but the writing of hook is horrible

SDCC 2017 - “Brave New Warriors” Panel with Colin


  • Colin loves the many kinds of Hook he’s gotten to play. And he loves the eyeliner and leather pants (x)
  • Colin had to STRIP OFF in an play in Ireland and he knelt it tighty whities in front of his MOM (x)
    • colin talking about having to wear tighty whities for a play and how he squatted in front of his mom (x)
  • Everyone BUT @colinodonoghue1 has been caught by police in an embarrassing situation, apparently (x)
  • “Have you ever done push-ups before a shirtless scene?” (x)
  • Colin was recognized as someone who “looked like Hook”- when he said he was she didn’t believe him! (x)
  • “I had a baby girl two months ago, so I had a good cry then.” (x)
    • last good cry was when his baby girl was born two months ago! (x)
  • Colin geeks out over Anthony Hopkins - and he got to make a movie with him! (x)
  • Worst thing director ever said to @colinodonoghue1 “can we have better?” He left that audition (x)
    • The others commented “ well look where you are now” and he got a round of applause (x)
  • “They write things for me to do and they forget I have one hand on the show.” (x)
  • Colin just showed his hidden talent: he can shuffle one handed since he has a hook on the show. And yes he did it! (x)



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Heh, thanks for getting back so quickly. Personally, I'm a fan of Style, Crenny (I cannot find any decent fic for this wth, perhaps I'm not looking hard enough?), Staig, Bendy, and K2. Big fan of angst. And yeah, love the blog - I've been lowkey stalking it since last night, not to be weird.

Oooh some lovely choices my friend. (Thank you for the compliment again, not weird!) The original ask for this was asking for fic recommendations, and I replied that one away so I could grab what pairings they were into. Also the lack of Crenny content is a complete tragedy and I’m hoping to directly change that by writing more of it someday, haha. This got lengthy, sorry!

Fanfiction Recommendations (A Short Few)

Splendid by SaucyMongoose. (Crenny)

This writer has a very unique grip on language that I adore. The whole fic gave me a feeling that I want to call whimsical, like I was floating through a breeze of words. It’s incomplete as of now, but well worth the read so far. The writer hasn’t put out too much as of now but I imagine the quality of their work must resonate throughout their repertoire. It’s such a pretty use of language, almost like poetry. 

Painted in Shrouds by Courtanie (K2)

I’ve been in love with Courtanie’s writing from day one, and this is the first fic I read of hers. It really sucked me in, and I felt like I was reading a particularly good book rather than fanfiction. It had an excellent, driven plot, with a really compelling story. I’m also a sucker for Kysterion, admittedly. My other recommendations from the same writer would be Ok, Cupid It Isn’t Funny Anymore (a really lovely K2 one-shot) and if you’re interested in a whole lotta whump and Kyle-suffering, Seven Candles. Not for the faint of heart, but it has angst covered and then some. If I’m being honest, even though I haven’t been able to sit down and read every one of her works, I’ve yet to find one I didn’t love. Seriously consider her if you haven’t already.

Put Our Pistols Down by scarlettshazam (Style)

There are a ton of Style fics out there that are worth recommending, but I don’t see this one very often and it deserves some stage time. Scarlettshazam as a whole has a great handle on all things ranging from bizarre to downright horrible (in a good way), but they’ve got a ton of great angst content besides this fic. They’re not afraid to write the gritty details of reality as it hits their characters, and it packs a punch. This one is one of my favorites because it paints a very unique picture- the setting isn’t cookie-cutter South Park, even if some themes remain. There’s something about the way their words flow that always hooks me in and does a great job of keeping me captivated and invested in the plot. Also worth a read is The Game Of Life (angsty K2) and a lot of their one-shots are awesome. Specifically, Too Old To Dream (Style) made me cry buckets, no exaggeration.

Mysterion Trilogy by indirectkissesiniceland (K2, Creek)

This is one of my favorite series for sure. While this one is definitely on the lighthearted side, I found myself so delightfully wrapped up in the storyline and the way the characters were written. I highly recommend the whole thing, but if you are interested in avoiding Creek, just the first installment is K2 oriented with Creek in the background, and it’s not necessary to read the second one to find resolution from the first. Yeah, Dude, Civil War is another ongoing project that they’re co-writing with polarspicecap (whom I also recommend as an individual writer for some unique takes and great humor) which is probably the lightest read in this list. It’s just a fun time, and a pleasant read. Gold Digger (K2) made my heart feel again, it was so sweet. Overall, this writer does a lot of fun stuff if you’re looking for great stories to cleanse your intense angst palate.

If I could recommend every great fic I’ve ever read I’d be here all day long, but I’m going to cut things short here. I don’t have much for Staig, as I ship it but not too enthusiastically so I haven’t sought it out, and same goes for Bendy. I wanted to publish this publicly for more people to get to see and maybe consider. Hope you don’t mind, and hopefully I suggested something you haven’t read yet. Enjoy!

The One With The ‘No P.D.A’ Rule

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: The morning after Alec dumps you, Jace’s only intention is to offer you a shoulder to cry on but things go a little further than expected when he realizes he’s still into you.

A/N: hi, this is my favourite piece of writing in a long time so i hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as i did writing it!
(also, who has watched smallville because i just started and i’m hooked!)

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)


“Hey,” Jace sighs, sitting on the edge of your bed, “You have to get up.”

“I can’t,” you groan from underneath your sheets, “Go away.”

“Y/N,” he sighs, “I know what happened.”

You pop your head out and stare at him with furrowed brows, “I can’t believe Alec told you.”

“I’m his parabatai.”

“Cool,” you grumble, pulling the sheets back over your head. Jace yanks them away, leaning down and hovering over you, “You smell horrible. At least take a shower.”

You shove him backwards by his chest as you sit up, “You’re a fucking asshole.”

“You can’t just mope around in bed forever,” he scoffs.

“I wasn’t moping – and fuck you – he broke up with me last night, cut me some slack.”

“I’m doing this for your own good,” he says, leading you toward the bathroom by your shoulders.

You hunch over the sink, looking at your reflection in distaste – smudged mascara and raccoon eyes did not look good on you.

“It’ll get better,” he says, leaning in the doorway.

“Right,” you say sarcastically, “It won’t be awkward at all seeing him every day and going on missions together.”

Jace shrugs, “It wasn’t awkward for us.”

“We dated when we were 16,” you scoff, “That doesn’t count.”

“Hey, I was in love with you. It broke my heart when you started dating Alec.”

You frown, “Sorry. I didn’t know.”

“The point is,” he says, wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his chin on your shoulder, “It gets better.” You rest your hands on his, staring at the reflection of the two of you.

“You weren’t really in love with me, were you?” you ask after a long silence. Jace simply walks past you and turns the shower on and then signals for you to hop in.

“Jace?” you raise a brow.

“Later,” he smiles, “First let’s get you smelling… less like whisky and puke.”

“Answer the question!” you laugh. Jace pushes you backwards into the shower and pulls the door shut.

“JACE!” you yell as your clothes become drenched in the cold water, “JACE ITS COLD!”

“It’ll get better!” he smirks.

“HA HA,” you say sarcastically, wiping the water off your face, “LET ME OUT!”

Jace chuckles, letting his head hang back but when he straightens up to look at you, you’re looking at the floor, your shoulders shaking.

“Shit,” he mumbles, “Hey, I’m sorry – it was just a joke,” he says, pulling the door open and tilting your chin up with his finger.

You poke your tongue out at him and grab a fistful of his shirt, yanking him under the water with you, “SUCKER!”

“I hate you,” Jace grumbles, sliding a hand down his face and chuckling.

“No, you love me,” you smirk, “You admitted it!”

“That’s not what I said,” he mumbles, glaring at you.

“It so is, you were totally in love with m-“ you begin to say, quickly hushed as Jace presses you against the wall and kisses you, his hands tangled in your wet hair.

“Jace,” you mumble against his lips, pushing against his chest. He pulls away with wide eyes and stumbles backwards into the glass door.

“I –I-“ he stammers. You push the door open behind him, pushing him backwards back into your room and then pulling the door shut.

“Y/N?!” he says, knocking against the door.

“I – I have to shower!” you yell, turning the pressure up so the sound of the water is too loud for him to call out over.

“Alec,” Jace chuckles nervously, scurrying past Alec in a hurry, “I’d love to talk but I have a – uh, thing.”

Alec walks in front of Jace, blocking his path, “What’s up with you? You’ve been avoiding me all week since I told you I dumped y/n. Are you mad at me?”

“Wha- noooo,” Jace shakes his head and blows a raspberry, “I could never be mad at you man. You know why? Because we’re parabatai. We forgive each other no matter what,” he says with wide eyes.

Alec furrows his brows together, “Okay? Well, that’s a relief then,” he lowers his voice, “How is she?”

“I don’t know, she hasn’t talked to me all week since it happened-“ he swallows hard, “And by ‘it’ I mean you dumping her.”

Alec narrows his eyes, “Are you feeling okay?”

“Stop grilling me okay,” Jace frowns, pushing past him, “What’s with the third degree? I didn’t do anything wrong – you dumped her!” he huffs, sitting down on the couch.

“I know?” Alec furrows his brows together, standing over Jace, “What’s going on with you?”

Jace pinches the bridge of his nose, “I kissed her,” he sighs.

Alec’s jaw clenches, “You what?”

Jace looks up at Alec with an apologetic expression but by then Alec already has him up by his collar and pinned against the wall.

“You kissed her a few hours after we broke up?!” he yells.

Jace slumps and stops trying to get free, “You dated her a few months after she and I broke up!”

“You were sixteen!” Alec scoffs in disbelief.

“SO?! I LOVED HER?” he yells back, “I – I love her,” he sighs. Alec lets go of him and runs his fingers through his hair, “Did she kiss you back?”

“No, she slammed the door in my face,” Jace sinks to the floor, resting his arms on his knees,

Alec smirks slightly, “Good. You’re an asshole,” he huffs, “I can’t believe you kissed her.”

“Well, you’re the one who dumped her!”

Alec sighs after a long pause, “So you love her, huh?”

“I guess,” Jace mumbles, “I mean, the minute you two started dating I just stopped thinking about it but seeing her all sad and shit it just – it did something to me, I don’t know. Everything just fell into place and then next thing I know I’m kissing her,” he buries his face in his hands, “She must hate me. She gets dumped and is looking for some comfort from her best friend-“

“Izzy is her best friend,” Alec interjects.

“And then I just kiss her!” he groans and then hangs it head back, knocking it against the wall and then grimacing.

“Well, as much as it pains me to say this – if she had kissed you back the two of you would have had my blessing,” he shrugs, “But it sounds to me like you kind of blew it,” Alec holds a hand out and pulls Jace up when he takes it, “At least try fix it.”

“So you don’t hate me?” Jace asks nervously.

“No but I’m not particularly fond of your either,” he sighs, “If things do work out just stay out of my sight for a week. Both of you. No kissing or any of that shit, okay?”

With that he gives Jace a sympathetic pat on the back and walks away and just as he does, you round the corner.

“Alec,” you give him a faltering smile. He looks over his shoulder at Jace and then back at you and then let’s out a long sigh, “I’m sorry about this,” he says, picking you up and slinging you over his shoulder. He grabs Jace by the arm and drags you both down the hall, putting you down once he’s got the two of you in the storage closet.

“Have fun talking things out,” he smiles, pulling the door shut and locking it.

“ALEC!” you yell, slamming your fists against the door, “ALEC THIS ISN’T FUNNY! LET ME OUT!”

“Y/N…” Jace mumbles, raising his voice when you continue to slam your shoulder into the door, “Y/N!”

He pulls you back by your shoulders and turns you to face him, “He’ll be back soon.”

“Not soon enough,” you sigh, leaning against the door with your eyes shut.

“Is it really that bad to be in a room with me?” he frowns.

“What do you think?”

“I think we should talk about what happened in your bathroom the other day,” he says, stepping closer to you.


“Or nothing. Y/N, I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable or – I don’t know, if you thought I was taking advantage of you. That wasn’t my intention. I just – I hated seeing you so hurt and I  - I just wanted to make you feel better.”

“By kissing me?” you raise a brow.

“Yeah- I mean, no – I don’t know,” he sighs, “Would it be crazy if I still had feelings for you?”

You inhale sharply, “Well, do you?”

“Kind of,” he sighs, “Yes.”

“So you didn’t just kiss me to get in my pants?” you cross your arms over your chest, “Because that would make me mad – you risking our friendship just to try get in my pants!”

“No! God, no, y/n I want to be with you,” he takes your hand in his, “I want to be able to kiss you and hold your hand and make you laugh, I mean, if you’ll give me a chance.”

You think about it for a moment, staring at your hand in his, “Jace-“

“I promise I won’t kiss you under freezing cold water ever again if you say yes.”

You smirk, “I don’t know, that was a pretty amazing kiss.”

“Right?” he grins, “So does that mean you’ll go out with me?”

“Fine,” you roll your eyes, “Only because you with puppy eyes makes me feel very unsettled,” you laugh, “Now can you get this door open.”

Jace nods and then kicks it down.

You slip your hand into his as you walk out and he stiffens, “Actually…” he sighs, pulling his hand away, “We can’t do that.”

“Hold hands?”

“No, uh – PDA.”

“Why?” you narrow your eyes.

“Because Alec will kick my ass – he was already mad enough when I told him I kissed you.”


Jace nods guiltily.

“Did he hit you?”

“No,” he sighs in relief.

“That’s too bad,” you laugh.

“HEY!” he frowns, nudging you playfully.

I Always Will

Writer - @damndescendants

Requested - yes by: @nerdpeterparker

So, how about Y/N is Harry’s girlfriend but when she gets chosen for Auradon she breaks up with him and he feels betrayed, and slowly but surely he got worst and more insane. And makes the boys take her with Lonnie to help and when Harry saw her (literally more stylish than Evie) he didn’t say a word but he was looking at her, and one of the pirates pushed her into the water and Harry saved her but since he was acting crazy she wanted to get away from him.  And when Uma pulled her little stunt at cotillion he took her away because she got hurt, and after that he told her he would change for the better if he got to be with her Also, during the breakup he was always watching her on tv because she was always on events and stuff, and even got jealous if she was with some other guy. It got so long I’m sorry

Disclaimer - I do not own any of Descendants’ characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Disney Descendants

Pairing - Harry Hook X Reader

Summary – (Y/N), daughter of Rumpelstiltskin, has been gone with the VK’s in Auradon for 6 months now and both her and Harry Hook are feeling the effects

Warning(s) - horrible writing lmao

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Niall and harry's dates stood them up and they're sulking in their booth or table (next to each other) until they make eye contact and a “my date stood me up” so they do their own date. please and thank you. :-)

Sorry this took so long, I am not setting dates for myself to write these prompts because I don’t want this to become a thing I am forcing myself to do. Plus, I wasn’t in the writing mood and I don’t want to give you guys badly written prompts. Enjoy this once again fluffy prompt and thank you to whoever sent this in! :)


His name was Dylan, Louis had hooked him up with him by giving the guy his phone number. Saying ‘you haven’t been out in a while mate, and he’s a really good guy I promise.’ Niall had been a little weary, not liking to go out as often as he used to, but he managed to stalk the lad on Facebook and didn’t really mind his looks, so it wasn’t a horrible thing to have this guy coming on a first date with him.

Only…it’s been ten minutes since the lad was supposed to be here in this downtown London restaurant that they had picked. Niall wasn’t in the wrong place, he knows that for sure because he’s checked the map on his phone almost a million times, plus texted Louis making sure he got the name of the place right. 

So, where is he? Niall was tapping his foot anxiously on the ground of the booth he was sat at, feeling like a complete loser with all these families and couples surrounding him laughing. He’s getting hungry too, smelling food as the waiters and waitresses pass by balancing them in their hands. He doesn’t even have to look at the menu to know what he wants, cause the fish and chips that the dad of a family a booth down is eating looks exactly what he would want.

But he’s declined every offer of food from what the waitress named Katy has asked him whenever she comes over, he’s had two glasses of water though since he couldn’t take her giving him saddened looks that get more dramatic every time she walked past him.

Everyone just knew he was being stood up, it was probably radiating off him. It wasn’t hard to realize though, with the way he was dressed and how there was an empty seat across from him.

He was just grabbing for his phone, feeling like his skin was going to crawl right off his bones if he didn’t occupy himself when his eyes locked with another man sitting at a table a few meters in front of him, he was leaned over it harshly, elbows locked on top and his expression looking nervous the way he was biting at his lip.

It wasn’t Dylan, Niall was sure because he’s checked the guys Facebook enough to know he has more of a beard than that guy, and his hair is blond, not brunet, and definitely not curly. So all he could do was stare curiously at the anxious looking guy that looked to be in a critical situation like him. 

Their eye contact is quickly broken though, the awkwardness of it all being too much for them to hold their gazes. Niall pretends to play on his phone, and sighs when he hears heels clicking along the floor of the restaurant and stopping at his booth.

It’s Katy smiling all sad again, her mouth just slightly turned in a grin with eyes filled with unspoken words saying ‘I’m so sorry love, you deserve better.’

He ignores it though, instead giving her a fake smile that doesn’t reach his ears. Niall just wants her to leave and not waste her time with him, but she flips open her notepad and starts to scribble something down onto it as her eyes flicker onto his hunched form.

“I am getting you a Caesar salad on the house today, you look like you need it love.” She moves a hand out to pat at his shoulder after she caps her pen and shoves the notepad into the little pouch she has tied around her apron. Niall feels a warmth grow in his gut at the nice gesture, and gives her a small nod in acknowledgement.

He’s probably taking up the space in the restaurant, an actual couple going on an actual date could be waiting to be seated. He says that to himself, but when his eyes land on the front entrance of the restaurant, no one is there. Not that cute couple he was thinking about holding hands and waiting patiently, and definitely not Dylan scanning the place trying to find Niall with hopeful eyes.


Katy was coming out of the kitchen a few minutes later, and Niall was surprised to see two Caesar salads balanced in her grip, her not meeting his eyes as she smiles at other costumers. Maybe she felt so bad for him she was gonna give him two salads, but before Niall could think of a way to nicely decline the extra starter, he sees her stop at the table with the man that Niall had locked eyes with before, her setting down the second salad with that same similar upset smile across her face.

It kind of clicked in Niall’s head now, seeing almost a repeat scene of what happened with Niall. The other lads fake smiles towards Katy, him trying not to meet anyones eyes in the restaurant, Katy’s hand along his shoulder before she swiftly left.

Niall was more than curious now, this guy was stood up just like him. It was funny how they were both in the same restaurant as well as being in the same situation. Did this guy have a first date too that didn’t decide to show up? Was it a man or a woman? Or maybe it wasn’t a date at all, maybe his friends ditched him, or a family member.

He was thinking so hard into it, he flinched when Katy placed the salad in front of him. She looked curious herself seeing him jumping off the booths seat, and when her eyes had connected the dots to where he was looking, she almost laughed.

“Looks like two nice young men have been mistreated today, such a shame.” She tapped at the table with her fingers before leaving again. Niall was shocked, because his questions were answered, this poor lad was also left in the dust by his date.

It was stupid though, how Niall wanted to walk up to him and chat. He wanted to take his salad until he stood in front of the lads table, staring down at him with a shaky smile and soft eyes. Maybe shrug his shoulders with a ‘it happens mate’ passing his lips like he was some therapist.

But he was too chicken to do that, he doesn’t like talking to strangers. Maybe if he has a couple mates around his dignity won’t be too fragile, but his feelings have been pretty beat up today already, and if this guy turns him down or gets weirded out that he is talking to him, Niall is sure he won’t recover.

There’s a plate clanking down onto his table, and he just knows it’s Katy again probably with a whole meal now. But he’s almost choking on his lettuce when he sees it’s the guy who got stood up as well, wearing a fancy white dress shirt tucked into black pants. He looks like a prince, some fairy tale beauty that has Niall breathless. He looks amazing up close, better looking than Dylan any day.

“I was told by the waitress that I’m not the only one that got ditched today, sorry if I’m pointing fingers…but you looked pretty lonely over here. Plus, I think she only gives free appetizers to the sad singles in the restaurant.” Niall laughed at the mans words, feeling a blush burn his cheeks. He doesn’t know if he’s blushing cause the lad is that hot, or if it’s cause its embarrassing how obviously lonely he looks.

“Seriously though, sorry someone stood you up.” The guy was serious now, and when Niall looked up from his salad he was sucked right into those shining green eyes. This guy didn’t even know Niall, both of them being just strangers in front of one another, but the way he stared at Niall it made him feel like he cared, like he was actually seriously concerned.

He managed to act like it was nothing, well, because it really was not a big deal. He will find someone else in his life, Dylan wasn’t the only fish in the sea. So, he shrugged and gave the guy a genuine smile now unlike the fake one he gave Katy.

“It’s alright, life is too short to be sulking over one guy I barely knew.”

The guy nodded with a pout, agreeing with Niall’s word whole-heartedly and still showing such a keen focus on Niall’s actions and expressions. Love and adoration just steamed off this guy like he was just coming out of a sauna, Niall could see every bit of care this guy showed to people on this earth.

“A guy yeah?” The man had spoken, but it was more to himself as he grabbed at his fork and started picking at his food. Niall almost didn’t catch it in his little fantasy daze, him now raising a brow at him.

“So, I didn’t catch your name?” He didn’t let Niall get too far into his head about the comment though, moving on to another question that had Niall feeling stupid that he didn’t answer it sooner.

“Niall, yours?”

“Names Harry, Harry Styles.” The guy wasn’t hesitant to answer back, firing his own name out and sneaking in his last one too. Niall couldn’t help but smile, the name even sounded perfect, so posh and pretty.

“What’s that smile for?” Harry asked, looking up through his lashes as he chewed on a piece of lettuce, pretending to mix the dressing in with the salad more. Niall felt his blush come sneaking back, not realizing that he probably looked like a stupid school girl in front of her crush.

He just bloody met this guy, poor Dylan has been replaced that fast.

“D'know, you have a nice name.” Niall shrugged, barely getting those words out of his mouth because this Harry Styles guy had a hold on him that felt vice tight like he could barely breath. But it was in a good way, he felt balanced and secure under the intimidating mental grip of his green flashing eyes.

“I mean, not to be so forward already but you’ve got a nice face, too” That was the end for Niall, the words that had him choking on the water he was attempting to swallow down.

“Our poor dates have already been forgotten about.” Niall chuckled out when Harry started grabbing for the menus that Niall had pushed aside, putting them in front of them.

“It’s their loss for not coming, but I mean I’m fine with this date too.” Harry was giving Niall a sly grin, being cheeky and so perfect. Niall was a melting puddle in the booth seat.

“Oh so this is a date now?” Niall couldn’t stop blushing, he was almost worried it would become permanent and taint his cheeks red forever. If this Harry guy was going to become long-term, it probably will.

“I mean, if you want it to be.” Harry looked worried now, trying not to show it but stiffening a little when Niall had said that. But Niall was frantic right after, definitely not wanting Harry to think he didn’t want this.

“No, of course I’d love this to become a…y-you know, date.” Niall was stuttering, biting at his lip right after when Harry just smiled and looked at him like he created earth itself.

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didn't you want a new storyline for hook without a LI?

Yes and No. Look, I think this post is gonna end up making some folks mad, and I’m sorry about that, but I’m just sharing my feelings on the characters, ships and writing of this show… and it’s not all positive. So if that bothers you, please feel free to check out now :)

Killian Jones has always been written as a guy who lives for love. It’s always been his greatest (and often his only) motivation. He worshipped his father like a hero… and was betrayed horribly. Then it was his brother, who encouraged the hero worship and tried to give Killian an example to live up to - but only ended up accidentally feeding into Killian’s own self-loathing and left him feeling he’d never measure up. And then he died… and Killian was lost for a time, devoting everything he had to pillaging and murdering and stealing to get revenge on the Kingdom that sent his brother to his death. Then came Milah, and his love for her filled his life with light and joy and all sorts of good things… until she was killed and he devoted everything he had, once again, to avenging the death of a loved one. He held onto that motivation for hundreds of years, because he wouldn’t (couldn’t?) let another love into his heart. Then, of course, came Emma. He let her in… and the cycle began anew, only with Emma this time.

Now, we all know his love for Emma motivated him, as all of his loves have, to be a better man and to become the hero he was always meant to be. And that’s beautiful. It’s wonderful. It makes for a great story. But he was still living his life for someone else, trying to live up to their standards and prove himself worthy of their love. I mean, that is the entire story, isn’t it? His redemption is because of Emma. His heroism was born from Emma. He is who he is because of Emma. Etc, etc, ad nauseum.

And therein lies my primary problem with Captain Swan and with the way Killian Jones is written within the confines of it. I want to see Killian grow to love himself, to see himself as worthy of love and empathy and happiness. I want to see him dismantle that pedestal he keeps his loves on and realize he is a valid and important part of whatever relationships he gets into. I want him to see that his feelings matter, his agency matters, HE matters. It’s not all about his partner and their wants and their needs. His matter too. I think S6 was absolutely terrible in this regard, continually presenting a Killian who was trampled on, ignored, lied to, hurt, betrayed, violated… and never given the chance to even speak his mind about it. In fact, he was written to encourage it and condone it. There were a few things I liked in S6, but the majority of it I hated for Captain Swan.

I think 7x02 did a great job of presenting this, however, by having Killian and Emma both acknowledge that Wish Realm Hook, for all his problems and mistakes and differences… was still the same man Emma fell in love with. He didn’t have to be a hero. He didn’t have to have been redeemed. He didn’t have to be anyone or anything more than what he was: a broken pirate, bleeding and crying on the pier, lost and afraid and alone. And he was worthy of Emma’s love. He was worthy of being saved. He was worthy of a second chance.

…and bless Colin for his acting skills, because you can absolutely see that in his face. You can absolutely see that this is such an epiphany for him, such an emotional and almost spiritual thing for him right here. Emma has saved him (to steal from Titanic here) in every way a person can be saved… and merely because he’s him. Because he’s already worthy. And that look on Colin’s face is perfect - such reverence, such absolute and unadulterated love. And not the kind of love you give a lover or a spouse, but the kind of love you give to someone who has literally blessed you with the gift of life, of a second chance that you aren’t going to squander even a moment of.

And I am so excited for this. I am so excited to see Killian Jones live his life and follow his dreams and find his happiness because he deserves it. I am excited to see him realize his heart isn’t “poisoned”, but that he is a good man with a good heart and he doesn’t need to prove it to anyone other than himself.

And I’m excited to see him outside of Captain Swan, since S6 crippled the relationship so badly for me that I have a hard time even enjoying it anymore. At least with 7x02′s improvements, I can enjoy knowing Our Hook’s off with Emma being happy… but I’m excited to see him grow as a person outside of the constraints of that relationship and its dynamic.

So back to the original question: Do I want Hook to have a Love Interest? Well, like I said… Yes and No. If they do it right, if they don’t have him succumb to the same “hero worship” he’s always done, if he maintains his personality and his agency in the relationship, if he’s respected and listened to… then yes. I would love to see AltHook find True Love and happiness with another.

However, I don’t want a repeat of Captain Swan. I don’t want another relationship where he gets “saved” by the generous love of a larger-than-life woman he generally doesn’t feel worthy of. Emma Swan has already “saved” him - both in Captain Swan and now on the docks/in that alley.

Now I want to see him stand up and save himself.

What Brian Michael Bendis' Exclusive Deal Means For DC (and For Marvel)
What does Brian Michael Bendis' move from Marvel to DC mean for the Big Two? The possibilities are endlessly intriguing.

His work on the hard-boiled Jessica Jones would make him an ideal fit for a comic like Batwoman, or even a new series following Renee Montoya as the Question. 

I’m not thrilled at the concept of having a guy who introduced Victoria Hand only to have Molecule Man molest her and then have her killed off, turned Karma evil, had that dumbass story with Jessica dragging a gay girl back to an abusive, religious community she escaped from, gave up on Ult. Jessica Drew the moment other writer revealed she is gay and I’m sure I’m forgetting something, be allowed anywhere near Kate or Renee.

Many of Bendis comics focus on teens, so he may work on a series like Teen Titans or their older counterparts in Titans, with the potential for getting a spin-off book starring a member of one of those teams. Regardless of what book he gets, it’s likely that Bendis will bring with him his penchant for representing minority groups, so DC Comics will very likely find itself quickly becoming even more diverse.

I have to ask…. Is Bendis that diverse as they’re selling him, tho? I mean, I don’t recall a single team book of his that was particurally diverse and when  given one of the teams that has the largest option of heroes, diverse or not, to pick from, X-Men, he opted for….bringing back teenage versions of four white guys and one white girl. Even him making Iceman gay was horribly clumsy, caused serious controversy due to bi erasure and came off as him being a douche another writer tried to hook up Iceman with Kitty Pryde. His works that I’d consider being in favor of diversity are really his solo series. Where did the person writing this article got their ideas from?

- Admin

To my fellow Star Wars writers

I think it’s time to talk about Radio Station KFKD.

KFKD (yes, that’s short for K-Fucked) is a concept from Anne Lamott in her book on writing, Bird by Bird. (It’s a great book, incidentally.) It’s an imaginary radio station that plays in every writer’s—nay, every artist’s—ears. In one ear: concertos and symphonies about how insanely talented and special and misunderstood and gifted one is and all the accolades and talk show appearances and words of praise that will be coming one’s way; in the other, the greatest hits of every mistake one has made over a lifetime, songs of doubt, hymns of self-loathing, warning tones that soon the jig will be up and everyone will find out what an utter worthless fraud one is.

As Anne says, it’s nearly impossible to actually write anything when KFKD is playing in our heads.

We all have our own version of KFKD in our heads. We just do. And it sucks. There are some strategies for getting it to shut the hell up, but sometimes it just wants to play and play and play and make us simultaneously doubt ourselves and feel underappreciated and unseen. (Or maybe that’s just me?)

For my fellow writers in the Star Wars fandom, I have one request when KFKD plays for you: please, don’t let it stop you.

We need you. I need you. (No, I am not above appropriating movie references for this plea.) There is a reason that the fandom has multiple trip-to-Bespin stories and Ord Mantell stories and tales of UST and angst and fluff and pregnancy fics and person-in-trouble fics and AUs of various kinds, and it’s not because we’re all looking for the One True Fic that will cure us of every ill. It’s because we need to tell stories, and we need to hear stories. This fandom would be pretty damned boring if there were only one fic about a given subject or a given moment, even if that fic were completely perfect.

We need you even if you’re not sure you’re telling the story as well as you’d like, even if you aren’t held up as the Gold Standard of Ficdom (note: even if you think an author is being held up as this standard, I’d wager KFKD plays just as loudly in their ears), even if you’ve never written anything before and worry it would be horrible, even if your stuff gets fewer mentions because it’s about characters or situations that aren’t as popular, even if you’re toiling away and wonder if anyone, anywhere is reading. We need you.

Don’t let it stop you. Keep writing, keep posting, keep sharing. Please don’t delete it or abandon it.  Someone else will be first, better, brilliant, beloved. It will happen a lot. Share it anyway, write it anyway.

And if KFKD caught you unawares and you lashed out at yourself—try to let yourself gently off the hook. It’s okay. It happens. Keep trying anyway.

Please. I need you.

anonymous asked:

Hey there! So, I'm genuinely curious as to why SJM's books rub you the wrong way as a disabled woman? I'm not trying to start a fight or anything and I'm sorry if this sounds ignorant, I'm just trying to look at them from a different perspective and educate myself. I was also wondering if you were anti SJM completely or if there are aspects of the books that you do enjoy. Thank you and have a great day!

Hey! Thanks for the ask, and don’t worry about sounding ignorant. You’re asking about my personal opinion and you couldn’t know that unless you’d asked before, so there’s nothing ignorant about that! 

To answer your question about SJM’s disabled rep, I have a few issues. Lucien is a small one. I love his character, but his face is very obviously disfigured and yet rarely discussed because his character is still “hot” and that’s all that counts. Where’s the new people reacting to his face? Where’s his struggle with his PTSD in relation to not just Tamlin and Ianthe but Amarantha as well? Does his fancy eye work perfectly all the time? He’s essentially been cured of partial blindness before the story even starts, but he remains scarred and it’s never discussed. That’s more of a missed opportunity complaint than anything else, but I was a little disappointed when I got to the end of ACOWAR and didn’t see him deal with that once.

Chaol would be the most obvious. My personal preference (and those of many other disabled people) is that abled writers don’t write stories about disabled people seeking to be cured. Write disabled characters, sure, and write disabled characters that want to be cured, but an abled person basing an entire narrative around something that’s deeply complex and personal for disabled people definitely makes me uncomfortable. It’s complicated, but there’s a juxtaposition for disabled people between “I want to be cured” and “I want to be proud”. Abled writers often shove disabled characters into a mold of fatalism and depression and give us no time to see ourselves happy without being cured.

My dislike for SJM writing that to begin with is a definite bias I’ll cop to, but I was still tentatively prepared for ToD to surprise me. It didn’t. 

For starters, Chaol’s inner monologue made me uncomfortable. I didn’t read the entire book as I wanted to wait for friends of mine to read it and let me know whether it was okay or I’d want to burn it in the town square, but I have read bits and pieces, including the “get up” scene. Not only is aggressively goading a disabled person into walking under any circumstances unrealistic and unprofessional, it’s also incredibly triggering. This post details that more concisely.

I also know the state things were left at for Chaol. He is reliant on an abled person’s magic for his health, and a person he is romantically involved with to boot. The dynamic there makes me distinctly uncomfortable because it puts Chaol and Yrene in a position that’s unhealthy. He is completely dependent on her for mobility. A wheelchair or cane may afford him a modicum of freedom, but not much compared to walking.

The final issue I’ve had with the disabled rep has come from the fandom. I’m all for disabled people finding good elements in ToD and coming out of it feeling represented, but I have seen a few too many posts from abled fans defending the disabled rep like it’s their place to do so. That’s a discussion for our community, and every single disabled person who disagrees with my view has been respectful of it. I have had several abled people try to debate my own very personal experience with SJM’s rep; meanwhile, not a single disabled person has engaged me in discussion (just as I have not done the same to them). Abled stans falling over themselves to debate this with me has a huge impact on my approach to this rep and this discussion on this site. I have had plenty of anons less courteous than yours, anon, so this was a refreshing change. 

Am I anti SJM completely? I still write ACOTAR prompts and a crossover set in the ACOTAR world, I still occasionally make meme posts, I still read fic sometimes. But I will always be critical, and the content that I create reflects that. My primary issue is never that characters are “problematic”; it’s that the narrative does nothing to address it and even actively lets characters off the hook for doing horrible things. I don’t agree with that, so I’ll write differently in fics and my original works. 

My feelings about the books are more negative than positive, and I’ve pulled back from the fandom a little for my own sanity. That doesn’t mean I don’t stalk the anti SJM tag and cackle mercilessly, nor that I begrudge those who do devote blogs to being antis (again, the merciless cackling). It just means that the few anti posts I do make are fun but ultimately tire me out too much to devote all of my time to it.

Sorry for the long reply! If you asked me what I do like about these books the answer would probably be shorter, tbh.

What is consistency!?

I am in love with the scene after she confronts him, where I didn’t draw faces ^-^ I love it!!

Here is Miraculous Fluff Month, Day One: Blush! Chlonath style!


(I used to hate this ship, but I wanted to draw something that was not canon or part of the love-square, so… Drawing this [quickly and horribly xD I swear, I can draw better than this! Breakdance!Chat Noir and Volpina!Alya are proof!! xD] made me fall in love with Chlonath!!!)

DISCLAIMER: I SWEAR I LOVE CHLOE (I wish I could accent it from my pc without Google….). Also, I would totally write out the whole story as it played in my head in full detail, but please let me off the hook this time! I can’t do it right now. I will, soon, though. I’m sorry that this is not quality content, and is more than bland. Thanks for enduring it, though!


Nath: *is drawing Chloe* It’s not good enough… *crumples paper and throws it behind him, trying to get it to the trash. Misses*

Trashcan: (you missed, fam)

Chloe: Who’d the weirdo draw this ti–

Trashcan: *simultaneoulsy* (ew. that’s more trash than I can handle)

Chloe: –me… He drew me o///0 (with little hearts <3)

Chloe: *confronts Nathaniel* Hey, Tomato-head!

Nath: *freezes, blushing madly*

Chloe: Nice drawing of me.

Nath: *turns around to face her. smiles* Really?

Chloe: *small smile* Yeah.

Nath: You’re being so nice.. (is this a trick??)

Chloe: *blushing madly, looking down* I don’t know what you’re talking about….

*Long, awkward silence*

Chloe and Nath: *both blushing A LOT* WILL YOU GO ON A DATE WITH ME!?

*Center picture: Chloe and Nath, looking away, blushing*


I have a question for the OUaT fandom. I stopped watching the show shortly after hook went from charming and fun with his harmless flirting with emma, to his weird creepy stalkerish ways. (that was the last straw i had with the show. his behaviour was triggering me back to when i had a creepy stalker)

Anyway! I keep seeing CS shippers bring up that regina is a rapist and has done all these bad things (which, fair enough! season 1 regina and the evil queen did horrible shit) but they use this as a reasoning to call SQ toxic. Now, this is where I’m confused, because as far as I’ve read/heard, regina’s series story arc is literally her writing her wrongs, facing her darkness, and learning to become a good mother and friend (especially towards emma). where hook, who also was (still is???) a shitty person who murdered (right????) has not redeemed himself (or has he???). I swear that i read something from like the show creators or something saying that they still want him to be somewhat a bad guy???? So what im not getting is, why is regina, a new woman who has grown to a good person, who has a healthy and honest (no???) relationship with emma, being called toxic to ship with her. but hook who is still a “bad guy”???? is being praised as good for her??? (didnt he try to kill emmas parents like rather recently of smthng?) do i have the wrong information here???

Stood Up A.I

Anon: So I’ve had a horrible night, I got stood up for a date. I was wondering if you could hook me up with a best friend! Ashton where he physically defends you or something. Thank you I worship you

Of course I can, this is going to be super fun to write and hopefully you guys like it! Sorry about your date lovey, hopefully it’s all ok now.. :-) And I’m not sure how you wanted this to be, but I kept it strictly bsf!Ash, no romance in it, but some cute forehead kisses bc those kill me :-)

Word Count: 1.1k +

Warnings: Profanity



I sat here, waiting, for an hour. He hadn’t shown up. I was supposed to go out tonight with Travis Dean, one of the hottest guys on campus. I was really excited when he asked me on a date. I never thought e would ever go out with someone like me, so it was shocking to be asked out by him.

What isn’t shocking, is that fact that he hadn’t shown up. I knew I wasn’t his type, but for some reason, I kept telling myself he might have actually liked me. Forcing myself to not cry, I got up from the table, and walked out of the restaurant.

I sat in my car, and whipped my phone out of my purse as I still kept on trying to hold the tears back. I sent my best friend Ashton a text. Travis stood me up, can I come over?

Of course you can be safe xx

I placed my phone down on the passenger seat, and pulled out of the drive way and headed to Ashton’s house. After a ten minute drive to Ashton’s house, I parked my car, and hopped out only to come face to face with Ashton who stood at the door.

The sight of him brought back the memory and the feeling of being stood up. With tears in my eyes, I ran to Ashton and jumped into his waiting arms. He stood there, with my arms around his neck, and my legs around his waist, holding me as I cried into his neck.

“Shh, it’s ok Y/n, he was a massive dick for standing you up, and you don’t deserve that one bit.” He said in a calming voice. My sobs started to make my body shake with every breath I released.

“C'mon, let’s go inside.” Ashton said quietly as he turned around, with me still in his arms, and walked a little bit further into his house and then closed the door behind him with his foot.

He walked all the way to his couch and sat down on it. It looked like I was straddling him, and in any other situation, I would have laughed, but I couldn’t bring myself to stop the sobs from shaking me and taking over my body.

“I cant believe I didn’t-didn’t realize this sooner.” I said, trying to keep my voice steady as I pulled my face away from Ashton’s neck when my sobs died down to a small cry.

“Everyone I ever go out with either stands me up, or doesn’t want a second date. Other than the two boyfriends I’ve had who said they felt bad for me.” I said quietly as Ashton rubbed my back with his huge hands.

“Hey, not everyone can handle your beauty and amazingness like I can.” Ashton said, “Those guys don’t know what’s going on with their lives, and they don’t deserve you. Hell, they should be lucky you even went out with them.” He said which brought a smile to my face.

“Thanks Ash, you always know what to say.” I said as I gave him a hug and then pulled back to wipe my tears. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. Ashton looked at me with sorrowful eyes. “Let me get that really quick and then I’ll be right back.”

I nodded and got off of his lap. He stood up and made his way to the door. I couldn’t see who it was because the wall cut it off half way, but I instantly knew who it was when I heard the voice.

“Just let me talk to her mate.” Travis said. I bolted right out of my seat and stood by the door with my body hidden as to not be seen. I poked my head out a little bit and peered at Travis. He looked over, and must have seen me, because he shoved Ashton out of the way and tried coming over here.

“Y/n, Y/n listen I’m sorry I didn’t make it but I was busy. You know that, I had to go to this party and-” Travis was cut off by Ashton grabbing him my his shoulder and yanking him away from me.

“I think you should leave Travis, you don’t deserve her forgiveness or her at all for that matter.” Ashton said as he stared daggers into Travis’ eyes with his arms crossed. Ashton took a step closer to me so my front was right near his back.

“You can leave now Travis.” Aston spoke which only caused Travis to get angry. “Listen Ashton,” Travis said stalking towards Ashton, “I don’t care what you think is best for her, I want her, and she’s going to be coming with me.” Travis said as he reached around Ashton and grabbed onto my arm to pull me closer to him.

I winced at the pressure on my arm, he had his had tightly wrapped around it which caused it to sting. I looked down at my arm, and noticed the area around it become slightly red. I looked back up to Ashton and saw him looking down at my arm as well.

Ashton growled and quickly snatched my hand from Travis’ hold and pulled me back towards him with a newly found strength. I rubbed my arm and winced. “Listen to me, and you listen good.” Ashton said menacingly as he started to walk closer and closer to Travis which made him back up into the door.

“You’re going to leave Y/n alone and never bother her again because if you do, I will find you, and I will not hesitate to beat the shit out of you. Don’t touch her, don’t bother her, and leave her alone.” He said each word slowly and in a dark tone to get the message through.

“Don’t try anything got that?” He growled. Travis nodded quickly. Ashton opened the door and Travis ran outside and back into his car. He quickly drove off and I giggled.

“Thanks Ash, you’re the best.” I smiled and wrapped my arms around his waist. He chuckled, “I’m just doing my job as best friend ever.” I laughed and pulled him back to the couch. “We should watch a movie.” Ashton suggested as I nodded.

Throughout the movie, I could only think of how lucky I am to have Ashton as my best friend, and I could never wish for anyone better.

Nerves (College!Jimin)

Plot: The first night with college!Jimin

Word Count: 1202

A/N: so you guys were pretty on board with this idea of first nights with BTS so I thought I would write Jimin’s and see if you guys like the actual scenario, there’s also a lil hint of college!Jimin (here)

You remembered the first night you’d spent in Jimin’s home, a tiny yet homey apartment with pictures of his family and friends on his walls, a few of the two of you together hanging alongside his loved ones’ photos. It wasn’t horribly messy, especially considering how busy he was on a daily basis. You could smell the scent of food as you took your jacket off, watching him hang it up on one of the hooks by the door while you wondered just how comfortable you were supposed to be in his home. You had spent countless days there, quite a few of your dates spent on that couch, board games in front of you, movies, pizza on the nights before exams. But this was your first night you would spend there entirely.

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A Not So Stupid Project

* Alexander Hamilton × Reader
* 55: Have I entered an alternate universe or did you just crack a smile for me?
* Modern

A/N: I made Jefferson look kinda bad, so I need to apologize…and yay! for corny endings written at 11:30 at night. Oh and if you don’t know, pleading the 5th basically means using your rights and saying nothing.

The whole class openly groaned. Hamilton and Jefferson were arguing again. If you didn’t need this Government class for your degree you would’ve dropped it. In fact you tried. Your advisor thought it would be best of you got this class out of the way early. However, that meant you had to put up with these two yahoos arguing all the time.

At first everyone thought it was funny. The two of them had no filters and were so passionate that the debates grew heated quickly. Mr. Washington couldn’t even get them to stop. The whole class was laughing and waiting for the next insult. The class was over and Washington had to push back the due date of your next assignment as you hadn’t even had a chance to discuss it.

But lately, it was annoying. It wasted class time and was happening almost every day. Washington stopped pushing back due dates and decided we’d have to figure out the projects or come meet with him. You were seeing him every time you had a project. He understood you wanted to do well and was always apologizing for the two.

“No Thomas! That’s just it, you think that-”

“No Hamiton, I don’t think I know for a fact I’m right.”

You finally snapped. “Will you two shut up!” You shouted. And the room fell silent. The two men currently debating were staring at you slack jawed. You rarely spoke up, only to answer questions.

Thomas Jefferson was looking at you with a touch of a smirk. He seemed amused at your outburst.

Alexander Hamilton was just in shock. His eyes were wide and his mouth was open in surprise.

You just huffed and turned to the front of the room. “Well if you two are done we can continue class for once.” Washington said.

“Yeah that’s fine.” Hamilton said.

“I guess that’s the end of the debate.” Jefferson said. “After all, I was winning.”

Before Hamilton could retort you spoke. “Don’t.” You said glaring at the two of them. And they didn’t. They were quiet the rest of class and you actually were able to discuss a project.

“For this project I will assign a partner.” Washington was saying. Great. You hated partner work, you always ended up doing most of it. Washington was rattling off partners at random. “Y/N and Alexander.”

You groaned. This was not going to be fun. You looked at him and he was smirking at you, amused by your reaction.

Shortly after that, the class was dismissed. You grabbed your bag and headed to leave.
“Y/N!” Someone called. It was Hamilton. He caught up to you. “Do have another class to get to?” He asked.

“No, this is my only class today.” You told him.

“Great. Let’s go to the library to work!” He said happily.

“Why are you so pumped to get to work?” You asked but started walking anyway. Apparently the rest of the day would be spent in the library.

“Don’t know, I just figure if we can work on it we should.”

“Whatever.” You shrugged. “What’s your deal with Jefferson anyway?” You asked him.

“He’s just so dense. He doesn’t waver in his position even though he’s wrong.”

“You realize an opinion can’t be wrong right? You guys fight over a difference in opinion, and you’re more like him than you think.”

“How?!” He asked disbelievingly.

“Everything you just said about him applies to you too.” You explained.

“Ah but my position is the right one.” He said and held the library door open for you.

“In your opinion.” You told him. “Alright, project time.”

3 hours and one snack break later, the two of you have made great headway. However, this is a large project and requires a lot of time.

“OK I’m calling it a night.” You said slamming your book and yawning.

“Sounds good. Any classes tomorrow?” He asked.

“Yeah, a couple in the morning. I should be done by 11:30.”

“Sounds good.” He says. “I should be done with mine by then.”

“Alright, sounds like a plan.” You grabbed your stuff and left.

“Good night Y/N.” You hear him say behind you.

You don’t turn, you just wave a hand in acknowledgement.

“Ugh it’s horrible Angelica!” You told your roomate.

“Really? I thought working with some as good looking as Alexander would be great?”

“Sure he’s cute but he’s thick skulled. When he has a position on something, it doesn’t waver.” You shrugged. “At least he does his share of the work. Still, he’s annoying. All his writing and talking, I can hardly understand half of what he writes.”

Angelica just laughed at you. “Oh man, if I were you I would be looking at him more than his writing.”

You threw a pillow at her with a smile. “Yeah but I need to pass the class.”

“Then hook me up with him!” She told you throwing the pillow back at you.

“Psh, I wouldn’t torture you like that.”

The next day, after two horrible morning classes, you grab a coffee and go to the library. And Alexander is already there.

He’s in a gray hoodie and bent over a novel. His hair is pulled into his usual ponytail and he focused on his book. Angelica is right. As long as he’s quiet, he’s pretty good looking. You smirk getting an idea.

You slide you bag of you shoulders and carry it to the table. He focused and doesn’t hear you come up. You stay behind him to the side and reach forward to drop your bag on the table. He practically jumps out of his chair at the unexpected noise and you laugh. Well, until the librarian shushes you.

“Well good morning to you to Y/N.” He said.

“Well it is morning, that’s true.”

“What’s not good about it?” He asked.

“I’m stuck working with you.” You shot back.

He put a hand over his heart in mock offense. “That hurts Y/N.” He said.

“Eh you’ll get over it.” You told him with a shrug. “Where were we?”

“Tomorrow again?” Alexander asked while packing up.

“Can’t. Three classes and a test to study for. Next day?”

“No good. Got two classes and a paper to finish up.” He said. “But I’m good the day after that.”

“Alright. That gives me a two day break from you.” You told him. However, you were realizing he wasn’t terrible. You may not become friends but he wasn’t as bad as you originally thought.

“Psh, you’re life will be miserable with out me.” He joked.

“Dream on Alexander.” You said with a smile.

“Hold on!” He exclaimed. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”

“Oh shut up!” You said and shoved his shoulder. “I guess you’re not as bad as I originally thought.” You admitted.

“Ha I knew it!”

“Oh yeah? Knew what?” You challenged.

“That you don’t mind spending time with me.” He told you with a smug smile.

“Pleading the fifth on this one.” You told him and he just laughed.

“So?” Angelica asked you at lunch that day.

“So what?” You shot back.

“How’s Alexander?” She asked.

You sighed. “Not as bad as I originally thought.”

“I could’ve told you that.” She said with a laugh.

Then there was shouting and a crash from across the cafeteria. You and Angelica looked to the scene. Jefferson and Hamilton. Of course.

It looked like Alexander lost a food fight. You realized the tray on the floor must have been Jefferson’s. They were shouting and it was about to escalate. Everyone else was just staring so you decided to do something. You walked over there and picked up the tray.

“Thomas I believe this is yours.” You said stepping between them and holding it out to him. He stopped speaking and looked at you with that smirk again.

“I believe it is.” He said and took from you.

You turned around to face Alexander. “And you, you go sit.” You said pointing to your table. He huffed but did as he was told and you followed him. “What was that about?” You asked him, trying to ignore the way Angelica was staring at him.

“Nothing, he just said a few things that got me heated that’s all.” He said.

“So how did you end up wearing his lunch?” You asked confused.

“I may have called him a few rude things. But he deserved every one!” He defended.

“Alexander.” You sighed. “You need to learn to hold your tongue.” You told him.

“Oh believe me, I couldn’t have even if I tried.” He crossed his arms before remembering he was covered in food.

“Why? What did he say?” You asked.

“Nothing. Look I’m gonna go change. I’ll see you in the library in a few days.” He stood and walked off.

“What was that about?” Angelica asked.

“No clue, usually he loves explaining why Jefferson is wrong. That was weird.” You just shrugged and went back to your lunch.

You were walking to the library to meet up with Hamilton when your phone buzzed.

‘Meet by encyclopedias, found I book we could use -A. Ham’

What the hell kind of book did he find there? Whatever, he knows his stuff. You decided to trust him.

You walked in and went over to the encyclopedias. These shelves were covered in dust as no one ever used them. Where the hell was Alexander? He was never late. Then you heard his name being said. But it was coming from the other side of the shelves. You peeked over the tops of the books to the other side.

“Hamilton. Where’s that partner of yours?” Jefferson was asking him.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Hamilton shot back. What was going on?

“Yeah I would. She much more amusing then you are.” He told Hamilton, sporting that stupid smirk.

“Oh it’s amusing now is it? Last time it was a lot more inappropriate.” Hamiton countered.

“Oh you mean everything I said in the cafeteria. Well that still stands too. She is quite a thing to look at.” He gave Alexander a smile, almost daring him to fight back.

“You’re really disgusting Jefferson.” He said.

“Why? Everyone can tell you like her so you must agree with me on some level?” Your eyes widened. Alexander liked you?

“Yeah I do like her, but not just because she’s beautiful but because she’s smart. Not to mention funny and always speaks her mind.” He shot back. You couldn’t believe a word of this. Did he even know you were here?

“Well then maybe I’ll have to chat her up.” Jefferson said, smirk in place. He leaned closer to Alexander. “I’m sure we could have a nice ‘chat.’” And you could tell talking was not what he had on his mind. Before you could intervene Alexander pulled his arm back and punched him. You covered your mouth so you wouldn’t scream. Still, muffled sound escaped.

Alexander paused and looked over. Confused he walked around the shelf and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw you standing there. “What…why are you here?” He asked.

You slowly lowered your hands to answer. “You told me to meet here.” You explained.

“Oh yeah…so how much of that did you hear?” He nervously asked.

“Uh all of it.” You said.

“Oh well I guess I should-”

“Hamilton!” The librarian cut him off. She came to stand on the other end of the shelf, Jefferson behind her. He was holding a tissue to his nose and you could see some blood on it. “Out of my library now!” She said pointing towards the door.

Alexander nodded. He walked forward, grabbed a book and gave it to you. “Can you check that out?” He asked. You noticed it was related to the project.

“Oh sure.” You said.

“Now Hamilton.” She ordered again. You watched him walk out. Jefferson looked plenty pleased with himself.

You walked to the counter and checked out the book. You went and picked up your back pack, which you placed on a table near the door. Then you walked out. You found Hamilton sitting on a bench outside. “Alexander.” You called. He looked up and saw you walking towards him. He smiled.

“Thanks. So I was flipping through this book the other day and I found-”

“Alexander.” You stopped him. He looked at you. “Don’t you need to explain something?”

“Do I?” He asked looking down at the ground. His cheeks were pink from embarrassment.

“Well I think I deserve that, don’t you?”

“Yeah your right. I mean you heard me. I like you.” He finally looked up at you. “Y/N, you’re smart and funny and beautiful and amazing. I was always so eager to get to work on this stupid project because I’d get to see and spend time with you.”

“That’s what all the commotion in the cafeteria was about wasn’t it?” You asked him.

“Yeah, I knew he was just trying to rile me up. But then he started talking about you and I couldn’t hold back any longer.”

“Alexander.” He looked at you. “You know you could’ve just told me this?”

“Uh you hated the very thought of working with me for a few weeks. I didn’t want to get shot down.”

“Fair enough.” You realized that was very true. “Were you ever gonna tell me?” You wondered.

“I was thinking about it. You seemed to not hate me as much lately.” He shrugged. You burst out laughing. He stared at you shocked.

“Alexander I never hated you.” You said with a smile. “In fact I hardly knew you.” Now it was your turn to look down at you feet shyly. “And now that I know you a bit better I’d be willing to give you a chance.”

“Really?!” He asked happily.

“Yes really.” You said with a laugh. He beamed at you and pulled you into a hug.

Needless to say, you guys aced the project.

gooeygoob  asked:

hook me up with some really nice 5.0.5. headcanons! literally any type of headcanons, we just need more content with the sweet care bear. thank you!!

((Yess, writing headcanons for this little cotton ball is always so fun!! And yes, you can never have enough 5.0.5 headcanons.))

* He can’t kill anything. Even insects, such as ants, flies, etc. He would end up crying afterwards if he did. But if he can pick the little critters up, he’ll usually just put them back outside.

* When 5.0.5 was a baby, or when he was first made, he had a HORRIBLE teething phase. He’d chew or teethe on anything, the couch, the lamp, Dr. Flug’s hand. Black Hat nearly threw him into the ocean.

* Whenever he’s having a dream, he ends up twitching or moving his body, like a dog! And depending on the dream, he’ll squeak or whine in his sleep. However there was this one occasion were he got up and slept walked into the kitchen- only to fall back over, knocking down a ton of pots and pans making a huge mess and a very loud CRASH!! He still remained sound asleep.

* 5.0.5 commonly has bad dreams ((Thank Black Hat)) so he usually sleeps in Flug’s lab, because the light’s almost always on in there and he’s there.

* Sometimes Dr. Flug takes 5.0.5 to the dog park. Everyone is scared and confused, but 5′s gets along well with the other pets, most of the time. One time someone’s pet wasn’t entirely friendly and nearly attacked 5.0.5, Flug nearly killed a dog that day.

((Hope these are good!!))

~ Mod Trick

Florence Welch reads Lovesong by Ted Hughes - Rhyme and Reason - BBC Radio 6 - 1 February 2011.

by Ted Hughes (1930-1998)

He loved her and she loved him
His kisses sucked out her whole past and future or tried to
He had no other appetite
She bit him she gnawed him she sucked
She wanted him complete inside her
Safe and sure forever and ever
Their little cries fluttered into the curtains

Her eyes wanted nothing to get away
Her looks nailed down his hands his wrists his elbows
He gripped her hard so that life
Should not drag her from that moment
He wanted all future to cease
He wanted to topple with his arms round her
Off that moment’s brink and into nothing
Or everlasting or whatever there was

Her embrace was an immense press
To print him into her bones
His smiles were the garrets of a fairy palace
Where the real world would never come
Her smiles were spider bites
So he would lie still till she felt hungry
His words were occupying armies
Her laughs were an assassin’s attempts
His looks were bullets daggers of revenge
His glances were ghosts in the corner with horrible secrets
His whispers were whips and jackboots
Her kisses were lawyers steadily writing
His caresses were the last hooks of a castaway
Her love-tricks were the grinding of locks
And their deep cries crawled over the floors
Like an animal dragging a great trap
His promises were the surgeon’s gag
Her promises took the top off his skull
She would get a brooch made of it
His vows pulled out all her sinews
He showed her how to make a love-knot
Her vows put his eyes in formalin
At the back of her secret drawer
Their screams stuck in the wall

Their heads fell apart into sleep like the two halves
Of a lopped melon, but love is hard to stop

In their entwined sleep they exchanged arms and legs
In their dreams their brains took each other hostage

In the morning they wore each other’s face

anonymous asked:

I know you're very much Jimin biased, but do you have any recs for a Jungkook fic? Preferably not a sad ending, tho a little angst is okay (I've already read and loved all of your stuff, so I gotta find more to read)

yes i do have some fic recs!!! this isn’t a comprehensive list by any means, it’s just what I’ve read recently. most/all of this smut

givenchy and gold by @blueagust (complete)

this was a recent read AND SO DAMN GOOD like i get incoherent every time i think about this fic and to the extent of embarrassing myself in front of louisa by crying over my love for her :/ BUT ITS SO WORTH IT the plot is so A+ and EVERYTHING IS SO PERFECT this fic will remain engraved in my memory forever 

two rotten apples by @chickenkooks (in progress)

ok so… i have some very strong feelings about this fic. i die a lot a little inside bc we’re talking about ULTIMATE fuccboi jk here and it physically pains me to see how horrible he treats oc BUT I STILL GO BACK FOR MORE for some reason :/// congrats cat u’ve hooked me :”) 

the entire jungkook section by @btssmutgalore

everything dee writes is gold but pls do urself a favour and READ. BUSINESS. ASAP. it features taehyung too tho and it is such SIN. it might be my fave series of hers idk at this point im already damned so i just wanna drag more ppl down w me u feel

lust and errors by @imaginethisbts (in progress)

this deals with step sibling rs so it might not be for everyone!!! and while ur at it, check out the jk!dogboy fics too!!!! i swear she writes one of the best hybrid!jk fics EVER

jealousy games by @avveh​ (in progress)

where do i even begin???? i aspire to write this level of filth someday, and jealousy is such a turn on. plus jimin also has a part to play in this fic and i love his role in it. also check our room for dessert (forgive me father for i have sinned) or just her entire masterlist in general!!!!!!

the fitting by @noona-la-la-la (in progress)

this. i just love the way she writes jk and his rs with oc. plus it has like 13 parts to it so definitely a guilty pleasure :”) the rest of her masterlist is gold too!!!

anonymous asked:

are there any decent sonadow fics you can recommend? i feel like you would be one of the better qualified ones to answer this question.

im a very picky reader so i only read like 2 yet but i really want to read good sonadow too hhhh

here’s the fics i know:

  1. He is my master: that one has its really weird and uncomfortable moments thx to the prompt. I enjoyed the beginning because it is very well written, but lost interest after a while because it drifted off my character and became very uncomfortable for me to read (considering ive always been seeing myself in there so? yeah. its weird.) there is an option to skip nsfw scenes, but that doesnt make it not happened and thus i wouldn’t really rec it if u want something enjoyable? i mean telling u what to avoid is advice too? cause i see a lot of ppl say its one of the best sonadow fics??? i really dont know why they think so? because it was very long ongoing like over years? or maybe because those people are straight girls lusting over their yaoi pairing.

    ( tldr: dont read this if u know whats good for u)

  2. list of multiple fics,  i really cant say much i never got to read them casue im a horrible reader

  3. Advent of Equinox: one of my fave fics ever read! it’s unfinished though so disappointment time™. its VERY in character and well written though so its def worth the read. (my inattentive ass got hooked and didnt fall asleep or swich to another task midsentence so)

    (also one of the authors was who inspired me to just go and write my own fics so yeah check out this fic of them for a good read on shadow. you should quickly notice my own fic was inspired by that one.)

  4. Requiem of a Poisoned Knight: (i did not read this yet) a satbk thing ive wanted to read for ages casue it sounds just like the fic ive always wanted to write myself

  5. TACHYONIC EXISTENCE: i really dont know how to describe this and they arent neccessarily in character and they are super short but if ur into literature i think its worth the read because i find these interesting in an artistic point of veiw? at least the few i have actually read lmao

  6. Foolish.: (super short) This ones angsty and pmuch about death lmao but its also kinda wholesome? idk how to explain it haha (i wrote that)
  7. Forbidden act: (even shorter) this is. super old. but its kida? cute? i wouldnt write like this anymore but if you ignore that this was written by me its fine

i cant think of more right now and i dont have the ones i saved since i reset my laptop some time ago without saving all the recs lmao also excuse my selfadvertizing ass


found more stuff that ppl reccomended to me but i never got to read them