but their feelings for each other are genuine

Dear Future Wife...#662

I’ve wanted kids most of my life. But as my romantic journey progressed into adulthood, I became skeptical.  Not because I changed in my desire to have children necessarily…but because my potential partner choices didn’t feel like proper fits for a co-parent. So eventually I decided that if the partnership wasn’t going to work, it wouldn’t be fair to future kids…so I let that dream go. 

Then we met. 

We started off as many new couples do…getting to know each other with long deep conversations. We talked and we laughed and we cried a little bit…then we talked some more. There was something silly about you. You were so fun. At the same time, you were so real and serious and I got the sense that you genuinely loved your family. Then we spent more time together, I got to see how you reacted to many situations and people in your life…and we talked about kids. I don’t know exactly what made me feel this…but at some point, you gave me my dream back. I found a partner that would be a great fit, that would be a good parent, that would make me the kind of person I’d want to be in order to also be a good parent. Meeting you was only a tiny part of our beginning. Now every day we grown and learn more about each other. I become more and more sure that you’re the one for me. 

I can imagine us going down that path together. I can see us picking out baby clothes and baby furniture and baby everything. I can see myself talking to your bellybutton when you’re not even showing. I can see poopy diapers and mashed pea covered work shirts. I see the first day of kindergarten and seeing our kid up at the altar. It’s not a dream…it’s our future. 

You and me? We make a great team. I’m not missing anything in life when I’m with you. But you gave me my dream back. With you, I can have kids…not only because I want them, but because we want them together and we are strong together. I say this to you constantly, but I truly cannot wait. I’m so excited.

Episodes like that one are why I love this show.

I bloody love The Dingles. Separately and together. They’re so dysfunctional but they love each other so much and even if Belle does have a point and can make up her own mind, I love their terrible way of convincing her to stay.

Also Liv and Belle sharing scenes can only be a good thing.

Still not 100% on how I feel about Kasim and Finn. I’ve warmed instantly to Kasim and Finn’s a sweetie but he’s in a really difficult place and from the get go this has been about not coping with his grief rather than some epic love story… but Kasim seems genuinely sweet and like he’d be good for Finnie. We shall see!

I am the worst. Any Chas and Paddy scene I’m just like “yep, marry immediately” and I ignore the sensible part of my brain.

ideal relationship:

my wife and i live in an old house in a rural area. we’re renovating it together, which is difficult, but absolutely worth it. she has glasses and a tenderly delicate jawline and works in stem. i love to tell her everything that’s on my mind, i never hold my tongue because she “just can’t understand.” she understands, and if she doesn’t, it’s an option to talk it through. her friends know me well and genuinely like me, i never feel like arm candy, and they wouldn’t dream of making me uncomfortable with sexualized jokes. i love being intimate with her and seeing her naked body, her genitals don’t make me want to vomit, i am fully engaged instead of dissociating when we have sex. after sex, i feel amazing instead of hollow and disgusting. i trust her. we love each other. we really love each other. i am free to be myself.

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OK. so people are saying the oc & tae should end up tg, but I feel like the love they have for is kind of make belief? they want the love that they had for each other before the whole apocalypse went down, but it just can't work because time has stretched everything out too far to put their love back together like it used to be. but like w Jungkook, I feel like their love is really pure and genuine and that they need each other ); if tae gets her I honestly feel like the oc wouldn't be happy.

well, it is true that the time put more distance between tae and the oc but that doesn’t mean they can’t fall back in love and experience it all over again but in new experiences in this new world ;) or maybe they’re hopeless, who knows?? I do! lmao aw that’s so sad tho ): why do you think the oc wouldn’t be happy with tae?


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…

Bahh I couldn’t stop myself after ep 4. I don’t think I’m ever going to get over Victor collapsing after that hair touch (these two are so obvious I’m hurting lol). On a side note - as much as I enjoy fanservice - I hope MAPPA keeps their relationship sweet. I feel the best moments are when these two are skating or genuinely learning more about each other. 

Time is passing in Yuri on ice

I don’t think people realise how much time has passed in Yuri on ice. Like Yuri loses in December and comes home in march of the following year

Victor arrived in April

 in episode 4 Yuri’s phone says May 7 

 and now as previously stated they’re at the preliminarys which is in september. 

So a lot of time is passing between each episode and the creators of the show want us to explicitly know this. That’s important because it means that they’re not making leaps in bounds in a few days. It’s not as if Yuri said no to being Victors boyfriend and then in a day says he loves him but instead this has happened over four- five months the two have become much closer and much more comfortable with each other. This anime is allowing them time to naturally grow close and I think that’s incredibly important because it allows everything to feel more genuine and organic.


Every time I see these clips I feel like it’s an alternate universe where Draco was always friends with Harry and Ron and they’re going to Hogsmeade on weekends together.

Having a butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, and gorging on Honeydukes sweets… being snarky and bantery and genuinely fond of each other. And Hermione would be tsking all “Boys!” when they loudly disparage each other from their brooms on the Quidditch pitch.

“Slytherin is going down, Malfoy!”

“When you can actually stay on your broom, Weasley, I’ll take your advice seriously.”

things that could have been done with leo and frank’s relationship:

  1. understanding each other’s pain because they both lost their mothers whom they loved very much 
  2. leo immediately looking out for frank after finding out frank’s one weakness is fire
  3. leo being scared because he’s worried he’ll cause frank’s death the same way he caused his mother’s and as a result, always trying to gain frank’s trust 
  4. frank making sure leo doesn’t feel left out and always having his back bc he knows what it’s like to be the insignificant one and feel like you’ll never do anything great 
  5. fucking genuine friendship instead of a contrived love triangle no one wanted 
The signs and which 1D guy they are most compatible with
  • Aries: Louis. He would love how you like to take control and are extremely outgoing. He is always the life of the party, too.
  • Taurus: Zayn. He would connect with you and your connection to your feelings. Although he shows it more on the inside, it will be a great balance.
  • Gemini: Niall. He loves to talk, too. Plus he really appreciates genuine and exciting people and you, my dear, are both of those things!
  • Cancer: Liam. Your sensitivity will mesh with his and you two would get each other in moments you need it most.
  • Leo: Louis. You like to make a memorable first impression, and as a duo, no one could forget you two.
  • Virgo: Harry. Your charming and dignified manner is very attractive to him, it doesn't hurt that he is those things as well! People will want to be you.
  • Libra: Liam. You keep the peace, Liam doesn't like a big fuss. Perfect match.
  • Scorpio: Niall. Your passion when it comes to love will intrigue Niall. He will want to learn from you. He'll watch your every move with awe.
  • Sagittarius: Louis. Your sincere and restless attitude balances with Louis' honesty and his adventurous personality.
  • Capricorn: Zayn. Your seriousness may overshadow your inner happiness and high of emotion, but Zayn will be able to see through that. He'll learn how to read you when you can't read yourself.
  • Aquarius: Niall. While you are physically in the moment, your brain is often elsewhere. Sound like someone we know? Often, your brain is contemplating the situation.
  • Pisces: Harry. Your love of everybody will attract Harry. You're a hopeless romantic and Harry will be enticed by you every day. You'll be the only thing on his mind.

“two best friends who genuinely care about each other more than anything but start to realize their feelings for each other” ships are ruining my life


(2009 - 2016)

I don’t know why I chose Sophie, of all people, to deceive the most. I let her in on the secret last of anyone, really, and she was so sweet. She wrote me a letter about my leaving the show, and she bought that I wouldn’t be coming back. We’re all very pally with each other on our set, we’re like family, and she genuinely feels like a little sister to me. So I guess I kind of played tricks on her like an older brother would. - Kit Harington 

 It was kept from me, Kit told me in the fifth season he was going that was it,” So I wrote him a really long heartfelt letter about how much I was going to miss him, how much I’d loved working with him. He came back the next season and he was like ‘your letter’s so funny, I’ve still got it’ … He does it to just take the mickey out of me now, he shows it to people. - Sophie Turner

how do people keep forgetting jane and dirk’s friendship

i mean

he’s actually really polite with her

and genuinely cares about hurting her feelings

and they get past whatever jealousy they have for each other over jake (so s t op writing fics where they don’t)

plus jane doesn’t take any of his shit and they create beautiful weird metaphors together

(dirk built her a robot friend, how fucking cute is that)

i am so fucking tired of people thinking that jane and dirk don’t like each other or never interact

My Kind of MariChat
  • Chat and Marinette hanging out as friends and talking about their crush struggles with each other.
  • Chat not saying who he likes, because he knows that Mari is best friends with the Ladyblog girl and he can’t risk Ladybug finding out how he feels through the Internet. How tacky!
  • Mari not saying who she likes, because she’s afraid Chat will see her love for Adrien as just a celebrity crush. Also she has a tendency to malfunction when speaking his name aloud.
  • Chat giving Mari advice about how to calm her anxiety and be more confident when talking to her crush.
  • Mari giving Chat advice about how to come across as more genuine and less flirty when talking to his crush.
  • The two being 100% oblivious.
  • The two practicing on each other and totally NOT blushing  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • The two encouraging and pushing each other to ask their crush out.
  • The two making a pact to do so the very next day.
  • Mari going up to Adrien at school and remaining 50% calm as she asks him out for ice cream.
  • Adrien internally screaming because he didn’t realize Mari had a crush on HIM and now he feels like a jerk.
  • “OH, uh that sounds like it’d be a lot of fun, but I can’t eat ice cream… model diet, you know?”
  • Marinette trying to recover. “Oh, right. Well, uh…what about a movie?”
  • Marinette regretting her decision the moment he says “Look Marinette-”
  • Adrien trying. “You really are an incredible girl and it means a lot to me that you’d even ask. I just- I already have feelings for someone else.”
  • Marinette accidentally blurting out, “Who? Chloe?”
  • Adrien not knowing whether to laugh or gag. “No, no, no! She uh, she doesn’t go here. You wouldn’t know her.”
  • Marinette thinking that it’s probably some gorgeous model.
  • Marinette sending only one text to Alya instead of her usual 50.
  • “He likes someone else.”
  • An akumatized villain showing up at the absolute WORST time.
  • Chat Noir noticing that his lady is off her game for some reason.
  • Ladybug noticing that Chat is making fewer puns for some reason.
  • Chat pulling her away from the press after the battle.
  • “My lady, I need to tell you something… I love you.”
  • Marinette’s gut clenching because HOW did she not realize Chat had been talking about HER and then she’s reminded of Adrien’s rejection and she’s overwhelmed by hurt and confusion and guilt and-
  • BEEP BEEP go the earrings.
  • “Chat… this isn’t a good time. I- I have to go.” 
  • “Then meet me tonight on the Arc de Triomphe at 11 o’clock.”
  • Ladybug just nodding before she swings away.
  • Chat trying not to be discouraged.
  • Marinette checking her phone after she detransforms.
  • Alya: “Oh girl. I’m so sorry.”
  • Alya: “Are you okay?”
  • Alya: “I’m mandating an emergency sleepover tonight. Just you and me.”
  • Crap.
  • Marinette trying to “go to bed” early so that she can sneak out and meet with Chat.
  • Alya making her stay up because it’s a Friday night and “you promised me we’d watch Moulin Rouge”.
  • Chat somehow managing to set up a candlelit dinner on the Arc de Triomphe because he’s a hopeless romantic.
  • Chat pacing back and forth with droopy ears as it gets later and later.
  • Chat growing incredibly disheartened as he picks at the food and thinks about how he rejected Marinette only to be rejected by Ladybug.
  • Mari worrying about Chat and crying over Adrien.
  • Chat finally heading home around 1:00 AM but stopping when he sees Mari on her balcony. 
  • Mari feeling awful and tearing up when she sees Chat.
  • Chat feeling awful when he sees how upset Mari is.
  • The two hugging and crying and realizing how much they hate seeing the other hurting.
  • The two trying to comfort and encourage each other.
  • Mari telling Chat how funny and brave and kind he is.
  • Chat telling Mari how talented and beautiful and endearing she is.
  • Mari and Chat looking into each others eyes, each wondering if they’ve been pursuing the wrong person all along.
  • Chat leaning in slowly and kissing Mari.
  • Mari kissing back.
  • Alya opening the trapdoor and screaming.
  • The End (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
How to Live a Meaningful Life

1. Have a sense a purpose – That is, something which gives you a reason to get out bed, and meet each day with expectancy.
2. Prioritise meaningful relationships – These are relationships with people you enjoy, who accept you as you are, and who make life feel worthwhile.
3. Build into the lives of other people – Through being helpful, warm and interested in others, and their needs.
4. Be authentic, genuine and express yourself – We need to have the freedom to be who we really are, and to enjoy being natural, and to discover our true self.
5. Be adaptable and changeable – For nothing stays the same. That’s part of the adventure, and it helps us stretch and grow.
6. Accept that life’s a journey, and we need to be courageous, to be patient, open, hopeful and resilient.


literally the reason totty is being secretive about everything he does is because he thinks he is the only one who can help his brothers break free from their current lifestyle, and his idea of achieving that is climbing the social ladder himself and then pulling up everyone behind him. does he still think lowly of his brothers? yes. does he hate how his life is because of them? yes. does it seem like his willingness to aid them is less of a “kindness” and more of a “duty” thing? yes. but this doesnt erase the fact that he is trying: hes learned to be sly, adaptive, manipulative, he goes out and socializes, builds connections, even gets a job, and yet his brothers always drag him back to zero out of pure jealousy. this is why he never tells them anything or doesnt even feel the need to tell them anything, this is why genuinely caring about anyone is such a faded, mythical concept to him. you turn immune when even helping each other out happens in a war zone.

and still

“if i cant bring all of them, why bother”. so he chooses none.

not even himself.

the signs in a friendship

Aries: sacrifices a lot to make sure their friends are happy, will gossip with you about the people you don’t like while still being friends with the people you don’t like, very dedicated friends, can feel awful when they make you upset, either that or they won’t care at all.

Taurus: very stubborn but genuine friend, it may sometimes feel like a competition but it is all in good fun, they are willing to be there for you at any second of the day, likes to talk about things you are interested in but always about themselves as well, will love you endlessly

Gemini: is a different person with each person they’re friends with, tends to gossip a lot about their other friends but never in a bad way, loves to talk for hours about either deep stuff or things that have absolutely no importance, a very dedicated and mold-able friend, willing to do anything to make you happy.

Cancer: very emotional and jealous, very caring and clingy and will tend to become bitter or vulgar if they feel replaced, ignores it if they are the cause of a problem and will blame those around them, will always be a shoulder to cry on but not a very good secret keeper

Leo: comes off as not very caring, self centered, or even bitter, but actually cares a great deal about you, will drop anything they are doing if you are in need of someone to talk to, will feel insecure and clingy at times if someone new is added, very devoted friend

Virgo: will always remember things you have told them, very good secret keeper and stable friend, willing to give you logic but also willing to give you a good laugh, very quirky and fun to be around, genuine and honest friend willing to do anything to make you happy

Libra: a very, very devoted friend, willing to give up everything and anything to make you happy, someone who will always be there to talk to you when in need, loves to cuddle and give you gifts, will always check to see how you are doing and make sure you are happy

Scorpio: very sincere and genuine friend, may get sassy if they feel like you are replacing them, will always be a shoulder to cry on, very clingy and possessive, wants to make you very happy and will always be willing to make sacrifices if needed for the friendship

Sagittarius: comes off as caring but actually won’t, tends to remain self-centered when problems occur, denies they are the problem and will blame it on you, will be your best friend for a week and your worst enemy the next, always changing and not very stable, offended easily, nice to have as a casual friend

Capricorn: very motherly, is willing to give you blunt, logical advice when asked for it, will never try to hurt you intentionally, is secretly a closet mush and will always be there for you when you need them, loves to listen to ideas and stories you have to share, will always let you talk without trying to take the moment

Aquarius: not very emotional but if they care a lot about you they’ll do anything they can to make sure you know they care, is willing to put aside anything they’re doing to listen to what you have to say, may talk a lot about themselves when you’re having a problem but only so they can distract you from your own negativity and focus on theirs so you aren’t hurting as badly

Pisces: is willing to give up a lot of things to make someone happy, puts up with a lot and tends to not mention when you hurt them, would never purposefully do anything to hurt you, will always be your shoulder to cry on, will always WANT to be your shoulder to cry on

White Feminists: “Now is not the time to start pointing fingers at each other. It’s just tearing our Feminist women solidarity apart. Blaming white Women for voting for trump in droves will solve nothing. WOC need to think about the damage of their words and how it makes white women feel before they speak. You should be kind or we may just vote you all back to the fields :))”

Me, genuinely worried for my safety in this country:

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ok honestly it’s late at night but this is all I can think about. I am not one to typically try to contact celebrities I like or admire because I just feel like I’m annoying them and idk it just feels like I am interfering but thatsthat24 deserves all the attention even if he doesn’t want it. Thomas you are honestly one of my favorite people on vine and tumblr and just in general. you seem like the kind of person I would be best friends with if we knew each other in person. you’re so humble and funny and kind and it makes me so happy to see your face on my tumblr dash and my snapchat and you genuinely bring a smile to my face when nothing else will. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but if you do just know that you’ve saved me so many times from doing things because of my depression I would regret later. I first knew you as “that vine guy with the movie trailer voice” and now I know you as “Thomas Sander: the amazing, funny, badass, wonderful man who constantly makes me happy by just being on my tiny phone screen”. just….thank you. thank you so so SO much.