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when I was a kid, my little sister from the ages 1-5 was afraid of Santa Claus. like she had my parents santa proof her room by putting tinsel on the floor and spraying the door with a water bottle. So what I wonder is, are there any kids here who are afraid of Santa?

Ever since Ruby became terrified of Santa, Dia now thinks he is the most evil person on earth, and is determined to fight him with her bare hands.

Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker.

Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker”.

Born Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramirez, February 29th 1960 in El Paso, Texas. Gained the title of the “Night Stalker” from the media after his highly publicised reign of terror of the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco area. Ramirez was the youngest of five children; his father was a Mexican national and former Juarez policeman who later became a labourer on the Santa Fe railroad. Though he was a hard working man, he was often prone to fits of anger which commonly resulted in fits of physical abuse. Ramirez sustained multiple childhood injuries which resulted in epileptic seizures that persisted into his teens. As a young teen, he was strongly influenced by his older cousin, a combat veteran who often shared details of his horrific deployments during the Vietnam war. He even shared Polaroid photos of his victims – these included images of Vietnamese women he had raped and even images of himself posing with a severed head of a woman he had abused. Richard and his cousin would bond sadistically over the stories his cousin would share with him. His cousin even shown him certain military techniques such as killing with stealth and surety. His used some of these techniques to escape his fathers violent outbursts by sleeping in a nearby cemetery.

Richard was present when his cousin shot his wife with a .38 calibre revolver following a domestic dispute, resulting in her death. Ramirez became withdrawn from the family circle shortly after and began living with his older sister and her husband – who was a profound “peeping tom” and took Ramirez along on his nocturnal exploits. Ramirez began using LSD and sparked an interest in Satanism. His cousin was later found not guilty for the murder of his wife after pleading insanity, his military experience being a mitigating factor. Due to his release, his influence was still heavy and present over Ramirez.

In his adolescence, Ramirez began having dark and violent sexual fantasies. As a student, Ramirez took a job at a local Holiday Inn where he abused his passkey access to rob sleeping clients. This employment shortly ended when a guest returned to the hotel to find Ramirez attempting to rape his wife. The husband beat Ramirez at the scene but all charges were dropped when the couple left the state and declined to return to testify against him. Ramirez dropped out of Jefferson High School in ninth grade, at the age of 22 he moved to California which became his permanent residence.


April 10th, 1984 – 9 year old Mei Leung was found murdered in a hotel basement where Ramirez was seeking residence in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. The young girl was found to have been raped, beaten and vicious stabbed before her body was found hanging from a pipe. The death of Mei Leung was Ramirez’s first known killing. Though it wasn’t until 2009 that there was match of Ramirez’s DNA to the DNA obtained to that found at the crime scene. In 2016, officials disclosed evidence of a second suspect indentified via DNA evidence from the crime scene who is believed to be connected to Leung’s murder. Though authorities have not publicly identified the suspect and have not brought charges due to the lack of sufficient evidence.

“Night Stalker” crimes:

June 28th, 1984. 79 year old Jennie Vincow was found brutally murdered in her apartment in Glassell Park. She had been stabbed repeatedly while asleep in her bed, her throat slashed so deeply to the point of near decapitation. Ramirez’s fingerprint was found on a mesh screen he had removed to gain access through an open window.

March 17, 1985. Ramirez attacked 22 year old Maria Hernandez outside her home in Rosemead – shooting her in the face with a .22 caliber handgun after she pulled into her garage. The bullet ricocheted off her keys which she held in her hand to protect her face from the bullet. Inside the home, her roommate heard the gunshot and hid behind a counter when she saw Ramirez enter the house. Ramirez shot her in the head, killing her instantly.

Within an hour of the Rosemead home invasion, Ramirez dragged 30 year old Tsai-Lian Yu from her car in Monterey Park. Shooting her twice with a .22 caliber handgun, fleeing from the scene straight after. Tsai-Lian Yu was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital. The murders on March 17th attracted great media attention, dubbing Ramirez “The Walk-in Killer” and “The Valley Intruder”.

March 27, 1985. Ramirez had entered a home in Whittier which he had previously burgled a year earlier. He shot 64 year old Vincent Zazzara whilst he slept with a .22 caliber handgun once again. Zazzara’s wife, 44 year old Maxine Zazzara was woken from the murder of her husband. Ramirez beat her and bound her hands together whilst demanding to know the whereabouts of her valuables. While Ramirez searched the room, Maxine was able to escape her bonds and managed to retrieve a shotgun from under the bed – however, this was not loaded. It infuritated Ramirez who as a result, shot her three times with .22 calibre, retrieving a carving knife from the kitchen and mutilated the 44 year old woman’s body with multiple stab wounds. Ramirez gouged out her eyes, which he placed in a jewellery box and took as a momento. Ramirez left shoe print impressions in flower beds on the residence, the police photographed and cast the impressions which was the only evidence the police were able to retrieve from the scene at the time. Bullets found at the scene matched those from the previous murders which provided police with the conclusion that it was the work of a serial killer.

Ramirez continued his horrific crimes in the greater Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Ramirez began to incorporate rape, Satanism and torture techniques using various weapons which included: handguns, knives, machete, tire iron and a hammer. Ramirez would begin to draw pentagrams on his victims and in the premises of the houses. Even making his victims “swear on satan”. Ramirez followed the media coverage of his crimes which lead him to leave the Los Angeles area and into San Francisco. Ballistic and shoe print evidence which was found from the crime scenes was paraded on a televised press conference which the then mayor of San Francisco hosted. This infuriated detectives on the case who knew Ramirez would be tracking the media coverage of the case. This lead Ramirez to throwing his shoes off the golden gate bridge before heading back to Los Angeles.

August 24, 1985. Ramirez travelled 76 miles south of Los Angeles and followed his structured routine. He told his victim, Inez Erickson after vicious attacks “tell them the Night Stalker was here”. He drove off in a stole Toyota much to the attention of a thirteen year old neighbour who wrote down the license plate of the car due to his strange appearance striking attention. Erickson’s fiancé was able to have two of the bullets from his head which allowed him to luckily survive his injuries.

The young neighbour contacted the police of the cars license plate when the story broke. Erikson was able to provide a full description of Ramirez. The car was found four days later, police were able to obtain a single fingerprint from the rear view mirror despite Ramirez’s attempt to wipe the car clean of his prints. The print matched that of Ramirez who had a long record for traffic and illegal drug violations. A mug shot of Ramirez was released to the media December 12 1984. The “Night Stalker” finally had a face.

Trial and conviction:

At his first court appearance, Ramirez raised his hand with a pentagram drawn on his palm, yelling the words “Hail Satan”, a peculiar trademark of the murderer (see the image). September 20, 1989. Ramirez was convicted of all charges; 13 counts of murder, 5 attempted murders, 11 sexual assaults and 14 burglaries. He was sentenced to die in California’s gas chamber when he stated to reporters “Big deal. Death always when with the territory. See you in Disneyland.” The trial cost $1.8 million which was the most expensive in the history of California until the OJ Simpson case in 1994.


Ramirez died of complications due to secondary B-Cell lymphoma. He had also been affected by chronic substance abuse and chronic hepatitis C viral infection. At the age of 53 years old, he had been on death row for more than 23 years.

Numerous contributors. (Last Modified 3/6/16). Richard Ramirez.Available: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Ramirez. Last accessed 17/06/16.

All information wrote by beyondmensrea 17/6/16. Thank you for reading. 

World's Greatest Dad (Calum Hood)

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A/N: So this is my Christms smut and I realize it’s late, but I was in a five hour car ride and then family. It as just too much. But it’s here! This is actually my 1st Calum smut and my 1st Daddy 5sos imagine/smut type thing. I hope you guys enjoy and had a very Merry Christmas! ~Cel

Calum surprises your kids and you reward him

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Rainbow Raider (known as ‘Chroma’ in the New 52)
Roy G. Bivolo

Roy was born with complete colour blindness, and saw the world in shades of grey.  He was quite a talented young artist, but his inability to see colour meant that his work was often garish and ugly, something for which he was mocked.  His father – who happened to be a brilliant optometrist – spent his life trying to find a cure for his son, but failed.  However, on his deathbed he gave Roy some special goggles he’d recently invented.  The goggles didn’t give Roy colour vision, but he discovered they had all sorts of fantastic abilities, which he then used to become an art-thieving criminal. 
His goggles could shoot a variety of coloured light beams, which had quite a few different effects.  He could:
-manipulate peoples emotions, to make them feel whatever emotion he chose.  Sometimes he used this by inducing anger in a crowd and setting the mob against a hero, or rendering people too frightened to fight him.
-ride around on a beam of solid light.
-shoot lasers which packed a surprising punch.
-induce nausea, exhaustion, or blindness in others.
-create a prison made of solid light.
-heat up objects until they exploded.
-drain the colour out of people or objects.
He also used his father’s research on colour to mix paints which rendered him temporarily invisible, enabling him to escape prison.
At one point, he built a device which drained the colour from its surroundings (rendering the city literally black and white for a period), and transferred it into himself.  This charged up his body with power, and for a time gave him the colour vision he’d always sought.  He also temporarily gained inborn light powers which allowed him to implode people and objects, plus the ability to infuse people with kinetic energy which would ultimately cause them to explode.  Fortunately he used these powers on the Flash, whose control over his own molecules allowed him to counteract these effects.  The Flash was able to defeat him, and these added abilities seem to have faded over time.  However, he was seemingly able to see some colours afterwards, although they were often wrong.  He thought the Flash and Santa Claus wore blue, for example.
Over time, he became more like a traditional criminal or supervillain in the sense that he stole money and enjoyed fighting the Flash.  Bitterness drove most of his actions: frustration over his inability to see colour, anger at the world for bullying him, and resentment towards the Flash for beating him up and sending him to prison (he expressed a particular frustration at the prison system and the treatment of ex-cons).  He’d also been angered by the artworld success of a former friend who’d stolen most of his ideas.  So it isn’t quite accurate to say he became a criminal because he was colour blind as is commonly claimed, although that was obviously an element of his motivation.  He also had self-confidence issues, as was seen in the famous “I believe in me!” story, which featured a motivational speaker goading him to do bigger things. 
He arguably isn’t a Rogue, even though he worked with them on one occasion, attended at least one of their social gatherings, and referred to himself as a Rogue.  But he was definitely one of their associates, and is certainly a Flash villain.  The Trickster described him as being part of “Flash’s Rogues Gallery” and Captain Cold called him a “Rogue villain”, which is close enough.
Ultimately, Roy is beloved because he was a somewhat goofy and fun character who could have been surprisingly dangerous if he’d been smarter and crueler.  But he was never particularly vicious, and thus he’s one of the more lovable and popular Flash villains.


SNK Christmas manga─part 3(end)

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Part 3 outline :

Mikasa was best Christmas gift for eren. Likewise, ,Eren has always been the best gift for Mikasa,. After levi got his home, Hanji hugged him Excitedly XD

Actually, levi became a“Santa cute leading soldiers” because of Hanji’s medicine. After a while , Auruo , Eldo and Gunter also came levi’s home to celebrate Christmas. After changing back to adults, levi went to the kitchen to see Petra , who was cooking. she gently hugged levi, and said” Merry Christmas ““happy birthday “. ── levi woke up from this dream at midnight, just his dream. Not true(end)


I drew it in 2013 ,and posted it on tumblr in 2014~

Pairing:  eremika , rivetra

 Sorry this manga did not be translated into English, because my friends and I were busy with exams and Reporting….ˊ口ˋ

However, I still want to share this manga to you > <So I wrote the outline~

 This manga is the levi’s long dream in the Christmas eve at the year Petra dead, and we know his birth is December 25th.

In this dream, he became a “Santa leading soldier ”, and his wife was Petra.

I want to express that he miss her , silently. Therefore, he hopes Eren can cherish Mikasa because he had lost Petra.

 “The closer it is, the less cherish it is to you. People won’t understand how important it is until they lose it. ”

Finally, I want to express is: cherish the people around usˊwˋ


p.s .sorry my English is not good so there may be some imperfect expression.

   If you has some feelings welcome to tell me ~ Thank you XD

Merry Christmas~~~ (*´∀`)~♥

Damn the lazytown fandom is having a goddamn tumblr renaissance

I’m trying to fic and art with no success because I fail - so I’m just gonna get self indulgent and spew my headcanon/fantheory BS all over the place while listening to my sportarobbie fanmix. Watch out I’m wild


As the canon LT is aimed primarily at young kids (and those who fall into this age bracket psychologically *coughcoughMEcoughcough*), I like to think that canon LT is basically what the town looks like through Ziggy’s eyes.

The actual town is still a happy, brightly coloured little Eden with apple trees and a big playground, and exists in a reality where elves and magic and superheroes are actual things, but it’s somewhat larger, more populated, and complex. The grown-ups aren’t actually constantly absent and the people are, y’know, PEOPLE. Not puppets. Damn I love Gummi’s handiwork but I still picture the kids as actual kids when I hammer away at fanfic. It’s located either in the US or the UK most likely. If it’s the US I imagine Lazytown being near the shore of Lake Champlain, in the lower altitudes of Vermont (yay Bernie and Ben & Jerry’s!!). 

I think Mark Valenti once said something about the numbering of the sports elves signifying their membership in a sports team? Anyway no. Ljosalfar (light elves) have a special connection with human kids, as well as a tendency to take them in or protect them if they are neglected or abused. (Throughout Nordic history, some human adults have bitched and moaned about elves stealing their children, but it was usually because they were abusive parents, and the elves were RESCUING and ADOPTING them, so nyuuurr).

One elf, bunches of years ago, decided it was his life mission to be the patron playmate and guardian of all human children. He went around the world fulfilling this mission - he was Number One and Sportadork’s great great great great great great great granddad. The crazy Tex Avery mofo in Afram Latibaer was Number 8 (disregard that 10 on his shirt!), who was known for being a little batshit crazy. He had a very sane son who became number 9, who is kinda like the version of Íþróttaálfur in Glanni Glaepur i Latabae. Number 9 and 10 developed an affection for Lazytown and decided to just kinda hang around there (mostly because it’s the place that needs a wacky sports elf teaching kids about wellbeing more than anywhere else…)

Sportacus’ legal name is Spartacus Orn Magnusson. His brothers are called Perseus and Odysseus. :]

Speaking of which. Stephanie. Is. 11. Fight me if u disagree bitch. Some humans who are innately attuned to elvishness (like Steph) can, over time, develop elf magic of their own and become ‘honorary elves’ - St Nicholas of Myra is a good example - he became Santa Claus and is like frickin’ Jesus to the sports elves. When Steph is initiated into the sports elf dynasty, Sportacus gets all Yoda/Pai Mei/Mr Miyagi and trains her ass up in rural Iceland. And yeah he’s basically her dad.

Her biological parents died when she was very young, and she’s been brought up by aunts and uncles. Pre-canon, she was withering away in the city at a posh all girls’ school where she was ridiculed for being such a cinnamon roll, and for her pink hair. Her only outlet was dance. The friendship she finds in Lazytown is something she treasures and does not take for granted, because she knows how it feels to be lonely and cast out. This is part of why she sees through Robbie like cling film, and sympathises with him. They would start out as antagonists, slowly become frenemies, then end up as tight squirrel friends. ^____^

I’ve covered my headcanon for Robbie and his family extensively in my fics (PLUG!), but long story short he’s half-human, half-elf. Dad was an English engineering scientist/crazy biochemist/full time Byronic anti-hero, and Mum was an Icelandic opera diva. There was angst.

Ziggy is the only kid in Lazytown intimidated/impressed by Robbie, and therefore he looks quite monstrous in the boy’s eyes. In actual fact, Robbie is physically (and otherwise) a very beautiful man, less prosthetic foam and more Stefan Karl Stefansson (DAAAAMN HHNNNGGGG HUBBAHUBBA). His own style of elf magic is inadvertently woven into his crazy ass inventions, as well as his disguises (like somehow he has the power to convince people he really IS a pirate/birthday fairy/Bea Arthur/dance instructor, simply by donning a cheesy costume and hamming it up).

Ziggy’s mum Zelda was a classmate of Robbie’s in secondary school, and for a few years they nurtured a friendship. Zelda fancied him, and though Robbie is 10000000% gay he let her kiss him in exchange for borrowing her makeup (which his dad forbade him from buying). She got accepted into the popular girls’ circle and they drifted apart, but since the arrival of Sportadork and Steph they’ve kinda occasionally hung out together to swap notes and recipes. Zelda needles Robbie about how Sportacus is totally his type and Robbie gets super tsundere about it.

Trixie has a rocky relationship with her mum, who is an ambitious woman in a well-paid managerial position. Trixie rankles at the double standard of Mum being a strong career bitch who brings home the Gs, while telling Trixie she needs to be more ladylike (like her two meanie older sisters). This is part of the reason Trixie bonds with and hero-worships Stephanie so much, she needs a more stable female presence in her life. Things will work out between Trixie and her mum eventually.


Sportacus/Robbie (duh)



Stingy’s probably gay or bi, not sure if he’ll end up with Ziggy or Trixie (who has a mad crush on him). An OT3 would be super cute.


I wish someone was paying me for this

Eliot Rodger Manifesto Highlights

Reading Eliot Rodger’s manifesto is absolutely fascinating.  Among other things:

– He’s angry that women won’t have sex with him, yet he goes out of his way to constantly avoid interacting with them. In all that I’ve read (and I haven’t gotten close to readnig all 400 pages, admittedly), he'sonly ever described speaking with one girl, a playmate that he knew when he was six and later saw one time at a party when he was a teenager.

– The fantasy girlfriend that the world denies him is always blonde. He can’t stop talking about blondes.

– Seeing a young couple walking on the beach, he describes the girl’s “senusual, erection-causing body.”

– He believes his father is weak because his father listens to the concerns of his wife (Not Eliot’s mother), and assumes that this woman must be really good in bed.

– His mother tells him that he has some writing talent (not really evident in this manifesto, to be honest) and his immediate thought is that he can write a fantasy epic the success of which will have him drowning in pussy.

– He’s angry that his mother pestered him to get a job because he’s an “intellectual destined for greatness.”

– He became obsessed with moving to Isla Vista and attending UC Santa Barbara after seeing the movie “Alpha Dog,” which took place in that town and featured “good looking young people enjoying pleasurable sex lives.” He thought that if he moved there he too could live “a life of pleasure and sex.”

– Eliot was shocked that his Santa Barbara roommate, whom eliot judged to be less attractive than he was, brought a girl into their apartment before Eliot did, but he was relieved to see that she “wasn’t that attractive.” Later that night, Eliot told his roommate that “he was foolish to feel proud about having an ugly whore in his room.” Somehow, this soured relations between the roomies.

– Eliot received a “fabulous Armani exchange shirt” and “Gucci sunglasses” from his mother, which gave him the confidence that he would “appear as a superior gentlemen” to his fellow students. His hopes  were dashed when he appeared for his first class in his new duds: “I waited until everyone was seated before I walked in. I came in through the front entracnce so that everyone could look at my fabulous self. To my utter dismay, I saw that no one turned their head to look at me. No girl tilted a head or lifted a pretty eyebrow at my approach. After all that effort, I was still being treated like I was invisible.”

– He receives free tickets to a private Katy Perry concert and tries to blend in with all the other rich kids. “This was the life I was meant to live…If only my damnable mother had married into wealth instead of being selfish. If only my failure of a father had made better decisions with his directing career instead of wasting his money on that stupid documentary.”

- Eliot’s family was invited to the red carpet premiere of ‘The Hunger Games’ movie.  One recurring theme throughout the manifesto is how Eliot cannot stand anyone whom he perceives to look down on him, so naturally he takes this opportunity to look down on other people, commenting on the “crowd of pathetic fans who reminded me of sheep” on the other side of the velvet ropes.“I cockily smiled at all of the stupid fans who had to remain on the side, rubbing it right in their faces. There were some actors and celebrities on the carpet with us, and the paparazzi yelled at me a few times to get out of the way as they were taking pictures of some cunt actress. I discreetly gave those paparazzi pigs my middle finger. Elliot Rodger will not move aside for a stupid, good-for-nothing, over-glorified actress, whoever the fuck she was.”

- The premiere of The Hunger Games was spoiled for him because some celebrity kid and his"repugnant friends" who sat in front of him blocked his view. He had to “fight the urge not to splash my drink all over the little shitheads in a vehement rage.”

–Throughout the manifesto, Elliot constantly talks about gorging himself on free food and wine whenever available, either at a premiere party, an airline flight, or someone’s house. That’s not my description, he really relishes talking about stuffing himself.

–He read a book called “The Power of the Subconscious Mind,” which he describes as being similar to “The Secret,” and tried to visualize himslef winning the lottery because that was the only way he thought he could get a pretty blonde to fuck him.

– Elliot did not want to accompany his mother on a trip to see relatives in England until he heard that they would be flying on Virgin Atlantic first class, “the highest form of travel the airline offers.” He “just couldn’t refuse the offer. I’ve always had a penchant for luxury, opulence, and prestige.” Once again, he goes into paragraphs about cramming smoked salmon down his craw and glugglng red wine. The kid is a regular Caligula.

I can accept Tim Allen having sex BEFORE he became Santa Claus, but the fact that in between The Santa Clause 2 and 3, Tim Allen as Santa Claus got into a bed naked with a woman and impregnated her sickens and disgusts me and that is why I never watched The Santa Clause 3  

엔젤여러분 메리크리스마스! 크리스마스 특집 #틴탑 온에어 비하인드 사진을 공개합니다! 트리가 되어 회사를 누비고 다니는 #천지! 그리고 꼬마 산타 #리키 의 카페타임!

Merry Christmas Angels! Revealing bts photos from #TEENTOP On Air Christmas Special! #Chunji roaming around the office as he became a tree! And little Santa #Ricky’s cafe time!

trans.cr; fyteensontop

Thor “Did you know my Father is Santa Claus?” Odinson and Bucky “Winter is Coming (so all these layers are necessary)” Barnes There’s a lot of drama in the fandom right now because of the Cap3 trailer so I implore you to imagine this: Thor finding out somehow Odin became Santa through history and wholeheartedly embracing this. He goes home and picks out the perfect asguardian gifts for all his friends. Of course who would be more suited to secretly delivering these presents than the Winter Soldier himself? Think about Thor and Bucky being bros and committing break-ins on Christmas Eve.

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kagakuro for the christmas ship meme!!

That was fast! XD


  • Who starts putting up decorations in October?
    Nobody, but Kagami’s dad sends him a giant box of Christmas stuff from their place in LA at the beginning of December, because he figures Taiga would miss the typical American holiday hubbub. Which is totally true, but urgh I’m not a kid anymore dad, geez! *immediately snatches up box and starts digging through it*

    When Kuroko stops by later that day, he finds Kagami on the floor surrounded by a mountain of packing peanuts, tinsel garlands, fairy lights, a bedraggled artificial pine tree, horribly garish Christmas stockings, American spice mixes for cookies and punch (nonalcoholic, of course), several menacing nutcrackers, and a freaking Santa Claus bathmat that Kagami is sure they’ve never actually owned, oh god dad stop.

  • Who buys the advent calendars?
    I’m not sure these are readily available in Japan (?) but Kagami totally got a huge one from Alex because that’s another person who won’t stop treating him like a kid, geez (*stuffs calendar behind the couch and walks away red-eared and muttering*) and when Kuroko finds out, he’s completely taken with the idea and insists on detouring to Kagami’s house every morning so they can open it together.

    Kagami ends up splitting the chocolates with him because even though Kuroko would never ask, he’s doing the stupid sparkly thing with his face and Kagami has never seen anyone so taken with a freaking box of Christmas-themed candy before. 

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