but then fai catches his eye and smiles that smile

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Kurofai 7 please?

Fai paced back and forth, wringing the cloth he had been dusting with earlier in his hands nervously.

“You’re going to make a hole in the porch if you keep that up,” Tomoyo teased lightly from where she sat sipping tea. 

“I can’t help it. They were supposed to be back a few days ago.”

“They”, as Fai was referring to, were Kurogane and his men. A few weeks ago, they had left on a mission to clear out monsters out of a neighboring providence. He knew that these things took time, and they would be at it for a few weeks, maybe a few months. But, Kurogane would always promise when he would be back, and somehow he stuck to his word by always coming back on time.

This time was different.

“I’m sure everything is fine,” Tomoyo reassured. She patted the spot next to her and smiled when Fai finally sat down. “Kurogane and his men are strong. They probably just got held up coming back.”

“That doesn’t really make me feel better,” Fai mumbled. He blinked when Tomoyo took his hands and placed a small cup of tea into them.

“Drink. It will help relax you.”

Fai sighed a little, but he could already feel his body calming down slowly from the aroma of the tea alone. He blew on it and took a few gulps before letting out another sigh, but seemed more at ease. “Thank you, Princess.”

“No problem. And I told you, call me Tomoyo you goof!”

Their friendly spat was interrupted by the rumbling of the hoofs of horses. Fai nearly sprang out of his seat before leaning over the porch railing. The group of horses that had left what seemed so long ago were galloping through the gates, carrying dirty and tired looking riders on their backs. Fai and Tomoyo went down to meet them.

The excited smile that had spread across Fai’s smile fell slightly when his eyes came upon Kurogane. His husband was filthy for one thing, but it was the dried blood coming from a few places on his body is what sent panic through his mind.


Kurogane turned away from the servant taking his horse just in time to catch the frantic priest barreling into him. He suppressed the urge to wince as pressure was put on one of the wounds hidden by his armor. “Hey.”

“You’re injured!”

“It’s nothing. Just a few scratches,” he proceeded to flinch as Fai brought his hand up to check the wound on his head.

“How long have you had these? Why is it not bandaged at all?”

“We ran out of them.”

Fai shook his head before taking his husband by the arm and practically dragging him in the house. “Come on.”

It was silent between the two of them as Fai tended to Kurogane’s wounds. The ninja had taken his armor off, with a lot of coaxing from Fai, and was sitting cross legged on the floor while being checked over.

“You’re lucky you didn’t get an infection,” Fai murmured cleaning out the cuts. Luckily they were pretty minor without all the dry blood, but they were still going to scar.

“I told you I was okay,” Kurogane muttered, almost out of habit. Fai’s hands disappeared from his back, and Kurogane didn’t even have time to blink before his chin was being grasped and lips were being pressed to his. It was a firm kiss, but he could feel the affection being poured into it.

“You scared me, you idiot,” Fai said bumping him lightly on the head for good measure.

“You have a habit of hitting me when I’m hurt, you know that?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Fai answered with a small wave of his hand. He kissed his husband more gently a second time before pulling away. “You’re all done. Now into the tub with you, stinky puppy.”

“I’m not a damn dog!”

Fai’s laughter seemed to float through the halls of the Suwa palace. Tomoyo smiled lightly from her spot on the porch outside. All was well.

Day 19: Space [Tsubasa Chronicle Month 2017]

He would gaze at the moon, longingly, as though he wanted to reach out and catch it, his eyes as dark as the night sky itself. He would gaze at the stars, without speaking a word, and his lips would curl into a wistful smile. Under the night sky, away from the castle, only the two of them mattered. Many months later, in another world, Fay gazed at the night sky, his single eye (the color of gold) bright in the moonlight, then smiled at Kurogane as they held each other close. The stars are so pretty in Nihon Country.

So I wanted to write something and I was trying to think of something and suddenly the idea of Fai being compared to a star came to my head. So here’s a quick drabble where Kurogane believes that Fai is a being that fell from the sky and has something as precious as jewels inside his heart. Mostly vague AU that ends with vague canonverse.

Kurogane is convinced that Fai must be made from stardust.

Kurogane is convinced that Fai must be made from stardust. Under the light of the moon, Fai’s skin glows like the night sky. His hair shimmers, his eyes twinkle, his whole being is a star that has fallen to the earth.

When Kurogane looks at Fai, he gets just as lost as he does when he looks at the sky. When he looks at the sky, he can’t help but think of how much he can’t see, how much is out there, how much is masked behind the bright stars. He wonders the same when he looks at Fai.

On nights when Kurogane can run his hands over Fai’s skin, he doesn’t believe that the person next to him can even be human. His skin is too soft and scars that would mar another’s skin look more like pieces of art on Fai.

Fai has marks—angel kisses, Fai once said jokingly, but Kurogane believes that Fai would be kissed by an angel—that travel from his neck down to his chest. Kurogane feels like he could map out a constellation from those marks and kisses each one.

When Kurogane wakes to see Fai crying, he can’t help but compare the tears falling down Fai’s cheeks to diamonds. When Fai cries, it is as if he is letting himself fall apart bit by bit, he’s letting the precious jewels inside of him escape from his eyes that are like sapphires.

Kurogane wipes away the tears and does whatever he can to stop them. He holds Fai and lets those tears soak his shirt, he promises to hold onto those jewels until he can give them back to Fai. When Fai smiles at him later, he feels like he succeeded in getting those diamonds back into Fai’s heart.

Kurogane has no words when Fai gets sick. His skin loses its glow and becomes ashy, his eyes lose their light, his hair becomes flat. When Kurogane touches him, his skin feels dry and his lips crack. Fai begins rejecting food and loses much more than just the precious jewels that Kurogane believes make up his whole being.

Kurogane takes Fai out one last night to look at the stars. It’s a clear night, and Fai points out constellations with a shaky hand. Kurogane ends up tracing the marks on Fai’s neck with his finger. Fai falls asleep against him with tears stuck to his eyelashes and Kurogane feels a lump in his throat.

Fai is weak and bedridden when Kurogane tells him all of this. He tells him all about the stardust, the constellations, the jewels, everything. Fai gives a weak laugh and then smiles gently. He raises a hand and places it against Kurogane’s cheek. It is as cold as ice.

“If I’m made from a star,” Fai says quietly. “If I’m what you say, if I’m a fallen star here, then… You must be made out of the strong, beautiful, unbreakable earth that I so desperately wanted to fall to.” 

Fai has tears in his eyes while he says these things, but he is still smiling.

That night, Kurogane rests his head on Fai’s chest so that he can hear his heart. He wants to hear it while he still can. Kurogane doesn’t hide his tears.

“Don’t be sad, Kurogane,” Fai whispers as quietly as the wind. “If I’m a star, then I’m not really dying, am I? I’m just going to go back to the place that I fell from. And from way up there in the sky that you love so dearly, I will be able to watch you as you live out the rest of your days.”

Kurogane looks up at Fai, and Fai smiles and strokes his hair.

“And then, you won’t die either,” Fai says with a shake of his head. “You will simply return to the earth, to the place that you came from. And one day, you will spring from the earth again and I will fall to you once more because even if we were as far apart as the stars and the soil, I would love you. I would rather fall and break all of my bones then be apart from you, my love.”

Fai dies—no, he returns to the sky—that night. Kurogane is just holding him, and Fai is humming an old song that he has known for his whole life, one that Kurogane had never heard until he met Fai.

Then Fai goes silent and his head falls back, and it takes Kurogane almost an hour before he can finally let go of him.

Fai’s body is buried in the ground but Kurogane knows that his soul is in the sky. He lives out the rest of his days so that Fai can see everything that he does. On cloudy days, he doesn’t do much because Fai won’t be able to see him.

Before Kurogane dies many years later, he promises that when Fai falls to the earth again, Kurogane will be there to catch him.


When Kurogane first meets Fai, he tries to ignore him. He tries to not care for him. He tries to ignore the urge to protect him.

But as time goes on, Kurogane can feel himself falling. When he looks at Fai, he is reminded of his childhood, of his mother’s kind smiles, of looking up at the stars after dinner with his father.

They are sitting under the light of the full moon in Kurogane’s home world and Fai’s smile is as soft as the navy blue sky, his skin is glowing, his hair is shimmering, and his one eye is twinkling like a star.

Fai admits then that he has fallen, and even with only one arm, Kurogane is there to catch Fai as he falls towards him for a kiss.