but their cute so who cares

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Can you do a hc where Richie has like two (2) younger siblings and since his parents are assholes, he has to take care of them. But Eddie goes over to Richards because Richie has been missing school a lot lately since he's taking care of two (2) kids and Edward feels the need to help and it's really cute and nice

- richie has a younger brother who’s about 10 and a little sister the same age as georgie, so about 7

- they’re both the sweetest kids but because their parents neglect them they have untreated ADHD like their older brother and it really affects their learning and day to day life

- richie took his little sister to get her glasses because her parents ignored her teachers saying she kept writing stuff down wrong at school

- because richie and bev are so close they call her auntie beverly and she loves it

- bev always brings them chocolate when she vists

- richie cooks them dinner, and actually tries to make their meals healthy because he doesn’t want them getting sick 

- wentworth tozier is always working so he’s never in the house and the kids only father figure is richie

- their mother is usually around but she ignores them so richie’s little sister goes to bev for advice about girl issues and the boy talks to mike or ben because they’re the most sensible out of the boys

- when richie and eddie started dating richie’s siblings were so happy because eddie was their favourite

- “are you gonna marry him, rich?”

- “uh, what, uhh, go to your room!”

- once richie’s parents went on a holiday by themselves for a week and left the kids barely any money to get food for themselves so eddie used his savings and stayed with them for the whole week to help cook, clean, get the kids ready for school, and to make sure richie didn’t get too stressed

- richie would fall asleep on the couch all the time because hes so tired and eddie would have to drag him upstairs

- “they deserve a better life than this”

- “they have you, richie, trust me, they’ll be okay”

i want blake and sun to be on a ship together (like out of menagerie or smth, similar to when they were headed there) and there’s a comfortable silence between them. blake is a little surprised he hasn’t said anything in a little while and looks over to him and is just kind of stunned. sun is easy on the eyes of course, obviously, but looking at him right then just reminds her of all the people who are there for her and care about her, who will give her unconditional support. he’s been such a force of positivity for her, and it makes her heart swell. and she just like scoots closer and leans her head on his shoulder.

and so naturally sun basically bursts into flames

it’s wishful thinking i know but how fkn cute would that be

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Is it creepy to name your cutiefly after your crush, or sweet?

Well, that depends on your crush, I’d imagine. Plenty of people name “romantic,” cute, or otherwise favored pokémon after people they care greatly for. Sometimes, the objects of affection find it flattering or even adorable. Others might not be so comfortable with the idea. I would recommend not telling your crush, however, unless you’re absolutely certain they’re amicable with you.

Are you thinking of that time you accidentally let it slip to the girl who runs the Goldenrod Flower Shop that you named an eevee after her? —LH

I am always thinking of that, but thank you yet again, Lanette. —Bill

“And finally, we have the twins! 

First, Willow and Thomas. She mostly stays home and cares for the kids and her MASSIVE garden, he’s a regional manager at some firm. Again, outside pics only, LOL.

There - would you just LOOK at this beautiful, brown-haired, green-eyed family??? They’re so perfect it’s sickening. 
Their twins, Rex and Rae, are just too cute. He’s clingy, and she’s wild - they balance each other out a little, but mostly, they’re an adorable handful.

And then there’s Angela, who surprised us all. When she said she was adopting, we all foolishly assumed she’d be adopting a baby. Nope! She adopted a teenager!

She says she chose a teen for three reasons:
1 - Orphan teens have a harder time getting adopted
2 - she had no time with her job to care for a baby
And 3 -  she was never really destined to have a baby - she says she knows it in her gut.  

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Kinda Wanna Have Your Baby but It's None of Your Business - alwaysyou - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
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Harry is stood stock still, muscles frozen in place. Louis leans forward and pulls the food tray closer to him, tucking the napkin Harry set down into the collar of his shirt. He’s saying everything so nonchalantly like he doesn’t know he’s having as much of an effect on Harry as he is.


“Wanna knock you up so bad,” Louis mumbles around his spoon, chicken broth dribbling out of his mouth. “Full of my baby, gets me off sometimes.”


An established relationship AU where Louis gets his wisdom teeth taken out and Harry is there to care for him when Louis lets it slip that he wants to have a baby.

things girls look for in boys:

  • goofy, friendly, and adorable personality
  • bright smile
  • high-pitched yet strangely cute screams
  • tall leggies
  • really cool
  • and cute too
  • loves the ocean and marine creatures
  • strategical mind
  • smartly practical
  • loves his friends a lot
  • selfless and protective
  • like he’d literally sacrifice himself for his friends
  • really handsome and suave
  • loves space and astronauts
  • sweet and kind
  • a bit talkative
  • but has a really cute and attractive way of talking
  • likes to take care of his looks
  • a noble gentleman
  • yet would fart or burp in your face without a prior notice
  • loves his family. a lot.
  • skilled sharpshooter
  • has a rival who he really, really cares for
  • loves the color blue
  • flirts with anything and everything that moves
  • pretty brown hair
  • attractive blue eyes
  • beautiful brown skin
  • cuban
  • lance

ok but the way some of u perceive yoongi is so ??? idk even know from where u get that he has a ‘cold’ personality, like full offence but have u seen him??? did u hear about the holding hands thing?? he literally calls himself a honey boy!!! listen!! a honey boy!!!….have u seen his smile….how cute he is…..how funny…. what are u guys trying to do here stop making him like someone who doesnt care or who cant be cute or soft, enough,,…hes the softest

So… the episode was freezing each minute and became so hard for me to hear what was happening, but who cares, I loved it anyways!! Have some practice doodles ‘cuz there’s so much to do!