but then he can be this protective tender guy

Preferences (Teen Wolf Edition): How he is when he gets jealous or protective

Stiles Stilinski: He’ll mask it with sarcasm and make some witty joke about the situation. But you would see right through that and instantly reassure him that the only guy you want, is standing right in front of you. Stiles would then wrap an arm around your shoulder and place a tender kiss on your forehead, but he’d still make a few sarcastic comments throughout the day about the guy who tried to flirt with you.

Isaac Lahey: He wouldn’t automatically do anything, because he knows that you can take care of yourself when it comes to guys flirting. But if the guy won’t take no for an answer that’s when Isaac would step in. He won’t even focus on the idiotic guy who thinks he has a chance, instead he’ll pull you into a heated kiss and walk away with you hand in hand.

Scott McCall: When it comes to jealously Scott has nothing to worry about, but being protective and looking after your safety is his number one goal. Even if you insist that you can provide help, Scott won’t budge on the matter and he’ll ask another pack member to stay with you at all times if he can’t. The thought of anything happening to you would tear him apart, so for his own peace of mind he fights better when he knows your safe.

Derek Hale: Being over-protective is in Derek’s DNA, no-one dare tells him the best way to keep you safe, because they know it won’t end well. Even though he doesn’t show it, you know when Derek is jealous and in order to calm him down before he hurts anyone, you either whisper comforting words in his ear or simply lace your hand in his. Your touch or voice alone is the only thing that Derek responds too. It’s tough feeling like Derek won’t let you help, but at the same time you know he just doesn’t want to lose you.

Theo Raeken - Oh boy, when someone flirts with you Theo instantly hears about it and puts them in their place. He is fiercely over protective and gets easily jealous. Usually people know not to cross the line, but if guys don’t get the hint that night Theo will leave love bites all over your neck and body to show everyone at school that you are taken.

Liam Dunbar: It doesn’t take a lot of Liam to get jealous, a small glance from another guy looking at you in the wrong way makes him ball his hand into a fist. When that happens you’d immediately do whatever you can to calm Liam down. When it comes to protecting you, there is nothing he wouldn’t do. You’re Liam’s world, his anchor, the person he goes to when he needs to vent, the girl he is crazy in love with. So when danger rolls into Beacon Hills, Liam is right by your side making sure you are 100% safe.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters
  • Superman: “I am the greatest and most powerful man on earth bow down before me I am a magnificent asshole” he says as he is tender and sweet and loving and affectionate to children, his family members, to Batman and Wonder Woman, and literally everybody he knows who isn’t a total dick
  • Wonder Woman: "I'm gonna fuck every hot guy I can and nobody's gonna stop me" FUCKIN GET IT GURL "but honestly I actually do care deeply about the people I like so it genuinely hurts when they betray my trust and affection" she says while I sit here crying about how I both adore her and want to protect her, poor sweet wonderful wondy
  • Batman: "Gotham is 10x more horrifying than you expected and I, who am a hero, literally eats people" and yet he is the biggest cinnamon roll of all and YOU JUST WANT TO PROTECT HIM AND TAKE CARE OF HIM, JUST ASK SUPERMAN, HE FRIGGIN' TOOK HIM INTO HIS HOME AND CARED FOR HIM BACK WHEN HE WAS A FERAL VAMP OUT FOR BLOOD even if he... eats people...
  • All of them: Even if the people hate them they genuinely want to protect everybody and know what it is to suffer and be alone so they actually really do love each other, you can see it in the way they are around one another, it's just a little desperate and completely lovely

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hanzo dating headcannons help this boy!!! he is perfect and nobody can tell me otherwise

(Hanzo is a perfect smol bean that must be protected from this cruel unforgiving world <3)


  • He is a major blusher. Give him a single compliment or flirt and this boy will be blushing. No composure. All gone. Very cute thou~
  • Hanzo is the kind of guy that will put lots of thought into dates. They wouldn’t be spontaneous at all, but his dates are the best kind because he puts a lot of love into planning them out and making sure they are perfect.
  • Kisses from him would be long, sweet, tender and romantic because this boy is such a hopeless romantic plz help his innocent soul.
  • He’s an early bird, so don’t expect many morning cuddles. But do expect things like morning tea and breakfast in bed because he will 10/10 do that for you.
  • Hanzo wouldn’t be big on PDA, but all of the emotion he has to put away in front of others will build up so when it’s just the two of you he’s all over you.
  • But if someone makes him jealous or flirts with you, the whole PDA rule will go out the door. His arm will be around your shoulders or waist and will be giving them that killer Hanzo glare. The whole 9 yards. They should probably run.
  • Being the protective teddy bear dragon that he is, he’ll probably teach you self defense to protect yourself when he’s on missions.
  • Hanzo can’t give out many compliments because of his whole stoic and stern thing going on, but when he does they are from the heart and make you feel super amazing. Also the blush-ies come back when he does. Hardcore.
  • His favorite kind of date would be scenic walks (the kinds with lots of beautiful cherry blossoms).
  • Would definitely tell you that none of the cherry blossoms could ever compare to you though because he can be kinda cheesy
  • Big fan of taking you out to classy restaurants and holds the doors and pays the bill because he is an absolute gentleman
  • I need me a boy like Hanzo because he is perfect in every single way

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  • almost like dating a kid
  • he’d be kind of clingy, like he’d always have an arm around ur shoulders or around ur waist or he’s holding ur hand
  • he just likes the comfort of knowing that you’re there next to him
  • piggy back rides when ur tired!!
  • if the heels ur wearing hurt ur feet he wouldnt hesitate to bend down so that you could get on his back
  • he’d walk you all the way home without complaining
  • he’d love to meet ur siblings if u had any especially if they were younger
  • hed challenge them to pokemon card battles, video games, everything he’d be their new best friend
  • he’d buy cute matching disney phone cases for u two
  • lots of couple items in general
  • lots of pecks!! especially when u arent expecting them like you would be talking to him and outta nowhere you’d find his lips on yours
  • and after he pulls back he’d just giggle
  • lots of park dates where you guys can hang out and play games 
  • when ur date is almost ending he’d pout and literally attach himself to u 
  • “do you really have to go?”
  • he’d make sure to walk u home and wait until you’re safely inside
  • one day you decide to invite him in for a cup on coffee before he goes
  • he accepts the offer in a heartbeat, excited that he gets to see the inside of where u live in. he sees it as a new step in ur relationship
  • when he leaves he forgets his wallet on the kitchen counter and ends up having to come back the next day
  • when he does come back again u ask him if he wants to watch a movie
  • and he lights up when he suggests to watch zootopia
  • this ends up being a routine, where he comes by your house almost every week to watch a movie (mostly animated LMAO)
  • for your anniversary he’d buy couple rings with ur initials engraved into them
  • lots of adventures!!!  more than often he’d stop by your house unannounced and asks if u want to check out this new thing he just found out about
  • lots lots lots of cuddles
  • if youre sitting on the couch he’d throw his legs over yours and lean his head on ur shoulder
  • when you guys are waiting in line for something he’d back hug u as he rests his chin on the top of ur head
  • cute texts when you two are apart
  • mostly asking how u are, checking in to see if youre okay
  • he also asks if you’ve seen this new cool animated thing he just found out about
  • like he’d be so excited to share something he found cool with you
  • sending selfies of himself to u
  • like when u ask him what he’s up to, instead of sending you a worded reply he’d just send u a picture
  • like if he’s eating he’d send a photo w him and the food
  • watching fireworks together and then laughing bc the loud sound scares him
  • having to go clothes shopping w him because he’s a known fashion terrorist
  • more than often he’d fall asleep at your house, probably while cuddling with u bc being with u makes him feel so comfortable and at home
  • in the morning you’d wake up first to find him still attached to you
  • asks u to cook him dinner, and when u cant reach something from the top shelf, he’d get it for u bc hes a giant
  • he’d love u a lot like so much and he’ll show it to u thru his cuddles and spontaneous kisses 
  • speaking of kisses he’d always shower u with them
  • i feel like his kisses would be slow and tender, with a lot of feeling
  • if you’re working late he’d show up outside the building so that you guys can walk home together
  • bc he sees u as a fragile person that must be protected at all costs!!! 
  • before he leaves for work he’d pout a lot
  • muttering about how he doesnt want to leave u
  • always going on food dates
  • bc who doesnt love food
  • generally he’s a giant excited child who wants to do everything w u and shower u w his love!!!

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H and y/n go out to a club and he sees some random guy cornering you he goes out to defend you, you're thankful but super turned on about seeing him being so manly and protective. You drag him into the bathroom and have hot ROUGH messy sex.

Rating: R
Warnings: I’m back with some smut
Category: Smut, Jealous/protective Harry smut.
Word Count: 2,888 (requests aren’t normally this long, sorry!)
Request:  I’M BACKKK!!!

Note: I’m in the biggest fluff mood, and I really wanted to get in the smut mood so. Let’s do this. It’s crappy, i’m sorry. But i wanted to get back to filling requests so here’s one that caught my eye from the list.

16. Mine? Yours.

History. You and Harry had history. It was the not so typical “could have dated, but didn’t, even though you wanted to” story. In other words Harry was there for you when you needed an extra hand to scratch that itch you called sexual frustration, and you were there for him. Friends, that should have dated, but instead hopped the whole relationship thing and went straight into the pleasure. Although by now it was something normal and being completely honest, you looked like a couple all the time, your small fights and cute conversations. It was a relationship without the labels, and sometimes you didn’t know if that’s what you wanted.

You had talked about that with Harry. How there was nothing actually going on between you two and that maybe, the “help” you gave each other should stop. You should both allow yourselves to find something, someone else, that could last. That felt real. You and Harry had been friends for a long time and though this meant that he had to stop himself from calling you about his boner in the middle of the night, he understood. It was just turning a bit suffocating. There was something missing, and you weren’t his, and he wasn’t yours, and there was nothing to do about it. It was just sexual attachment. You were both drowning in that weird no relationship thing, and you were only getting older. And he, too, thought it was maybe time to really search for something.

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Memorable NaruSaku Quotes

“Sakura-chan! Could it be…? She wants to sit next to me?”

“Haruno Sakura, a very cute girl that I like a lot.”

“Her eyes say it all… What’s so good about that guy? I just don’t get it.”

“He’s looking right at me and with warm eyes… It feels like he’s looking right into my heart.”

“You sure have a large charming forehead. Makes me want to kiss it.”

“Haha, that sounds like something Naruto would say.”

“I feel like I finally understand… why I like her.”

“Did Naruto feel like this too…? Maybe next time… I can be a little nicer to him.”

“What I dislike… is Naruto.”

“Naruto, you’re pretty good!”


“What is this feeling? This is Naruto…”

“He does seem better than he used to be, but…”

“Wow! You’re great, Sakura-chan! That’s the girl I put my confidence in!”

“Huh? Sensei’s gone? So I could be alone with her?”

“Not bad bro… She’s your… this (girlfriend)!”

“This isn’t like Naruto. I’ll cheer him up a bit.”

“Always acting like a fool who only knows one thing… Hokage, Hokage… I’m sorry Naruto… That impossible dream of yours… I don’t want to see it crushed!”

“Yeah… You’re that kind of idiot.”

“He’s going to fall!!! Naruto!!”

“Sasuke-kun! It’s true that unlike you, Naruto is clumsy and can get in the way but… At least he’s not a coward!”

“I’ll protect Sakura-chan…”

“If you lack Heaven, seek wisdom, be prepared. That’s basically… For example, if Naruto’s weakness is his brain… gain knowledge and prepare yourself for the mission.“

"If you lack Earth, run in the fields, seek advantages. So if Sakura’s weakness is stamina, then it’s saying you must continue to train hard.”

“Stop acting all cool! Idiot! Sakura-chan is this worried…”

"Wow! Sakura-chan’s amazing!”

“You’ve come this far! If you lose to that Sasuke idiot… You’re not a woman!”

“Geez that Naruto is annoying. But he’s right, I can’t lose here…”

“Don’t lose to those guys, Naruto!”

“You should be worried about yourself. If you lose here, you’re not a man.”

“If it wasn’t for you screaming like an idiot… I… would have lost to Ino.”

“Yeah… I used to always make fun of those words. That he was just a big mouthed idiot… But… I was wrong. Naruto, tell everyone!”

“Naruto won! Hell yeah! This feels great!”

“Wow, this works well. Great medicine! You wanna use it too, Sakura-chan?”

“Naruto is getting stronger and stronger… I’m kind of jealous of you… When I watch you fight, I feel like I have to try harder. That’s an incredible thing.”

“Hey, Naruto… Did Sasuke-kun say anything about me…?”

“No, nothing. Instead, don’t you want to know how I feel about you?”

“Sakura… You have to save her no matter what… I know you can save her.”

“When you have something special that you want to protect, only then can you become truly strong!”

“I will protect Sakura-chan! No matter what! Summoning no Jutsu!”

“Hey boss! Sakura-chan’s over there on that side so don’t go that way! Lure him this way, would ya!”

“It’s his this (girlfriend), Pops.”

“Sakura-chan… Maybe she’ll start to like me!!”

“The one who saved you was Naruto. To save you, that guy risked death. Up until now, you haven’t really seen him, so you haven’t seen his strength either.”

“Even the roughest woman is tender to the guy she loves.”

“Heh… Naruto’s more sensitive than he looks.”

“Naruto, I need to tell you something… I’ll go on a date with you, so come with me.”

“Don’t worry! Sasuke won’t give in to someone like that! He’s strong enough as is! I promise!”

“I couldn’t do it… I couldn’t stop him! The only person… who can stop Sasuke-kun now is you… Naruto… Only you.”

“Sakura-chan, you really like Sasuke, huh? I know how much pain you’re in because of Sasuke. I can understand.”

“He always knew… He always helped me.”

“Naruto… Thank you.”

“Naruto-kun said it with the Nice Guy pose. He’ll definitely keep his promise.”

“I stayed away from sadness and pain… I wanted to protect that smiling face.”

“Sakura-chan! I… I’ll definitely keep my promise! I said that it was… A lifelong promise!”

“Naruto… I… beg you… I trust you completely.”

“I’m sorry, Naruto… I had to make you wait a while but… Next time, we’ll do it together!”

“Sa… Sakura-chan?”

“Eh? Naruto!?”

“How do I look? Do I look more like a woman now?”

“You look fine! You haven’t changed at all!”

“You still don’t understand a woman’s mind.”

“You’ve grown taller than me…”

“Naruto… You’ve become really strong since I last saw you.”

“So Naruto hasn’t just matured in appearance… This makes me feel a little sad. You really have become amazing, Naruto.”

“I was wrong! You haven’t changed a bit! What about that wonderful feeling of respect I had for you just now!? As if I could feel sad that I wasn’t grown up like you!”

“I should stop playing around in front of Sakura-chan. She could kill me…!”

“Hehe… The two of us are on our own now, so it’s a date!”

“Naruto… You’ve gone through a lot, haven’t you..?”

“Sakura-chan… You’re great!”

“These Jinchuuriki were used many times for war, weren’t they…?”

“Then! The ones made into Jinchuuriki…"

“How do you… remove a Bijuu…?”

“You’re always being moved to tears, Sakura-chan… I told you not to worry… I’ll rescue Gaara.”

“Naruto! It’s you… I’m…”

“I promised Naruto… I said that this time… We’d be together… I can’t let it end here!”

“Sai… Naruto… Since he doesn’t know you all that well, he just said too much. I’m sorry… Please forgive Naruto.”

“No..! Naruto can’t hold on much longer!”

“Sakura-san… You’re very gentle with Naruto, aren’t you?”

"Yamato-taichou… You know something about Naruto that I don’t. What’s going on with him?”

“Naruto! This… That’s enough! I’ll save Sasuke for you! So Naruto, it’s enough! You don’t need-”

“Same as always… I can only do the dumbest things for Naruto.”

“It’s not what you do for Naruto that’s important… It’s how strongly you feel about him that counts.”

“Sakura, I can tell just by looking at you. The truth is you l-”

“Don’t worry about me… I’m good to go, Sakura-chan…”

“Th-this… Orochimaru attacked me… But it only hurts a little… Don’t worry.”

“Sakura-chan… You shouldn’t put yourself in danger like that…”

“Yeah! Sakura-chan is our only medical ninja with super strength! We gotta take extra care of you!”

“The one that hurt Sakura, it was you, Naruto… Sakura didn’t want to hurt you so she lied.”

“…And if you really want to protect Sakura, use your own strength.”

“Naruto… This time… We will succeed with Sasuke-kun, the two of us, together!”

“Crying… Can’t bring him back to us! I’m still with you… We’ll get stronger… together!”

“Hehe… Thanks…”

“Jeez… And I was just devising a plan for the two of us to go on a walk, almost like a date!”

“I see… So Sakura doesn’t use any name suffixes when talking to Naruto-kun…”

“Hehe… It’ll be fine as long as you heal it!”

“But this kind of make me happy! It feels like we’re getting closer to Sasuke, together…”

“I guess it can’t be helped. Give me your chopsticks.”

“Co-could it be? Sakura-chan is going to feed me…”

“OW!! It’s hot, and on top of that, it’s not supposed to be you!!! Forget the stupid book! Read the situation! THE SITUATION!”

“Ooooooh!! So that’s how you’re gonna do it!!!”

“Kyaaah! So that’s how it is!!!”

“What? This is a date!?”

“Idiot! Tsunade-sama is calling us!”

“Relax, it’ll take more than that to stop Naruto! You just keep your eyes on the enemy, Hinata.”

“Go get ‘em, Naruto!”

“Wh…What happened? How…? Why…? Hurry back, Naruto! Naruto, please!”

“We have to do something about Naruto! When he’s like this, he’ll attack anyone, friend or foe! I’ve got to try and get a hold of Yamato.”

“Hinata… did it for Naruto…”

“You’re always so rash, dummy!”

“…Thank you.”

“…Why am I trying to cheer him up? I’m the one who needs cheering up… Naruto.”

“The thing is… Sasuke and I had a fight, so he left the village for a while. But… I’ll bring him back soon! You can say hi when he gets back. I’m sure he’d love to see you again… Right, Sakura-chan?”

“Thanks… Naruto.”

“Leave this to me, Sakura-chan.”

“Naruto… You like Sakura, don’t you? I read it in a book…. People always smile around the people they like, and you’re always smiling at her. Did you tell her how you feel?”

“…How can I? I can’t even keep my promises…”

“I don’t know what promises he’s made to you… but even I can tell that he really loves you!”

“Sasuke causes Naruto pain… but I think you do too.”

“I… will talk to Naruto. The fool’s in love with me… so let me do it.”

“I’m the one who’s caused him the most pain… I’ve done nothing but make mistakes. I don’t want to make another one…”

“What… Did you… say just now, Sakura-chan!? I don’t know if… I heard you wrong. …Can you say it again?”

 “What I said, Naruto… is that I love you!”

“So Naruto… no need to keep that promise… Won’t you stop chasing Sasuke…?”

“Sasuke-kun just keeps getting further from me, but Naruto, you’ve always stayed by my side… You’ve encouraged me. I… finally realized who you really are, Naruto. ”

“Naruto… you’re right here where I can touch you like this… You make me feel safe. Right now, from the bottom of my heart, I-”

“Gimme a break, Sakura-chan. I told you that joke’s not funny. I hate people who lie to themselves.”

“It’s just weird! You came all this way just to tell me something like that!?”

“Something… like that? Something like that!? You think it’s easy for a girl to confess her feelings!? All this way!? Of course I’d come all this way! You’ve always been chasing after Sasuke and putting yourself in danger!”

“I…! I don’t want you to go after Sasuke is it means putting yourself in danger like that!”

“Naruto… I’m sorry!”

“It probably wasn’t easy. She knew it would hurt you.”

“She thought she’d lessen your burden by giving up on Sasuke and confessing her love for you. She was thinking of your feelings.”

“Th-thank you… Naruto…”

“Naruto’s had faith in you, Sasuke-kun! No matter how badly the world slandered you, he still considered you a friend! He still does…”

“Naruto… You’re…”

“Naruto is here because he’s made up his mind… His resolve is now nothing compared to mine. I’m supposed to be a ninja, but all I’ve ever done is lean on him and cry…”

“Thank you, Naruto… For everything. Now… I still believe there can be a happy ending for everyone on Team 7…”

“Man, you were going crazy and these bums are sleeping like logs.”

“Haha… This is my fault, Naruto. Don’t be too hard with them- NOW YOU’RE PASSING OUT!?”

“As for women… I’m a woman so I don’t really understand… But in this world there are only men and women. Someday you’ll find yourself interested in women… Just don’t fall for a strange one! Find… a woman like your mom…!”

“But there is one thing that I know… If it’s somebody that you like, then they’re bound to be a great person!”


“Are you okay, Sakura-chan? You don’t seem hurt!”

“Naruto… You saved Konoha… And now you’re trying to save the world. You always get left with these insurmountable tasks, but not matter what you say this time… We’re going to be together! Not just me… We’re going to all fight together this time!”

“Sakura-chan, first of all…!”

“I know!”

“Naruto’s chakra is protecting everyone. Won’t doing this harm you…? Naruto.”

“We can’t just hesitate now after all that’s happened! Naruto is doing everything he can! It was clear from his words!”

“I don’t mean that!! He’s making use realize that he considers all of us his comrades! I’m going to make Naruto have a full recovery! Every one of us must do what’s in their power! If we’re going to die anyway, then it’s better to die fighting than to do nothing!”

“Thank you for helping Naruto recover. Are you Naruto’s girlfriend?”

“Uhhhmmm…. Uhm? Yeah! That’s more or less it…”

“This girl kinda reminds me… of Kushina…”

“Take care of my son…”

“Thank you for healing me, Sakura-chan! You should rest now.”

“Do you think I’m just a weak woman that can’t compete with you? Tsunade-sama trains her disciples as well as the other Sannin.”


 “Ne-never again… I can’t ever poke fun of Sakura-chan again… Otherwise she’ll turn me into a stain!”

“Um… Sakura-chan, I helped too, you know…”

“I can feel… his heart…”

“Naruto…! He’s still helping his friend recover while fighting… Naruto! You should do what you have to and leave the rest to us!”

“Shikamaru, don’t speak! I won’t let you die! Naruto needs you!”

“Naruto, thank you! Thanks to your chakra and your feelings, he was saved.”

“What did they do to Naruto!?”

“Hold on!! You mustn’t lose! You’re strong! You’ll… You’ll definitely survive!!”

“At this rate… At this rate Naruto will… Die…”

“No way… His heart’s not beating… No sound… No pulse…”

“The only thing I can do with the little chakra I have left…”

“As long as I’m here, I won’t let you die so easily!”

“I won’t let you die! I can’t! I absolutely can’t let you die! Your stupid dream… Now it’s… It’s right in front of us!!”

“You’re an enemy. You wounded and killed many of my friends… I wouldn’t want to say this actually… but only this time I’ll consider you an ally… Thank you for saving Naruto.”

“Sakura… I reckon your feelings towards Sasuke have changed since that time. Even if you still like him, it’s probably a different feeling.”


“Don’t worry, Naruto…”

“Sasuke-kun… Doesn’t seem to care…”

“Eh? I don’t think he could come up with a better strategy than Kakashi-sensei or Sakura-chan!”

“Sasuke! There! …What are you doing!? Not me!”

“I do… I understand what you’re saying, but in times like this… my body just moves on its own.”

“It’s as Sasuke-kun says, but… Thank you… Naruto.”

“Take care of Sakura-chan and Kakashi-sensei!”

“How are you planning to fight against her, Naruto?”

“Idiot!! How can you use such a justu in this situation!? It works on me, but how can you think that’d work on a god like that!?”

“I’m planning to be on the front line too! If things are like this… I’ll produce better results than Naruto!”

“It’s okay… We can’t waste the chance we got from Naruto!”

“You feel like you want to help him… I see.”

“Thank you! Sakura-chan, Obito!”


“Eh!? He’s okay!”

“Sasuke, did you thank Sakura-chan and Obito?”

“I’ve only just become 17 today… So there’s not much I know about girls or alcohol! But Mom told me to look for a girl as great as she is… That’s… uhh… Anyway! Not everything’s going just the way mom told me, but I’m trying my best!!”

“I made a promise with Sakura-chan way back… That I’d definitely bring Sasuke back. Sensei! You know how I work, don’t you? I’ll be back.”

“Love… is a complicated thing, isn’t it?”

I Need A Drink

Joe places the empty glass back down on the bar counter, signalling the bar tender for another, running a hand through his hair as he glances around the crowded room.

He knows he shouldn’t have another, the alcohol having already created quite the buzz in his system, but he also doesn’t think he’ll be able to gather the courage he needs without it.

“Thanks.” Joe mumbles as the bartender walks away, a full drink replacing his previously empty one. He runs a finger around the rim of it, different sentences running through his mind, practicing which one would work best.

“Cheer up, mate!” Jack yells over the music into Joe’s ear, clapping a hand on his shoulder. “You look like a wounded puppy.”

“M’fine.” Joe shakes his head, offering a small smile towards Jack. “Just thinking.”

“We’re at a bar, surrounded by quite a few lovely looking ladies, so why are you thinking?”

“I don’t care about the other girls here, you know that.”

“Oh right, because they aren’t her.”

“Piss off.”

“No, no. Let’s just go through this again. You love Y/N, but you refuse to do anything about it. So instead of easily going home with someone from here tonight, you’ll just mope around, because you aren’t going home with her.” Jack rolled his eyes as he spoke, tired of the same old story.

Joe glares at him, taking a long sip of his drink before replying.

“Tonight will be different.”


“I’m telling her.”

“Really?” Jack looks at Joe in disbelief, but notices the determined look in his friend’s eyes. “Well alright! About freaking time!” He grins, clapping Joe on the shoulder once again.

“Whatever.” Joe shrugs off Jack’s hand, looking around the crowded room once again. “Have you seen her though? I lost track of her a while ago.”

Joe, Jack, Y/N, and the rest of their small group were out at a club for the night, deciding that the week was too long and they all needed to blow off some steam and just have fun for the night. While they had arrived together, it didn’t take long for them to split up. Joe was sure if he made a loop around the dance floor, he’d see a few of the boys getting up close and personal with a girl they were hoping to go home with. He was surprised Jack was standing beside him, because last he had seen, there had been a few girls dancing closely with him. Joe had been with Y/N, dancing and having a great time, and it was during that dancing that he had decided tonight would be the night. So he had excused himself to grab a drink, and since then, had lost track of her in the crowd.

“Sorry mate, no sign of her. Was slightly preoccupied.” The blonde grinned.

“And yet you’re standing here with me.”

“Needed a break. And glad I did. Let’s find your lady.” Joe can’t help but laugh at his friends determination to help him, thinking that Jack may have had a few too many drinks. “Oh! Look, there she is now!” Joe follows where Jack is pointing seeing Y/N making her way over to them, smiling as she sees them. “I’ll leave you two be.” Jack winks before moving down the bar just as Y/N appears at Joe’s side.

“Finally! I’ve been searching for you for a while.” She smiles at him, stealing his drink to take a sip.

“Sorry, bar was busy.”

“It’s fine, I ended up getting busy too.” She winks at him, handing his drink over. Joe feels his heart drop, all his confidence slipping out of his grasp.


“Mhm, apparently the boys aren’t the only ones pulling tonight.” Y/N smirks. “I actually came to find you to tell you that I was heading out. He and I are going to go grab some food and see where the night goes.”

“You’re leaving with him?” Joe’s mouth feels dry.

“Don’t worry, Joe. He’s not some dangerous guy.” She rolls her eyes, mistaking his question for protectiveness. “I’ll be fine. But I’ll text you tomorrow, okay?”

“Yeah, sure. Be safe.” Is all he can respond with. He can’t tell her what he planned now, it was too late.

“Will do.” She winks one last time, heading over to a guy Joe now see’s standing nearby. The stranger wraps an arm around Y/N’s shoulder and they head for the door as Jack appears once again.

“Shit, Joe…” Jack starts but Joe shakes his head, stopping him.

“I need a drink.”

The blonde studies his friend for a moment before nodding and signalling the bar tender, ordering a round of shots.

Joe slams one back, deciding that he was wrong earlier, he does need more. But this time its to help him forget.

Part 2

The One That Always Searched (The One That Got Away Part Two)

Description: Surprised by the knowledge that he is the father of triplets, Dean struggles to get to know his children. Y/n struggles to accept how he feels for her. Sam just wants to solve the case.

Theme Song: Wipe Your Eyes

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You watch Dean slump to the ground in stunned silence, taking a few moments before you recover enough to try to help him.

He’s already starting to come to, groaning slightly as he presses one hand to his head.

“You’re okay,” you say soothingly, kneeling on the floor next to him and slipping one arm behind his back. “Take it easy.”

“There- there are three of them,” he murmurs, eyes wide in disbelief. “Y/n. There are three of them.”

I know,” you reply a little wryly. “I’ve been taking care of them for six years.”

He stiffens at your words, getting quickly to his feet. “Yeah, what the hell is up with that?”

“What do you mean?”

He jabs a finger in your direction. “Why am I only finding out about them now?”

You roll your eyes. “What was I supposed to do, Dean? Show up on your doorstep with three kids in tow? Bring them on a hunt?”

He stalks into the kitchen, running a hand through his hair in agitation. “You could’ve at least picked up the damn phone,” he mutters.

“Oh, that would’ve been a great conversation,” you spit, laughing bitterly. “Hey, Dean. We used to fuck, but now we have three kids, so I guess you should start paying child support.”

“I had a right to know!” he snaps, slamming his hand down on the kitchen counter. “You should’ve called me, Y/n! You know my number. You know Sam’s number. You know Garth’s number. There are a dozen people out there who could’ve put you in touch with me.”

“And what was it going to change?” you reply, throwing up your hands. “What would you have done? We both know you can’t get out of this life. You’ve tried before, and you always, always get dragged back in! I couldn’t do that to them. I couldn’t do that to three kids. And maybe growing up without a father isn’t the best life, but at least they’re not growing up to be killers either.”

“Growing up to be like me, you mean?”

You freeze, looking up in surprise.

Dean is glaring at you, jaw clenched. “That’s what you mean, right?” he asks with a self-deprecating smile. “You don’t want them to turn into me.”

“That is not what I said-”

“You didn’t have to say it!” he cuts you off. He takes a couple of deep breaths, shoulders tense. “You don’t want them to grow up like I did. I get that.”

“I don’t want them to get hurt,” you whisper, hugging yourself. “I don’t want them to know that there really are monsters under the bed and - and evil things wandering in the shadows. I just want them to be safe. I want them to have a chance to be kids.”

Dean says nothing, looking down at his boots.

“But, I should’ve told you,” you say with a barely suppressed sigh, retrieving a bottle of beer from the fridge and handing it to him, just to give yourself something to do. “I shouldn’t have kept them from you. I’m sorry.”

He takes the bottle, twisting off the cap and taking a long swig. Dean is quiet for a long moment, leaning against your kitchen table, studying you. “Why’d you disappear?” he finally asks.

You turn to stare out the window, arms folded over your chest. “I couldn’t stay. Not after - not after everything.”

“After you admitted you were in love with me.”

“After a spell forced me to reveal it, you mean? Yeah.” You shake your head. “I didn’t want to - to burden you, Dean. I knew you didn’t love me back. I knew our relationship was - it was just a matter of convenience. I didn’t want to pressure you. I wanted you to be comfortable, not worrying about my feelings.” 


“What do you mean, no?” you ask, turning to face him.

He’s shaking his head. “No. You’re not going to put that on me.”

“I’m not putting anything on you!”

“Yes, you are!” he snaps. “You’ve - you’ve got yourself convinced that you left to protect me, but that’s a lie, Y/n. You weren’t protecting me, you were protecting yourself.”

You flinch back. “So what if I was?” you retort. “It doesn’t change anything.”

“It changes everything,” Dean argues. “I’ve spent the past six freaking years thinking I pushed you away, but that’s not true, is it? You ran.”

“I had no choice.”

Bull shit!” The bottle of beer shatters against the wall when he throws it. “So you ran away. Fine. Fan-freaking-tastic. That doesn’t mean you couldn’t have called.”

“And said what?”

That you were okay!” he shouts. “That you were alive! Anything! Anything so I wouldn’t go to sleep every night wondering if you were dead in a ditch somewhere!”

“Like it would’ve mattered!” you shout back. “Don’t try to act like you cared, Dean, because we both know you didn’t. You didn’t love me. I didn’t even matter to you. So yeah. I ran. And I didn’t call. You know why? Because I didn’t need you.” You’re crying now, the tears carving tracks down your cheeks, running into your mouth and tasting of salt.

“Well maybe I needed you. Did you ever think of that?” He takes a step toward you. “Maybe I needed you in my life.”

“And why the hell would you need me?”

Because I was in love with you.”

You whip around to face him, searching for words but finding nothing.

He shakes his head, olive eyes shining with what you think are unshed tears. “I was in love with you,” he whispers. “And I didn’t even get to tell you because you ran.” Dean turns away, scrubbing a hand over his face.

“Dean,” you murmur, and you’re just about to go to him, to touch his shoulder, to say something, to do anything when you hear Mary’s shrieking laughter and Jonathan’s more subdued laugh near the front door.

“Mom, we’re home!” Jonathan calls loudly, racing into the kitchen. He freezes, looking back and forth between you and Dean. “What happened?” he asks.

You open your mouth, trying to come up with an excuse, when two blonde-haired blurs race into the room and run into your legs. “Girls, careful,” you chastise a little half-heartedly. “You - you guys shouldn’t be in here, right now. There’s broken glass.”

You steer them away from the shattered bottle, beckoning for Jonathan to join you.

Sam comes into the room, grinning, but the expression fades when he catches sight of his brother. He looks at you and the mess on the far wall, brow furrowed. “Uh, hey guys, why don’t we go play outside? I’ll teach you a new game,” he suggests quickly.

You nod, mouthing a thank you as he herds the kids out the door into the backyard. When you turn back around, Dean is watching you again, looking calmer than before.

He glances at the broken bottle, pushing off of the counter and starting to pick up the glass. “Sorry,” he murmurs. “I wasn’t thinking.”

“It’s alright,” you reply, crouching next to him. You reach out to help collect the shards, hand brushing against Dean’s. He freezes at the contact, eyes locked on you, but you ignore the look.

You collect the glass from him, carrying it to the trash can without meeting his eyes.

“I never stopped looking for you,” he says quietly.

You’re still for a long moment. “I know.” When you turn back around, he’s looking out the window, a fond, albeit small, smile on his face.

“They’re cute kids,” he murmurs, leaning one arm against the glass as he watches them. “The girls, they look like you.”

“They look more like your mom,” you reply, thinking of the photographs you’ve seen of Mary Winchester. “And Jonathan - Dean, he reminds me so much of you.” You say the words with a smile, feeling a familiar pang in your chest ever time you think of your “mini-Dean”. You go to stand next to him, watching as the three kids chase Sam around the yard.

“Listen, Y/n,” Dean says, half-turning toward you even though his eyes never leave the kids. “I know - I know that I’m not - I’m not exactly Dad material.” He laughs a little, shaking his head. “God knows my dad wasn’t father of the year. But - I mean - this case, it could take a while, and I -” He sighs, turning to face you. “Can I stick around for a while? Get to know them?”

You nod. “Yeah,” you say quietly, voice a little hoarse. “Yes, of course you can stay for a while.”

You don’t know who you want him to stay for. The kids? Or for you?

He smiles, eyes tender as he turns back to the window. “Can I meet them?” he asks, wringing his hands a little nervously.

“Sure.” You take his arm and lead him out to the backyard. “Kids! Come here, I want you to meet someone!”

They come running, lining up next to each other. Jonathan stands just slightly in front of his sisters, protective as always.

“This is my friend Dean,” you say with a gentle smile. “Dean, this is Mary, Joellan, and Jonathan.”

Dean crouches down in front of them. “Hey guys,” he says a little shyly.

Mary studies him closely. “Are you our dad?” she blurts out.

Dean looks at you with wide eyes, and you shrug, giving him a nod. “Um, yeah. I’m - I’m your dad.” He shakes his head a little as he says it, like he still can’t quite believe the words.

“How long are you staying for?” Joellan asks, setting one of her small hands on his knee.

“I’m not sure yet,” he replies honestly. “But I’ll stick around for a while.”

She smiles, throwing her small arms around his neck and hugging him tightly before running back to Sam, touching the tall man’s leg and shouting, “Tag! You’re it!” 

Mary and Joellan take off running, shrieking and giggling as Sam gives chase.

You turn back to Jonathan and Dean, watching as the two of them stare at each other.

Jonathan folds his arms over his chest, chin jutting out in defiance. “You’re not my dad,” he says seriously.

Dean looks a little taken aback. “I’m so-”

“You’re not my dad!” Jonathan runs into the house.

Dean looks at you, expression a little helpless as he straightens up. “Well, that was interesting,” he says a little nervously.

You pat his shoulder, forcing a smile. “Don’t worry. He’ll come around.”

You hope.


Three days later.

So,” you start casually, leaning back on the park bench you’re sharing with Dean. “What have you been up to?”

He snorts, shooting you a skeptical look. “Really?”

You shrug, watching your three kids running around the playground. “Just curious. Joellan, do not put sand in your sister’s shoes!”

Dean laughs softly, shaking his head. 

“What?” you ask suspiciously.

“You look good,” he replies, eyes crinkling fondly at the corners as he looks at you. “Motherhood suits you.”

“Shut up,” you mutter, shoving his shoulder lightly. “I mean it. What have you been doing since I left?”

“Pretty much the same.” He leans forward to rest his elbow on his knees. “Saving people, hunting things-”

“The family business?”

“Smart ass.” But he’s grinning. “We started the apocalypse once. That was fun.”

And the sad part is, you believe him.

“Well, at least you’ve been busy,” you reply a little half-heartedly.

Dean laughs, getting slowly to his feet. “You want a drink? There’s a vending machine by the bathrooms.”

“Just water.”

“Be right back.”

You watch him jog off, smiling while he can’t see you.


You look up, heart sinking at the three figures walking toward you. Rick Martin, the father of one of Jonathan’s classmates, is coming your way, son in tow. Jonathan trails slowly behind him, eyes downcast.

You get to your feet, ready for trouble.


Dean knows trouble when he sees it.

Most of the time he relies on gut instinct, that little prickle on the back of his neck that something’s wrong. But he doesn’t need his gut this time. He knows something’s wrong by the way you’re standing, fists clenched, shoulders tense. Your entire posture screams distress and before he knows what’s happening he’s running to your side.

“- don’t know why he would do such a thing,” you’re saying when Dean arrives. You stretch out your hand to Jonathan, who comes to your side immediately.

“This is the third time, Y/n,” the man in front of you is saying. “If you can’t get him under control-”

“I hear what you’re saying, Rick,” you cut him off.

Dean eyes Rick warily, sizing the other man up. The carefully combed hair, shined shoes, and name brand jeans scream suburbia, but it’s the look in his eye that makes Dean bristle.

“Is there a problem here?” Dean asks, watching you carefully.

“We’re fine, Dean. Jonathan got into a fight,” you reply without looking at him.

“With my son,” Rick adds.

You crouch down, looking your son in the eye. “Jonathan,” you say softly, coaxing the boy to look at you. “You want to tell me what happened?”

“Travis was picking on Mary,” he mumbles, scuffing the toe of one tennis shoe across the pavement. “I told him to stop, but he didn’t.”

Rick’s face is turning red. “My son would never-”

“So you hit him?” You cut him off again. 

Jonathan’s eyes dart up to you and back to his shoes. Dean notices the boys’ lower lip is split. The kid nods.

You nod, straightening up. “I’m sorry, Rick. No matter the cause, Jonathan knows better than to resort to violence. I’ll take care of him, and it won’t happen again.” You take your son’s hand. “Let’s go get your sisters and head home.” You start to lead him away and Dean quickly follows after you.

“You know,” Rick calls, “Maybe if the boy had a father, he wouldn’t be such a screw up!”

Dean whips around, ready to spring, but you set a hand on his arm to still him.

“I’ve got it,” you whisper, walking back to Rick. Faster than Dean can comprehend, you swing your arm and land an uppercut on Rick’s jaw.

The bigger man staggers back, groaning, but he doesn’t recover fast enough to block the swift kick you deliver between his legs.

“If you were half the man their father is,” you hiss, leaning forward to glare into Rick’s eyes. “Your son wouldn’t be picking on little girls. And if I find out it happened again, if I find out you’re spewing uneducated bullshit about my family again, you will regret it.” You offer him a mock curtsy and a disturbingly sweet smile. “Have a nice day, Rick. Jonathan, we’re leaving.”

Dean watches as you take your son’s hand, marching off to the playground equipment to collect your other kids. He looks disinterestedly at the man groaning on the ground at his feet, shaking his head.

“You should’ve known better, buddy,” Dean says, clapping Rick on the shoulder. “The kid takes after his mom.”

Then he turns and jogs to catch up with you.

“You alright?” he asks a little breathlessly, nudging your hip.

“I’m fine,” you say through gritted teeth.

He’s pretty sure you’re not. In fact, he’s positive you’re anything but fine. But he’s also not stupid enough to question you in front of your kids.

Instead, he helps you collect the girls and bundle the three of them into the backseat of the Impala. He says nothing when you slide into the passenger seat beside him, rubbing you’re already bruising hand, and he pretends not to notice the angry flush in your cheeks.

But Dean spends the entire time wishing he could’ve hit Rick a few more times for both of you.

When you make it back to your house, you usher Jonathan into the kitchen and set him on the counter while Dean retrieves the first aid kit from the bathroom. When he returns, you’re dabbing at Jonathan’s lip with a wet washcloth, smiling as you gently wipe the little boy’s tears from his cheeks.

“You know better,” you say quietly, unaware of Dean watching quietly from the doorway.

“It was Travis, Mom,” Jonathan protests, nose running. “Mary was crying, and he wouldn’t stop being mean to her. It wasn’t right.”

I know, angel,” you murmur, kissing the top of his head. “I know it wasn’t. But hitting him wasn’t right, either.”

“He hit first,” Jonathan replies. 

Your movements pause. “He did?”

Jonathan nods. “I barely even touched him,” he mutters. “Travis just fell over and started crying. That’s when his dad came.”

Dean knows without looking that you’re blood is boiling.

“I swear, I will kill Rick Martin,” you mutter darkly, continuing to clean Jonathan’s lip.

Jonathan giggles. “You already beat him up, Mom.”

“And I’d do it again,” you reply, offering him a smile. “No one messes with my kids.” You dip the rag in the sink and wring it out. “But that- Jonathan, that was a special case. What have I told you about fighting?”

“Only if I can’t avoid it,” he replies, and Dean is fairly certain you’ve had this conversation with your son before. “Only in emergencies.”

“Travis hit you first,” you continue. “I can’t be upset for defending yourself, and I certainly can’t fault you for protecting your sister. But Jonathan, honey, promise me you’ll try to avoid a fight next time.”

He nods studiously. “I promise, Mom.”

“Good boy.” You take his chin between your thumb and forefinger, tilting his head back and forth. “I think that’s the best we can do for your lip right now. It might swell a little, but you’ll be okay. You’re my tough guy, right?” He nods, sliding off of the counter. “Go outside and play with your sisters and Uncle Sam.”

He gives you a quick hug before running off.

You slump against the counter, sighing heavily. “I’m sorry you had to see that,” you say without turning around.

Dean pushes off of the door frame and comes to stand in front of you. “Don’t be. Truth be told, it was kind of hot.” He says it to try to lighten the mood, but you don’t react to the joke.

You shake your head, scrubbing a hand over your face. “I don’t normally react like that. It’s just - Rick’s had a chip on his shoulder ever since I told him I wouldn’t go on a date with him. I shouldn’t have let him get under my skin like that.”

“Seems to me Rick’s the one who should be sorry,” Dean replies, setting the first aid kit down on the counter next to you. “You got him good. How’s your hand?”

You glance down at the body part in question, looking like you’ve just noticed the bruises forming across your knuckles and the swelling. “A little sore,” you admit.

Dean rolls his eyes. “Right.” He crosses to your fridge and pulls open the freezer, shoving a handful of ice into a plastic bag before wrapping the whole thing in a towel. “Let me see the hand, slugger.”

He takes your hand before you can protest, examining the bruises before pressing the ice to it gently. You flinch a little, but you don’t pull away.

“Sorry,” he murmurs, glancing up at you, and he finds himself trapped in your wide eyes.

Slowly, Dean raises his free hand and brushes his fingers against your cheek, the skin smooth against the tips of his fingers. Your eyes flutter shut as you lean into his touch.

“Dean,” you breathe.

And now he’s dying to kiss you. He’s imagined the moment a million times, dreamt of it even more. He’s imagined taking you in his arms and kissing away every doubt you ever had about him.

He leans forward, closing his eyes. Your breath fans across his face. He cups your cheek in his hand, holding you steady. He inches closer, giving you time  to back away if you want to, giving you the space you’ve always seemed to crave, but he’s so close-

Is he going to kiss her?” a quiet voice whispers.

You and Dean spring apart, both of you whipping around to glare at the back door where Sam and all three of your kids are standing awkwardly.

“Dean, you’d better not kiss her!” Jonathan says sternly, striding into the room.

“How long have you been there?” you demand.

“Long enough,” Sam mutters, glaring at his brother.

“Dean, were you going to kiss our mom?” Joellan asks, tugging on his pant leg.

Dean’s eyes go wide, his cheeks flushing. “Um.”

“Who wants dinner?” you ask cheerfully, clapping your hands together. “I’ll make dinner!”

Dean runs a hand through his hair, watching your kids - his kids - follow you through the kitchen.

He wishes he knew what he was feeling.


Five days later.

Hey Jonathan, come here buddy!” Dean calls as he steps through the front door, wrapping you into a one-armed hug before walking through the hall toward the living room.

“Well hello to you too,” you mutter as he breezes past.

Sam follows him through the door, looking apologetic. “Sorry about him, he’s excited.”

“I can tell,” you reply with a smile. “Break in the case?”

“Not yet,” Sam says with a barely suppressed sigh. 

“Still thinking it’s a changeling?”

Sam nods. “The problem is that we can’t find it. We’ve checked every abandoned building in this town and found nothing, but kids are still going missing and people are still dying.”

You touch his shoulder soothingly. “You’ll figure it out, Sam.”

You stop in your tracks when you get to the living room, watching as Dean hands skeptic looking Jonathan a plastic bag.

“What is it?” Jonathan asks suspiciously, peering up at Dean.

“Open it and find out, you nut,” Dean replies.

Jonathan takes the bag gingerly, like he’s still not quite sure Dean can be trusted, but his eyes light up with delight when he looks inside. “This is really for me?” he asks.

“You bet your as- butt it is,” Dean replies, catching his profanity before he says it.

“Awesome.” Jonathan reaches into the bag and pulls out a small leather jacket, similar to the one Dean wears. “Mom, check this out!”

“I see that!” you reply, stepping fully into the room. “Try it on.”

He quickly slips on the jacket. “How’s it look?”

“Fits like a glove,” Dean replies, patting his shoulders. “Looks good, bud.”

Jonathan looks up at him, flashing the first genuine smile you’ve seen him use in Dean’s presence. “Thanks, Dean!”

Dean grins. “You’re welcome. And you can bring these to your sisters,” he continues, pulling two stuffed dogs out of his pockets and handing them to him. “Not as cool as a jacket, but what do girls know-” He cuts off with a grunt when Jonathan throws his arms around Dean’s waist, hugging tightly.

When he pulls back, he’s blushing. “Uh, thanks. I’ll - I’ll go show Mary and Jo.” He runs off quickly.

“Well,” Dean says, a little surprised. “That was interesting.” He turns to look at you, smiling brightly, and you can’t help but laugh.

“You guys hungry?” you ask the brothers. “Dinner’s almost ready.”

“Starving,” Sam replies. “Thanks, Y/n.”

“Of course.”

The six of you share a simple dinner of macaroni and cheese and hot dogs. Afterwards, you wrestle the kids into the bathtub and then into their pajamas, letting them watch a Disney movie before it’s time for bed.

“Dean,” Mary calls as you’re leading them up the stairs to their rooms. “Come tuck us in!”

Dean’s eyes go wide. “You want me to?”

The girls nod, and Jonathan doesn’t say yes, but he doesn’t say no either.

Dean looks at you next. “Can I?”

You nod, tilting your head. “Come on.”

He quickly follows the four of you up the stairs. Mary and Joellan share one room while Jonathan sleeps in the room next to them, but all three gather in the girls’ room to read.

“Dean has to read!” Jonathan declares, laughing at Dean’s stricken expression.

“I really don’t-”

“Please, Dean?” Mary pleads.

“Yeah, Dean,” Joellan agrees. “Please?”

“Oh alright, fine. One story.” He sits down on the foot of the bed, leaning up against the wall as he pulls the story book towards himself. “Once upon a time…”

You lean against the wall, smiling fondly as you watch Dean read to your kids. He’s a natural, you have to admit; creating different character voices, using gestures, reaching out to tickle the girls during the scary parts. He reads story after story, accepting each book they place in his lap with patience, and before long all three of them are sound asleep, nestled together on Mary’s bed.

You scoop Joellan into your arms and lay her on her own bed, pulling the blankets up to her chin and kissing her forehead. When you turn around, Dean is lifting up a sleeping Jonathan, patting your son’s back.

“Where’s his room?” he whispers, looking at you.

You crook a finger, leading him silently next door. 

As Dean gently lowers Jonathan into his bed, smoothing a hand over the child’s hair, you feel your heart swelling and you can’t help but stare at him. You wonder how you missed this side of him before; this gentleness you always knew was there but never knew the depth of.

Dean turns around, catching you staring. He approaches you slowly, stretching out a hand to touch you, but thinking better of it and drawing back.

“You want to go outside?” he murmurs. “It’s a nice night.”

You nod, letting him lead you down stairs and to the backyard.

The night air is cool against your feverish cheeks as you pad barefooted through the grass. Crickets chirp out of sight and you find yourself staring up at the stars, just breathing it all in.

“You’re great with them,” you say, not looking at him. “The kids adore you.”

“Nah.” Dean shakes his head. “I’m just getting to know them. I don’t think Jonathan trusts me.”

“It’s still progress. The jacket was a nice touch.”

He offers you a wry smile, but the expression quickly fades.

“What’s wrong?” you ask, a little concerned.

“Nothing was the same when you left,” he blurts out. “I never stopped looking for you.” He shakes his head, smiling a little bitterly. “I called Garth every day asking if anyone had seen you.”

“Dean.” That’s all you can say, his name. You don’t know how to tell him how hard this is for you. You don’t know how to tell him you’ve missed him more than anything.

“I know I hurt you,” he continues. “I know I messed up. I did everything wrong with you, and for that - for that I’ll always be sorry, but Y/n.” He takes your hand, squeezing it tightly. “Damn it, Y/n, I need you.”

Your breath catches in your throat.

“I need you,” he repeats. “I can’t let you get away from me again. I’m begging you. Let me stay with you, with the kids. Let me make this right.”

You’re crying now, tears streaming down your cheeks, and you can’t stand this. You can’t stand the ache in your chest that makes breathing painful. You can’t stand the way your entire body wants to be near him. You’re falling apart, flying apart, you’re about to shatter into a million pieces and float away-

Dean’s hands brush your cheeks. His eyes are tender as he wipes your tears away with his thumbs. And it’s that. It’s that moment, that piece of contact, that is what grounds you.

Dean tethers you to earth as much as your kids do.

He leans forward and presses his lips softly to yours, and you know how it’s supposed to feel. You remember every time he kissed you six years ago, but somehow this is different. This is not some desperate, clumsy exchange. This is something new. There’s emotion to this kiss, something deeper, something that both soothes the ache in your chest and leaves a different ache in its place.

Your hands latch onto the lapels of his jacket, drawing him closer to you. He wraps a firm arm around your waist, tugging you up against his chest. You sigh his name against his lips as one hand tangles into your hair and-

The sound of glass shattering sends you flying apart.

“What was that?” you demand breathlessly, staring up at him with wide eyes.

You hear it again, coming from your house, coming from upstairs, and you’re already running even before you hear the screams.


“Mary!” you scream, sprinting up the stairs. “Joellan, Jonathan!”

“Y/n!” you hear Dean shouting after you, somewhere in the living room, probably looking for his gun. “Y/n, wait for me!”

You burst into the girls room, window broken, beds empty.

No God please no not them not my kids not my kids.

You shoulder into Jonathan’s room.

Window broken.

Bed empty.

“Y/n!” Dean races into the room beside you, breathing heavily.

Windows broken.



Your kids are gone.

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Bodyguard!Luke Pt. 4


This is a submitted series by a writer who wished to stay anonymous, so I will be transferring their submissions to text posts yay! I just wanted to make it known that this work is not mine, and all credits go to the original author that decided to submit their series to my blog. Enjoy!

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Charmed au???? Are you trying to kill me? What were you thinking. How dare you. Why do. Please do more.

Ofc a Charmed AU!!!! anon and i’m glad you liked it. Leo and Piper were def one of my original OTPs and if i had any sense of fandom back then i’d have dedicated my life, my fanworks and every second of my time to their glorious, epic love story.

I love love love soulmate AUs so i decided to twist that one ep into a sterek sl BUT to tell the truth the episode i really, really wanted to adapt was season’s 1 ‘’Love Hurts’’. It would still be the beginning of the story when Stiles, Allison and Lydia have first gotten their powers and they have little control over them. So Derek as a very responsible White Lighter enters their lives to check up on how they’re doing and ofc help as discreetly as possible. And yeah,no one knows he is a White Lighter. He introduces himself as a handyman (!!!) who is working on stuff around the manor. And Stiles is dying a little bit inside everytime Derek climbs up a ladder or works under the sink, causing his clothes to get wet etc. etc. Not that Stiles wouldn’t be able to handle the general hotness if Derek wasn’t on top of that, extemely kind-hearted, perceptive and equipped with a kind of old-fashioned charm. So he falls head over hills for the guy. And he can tell that it’s mutual. Derek is nice and friendly with his sisters too (not so much with Deaton) but with him he is tender and protective and there have been too many close calls that Stiles swore Derek would kiss him. And so one day he decides to just go for it and it happens! They kiss and it’s glorious! Stiles would swear that everything lights up around them in that moment! But…BUT…then Derek seems to regret it. He mumbles an apology and sth about Stiles being too young and just leaves???. Stiles is devastated. And he gets even more devastated the next day when Deaton casually tells him that Derek has gone out of town and he didn’t say for how long. Queue MONTHS of heartbreak and crying himself to sleep.

And then one day Derek orbs into the attic almost causing Stiles a heart attack! And he is far from okay. He’s been hurt by a Dark Lighter’s arrow and he tells Stiles he’s dying before collapsing into his arms. And it is then that Deaton explains to Stiles and the girls that Derek is a White Lighter, meant to guide and protect them and even though he’s immortal, a Dark Lighter’s arrow is a death sentence even for him. And no! Stiles will not, CANNOT allow that. He begs Deaton to think of a solution and it is him who comes up with the idea of Stiles exchanging powers with Derek. So the Charmed Ones do the spell and now Stiles is supposed to be able to heal people! But he can’t tell how to make it work. Derek is cold and pale and barely breathing and Stiles has no way of asking him how to use a White Lighter’s power. 

So Stiles is certain he’s going to lose Derek. He doesn’t even know if Derek can hear him at this point. So he just lies beside him and kisses his forehead and tells him that he loves him. He may be too young and it may have been just a couple of months that they’ve known each other but Stiles just knows that he loves Derek. And then ofc it works! It’s Stiles’ love that brings Derek back to life and they hang onto each other like a lifeline. 

‘’Oh my god…oh my God, Derek. I was trying so hard…i was trying so hard to make it work and i couldn’t.’’ Stiles says in a midst of tears and desperate kisses. ‘’Deaton should have told me…he should have told me…’’

‘’That love is the trigger?’’ Derek replies quietly, still weak from the near death experience. ‘’You had to find that out on your own.’’

‘’But…but i was almost too late. I was just… I was scared. That if i admitted how i felt, it would hurt more the minute i lost you. I’m sorry. I love you. I love you. I should have said it before.’’

‘’I almost didn’t say it too. Thank you for saving my life so that i could. So that you know. That i love you too.’’

And yeah…that’s the one i wanted to do but my photoshop skills aren’t nearly that good to translate THAT into a gifset so…

Here’s the thing about Scott: after discussion of mystery ear tattoos, Chris Argent’s involvement, and whether or not they’d all need to reconvene at dusk, he definitely walked over to Derek before shrugging off his jacket and saying “so, you need help cleaning up?” Allison and Isaac helped Lydia and the twins down to Allison’s car while Scott got to work pulling off all the decorative tape from the walls, the spiral staircase, the iron girders. Kira explained that a mixture of Dawn dish detergent and some vinegar would probably work for the smudges of body paint everywhere, and she started mixing it up. 

“Where the hell did my BED go?” Derek asked, rubbing a hand over his face. “And my couch. And my table. And EVERYTHING THAT IS MINE.”

“It’s all locked in the loft area upstairs,” Scott said, carefully peeling back another strip of neon tape. “I only found out they were doing this after the fact, but I made them promise not to let anyone touch your stuff. Should we open the windows to help air the place out?”

Derek picked up half empty beer bottles and plastic cups, threw all the glowsticks into a pile. At one point, he went downstairs to his car to bring up his groceries from the night before. He tossed the frozen stuff, but the candy and the pumpkin he didn’t get a chance to carve ended up over by the window. Kira ate an occasional Twix while scrubbing along the walls where people smeared their paint while making out.

Scott helped Derek move the furniture back downstairs when he was done clearing out the decorations.

“It still stinks,” Derek said, tucking in his comforter as he remade his bed.

“Danny said he scheduled a cleaning crew for 4:00 this afternoon,” Scott said, helping Kira empty her bucket of suds. “Ethan told him the guy who lived here was very sensitive about smells.”

Derek snorted.

“I wish you’d called and let us know you were headed back, man,” Scott said, tying up another trash bag to carry down to the dumpster.

“Why? So they could have had the party in some other idiot’s house?”

Scott grinned, before scooting over to give Derek a fierce hug. “Nah, man. We missed you.”

Derek raised one hand to tentatively press against Scott’s back. “Oh.”

Scott stepped back with a rueful look on his face. “Sorry you got back to town just in time for more crazy shit to happen, but, to be fair, it didn’t ever really stop happening. Last week we all had crazy hallucinations! Oh, and this is Kira, by the way. Her dad is our new history teacher, and she has some sort of animal creature self made of flames that protects her from electricity? I guess? Oh, and she helped us break into the police station. Same old, same old.”

“Hi!” Kira said, wringing out her sponge. “If you want to break in and throw a secret party wherever the twins live, I can totally help. It turns out I’m pretty good at stealth.”

Derek nodded. “Good to know.”

“You guys wanna get breakfast?” Scott asked. “The diner with those awesome pancakes is only a few blocks away.”

Derek looked over at his pumpkin, and then back at Scott. “Sure. Alpha buys.”

And he DID.

The way Meryl and Maks hug each other in the Live with Kelly and Michael show (after Kelly says she likes them as a couple) got me thinking and I did some research (not much though, lol) and came up with this :)

The Rub
He gently strokes your back while holding you.

This affectionate gesture signifies that your guy cares deeply about you. “The back is a very vulnerable part of the body,” Wood says. “You can’t see your back, so being touched there can be startling.” Softly rubbing you on such an exposed zone shows that he wants to nurture and protect you. But don’t be surprised if his tender caresses soon turn into heavy petting. “Because rubbing has a sexual rhythm, this type of touch can turn him on," 

There’s one last thing to take note of: Does he touch his head to yours? "Then he wants to merge his thoughts with yours as well,” Wood adds. Translation: If it’s a new relationship, you’re more than a fling to him. If you’ve been together for a while, he’s ready to get more emotionally and mentally intimate… after you hit the sack, that is.


They were both rubbing each other’s backs and they were touching heads…

Happy Birthday Till ♥

Today is Till Lindemanns birthday. 
So, Till is a special man. He’s not only a musician. He’s an artist. A REAL artist. He lives for his art, not only for the music, also for the poetry. In each of his words is a part of his soul, of is personality. If you see him on the stage, you can see the passion in his eyes. You can see his joy or his sadness, you can feel his anger and his fears. 

He’s an unhappy, sad, thoughtful and quiet man, with sick thoughts. But then, he starts suddenly to laugh. His eyes begin to shine, his face twists to a warm smile and you must smile too and be happy. 
He’s so tall and looks like a loud, rough man. But when he starts to talk, he seems like a tender flower and you want to protect this guy. His past and his poems put Rammstein on a different complexion.

In conclusion: He’s a fucking nice, cute, hot, sexy, intelligent man. 

I drink a toast to Till! ♥