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Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 8)

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Summary: Dean is up and talking, but doesn’t remember much of what happened, and struggles with the consequences of his injuries.

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 3,000

Warnings: language, anxiety, mild angst, basically lots of emotions

A/N: Thank you as ever to @deanssweetheart23 for not only reading everything and being the best sounding board ever, but for putting up with all my crap and still being the most supportive person ever!

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there, okay, better…

Lance gets hypothermia and Keith cries because he thinks it’s his fault ;w; | for @voltronwhumpweek2017 ♡ | platonic Keith/Lance | [ Ao3 link ]

“Okay, I think I’ve got it.”

Keith holds the sealing beam to the last panel, Lance offers a weak thumbs-up. They’ve been on repairs for hours, Hunk gives an exhausted wave from the communication spires as Pidge fixes the alignment.

“You’re done too?” Lance mumbles into his helmet, he drifts to Keith’s left in empty space.

“Yep, all good,” Pidge says cheerily, Hunk’s roger that! echoing in unison.

“Good timing, guys,” calls Shiro, he’s only just managed to get the hatch reopened. “Let’s wrap this up.”

Lance’s jetpack doesn’t propel him quite as swiftly as usual, and Keith pretends to give the castle a last inspection so that Lance can catch up.

“You ‘right?” Shiro says gently, catches Lance by the waist as he nearly misses the hatch completely. Lance blinks at him, not quite registering the question, and it isn’t until Shiro guides him inside the ship that he nods.

“Yeah. Sorry.”

Lance stumbles as he adjusts to the gravity, the blue helmet slips from his grasp as he tries to take it off.

“Hey,” Keith mutters, he ventures a hand to the back of Lance’s shoulder. “What’s going on?”

Lance turns to him, confused.

“Uh, not much,” he tries, offers a half-smile. “Nothing balanced or coordinated, at least.”

“Lance, let me see your jetpack,” Shiro says after a moment, and something in Keith’s chest feels hollow and uncertain, some vital point he’s missed. Shiro steps closer, calm, keeps one hand steadied at Lance’s arm as he inspects the paladin’s armor. Lance leans into Shiro’s grip, quiet and shaky.

“Okay. It’s okay,” Shiro says reassuringly, but he doesn’t move his hand from Lance’s arm. “Pidge, Hunk, could you guys grab some blankets? As many as you can, just bring them back here. Keith, if you could-”

Lance sinks forward, Shiro quickly scooping both his arms around the smaller paladin’s chest to hold him up. Keith is at Lance’s side a second later, he doesn’t even remember sprinting.

“What’s wrong?” blurts Keith, his voice hoarse and strangled and not at all like his own. Lance’s breathing is shallow, his whole body twitching.

“The jetpacks are next to the suit’s thermo-sensors,” Shiro explains in a low voice, leans down to keep eye-contact with Lance as he unclips Lance’s armor. “It looks like the explosion might’ve damaged Lance’s temperature regulator.”

Keith’s mouth feels dry, a prickling sense of panic clawing at his windpipe.

“So what, he just spent two hours in open space… without…”

Keith’s knuckles are white, his fingers caged on the now-loosened front of Lance’s suit. Lance’s violent shivering is all the more obvious through his undershirt.

“Hey,” Lance croaks, something unclouding in his gaze. He glances at his chest, manages a crooked smile. “If only these were different circumstances,” he finishes, nods wryly at Keith’s hands.

Keith glares back at him, fiercer and fiercer for every passing second. Shiro tries to catch Lance’s attention, without success.

“You know… because… you’re taking off my…” Lance tries to clarify, he twitches an eyebrow and waits for Keith to get annoyed, or laugh, or both.

Keith’s arms drop limply by his sides, his head spinning and his stomach falling, the room feels uncomfortably bright.

And then Keith bursts into tears.

“Oh oh, okay that was not one of my best jokes,” Lance says hurriedly, his hands are suddenly patting Keith’s shoulders, then clumsily rubbing his back. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I was only trying to be like, hey, if this is what it takes for Keith to, um, oh shit-”

Keith makes a guttural sounding sob, his cheeks are soaked and his breath heavy, he needs to rein it in and that’s about the last thing that he cares about right now.

He was the one outside with Lance.

And he didn’t notice a single thing.

“No no-no please don’t-” Lance scrambles out of the rest of the suit, Shiro barely has to help. Keith feels both Lance’s arms wrap tight around his neck, he presses Keith’s face into his shoulder, Keith spluttering wetly as his inhale catches in his throat.

“You’re okay, you’re okay,” Lance babbles, he doesn’t let go as Keith’s shoulders jerk forcefully, worse every time he tries to apologise. Keith’s making a mess on Lance’s shirt, his arms won’t even lift to hug him back.

“Hey… hey,” Lance whispers, his voice sounds huskier too. When Keith only cries harder Lance pulls gently back, dips his knees so he can look at him.

“Hey,” Lance says softly, his eyebrows tipping in relief when Keith manages to nod. “It wasn’t your fault- no listen to me, honestly I didn’t even realise, if you can believe I was concentrating that hard-”

Of course I can believe you-!” Keith wails, and Lance holds up both palms, it’s nowhere near funny but his mouth hitches up at the corners.

“I’m just saying,” Lance murmurs, both hands on Keith’s shoulders. “That this isn’t on you. It isn’t on anyone. So, like… stop trying to take the credit?”

He gives a tentative grin, and in spite of everything, Keith almost smiles.

“Okay, phew, I thought I was going to have to explain that one too-” Lance breathes out, and before Keith can gather his bearings, he gently reaches his sleeve and wipes below Keith’s nose.

“Oops, hold still… there, okay, better,” says Lance, he laughs as Keith’s expression falls in horror.

Lance winks.

“Still hot.”

“Lance, we need to get you warmed up,” Shiro offers after a second, not unkindly. Keith has no idea how long the others have been standing there with the blankets. “Rest and warm liquids, and we’ll need to keep an eye on you, alright?”

“I’ll stay,” Keith says through a sniffle, he has no plans to leave Lance’s side until he’s recovered.

“Yeah, but then who’s going to keep an eye on Keith?” Pidge teases, Keith’s well aware he probably looks worse than Lance.

The comment makes him feel better all the same.

“I think I can manage it,” Hunk chimes in, brims to a smile as Lance laughs.

“Okay, so then I’ll keep an eye on Hunk,” Pidge continues, “and that means Shiro, you’ll have to keep an eye on me-”

Shiro can’t keep a straight face either as the team slowly helps Lance to his room.

Later, when Keith and Lance are the only ones still awake after the film, Keith lets his head rest on Lance’s pillow.

“Things can just… change so fast,” Keith mutters, closes his eyes as Lance tucks into his chest.

“Yeah,” says Lance, quiet, he listens to Keith’s heartbeat. “Yeah.”


Request: (i kinda deleted it but it was something along the lines of making a fic using glory by bastille for bucky x reader)
Word Count: 1691 (with lyrics)
A/N: so im really not sure about this one idk. it’s different from my other song fics and im actually really nervous for you to read this 🙈

Deep in a corner of the night
We were lying in the middle of the road
Counting the planes as they flew by
Inconceivable imagining them go
And drunk we set the world to rights
As we fell and hit our heads upon the curb
You make me laugh until I die
Can you think of any better way to choke?

Another one of Bucky’s nightmares caused him to bolt upwards in his bed with sweat running down his body and heavy breathing. He sighed and covered his face with his hands and as he let them fall to his lap, he let out a grunting noise in frustration.

He grabs a sweatshirt and leaves the safety of the mansion’s walls. T’Challa’s land is so vast and wide that Bucky always finds himself wandering around in the dark under the fluorescent moon. There’s a single road that leads to the entrance of the mansion and it’s Bucky’s favorite place to walk.

Suddenly he comes to a complete stop when he sees what looks like a body lying in the middle of the road. He looks back to the mansion then back to the body, contemplating if he should get someone. Bucky decides against it, since he was an assassin slash spy, he knew how to handle dead bodies. The thought made him shudder but he had to begun to come to terms with it.

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Niall meets your daughter for the first time!

“Do you think he will like this?” You couldn’t help but smile as you turned around and saw your daughter standing in the doorway of your bedroom. She was wearing her favorite princess dress, the one that was pink and had sequence all over the top. “I want to make a good impression.” Her voice was soft and sweet as she did a little twirl to show off her dress.

“You look beautiful,” you walked over to her and she smiled at you as you knelt down and pushed her hair back behind her ear. “He would be silly not to like it.” You added causing her to flash you her best smile as you smoothed out her dress a bit.

“Do you love him?” You could feel your eyes go wide as her words hit your ears. Her tone was full of curiosity, she tilted her head to the side as if she was trying to read your facial expression. You just stood up straight and went back over to your vanity. You could see her in your mirror shrug a little before she turned and walked out of your room causing you to let out a sigh of relief, you weren’t quite sure how to answer that question yet.

You heard a faint knock on your front door as you were slipping on your shoes, you gave yourself a quick once over in your mirror before heading out of your room. You laughed as you saw your daughter running down the hallway towards the living room. You knew she was so excited to meet him that she could barley contain herself all afternoon so naturally she wanted to be the one to answer the door.

“Mom he’s here! He’s here!” She shouted as you made your way into the living room and headed for the front door. You knew he was probably shaking his head and holding back a laugh on the other side of your front door. You stood behind her as she slowly opened the front door, you couldn’t help but smile at the sight of Niall standing there with flowers in his hand and a giant grin on his face as he laid eyes on the little girl standing in the doorway.

“Well I didn’t know I was havin dinner wit a princess tonight! I’m not properly dressed!” Your daughter giggled as Niall motioned towards his outfit before bending down and holding out the flowers. “These are for you my darlin.” He looked up at you and shot you a wink as she reached out and took them from him.

“No ones ever gotten me flowers before!” She looked back at you with wide eyes and a giant grin. “I like him already mom.” Niall stood up and laughed as she ran off towards the kitchen with her flowers in her hand. He quickly closed the space between you and wrapped you up in a hug.

“Missed ya my love.” His voice was low as he whispered in your ear quickly before giving your cheek a quick peck. You smiled as he pulled away and made his way into the living room while you closed the front door.

“How was your trip?” You asked him as you turned around and saw him take a seat on the couch. “Did you enjoy your little vacation?” You watched him roll his eyes as you went and sat next to him. He quickly placed his arm around your shoulder pulling you a little closer to him.

“Wasn’t much of a vacation love, had ta wake up bloody early everyday jus ta get asked questions dat had nothin ta do wit the album.” His tone was what made you realize he was slightly annoyed. “I mean who da hell wants ta know if I wear underwear or if I like ta sleep on the left or right side of da bed?” You put your hand on the top of his thigh giving him a light squeeze as he talked so he would relax a bit.

“Left,” He turned his head and raised an eyebrow at you making you roll your eyes playfully. “You sleep on the left side of the bed.” Niall just laughed and shook his head causing you to smile seeing him relax more. “She’s been talking about you all day.” You told him as you laid your head on his shoulder as you snuggled closer to him.

“Hope I don’t disappoint her.” He whispered in your ear, just then you heard the sound of feet running down the hallway and you knew any moment she’d be standing in front of the two of you.

“Niall I drew this for you,” you turned and looked as your daughter stood in front of Niall. She was holding a piece of paper that from the little part you could see had a heart on it. “Mommy told me you’re Irish, so I put that green flower on it that brings good luck!” You couldn’t help but smile as Niall’s eyes went wide and a giant smile took over his face.

“I am honored that ya drew dis masterpiece for me.” Her face lit up as Niall took the drawing from her hands. He was looking over the drawing when your daughter inched closer to him little by little slowing making her way into his lap. You loved how effortlessly Niall just opened up his arms and let her get comfortable. “What’s dis in tha corner?” He asked her and she laughed and rolled her eyes.

“That’s my signature silly!” Niall just nodded and acted as if he knew that the whole time. “I can’t write yet so I just sign it with a heart, mommy says all great artists sign their work!” You laughed a little as Niall gave you a little smirk and a nod.

“I’m gonna go start dinner.” you got up off the couch while Niall and your daughter got more comfortable as she explained her drawing to him. You walked into the kitchen and began getting everything ready for dinner, spaghetti was something you knew both of them liked so you figured that was a good idea for dinner.

“Ya know ya mum told me you were smart but she didn’t tell me ya were an artist as well! What else don’t I know about ya?” You smiled as you heard Niall talking to your daughter making her giggle.

“Did she tell you I can dress myself? Because I can! Got dressed today all by myself and I even brush my teeth by myself too!” You laughed as her voice floated into the kitchen from the living room, you heard Niall just chuckle. “Mommy told me some things about you.” You almost dropped the spoon you were sitting the sauce with when her words hit your ears.

“Oh really? What did she tell ya about me?” You could just picture Niall with a giant grin on his face.

“She thinks you’re super cute, she likes your voice, she told me that you used to be blonde.” You knew what was coming next, “she misses you being blonde. But I like your hair now, I think you’re very handsome.” You had to cover your mouth to hide your laughter.

“Ah so ya think she doesn’t like me hair? Should I go back ta blonde?” You rolled your eyes at Niall’s voice that was full of fake hurt. When you heard your daughters laugh you knew he got his answer. A few minutes passed and you took this time to peek your head into the living room and when you saw them sitting on the couch, her still sitting on his lap as she was playing on his phone you could’ve melted on the spot.

You knew he was going to do great with her, you knew he was used to being around little kids from his One Direction days. You weren’t really worried about her liking him, she enjoyed his music and loved the stories you told her about how you and Niall met and the dates you two had been on. But when you finally saw them together sitting on the couch waiting for dinner to be done you’re heart felt as if it was ready to burst. This was your little family and you couldn’t have been happier.

Murderer, Traitor, Thief


RATING: Explicit

SHIP: Reylo


SUMMARY: Ben Solo is the worst kind of rogue, and he’s earned every name that the galaxy has given him. But when a scavenger girl tries to steal his ship on Jakku, he can’t bring himself to leave her behind.

NOTES: God bless @reylotrashcompactor, who both prompted this fic and saved me from crippling doubt about it when I was afraid it was no good. Thank you for all that you do for me, sweetpea. (Also, whoever catches the Game of Thrones reference in this fic gets a gold star and much respect from me.)

He’s a cruel man, a boy lost and afraid of the dark, a trouble-maker fleeing from the light. Running is the only thing he knows how to do; it’s the only thing he’s ever really done.

The price on Ben’s head goes up with each passing year. Between the targets he’s killed and the crimes that have been attributed to him, he can count on the galaxy’s best bounty hunters to be riding his coattails at any given time. Not that this bothers him. Shooting blaster bolts through politicians’ hearts is easy work, and he’ll welcome anything to break the boredom. That’s why he still smuggles spice and steals from businessmen; those jobs aren’t half as lucrative as high-paying hits, but they keep things interesting.

Still, staying ahead of Republic law, the Jedi, and a small army of bounty hunters requires speed. He needs a fast, dependable ship, something one-of-a-kind that can facilitate his work and still get him out of tight spots.

That’s why, when he hears that his father’s freighter might be on Jakku, he leaves for the Western Reaches immediately. Maybe it’s petty or sentimental, but he’s always felt that the Millennium Falcon should be his.

She counts up, counts down, counts on. Her endless days scratched into unforgiving metal, carrying a little girl’s dreams in a lonely woman’s heart.

It takes weeks of deliberation for Rey to make her choice, but once she’s decided, she knows that it’s the only option left to her. It’s a number that makes the answer clear: three thousand eight hundred-nineteen. She counted the tally marks on her wall for the first time, and it isn’t until then that the weight of them hits her. Ten standard years, and then some. That’s how much time she’s spent in this broken imperial walker, scavenging and starving.

And that doesn’t even encompass the years she spent in Unkar Plutt’s cruel care, before she had any freedom at all, any wall of her own to mark upon. To leave her here for so long, her parents are either dead or uninterested in her survival, and Rey is tired of waiting.

“It will be better this way,” his mother says, but all he can think is: better for me, or better for you? It’s a hard question to ask, but an easy one to answer, and he can’t stay where he isn’t wanted. He won’t.

Jakku is a dump the likes of which Ben rarely seen—and that’s saying something, since he’s killed targets on more worlds than most people have even heard of. It’s insulting that the Falcon ended up here, of all places. Dad would be horrified, he thinks, before he remembers that he’ll never see his father again.

His parents threw him away. Handed him over to Luke like a fish thrown back into a river, something unnecessary that it was easier to get rid of than to keep. So it isn’t very hard for Ben to keep to his most important principle: never go home.

He stops a local alien, some ruddy, spindle-necked creature, and says, “Where can I find the owner of that ship?”

When he gestures at the Falcon, the alien says, “Just about everything around here belongs to Unkar Plutt. That’s his blockhouse, right over there.”

Ben gives the alien a diatium cell, the kind that used to power lightsabers. Salvage should be better payment than credits, if he’s heard right about this junkyard world.

The alien thanks him profusely, then hurries over to the blockhouse to trade with Plutt. Ben sees him leave a few minutes later with a net full of vile-looking emergency rations, hauling a generator behind his new-used speeder.

Ben doesn’t have to pay Plutt anything, of course. All it takes is a simple mind-trick, the kind of thing he mastered long before his parents sent him off to train with Luke.

“You’ll give me the ship of my choice for free,” he says.

Plutt nods, his eyes glazed over. “I’ll give you the ship of your choice for free.”

And just because the junk-boss rubs him the wrong way, Ben tells him to hand out every portion he has to the scavengers. With a little luck, oversaturating the Niima market with its primary commodity will put Plutt out of business.

Her hope beats to the rhythm of, “Wait here. We’ll come back for you.” So she stays, and stays, and stays, until the day she can’t. Until her hope turns to stone, like the rest of her.

Rey is halfway through hotwiring Unkar Plutt’s garbage freighter when she hears someone coming up behind her. She reaches for her quarterstaff, but it’s too late, he’s already there, and—she’s frozen, not from fear or lack of nerve, yet truly well and caught, her body held rigid by some terrifying energy. She feels like a fly in a cactus spider’s web, hopelessly immobile, waiting to be preyed upon. No matter how she struggles, she’s stuck, trapped, helpless.

“Stop panicking.” She hears him before she sees him. With her back to the body of the ship, Rey can only look out the viewport at the Jakku sands, at the grotty business of Niima Outpost.

She feels him take her quarterstaff, hears the clunk and rattle of it hitting the floor. Then his hold on her body melts away, and Rey spins around, unsteady but still standing.

The Force, Rey thinks. A mystery out of legends, one she only half-believed in.

The stranger is tall and well-built, large enough to tower over her, dressed all in black. He’s soft-featured, with warm eyes and a generous mouth, his fair skin dotted with beauty marks. He’d look almost pretty if not for his too-big nose and the off-kilter angles of his face. There’s something handsome but strange about him, yet familiar too, and then she recognizes him.

“You’re Ben Solo,” Rey says.

He smirks. “I’m surprised that you get enough news out here to know who I am.”

Rey almost laughs. “Everyone knows who you are.”

Rumor has it that he abandoned his uncle’s Jedi school when he was fourteen, then lived everywhere from the streets of Coruscant to the palaces of Ulon, picking up the mercenary work that’s made him infamous. He’s killed diplomats, Senators, business moguls, and kings. Stolen from the Hutts and spice syndicates and Revika Di. Ben Solo is wanted across half the galaxy for assassinations, treason, and grand larceny—and now she’s gotten on his bad side.

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Caring Is Sharing

Requested by: Anonymous (so I hope this finds you)

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#139 - “Is that my shirt?”


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mamapluto  asked:

I just had to share something hilarious. My SDiT licks my face and does DPT when I'm having a breakdown, right? Well he just calmed me down while I was sitting in the bath after getting some really bad news. He then decided that even though I was calm, that Wasn't Enough, and launched himself into the bath with me (which his poodle self has never done in his life). Unorthodox methods, but it got me laughing!

I bet laughing helped you calm down even more! Dogs are so funny – they aren’t robots. They have minds of their own and make their own decisions and it can be so funny when they do something like this!

Thanks for sharing!


anonymous asked:

wanna one hyung line reaction you accidentally elbowing them in the face and giving them a nosebleed?

A/N: I have been laughing at this for 15 minutes now because it actually happened to me and my boyfriend and it was not nice.

Jisung, Jaehwan, Minhyun are going to let out a cry and probably let out a tear or two without you noticing. They won’t be mad since it was an accident, but they will give you a lecture about how you should be more careful with your actions and how you could hurt yourself as well. They are going to use this chance and make you do little errands for them, since they are “hurt and can’t move”. 

Daniel, Seongwoo, Sungwoon are the ones that will curse under their breath and probably panic a little. They will be a little mad, but after you keep apologizing they will just laugh at you and tell you it’s ok. After you help them clean up, the boys will try to get you to cuddle and nurse them or cook for them or buy them dinner as a method of pay back. They are also going to use the injury to make you take care of them and shower them with affection.


Corazon - The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man rises as Cora sacrifices everything for Law. Still alive when bullets should have killed him, Doflamingo takes his little brother back with him and keeps that he’s alive a secret from everyone. Cora fights however he can, but is too weak to escape from Doffy’s strings. Words are his greatest weapon as Doffy shoves in his face that he managed to capture and keep a god.

Cora laughs, “But isn’t that what you always wanted? To be a god? A king? And now your weak little brother has what you always wanted. Tell me, how does that make you feel?”

Doffy sews Cora’s mouth shut and make sure to tell him all about how he’s going to burn the world down around him, starting with killing Law right in front of him.

13 years are not kind to Corazon, just a puppet for Doffy to play with. A body double able to take so much and still survive. So on Dressrosa, silent not by his own choice, his body is forced to kill the very person he tried to hard to save. Law.

…Look, I will always do everything in my power to have Cora live… but that doesn’t mean its all sunshine and rainbows. SO HERE HAVE SOME ANGST.

awhitesong  asked:

Hey c: (me again bc i love u) can i request ace, kid and law's so with big cute cheeks and everybody hugs her and squeezes her cheeks bc its sO CUTE thank you so much 😍❤

Ψ(。≖ˇ∀ˇ≖。)Ψ lemme squeeze dem cheeks

(thank you for coming again I love you too ~~)


  • He love to squish your cheeks. A whole lot
  • They’re just so soft and bouncy
  • He love it when you use your cheeks to make faces or to over react playfully 
  • It also make him laugh when people pinch your cheeks
  • But if they do it for a little too long he’ll push them and say he’s the only one allowed to do that
  • Except a lot of kisses. He’ll kiss your cheeks a lot. He’ll even put his cheeks next to yours and head butt you like a cat
  • While pinching your cheeks he’ll kiss your lips
  • But he’ll never pinch them too hard as he don’t want to hurt you, and to never be allowed to touch them again


  • He’ll tease you a lot
  • “whaddaya say ? I can’t hear ya over the squish squish of your cheeks”
  • He’ll do that a lot when you’re talking. The worst part of this it’s he’s not soft, he pinch quite hard so your cheeks will hurt a little
  • No one, I said, no one is allowed to touch your cheeks. Only him
  • Don’t try to ignore him. He’ll poke your cheeks all the time. With his fingers or with his tongue
  • Hugs ? From other people ? Nope. Not while you’re dating Kid.
  • Your cheeks are so cute he just smile when he touch them
  • Life hack : when he’s having a back day, take one of his finger and make him poke you cheeks. He’ll smirk and pinch your cheeks
  • He’ll even go as far as putting lipstick on and kissing you cheeks to leave a big dark mark


  • The man love when you make faces and pout. Your cheeks make it ten times cuter
  • Unlike the two others, he’s not as touchy.
  • He’ll just poke them from time to time, mostly when he’s teasing you, or lecturing you when you did something stupid
  • But he love kissing them.
  • Life hack : if he’s lost in his thoughts, you can take his hands and put them on your cheeks. He’ll squeeze them absentmindedly and when he realise what he’s doing he’ll very discreetly snort
  • His mood increase when you do that
  • He’s not really a big fan of the others hugging you and squeezing your cheeks but he just try to ignore it
  • He get a little grumpy if you get a little too much affection coming from the other ones

had a dream last night that a big group of us went to dinner and i ran into martin when i was coming out of the bathroom, and all of y’all were making such ridiculous faces behind his back that i almost laughed in his face when i was trying to talk to him. then amy came over and ran him off as if he were some rando dude trying to hit on me at a bar or something and not martin fucking freeman. thanks ames…

anonymous asked:

stydia / "touch one hair on her head and I'll make you regret it"

“Touch one hair on her head and I’ll make you regret it.”

Stiles placed his hands on her shoulders, pulling Lydia back from the stylist. “Babe, you’re the one who said Claud needed a haircut.”

“I know that,” she gritted her teeth, as she hissed at him. “But I’m allowed to change my mind.”

He couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled to the surface at his wife’s face. 

“And now you’re laughing at me?!”

“No I’m not laughing at you,” he said, but the grin was hard to hide. “I’m laughing at the fact that yesterday she picked out her first backpack, and today is her first haircut. And between the two of us we’re gonna give our kid a complex about going back to school.”

“It’s just,” Lydia sighed glancing over at their four year old. “It’s her first haircut. And you’re right, yesterday we bought her a bag for pre-k. And before we know it she’ll be graduating Harvard with her PhD.”

“Okay well I think we have at least ten years on that part, I know what you mean.”

“When did she grow up so fast?”

“I have no idea,” he mused shaking his head. “But I do know that this is not the last first day of school. This is the first, first. So we have many more years of this emotional roller coaster to get through.”

“You’re right,” she turned back around and smiled at the stylist. “Sorry minor freak out. Continue.”

send me a line and I’ll write six (or more) more…


“Fuck Hana, way to stand up for yourself. I better remember not to mess with you.”
I frowned. “It was an accident. This is Matilda, and that’s Clara.” 
“Hey. Whatever. I gotta go Hana. I’ll make sure to tell Nia to stop being a bitch with you.”
I waved my hands, “N-No you d-don’t! I, Cl-Clara!”
She was laughing, “Chill. I won’t tell her anything. Well, I mean you know me. I will. But let me, Nia needs to stop being this way with you.”
“We’re fine. I-I’m fine.”
She rolled her eyes. “So you still in love with Kali?”
She laughed and walked off. 
“Are you two friends?”
I shook my head. “Sh-she’s my, my.” I took a deep breath. I hated the way Clara got to me. “She’s my girlfriend’s friend.”
“Ah okay.”
“W-Well, I-I guess I should go too.”
Matilda nodded, “Nice meeting you.” 

“Kenny, have you seen my phone?” I asked, walking into the bedroom. Kenny jumped, putting something under the pillow. I raised my eyebrow before crossing my arms.”What? I haven’t seen your phone.” Kenny said with a shrug. I sighed, walking over. I picked up the pillow to reveal my phone. I grabbed my phone before looking at Kenny.
“What were you doing with my phone?” I asked. Before he answered, I looked down at my lock screen. I laughed as he changed it to a silly face of him. “You are so cute.” I said before kissing him. Kenny pulled me onto the bed, making me hover on top of him. 

Dragon Ball Z - Portuguese Dub Starters (Part 1)

Translations from here

“You’re mean! Villain! Ugly face! Camel! Penguin! Donkey’s head! Bear! Orangutan! Rhinoceros! Jerk! That’s what you are, [name]! That’s you!”

“Let me laugh now, ‘cause tomorrow I might get chapped lips.”

“You see, I like to make the pleasure last…”

“Since very young, we have to separate the wheat from the chaff”

“HAHAHA! Very good! It’s going to be better than [variety show]”

“I can’t stand being laughed at! It’s a childish quirk of mine!”

“You’re counting with the egg inside the chicken’s ass.”

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Have you ever heard your parents doing... "It"

*distance moaning and bed creaking*

Starry: you’ve got to be kidding me….

Cindy: are they seriously at it again?! God this is embarrassing….

Brandy: sounds like mom and dad are getting-….

Cindy: don’t u even dare!

Brandy: k"inky" in the bedroom! *bursts out laughing*

Cindy: that’s it! Get ur •ss over here!

Brandy: you’ll have to catch me Ms.Bossy! *laughs more and runs off*

Cindy: *growls* JUST WAIT UNTIL I GET MY HANDS ON U!!! *chases after him*

Alex: *snores softly* Zzz….

Goldhead: *steams up and covers face* THIS IS REALLY MAKING ME FEEL REALLY FLUSTERED AND EMBARRASSED!!! *blushes madly and straw blows out fire*

Candy: *sits down calmly and drinks tea* …

Cody: Big bro, what is mom and dad doing in their room?….

Milo: *hugs his head and hides him in jacket* don’t worry about it….

Cody: *blushes and wags tail rapidly* okie dokie *purrs and smiles*


“Hey Tom-”
His phone started ringing, “Hey babe, what?! I’m on my way!”

“Hana? Uh, Miles started throwing up, we need to take him to the doctor.”
“Really?! It took me an hour to get here.”
“What kind of aunt are you?” He gave me a face and I sighed. 
“Okay, I’ll see you another time Tommy.”
“Yeah, keep me updated! Actually, how are you and Nia doing?”
I felt my eyebrows spring up in surprise. “Uh, we’re uh, okay I guess. She comes over randomly, but at least she comes.”
“Hm, don’t settle Hana. Have you talked to her yet?”
“Don’t you have to get Miles.”
“Don’t think you’re free from this conversation! I’ll see you bug.”
“Stop trying to make that nickname happen.”
He laughed, “Okay kid, see you.”