but then again they rarely ever do eh

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Do you ever get annoyed if Robby is roasting you too much? And do you have good comebacks?

Absolutely, I just become a lifeless yam until he starts loving me again. Oh and comebacks? Eh, sometimes I do but I’d say it’s rare.

nico needs a date to a wedding 

he calls cupid’s escort service and they send jason, a newbie, b/c he’s learning the ropes 

jason as a newbie is pretty personal like 

he’s pretty much a hottie mc hot hot but it’s his first time being an escort + it’s like his job that’ll help him get through college and stuff since his parents cut him off 

and as hot as he is, being an escort really isn’t something that fits his personality

so the entire time he’s going, “You’re pretty cute, y'know. Wouldn’t finding a guy to take to the wedding be easy?" 

"Please. That’d mean finding someone that suits my taste, getting to know him for more than just two days and then requesting him to coming with me to a wedding and meet my family. Besides, I don’t do relationships." 

"I suit your taste?" 

"I’ll pay you $500 more if you shut up." 

and so eventually Jason understands that it’s because Nico tries to be rather impersonal, it’s hard for him to bond and stuff and just the way he looks at Hazel lets Jason know that all of that love Nico is hiding is going to her 

he also gets along with most of Nico’s friends without even trying

and Nico’s pretty annoyed by that b/c his dumb escort is getting buddy buddy and he goes, "I’m paying you to be nice, not to converse." 

"Aren’t they both the same thing?" 


and eventually Jason goes, "Y'know, I don’t think people dislike you. I think you’re just…perceiving it that way. I think they’re concerned." 

"That is none of your business.

and so Nico finds out Jason’s stuff and Jason explains that he’s an illegitimate child because his dad didn’t like commitment (that he’s remarried the same wife four times), and so his step-mom just plays favorites with him and his dad let his step-mom name him and pretend that his there’s (because Juno also is infertile) 

and so after a couple of years Jason finds out that his mother was paid off to never see him or his sister ever again (which is fine according to Thalia, because their mother wasn’t much of a parent anyway) and he's mad

so he told them that he’s going to find his birth mother and as of right now doesn’t want anything to do with his parents 

"I have good looks, but eh. That’s not gonna get me far." 

and Nico explains that infidelity isn’t that rare in his family either so they have that in common and stuff 

and idk should i get into the gushy stuff