but then again they are

Them again


monsta x and:

monsta x + loving kihyun

Q: What feeling do you get when you look at Kihyun?

Changkyun: Warmth x, x


No matter what happens, I’ll keep on moving.
       Until this life runs out of me, I’ll keep on walking.

happy birthday, hope! ♡ @kamuisyato

Today, I once again watched the maknae line hide'n’seek. I came to conclusion it proves three things:

Jimin is biased:

Jungkook is soft and Jimin is kinky:

Jimin is kinky, biased and when it comes to revenge in hide’n’seek he knows no mercy:

…not even mentioning how much Minie enjoyed the slapping of his smol feet by Tae’s slipper. Still my fave video in the world. Bye.