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dead chicken jokes are old and unfunny now, pls drop it. don’t send me any more asks about it. it was funny at first to joke about shoma having no fashion sense but it’s gotten to the point where there’s more focus on his costumes than his skating. i honestly don’t care what he wears at worlds, i just want him to skate well. i don’t agree with all his decisions but at least i can recognize he’s his own person and can make his own decisions.

also this twitter thread sums up my feelings about the skating fandom’s recent tendency to treat shoma like a little kid. it’s a good read and i recommend it for everyone. i have personally called myself his “mom” before and i think this has exacerbated the problem, and i will try to avoid this kind of vocabulary in the future. in my case, i feel protective of him because i have literally watched him since he was 12, and have followed his journey for the past 6 years. i am also some years older than him. it may be hard sometimes for me to believe he’s grown up, but the fact is that he is 19 now, a legal adult in most of the world, and should be treated as such. the fact that he looks young is no excuse to still talk about him like he’s 10 (and tbh, even if he WERE 10, that’s still no excuse to be creepy). basically just…stop infantilizing shoma. watch how you speak. remember skaters are actual people and not a collection of tropes to blow out of proportion.

this has been a PSA

ETA: i feel like i need to clarify this, it’s not that calling shoma or other skaters a “bb” or “my child” is terrible on its own, but especially in shoma’s case it feeds into this perception of him as an actual child who doesn’t know what he’s doing and can’t make his own decisions. calling him “smol” and focusing on his height also feeds into it. take the costume thing for example, i thought loco 2 was ugly to the point it was distracting from his program, and since there was a feedback option on his website i decided to send him a polite message to consider keeping the old costume. somehow “dead chicken” got blown so out of proportion that as late as last week i was deleting asks about it from my inbox. like half the periscope comments on shoma’s CDP videos were about his damn costumes. the joke turned from “lol shoma has no fashion sense” to “LOL SHOMA IS DUMB AND CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS”. there’s been a rather alarming shift from appreciating shoma as both a dedicated athlete and dorky guy off-ice to simply talking about him as a “smol confused child”. i’ve seen tweets and posts that go way too far.

i am guilty of starting some of this/unintentionally making it worse. but i feel like this kind of behavior is starting to cross the line and i’m tired of seeing it for the past few months. i am not accusing everyone, i would just like people to examine what they say and do. i will examine and check my own words as well. it should not be that hard to know when you’re just being affectionate and when you cross the line into creepy and offensive.

and ftr, none of us actually know shoma. we don’t get to see inside his head or know what happens in his day-to-day training or why exactly he makes the decisions he does. we can speculate all we want but the fact is that we don’t know him and all we can really see of his personality is from interviews. he can indeed be spacey and a little weird. he’s also extremely mature and self-aware when it comes to many things, including his skating. it’d be really nice if we could focus on the latter point, as well.

Reaction: Your lips taste sweet.

Request: Bts reacts to your lips tasting sweet? (Sorry if that’s a bit weird) 

~Bts reaction. 

(Gifs not mine. Credit to original poster/owner).

Kim Seokjin:

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You and Jin would be cooking something to help him unwind after a long day of practice. Every time he turned his back you’d quickly lick some of the cake mix off your fingers, making sure he didn’t see so he wouldn’t give out to you for “wasting his delicious food” and go on a rant about how you didn’t appreciate his superior cooking skills. After putting the cake in the oven he rested his head against the shelf and let out a deep sigh. You pushed yourself up onto the counter and started staring at him, taking a moment to appreciate your beautiful boyfriend. He looked up and caught you staring and a slight blush crept across your cheeks, but you didn’t look away. He smiled and leaned in to kiss you. He pulled back almost immediately, his eyes narrowed in suspicion. “Jagi?” He asked. “Hmmm?” you answered, slipping off the counter, already knowing he’d caught on. “Why do your lips taste…sweet?” “I don’t know what you mean,” you shrugged innocently. “Don’t lie to me, I know my food.” He stepped closer. “And I know my own cake mix.” You prepared yourself for another rant but instead he leaned in again, and the kiss lasted a lot longer this time. You were slightly breathless when he drew back, a cocky smile on his lips. “I knew I was a good cook.”

Min Yoongi:

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You knew the rules when you were sick. Yoongi was an idol, and being sick meant not preforming. You didn’t want to be the reason he couldn’t do something he loved so you had both come up with a set of rules to stop that from happening. But you had to admit not being able to see him while battling a chest infection was hard and even though you’d never give him the satisfaction of hearing you say it, you missed him. You were feeling better, but you told him to stay away to be on the safe side. You figured one more day of sleeping on the  couch should put you right. The next thing you knew you were being shaken awake and you groggily opened your eyes to see Yoongi smiling at you. You first instinct was to hug him but instead you pushed him back. “What are you doing?!?!!?” “Calm down,” he rolled his eyes. “I’m only checking in, just don’t cough on me.” You sighed and brushed your hair out of your face. You checked the time and realised you’d forgotten about your medicine completely. “Can you please just pass me the bottle beside you?” you asked. “You’re pretty unenthusiastic for someone who hasn’t seen their boyfriend in days,” he picked up the bottle, glancing at the label. “Ugh, medicine.” “I have an excuse for being unenthusiastic…for once, I’m sick!” you replied “And I actually don’t mind that medicine, it’s really sugary.” You poured the medicine onto the spoon and took it. “Unfortunately I meant it when I said I was just checking in, I literally have to go back right now.” Out of instinct he leaned down and gave you a quick peck on the lips to say goodbye. You laughed at the puzzled face he made when he drew back. “What??” you asked. “Your lips are really sweet” he said “What..? Oh! the medicine,” you realised, wiping your sleeve across your mouth. “You’re right it’s actually nice!” he said. “Or was it your lips? Let my try again!” He leaned in but you pushed him back. “No! You’re not getting sick because of me!” He fell back and picked up the bottle of medicine, putting a drop on his finger. Before you could stop him he licked the drop off his finger and shook his head in over dramatic disappointment. “I knew it!” he said. “It’s not the same.”

Kim Namjoon:  

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You looked up at the menu of his favourite coffee shop. You already knew what to get him but you weren’t really in the mood for your usual coffee. You saw there was a toasted marshmallow hot chocolate and figured you’d try it.             Roughly 5 minutes later you were opening the door to the studio as quietly as possible as not to disturb him. His forehead was pressed against the table but you knew he wasn’t asleep as his fingers were drumming a steady beat against the table. You recognised the signs of writer’s block all too well so you silently placed his coffee in front of him. You pulled up the other office chair and started drinking your hot chocolate. A minute later he let out a deep sigh and looked up at you, taking a sip of his coffee. “Don’t pressure yourself,” you said. “What are you writing about? Maybe I can help?” “That’s exactly the problem!” he said. “I have no idea what to write about! It feels like I’ve already done everything,” he sighed. “Maybe I should just give up for today,” he said. Before he could go back to his finger drumming state you took hold of his chin, pulling his face up so he was looking directly into your eyes. “Don’t worry,” you said. “You are my genius boyfriend and you will always think of something.” He smiled and closed the distance between you two. He pulled back pretty fast and the side of his mouth was lifted in a smile. “How do your…” he said “What?” you asked nervously. “How do your lips taste so sweet?” he laughed. “Oh!” you said, laughing with him. “I tried a new drink,” you said, lifting your cup and shaking it in front of him. “Hmmmm I like it!” he said kissing you again, for longer this time. Eventually you pushed him away, putting a hand up to your cheek to hide it’s redness. “Stop!” you said. “Your coffee’s getting cold!” “I think I’ve found something I prefer,” he grinned. Suddenly a thoughtful look came across his face, his smile widening. “I’ve never written a song about a girl with sweet lips…”

Jung Hoseok:  

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Dancing with Hobi was one of your favourite ways to spend your time, and It’s how you’d spend most of your time together. After another few hours of dancing together, you collapsed into a heap against the mirror at the back of the room, completely out of breath. You picked up your bottle of black currant and drained the entire thing. You leaned back and watched your boyfriend dance, admiring his natural talent. After a few minutes he stopped the music and plopped down beside you. He took a minute to get his breath back, he was clearly exhausted. He sighed and put his head in your lap. “Hobi!” you protested, “Get off.” “Can’t,” he replied. “I have been put into a dance coma and the only way to wake me up is true love’s kiss!” You suppressed a smile and pretended to be annoyed. “Is this the only way you’ll get off me???” He didn’t reply, just pursed his lips and made kissy noises at you. You sighed and rolled your eyes, then leaned down to give him what was supposed to be a quick peck but before you could pull back, he sat up and put his hand on the back of your neck without breaking the kiss. You eventually pulled yourself away putting your hands up to hide your flushed cheeks. “What was that?” asked Hoseok, a curious look on his face. “What was what?!?!?” you demanded, still slightly flustered over how quickly the kiss had escalated. “Your lips! They taste…I don’t know, sweet?” “What?” you said confused. You thought for a moment then realised; “Ohhhh, I brought blackcurrant as a drink instead of water.” “I like it!” he replied “Can I have some?” “Sorry, all gone,” you replied, shaking the empty bottle in his face. “No faaaiiiiiiirrrrr!!!!!” he screeched, marking the beginning of another Hobi tantrum. “You owe me another kiss!”

Park Jimin:

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You had just put the last spoon of chocolate cake in your mouth when he came back from the bathroom and sat back down opposite you. His eyes widened when he saw your empty plate. “Are you my girlfriend or a vacuum?” he asked. “It’s not my fault!” you defended. “It was just too delicious!” Jimin tutted. “Well now I’ll never know, I had wanted want to try some.” “Don’t try guilt tripping me!” you protested. “I offered you some before you went to the toilet and you said you were too full for dessert anyway!” You asked for the bill and a few minutes of playful bickering later you had moved on and were leaving the restaurant. You shivered as you stepped out into the cold night air and Jimin shyly took your hand as you started walking. As usual time spent with him flew by and before you knew it you were standing outside your apartment block. “I’d stay for a bit but I have to get up early for practice tomorrow,” he said, taking on an apologetic tone. “It’s fine,” you said. “I understand,” you smiled to reassure him. He put one hand to the side of your face and kissed you. Barely into the kiss, he started giggling. You pulled back and he fell back, laughing properly now. “What is it?” you asked. “You were right,” he giggled. “That chocolate cake really was delicious,” You put your hand up to your mouth and giggled with him. “Can you actually taste it?” you giggled. “Yep” he grinned, then leaned in to give you a quick peck. “I guess I got to try it after all!”

Kim Taehyung:

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Tae led you by the hand, and even though you trusted him completely you were very conscious of the fact that you were wearing a blindfold in, judging from what you could hear, some kind of public park. “Are we almost there?” you asked. “Seriously, people are going to think that we’re weird!!!” He laughed. “We are weird,” he replied. “Aaaand we’re just about here…” Suddenly you felt something brush against your face. You spluttered and flailed a bit, stopping when you heard Tae laughing at you. “OK,” he said, taking a breath to stop himself from laughing. “You can take off the blindfold.” You slipped it over your head and saw that the thing that had brushed against your face was a willow branch reaching all the way to the ground. You were standing in the middle of the willow tree, surrounded by it’s drooping branches, the sunlight creeping in through gaps. “Wow,” you said, breath-taken. “That’s not all,” Tae smiled. He took your hand and led you around to the other side of the trunk, where a blanket had been laid out with food on top. “Tae…” you said, overcome by how much thought he had put into this. “I’ve been so busy lately and I wanted to make it up to you,” he shrugged. “Now sit down and eat!”


A little while later you were eating strawberries, your head in his lap. His eyes were closed and you were both just enjoying a quiet moment together. He opened his eyes to see you eating the last strawberry, the clean plate beside you. “Wow I didn’t get to even try one of the strawberries, you demolished them!” he said. “You should get more while they’re in season, they’re amazing,” you replied. “I didn’t even know they were in season,” he confessed. “Well they are, trust me,” you replied. He smiled. “I do”. He leaned down to kiss you, but he pulled back quickly his head cocked in curiosity. “What?” you asked, sitting up. Without answering he kissed you again, properly this time. When he pulled back he was grinning. “What is it?” you asked. He attacked you with several quick kisses around your lips, making you giggle. “I thought I imagined it the first time but I guess I didn’t,” he shook his head. “Well, now I can agree, strawberries are  definitely in season.”

Jeon Jungkook:

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You knew this was going to happen again when you made plans to spend the day together. You and Jungkook were way too competitive and you’d often try to settle matters with competitions upon competitions. You had gone to the park to play a casual game of basketball, which turned into an aggressive 1 on 1, ending in a tie. This led to a race, then a soccer match… and before you knew it several hours had passed and you were both about to collapse because of the heat and pure exhaustion from your mini Olympics. You had started walking back to his place, and you were still insisting he had cheated in the first game of basketball. He rolled his eyes. “Okay Okay, will you just drop it now?” He looked around and saw an ice cream truck. “OK if I buy you ice cream can we forget the match and move on?” You jokingly mulled it over. “Hmmmm… no but you’re going to buy it anyway,” you smiled and pushed him towards the van, knowing he already knew what you wanted. A few minutes later you were sitting on a bench together. “Well we can agree on one thing,” he said. You tilted your head at him “And what is that?” He put the last of his ice cream in his mouth. “I’m better at picking ice cream flavours.” “OH MY GOD!” you sat back “Does everything have to be a competition with you?!?!” “Only because you won’t admit I’m better than you at anything,” he replied defensively. “And I’m better than you at everything.” “Okay number 1….” you continued on in a rant about how he was wrong but rather than listening he rolled his eyes and kissed you to shut you up. A bit into the kiss he pulled back laughing. “What is it?” you asked. “Well,” he said tilting his head. “I hate to admit this but,” he gave you a peck on the lips. “I can’t deny it,” he shook his head. “You might be right about being better about picking ice cream flavours.” ~admin-coffee-addict.

linniess replied to your photo “sketchsyl: a bit of character design!! Ohh yeah let me talk about…”

is it weird that I recognized your art style after all this time?

Oh god after all those years? haha it makes me happy Aline. (I think it’s in the way I draw my little characters perhaps, and how I make them stand? Their limbs and postures are as awkward as mine~~ ) Hey, there, this old drawing for old time’s sake

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Hmmmm then, how about either Richie or Eddie making a mixtape for their sweetheart? Their age is up to you, it's just a mixtape so it doesn't require consent. Thank you very much! :)

~ Eddie was enjoying the small summer breeze that blew his baby hairs from his face, chin resting on his flat palm. His cassette player laid over his lap as he enjoyed the music coming from his soft headphones. He’d almost forgotten that he’d been waiting nearly twenty minutes for his late boyfriend, Richie Tozier and friend Stan Uris. Almost. 

His contentment was cut short when he felt a tug on his headphones, which were then pulled down to his neck. “Whatcha listening to short stuff?” Richie’s voice came from his left as he plopped down next to him, pulling Eddie’s headphones off and putting them over his own ears. Eddie slowly gazed up at Stan,who was looking harshly at Richie and pulling at his watch. 

Richie put the warm headphones over his hair covered ears and listened to the soft volumed music. ‘I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you for all my life,  When you’re with me, baby the skies’ll be blue for all my life’. Richie’s face split into a shit-eating grin and Eddie’s face flushed. Stan rolled his eyes from above them. 

“What? What am I missing?” Stan narrowed his eyes as Richie slid the headphones off and threw them up to Stan without looking. Stan’s arms flailed out to catch it. 

“A little cheesy, innit Eds?” Richie bumped his shoulder, Eddie pushed his back. 

“You think your music taste is better?” Eddie chirped back and Richie nodded instantly with a proud smile. 

“I know it is!” Richie poked Eddie again and the smaller boy slapped his hand away with a roll of his eyes. “You’re so cute when you’re angry, Eds.” He reached over to pinch the boys cheeks but was only rewarded another slap. 

“Eat shit Tozier. C’mon we have a movie to catch.” Eddie stood and stalked off, Richie following shortly. 

Stan had been focusing, hands covering the headphones and finally glanced up to see his friends were halfway into the theater. He clutched onto the player, one hand still on the headphones. “I don’t get it. What’s wrong with this song? I like it.” Stan scampered over to them. 


Eddie had been walking home from the pharmacy when Richie finally caught up to him. He quickly sped up on his bike and honked the obnoxious horn he’d got as a gift from Beverly last month that she instantly regretted. 

Eddie heard the honk from a block away and bit his lip as it curled into a smile and he slowed his pace to allow the boy to catch up. “Hey, Eds! I got a gift for ya!” Richie called as he peddled next to Eddie. 

“Really?” Eddie quirked his head to the side as Richie started circling him on his bike teasingly. Richie hummed and pulled a small tape from his pocket, one hand on his handle bars. “A mixtape?” Eddie smiled, wanting to conceal how much he adored the gesture. Richie abruptly pulled out of his circle path and skidded right next to Eddie, holding out the tape. 

“Let me know what you think.” He smiled, pushing up his glasses as Eddie took it. He leaned down and briefly kissed him before peddling off, the honk going off the entire time. 

Eddie glanced down and played with the loose tape stuck to the front of the tape, sprawled over it in sharpie it read: 

Richie Tozier’s music taste


Track 1: Miss You~ The Rolling Stones

Track 2: Africa~ Toto

Track 3: Never Gonna Give You Up~ Rick Astley 

Track 4: Everyday~ Buddy Holly

Track 5: Karma Chameleon~ Culture Club 

Track 6 : Short People~ Randy Newman—

Eddie rolled his eyes and pulled out the tape and shrugged his headphones off with a sigh. 


Richie hopped up Eddies stairs happily and burst into his room with a large grin and glanced down to see his tape laying next to Eddies open cassette player. “Hey what’d you think of the tape?” 

Eddie rolled his eyes and crossed his arms “You really put on a song called ‘Short People’?” Eddie stood up to stand in front of him and Richie teasingly put emphasis on tilting his head down to meet Eddies eye line. 

“Yeah, It’s funny.” 

“The lyrics go: ‘ Short people got no reason to live they got little hands and little eyes and they walk around tellin’ great big lies’ “ Eddie pursed his lips after reciting the song in a stoic voice. Richie only laughed his ass off. 

“Did ya listen to the last track shorty?” He pulled on Eddies hands and swayed them teasingly. Eddie shook his head. 

“Too offended by the song before it I guess.” Eddie glared and Richie let go of his hands to put his tape back in the player. He carefully set the headphones over Eddies ears and hit play. 

I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you for all my life,  When you’re with me, baby the skies’ll be blue for all my life’.

Eddie quickly started to blush. And Richie gave him a smug expression as he tugged the headphones off. 

“Figured it could be our song…or whatever.” Richie fumbled on his words as Eddie chuckled. 

“Yeah, yeah I like that.” Eddie smiled and Richie pulled him up by his hands and placed the headphones back over Eddies ears, and pulled Eddie close enough to rest his chin on his head and they started to sway. 

Track 7: Happy Together~ The Turtles 


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And have a second screenshot dump guys. I just finished Tuchanka; my choices up to this point are as follows:

Saved original Rachnai Queen (twice now) - Grunt survived

Defused Bomb - Tarquin killed in action

Genophage cured - Mordiiiiin ;__;

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english food is shit but id die for a chip butty

But… why would you fill sandwich with French-fried potatoes in the first place…?? D:

asks the person who comes from Japan that is famous for its weirdest sandwich creations like Yakisoba-pan, a fried noodles filled sandwich. lol

“Dear Merlin.”

“It was an accident, how was I supposed to know she’d drink it?”

“You better hope she realizes it was supposed to be for Ron.”

“I’m sure she’ll come around.” George said, but the nervous waiver in his voice gave him away. The baby looked up at him and cooed.

“Should we call Ron?” Fred asked, unsure.

George looked at him like he was crazy, “Are you kidding? Ron doesn’t know the first thing about kids.”

“What about Gin?”

“She’s out touring, and it’s not like she knows anymore than Ron.”

“Well, we can’t tell mum.”

“Godric no! Hmmmm….” George looked down at the baby again, she was laying back on the kitchen table, happily sucking her toes. He smiled and thought about taking a picture, then th out better of it. “What about Harry?”

“I thought he and Draco were in France for their anniversary?” Fred asked and tickled the baby, making her giggle in delight. “Do you think she’ll still be ticklish like this when it wears off in a week?”

George smiled knowingly at his brother, “I think you’ll be lucky if she lets you find out after this.” he sighed, “Harry and Draco got back in yesterday. They’ve got Kreacher, I’m sure between the three of them they can take care of a baby,” he bit his lip to keep from smiling, “even if it is Hermione.”