but their conversations are so cute


uumm i love this performance more than anything else in the world

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Okay but I really love that Christine is ADHD and I have this headcannon that the reason Christine likes Jenna so much is that Jenna calms her down and can tell her countless stories and she likes feeling relaxed and not having to move around in the biggest ways all the time

half their conversations is like super excited where they both kinda talk over each other but can still somehow understand one another and then the other half is jenna animatedly telling christine a story about whatever and chris kinda gradually relaxes as she keeps going bc jenna has a nice voice and she’s a really great storyteller so christine feels involved even if she’s not directly involved yknow,,

jenna paints her nails bc christine is way too bouncy to do them on her own and its easier for christine to sit still when jenna tells her stories and its just a nice experience all around alright,,jenna likes nail art and does fun designs and christine is always kind of in awe over the fact that she managed to sit through all of it bc it’s so time-consuming but its bc jenna’s just good at telling stories and stuff

(The Chris Evans Mini Series - One Shots)

Imagine having late nights with Chris and your son.

A/N: Feeling a lot of Daddy!Chris vibes, so I decided to write this little one shot. Inspired by my own nights, as well as a conversation with @chrisevans-imagines and a cute little prompt from @catch-me-im-a-falling-star ❤️

You’d sent Chris and Jack in the living room after their attempt to help clean up after dinner ended with another soap foam fight. Between your three boys- Chris, Dodger, and Jack- Dodger was probably the most helpful and he was a dog. You didn’t understand it, they were perfectly helpful when it was just one of them- have them together and it’d always end with a soap foam fight; you were just grateful dinner was always before bathtub. It was like you had two kids, though you were only meant to have one and a mature husband.

The words ‘mature’ and ‘Chris’- they didn’t mesh when it came to your son, he spent too much time playing and joking around with Jack. It was because of that that Jack listened to you more when disciplinary actions had to be made. It wasn’t that he didn’t respect Chris- his dad could be authoritative if he really needed to be- he was just so used to his playful, jokey dad. To Jack, everything Chris did seemed like another joke or prank. So even when Chris was lecturing him at dinner for playing fetch with Dodger using a meatball from his spaghetti, Jack just giggled until you stepped in.

“Bath time,” you called as you walked towards the living room. “Oh my God,” you laughed when you found Chris dragging your eighteen month old around on a towel, singing 'A Whole New World’. Dodger stopped jumping around Jack and padded over to you, nudging his head into your leg so you’d scratch his head. “What are the two of you doing?” You leaned against the arch frame, crossing your arms over your chest.

“Daddy’s showing me a whole new world!” Jack giggled whereas Chris released the grips he had on the corners of the towel and turned to you. You shook your head at him, suppressing your urge to laugh. “Again, Daddy!” Jack bounced excitedly on the floor, clapping. “Again, again!”

“No,” you shook your head, pushing your weight off the frame and onto your feet. “It’s bath time,” you clapped your hands together, “let’s go.” Jack pouted, giving Chris his best puppy dog eyes because he knew it wouldn’t work on you. “Jack, let’s go. Up and at it, come on.”

“I can’t, I’m dying.” He flopped himself on the ground, closing his eyes as he played dead. Dodger walked over and sniffed Jack, making him giggle softly as he continued to play dead. You and Chris chuckled because it was almost the same every night; he wanted all play and no bath time or bed time. Once again, you blamed Chris; he knew from the way you were looking at him.

“Okay, Jack Jack.” Chris picked him up; Jack giggled and squirmed in his dad’s arms. “We gotta go have a bath. Everyone has baths- Dodger has baths. It’s a vital part of our day, even Captain America has baths.” Jack grinned at the sound of his favorite superhero and stopped squirming, wrapping his arms around his dad’s neck. “And we can continue our soap foam fight without Mama getting in the way,” you heard Chris whisper into Jack’s ear as he winked at you. “I’m going to win this time,” he told Jack, walking towards the stairs; Dodger followed them, tail wagging excitedly. “I won’t be holding back.”

“Me neither,” Jack grinned.

“Do me a favor and keep the water in the tub?” You asked and your boys looked back at you.

“We’ll try, Mama.” Both responded after sharing a cheeky smile and you chuckled, watching as they disappeared into the bathroom. You could hear laughter even at the bottom of the steps; you smiled then headed for your home office to get some work done.

• • • • • • • •

Jack laid between you and Chris as the two of you read him to sleep. All three of you had showered, and were nice and comfy tucked under his Winnie the Pooh covers. Dodger, on the other hand, laid on the floor with his head on Jack’s beanbag. After Jack’s bath- where Chris psyched him up with another soap foam fight- he was now too excitable to go to sleep. Even after you and Chris read him two stories, and made up one where he took over Captain America’s shield and fought bad guys with Uncle Seba’s Bucky Barnes and Uncle Anthony’s Sam Wilson- he still wouldn’t let the two of you go to bed. You were tired after a pretty long day of interviews and meetings and- being a parent. You wanted to sleep, you needed to sleep. Chris could tell, your eyelids were getting incredibly heavy unlike your son’s.

“Okay, bud.” Chris sat up straight, leaning against Jack’s headboard. “I know you’re not tired, but you’re going to have to try to sleep anyway. So close your eyes,” he instructed your son, who did the opposite widening his eyes with a cheeky smile. “Close,” he chuckled, covering Jack’s face with his hand and gently forcing his eyelids close with his fingers. “Okay, good.” He smiled when he pulled his hand away to reveal that Jack was doing as he instructed. “Now we’re going to take some slow, deep breaths.”

“Oh God,” you whispered to yourself as you yawned, covering your mouth with your hand. Chris’ slow and soothing voice was putting you right to sleep. You remembered saying his voice was the reason they wanted him to go on Ceebies to read bedtime stories. You also remembered teasing him, saying his audience would consist of more girls and ladies than kids.

“Hey,” Chris reached over Jack and tucked a loose strand of your hair behind your ear. “Go to bed, I’ll finish up here.” He mouthed so Jack wouldn’t hear and start fussing about you leaving, which he has done before and would do again. “I can handle it,” he assured you when you shook your head.

“Can I watch SpongeBob?” Jack quizzed, reopening his eyes to glance between you and Chris. You and Chris shared a confused look, which dispersed when Jack explained, “Mama says SpongeBob helps her sleep.” You bit back your smile when Chris shot you a look, one that said 'I told you not to share that piece of information’. “Maybe SpongeBob will help me sleep too.” He looked up at you, grinning. “Whooooooooo,” he began to sing, only to have you cover his mouth with your hand. “Lives in a pineapple under the sea? SpongeBob SquarePants!” He sang against your hand, making the two of you laugh.

Both of you looked at the clock, it was only 7:21PM and his bedtime was technically 8:30PM. You just usually tucked him in earlier so he could wind down and sleep by eight-thirty, not get his excitable butt into bed at eight-thirty. You looked at Chris with raised brows, silently asking him for his opinion. He shrugged, knowing that you were the real decision maker when it came to things like that. That, and you were the one who’d had a long day. If anyone needed him asleep as soon as possible, it was you.

“If we let you watch one,” you emphasized, “episode of SpongeBob. Will you promise you’ll try and go to sleep, even if you’re not tired?” You asked Jack, who nodded vigorously. “Okay then,” you got off his bed and held out your arms. “One episode, do you understand me?” He nodded and climbed out of his covers, letting you scoop him up and carry him to your bedroom with Chris and Dodger following behind the both of you.

“I can’t say I understand your fascination with SpongeBob SquarePants,” Chris chuckled as he turned on the television and the streaming device you had connected to it. You sat Jack down on the bed where Dodger hopped up, settling in front of Jack who hugged him tightly. “It’s no Disney, I’ll say that much.” You rolled your eyes as you walked over, snatching the remote from Chris so you could pick a good episode.

“You are such a hypocrite,” you nudged him with your elbow. “You laugh louder than me when we watch it, Mr. I’m-too-good-for-SpongeBob.” He laughed and hugged you from behind, nuzzling his face into your neck. “Stop,” you laughed and squirmed, trying to navigate cursor on the screen with your remote. “Do you want to go to bed, or not?”

“There are a million things I’d rather do at seven twenty-five than go to bed,” he whispered flirtatiously into your ear and you rolled your eyes, biting back your smile. “Not that we can do anything with two bugs in our bed,” he bit playfully as he pulled away from you to join Jack and Dodger. “You two are a menace,” he tickled both Jack and Dodger; one giggled hysterically, while the other barked and playfully nipped at Chris’ hand.

You pulled up 'The Camping Episode’ and walked over to join your three favorites in your big king sized bed. “Once this episode is done,” you turned to Jack with the remote pointed at the TV and your finger hovering over the play button. “We’re taking you back to your room and you are going to bed. Do we have an agreement, Jack?” He pressed his lips together as he pondered. “Jack,” you pressed, raising your brows.

“Okay, Mama.”

You pressed play and the four of you enjoyed some SpongeBob before bed. You tried very hard to keep your eyes open, but you fell asleep before SpongeBob could sing his Campfire Song Song. Jack didn’t, and he sang the song with great enthusiasm and finesse which made Chris laugh. They may have been loud, but your sleep was not disturbed. Hence why after that episode, your three boys watched another three more before Jack got tired and Chris tucked him into bed and kissed Dodger’s head before returning to you. He turned off all the lights except for the lamp on his bedside table, then climbed into bed and shuffled closer to you. His arm rested lazily over your waist and he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, breathing you in.

“You’re such a pushover,” Chris heard you mumble and he chuckled. “Honestly, Chris.” You smiled because you loved that Chris was, it showed how much he loved you and your son. He smiled too because he could hear that you were only teasing; his smile widened when your hand gripped at his forearm, pressing his arm tighter against you. “There comes a time and place where you have to learn to be more assertive.”

“Like now?” He smirked, whispering suggestively as he pressed a tender kiss on your neck. You chuckled softly, not even bothering to open your eyes because Chris knew better. “When I need my own kind of help to sleep?”

“Start with your son, then move up to the wife.”

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May Fic Rec

I’m super sorry for posting this so late in May! I couldn’t watch the last few episodes of the Flash, and since a lot of the fanfics I have bookmarked are referencing those episodes, I couldn’t really read many of these ffs… Found a few awesome ones nevertheless ;)

by @backtothestart02:

Fifteen (” HS!AU - Iris figures out she has feelings for Barry when he starts dating Becky Cooper. When news of their break up spreads throughout the school, she decides to act.” So much cuteness and fun to read. Wheee! ^^)

Full and Aching (”1x23 - Barry & Iris’s rooftop conversation. Iris’s POV.“ Nice look into Iris’s head and thoughts during that scene)

by Cee693:

Sunshine on A Cloudy Day (”Day 3 of Iris West Week- Iris & The Rest. Fic submission dedicated to the wonderful friendship between Iris and her fellow Sunshine twin, Cisco Ramon.Or- Two times Iris found Cisco’s warm rays on cold day and the one time she was able to return the favor and keep him warm.“ Such a sweet, heartwarming and awesome portrayal of Cisco and Iris’s friendship! Plus, the background-westallen is really cute, too)

by @sophisticatedloserchick:

Always There For Me (”After a bad date Iris spends the night with Barry watching Dragon Ball Z. High school!AU” So cute :)

by wanderer765:

Talking Bodies (”How Iris feels in the afterglow :)” Short, but-oh-so-sweet!)


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17, 24, 55

17) Who would be your ideal partner?

Well… he’d have to be funny. And kind too, that’s important. Someone who I could have deep intellectual conversations with. And someone who would never give up on me, even when I give them every reason to. I just want someone to fall in love with me and be there for me forever.

I answered 24 already so I’ll skip over to 25) What color socks are you wearing? 

Today’s are pink with little pugs on them! They’re cute.

55) Most used phrase?

Probably gosh darn it. So many questionable things happen in my life but I always make sure to exclaim my shock or exhaustion in a family friendly way!

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Isn’t Germany awkward around women when it's not about work? I wonder how a conversation between him and a pretty talkative woman who seems to be interested in him would be like: "So you have baked this cake, it looks like the ones in the supermarket." "Your dogs are so cute." "You are really Germany? That's pretty interesting, you are exactly like how I imagined my nation to be...just male."

I think he’s not all too bad with regular talk, he just isn’t emotional about it. like, he won’t laugh at every other sentence or whatever, but he has no Problem talking to them. I think for quite some time, he wouldn’t even realise that she’s interested in him and would just talk to her normally. Then it might start to get awkward, once he realises that she’s interested^^

Dating Jeff Atkins Would Include
  • “princess” 
  • he treats you like a Queen, though
  • not understanding his baseball terms
  • but always trying to add them in a conversation to make a point
  • “Well it’s like you say, you have to swing the bat and knock it out, right?”
  • “Y/N, what does that have to do with what you want to eat for lunch?”
  • studying together
  • getting sidetracked
  • being close friends with Clay
  • “Clay and that Hannah girl are pretty cute.”
  • “Exactly my point! I have a whole plan on getting them together.”
  • cuddles
  • his head always in the crook of your neck
  • “babygirl”
  • him always showering you with gifts
  • telling him to stop spending his money on you
  • him continuing to do so anyway
  • he leaves you notes at your locker
  • “You look beautiful, Babygirl”
  • holding each other close
  • sleepovers
  • making pillow forts and eating Lunchables
  • “bon appetit, my love.”
  • “this is the most romantic dinner I’ve ever had.”
  • starting a movie
  • falling asleep on each other 15 minutes after it starts
  • you’re always talking pictures of him, it doesn’t matter what he’s doing at the moment
  • “Did you just take a picture of me rubbing my eye?”
  • baseball jokes
  • all the time
  • “Which baseball player holds water?”
  • “The pitcher.”
  • “The p-wait, how’d you know what I was going to say?”
  • “Jeff, you’ve told me that joke a thousand times.”
  • he’s always happy
  • which means you’re always happy
  • when you get mad at him you call him by his full name
  • “Jeffrey Atkins!”
  • him mocking you
  • “Y/N L/N!”
  • everyone telling you guys how cute you are
  • your dates consist of baseball games or just staying home
  • sending each other the ugliest pictures you guys could find
  • “this is you”
  • slow, passionate first time
  • wearing his shirts
  • him trying to wear your shirt one time as a joke
  • “Babe, it’s not coming off.”
  • “Karmas a bitch, isn’t it Atkins?”
  • helping him take off the shirt eventually
  • you had to cut it in half
  • “I don’t even know how you put that on.”
  • he’s annoying and you always remind him of it
  • “you’re annoying, you know that right?”
  • his response always being “it takes one to know one, L/N.”
  • his parents love you
  • “When is Y/N coming over again?”
  • “Mom, she literally just left.”
  • his lock screen is a picture of you shoving food into your mouth
  • “I didn’t even know you took this, change it!”
  • “No way, you look adorable.”
  • him feeling lucky to have you in his life
  • you feeling exactly the same way

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happy ending for everyone! 

What each zodiac reminds me of:

Aries: random sparks of energy, doodling at night, warm coffee, martial arts, meaningful hugs.

Taurus: laughing so bad you can’t breathe, sentimental conversations, pumpkin muffins, music played loud, family reunions.

Gemini: Wikipedia searches, cute faces, extravagant places, house parties, understanding smiles.

Cancer: pancakes, shy appearance, libraries, fantasy books, seashells with pearls

Leo: fashion walks, old memories, stability, black and white photographs, genuine expressions.

Virgo: newly bought books, home interiors, accepting yourself, strange calming songs, owls and trees.

Libra: marmalade, yellow sunrises, free horses, kind gestures, freshly painted walls.

Scorpio: sitting beside a window at night, passionate and intense conversations, surprise gifts, gentle cuddles, smirking.

Sagittarius: hiking, curiosity, rock/alternative music, sculptures, history textbooks.

Capricorn: writing a journal, family dinners, watching your favourite series, silent communication, flowery fields.

Aquarius: clouds on a nice day, sparkling eyes, goofy jokes, debates, extreme sports/skydiving.

Pisces: group projects, foreign languages, humanitarian works, poetry, when your pet(s) sleep beside you.

That time my dog disappeared into Carrie Fisher's house

From reddit user: /u/AinsleyIscariot

Someone recommended I make a post out of a comment that I made elsewhere so here it is! True story and still cringe inside whenever I tell it.

One of the most awkward moments of my life was meeting Carrie. I live in London and walk my dog because he needs to shit every now and then- usually when I get back to my road I let him off the lead and he will run to the house. He will, that is, unless there is ANYTHING else of interest within a 1 mile radius of the house. One day he just ran straight through someone’s open door and I was there on the doorstep tentatively calling after him while I could hear him sprinting around the house. Then there’s lots of barking and I realise there’s another dog there and sure enough my dog comes sprinting out the house being chased by a small dog that seemingly wanted to play with him. Anyway this American woman comes to the door, hearing all the commotion and I make my apologies and we have the usual dog conversation. She then invited me in for a coffee, I thought why not and so we started chatting, and she explained she was renting the house for a month while she was in London. I asked what she did for a living and she told me movies, I asked “Anything I would know?” Slight pause “Star Wars?” “Oh right what did you do in it were you on the crew or an actress?” “An actress” “Oh great who did you play” “Princess Leia?” I swear to fuck I stood there with my mouth open, feeling as if I’d somehow just shat down my own throat. (This was before the franchise reboot so the image of her in my head was the Carrie Fisher in her twenties) She, however, thought it was really cute and laughed it off. Absolutely lovely woman with one crazy fucking dog named Gary.

TLDR: I had a twenty minute conversation with a woman who had been on the receiving end of my dog’s home invasion and didn’t realise it was Carrie Fisher until she told me.



I don’t get how people are just…so nasty to their servers.

I went out to eat today at a pizza place and my waitress brought me a refill without me asking and I was like, “Oh thanks so much!”

And she just got the most startled look on her face, like she was flustered that I had said thank you of all things.

When she came back a few minutes later with the check, I complimented her socks (they had a super cute pretzel pattern on them and I’m a sucker for fun socks) and her face absolutely LIT up. We had like a three minute conversation about how they’re the only part of her outfit she can really customize, having a uniform and all that, and she left with a grin on her face.

But the fact that she seemed surprised that someone was being nice to her was just so upsetting to me.

Your servers are human. Treat them like it.

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Prompt: Poor, underpaid, overworked Chihoko Pizza Delivery employee has to deal with unreasonably angry Mafia boss Victor. This has happened on many occasions. This time he's had it. He fights back.

“For the last time, I don’t know anything about your b–”

“Stop lying to me, you worthless piece of rotten fish. I can see the call log history.”

The sigh at the other end of the line sounded beyond defeat. Victor could nearly taste the sweet, savory success. Generally, Victor did not consider himself to be the jealous type. Yuuri was perfectly entitled to having friends and connections outside their relationship, but something about Chihoko rubbed him the wrong way. Maybe because it was that unlike all of Yuuri’s other friends, Yuuri never brought up Chihoko in conversation. Unlike his journalist friend Phichit or the cadet Minami, who often cropped up when Yuuri was chatting to Victor about his day.

But there was radio silence on Chihoko. And it bugged Victor.

Since the day when Yuuri oh so trustingly handed Victor his phone to show him a few cute photos of puppies during a date that had the both of them melting. And Victor had really not meant to invade Yuuri’s privacy. He was just curious about how exactly Yuuri had saved his name amongst the contacts, only to be flattered to see that he was listed in Yuuri’s speed dial.

Except there was one problem.

This ‘Chihoko’ was ahead of him. And it wasn’t any of Yuuri’s friends, or relatives. Normally Victor wouldn’t have thought anything about it. But next to the name 'Chihoko’ was a little '♡’ symbol. And THAT Victor wasn’t all that okay with. Not when a quick and sneaky (and admittedly very very very guilty) check of Yuuri’s call log showed that he called this 'Chihoko ♡’ every week. Usually quite late in the evening. On days he told Victor he couldn’t meet for a date because he was “working late.”

So maybe, perhaps, it was possible, that Victor got a bit uncharacteristically jealous.

“Look, sir, if you’re not going to order–”

“I’m ordering you to keep your paws off my Yuuri!” Victor snapped, wondering if it would be too dramatic to track 'Chihoko ♡’ down and remind them that swimming with fishes was still as effective a technique as ever, despite it being a bit old fashioned. Probably too dramatic. Besides, Otabek had mentioned being out of town for the weekend…

“If you keep this up, I’m going to call the police–”

“You call him and it’s the last thing you’ll ever do, Chihoko. I will personally ensure it.” Victor growled out his warning, heard a choked-gasp from the other end of the line, and then pressed the 'end call’ button hard enough he could nearly feel the screen crack. He felt oddly satisfied with himself for the rest of the day.

That was until Yuuri called him later, apologizing and saying that he had to work late again and that he would probably not be able to make their scheduled date. The regret in Yuuri’s voice was genuine, but Victor still bristled just a little, until Yuuri continued and asked if Victor still wanted to come over to Yuuri’s place even if it would be later than originally planned, for an eat-in dinner.

Victor’s foot snagged on the carpet as he hastened to reply with a delighted, “Yes, yes, of course!”

“Cool. I don’t think I have anything at home I can cook quickly, would you mind if we ordered a pizza or something? It’s not great but… I thought it’d be nice just to relax on the couch with you and be a bit lazy after how crazy this week has been…”

There might have been another pang of guilt at the center of Victor’s chest, with the knowledge that the reason for Yuuri’s increased amounts of overtime had a direct relationship to the escalation of tension between Victor’s and JJ’s gangs. So of course his answer was, “Anything you want, darling.” He could practically hear the blush spreading across Yuuri’s beautiful face, still getting used to the sweetnames Victor dropped so frequently.

“Okay, ummm, I’ll see you at my place at nine then? Can you order from Chihoko’s Pizzeria? They’re my favorite, and they don’t charge delivery for a large.”

Victor froze. Choked on a bit of air. Shattered into a couple million pieces of embarrassment and then puzzled himself back together. “Uhh, yeah, sure, of course! Not a problem.”

Turned out to be a big problem.

Victor had to fumble through several dozen excuses and explanations when their Hawaiian arrived at the door with no pineapple, no ham, a sprinkling of cheese in the shape of a sad face, and several servings of anchovies.

Victor never called Chihoko ever again.

Since Yuuri’s English is much better than Victor’s, (after living in the US for five years and all) I can totally see him saying complex English phrases or idioms to Victor just so he can see his sweet confused puppy face and get to teach him something new.
Victor ends up using the fancy new phrase in almost all of his conversations even if they don’t quite fit and Yuuri finds it be be absolutely adorable

xNFx Friends


  • Seems very chill and easygoing.
  • Is easygoing indeed, but camouflages stress very well.
  • Has a tendency to prioritize everyone that matters to him.
  • Can be very withdrawn when it comes to his feelings.
  • Stupid (yet funny) misunderstandings happen because he refuses to be “selfish” (meaning he refuses to tell what he thinks/feels).
  • Always creates a friendly atmosphere.
  • Has the most genuine smile.
  • Loyal™.
  • Has been in love with his best friend ever since they met.
  • Good student, is not really at the top of the class.
  • Every time he gets in trouble, it’s ENTP’s fault.
  • Healthy lack of ambition.
  • High emotional intelligence.
  • Has a very solid routine
  • assuming responsibilities has become one of his hobbies.
  • Bookworm. Loves novels.

Common phrases include:

–  “Let’s hear their version first”.
–  “Call me if you need anything”.
–  “It’s no bother”.
– “But what about my heart?” (As a response to INTP and ISTP telling him he should care less).


  • Sees everything, understands everything, says little, does nothing.
  • Prefers to be unnoticed.
  • Incredibly intelligent.
  • But the lack of motivation is real (drives INTJ nuts “such a wasted talent”).
  • She secretly is the main nexus of the group since she’s adopted them all.
  • Sleep deprived™.
  • Has become one of ENFJ’s closest friends.
  • Can see the best and worst of everyone.
  • Soft and delicate (but don’t mess with her loved ones).
  • Has a very specific “yeah, we knew that” look with INFJ.

Common phrases include:

–  "You shouldn’t have said that" (whispered to ISTP’s blunt self).
–  "I’m never fixing others’ problems again" (fixes everyone’s problems).
–  "Are you sure that’s a good idea?“


  • His academical success in a specific subject depends like 40% on his interest and 60% on his opinion about the teacher.
  • Is not the best student.
  • Still has many generic skills (such as good analysis and writing) of useful application.
  • Spends his free time reading whenever he is not in small groups of friends.
  • Witty puns. 
  • Feels like he is always wasting his time.
  • He likes to pretend that nothing really affects him that much, but he cares very deeply.
  • Whenever in larger groups of people, he remains quiet and silently analyzes everyone.
  • A lot of smirks.
  • And a lot of dark humour.
  • He looks tough, but his skin is too thin for all his emotions.
  • Has a thirst for knowledge.
  • Normally keeps his conclusions for himself.
  • The result is that he knows much more than people are aware of.
  • He doesn’t look forward to being the center of attention, but he handles it quite smoothly.
  • ISTP and INTP find him very entertaining.

Common phrases include:

–  "Humans suck. And I’m human, so I suck, too”.
–  "Yeah… I already knew that".
–  "Oh, is that so, you *insert witty insult*“.
–  "Sorry, can’t talk now, I’m busy regretting all my decisions”.


  • Thinks rules are important but is constantly breaking them unconsciously.
  • Good friend™.
  • Says “I’m sorry” way too much.
  • Kind heart.
  • Smiles a lot.
  • Starts everything, ends nothing.
  • Has tried all extracurricular activities.
  • Says she’s not afraid of commitment and responsibility.
  • Can’t commit to an ice-cream flavour.
  • Very difficult to upset. Unless you mess up with her loved ones.

Common phrases include:

–  "But it’s so cute" (as a response ro ENTJ best friend telling her something is useless).
–  "Planning? I think I’ll pass".
–  "Oh, no… Oh, no" (every time she realises there was work to do).

Shared traits

  • Compassionate and caring beings.
  • Strong sense of others.
  • Solid moral base.
  • They care more than they would like to admit.
  • Might be to a higher (ENFJ and ENFP) or lower (INFJ and INFP) degree but they believe the world can actually work better.
  • Yes to deep meaningful conversations.
  • Self loath danger.
  • Need to feel in the mood in order to do something.
  • Easiest way to lose their trust forever: make them feel used and/or manipulated.


IxxJ squad

xNTx squad

After Bitty teaches him how to use snapchat stories properly, Jack takes habit to sneaking around and startling Bitty.

So basically its just Jack crouching behind a chair or crawling behind the kitchen counter.

And when he jumps out he trys to start a conversation since his goal is to startle Bitty, NOT scare.

Bitty is baking a pie: “…..!!MMMH SOMThing smells good you baking? Yeah thats cool what flavor?”

Bitty studying: “….!!STUDYING HArd or hardly studying, am I right?

Bitty brushing his teeth: ”….!!FIGHTINg gum disease? Good job Bittle, remember to floss.“

Bitty’s twitter followers always know when to check Jack’s snapchat,

[Eric Bittle @ omgcheckplease:
Boy thinks he’s being cute.😊
Lord give me the strength. 🙏 ]

Overall Bitty doesn’t mind, he purposely overreacts most of the time because Jack isn’t exactly the most silent of sneakers, and he also enjoys how giggly Jack gets when he believes he’s “got em”.

You Deserve Punishment (M)

Description: You never wanted to see them again, you couldn’t bare facing them in the eyes. Not after what you witnessed. It would forever haunt you. Why? Because you discovered their dirty little secret; Park Jimin was the lover of Min Yoonji, who was actually a man.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Smut (M), angst, university!au

Word Count: 6,350

A/N: Extreme vulgar language use. Name calling, and heavy dom/sub undertones. There is also a lot of yaoi (boyxboy) action. Graphic descriptions of sex (oral, etc…) This is a mature read! You have been warned!

Originally posted by bellahasjams

Never in a million years, would you have expected to walk into a full 500 student lecture, only to easily spot the two people you never wanted to see again. There was a big lump held in your throat, as you quickly ducked your head down to find an empty seat. Unfortunately for you, the only empty seat you found was exactly a row behind these certain individuals. Trying to sit down as quietly as possible, you mentally screamed, You’ve got to be fucking kidding me! Since when did they come here?!? How could I not have known?!?

Keep reading

  • ENFP: Easter is literally the best thing ever!
  • INTP: Why do you say that?
  • ENFP: I can fuel my cute-bunnies-and-pastel-colours obsession and who's gonna judge me? No one. Buying horrendous amounts of chocolate? Normal. Maybe I just have 82 kids or something. Can't judge me.
  • INTP: Okay but you're literally 14... I don't think anyone's gonna believe you have 82 children, sweetie.
  • ENFP: They will. I'm like the seventh tallest in my class and once I listened to Joe Lemon I might as well be an adult
  • INTP: I...
  • INTP: Wait who the f**k is Joe Lemon
  • ENFP: That musician with the round glasses.
  • INTP: It's John Lennon you expired carton of dog milk
Adult World (Jungkook smut)

Originally posted by nochuie

Description: You reveal to your friends that no one except yourself has ever made you cum. Jin in particular finds this interesting and dares you and Jungkook to go to the sex shop down the street and purchase a sex toy, for your own benefit of course.

Pairings: You x Jungkook, You x Taehyung, Jungkook x Taehyung (you know how truth and dare goes)

Basically: Taehyung is a cocky lil shit who features quite a lot. Jin is a mean lil shit and Jungkook is a very helpful lil shit ;)

Genre: Smut, Angst, Fluff (so much smut, like damn this was hot to write)

This fic includes: A brief boy on boy scene, swearing, alcohol, sex toys, explicit smut

Word count: 6k

“You’ve got to be kidding!” Jin practically howls with laughter, doubling over himself and nearly falling off the couch with laughter. You’re about to tell him off but Jungkook beats you to it.

“Shut up. It’s not that big of a deal.”

Jin sits up straight, looking down at Jungkook, who sits next to you on the floor, opposite Jin. He wipes the tears from his eyes, his laughter finally dying down. “Hey, don’t you think you should talk to me with a bit more respect?” He prods teasingly, but Jungkook doesn’t seem in the mood, his previous lighthearted spirit vanishing upon Jin’s insensitive comment.

Jungkook’s tone is excitingly stern, but not rude, “Yeah, I’ll show more respect when you show more respect to Y/N.”

You laugh, “Don’t worry about me, Jungkook. I don’t think I can take Jin very seriously, not when I highly doubt he’d even know how to make me or any other girl cum.”

The circle of friends in Taehyung and Jungkook’s apartment erupt into comical ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’.

“You got damn burned!” Jimin says, leaning over the bottles in the center of your various seated positions to high five you.

Keep reading