but then his sprite had eyes so i was like

100 reasons to love Haechan
  1. his voice is so sweet oh my god
  2. how he has two sides to him and they’re both so Good (joking prankster vs super caring member)
  3. he’s so witty?? my quick boy
  4. king of concepts like he can pull off literally everything
  5. how proud he is of his skin like!!!! he’s glowing and he k n o w s
  6. idk if it’s talked about often but you can tell how much he loves dancing honestly and i love it a lot
  7. his english when he sings or speaks in english
  8. yaja time!haechan
  9. his performance face vs his general resting face/demeanor are worlds apart and i love it so much
  11. his neck mole is so cute… 
  12. …and the scar above his right eye, too
  13. all of his moles actually they’re beautiful
  14. he’s proud of his legs and i’m glad like!! he’s so body positive about himself it makes my heart happy
  15. nct’s main visual
  16. sherlock!haechan was legendary 
  17. when they surprised jisung for his birthday and he started crying and haechan and mark immediately went to him to cheer him up..i think about that everyday
  18. the time on mySMT when they all had to smile and he looked at the camera and smiled SO WIDELY my heart was so full when i watched it
  19. pianist!haechan he loves the instrument you can tell
  20. the 19 second recording of baby don’t like it that he sang on NNN
  21. his affinity for bucket hats. can he see with that over his eyes? probably not but it’s okay because we can see how good he looks
  22. his freestyle in his boy video! look at my talented ult
  23. that time on NCT life where he put salt into everyone’s sprite and i think soy sauce into everyone’s coke #prankd
  24. when 127 was on nimdle and answering questions about each other and he asked the members if they knew what body part he’s proudest of and mark went “birdlike chest” or something along those lines and haechan made as if to punch him
  25. he just really loves monster by exo
  26. the almost tangible difference between nct dream haechan and nct 127 haechan
  27. i love his given name btw, lee donghyuck is such a nice name too??
  28. he’s so good at cooking 
  29. mark changed his laugh after being around haechan so much that’s #bffgoals
  30. that time he dressed up as a girl and ended up falling for yuta because..i
  31. his general love for taeyong’s face. like taeyong’s his aesthetic
  33. pink hair pink hair pink hair pink hair (we young) (it looks s o g o o d)
  34. his role is moodmaker in dream and like!! he’s so proud of it i’m so glad
  35. when they had that “All about Dream” special or whatever and he was sucking up to the teacher lol
  36. he and jeno #prankd jisung by changing his ipad wallpaper to a cockroach #ripjisung2k17
  37. his michael jackson impressions are actually LEGENDARY
  38. his opening line in “heartbreaker” 
  39. that one line in Back 2 U that saved literally everyone’s lives (the one after doyoung’s towards the end of the song)
  40. king of 127′s backing vocals. listen to baby don’t like it stripped down. you will cry
  41. his solo dance in cherry bomb
  42. that one time he #prankd mark by acting like seulgi during the smrookies period
  43. i really like listening to him just speak btw like his voice in general is kind of teasing and just nice i really love it a lot
  44. idk if ive mentioned it but his laugh also just!!! pure!!!
  45. king of girl group choreo…king of boy group choreo…king of choreo
  46. “gimme that gimme that ice cream” 
  47. used to mess with his grandma’s makeup when he was younger 
  48. honestly just all of nct life in paju because haechan was so iconic in it like that soccer game oh my god and not to mention snack time and his failed karaoke that was so bad they never showed it and his god tier breakfast the last morning like wow
  49. when he and mark missed that nct life entertainment retreat because of schedules and chenle and jisung roasted them and haechan was like “when i get back you’re dead”
  50. his high note after mark’s “show them how we do it” in playboy
  51. haechan in headbands is a Look
  52. that one meme video with chenle, jeno, haechan, and that stick (i never found subs so i don’t…know what happened in that video)
  53. haechan looks really good in button down shirts…he’s unreal…born to be famous
  54. the harper’s bazaar shoot
  55. him and mark’s handshake has stayed the extra same in all aspects (include level of extraness <3) since predebut days
  56. “swag”
  58. he’s the entire universe in himself - his eyes sparkle like a thousand stars and looking at him is like looking straight at the sun and just wow
  59. whenever he tries to keep his laughter in he makes The Face and i love it
  60. when performing live he sounds like he ate the record for breakfast he’s that good
  61. he lisps and it’s the best thing to happen to me
  62. the ivy club photoshoot. just.
  63. he pulls off like.. everything from like massive sweaters and denim shorts to full like blazer/slacks/dress shirt like…wow
  64. airport fashion on point
  65. bought a radio because jaehyun and johnny host a radio show
  67. haechan + confetti = name a more iconic duo
  68. the shape of his lips is so nice?? wow
  69. his nose too!!! perfect
  70. his teeth are like perfect too like so..nice looking idk
  71. that time where he gave no fucks and took off the heavy ass jacket and threw it to the side during that performance of cherry bomb because he knows what’s Good For Him
  72. the taste the feeling cf 
  73. the camera Look with The Eyebrows
  74. that iconic duet with guitarist!jeno of love yourself by justin bieber
  75. that expression/laugh he did that time he was going to do scissors during That Move in MFAL so he could win against mark but jisung thwarted his plans and mark played rock and haechan got roasted af onstage
  76. i know ive mentioned his dancing before but hes SO SMOOTh his moves are EFFORTLESS
  77. he looks A1 in denim jackets
  78. when he acts cute to get what he wants
  79. looks so excited and happy at fanmeets
  80. apparently he’s really touchy with the members and stuff that’s adorable
  81. never shows how sensitive he can be and tries to make everyone laugh
  82. his head tilt!! you know the one
  83. when he tries to get other members to talk on air (especially with the dreamies)
  84. is a member of the powerful af SM ‘00 line
  85. when nct dream tried to do that let’s dance and haechan kept messing them up because he wanted to dance to the other groups
  86. when he pretended to be a mime
  87. he danced to russian roulette and it was absolutely amazing
  88. his resting face is kind of “bored looking” so when he goes from resting to being really engaged it’s like a flipped switch i love it so much
  89. the cover of billionaire he and mark did predebut
  90. how he puts his hand on yuta’s shoulder to steady himself during the split move in cherry bomb
  91. the way he looks in a basketball uniform (credit: @whoisyuta )
  92. he puts his whole soul into his voice
  93. his vocal range is ridiculously versatile
  94. i love his wrists?? is it just me they’re so pretty maybe i’m going crazy lol but like watches and bracelets and stuff.nice
  95. the cherry bomb outfit with the black sweater and camo pants and camo jacket tied at the waist he !! wow
  96. when he wears glasses!!
  97. hes so young and he still keeps up with all the 127 members and works hard with them and does 12 hour dance practices with them like what a legend
  98. when his members do embarrassing things on air he buries his face in his hands out of secondhand embarrassment like…me too
  99. king of promoting other sm groups
  100. he just puts his all into everything and works so hard and deserves the world and!!!! wow just wow. an angel. an ethereal empyrean individual

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heinous pls retell the story of cyclops dave that you told me in voice chat

Ho boy.

SO.  When I actually started to first read Homestuck, I did a few google searchs to try and find some images for something, I can’t even remember what, but one of the related images caught my eye.  

It had Karkat and Dave in their sprite art standing next to each other.  Karkat had a concerned face, looking at Dave.  Dave, for whatever reason, only had one lens of his shades on his face, and it was centered in the middle of it.  

Now, ordinarily I’d dismiss it as random weird art, but I was right at the part where it said it was apparently Dave’s destiny to defeat Lord English, and so I thought like “Oh, man. Dave is gonna get fucked up in that fight somehow.  Mutated or something by the nature of paradox space.”  And so I assumed Karkat was going to like, care for Dave in his new form, because he would need help, and I assumed there would be effects more than what was visible in just the sprite.

Obviously, I couldn’t have been more off the mark, but when we ended up getting something as great as this:

I’m totally fine being wrong.

Imagine getting caught by Sam when you’re reading the Supernatural books.

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Imagine getting caught by Sam when you’re reading the Supernatural books
Couple: Sam x Reader

Sam took the blade from Ruby’s waist belt and brought it to her wrist as she smirked. “That’s it Sam.” She murmured into the quiet room.

You bit your bottom lip as you read that line. It was intense. Slightly.

Your boyfriend was a real piece of work back then. Even though, he still is. To some extent. You were worried but damn!

“Darlin?” You heard Sam call out as he neared the door.


You immediately stood up after hiding the book underneath the bed. “Yeah Babe?”

“Lunch’s ready. Why are you just standing in the middle room like that?” Sam raised his eyebrows at you.

“I was um you know um waiting for you. Since I heard you.” You stuttered a bit.

“Okay…” Sam Winchester nodded awkwardly. Unsure of his girlfriend’s behavior.

You gave him a sheepish smile. It was obvious that both of the Winchesters hated the Supernatural book series.

And you somewhat enjoyed them. It was interesting to read what your boyfriend and his older brother had done. They were heroes.

Sam nodded awkwardly as he turned around and walked off.

You let out a breath of relief. It would’ve been awkward and embarrassing to be caught reading that piece of work. Writing was obviously not Chuck’s strongest suit.

Plopping back down on the bed, you fell back on the covers when Sam entered again and you sat up. Again.

“You want Diet Coke or Sprite?”


“Oh okay.”


Sam Winchester smirked as his eyes trailed around the room. Bingo…He mentally called out when he noticed the familiar edge of one of the Supernatural books. He had returned to the room to make sure if it was the book that he saw.


“Yeah Sam?”

“I can still see the book.”  Sam called out as he walked away backward, smirking at his flustered girlfriend.


The end.

AN: Hey y’all!!! I would like to thank all of you who have read my work and enjoyed it. 

So thank you to my readers (and 151 followers) for supporting me in my writing. 

Love Stephanie. 

Preview for (Don’t) Let Me Go: Chapter 2

Chapter 2, my friends, takes place in 5x21, after the team brings in Chase to ARGUS and go out to celebrate and is, by far, the fluffiest chapter I’ve written so far.   The chapter has plenty of drunken team fun, but the peek bellow is a taste of our two heroes interaction. 

For Chapter 1 Catch Up Here


Felicity told him to let her go, but even when Oliver tried, it didn’t seem to be something he was capable of. In the end, there would be nothing in the world Felicity was more grateful for.

Weaving in and out of the final four episodes of Season 5 and beyond, follow Oliver and Felicity’s emotional journey back to one another, one step at a time.

Chapter Art:

Preview under the cut.  It’s hella long because I couldn’t bring myself to cut it.  Like, seriously, there are tons of drabbles out there shorter than this sneak peek.  Hope you enjoy it.  ;-)

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Sirius dies and go to heaven. Marlene gets really mad at him for not metion her to harry

When his eyes flickered open he was met with the sight of a cozy room, the walls lined with book shelves and a fire burning bright in the hearth. It had been so many years and yet the space was as familiar it had been when he was seventeen. The smell of a home cooked meal wafting through the sloping archway confirmed it. Sirius Black was in Potter mansion and for a moment the pure impossibility of his surroundings escaped him because before him stood a pale skinned boy, thin and entirely too tall with a shock of black tousled hair in his head. Beside the boy in worn muggle jeans stood a sprite like little red head with striking green eyes that could weasel their way into ones soul even if it was as guarded as Sirius’. The couple wore grins even the Cheshire Cat might question, but the recently deceased man did not. Instead he found himself hugging James— something he had done only a hand full of times before. “Bloody hell Padfoot, you’ve lasted longer than I ever thought you would. Fool like you should have been up her ages ago.” Potter’s voice was light hearted but there was no mistaking the utter relief at seeing his best mate after so many years.

Sirius leaned back a bit, putting his broad hands in James thin shoulders, his face for once lacking it’s usual lopsided grin. “It wasn’t me. I fucking swear it wasn’t me who ratted you out I didn’t-”

“You think we don’t know that? Please.” Lily chimed in, shaking her fiery head and crossing her arms. She sported an affronted expression but beneath her lips were twitching with a smile; one that burst free and Sirius scooped her up into his embrace, spinning her about.

“Nice to see you’re still a know it all, Pedal.” He teased putting the girl down, who was now slightly out of breath from a combination of laughter and being crushed in Sirius’ grip down again. “Blimey you both look seventeen, such children.”

“You should have a look at yourself Black.”

Every inch of his body tensed as a voice that had haunted him for so many years rung through the air, sounding like a storm all on it’s own. He would know the sound of it anywhere, the slight welsh lilt on the words and the way it was so soft and yet could cut so deep. For a moment he stood still, too afraid to face the speaker, his breathing already rough as if it was being dragged out of his body unwillingly. His eyes were directed at Lily, though they were unseeing; every one of his sense focused on the origin of those words.

When he finally turned everything that had seemed relevant the moment prior faded into insignificance. Marlene leaned against the wall, her blonde hair falling in haphazard waves around her shoulders and those lapis eyes locked on his own ashen ones. Her eyes raked across him, a twisting in her breast. She was angry, beyond angry and yet it took every drop of restrain in her willowy figure not to burry herself in his embrace, not to be acidly jealous of James and Lily for getting his first greetings.

She wore a pair of jeans she had nicked from his dresser in fourth year; now torn at the knees and a tshirt that hugged her every curve, the name of a muggle rock band printed across the purple fabric. Every detail of her presence— from the best up black leather boots to the strip of tanned smooth skin left exposed between the hem of her shirt and the waist of her jeans— was like a drop of water to a man lost in the desert for days. But it hadn’t been days, it had been years since he had had his water, his air, his Marlene.

She pulled herself off the wall while he remained frozen, slowly approaching him, hips swaying with each and every step. She drew it out or course, if there wasn’t the ache of her sweet torture it wouldn’t be Marlene. With each step he knew she wanted to run towards him, though there was no external sign of it. It was painful for them both, she ached for him in a way she hadn’t know possible. Even over all these years she had never wanted him more than when he was so close, when the only thing keeping them apart was her stubborn nature.

She slowed slightly with every move closer, determined to win the game they played. Even after all these years she was brilliant at it. He wasn’t sure what he expected when Marlene reached him; a kiss probably. However no part of him expected the sharp sting of her palm impacting his cheek, the sound of the slap ringing in his ears. Fire danced in those baby blues of hers as she glared up at him, a cold sneer on the lips which he had spent so many nights craving. “You told him my name and how I died. That’s fucking it. Not a damn thing else. You didn’t mention what we were, not that you cared about me let alone loved me, not even that you missed me you Bleeder.” She hissed through clenched teeth. For a moment Sirius was utterly confounded by the blonde mass of anger that stood before him, of course after a moment the pieces tumbled into place. Sirius had never told Harry about Marlene. There was hurt hidden under that ire, the ache she had felt watching him forget her more and more day after day, and when he finally spoke of her again only mentioning her in passing, throwing away her memory like pennies at a beggar.

The thing was he just wasn’t sure how to explain. How could he verbalize the way he had missed her, the fact he had gone through fucking withdrawal from her touch, how Azkaban hadn’t even been so horrid because the moment she left his world he had already been plunged into hell? How could he tell her that he had longed to tell his god son about the nights they spent in each other’s arms, about the sound of her laugh and they way she always leaned into his touch like it was the best thing that ever happened to her, like he was worth something but he couldn’t because no words his broken tongue might string together had any hope of doing this damn woman justice?

So instead he grabbed her, yanking her body right against his own, hands on her arse lifting her up as her legs wound around his waist just as he knew they would. It had been so long but he hadn’t forgotten a single step to this dance they did. Never had it felt so good though, the pure ecstasy if having her in his arms excruciating. Which one of them initiated the kiss is a mystery, but their lips met in a clash of teeth and tongues, a welcome home battle. She tasted sweet and he tasted like whiskey but Merlin if it wasn’t heaven.

Everlark Advent: Day 24, Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival

rated G

She waits until Peeta puts down the chainsaw before approaching him. He glances up at her with a grin, snow shavings caught in his eyelashes and in the curls that stick out from under his red cap. “Hey,” he murmurs, his warm voice a sharp contrast to the bitter cold of the evening.

“Hey yourself,” Katniss replies, handing him a steaming paper cup. “I, um. I thought you might be cold.” She wants to kick herself; of course he’s cold. It’s freezing out, and he’s been sculpting a giant chunk of ice for over an hour now. She knows; she’s been watching the entire time from the coffee stand where she works during the annual Panem Winter Carnival.

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