but their celebration made me all kinds of happy

because some of y'all ugly snape/snily stans are really getting on my nerves, here are some gentle reminders about the overly pompous arse: james potter— boy extraordinaire

• james grows up in a happy family. his childhood is filled with first magic celebrations and awkward tumbles from quidditch practices and it’s an overall, nice kind of picturesque apple pie life

• so when james goes to hogwarts and boards the train it’s not— it’s not anything new. at least not yet.

• it’s not until he finds himself at odds in finding a seat that it really strikes him as a whole new world compared to something that always seemed given to him

• so robes and wand in hand, he swerves past bustling students (damn him and his athletic abilities) and peers into a nearly full compartment

• he knocks lightly (okay, loudly, alright? when has james ever done anything without a thundering finesse) and a boy with straw hair and sullen eyes slides the door open and offers a silent sweep of his hand to an empty space next to a boy with dark grey eyes and a contorted expression of a scowl and a grin. he’s a black: james has seen him in passing when the rare invitation for galas or balls somehow finds its way into the potter house; sirius was his name. sirius orion. james remembers laughing when he first heard about him.

• when their robes are changed and a mousy kid named peter starts talking with more excitement, sirius cracks open a smile and remus chews on a chocolate bar and james realizes that magic isn’t something you take, but something to be given.

• he meets lily

• and it’s like—

• it’s like the world tilts on a dangerous axis and starts spinning off course

• it’s like she’s the centre of everything, and the very thought of her sends him in orbit with brand new fervour

• lily’s the exact moment that james realizes that magic isn’t something to abuse, but something to cherish and hold, and break into parts until it fits into the heart of someone else

but the thing is.

the thing is is that she hates him

• so naturally, he hates snape

• and it’s childish and crude, and if anyone asks him in later years, he would say that snape deserved every bit of it

• but in truth, he would recall the quiet and warm voice of remus, snuggled in a fetal position on the gryffindor common room couch, mumbling in the wee hours of dawn

• ‘lily isn't— lily isn’t something you own, you know? she’s like the muse of every artist, but she isn’t some untouchable painting, prongs. she's— she’s human. nothing less, and nothing more. you shouldn’t immortalize her, that’s the same thing as snape’s twisted fantasy of his minuscule chance with her.’

• and james had blinked over the glaring light of his horrid glasses and paused into nothingness— too quiet, that remus had lifted his head to check if he was still breathing

• and then he had laughed and said, ‘do you have a crush on her or something? is she you’re mate? is that even a thing??’

• the ‘fuck off, prongs.’ wasn’t missed to james’ ears

• skip through time a little and he stops obsessing. he doesn’t steal obscene plants from the greenhouse to present to her, and he stops paying the ghosts to sing renditions of elvis songs in the middle of the great hall

• and it’s not until sixth year that lily starts to notice

• so the first date goes along smoothly, and the first hand hold is without any sweaty palms, and the first hug is comfortable enough

• but the first kiss is absolutely awful

• there’s fumbling and teeth against teeth and it’s all very trial and error

• and then lily tilts her head back; all soft eyes, and bright hair, and golden mind, and james can see the glow of fire around her in the setting sun

• 'it’s okay, james.’ she says. 'we’re okay.’ and she slowly leans in again, and meets her mouth against his and she tastes like home. warm, and pliant, and pure happiness.

• when they go into hiding years later, james still visibly sags with relief every time he hears the familiar coo of harry’s giggle, and the everlasting wonder of lily’s sighs of content

• and when voldemort leaves his body cold and empty, he remembers the taste of her lips against his.

• home and magic and everything good in between.

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Hey guys!!(I love this blog and all of you so much~!) So I kind of just confessed to my best friend. I wasn't sure how he'd react because he has a gf but... turns out he's been crushing on me too! And he told his gf and guess what, she's okay with it and was questioning herself to be poly too! (Both me and my friend are) Nothing has been made official but I'm just so happy and relieved I had to celebrate and get it out of my system!! (Love you all!) -pupmkin anon (yeah I copied bananna anon...)


Mod Jay


This is how I feel about the trophy.

To be honest, made me feel a little sad seeing people saying “this prize doesn’t matter because is not a Korean one”. I don’t care what kind of prize is, or where it’s from. Just seeing those happy faces and twitts saying thank you to kissme, give me all the happiness in the world; and the real prize are those smiles. The real treasure. Not that material thing. Let’s celebrate the happiness in our boy’s hearts!! Congratulations, U-KISS! ♡ 

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Ayyye a little late but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOUR BLOG. Your blog give so much amazement to your followers including me with all your Amazing and good stories and scenarios. Like your one of my favorite authors 💕 and ps you made your account on my dads birthday haha

Don’t worry about being late - it still means all the same to me! Thank you so much babe, thank you for always being amazing and so kind towards me too ^^ I appreciate it endlessly :)

And oh my goodness happy belated birthday to your dad! I hope he celebrated a good one :D

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Good lord, Rent A Boyfriend™ killed my heart with fluff. Ahhhhhh, it makes me wish I really could rent a boyfriend for Valentine's Day 😫. Rent A Boyfriend™ made my bitter, lonely, Valentine's hating heart a bit less bitter. A bit. Happy early Valentine's Day btw 💕💕💕 -that one emotionally wreaked (and lonely 😫) anon

ahahahhaaha no you don’t need a boyfriend…even if you can’t actually rent one either. Hey just hang out with me and my lonelyness hahaha. We can be bitter together. 

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I DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO CELEBRATE THE DAY OF BIRF, SO HERE’S A FLUTTERSHY. fluttershythekind‘s day of birf is today.♥

Okay, but seriously. Not sure if you still remember me, with my url change I was xXDoodle-PupXx. But I still remember very well when you called me an exceptionally nice person and even followed me here. :’) Although, I do feel kind of bad because I don’t think my trash posts are worthy to be seen by you lololol You have absolutely no idea how happy that simple compliment made me, especially coming from somebody as sweet as you~ ♥
All of your art is just absolutely adorable, and even reading your captions makes me happy~ And have I also mentioned how much I love your animations?? They’re seriously stunning~ :’)

I really wish you a wonderful birthday and hope you’re as happy as you make me with your lovely posts ^^
So take this smol pone and have a lovely day.

All of my love
~BucketNess formally xXDoodle-PupXx


hi cuties! first of all sorry for the crappy edit, i tried something fancy but meh too lazy~ aNYWAYS, i kinda promised myself i would never make another follow forever because it takes too much time and i feel like i’m bothering the people i include ;; but i feel like i have a few things to celebrate rn! i recently reached 10k followers and i’m kind of.. blown away by that.. and i’m so incredibly grateful and happy that so many amazing people somehow ended up on my crappy blog ;; it’s also been about 2 years since i fell in love with exo, even tho i didn’t really start posting about them on this blog right away. i’m so happy that i opened my heart to them and now i’m complete exo trash and i blame tumblr for that lmao ~ plus my bday is coming up pretty soon so yeah.. follow forever happened yay

thank you so much for always being so supportive, thank you for sticking with me through a pretty drastic blogging style change from pastel ( just know you don’t have to keep following me o k) , for being so loving and understanding with my weird moods and troubles, for making tumblr a safe haven where i can be myself and feel comfortable & at home ;;; i’m so grateful towards the friends i’ve made on here, both people i talk to now and in the past, i know i’m a terrible friend who can’t keep in contact, is super slow with replying or replying at all sometimes, but i just need you to know how much i appreciate you for making my experience on tumblr 10x more fun. there’s so many wonderful people on this site and even tho i’m super shy and awkward i’m glad i got the chance to talk to some of you ;; lol ok why does is sound like i’m leaving i’M SORRY BUT I JUST LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH OK  wow i’m sorry for taking up space on ur dash don’t hate me

so i’m just gonna go over to the wonderful blogs i follow! i couldn’t include everyone but just know i love you very much yes

bolded - mutuals
italics - special cuties (iLYSM PLS MARRY ME)


absolutehun, ahbaekhyun, ahjuicy, ahtao, aishbaek, baby-baek, baehkkyun, baek-my-day, baek-ology, baekby, baekbyunniee, baekdumbb, baekhny, baekhyun-ah, baekhyuns-smile, baekintime, baekiya, baekkisseu, baeksnapback, baekyhns, baekzone, baexiian, banhsoo, beautyeol, bhaek, bhyunq, biubaek, brbcrawlingtokorea, bumkis, byeolks, byun-baekyung, byunbaekdumb, byunbunnie, byuncute, byunny, celestyeol, cereayeol, ch-e-nyeol, chancassochandescent, chanpups, chenisgay, cumgodkai, cutaekai, dearbaek, deardodoro


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networks; +colorcultnet +byunbaek-net +baekyeolnet +kkreators-net 
ily ok by e ♡ 

I just reached 500+ followers. And I feel like celebrating whole my life so I thought why not spread some love and appreciate bloggers that were incredible kind and inspiring to me? It will be small and I surely should include more of you. I  l o v e  y o u  a l l.


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                  One more time : I LOVE YOU!

⭐️  h e l l o ⭐️

I recently reached 1K followers, which is just amazing considering I haven’t had this blog for that long, and I wanted to do my first follow forever for this blog to celebrate it!

So, I’m starting off with some special mentions:

Thank you so much to Yikes: @jamesbeauchanan @risusly @ifeelit-ifeelit @tomlinstwist @idshiplarry @fairydustlou @trytoescapeit @rainbowlxrry @harryscurlsreallylouis . I’m so happy to have you all in my life and you’re so incredibly supportive and kind and while the iCarly fic made me question almost everything in my life, I’ll never question my love for all of you.

Also, lots of love to ot3: the for always being all kinds of wonderful. You’re the best Sam and Bucky to my Steve that I could ever ask for and I know you’ll give me shit for being too sappy but I love you so much and you never fail to make me so extremely, incredibly happy.

Now, favs are bolded but I love all of you very much! 

✨  A - C  ✨

@ace-louis @acestyles @agenderlouie @agenderogers @arolarrie @arrowguy @artsysteve @bestfriendshl @bisexualarrity @blessnialls @booptommo @boyfluxliam @buckie-and-steeb @bucky-james-buchanan @buckybarnes- @buckycap @buckycentric @buckylouie @buckys-star @byckybrnes @captainamericaisbisexual @captainbuckybarness @captnadorable @cptnwintersoldier

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@daddylouisaf @darklarries @darlinghalo @demigaybird @demimalik @demizouie @dotingbfs @fackinglouis @fairydustlou @fightmebucky @foolforyouisaqueerlovesong @forlouiseyes @fucksinglelouis @givemebackmybucky @grayromanticharry @habitbynight @harryandseb @harryindunkirk @harryscurlsreallylouis @hazstylestrash @his-winter-children @hockey-dragoons @hogwartzlou @honeyace @horsensharry

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I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent in good things that have happened to them. SO MANY PEOPLE. It made me so happy to read what has made you all happy.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas, or just a lovely Wednesday if you don’t celebrate.  Be kind (to others and especially yourself)<3333

So, before I go to bed, I just want to say a few things.

Thank you all so much for the kind and wonderful asks, messages and posts you have all sent me today. It was yet again a wonderful reminder how amazing this entire community is. You all made me so incredibly happy today (and everyday) and I cannot thank you all enough. 

This community is a family and you all prove that to me each and every time we all come together to support one another when someone is in need or to celebrate a good moment. I really love you guys so much!

I know Jack is so proud of this community. Thank you all for making this community what it is. 

Like Jack said, please keep posting your pictures with Sam. They brighten up my day and I love seeing all your faces!