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I held the past and the future in my hands
and once again
the world forced me to choose
one or the other.

(And then again and again,
like an eternal loop with glitched songs)

I want to hold my breath
and live in the now,
but my lungs are filled
with butterflies and specks and dusts
which leaves no room
for presents of any kind.

“You paint tomorrow with the regrets of yesterday”
a note from ancient ago told me,
in tiny, scratched letters.

I refuse to believe
that there’s no room for new mistakes,
I refuse to believe
that these threads are all
what I have left to hang on to.

I hold the past and the future in my hands
and this time,
I’m not letting go.

A childish choice

(Save your lectures for the next round around)

It’s time to change the record playing


[ 4/100 days of productivity ]

Up at the crack of dawn (10am) and hit the library to get some maths done. Not a lot of maths happened in the next few hours but I had good company and my friend made me lunch ☺️ then the rest of the afternoon has consisted of some very lengthy problems, but I think I’m finally understanding the method so I’m feeling positive. However I think my hand is about to fall off…

🎶: U.F.O - Coldplay

I really don’t understand everyone complaining about John’s crying at the end of the episode. 

It’s not pretty, or dainty, or charming, it’s nothing like what we saw in TRF, but then again the scenario is entirely different. When Sherlock jumped he was there, watching, waiting, he had realized from the moment that he saw Mrs. H was alright that something was going to happen, and from that moment on his adrenaline started pumping, making the situation not necessarily easier to handle but certainly easier to react to. He had more control of himself. 

With Mary, he didn’t, it was unexpected and sudden. He hadn’t even been around long enough to see her take the bullet for Sherlock. He just saw her on the ground, dying. It doesn’t matter what you think of mary, or if you’re calling her Rosamund, it doesn’t matter. Because regardless this is a person that is holding a very special unique role in John’s life. She his the mother of his child, and sleeping beside him every night. He’s lived with her fallen in, and perhaps out of love with her. Even in the most negative state that his relationship could possibly be with her, the death would be jarring, to say the least. 

This leaves John with overpowering guilt and emotion escaping him in every way it can. This results in a cry, a scream, a shout, all at the same time. Powerful emotion doesn’t escape gently, it escapes brutally and clawing at you on its way out. Martin Freeman did a brilliant job with this scene. 

“You guys go,” Will said. “The chariot is only designed for three, and after that shadow-travel, Nico is going to pass out any second.”

“No, I’m not,” Nico complained, then passed out.

this was my favorite moment for sure

Bassian Headcannon #4

Bodhi is actually in love with Cassian’s jacket with the fluffy hood. As an Imperial pilot he could never afford a luxury like fur and he had never felt anything so soft in his entire life. Cassian let him burrow it occasionally and eventually bought him a matching one. Bodhi, however, complained that it wasn’t as nice because it didn’t smell like him so now they share them both on alternate days and when they are apart the jackets feel like fluffy hugs from each other.

@magnificentmir said: …..what’s going on this time?

Mini doing his weird “I’m jealous of Evan” spout on twitter once again. He felt compelled to complain about how he wasn’t involved in YouTube rewind, which led to him getting touchy with fans in regards to his association with Ev (wow feels like major deja vu, no?). Tyler apparently stepped in and told him straight up that he shouldn’t be making a big deal about it, because Evan’s success is all of their success. Good on him. I don’t have any hope that Mini will actually listen to him (considering that Nogla has said similar things in response to previous Mini tweet rants), but ya know, at least someone is stepping up to all the nonsense that comes out of that boys’ mouth.

The difference between Dorothea and Miss Quill
  • Dorothea: *holds Matteusz at gunpoint to get Charlie to use the Cabinet*
  • Charlie: *keeps arguing that he can't ever sacrifice his people*
  • Charlie: I'm lost and alone...
  • Matteusz: *doesn't even look at the gun once*
  • Matteusz: *walks towards Charlie* You are not alone.
  • Charlie: I lost everything once before and now I'm going to lose it all over again.
  • Matteusz: *looks directly into Charlie's eyes* If you are ever lost, I will find you. I will be your help.
  • Charlie: *looks at Matteusz as if he can't believe he's entirely real, can't be sure he won't disappear in a heartbeat, crushed like so many other dreams*
  • Dorothea: *sighs, almost moved* God, young love... So beautiful.
  • Miss Quill: *from her corner, annoyed* Get on with it!

beadick meme [4/5 quotes]: 

“I think the modern version of true love is when you get someone and they get you and then you both realize that and then it’s love. It all just sort of clicks, like one big moment but not all in one big go like a fairy tale, because that would just be unrealistic.”

 –And he’s still humming little songs, cheerfully. Is this one of his idol phases bubbling up again? Who knows. He feels in good moods though.

For the last 5-8 years my neighbor’s kids have been trying to self teach a lot of instruments and have failed, the noise is unbearable, and not only that, they like to practice at fukn midnight
We have complained to them and they did it again after a few days
Please tell me how to make them stop, give me horrible ideas that equals the suffering they’ve put us through for so many years