but then again i only watched season 1 3

Never 'Ship Alone... The Importance of Tumblr

I shipped Mulder and Scully from X-Files so hard in my youth. Lol. I would be so frustrated not seeing more than a peck or those glances that they shared. I shipped in silence because 1.) I’m black, lol and 2.) Not many black people I knew watched The X-Files. So every week I would squee in silence waiting for the magical moments Chris Carter would give me. Only Hardcore fans would experience the season 9 kiss, which felt entirely too late(although they’ve kissed before, 6x3 Triangle, this was the first romantic kiss I got to enjoy over and over again). So imagine when I fell in love with The Walking Dead and season 3 roles around. I started reading the comics and knew Michonne and Rick were best friends(they have great chemistry in the comics as well). On the show however, they are magical. So I hit another wall. Do I want to ship them? Do I want to invest the time in this alone? Yep. Again, I shipped in silence because, 1.) At the time not many people watched TWD that I knew of, 2.) Selling people on their chemistry was difficult.

So I kept it to myself. Everytime Rick would look Michonne up and down, or kick everyone out the prison except her, I knew it was more. I just knew. Lori had just died and he was still grieving so I wasn’t expecting much, but damn it….he liked Michonne. If Rick stared at me like he stares at her, I’m dropping my panties- No. Questions. Asked. 😂😂😂😎. When Norman Reedus said on TTD that he saw them flirt in the season 3 finale, I died. Died I tell you. I finally was like, yes someone sees it. It’s not just me being a hopeless romantic for my fave two characters of the series.

The show got more popular and everyone talked about the killing and crazy stories(myself included), but no one would talk about these intimate moments. My only saving grace had been Yvette Nicole Brown…my shipping captain. That episode of TTD when Chris Hardwick said he saw chemistry between Jessick, YNB and myself wanted to throw up. In a way, I never worried about The Jessick angle. I knew her and her clan died in the comics, and when I saw them in 6x8 walking hand and hand and Carl was near Jessie, I kept telling my mom(who I got hooked on the show), that she was gonna die in the next episode. I knew Rick would chop her arm off to save Carl. So I just dealt with that story line. (I was very proud I called that one…lol).

Then 6x10 happened and I literally died. I’m still dead. It was a big deal for me. Then I noticed the hate my OTP were getting on Facebook and decided to keep my joy to myself. My boss was like, I dont understand how they just put them together. I had to give a dissertation to my boss y'all…lol. Gave her episodes she needed to re-watch…ha!

If people stopped complaining about the pacing, actually listened to the characters during slower episodes, and not concentrate on the deaths (which are awesome), well you would have seen it imo.

I discovered Tumblr about a month ago(this was in October, 2016) and have gone to shipping heaven. I never realized how many people live for my OTP. The Richonne community is so awesome and sticks up for our pairing and I’m so grateful. I get to die with y'all and take this shipping journey together out in the open. Loud and proud.

Thanks Tumblr, because of you I no longer ship in silence. Cheers shippers!

edit: Happy Anniversary Richonner’s

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Types of Supernatural episode

1. You could quote any line of this episode in your sleep. Usually a season finale or a funny episode that everyone gifs.

2. Was so painful that you never watched it again. Could also be a season finale but is most likely 9x03.

3. You only have a vague recollection of what happened in this episode, it has melded into the background of all the classic monster episodes you have ever watched.

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Is Big Little Lies a mini series? There's only 1 season. This show is so good, there can't be only 3 episodes left!

Hi - yes  - they are calling Big Little Lies a “seven-part limited series” of just one season and based on Liane Moriarty’s book of the same name. It’s so great to get to see Alexander Skarsgård on a weekly basis again! He’s doing an incredible job as Perry Wright and it’s great to see him in a project with Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon, but he’s the reason I’m watching. Great show!

Thanks for writing!

Anime Wishlist [Winter 2017]

Here’s my wishlist this season .. 

1. Masamune-kun no Revenge

This is number one pick of this season .. I read some episodes from manga. And it was worth to wait. Just only first episode made me watch it again.

2.  Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! 2 (KonoSuba Season 2)

3.  Rewrite 2nd Season: Moon-hen / Terra-hen

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4. Akiba’s Trip The Animation

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After I watched 1st episode.. and Yes! I want it more !!

5.  Demi-chan wa Kataritai

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6.  Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

(Some of these GIF are my GIF.)

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i followed you so long ago like way back when everyone was watching snk season 1 and to this day you are literally the only snk blog i follow that still actually posts snk stuff and tbh i applaud you for being so commited to this fandom lol i cant wait for season 2 to drop so the fandom can (hopefully) come back to life lmao

ahh, thank you so much for following me all this time! <3

I see it being a cold day in hell when I stop caring about snk, tbh. :P

I am excited to see more fandom activity again, too. lol

Accepting #TVD fan fiction prompts

So I was highly disappointed in the finale of The Vampire Diaries and I need/want to make peace with it by delving head-first into writing the fandom again; maybe even giving some of my favorite pairs a much-needed happy ending. So if you have a prompt for a one shot or drabble about the following couples, please shoot it my way. Thanks.

1. Stefan and Elena

2. Stefan and Bonnie

3. Stefan and Caroline

4. Damon and Bonnie

5. Damon and Katherine

6. Matt and Caroline

7. Matt and Jeremy

8. Tyler and Liv

9. Tyler and Vicki

Oh and I’ll write Klaus and Hayley from The Originals too though fair warning, I’ve only seen Season 1 of the show and don’t intend to watch more of the show at this time.

in general i’m just???

kinda liquidating my DVD collection tbh. stuff i never watch anymore i’m selling off (i’m gonna check f.y.e. first before asking around online or resorting to things like Let Go/craigslist). the only thing i think i’m not gonna get rid of is Seasons 1-3 of The Boondocks on DVD because i really don’t care enough to buy them (although i think Netflix has it now so??? maybe i will) again but there’s also the potential i might pop it back in the PS4 one day. but netflix has it so??? i don’t see why to keep it and waste space

part of the reason is i’m buying physical manga and anime again (i intend to start buying JJBA merch at some point, like the blu-ray collections when they’re out) so i kinda wanna clear up this entire shelf its on for more space

I watched the first episode of Breaking Bad again today, I watched the first few episodes on channel 5 years ago because I recorded it late at night but forgot to record the rest, same happened with Generation Kill.

I watched it because Spike UK started showing it even though I have the first two or maybe 3 or more seasons on DVD but I could only find seasons 1 and 2 and hadn’t gotten around to watching them even though I got season 1 years ago but couldn’t see the receipt in the box but I got season 2 in 2013! But of course I got to the end of the recording and it cut off before the end so I ended up digging out my season 1 box set anyway to watch the last 2 minutes!

So since I assume when that happens once it usually happens often and sometimes with things clashing I can’t add more than 2 minutes to the end of the recording which should be enough anyways because there should be an ad break after that I figure I may as well probably just watch the rest on DVD really. 

I’ll try and figure out which ones I have tomorrow and if I do go to Sainsbury’s since they have every season in the chart and cheap then I might buy the remaining ones I need and then I may even watch it quicker than the channel shows it. I’ll see. I was going to buy the rest ages ago but now I can’t remember which ones I need so I’ll see.

I got season 1 a year or more before season 2 from HMV and never got asked for ID even though I was older and I have none but every time I tried to buy it from Sainsbury’s they asked me for ID and I think once let me buy it and I’m not sure if it was that or something else where they wouldn’t let me buy it even though my mom told them my age. If I was under 18 and trying to buy something rated 18 then surely I’d just say I was 18 not 20 something >> They don’t seem to think of that though. 

Anyways, it was really awesome and I am going to try and watch it all the way through this time! 

Still funny to see Bryan Cranston in this when I was so used to watching him in Malcolm in the Middle. I miss that show! But he’s funny in this too.

I can’t wait to finally watch it all and see what happens! 

Aaron Paul is awesome and hot too <3