but then drama

Get yourself someone who loves you so much that they would fight your ex-lovers by scaling a goddamn castle out of jealousy and drunk off their ass while naked screaming that “ you may be *insert your name* but I am their NOW!!!!!”

or get yourself a lover that would join you on top of the building you scaled while drunk and jealous of their ex that they mentioned while they were drunk because you asked them to.

hey? um?

can y’all stop leaving comments about shipping on my youtube channel, i.e. my job? like, where i work to get money and, um, live? cripes, i’d only just worked up the nerve to post a video after months of absence because of stress, and i scrolled down to read some comments and there was some fucko ranting about how i was stubborn/irrational just for pointing out that maybe, just maybe, the part of fandoms that fetishizes gay men…. is fetishizing gay men. wow!!!!

like, this is getting into harassment territory. i don’t know what part about a gay man talking about how fandoms make him uncomfortable makes y’all so angry and upset - i guess it’s because i had the gall to insult your yaoi otp??? dang. how dare i. 

your reaction to a gay person talking about how something is homophobic should never be “i’ll keep doing it out of spite” or “i think this gay person is being irrational so that gives me a free pass to keep doing it.” like, what are y’all even on

if you’re not going to educate yourself and stop being blatantly homophobic and making the fandom a dangerous place for gay people, the least you could do is leave me alone so i can stop having breakdowns every time i try to check my notifications. thanks

tfw you have so many current otps in your mind and you wanna draw all of them at the same time.