularity, and for good (even great) reason. 

It’s part of why I respect them as ships, but can’t personally do it myself because I’ve chosen my favorite and it’s just never going to sway. 

I’m talking, of course, about KiriBaku (Eijirou Kirishima / Katsuki Bakugou) and TodoDeku (Shouto Todoroki / Izuku Midoriya). 

These are very popular ships who, from what I can tell, are mostly used in fanfiction as balancing acts to each other. It’s a way of “solving the shipping war” without, necessarily, focusing on the OT3 aspect.

Even though I don’t ship these couples because of my own personal preference, I completely understand why they exist and respect the reasoning behind them. 

In all honesty, TodoDeku and KiriBaku, in comparison to KatsuDeku especially, have a more solid basis of being shipped when focusing on the canonical aspects that bring these particular characters together.

But this is part of why I really don’t want to ship them. Aside from the obvious reasons where I just find Katsuki and Izuku to be more interesting and dynamic characters than Shouto Todoroki and Eijirou Kirishima.

As a sidenote: I am fond of Shouto and Eijirou, but they are not even close to being on the same level of fondness I have for Izuku and Katsuki. 

Also, because this is a personal preference, I am far too fond of the Katsuki/Izuku dynamic to even ship them apart from each other. In my crazy mind, no other character could balance them out through these theoretical conclusions I’ve come up with myself. 

When speaking canonically, though, just through interactions and the general “sweetness” associated with them, TodoDeku and KiriBaku both have more basis than KatsuDeku. 

However, just because I’m acknowledging the vaster potential these two ships have in comparison to my OTP, does not mean that I like mine any less. 

Also, yeah, people seem to really enjoy the idea of Shinsou Hitoshi having a thing for Izuku. I think that’s fine. But, I’ll never understand the overall idea of… everyone, being shipped with Izuku Midoriya. I think he’s too complex to just be paired off with everyone.

I actually cannot stand the concept of “Dekubowl” and three-way ships. 

The OT3 in the fandom, TodoBakuDeku, drives me absolutely insane. I hate it, exponentially. But again, just because I hate it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with it. It just doesn’t fit my preferences.

So. That was… long. My bad, Anon. But, there you go. I picked TodoDeku and KiriBaku to focus on by comparison because that’s kind of the contrasting factor paired against the KatsuDeku ship. 

I respect all ships and try to see the logical reasoning behind all of them (especially when mine has far little by comparison). But, no, I cannot ship outside of the ones I’ve chosen.

Thanks for the ask, Anon!

When will SP & Kishi realize...

that just because SNS is a very popular and liked ship in the Naruto fandom, that doesn’t mean that you can copy their dinamics and put them in other couples to make them look “cuter”.

C’mon, I think we all realize what they’re doing with Sai and Ino and what they’ll do with Sarada and Boruto. (they also kinda did it with Naruhina too)

What exactly? Copy SNS on straight canon couples (I bet my ass BoruSara or whatever the name is will be a canon couple)

And the worst side of this is that the only thing this does is comfirm the fact that SNS isn’t canon only because both are men.

(BTW nothing against NH, SI or BS)

This is just some bullshit man…

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I...I don't really understand Rex and Mystery's relationship. Hell, it was a suprise when I learned that they were married. I don't understand how anyone could love someone as sick and sadistic as Mystery. It never made sense to me. Their dynamic is all over the place to me and it doesn't flow correctly. Please, help me. I want to ship Mysterex like everyone else, but I can't. It feels off and forced, not purposely that is. I can't understand their love, it's just strange to me. Accidental.

Honestly? In my opinion it is kinda forced D:> my and sam’s characters weren’t so focused on good storytelling back then, they were more of roleplay puppets, and they were also different from what they are now. So yeah they got together because we just liked seeing them together?
2 years passed and we both adore the couple, it’s a big part of us and I don’t think we’re gonna make them break up anytime soon
Anyways we’re working on how then fuckf did Rex manage to make Mystery fall in the lovey lately, don’t worry!

My feelings concerning the EliasxChise ship are… odd. They are two very broken people, who when put together have the potential to heal but so far have changed only a little (arguably Chise more than Elias) and throughout the manga cannot really be said to have a healthy relationship. Chise is too dependent and quiet, when she has outbursts she doesn’t explain them to Elias afterwards. Elias is secretive and only tells her things when he’s forced too. He also tends to be controlling and jealous, sometimes making decisions for her without her input. They care for each other, but either don’t express it well or don’t understand how or even that those feelings exist.

But this unhealthiness is kinda what draws me to this ship. It’s drama waiting to happen, it’s a relationship on its way to crashing and burning. I want to see the fallout. And yes, I would like them to grow as a couple as a result. But if they don’t end up together I don’t think I’ll be too disappointed.

(Tho considering why Kore wrote this I think they’ll end up together)

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i had ships that are/were real couples publicly and everything and i also shipped people that were not. i have to say i saw a lot of exaggeration and people manipulating situations to prove their ship is more real. with jikook though it all kinda falls into place as far as i can tell, it's definitely the most convincing 'not real' ship i've come across. the funny thing about it is that jikook shippers are also the least aggressive in proving anything it's like we don't have to cause it's obvious

Let me digress a bit again :D

My favorite example of this is Kate x Leo, they know for a fact that people ship them (romantically or not), but they don’t let it affect their relationship. They have partners of their own, but that doesn’t erase the bond they have with one another.

Also for het couples/ships it is so much easier to go public anyway because there is no stigma, hence the bias in statistics. This doesn’t of course mean that some of the same sex ships couldn’t be real. But relationships are complicated, and unlike in fiction, in real life it’s difficult to control feelings and chemistry, things are never simple.

As for shipping in general, I think it’s hypocritical of people to claim that shipping is immoral or disgusting of whatever. People tend to pair off people, regardless of whether or not the term “shipping” is used and matchmaking is an incredibly common practice anyway.

But the thing is, just like it’s rude to suggest to someone that they should get married and have kids soon, it’s also rude to rub ships to people’s faces. It’s fine to discuss ships in private, to write fan fiction, to do fan art, you name it. But one must remember to keep the ship fantasy apart from reality. How you act upon it matters.

If I ever met KM I wouldn’t ask about them about their relationship or imply to know anything about it. I’d focus on them as individuals and treat them with respect. If they wanted to share something, fine. But again. Their call. 

Also yeah I agree with you, KM shippers seem very calm to me. I’m sure there are bad apples in this tree as well, but mostly it seems that we’re all quality individuals lol.


Some more OFF ship doodles aaaaa
Uni’s starting up again.. I hate not uploading pics but digital drawing can take a lot of time, so I guess maybe expect a couple of these raggy kinda things??? aaaaaa Hope this is okay guys ^^
eyy so yeah, I shipped Carm and Enoch bc aaaaa expect the sizes to change bc who’s consistency never heard of them
also have Dedan and Orva patching up after a rough run-in with some spectres. Orva will probably immediately fall asleep after bandaging Dedan and he’ll yell. That’s pretty much their relationship tbh
Also in case the conversation is hard to read:

: When’d you learn to fight?

Orva: Dunno. You’d be yelling my ear off if I didn’t though.

Dedan: Quit bein’ a smartass and hurry up!

Bellarke Rant

I ship Bellarke because I adore Bellamy and Clarke individually and together. They have such great chemistry, balance each other and always look out for each other. Even when they were ‘enemies’ in 1x02 and Clarke fell, Bellamy didn’t even hesitate, he immediately grabbed her arm to stop her from falling into the pitfall. Their was a brief moment between them when they looked at each other and realised that maybe they weren’t just enemies and would help each other in times of need. I shipped them from that moment on.

Also I know some shippers are annoyed at how slow burning bellarke is but I personally love it. Of course I want them to get together in season 5 but I am kinda glad they didn’t rush into things. Bellarke being slow burning meant that they could grow and care for each other deeply. And also if they did get together in season 2, I highly doubt the writers would have gone 2 more seasons without a break up. I don’t won’t Bellarke to be one of those couples that break up and get back together over and over again. I want them to last and have a real relationship so they would need to know each other well and already care for each other deeply.

Okay rant over. Sorry about the unexpected and random rant I have just been thinking these things for days

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