but then again how do gods die

Bpd thoughts over the day 🍰
  • I'm too tired to do this
  • How did I get here
  • Did someone say my name?
  • God I like that person
  • Never mind
  • Oh It's hurting again
  • Maybe I won't eat today I've been feeling a bit bloated
  • Is this person my friend?
  • I've forgotten something
  • I'll have one more cigarette, just to take the edge off
  • Ew gross why does that person makes me feel sick?
  • If I tell them I'm mentally ill what would happen?
  • I'm lost again
  • I'll call the person I like
  • They're not picking up I want to die
  • I don't trust this guy who is he
  • That's a horrible memory why did I think of that
  • I'll punish myself so it doesn't happen again
  • No ones replying to my texts
  • Do they hate me?
  • I can't sleep

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aaaaayyy happy day of birthhh soraaaa!! ! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) hope itll be grea t and youll have lots of fun today! !!!! also may all your wishes and ships come tru this yea r wwww have a noice day ddd(^q^

THANK YOU DEGDEGS!!!(or lanny?how do u call this emoji again) i had an awesome fun daayyy~ god i could die if my ships come true!!! starts praying

i fucking hate revival week at school because its just a week straight of preaching and all they do is SCREAM about death and how were all going to die and death is inevitable and gods coming back soon to rapture the earth and were either going to be swept into heaven or be stuck on earth and if we get stuck on earth we cant be saved and born again and god will make it impossible to kill ourselves and their will be plagues and monsters and the devil will rule the earth and it makes me so scared because this man is SCREAMING at me and hes sweating and hes disgusting and old and he makes me sick to look at it and im scared of him and hes instituting fear into me and i start pinching myself or wanting to slap things and hit things and cry and scream and throw things at him and i hate church SO MUCH because they make my jesus so negative they turn him into a murderer or something vengeful and evil and religion is supposed to be HAPPINESS in your life not the fear of impending doom! i hate this cult!

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Rules: using song titles from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Tag ten people!

Artist: Lamb of God

What is your gender? King Me

Describe yourself: Again We Rise

How do you feel? Ghost Walking

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? To The End

Favorite mode of transportation? Footprints

Your best friend? Walk With Me In Hell

Favorite time of day? Blacken the Cursed Sun

If life was a TV show, what would it be called? Laid to Rest

What is life to you?  Now You’ve Got Something to Die For

Relationship status? Set to Fail

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If you really want to be happy, you’re gonna have to choose to believe in something, sooner or later. Some people believe in the God of the Bible, some people in a sports team or band, etc. etc.  
I, for one, believe in a few things:
I believe in Me and my ability to stay standing on a board and not die on these hills; the voice that talks to me on the quiet rush of the wind, and helps me learn how to love; the light of countless suns in the void, endless light that will always come back around again; the glorious downhill after the hill climb has passed…
Perhaps most of all, I believe in You. 
What do you believe in?
—  WTFL 2/6/16: In the Heat of the Hux, cont.

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HOW DO YOU FEEL: “Young And Beautiful” (lol)

WHERE WOULD IT BE:  “West Coast”


YOUR BEST FRIEND: “Brooklyn Baby”



WHAT IS LIFE TO YOU: “Life Is Beautiful”


It was fun, thank you again <3 !

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Just messin’ a bit with marker and pencil. It was supposed to ba a charr, but well, it is not, I guess.

I am not as good as other artists. While playing, I die and die over and over again.
I have weird ideas. I like to share them and then get nervous about being judged.
I am boring.
So tell me
btw I am grateful for that. It is ab amazing feeling c:

Thoughts on The 100 3x03
  • for the whole episode i felt empty and then i realized
  • NO MURPHY excuse u but this isn’t ok
  • low-key wishing bellamy would’ve just lexa the minute he stepped into that room
  • where the fuck was lincoln honestly
  • why why why WHY is prince roan so attractive to me?
  • also why why why WHY do i like him as a character so much like wtf is wrong with me?
  • pls lexa jump off of a cliff god
  • THAT
  • like just kiss, fuck, get marries, have three babies names blossom, bubbles and buttercup and die happy together already omfg
  • raven baby omg :’(
  • that assassin was scary tbh
  • AH mount weather has a bad history of blowing itself up all the time tbh
  • and again innocent people died
  • ALSO GINA WHY omg i do not wanna see how bellamy reacts
  • octavia was re-adopted by indra yay
  • clarke u had one job *prince roan does not approve*
  • it creeps me out that the ice queen was mary-alice in desperate housewives and her voice is the female version of morgan freeman
  • i need murphy. now. thank you.

i cant believe my friend made me believe supernatural got good again like how fucking formulaic can a tv show get. two white boys literally destroying the world over and over in the process killing lots of good characters (like the only non joke of an lgbt character in 10 years of the show). every single season ending is now just “we can stop a bad thing… but one of us will die… we almost do it… but then choose not to and instead release something which will kill countless innocent people… but we’re the good guys okay”

Fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

You really have no fucking idea how much i cared about you do you

Fuck you so fucking much fuck you

You were the only fucking person i actually felt any emotion around whatsoever last summer

Fuck you i hate your fucking guts fuck you

I thought you cared about me too, i really really really did

Fuck off i fucking hate you i hope you die oh my god

I thought i was at the top of the goddamn list too

Fuck you i never want to see your fucking face ever again

And you kept giving me all this false hope too, telling me you loved me, telling me i might just be the first one

Fuck you so much you’re the only reason im so broken

But then

I wasnt

You have fucking broken me

You were the only goddamn person on this mother fucking planet i gave a shit about

And now im fucking broken

And it’s my fault too

I told myself

I have this mentality, you see

Top of the list or nothing

And i told you about it too

I guess you thought i changed

Or maybe you werent even thinking about me

I mean, fuck, you never are

You never even fucking texted first

You were always the one to stop the conversations

I was such a fucking idiot

I just wanted to be your favorite

I wanted to be at the top of the list

And now

Im not at the fucking top

Fuck you

I hope you burn in hell

will u marry me kim

Name: Danny Fenton
Age: 16
How well do we know each other: you punched me in the face once
Do you have a pet name for me: knuckles
Do I have a pet name for you: dear god please no
Are you attracted to me: *sweats* maybe
Why do you want to marry me: so we can pay video games all night without either of us having to go home
Big wedding or small wedding: small, preferably without telling my dad because he will make a big deal about it and i will want to die again
Do you see children in our future: idk if it’s possible but if it then maybe

           “How about I get back to you on that, say, this Friday? Like a date?”

We haven’t talked in a while.” “We’re best friends again.” “I can’t believe how much I missed you.“I want you. "Can we try this again?” “I love you so much.” “I don’t feel it anymore.” “I’m sorry.” “I miss you.” “Goodbye.” “You really fucking did it this time.” “God I miss you so much I would die if I knew that I could be with you in heaven.” “I can’t do this anymore, I can’t miss you anymore.” “Hey.” “How have you been?
—  The game we like to play
lmao here we go

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first song is how you die: bring me to life- evanescence


second song: your love life: alone together, f.o.b.

oh okay

third song: played at ur wedding: hurricane drunk by Florence and the machine

aight that’s p swell

fourth song: add in my pants to the title: do it again (in my pants) by the beach boys


Fifth song: played at my funeral: hymn of acxion by Vienna teng

good thing this song already makes me cry!!

sixth song: theme song: oh ms believer 21 pilots

low key crying

seventh song: plays when u think about ur love: lost in you: three days grace

oh my god??? actually???? yes??? love love 💙🦀

eighth song: add with a shovel and screwdriver: jar of hearts (with a shovel and a screwdriver


ninth song: describes your life: dear agony: breaking Benjamin

well, it’s an 8th grade cryin song but I still like it a lot and it’s accurate sooooi

okay I’m I tag no one!!!

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☭ x

Battle Intro: C’mon, kiddo. You know I don’t wanna fight ya’.
Victory: *sigh* I warned ya’.
Half HP:  Shit, how’d you get this far?
Low HP:  God damn…. I’m not gonna get bested by a fuckin’ human, ya hear me?!
Defeat: Shit… Okay, okay. You win.
Death: N-No… I-I can’t die again. What about Alexandra?! Don’t leave my babygirl alone…
Assist: You made a good choice choosing me as an ally!
Taunt: Aww, what are ya gonna do? Start cryin’?
Reacting to Taunt:  Please, like I’d fall for that.
Flee: Retreat!
Reacting to Flee: Fine, run away like the coward you are!
Tie: Phew, you put up a good fight, kid!
Perfect Victory: Get up, kid, go home.
Low HP Victory: Told ya you couldn’t beat me.
Finishing Move:  “Do you have ANY idea who I USED TO BE?!”

screams bc i just feel so shitty. this week is so shitty. it’s been five fucking years since my dad passed away and now my phone screen just went black?? all of the buttons are responsive and shit, but i think the processing thing dislodged so im going to have to take it into smartphone repair and i s2g if that guy makes me pay for his fucking service im going to scream and i just feel like crying bc god fucking dammit. 

like, i have so much shit i need to figure out. i need to figure out how not to be sad. i need to figure out how to get over someone who doesn’t even fucking like me, even as a friend. i need to figure out what i want to do my senior project on. i just am so fucking mad and so fucking sad and i just want to fucking throw myself away. i dont even want to fucking die, i just want to never do anything again. 

I loved you once

I never felt so confused in my life, and I don’t even know whether I love you, or I just need you to fill a hole in myself. I don’t know if you love me, I don’t know who am I to you, and how do I make you feel.

But I keep wondering, doesn’t all of these that we’ve been through mean something to you?

Here are two poems, you already know the first one:

I loved you once: perhaps that love has yet
To die down thoroughly within my soul;
But let it not dismay you any longer;
I have no wish to cause you any sorrow.

I loved you wordlessly, without a hope,
By shyness tortured, or by jealousy.
I loved you with such tenderness and candor
And pray God grants you to be loved that way again.

Biliyorum sana giden yollar kapalı
Üstelik sen de hiç bir zaman sevmedin beni

Ne kadar yakından ve arada uçurum;
İnsanlar, evler, aramızda duvarlar gibi

Uyandım uyandım, hep seni düşündüm
Yalnız seni, yalnız senin gözlerini

Sen Bayan Nihayet, sen ölümüm kalımım
Ben artık adam olmam bu derde düşeli

Şimdilerde bir köpek gibi koşuyorum ordan oraya
Yoksa gururlu bir kişiyim aslında, inan ki

Anımsamıyorum yarı dolu bir bardaktan su içtiğimi
Ve içim götürmez kenarından kesilmiş ekmeği

Kaç kez sana uzaktan baktım 5.45 vapurunda;
Hangi şarkıyı duysam, bizimçin söylenmiş sanki

Tek yanlı aşk kişiyi nasıl aptallaştırıyor
Nasıl unutmuşum senin bir başkasını sevdiğini

Çocukça ve seni üzen girişimlerim oldu;
Bağışla bir daha tekrarlanmaz hiçbiri

Rastlaşmamak için elimden geleni yaparım
Bu böyle pek de kolay değil gerçi…

Alışırım seni yalnız düşlerde okşamaya;
Bunun verdiği mutluluk da az değil ki

Çıkar giderim bu kentten daha olmazsa,
Sensizliğin bir adı olur, bir anlamı olur belki

İnan belli etmem, seni hiç rahatsız etmem,
Son isteğimi de söyleyebilirim şimdi:

Bir geceyarısı yazıyorum bu mektubu
Yalvarırım onu okuma çarşamba günleri


UWC Dilijan

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This is a nightmare. It has to be. There’s no other explanation for this. Maybe he’s died and is in hell. Nightmare. Hell. Both were good reasons. God he didn’t want to look like this. Not like him. There’s a heavy whine and he’s just going to press his face into a wall and groan forever. Maybe he’ll wake up or die again.

“I don’t want this. Take it away.”

Jesus We Love You // 2.8.16

I’ve just been thinking… Jesus just loves us so much. In Romans 5:8 it says, “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us”. How cool is that?! I mean, of course I wish He didn’t have to die such a terrible death, but the fact that He did… Just wow!! And He even defeated the grave! He rose again!! He is just that in love with us, that He would do anything for us. And to think that God gave us Jesus, His prized possession. His only son. I don’t see how a love could get any more intense than that! I’m also reminded of John 15:13, which says, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”. And I also can’t help but think about how much I love this guy! And then when you get to know Him more, He just gets better and better. He is kind, compassionate, empathetic, and more! Jesus, we love you.

‘Jesus We Love You’ by Bethel Music:


Okay that’s it, I’m so fucking done with plants. I go to turn my amaryllis and the leaves are so fucking large and top heavy that it falls over and I lost quite a bit of soil and it uses a specific kind of soil which I don’t have which means I’d have to buy some which won’t be able to happen until this weekend and now the roots are exposed! And I can’t fucking plant it outside either! It’s still too cold plus God only knows what will feed on it… besides the only prime spot to put it is infested with bugs and fuck that.

It never even fucking grew a flower stalk again! What a fucking waste! But I’m so tired of tending to plants exactly how I’m told to do it and then just having them slowly fucking die or get damaged no matter what!

But on the other hand, I paid for all of them and don’t want my money to go to waste even tho they’re hideous! I really just wanted the Chocolate Mint to be honest but the allure of flowers drew me in anyway. And I really do like plants but the problem is they always fucking die on me anyway so I never get to look at nice plants! As soon as I get ahold of them, they slowly die!

Oh well, getting rid of them means more space on my shelf thing… but for what I don’t know, my stupid sorry ass will probably just pile junk on it because I can’t keep anything nice and orderly looking for longer than 10 seconds. *sigh* I hate everything and everything I touch dies or breaks or otherwise becomes ruined somehow… fuck everything, what’s even the point of trying to change anything when I’ll just fuck it up anyway?

And now I gotta vacuum up soil in the morning too… Ugh… Well whatever an amaryllis only really has good looking flowers for a few weeks anyways and the rest of the time it’s dormant or just huge annoying ass leaves. So fuck it. Lesson learned. I’m apparently toxic and harmful to plant life and I’m just not allowed to have nice, natural beauty in my life. I can kill even the most resilient and easy to take care of plants by following the basic standard instructions and that takes a special kind of unlucky to do that. Just fuck everything, I hate everything, why can’t things ever just go right at all? No matter what something always goes wrong and nothing can ever just go smoothly no matter what I fucking do it’s like I’m just doomed to fail and the universe itself will rewrite it’s own rules just to make sure I fail. Ugh.

And also my sister is a cunt.