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The One That Got Away

based on the song by Katy Perry

“Why are you dragging me to a bar, Natasha? I told you that I didn’t feel like going out.” Bucky asked his bossy red-haired friend.

Nat just rolled her eyes before she answered him, “Because, I got tired of seeing you all holed up in your apartment for the millionth Saturday in a row.”

Bucky knew that he couldn’t fight her on this. Natasha was his closet friend and once she told someone to do something, they usually did it out of fear. He wasn’t ashamed to admit that he was scared of her a little.

Okay, more like a lot.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count:
4 335
summary: Kai comes over to Reader’s house with a very important question about their future, when things take an unexpected turn.
* gif by me

A sigh left her lips and she sat on the couch, glancing at the clock. Earlier when he had called, her boyfriend had promised he’d be there by 7PM and it was already 8PM. He was never late and if he was going to be he always called, but just as she reached for her phone someones hands covered her eyes and someone’s breath tickled her neck. Instantly her breath got caught in her throat and her heartbeat increased. There were things she’d recognise in her sleep, things that could bring her back from the dead … and his touch was at the top of the list.

   “Malachai Parker…” she muttered, “Hasn’t anyone told you? It’s not polite to make a girl wait.”

Kai kissed her cheek and tossed himself on the couch next to her, instantly pulling her into his arms. His palm brushed against her cheek and their lips collided in a gentle kiss from which neither could pull away. Or get enough. It was always like this no matter how many times they kissed, ever since the first kiss a few weeks ago.

   “I’m sorry. I couldn’t get here sooner. Something happened.” he said softly, resting his forehead on hers and longingly gazing into her eyes. “I’ll make it up to you. It’s a promise.”

   “What happened?” she shifted on the couch, semi-climbing onto his lap. “Tell me.”

   “Not important at the moment.” he placed his hands on her waist while hers hooked around her waist. “What matters most is you being in my arms and nothing else. I um – there is something I wanted to ask you but you might get upset with me and I –”

   “I am not just your girlfriend, I am your best friend. You can tell and ask me anything.”

Kai smiled nervously, glancing at their hands as their fingers intertwined together. They’ve been together, romantically, for over two months now. Two absolutely blissfully happy filled months, minus the two weeks they spent apart due to her friends leaving him in 1903… They shared laughs, inside jokes and so many of the same interests. And no matter what her friends had told her and kept telling her about him, nothing could change her mind about them. Whenever he was around Y/N was always dopey grin happy and he loved seeing her like this, but –

   “Malachai –”

Y/N tilted her head slightly and playfully slapped his chest once, twice… her lips curled into a smile watching him look at her with his ocean blue eyes glowing like never before. Something was different about him and even though she couldn’t put her finger on it, she knew she liked it. No, she loved it. Slowly her smile turned into a laughter and he started laughing with her until he gripped her wrists, pinning her against the couch.

   “I’m leaving –”


   “—and I want you to come with me.” he added, gazing into her eyes. “I know your life is here, your friends… your family. That I am asking you to leave everything you know behind to be with me and –”

   “My life is wherever you are.” she interrupted him. “Wherever that is – this town, another continent or another planet or galaxy or the corner of the furthest galaxy. Another dimension –”

Kai smiled widely at her and pressed his lips briefly against hers. “You mean it? You’d leave your friends … your home, your family just to be with… me?”

   “Yeah…” she smiled, lightly holding her lip between her teeth. “I have no family remember? I mean, they are all at the cemetery. And I can make new friends um wherever it is we are going. Which is um… where exactly?”

Kai leaned in towards her, pressing his lips against hers and slowly trailing them down her neck.    “Anywhere. Everywhere… another planet, the corner of the furthest galaxy. Another dimension –”

Y/N laughed under her breath for a second and tangled her fingers in his hair.     “Just you and me. Forever. Like we were actually meant to get to the normal boyfriend-girlfriend stuff after everything that happened. You know, Prison Worlds… my friends trying to break us up.” Her eyes fluttered closed for a second enjoying his touch when suddenly his lips dissappeared. Y/N opened her eyes finding him look at her as if he was seeing her for the first time.

   “I don’t deserve you.”

   “You deserve the world, Kai.” she said quietly. “You deserve to get to live the way you want and to be happy. How many times do I have to remind you that, silly? I’ll go pack now cuz that will take forever.” she started to push him off her, when instead he pulled her up and her stomach rumbled. Kai laughed under his breath.

   “You do that.” he tapped her nose, smiling at her. “I’ll go make dinner cuz someone is clearly hungry and … we can leave in the morning?”

   “Sounds perfect to me.” Y/N cupped his face and pressed her lips against his in a long slow kiss before getting off the couch and almost running towards the stairs, stopping at the bottom to look at him. “I love you.”

   “I love you too.” he smiled at her, watching her make her way upstairs while his hand rested over his pocket. “More than words can describe.”

Y/N pushed her bedroom door open and pulled out a suitcase from under the bed, her smile unable to leave her face.  It was happening – she was about to get everything she could’ve ever dreamed about. A boy who loves her with all her flaws, who she loves with all his flaws. Someone she could start a family with, have children with. Someone she could grow old with. Her hands reached in the dresser and she almost tossed everything in the suitcase without even bothering to look until it was so full, she had to push it on the floor and sit on top of it to close it when she heard her phone ringing downstairs. She called out for Kai to pick it up but he didnt seem to have heard her so she ran downstairs. Her slippers slipped on the carpet in her hurry to pick it up and she almost fell on the couch before grabbing her phone from the coffee table. CAROLINE said the caller ID. Swiftly she swiped the screen and answered the call.

   “Hey, Care. Can I call you later? I’m kind of in the middle of something.”

   “Um no.” said her friend, lightly sniffling. “This can’t wait.”

   “What is it?” asked Y/N feeling a pit start to form in her stomach, slowly growing wih every second.

   “You should come to the Salvatore house.”

   “I can’t. Kai is o–”

   “Kai is dead, Y/N.” said her friend.

   “No, Care he isn’t—“  she got up heading towards the kitchen where supposedly Kai was making dinner. “He – he was just…” she ran around the house looking for him, feeling her heart sank a little deeper with every step she took. “What –”

   “Y/N, he has been dead for at least a few hours.” replied her friend. “He linked Elena to Bonnie then tried to kill her…and Damon –”

   “Damon what, Caroline?” said Y/N through gritted teeth, barely able to catch a breath. Tears had started to fill her eyes and even though she knew what the answer to her question would be, she dreaded hearing her friend’s answer. “What did he do?!”

   “He… killed him.”

   “No.” Y/N cried, resting her back against the wall in the living room. “No, you are lying. Damon wouldn’t do this to me. He knows how much Kai means to me. He… he wouldn’t.”

   “Y/N, I asked Damon to wait before he buries him so you can say goodbye but yo—”

Y/N’s phone slipped to the ground and slowly her back slid down the wall. But he would. a tiny voice told her. He absolutely would and he had. Damon had taken him away from her, again. Having Kai back for three days in secret… Three of the happiest days in her life and now he was gone all over again and this time forever.

As if from a distance she could hear her friend still talking to her on the phone but none of it mattered. There were no words that could comfort her, no words that can make the pain go away. Tears started streaming down her face and her body shook from the sobs while she hugged her knees, rocking back and forth on the ground trying to figure out if had her mind been playing tricks on her or if she was seeing ghosts. Or maybe Kai had played a trick on her friends so they can get away.

No, she shook her head. He would’ve told me. He wouldn’t put me through that kind of pain. He wouldn’t do this to me.

Y/N grabbed her phone and smashed it against the wall, quite literally turning it to bits but not before it knocked over the reading lamp hear by. Plastic and glass shreds covered the floor around her and it felt as if time stood still. Or the world had stopped spinning. Her mind kept spinning, replaying everything that had happened barely half an hour ago. It had felt so real, but if what Caroline had said – it hadn’t been and her friend wouldn’t lie to her. As the thought that she had lost him for good started to sink in, she felt as if all oxygen was being sucked out of the room, and the world felt as if was literally crashing and burning around her. It took her a couple of minutes to gather up the strength to stand up, get her car keys and get in her car, headeding straight towards the Salvatore house. On a few occasions on her way there, she ran a red light and when she finally parked the car before the house she had only one thought remained in her mind.

Y/N reached towards the backseat and pulled one of Rick’s compeessed air weapons, tucked it in one of her sleeve and in the other a couple syringes with concentrated shot of vervain.

   “Y/N –” said Stefan, reaching to hug her but she pushed him away.

   “Where is he?”

   “Damon is burying him in the woods.”

   “Where?” she insisted. “Tell me. Now.”

Stefan sighed and opened the front door, motioning for her to follow her. For a while they walked in silence, leafs and branches crunching under their feet. Her mind was drowning in memories shared with Kai – their first kiss, their first time… all the talks about their future, while she tried to decide what she’d do next. Seeing Kai’s body… A part of her knew it would crush her even but somehow, she had to see him herself because her heart refused to believe it. How could it be true? That the only person she had ever loved, ever cared and was ready to leave everything behind for was gone. No.

   “Look, Y/N…” started Stefan. “I know you must be in shock, I know you cared about him and loved him but –”

   “Love.” she corrected. “Present tense.”

   “Right.” nodded her friend. “But he crossed a line.”

Y/N stopped in her tracks. “And you haven’t? Damon hasn’t? Caroline hasn’t? All of us have crossed a line but murder… is never the answer. I thought someone who has lived over century and a half on this planet would know this by now.”

   “I do.” he watched her walk past him. “But Damon –”

   “Damon is Damon. He gets what he wants, as usual, no matter who he hurts in the process.” she muttered, pushing a branch away. “Kai –”

Damon looked up at her and then glanced at Kai’s body at his feet. He took a step towards her, blocking her view.   “Y/N, I am sorry. I –” his hands reached for her, but she pushed him away.

   “Stay away from me or I swear –”

   “Tell me what I can do to make it up to you –”

   “You can go to Hell –” she hissed and when he tried to touch her again, she staked him in the stomach and verivained him. Stefan took a step towards them unsure what to do. “Don’t take another step unless you want to join him on the ground.”

   “I understand you are hurt but this isn’t you.” said her friend, taking in another step. “Don’t –”

   “But it is.” she blinked back tears. “It is 100% me and you know it. Stefan, he took away the person I was in love with. The first person I was ever in love with, the only one who understood me completely. He took away my soulmate. Just be happy I staked him in the stomach, not the heart like I wanted to.”

   “You know what happens if you do kill him?” asked her friend taking another step towards her. “At first it will feel really good… but then you will crumble.” he took another step towards her and placed his hands on her shoulders. “I can help you deal with this pain –”

   “There is nothing you can say or do. I’m sorry, Stef.” she said apologetically.

A second later she watched his body drop to the ground. Taking in a shaky breath she took a step towards Kai’s body, wrapped in a large piece of cloth, and knelt down next to him. He deserved a proper burial, not an unmarked grave in the middle of nowhere and even though she had no idea how she’d get his body to her car she knew she’d find a way. For a moment her hands hovered over the fabric and finally she pulled it away, uncovering the body. Her tears filled eyes widened at the sight before her.

   “Oh my God –" she covered her mouth with her hand. Her world turned upside down again and she fell backwards on the ground trying to remember how to breathe when –

   “Care to explain why I had to do a locator spell to find you?” said a male voice. “And what are those two doing unconscious on the ground?”

Y/N got up and turned around, able to breathe for the first time in the past 30 minutes. There he was, Kai, leaning in against one of the trees. His lips curled into a smile and she took a step backwards from him while he took a step towards her. “You are alive… I will kill you myself for putting me through this.”

   “You weren’t supposed to leave the house. I went to the store – you had run out of a couple of things I needed to make dinner special. How was I supposed to know your annoying friends would call to tell you I died? Well, not died died…” he took a step towards her and another until his hands were around her waist and her back pressed against the tree. Purple/black veins flashed under his eyes and he could see the surprise in her eyes.

   “You are a vampire.”

   “A heretic actually.” he corrected her. “It’s incredible really. I can siphon my vampirism and convert it into more magic.”

   “Good for you.”

   “But what I love most is—” he said softly, brushing his fingertips against her cheek. “—is that now I can hear your breathing change when I touch you. Your heartbeat changing when I kissed you earlier or every time I touch you or call you mine. How it changes when I tell you that I love you. Like it did just now –”

   “I um –”

   “Let’s go home, bunny. I will explain everything.”

   “No. I am not going anywhere with you.” she pushed him off, angrily walking towards her friends then stepping over them.

   “Y/N –” he called out after her but she kept walking. He briskly made his way around the unconscious brothers and when he finally caught up with her, he had to yank her back because she still refused to even say a word to him. “Come on, Y/N. Talk to me.”

Y/N pushed him off, glared at him and scoffed continuing to walk on her way. An hour and her entire life had been turned upside down so many times she wasn’t even sure which way was up anymore.  Or if anything happening around her was real for that matter. Her angry footsteps echoed in the woods and she was pretty sure she was heading in the wrong direction but none of it mattered. Her mind was spinning and having Kai walk behind her wasn’t helping at all. She wanted to kiss him, hug him, slap him, kicking and punch him at the same time. A part of her was so upset with him and wanted to yell at him, to tell him off, the other wanted to suffocate him with kisses and never let him out of her sight again.

   “Yell at me. Punch me, come on.” he insisted. “I hate it when you are upset with me and… I know it’s been a couple of minutes but I miss the sound of your voice so –”  

   “I hate how much I love you.” she muttered more to herself than to him, stopping a few steps later to turn towards her boyfriend. “You mess up, repeatedly and I keep forgiving you because I love you more than I have ever loved anyone in my life. In fact, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you and you –” she sighed, placing her hand on her forehead. “You lied to me.” she said, blinking back tears. “You said you weren’t going to the wedding. You said all of this is behind you and that we are going to spend the evening together. And then you came home an hour late as if nothing had happened. Kai, you didn’t even tell me you’ve –”

Kai took a step towards her, attempting to touch her but she pushed him away. “I didn’t mean to hurt you… I –”  

   “You made a life changing choice and didn’t even tell me about it!” she continued. “You took away something I –”

   “Something that you what?” he questioned. “Tell me.”

Y/N wiped her nose with her wrist, blinking back tears before looking at him. “And to top it all, the least thing you could’ve done was leave a note before leaving the house. Ten words, that’s all you had to write…  ‘Hey, kitten. I am going to the store cuz you had ran out of pasta or whatever.’ I would’ve kept your secret. I trusted you…and you betrayed me.”

Kai laughed under his breath. “Kitten? More like a tiger, but yes. I understand. Big mistake… That’s three strikes on me. I – Let’s go home, please.”

   “Home?!” she muttered. “H-how did you even–”

   “—walk into your house without being invited in earlier?” he finished. “Remember earlier when I called you and you told me to ‘let myself in, mi casa es tú casa’?”

   “Right.” she muttered, looking at her shoes. Kai brushed his palm against her cheek and tilted her face up, forcing her to look at him. “Are you going to tell me what happened at the wedding, or should I go wake the two stooges over there?”

   “I got a peace of mind I’ve been longing for such a long time… and now I am free. We are free.” he cupped her face. “We are free to be together forever. That’s all I want. You. Always by my side, always in my arms… To spend eternity with you. And only you. I love you, Y/N. I love you more than you can possibly imagine and I can’t imagine spending a second without you. Yes, I screwed up. And I am so terribly sorry for this. You are right and …” he sighed. “Do you want to spend eternity with me? Or have I crossed the last line in our relationship, because if I had… I wouldn’t be able to go on living.”

   “Why do I feel like this is a marriage proposal?” she ran her fingers through her hair, glancing at him.  He glanced at his shoes and she noticed his hand in his jeans front pocket. Y/N shook her head. “OH no… no. You have a lot to make up for if you want me to say ‘Yes’ when you ask.”

Kai took a step towards her, holding her tightly against him. His forehead rested on hers, his lips almost touching hers as he spoke. “Well, I better start now then.” he pressed his lips against hers, or… tried to.

Instead of his lips meeting with hers, they met with her fingers.

   “No. D-Don’t do that. I am upset with you and –” he cut her off with a kiss and almost instantly she melted in his arms forgetting what he had done until the memory broke through her haze and she pushed him off. “K-keep your lips away from me. I am mad at you.”

   “No, you aren’t.” he shook his head, his lips twitching for a second. “Not really anyways –”

   “I am absolutely furious –”

He cut her off again, kissing her passionately when she pushed him off and her palm connected with his cheek. “I had that coming.”

   “Cloak yourself.” she demanded, spinning on her heels. “We are not done talking about this.” A couple of minutes later she almost ran out in the front yard where Caroline was waiting for her by the door and instantly ran to hug her.

   “Are you okay? Right… sorry, of course you are not okay.”

   “I’ll get better… OH and, I may have vervained Stefan and Damon in the woods. Tell them, I’m sorry.” she opened the car door. “Actually, tell Stefan I am sorry.”

   “You shouldn’t be alone right now. I’ll come with you –”

   “No, Care. I need some time to… process things. Having my life turned upside down in the span of a few hours. Losing everything I’ve ever wanted, I –”

Caroline nodded, watching her get in her car where Kai was waiting on the passenger seat already. “I get it. I’m here for you if you need me.”

   “Thanks, Care.” said Y/N, forcing a faint smile before putting the keys in the ignition and pulling down the driveway without even glancing at Kai.

For a while they drove in silence, both of them getting lost in their thoughts. Kai kept glancing at her trying to figure out what to say but the more he searched for the right words, the more it seemed he got tongue tied. Hurting her had never been his intention. He had hopped to the store to pick up a few things and when he had gotten back and seen the shattered pieces on the floor, unable to find her anywhere in the house he had felt as if he was dying all over again. How was he supposed to know her friends would call her that soon?! He had hoped they’d call her tomorrow when they’d already be gone and now… Whatever future he and Y/N had was so unclear, he couldn’t help but wonder if he had ruined the best thing that has ever happened to him. His gaze drifted from her out the window, watching the people on the street It was late but there were so many – husbands and wifes with children running around them or playing with each other… What if he never got to have that? What if he couldn’t fix things between them?

   “Y/N, I –” he started to say when she turned on the radio so loud his ears started to hurt. He flicked his wrist lightly, lowering the volume and sighed. “Tell me how to fix this.”

Y/N parked the car on the driveway, got out of the car and tossed him the car keys as he got out from his side. He caught them mid-air, quickly locked the car and chased after her only to have the front door slammed shut in his face. A sigh left his lips and he walked in after her, watching her climb up the stairs. It took him a split second and went after her.

   “You are not sleeping in my bed.” she stopped at her bedroom door. “You can sleep on the couch.”


   “No?” she turned towards him, “It’s the couch or the floor. Take your pick but you are not allowed to even get under the sheets with me in any way until you apologize –”

   “I did apologize.”

   “No. You haven’t. You apologized for everything except for the thing I am upset with you about.”

   “How can I know what you are upset about if you won’t even tell me?!”

   “Figure it out.” she started closing the door but he held it open. “What?!”

   “I’m sleeping on the floor.”

   “Not here you aren’t.”

   “You said ‘couch or floor’. I chose floor. You didn’t say where and I choose right there by your bed because I can’t be apart from you.”

   “Sucks to be you, then.”

Y/N struggled against him, trying to push the door. A groan of frustration escaped her lips and finally she decided to push him away herself. Her hands found their way on her chest and for a moment she almost caved in, allowing him in her bedroom. But having him that close to her after everything… No, she pushed him off and shut the door in this face right before locking it.

Kai placed his palm on the door and sighed, listening in to her breathe on the other side. He slid down to the floor, bringing up his knees to his chest trying to figure out what he had to apologize for when suddenly he heard her from the other side of the door… crying.



She knew.

She sat in front of him, holding her fingers and staring down at them with furrowed brows as if they might give her the words she needed to say.

He knew she saw the gashes this morning on his shoulder, on his side. Not the kind of thing you acquire when working as a lawyer. He should have been more careful.

She sat in the chair opposite his desk as if she were a client. As if she were trying to distance herself from him. The thought made Matt start to panic, he swallowed and shifted his feet. She wasn’t saying anything. All Matt wanted was for her to talk. He didn’t know what he wanted or needed her to say, but just something would be better than the suffocating silence they currently sat in. Anything to make him feel like he wasn’t going watch her walk out the door and never come back.

Anything to make him feel like she didn’t… hate him. For what he hid from her. For what he does. For who he is.


“I-” you paused. It was one word but it didn’t feel right. This whole situation didn’t feel right. You glanced up at Matt, you knew he was anxious. You could hear his shoes shifting, his throat bobbed as he tried to calm himself. His hands sat in his lap, one thumb brushing quickly over the other in nervous rhythm. You hadn’t told him why you wanted to talk with him alone in his office, but you guessed from the tension in his face that he had a pretty good idea.


Matt was getting dressed for work when you saw the gash on his shoulder. He faced away from you as he took off a black short sleeved tee. Obviously your eyes drifted up from your book to watch the lean muscles of his back ripple with movement. He winced as he turned to slip on a sky blue shirt, dropping his shoulder slightly put the wound in clear view, another one creeping around the side of his torso. They looked to be a week old at most. Your heart sped up, your eyes widened. Your mind was bombarded with a stream of questions. How did he even get that? Who did this to him? How was he even in a position to- what was he doing- where was he- How could he- what was he thinking he-

And then it dawned on you.

You’d seen the newspapers, the tv spots, you remember feeling a sense of familiarity staring at you in the face as you watched the footage.

You had been following the articles and even talking with Matt over breakfast about how the impact of having a vigilante in Hell’s Kitchen would have a serious effect on the crime rate, hopefully a good effect. Matt never had much to say. More than once he had changed the subject to something more lighthearted. You just let it go, thinking that it probably didn’t sit right with him that someone was taking the law and justice into their own hands…


The roughness of his hands… the strength in them. The nights where you would wake up reaching for him only to see the other side of the bed empty and cold. The little bruises and cuts where he ‘walked into things’.

It was a big jump to make. Massive in fact. You backtracked for a second, you needed proof before you could even consider listening to your minds paranoid ramblings. But that didn’t stop your breathing from picking up. That didn’t stop the ‘what ifs’ from plaguing your thoughts. They piled up on top of each other so fast that you felt like you might not be able to take another breath.

Matt’s head turned as he buttoned up his shirt.

“Are you okay? You seem awfully quiet this morning.”

“Fine!” you chirped. A little too quick to be genuine. Too quick for Matt to ignore. Matt paused in reaching for his tie.

“You sure?”

“Absolutely. Just excited to start the day!” You flung the sheets off of you exposing your bare legs. Wearing only a large grey tee you jumped out of bed and swung around to throw your arms over his shoulders, narrowly avoiding the wound.

Running your fingers through the tiny hairs at the nape of his neck, he slid his hands up under your tee, lifting it high enough for you to feel a light breeze on your backside. He wrapped his hands around either side of your waist and began running his thumbs up and down the small of your back. “I’m excited for every day that I get to start with you.”

Whatever tension there was in Matt’s frame dissipated. He smiled wide, leaning his head slightly to the side. “You’re full of cheese.”

You shrugged. “What can I say? It’s a talent. Maybe I should start classes. Could save up some money and get myself a plaque. ‘Y/N, Master of Cheesery’”

Matt snorted and slid his arms all the way around you, pulling you as close as he could. You had to rise to your tiptoes to fold your arms behind his neck, leaning your cheek against his. Your bodies molded together and he hummed once in content as he swayed the two of you from side to side. Dancing to no music. “I wish I didn’t have to go in today. Foggy needs me to go over this case one more time before tomorrow. I can think of a few things we could do right here that would be much more fun.” He sighed out his nose. You held on a little tighter, you didn’t know if you wanted to uncork this bottle. But you knew that you needed to.

“I’m gonna drop by at lunchtime.”

Matt nodded and turned to kiss your cheek twice. He pulled away reluctantly and let your arms drop to your side. Picking up his jacket from the bed he made his way through the living room and towards the front door. You trailed behind him, gripping your fingers tight behind you. Matt opened the door and turned around to you leaning against the doorframe. “We can talk about some stuff.” he raised his eyebrows.


“You focus on your case for now. I don’t want to distract you. We’ll talk when I come in.” You leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips. He left with a small frown on his face.


It had taken a lot of digging. A lot of thinking like someone who wanted to desperately hide something. Finally you found your proof, tucked away in his father’s box. The mask that he wore to his nightly endeavours. The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen’s mask.

After giving yourself some time to cry, to scream, to punish yourself for not seeing it sooner, you got up, got dressed, put the red mask in your bag and left the apartment to meet Matt. To have a conversation you weren’t sure you were prepared for.


And here you are. Sitting in his office trying to find the right words to begin with. None of them seemed to suffice. This was Matt, why couldn’t you just talk to him?

You stood up suddenly and turned towards the door to close the blackout blind that hung from it. Then you walked behind Matt to close the blinds on the windows. It left the room dark so you switched on his desk lamp and instead of sitting down on the chair you perched on his desk next to where he sat so you were facing the wall to his back. Instead of looking at him, you stared unseeingly at the strings on the blinds.

You took a deep breath. You reached into your bag and held the mask just behind him.

“Matt, I know about your night job.” You said firmly and put the mask on the desk in front of him. He reached out and ran his fingertips over one of the pointed tips for a mere second before pulling his hands back to his lap.

He remained silent.

“I’m not mad. I just- I’m.. worried.” your breath hitched, “I’m scared, Matt.” your bottom lip trembled making you reach up with both hands to cover your face.

Matt’s hands stopped twitching and instead gripped tight, his shoulders tensed and his face screamed how much he didn’t want to have this discussion.

“You don’t need to be scared of me.” He muttered in a low but steady voice. Dropping your hands and swinging your head round to him, you scooched up along his desk to sit in front of him, your legs hanging down either side of his. You brought your hands to his cheeks. Cradling the hurt you saw on his face. The disappointment, not at you but in himself. You could feel the muscles in his jaw tense.

“Matty-” your voice caught, and Matt almost flinched at the noise. Clearing your throat you tried again. “Matty, I’m not scared of you. I’m scared for you.” Matt’s eyebrows twitched together, so you slid your hand down to just above his shoulder, where you both knew the tightly stitched wound sat. “This, is a big deal. Did you think I would be okay with you coming home with giant cuts on your body? God forbid I wake up in the morning to see you bleeding out on the couch-” you bit your lip and looked away, trying to pull yourself together. You needed to be a little bit stronger, just enough to deal with this.

Matt tentatively put his hand on your knee.

“Y/N, I’ve trained for this. I was trained from a young age to fight like this and it’s something I’ve known how to do for a long time. I’m not just some billionaire thinking he can make a suit, fight crime and take on the world all in the same day. I’m going to do better. I’m making this city a safe place. My city. Ours.” He took your hands in both of his and rested them on your knees.

He licked his lips and shifted in his chair, you could see he wanted you to believe him, to trust him, to.. accept him. “I’m sorry I kept this from you. Part of me is saying I should let you go to protect you from this, from the people who might want to use you against me if they found out what you mean to me. I couldn’t-” he swallowed, “I won’t let that happen. I can’t lose you. You’re the reason I can do this and still smile everyday, not hate myself for keeping this a secret from almost everyone I know. I love you.” he paused, gripping your hands slightly tighter for a second before leaning back in his chair a little. “But I understand if you can’t cope with this. You don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to, you can walk out that door and I won’t stop you.”

You were quiet. You just looked at his face and all it’s features as your hands warmed between his. You could see how much he didn’t want you to leave, but you knew that he would let you go if you wanted to. You knew he was genuinely sorry, but he had reason to keep it all from you. He was trying to do the right thing. Not just for him or you but for the whole city.

Make a decision. A little voice in the back of your mind prompted you. And you did.

You slid off the desk and into his lap, he pulled your joined hands up to give you room, but didn’t let go. Not quite ready to release you just yet. His face remained set. You smiled at him, just a small slightly wobbly curve of your lips.

“I love you too, Matt. But-” you could see his brows wobble a touch. You squeezed his hands before releasing them then took off his glasses and put them behind you on the desk. You wanted to see his eyes. You slid your hands back over his, threading your fingers together.

“I’m not leaving you.” You had to reassure him first. His shoulders dropped the heavy weight on them and he leaned his forehead against yours. His breath hitched slightly as he tried not to cry in relief. You almost burst into tears at the sound, instead a few dripped down your cheeks and hit your joined hands.

“You need to tell me everything. And I mean every little minute detail that occurs, I don’t want the highlights.” He nodded lightly. “and you’re gonna teach me how to fight.” His head shot up. “You’re not coming with me. It’s too dangerous.”

You snorted. “of course not, but if you’re worried about me being a target then I need to learn how to defend myself. I need to show these guys that my badass boyfriend isn’t the only one who can handle himself. The Master of Cheesery can pack a punch too.” You held up an arm to flex your muscles and pulled a strained face.

Matt grinned as he brushed away the fallen tears and pinched your flexing ‘muscles’, “That means you’re gonna have to actually get out of bed in the morning and you know, exercise.”

Your pursed your lips and rolled your eyes. “The things I do for you, Matt.”

He swallowed. “I know. Thank you.” He leaned in to kiss you, but you pulled back and put a finger on his lips. “Uh-uh. You’ve got some serious ass-kissing to do Matt-Matt.”

“What?” came his muffled reply, his lips squished behind your finger.

“You’ve been keeping something from me for God knows how long. You’re gonna have to make it up to me, your loyal and forgiving girlfriend. Starting with dinner and later listening to Stephen Fry read Sherlock Holmes on audiobook. With blankets. And malteasers. And kitkats.” Matt kissed your finger twice in quick succession.

“Anything.” He said sincerely. He would do anything for you. You smiled as you replaced your finger with your lips, brushing them over his in a soft kiss.

Title: Cherish Those Who Care
Character: Danny Rand
A/n: A story in which reader is insecure about her lack of toughness because she’s surrounded by badass warriors 24/7 and danny boi convinces her otherwise.

Danny knocked softly on your apartment door, looking around the empty hallway as he waited for your replay. His foot tapping on the ground to try and help relieve the minor anxiety he had built up over the last couple of days.

You hadn’t been returning his calls or answering his texts. It had been days since you stopped by his office to say hello like you always did when you found time to.

At first, Danny reasoned that you were just busy with your work. He knew you loved what you did, and sometimes you just got caught up with it all.

But then a week almost passed, and he couldn’t help but worry.

“Oh, Danny,” He was so focused on his thoughts that he didn’t realize you had already answered the door. “What are you doing here?”

Danny tugged on his tie and smiled nervously. “Hey, you’re alright.”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Nothing, it’s just,” He said, trying to put together words. “You haven’t been around much lately.”

“Oh, yeah, about that.” You said, looking up at him. “Come on in.”

Danny nodded and came inside, noticing that you had already disappeared into another room. “(Y/n)?”

“Hmm? I’m in here.” Your voice came from the kitchem, when he followed you were pouring something into a mug. “In here.”


“No, chocolate milk,” You said, placing a brown bottle back into the fridge. “I don’t really like coffee.”

Danny found himself smiling fondly at you as he took a seat at one of the kitchen stools. “You know, that’s pretty cute.”

You were about to smile back when your face turned more serious and you pushed the mug away. “About that,” You said, taking a breif pause. “Am I too soft?”

“I’m sorry?”

“I just mean, I’m not really the fighting kind of person like Colleen or Claire. I’m not a very intimidating being either.”

Danny’s brows knitted together as he looked at you. “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing, it’s just, ” You said, your fingers preoccupying themselves by tracing the grain of your counter. “Maybe you should spend less time with me. There’s nothing I can offer you in terms of taking down the Hand or fulfilling your destiny. You should focus more on that.”

“You don’t want to see me anymore?” Danny asked, his voice becoming sad and quiet.

“No! It’s not that I don’t want to, I’m just trying to think of what’s best for you.” You told him, suddenly feeling very shy. “And it’s not me.”

Danny was quiet for a moment, a conflicted expression on his face before he turned to look at you.

“When I was in the monastery, the monks there taught me how to read people. Not just their body language or expression, but how to tell what kind of person they are. They said it would help me choose my enemies and my allies.”

Your brows furrowed. “Allies? Bit of a stiff word to call your friends.”

Danny laughed softly, his head slightly shaking. “The monks were pretty ‘stiff’ people, certain emotions or pleasures were considered distractions, and distractions became weaknesses.”

You nodded, you didn’t fully understand the entire thing, but then again, you really didn’t have to.

You looked up at him. “So, am I an ‘ally’ or an enemy?”

Danny smiled, his gazed locked with yours. “When I first saw you, I noticed your eyes right off.”

You felt the corner of your mouth turn upward into a smile while you gave him a curious expression. “Did you?”

He nodded. “They were gentle eyes, kind eyes,” Danny answered before looking down at his hands. “It was a bit hard to look away if I’m being honest.”

You scoffed, leaning backward into your chair. “You’re just saying that.”

“No, really,” Danny said, placing his hand on top of yours. “I was met with all sorts of bizarre looks that day, a lot of uncaring people who just ignored my presence.”

He paused, looking at you to make sure you were listening to what he was saying.

“But you,” He took your hand, his thumb softly brushed against the back of it. “You were the first person to smile at me, genuinely smile. You talked to me, and you listened to what I had to say. There wasn’t a moment where I thought you were judging me, it was just pure kindness of another person. And it meant the world to me.”

You sighed, regardless of feeling humbled by his thoughts, your insecurities were still lingering in the back of your head. “But maybe I’m too soft. Maybe if I was more ‘tough’ I’d actually be more useful to you.”

“In my opinion,” Danny said, his tone nothing but sincere. “It takes a great deal of courage to be soft and kind in a world that is so cruel.”

You felt his grip on your hand tighten for a moment. “And it’s a trait that is rare to find in people.”


He held up in his finger, letting you know that now wasn’t the time for you to argue with him. “So, if you think that you have to be more ‘tough’ to make a difference, I can assure you that you don’t. And I wouldn’t want you to be any other way, because without it, I don’t know what would’ve happened to me.”

You smiled. “I’m sure you would’ve managed without me.”

“I don’t think so,” Danny tilted his head so your eyes would remain on him. “I think I would’ve suffered a lot worse without you. Are you understanding what I’m saying?”

You nodded, having a feeling that words would have betrayed you.

Danny released your hand and opened his arms to you, still sensing your doubt. “Come here.”

You looked at him and slowly went into his arms, holding onto him tightly. “You never answered my question.”


“Am I a friend or an enemy.”

Danny lowered his head and kisses the top of yours. “You mean so much more to me than just a friend.”

Imagine Chris introducing you to your son for the first time.

A/N: Part 5 already? Man, time flies when you’re having fun. Stay tuned for the epilogue. Here are the links to the previous parts: (Memory Lane - Part 1/Part2/Part3/Part 4) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts and Baby Fever - Masterlist). This one is super cute if I say so myself. 💕

You could barely remember the labor experience when you woke from your nap, or anything for that matter. You could remember the pain, of course, that was still there but it had subsided sufficiently since the birth of your son. You could remember your water breaking at home because of the silly argument you had with Chris, and him rushing you to the hospital whilst apologizing the entire drive there. You smiled to yourself when you thought about it; you had the best husband even though he got a little messy sometimes.

“Knock knock,” you heard your mom’s voice and you looked up dazedly. “Hey sweetheart,” she smiled at you and you mirrored it. “How are you feeling?” She asked as she entered your ward; she sat down on an empty chair and took one of your hands in hers.

“Glad I’m not pregnant anymore,” you responded with a soft chuckle and she chuckled in response. “I don’t know how you did it, Mom. That was-” you shook your head in disbelief, “one of the most painful experiences of my entire life.” She squeezed your hand gently, chuckling. “I know I said I’d think about having a girl, but I don’t think I want to do that ever again.”

“You will,” she disagreed with a nod. “Not now, but you will. Believe me, honey. Parenthood is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have. When you see your baby, you’ll understand that the pain is worth everything.” She pressed a soft kiss to the back of your hand and you smiled. “He’s beautiful, by the way.” She told you and your smile grew wider.

“Is Chris with him?”

“Did you really expect him to be anywhere else?” She responded and you chuckled. “Have the two of you decided on a name? I remember both of you saying that you didn’t want to think about it until you saw the baby, but surely there’s been some discussion on possible names.”

You shook your head in response because there hasn’t been. Sure there were names you both liked, but there was never one that either of you had your mind set on. Chris didn’t see the point of naming a child he hadn’t yet met, and to be honest- neither did you. When you wrote, you’d always create a character before you gave that character a name; a name was nothing if it didn’t fit the personality. Despite your need to control things, you quite liked the spontaneity of things which was one of the many reasons Chris fell in-love with you.

“We’ll decide when we decide,” you told her and she nodded. “Where’s Dad?” You asked but before she could answer you, you asked another question. “And did Chris call Lisa and Bob yet? They were meant to drive down for the due date but- well,” you chuckled. “Their son pissed me off so much that their grandson came early.”

Your mom laughed then said, “your dad’s getting some coffee, and Lisa and Bob are on their way as we speak. So are your brothers, and Chris’ siblings, and their families. Everyone’s been informed about the sudden birth, don’t worry. We’ve handled all the details, you just relax.”

“I don’t think relaxing is in her wheelhouse,” you heard Chris’ voice and you immediately smiled. You looked up and felt your heart skip a beat when you realized he was with a nurse and your baby. “We thought you might like to meet your son.” He said as he carefully pushed the baby cot over. “Hate to say it but- he’s the most beautiful baby I’ve ever seen.”

“That’s ‘cause you didn’t see your wife when she was a baby,” your mom commented and Chris chuckled. “Okay, we’ll leave you two to get aquatinted with your son.” She beckoned the nurse out with her as she started to make her leave. “Pick a good name, no Jr. situation please.” You and Chris laughed softly at that, not wanting to scare the baby. “We’re better than that.” With that, she closed the door behind her.

“Before I pick him up, first things first.” He leaned over and gently caressed your face, pressing his lips against yours; you smiled and kissed him back. “I am so proud of you, Y/N, and I don’t think I have ever loved you more. You were so strong and beautiful and- I am just-” he cut himself off, glancing at your son, “we’re just the luckiest guys in the world to have you in our lives.”

“You’re just trying to make up for the fact that you basically pushed me into labor,” you giggled and he chuckled. “I can’t even give birth at a time that I want, and you call me controlling and manipulative.” You teased and his smile widened.

“You did say you were sick of being pregnant, and my job as your husband is to make your life easier so- I guess you’re welcome.” He quipped and you giggled, slapping his arm ever so gently. “Alright,” he chuckled. “Are you ready to meet your son? We really need you to because we need to decide on a name. I kinda have one in my head but- I want to see what you think of when you look at him.”

“Okay,” you nodded and Chris helped you sit up before gently lifting your baby boy out of the plastic cot. He sat down on the edge of your bed, just beside you and carefully passed the life you’d just given birth to over to you. You felt tears well in your eyes upon looking at his tiny face, he looked up at you with eyes the same shade as his father’s and smiled for the first time. “He’s beautiful, Chris.”

“Just like you,” Chris kissed the side of your head.

You looked down at your baby, gently swaying him back and forth as you thought about his name. His eyes reminded you of Chris, yes, but they also reminded you of the day Chris took you camping for the first time. It was near the Jackson River, he’d taken you out on the canoe just as the sun was rising over the water which was as beautiful a blue as your son’s eyes. You looked at him and all you could remember was that day, the day Chris took you out of your comfort zone without removing the feeling of warmth and safety while doing so. But that was what Chris did, and was incredibly good at; he challenged you and changed you for the better. Your son was the perfect example because without Chris- you would have never birthed this beautiful and angelic baby boy, and set out to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

“What are you thinking?” Chris asked, wrapping an arm around you.

“Do you remember that day you took me out camping?” You asked, not tearing your eyes away from your son. You felt Chris nod and you continued, “it was my first time out in the woods and I was a little nervous about it.”

“A little?” He chuckled softly. “Sweetheart, you were having anxiety attacks.” You chuckled softly in response. “But I also remember you telling me that I made you feel safe despite how unsafe you felt out there.”

“Yeah,” you nodded. “And you took me out on the canoe just before sunrise and we watched as it rose over the water.” Chris nodded again, smiling as he reminisced. “I fell in-love with you that trip, like- head over heels in-love with you.”

“Really, that trip?” He raised an eyebrow. “But you didn’t say anything, and that was- way before Disney World when I spilled the beans. Were you waiting for me to say it first?” He teased and you chuckled softly.

“Well, I didn’t want to scare you off.”

“Please,” he chuckled. “If you’d told me then, I would have told you the feeling was mutual. Sweetheart, I was in-love with you after our first date. I just tried to play it cool because I didn’t want to scare you off. Honestly- I thought you were going to run after the camping thing, your face when we got to the campsite was pretty priceless.”

“Shut up,” you giggled.

“Why are you bringing that trip up?” Chris quizzed; there was a hint of curiosity and hope in his voice because he too thought about that trip when he looked at his son for the first time. That trip was the one that gave Chris a glimpse of the life he could have with you, where he would constantly challenge you and lift you out of your comfort zone while making you feel as loved and as safe as possible. He fell in-love with you too, that trip, because he saw how hard you tried for him despite how much you clearly hated camping.

“Because when I look at our baby, I think of that trip.” You glanced at Chris and he smiled when you did. “He is here because of you, of what you’re capable of making me do. That trip was the first time I did anything out of my comfort zone for a guy, you are the first guy who made me want to leave my comfort zone.”

“And you are the first girl who has tried so hard for me,” he responded. “You know something, Y/N? You know why we work?” Your facials prompted a continuation. “Because despite our differences, we are one in the same. I thought about that trip when I saw him too,” he told you and you smiled. “Does this mean we’ve decided on a name?”

“Jackson River Evans,” you said with a smile and a nod.

“I love it,” you felt your husband kiss the top of your head. “And I love you, Y/N.”

“I love you too,” you turned and kissed him, smiling against his lips. “And we love you, Jack.” You whispered to your son when you broke the kiss, leaning into your husband’s loving arms. “God, he’s so perfect.” You said to Chris and he nodded, smiling. “Jack,” you smiled and cradled the small bundle of joy closer to your chest.

“You know what I just realized?” Chris quizzed then chuckled softly as he said, “both Chris Pratt and I now both have a son named Jack.” The two of you laughed softly at that. “Chris Evans, Jack Evans. Chris Pratt, Jack Pratt. Well-” he chuckled. “I better call Hemsworth to tell him he’s got to have another son and name him Jack, God knows Hollywood needs another Evans-Pratt-Hemsworth trio.”

“You’re such a dork,” you giggled.

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(requested by anon -
  not sure if this is what you wanted but i hope you like it anyways ☺)


Reader and Kai have a fight , Kai ending up scaring Reader like never before.

*not my gif


Y/N was sitting on the couch reading a book , flipping page after page completely consumed by the story , when Kai walked in slamming the front foor with a loud bag. Y/N jumped up startled , dropping her book onto the floor. As she leaned in to pick it up , she glanced at Kai. He was literally shaking with anger.  She picked up the book and left on the small table , before walking towards Kai.
“Kai?” she asked , “Is something wrong?” He kept pacing back and forth , his eyes black. Y/N tried to touch his hand , but he pulled away. The look he gave her made her take a step back. Whatever it was that had him like this , it was not good.
“Where it is?” he asked her , his voice was scary calm.
Y/N looked at him confused. “Where is what?”
He took a step towards her , towering over her. “You know what I am talking about.  Where is it?” he yelled at her , grabbing her wrist.
“Actually , I don’t have the faintest clue.” Y/N said , trying to sound calm but the truth is she was starting to get scared.  Kai didn’t look like himself. She had no idea what he was talking about or what had made him so angry.
“The Ascendant ! I know your friends took it !” he screamed at her , making her jump in place. “They want to send me back to the Prison World!”
Y/N looked at him shocked. To her it was news the Ascendant had gone missing , no wonder Kai was so angry. “I don’t know Kai , I swear.” she said , her voice trembling.  She reached for her phone , wanting to dial Stefan and try to find out whats happening but Kai grabbed it from her hands and smashed it against the wall.
“Kai !” she said angrily turning to look at the remains of her smashed phone on the ground. She took a deep breath but it didn’t help.  Suddenly Kai had her pinned to the wall , his hand on her neck squeezing it. Y/N was strugling to breath , her lips turning blue. “Stop ! You are scaring me!” she said , barely making the words out.
“You are just like the rest of them ! You gave them the Ascendant didn’t you ? I knew you’d never forgive me , that you never really cared about me!” he screamed at her.
“No , Kai .. I swear I didn’t. I’d never …” she said weakly.
His breathing had gotten heavier and it appeared to that no matter what Y/N said , it only fueled his rage. She had never seen him like that. It was as if there was a completely different person standing infront of her. They’ve had their fights as couples always do , but things had never gotten this bad. Usually in the middle of the argument , they’d realise whatever it was they were fighting about was meaningless and make up. Did he really think she’d give her friends the Ascendant? No , it wasn’t possible. Kai knew very well that she’d rather die than give her friends the means to send him away. Had his rage blinded him so much that he had forgotten this ?
She looked in horror as black veins started showing under his eyes , his fangs coming out.
‘He wouldn’t do that.’ she thought , ‘He wouldn’t hurt me.’
She was wrong.
A moment later Kai sank his teeth into her neck , not caring at all about the scream that followed.  Tears starting to stream down her face. It wasn’t the physical pain he was causing her , it was the fact he clearly didn’t care about her at all. He let go his grip on her neck and Y/N dropped on the floor , barely breathing.
Suddenly Kai seemed to snap out of it , fear flooding his veins. His heart broke seeing what he had done to her.
“Oh God..” he muttered. “What did I do ?” fear and worry in his voice. “What did I do !?” He kneeled down and wrapped his hands around her before biting his wrist , putting  it on her lips. “Don’t be dead , please don’t be dead.” he kept muttering under his breath , tears filling his eyelids.  "I love you…“ he whispered.A few moments later Kai  felt Y/N grabbing his wrist , drinking his blood and her eyes opened. Kai sighed in relief , closing his eyes for a moment. What he saw when he opened them broke his heart all over again.
Y/N’s eyes were filled with tears and terror. She glanced at him for a split second and tried to escape his grasp , but his hands were wrapped too tightly around her. She was shaking with fear.
“Let me go !” she said tears streaming down her face. “Let me go !” she repeated , tears starting to stream down her face.
“Y/N , I … ” Kai started to say as she kept trying to get herself free , her heart beating fast and uneven. He couldn’t watch her like this. Y/N was his best friend , the only person who he truly cared about and have ever loved.  He pulled her closer rubbing her back. “I’m sorry …” he whispered , wiping a tear from her cheek.  "I .. I don’t know what happened. I would never hurt you.“ he said.
Y/N looked at him like she had no idea who he was , trying to find the right words to say to him.
"Why?” she asked paused for a moment , trying to calm down. “Why would you do this Kai?!” she raised her voice.
“I don’t know …” he said , his voice hollow. “I just … I … I got scared. You don’t know what its like in the Prision World.” he trailed off.
Silence hang in the air. Y/N kept looking at him as if he was a stranger and Kai kept wishing there was a way to fix what he had done. He couldn’t come up with anything that could.
“You were a completely different person , I don’t .. ” Y/N struggled to find the right words. “How could you even think that I’d give them the Ascendant ?!” she raised her voice again.  Suddenly her expression went blank. “I need some time to figure things out.” Y/N said calmly.
“Please don’t…” Kai said his voice barely audiable. He knew where the conversation was going and he didn’t like it at all but Kai had only himself to blame. He stared at the ground for a long moment before he reached and touched her face , leaning in to kiss her. Y/N didn’t return his kiss.  He took a step back looking completely broken.
It hurt her seeing him like this but the memory of what had just happened was too fresh for her to just put it behind her and forgive him right then and there. She took his hand and gave it a queeze before turning around to walk into her bedroom , closing the door behind her.  Y/N rested her back against the door for a moment and slided towards the ground trying hard not to cry.
Kai stood frozen for a moment and the sound of Y/N closing the door shut seemed to snap him back to reality. He walked towards her bedroom and sat on floor on  the other side of the door , listening to Y/N crying…  He wished this day had never happened.

Anon Request: Telling Riz you love him for the first time

“Know what I miss the most when I’m away?”

Keeping your eyes shut, you find that you are too exhausted to speak. Although you’ve slept for a minimum of two hours, it feels like thirty minutes.

Your entire body is on fire. You know part of it stems from the sun casting its rays directly onto the bed of your hotel room. You and Riz are tangled up together in the center of the bed, the blankets wrapped around you in a warm cocoon.

“Babe…” Letting his lips press against the tip of your nose, Riz released a soft breath as your arms wrap around his waist in an attempt to get closer.

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Summary: Getting the same order every day following the afternoon classes you took at the University, your life had been your education. That is until Kylo, a Barista at Java the Hutt’s cafe, walked into it. Suddenly, your world was stained by love and Kylo’s past, causing everything to change.

A/N: Hello! Tomorrow will be the last part for this mini series! @cryxlowrites​ and I are more than thankful/happy that you all have enjoyed is! As always, enjoy and feedback is welcomed.

Warning: Graphic Depictions of Violence

Word Count: 8.9K+

Tagging: @stressedoutkylo

While he opened his closet, Kylo sucked in a nervous breath. His fingers shaking as he squatted down, pushing aside the coats and other boxes he had stacked across the wall. He then reached around a heavy metal case, pulling it away from the others and dragging it away.

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 (requested by - @angelicshinigami)

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 299
summary : Reader finds about Kai’s past from someone else. (before the wedding and the 1903 PW)
* gif by me

   “I love girl’s night.” said Y/N, hanging upside down on the sofa with her phone in her hands, typing. Every Friday or Saturday night they’d get the Salvatore house all to themselves and get to do whatever they wanted, as if it was their house. Which in a way it was since pretty much everyone had moved in or stayed over every other night. Elena laughed and Caroline joined Y/N on the sofa trying to take a peek at what and most importantly who she was texting.
   “Do you? You’ve been here for an hour and you’ve spent half of it on your phone. Who are you texting that has you laughing and blushing like that ?”
Y/N clicked sent and looked at her friend. “Me ? Blushing – what are you talking about? I am not blushing.”
   “Yes, you are.” said Bonnie coming back from the kitchen with snacks. “Anyone we know ? Is he hot ?”
   “Um, maybe.” said Y/N glancing at her screen when her phone buzzed, bursting in laughter a second later. “Oh my God.”
   “What?” asked Elena, laying on the ground right under her taking a peek at her screen. “Wait … Kai ?” instantly she sat up. “You’ve been texting him this entire time ?”
Y/N sighed and sat up glancing at her friends’ shocked expressions. Every time Kai’s name came up in a conversation things got really awkward really fast. Usually someone always changed up the subject and no one ever wanted to tell her why they reacted that way which kind of freaked her out a little. There was bad blood between him and Bonnie and him and Damon, that much she knew, but she also knew how bad Kai felt about everything he had done in 1994. What she couldn’t understand was why all her friends acted as if she had mentioned the Devil himself whenever she mentioned Kai.
   “Alright. What is it ?” she asked, folding her hands on her chest.
   “What ?” asked Caroline as if she had no idea what Y/N is talking about. “Do you want some of those caramel popcorn ? They are so good, buttery and sweet –”
Y/N titled her head glaring at her friend as if to say ‘Seriously ?’ “Don’t play dumb with me Caroline Forbes. You are hiding something. Spill.”
   “It’s nothing. Just… we worry you spend so much time with him.” said Elena. “He is dangerous.”
   “Dangerous ?“ asked Y/N confused. “Are we talking about the same person here ? Kai is sweet, kind and need I remind you who saved me when Caroline decided to flip her humanity switch and throw a rave on campus ? Kai did. He is not dangerous. He is … cute and cuddly and so nice, I just can’t seem to under–”
Bonnie scoffed. “He is not nice.”
Y/N glanced at her friend. “I get it. You don’t like him because he hurt you in 1994, but he did try to apologise, remember ? Why do you act like this every time I mention him ? Can’t you see he is somewhat important to me ?”
   “That’s what’s worrying us.” said Elena.
   “Why ?”
   “It doesn’t matter. Just keep you distance -”
Y/N got up and headed towards the door when Caroline flashed before her blocking her way.
   “Where are you going ?”
   “Y/N, don’t –”
   “Why ?” asked Y/N. “What do you have against him that is so bad you don’t want to tell me ? I am tough. I faced Klaus, I’ve dealt with Katherine and Silas. Whatever it is – I can handle it.”
   “He hasn’t told you, has he ?“asked Elena reaching for the popcorn.
   "Told me what ?”
   “What he did to get himself sent in 1994 Prison World.” started Caroline.
   “Whatever he did to get himself stuck in 1994, it’s done. It’s not like you havent done awful things or things you regret right ? Everybody makes mistakes and –”
   “Yes, but neither of us has done what he did.” snapped Bonnie. “No wonder your ‘buddy’ hasn’t told you he killed his siblings. He is probably terrified you’d see him for the monster he truly is and he’d end up alone again.”
   “What ?” asked Y/N taking a step towards Bonnie.
   “Yeah. He killed his siblings.” said Caroline. When his family found out he was born without his own magic they isolated him. He couldn’t touch anyone because they were terrified of him and his parents thought he was unfit to lead the coven, so they had more children until another set of twins was born. When he figured out his father was going to deny him his birth right – you know, the merge after his 22nd birthday, he snapped and killed his siblings to prove a point. He hung two of his siblings off the stairway railing and drowned another. Then went after the twins, stabbing Jo in the abdomen with a hunting knife to keep her from trying to stop him. But she managed to find Liv and Luke and hide them with magic, which only got him angrier. They were the real targets of his anger. Later on to protect the twins and get her freedom Jo got rid of her magic, leaving it hidden in a hunting knife and tricked him into doing the merge the next day. But instead his family used the eclipse to send him away as a punishment for what he did. Jo ran and the future of the coven fell on Luke and Liv.”
Y/N stood there frozen, glancing between her friends’ worry grim expressions while trying to process everything her friends had done. Kai had mentioned he had done something, allowing his anger to take over but he never said what exactly. And even though what he had done had been awful, she could see he felt guilty about something. Now she knew why but also she couldn’t stop thinking about what it must’ve been growing up. Spending his entire life alone with no one to talk to or to understand him or what it is being a siphoner. What he had done hadn’t been his fault. It had been his family’s fault. If only they hadn’t isolated him, if they had accepted him the way he was – ’Not a whole lot of compassion in my family.’ had said Luke.  “Oh my God.“
   “And later on in the Prison World he tried to end it all multiple times, except there was a fail save in the spell and he couldn’t die no matter what he did and –”
   “I have to go.” said Y/N and without a word just turned around and walked out the door ignoring her friends calling after her. She got on her bike but instead of riding it home, she decided to walk there. Her mind was flooded with images of 5 year old Kai, pictures he had shown her… His handmade turkey, the few homevideos with him that has somehow survived over the years… Why hadn’t he told her about growing up ? Everything he had been through – specially in the Prison World. Not being able to die, living completely alone for 18 years before finally returning to the real world … A tear rolled down her cheek and she wiped it away quickly, feeling her phone buzz in her pocket.
We are still on for movie night, right ?
Y/N smiled at the screen. ‘Heck yeah. Can’t wait.’
   “Y/N, I’m hooomee.“ called out Kai, dramatically walking in through the front door with a large paperbag with take out in his hands. “I just love saying it like that !” he laughed glancing at her cuddled up on the couch with a white/blue stripe blanket covering her feet and a steaming cup with tea in her hands. Y/N glanced at him, sighed and her lips curled in a small smile.  "Hey, cheer up. I got you your favourite curly fries from the Grill and stopped by your favourite place and got you the avocado, greens and chicken salad you love so much.“
Kai let the take out bag on the coffee table and sat next to her just in time to see her pull out a bag with his favourite pork rinds hidden under the blanket. Y/N grinned at hal, shifting on the couch.   “You are the best best friend ever. How did you know I was thinking about that place today ?”
   “Magic.“ he winked at her. “Have you picked the movie ? What are we watching ? I hope you are not planning on making me suffer through Twilight again. That sparkly guy is just – weird. So, so weird.”
   “No. That was a momentary lack of judgement.“ she laughed under her breath and slipped her hand behind her back pulling out a copy of Baywatch. “I got something you will love. Ta-da.”
   “Wow.“ he smiled, pursuing his lips. “Pork rinds and Baywatch. You know me well, but you forgot something –” he smirked devilishly, held out his palm and a chocolate cupcake with while sprinkles appeared on it. Y/N reached for it but Kai pulled it away. “Nah-uh. This is for me.”
   “Hilarious.“ she laughed watching him smile at her innocently, looking at her with puppy dog eyes. “Gimme. If that cupcake is not in my mouth in the next few seconds, you are not getting anywhere near the pork rinds.”
   “You are so cute when you are threatning.“ he pinched her cheek, letting her take a bite from the cupcake while using magic to put the DVD disc in the DVD player. “You know I can’t say ‘no’ to you. Also did you really think I wouldn’t share?” he winked at her. “Come here. This is going to be so much fun. I wonder if it’s like the original series –”
Y/N snuggled next to him and pulled her blanket so it covered them both. He put his arm around her shoulders and passed her a take out box just as the movie started. They ate, watched and laughed almost halfway through the movie when her mind started playing on repeat everything her friends had told her about Kai’s past and the more she tried to push the thoughts away, the more demanding they got. She glanced at him almost at the same time he looked at her. His smile was so wide and his eyes sparkled but now she knew why there sadness and pain in them sometimes. Why sometimes they were together he’d just shut down and suddenly change the subject acting as if they hadn’t been talking about what it had been like growing up in the 70-80s compared to growing up in the 90s. Her heart audibly cracked at the thought of how sad, alone and alienated he must’ve felt growing up. Her friends seemed to focus only on the bad things he had done, not even considering what must’ve felt like being a child and having to spend your days alone, unable to touch anyone because his own family saw him as a monster, as an abomination because of something he had no control over. As if he had wanted to be born different. All he had wanted was his family to love him like a family should. Instead they rejected him. A tear rolled down her cheek and she quickly wiped it away before he had noticed and continued to stare at the screen not really paying any attention to the movie.
   “Are you okay ?“
   “Yeah, yeah. Something got in my eye.” she forced her lips to curl in a smile.
Kai studied her face noticing how her eyes were a little reddish, shrugged his shoulders and wrapped his arms around her a little tighter. A couple minutes later he could swear he heard her sniffling. Something was wrong he just couldn’t understand what it was. Why would she be crying ? he wondered, hearing her sob quietly.
   “Are you sure you are okay ?“ he asked. "Let me take a look. Maybe you didn’t get it out –”
   “No. No, I um I’m fine.“ she glanced at him for a split second then at the screen, her eyes widening a little. "Well, that’s not. Wow Mitch, thats –”
Kai laughed under his breath, covering her eyes. “Maybe you shouldn’t be watching this. You are too young for that sort of stuff.”
   “Hey, I am the same age as you!“ she teased. "Sort of.”
   “Funny.“ he whispered in her ear while she moved his hand from her eyes. He glanced at his fingers noticing how they were wet and heard her sniffling again. "Y/N –”
   “I um – I’ll be right back.“
Y/N got up, barely taking a step away before Kai gripped her wrist. She focused her gaze ahead, blinking fast trying to push the tears away not wanting to turn around and let him see. Why cause him more pain? What if he assumes she’d leave him and forget about all the good memories they’ve shared because now she knows his past ? There had to have been a reason he hadn’t shared his history with her in full, but only some parts of it and she respected his choice. Nothing he had told her had been a lie, he had just withheld some details probably afraid she’d react like her friends have. Kai got up and brushed his palm against her cheek, tilting her face towards his.
   “You are crying.” he stated. “Why – why would you be crying ? We are watching a comedy –”
   “I um, it’s nothing.“ she smiled at him, blinking fast a couple of times. "Do you want some ice cream ? Or hot cocoa ? Cookies ?”
   “I may be new at emotions but ‘nothing’ doesn’t seem like an appropiate reason to cry.“ he followed her into the kitchen. Y/N reached in the freezer, pulling out her favourite ice cream but he grabbed the box from her hands and put it back. ”Nothing doesn’t require sugary foods either  or your emergency ice cream reserved for TV show season or mid-season finales. Was it the movie ? Did that scene upset you or something ? I told you, you shouldn’t have been watching –”
   “No.“ she said, reaching in the cupboard pulling out a box with double chocolate chip cookies with hazelnuts. “Want some ? I can get out some milk –”
   “Don’t change the subject.“ he snatched the box holding it behind his back. "Did someone hurt you ? Tell me. I will make them bleed for stealing your smile.”
   “No.“ she said, reaching behind his back to try and get the box while avoiding his gaze at the same time he tried everything to meet her eyes.
   “Did someone say something to you ?” he pressed. Y/N shook her head. “Did I – did I do something ? If it was me – I didn’t mean it. You know I say the first thing that pops into my head.”
   “No, I just –“ her eyes met with his and almost instantly she broke into sobs. ”– I feel horrible. You must’ve felt so alone.“
   “What ?” he asked confused, leaving the cookie box on the counter. “Alone ? W-what are you talking about ?”
   “Growing up… you had no one. I just – I can’t imagine what it must’ve been like not having anyone to turn to. Not being able to hug your mom or your dad. Or your siblings or to be with your family.“ she wiped her cheeks. "And then the Prison World. They sent you away and you didn’t get to live the life you wanted. Instead you spent another two decades alone and everything you went through in there. I just – I w-wish I had known you sooner so you didn’t have to feel that pain. I wish I had magic or there was a time machine so I can go back and be with you so you are not alone and dont ever feel that kind of pain.”
Kai watched tears rolling down her cheeks, her eyes watering more and her sobs getting louder until his lips curled in a small smile. Didn’t take him long to realise her friends had spilled the beans about his past in an attempt to push her away from him and make her hate him, no doubt. Probably no one had expected her to have this reaction, even he hadn’t imagined she’d react this way. Whenever people found out about what he had done, they ran. And part of him had been so scared he’d lose the only person who ever truly believed in him, who gave him a chance … he had decided not to share the full extend of everything he had done. And there she was, his best friend, who had just found out all the awful things he had done and instead of resenting him, hating him and pushing him away she stood before him crying and feeling horrible about something she is not responsible of. A quiet sigh left his lips and he took a step towards her, feeling water pooling in his eyes.
   “Come here silly.“ he wrapped his arms around her tight. "Not gonna lie, it was torture. All of it but I am lucky, you know. After everything I found you and I don’t feel alone anymore.” he said softly stroking her hair. “In fact when I am with you, I kind of forget about all of it. Seeing you smile, hearing you laugh –” he cupped her face. “Don’t you get it ? I have everything I had ever wanted when we are together.”
   “You do ?“ she said through tears, wiping a tear from his cheek. He didn’t even appear to have noticed he was crying too.
   “Yes.” he kissed her forehead gently. “You’ve never had that look in your eyes, you know the one your friends get every time I am around. Even now. You know what I did, how mercilessly I –” he swallowed hard. “– killed or heavily maimed most of my siblings in 1994. You don’t look at me as if I am a monster. An abomination. You’ve always looked at me as if I am… worth it. Like I deserve to live and be happy.”
Y/N smiled at him. “That’s because you do deserve to live and be happy. You deserve to find someone and start a life. You’ve suffered enough and I –”
   “What if I already had … found someone, I mean?” he gazed in her eyes. “Someone I want to start a life with ? Someone who has me feeling things and experience emotions I’ve never thought I’d be lucky enough to live through…”
Y/N’s lips curled into a smile and her heart skipped a beat but before she had had the chance to actually say something Kai cupped her face and pressed his lips against hers pulling her in a gentle kiss. Her hands wrapped around him and too soon his lips pulled away from hers, his eyes remaining closed for a moment expecting her to maybe slap him, yell at him or something.
   “Then – this person is the luckiest girl in the world. And she better treat you right or I –“
Kai laughed under his breath, scooped her up into his arms and carried her back to the couch. "You do know the ‘someone’ I am talking about is you right ?
   “I hope so. Otherwise that kiss was so confusing.” she smiled and tapped his nose, gazing into his eyes. “I promise I will always be there for you. Always, as long as I am alive you never feel alone again.”


Trickster TV

gif is not mine

Title: Trickster TV

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Characters: Gabriel, Dean, Sam

Word Count: 1,419

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by @hair-dye-or-nawh:

   Maybe you can do a Gabriel one-shot where the reader gets trapped in TV land with Sam and Dean and he’s super flirty and you can put them in current TV shows. That’d be really cool c:

I thought this would be great for Sweet Treat Saturday! I liked writing this fic! So I hope you all love it! <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated C: (btw sorry this was posted so late, unexpected things came up, but it’s all good!)

When Sam and Dean told you about the Trickster, you never expected to actually meet him.  Today was your lucky day.  You followed Sam and Dean into the building.  As soon as the door shut behind you it was like you were in a whole new world.  You were dressed as a nurse; Dean and Sam were dressed as doctors.  

Dean and Sam turned around to face you.  Their reaction to you dressed as a nurse made you roll your eyes.  “Stop the staring you two,” you muttered, brushing past them.

As you walked through the hall, things got even more weird.  Sam was slapped in the face by some woman none of you knew.  “We’re in the show Dr. Sexy M.D.,” Dean informed you and Sam.

“Personally I prefer game shows, but if this is what you’re into,” you snorted, looking down the hall.

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Best of My Love

Director!Jensen x actress!reader? - I hope you like it, dear! :)

Jensen was always so up-tight when he was directing an episode, and you didn’t blame him. Directing wasn’t an easy job and there was a lot of pressure that went along with it. As you looked over at him, he was sitting in his chair, his elbow was resting on his right leg with his hand propping his head up as he watched Jared and Misha film a scene. You wanted to find a way to loosen him up a bit. For him, keeping it light and laid back on set was a must, so he always had music playing in-between shots. So you walked over to his phone and looked up a song, a grin playing on your face as it started playing.

In your next shot, your character had a lousy broom for a weapon, as she was trapped with nothing else around against the vampire coming at her. So you chuckled as you picked it up and positioned it as if it was a microphone stand. Then you started lip-synching into the camera, knowing it was rolling.

Doesn’t take much to make me happy
And make me smile with glee
Never, never will I fee discouraged
‘Cause our love’s no mystery

Demonstrating love and affection
That you give so openly, yeah
I like the way it makes me feel about you, baby
Want the whole wide world to see

Jensen looked up from the storyboard in front of him and into the monitor where he could see you dancing and lip-synching, causing a smile to grow on his face as he laughed lightly. He knew what you were trying to do…he had been so stressed about this fight scene coming up between you and the vampire that he hadn’t talked to anyone, just kept to himself. He suddenly felt bad about shutting everyone out and he lowered his head as you kept dancing. When he looked back up again, Jared and Misha had joined you and he couldn’t keep from laughing now as the three of you pretended to be The Emotions.

Whoa whoa, you got the best of my love
Whoa whoa, you got the best of my love
Whoa whoa, you got the best of my love
Whoa whoa, you’ve got the best of my love

As you finished, you doubled over in laughter as the crew started applauding your performance. You took a quick, modest curtsy and stepped to the side and held your hands out, showing Jared and Misha. 

“Alright, alright,” Jensen said, waving his hands in the air. “Come on, let’s get ready for the next shot.” He was trying to be as stern as possible, but when he sat back down in his director’s chair he looked over at you and smiled, then mouthed ‘thank you’.

You smiled back at him and winked, then mouthed back ‘I love you’.

GIF Submitted By: @scxrchy

Birthday Wishes

Word count: 3,423

Request: Your father dies which causes your mom to snap, leading to a big fight. Later, Kai finds you and comforts you

A/N: This was the harderst imagine I’ve ever had to write. I hit a brick wall with this one multiple times and still not sure if it’s ok, but I hope you will like it.

*gif by me

‘Dad, where are you taking me?’ You asked him gently, still holding onto his hand tightly, his hand twice as big as yours, protecting your fragile little hand. He looked down at you and a big smile flashed across his face, thinking what a beautiful and happy 5 year old daughter he has. He stopped and crouched down in front of you, getting on the same height as you, his eyes looking into yours.

'Horse riding.’ He simply uttered out and watched how your worried little face turned into the most excited and delighted, emotions you didn’t even know existed, traveled through your small body.

'Really? Are we really here?’ He reached out his hands and tucked on your jacket, zipping it up, making sure you were warm enough and won’t get sick.

'We’re here, sweetie. Just as I promised you awhile back. I told you I would take you here someday and a little bird has told me that that was your birthday wish.’ He trailed off as you lifted up your shoulders and tried to hide a smile behind your jacket, but you only felt shy because you knew it was true. Your dad has made every single wish you had made for your birthday come true. He has never let you down and being with him was always the best time of the day.

'I love you.’ You jumped into his embrace almost making him fall back, your arms wrapping around him, your lips planting a soft kiss on his cheek.

'I love you too, little one.’ You chuckled at his words, his finger booping your nose before he got up on his feet again, his hand still holding lightly onto yours. 'Now, let’s go. We wouldn’t want to miss out on in, isn’t that right?’ You nodded and jumped from excitement, your legs somehow making larger steps than your dad’s even though they were a lot shorter. You couldn’t hold back the happines or excitement when you saw a beautiful horse that a nice lady brought out or when you first sat on that horse, your dad right next to you on a beautiful black one, his mane shiny under the sunlight illuminating on it.
He has watched your every step, your every movement and then with years, how gracefully you moved over a big field, your horse listening to whatever you said. Shee became your best friend, someone you had spent so much time with but your dad was always there with you.

'I guess there’s nothing else left to teach. You’ve managed to become even better than I am.’ Your dad uttered, making you chuckle, his fingers playing with the grass underneath him.

'I just had the best teacher, that’s all. Besides, none of this would have happened if I didn’t get Shelly as my birthday present from you.’ You smiled at him and he immediately knew what that smile meant. It was another thank you even though he said that it wasn’t necessary since you have already thanked him a thousand times.

'I promised to make all your wishes come true. That was one of them. I knew you and Shelly would get along perfectly. She’s just like you. Beautiful, strong, a little bit stubborn and knows how to love with all her heart, just like you do.’ He uttered, a smile flashing across yout face, his words striking down on you, a dash of a wanting to cry feeling traveling through yout body but it escaped very quickly. 'You’re an amazing person and I believe that you deserve the best there is out there.

'I just didn’t want to disappoint you. I wanted to make you proud, whatever I did, my first thought was - do it as your dad would want to, do it in a way that he would be proud of -.’ You said and looked down at your fingers, burried in a beautiful green grass, small dandelions surrounding both you and your dad.

'I am proud of you, I have always been proud of you. Even in your crazy times or when you were so stubborn as a kid, I was always proud of you because you were my little girl. You still are.’ His hand was placed softly on your shoulder, squeezing it slightly as a mark of support and confirmation to the words that he just said.

'I will always be your little girl.’

'Always. Whenever you need an advice or someone to just tell you that everything will be alright, I’m here for you. I just want you to know that.’

'Thank you, dad.’ You said and placed your head on his shoulder, his head leaning a little bit to press against yours slightly. You wrapped your arms around his arm, as you felt loved just by a simple hug. 'I love you.’ You whispered, your dad’s lips curling up into a big smile when he heard those three simple words.

'I love you too, little one.’ He kissed the top of your head before slowly standing up and placing his hands on his waist. 'Now, shall we do a simple competition? I think that would be fair.’

'Again?’ You pulled yourself up onto your feet and crossed your arms, a big smirk adorning your beautiful face. 'You really want to lose again, don’t you?’

'Oh, you are too sure in yourself, sweetie.’ You chuckled at his words, your eyes looking down at your shoes for a split second before looking at your dad again. 'I tell you what, let’s race. From here to our home. The loser has to make a big pile of pancakes. Sounds like a good deal?’

'Sounds like a fantastic deal.’ You trailed off and hopped on your horse, getting a hold on a halter, your hand gently tracing over Shelly’s mane. 'You better prepare your apron, dad.’

'We will see about that.’ He blurted out and started riding, a beautiful black horse running as fast as he could, his legs gracefully touching the ground as that sounds was like music to your ears. You have always believed in Shelly and she has never let you down and this time wasn’t any different. Shelly took the lead just before reaching the house, your dad ending up second. You pulled the halter back gently, your horse stopping as you gently stroke it, thanking Shelly for doing a great job once again.

'I told you I could do it.’ You said proudly, both you and your dad jumping off the horse, leading them into a beautiful barn that you designed specially just for your horses, a place where you and your dad spent a lot of time, feeding them or just simply sitting on a pile of hay, talking about your day.

'Hungry?’ Your dad asked, placing his arm around your shoulder and pulling you in closer.


A beautiful memory crossed your mind, a single tear streaming down your face as you just came back from your dad’s funeral. You couldn’t bare the feeling of not being able to see him again, not being able to go horse riding again or have one of those precious moments you did together. Your whole world crashed down when you heard how your dad has died in a terrible car accident, ending up driving off a cliff. You knew your dad was a fantastic driver and you refused to believe that it was his fault of ending up like that.

You spent days in your room, sitting on your bed and just stare at a blank space, your eyes adjusting to only the darkness in your room as your vision occassionally got blury because of your tears that had ended on the bed underneath you, small wet spots on the covers. You looked at your phone and saw dozens of messages and calls from your boyfriend, Kai. He has always been there for you as well, just like your dad was. Through thick and thin, through every problems you have been through, he was there, but you couldn’t even look at him at that moment. You could barely look at him when he was right there at your dad’s funeral with his arms wrapped around you. It was mostly because you knew you would end up crying even more because of how your dad loved Kai and thought how he was the only one good enough for his little girl. You knew you would break down in front of him and a simple sollution was to ignore him as long as you could. A buzzing sound echoed through the room as Kai flashed on the screen. Another call - you thought and flipped the phone over so you didn’t have to watch it anymore. You finally gathered your strenght and got up off that bed and walked out of your room, to finally eat something better than just water and a couple of pieces of bread. You walked in, your mother sitting at the kitchen table, with her head burried in a book. Your mom lifted up her head and saw her daughter standing there, but she didn’t say a word. A smile disappeared from your face as you couldn’t understand how your own mother didn’t even want to say anything to you.

'Are we gonna talk about it or not?’ You asked her, her fingers slowly tracing a beautiful light varnish on the kitchen counter.

'What’s there to talk about?’ Your mother trailed off and flipped a page in the book she was reading, driving you crazy. You took a few steps towards her until you reached the table, your hand slapping against the book, making your mother jump at surprise and shock.

'Please talk to me.’ You whispered, your tears fighting to roll down your cheeks, your words sounding more like cries.

'Why? Huh? What do you want me to do? Do you want to go horse riding with me? Or do you want to make pancakes? We can also go to a karaoke night at that diner, you pick.’ Your mother’s words cut deep through you like the sharpest knife in the world, tearing your heart in half. A single tear rolled down your cheek as you couldn’t stand your mother’s behaviour anymore. You started walking away from your mother until a book went flying by your face, making you jump in shock. You turned around, wide eyed, only to find your mother standing a few feet away from you, her arms resting on her waist. 'Why are you leaving? You wanted to talk to me, didn’t you?’

'Not like that.’ You muttered.

'Oh really? Then, how would you like to talk?’

'Why are you like this?’ You asked, your mind fighting itself as you tried to figure out why has your mother become this kinda person, someone who simply doesn’t care anymore abour her family.

'Like what?’

'Like this! You were supposed to- we were supposed to be here for each other, be able to lean on each other, not ignore and insult. I lost my dad and you haven’t spoken to me for an entire week-’

'I lost my husband. Does that tell you anything? He was the love of my life and he died. I-’ she took a deep breath as she fought her tears, her hands shaking as she spoke. 'I can’t live like this anymore.’

'So you are just gonna give up on your life, on me? Is that what all of this is about?’ You asked but you were scared of the answer your mother was about to give you. You were scared of your mother confirming your words, your heart aching at the thought of that.

'Just… be quiet, ok?’ Your mother blurted out, those not being the words you expected.


'Excuse me?’ Your mother asked, her brows furrowing in confussion.

'I’m not gonna be quiet. I want to know why are you so-’

'Because this was your fault!’

You froze completely as your mother stared at you with a blank look on her face. Tears streamed down your face, your mother’s words hurting you more than anything. After all you have been through, hearing the words this was your fault broke your heart into million pieces and caused your tears to stream down your cheeks.

’M- my fault? How- how can you say that?’ You cried out, not bothered by your tears dropping down on your shirt, staining it, as drop by drop slowly landed on your dark shirt, your mother watching you intensely.

'Maybe he would still be here if he didn’t have to travel for that stupid competition of yours.’

'I can’t believe you just said that to me.’ You trailed off, your voice shaking and so quiet that you weren’t even sure if she heard what you said. You spun around on your heel and walked out of the house, slamming the doors behind you. You wiped your tears away with the back of your hand and ran into the barn as you prepared Shelly and climbed on her, holding onto the halter. Shelly ran as fast as she could, a cold breeze gently caressing your cheeks and your hair, making you shiver a little bit, but you ignored it because it had only meant that you were going away from your mother as fast as you wanted. You kept repeating your mother’s words in your head, over and over, thinking if she was right and the thought of that was eating you inside out. It was a complete torture and you couldn’t handle it anymore. You stopped and jumped off your horse, your feet landing perfectly on the green grass, your fingers burrying into your hair. You felt as if you were choking, as if someone had pressed their hands strongly onto your chest, stopping you from inhaling and letting some fresh air to get to your lungs, making you drop down on your knees and burry your head in your hands as you started crying, tear after tear falling down on the grass.

'What are you doing here?’ Your mother said, Kai standing at the front door with his hands shoved into his pockets, looking nervous for some reason and maybe a little bit scared when he saw your mother having a glass of wine in her hand and her eyes swollen and red from crying. 'She’s not here and I don’t know if she will ever come back.’

'What do you mean?’ He asked gently, trying to keep calm and not freak out over her words and the fact that she said that you might never come back.

'I don’t care really, you know. I don’t. I’m sure she will be fine.’ She trailed off.

'Where is she?’ Kai asked again, his hands slightly shaking but as he was hiding them in his pockets, it was impossible to see them.

'I told her that it was her fault. For her father’s death.’

'You what?’

'Yup.’ She uttered, emphasizing the letter p.

'With all the respect, but, how could you possibly say that to her? Do you not know how she feels right now? In how much pain she is and that she needs all the support she can get? She needs you right now, you need to be there for her and-’

'Is she there for me? Is she? No. Instead of that, she’s riding that stupid horse of hers.’

'If you weren’t acting like that, she would have been here for you. Goodbye.’

He ran as fast as he could, all through the town, through places he thought you would be, but there was one spot you loved the most, that meant to you the most and he knew that that’s where you were. He was a few feet away from you when he saw your head leaning on your knees, your legs pulled all the way to your body, your arms wrapped around them as you kept staring at the distance.

Your body jerked a little bit when you felt a hand on your back, but when you saw who it was, your body relaxed, even though it has only made your tears to start falling again.

'Hey.’ Kai whispered and sat down on the grass beside you, his arms wrapping tightly around your body while your head remained pressed against his chest, your tears staining his shirt, but he didn’t care. He felt relaxed that he found you, but seeing you broken like that and how you were hurting, broke his heart into million pieces. 'Hey.’ He said quietly, his voice cracking as he was holding back his tears, a lump in his throat barely letting him speak. He leaned down and placed a soft kiss on the back of your head, his hand caressing your head.

'He’s gone.’ You cried out quietly, your voice barely audible. 'Forever.’

'I know, but-’ he cupped your face and lifted your head up, his eyes meeting yours. He swallowed hard when he saw your swollen and red eyes boring into his, his thumb gently wiping your tears away. 'I know he’s looking at you right now and thinking how proud he is of you.’ Your eyes closed as you cried out quietly, another tear rolling down your cheek. You felt tired and exhausted from all the crying but you couldn’t get yourself to stop crying.

'No.’ you shook your head, tugging on Kai’s shirt while your hand kept punching his chest. He looked up and tried to blink his tears away, your punches making his breathing uneven, but he didn’t care. He understood why you had to do it and he had no intentions in stopping you, understanding why he needed to be your punching bag for a short amount of time.

'Yes.’ he grabbed your hands, holding them tightly with his own. 'He is proud to have such an amazing daughter who has grown up into such a strong and a powerful woman. He will always be proud of you, no matter what you do. You will always be his little girl.’

'I have no one. I’m all alone.’

'Yes you do. You have me and your mom. No matter how hard it is now, she will realize she made a mistake. But I’m here now and I will forever protect you.’ You lifted your head up, seeing the pain in his beautiful blue eyes. You kept staring at him, watching his every move, the way he blinked and followed every exhale he made.

'He made you promise him that, right? He made you promise him that you will protect me.’

'I would protect you either way. But one night, he said to me ’You better protect my little girl. I said always, sir. She means the world to me.’ Kai looked down at his fingers, intertwining them. 'He said, if my daughter ever calls you an idiot in front of me, you’ll have to play golf with me because that’s how I’ll now you screwed something up. Golf every saturday.’ You chuckled at his words and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, your eyes finding Kai’s.

'You hate golf.’

'I do.’ He laughed. 'But you know I would do anything for you and to be honest, I was a little bit scared. I suck at golf.’ You wiped your tears with the back of your hand, your head resting on Kai’s shoulder. He intertwined his fingers with yours, his fingertips gently tracing your knuckles. 'He was a good man. I know how much he meant to you.’

'I don’t think I will ever be ok. I- I can’t imagine my life like this, without him, it’s impossible.’

'Listen, if you need me to stay with you every day and night, I will. I know that no one can replace your father and he should never be replaced, but if you need someone to be with you, you know you have me. Forever.’

'I know.’ You leaned in slowly and kissed him gently, his palms resting on your cheeks, his hands warm, making you feel relaxed. 'Can I stay at your place tonight, please?’

'Of course.’ He smiled at you and wrapped his arms around you tightly as you stared at the beautiful sunset in front of you. It looked magical, such beautiful colours adorning the sky and how beautifully the sun illuminated on the water, making it look like it was filled with millions of little diamonds. 'You don’t even have to ask.’

It Hurts Like Hell
                                    - PART I

Kai Parker x Reader

WORD COUNT : 1 491

Events in the story begin TVD mid-season 6 ,
before the merge and continues on afterwards.

Kai kidnaps reader to force the MF gang to give him the 1994 Ascendant.
(It’s a little AU but … I hope you like it.)


It was already dark , the streets of Mystic Falls deserted. She had spent the past few hours catching up with her friends at the Grill.
Y/N turned the corner and started walking. A few minutes passed and Y/N felt someone following her. She turned around but there was no one there , so she kept going but the feeling of being followed didn’t go away. Y/N turned around again and came face to face with Kai.
“Oh hello.” he said , innocently. “Enjoying your walk?”
Y/N froze in place. Kai was dangerous , unpredictable and whatever he wanted from her … it wasn’t going to end well for her.
“Kai… why are you following me? What do you want?” she asked nervously.
“Who says I’m following you?” he asked smirking.
That smirk always made Y/N’s heart flutter. It was insane , Kai was a sociopath with murderous tendency … He had done so many awful things. Something’s must be wrong with me. she thought.
“What do you want Kai?” she asked again.
“Sorry to disappoint , but it’s not gonna happen.” she shook her head turning around to leave but Kai was faster than her and he blocked her way. Y/N sighed in frustration. “Get out of my way.”
“Why didn’t you run when you first saw me ? Is it because you are drawn to the darkness in people ? Damon mentioned it in the Prison World…” he said not taking his eyes off of her.
“I don’t know what you are talking about.” she said , wriggling her way around him but he grabbed her wrist , making her spin around so fast she got smacked against his body.
Kai clenched his jaw , anger flashing in his eyes.
“Let go of me.” she said trying to keep her voice calm , it was anything but. Having Kai this close to her was starting to doing things to her.
Snap out of it.  she told herself.  He is going to hurt you.  
Y/N spotted Stefan on the other end of the street and called out for him , but he didn’t appear to hear her at all.
“He can’t hear you. I may have put a cloaking spell on us.” he said suddenly serious. Y/N’s heart was beating faster than ever and she wasn’t sure if it was from fear or because of how close Kai was standing. He was right. She was drawn to darkness , towards him but at the same time she was scared as well.
“Which means I can do this.” he said.
Before Y/N has had time to process what was happening , the world around her went dark.


Y/N woke up feeling dizzy with a slight headache at the back of her head. She tried to move but couldn’t - her wrists and ankles were tied up.
“What the hell?” she muttered under her breath. She was tied up to a chair in a room with a very small window , too small for her to escape she noted , not that she’d be able to undo the knots anyways …
A few moments later footsteps echoed and the door swung open.
“Oh , you are awake ! Good.” he said approaching her. “Now we can have some fun.”
Y/N looked at Kai confused. What was going on ?
“You know , Kai … ” she started to say “Kidnapping me and tying me up was a complete waste of time. You should’ve just asked.” she said adding a small sarcastic smile at the end.
“Where is the fun in that ?” Kai said smirking.
His phone rang and he stepped outside to answer the call. Y/N tried to make out some part of the conversation to try and figure out why he had taken her , but no such luck. The weird thing is that she should’ve been worried , terrified even. Kai was a sociopath , who knew what he could do to her… but she wasn’t. It was as if somehow he had gotten  her emotions mixed up. 
The first impression Kai had given her when they met for the first time at the Grill a few days ago was seared into her mind… He had been charming as hell and before she even knew what was happening to her , something had stirred inside her. 
Y/N knew the logical decision was to run and part of her wanted to , but another wanted to stay.
She sighed , Maybe I am starting to lose my mind.  she thought.
Her life hadn’t always been this complicated. She grew up in Mystic Falls , a small boring town where nothing interesting or even remotely dangerous ever happened. That was until the Salvatores rolled into her life and things had changed completely. Y/N learned that vampires , witches , werewolfs were real and her best friend - Stefan Salvatore - was a vampire… and now so were two of her childhood friends - Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes.

A few minutes passed and Kai came back with a food tray.
“I made you lunch.” he said , as if it was the most ordinary thing ever - making lunch for someone you’ve kidnapped and tied up to a chair in an unknown location.
Y/N stared at him for a few moments. “Thaanks … I guess.” she said pausing for a moment “Not sure how I am going to eat that , tho. You tied me up , remember ?”
Kai squinted his eyes for a moment , considering if he should untie her or not.  
“If you try to run , I will hurt you.” he warned , Y/N nodded and Kai untied her hands. Y/N waited until he was distracted and made a run for it. She ran past him , shutting the door behind her with a loud bang , then down the hallway , trying to find a way out.
What is this place ? she thought , hearing footsteps catching up with her.  Y/N tried to open one of the doors but they were all locked.  Finally she reached a staircase leading upstairs somewhere and she started climbing as fast as she could.
Kai had already caught up with her. He grabbed her foot , pulling her down the stairs and pinned her on the ground.
“What did I say about running away?” he said out of breath , his hand wrapped around her neck. “Did you think I’d let you go so easily ? Wrong.”  
“Just kill me , Kai , and get it over with.” Y/N barely managed to say.
“I don’t want to kill you , Y/N. ” he said , his voice suddenly soft. “I don’t want to hurt you either… You are leverage.”
He pulled her up , his grasp on her hand so tight it was causing her pain. “And you are not going anywhere before I get what I want.”
“And what is that ?” she croaked , her throat still hurting.
“The Ascendant for the 1994 Prison world, of course. I don’t want it used against me.” Kai said while dragging her with him back her ‘room’.  He tied her up again.
“Don’t worry. You will be back with your annoying friends soon enough.” Kai whispered , leaning in closer. “I hoped I wouldn’t have to drag you into this but …”
Right in this moment his phone rang and Y/N caught a glimpse at the screen. ’Stefan’.
“Right on cue.” Kai said answering the phone. “Hello , Stephen. Are you ready to make a deal or … ” he trailed off.
Of course it would be Stefan that comes to her rescue. ‘Always the hero’ , as his brother Damon liked to say.
Whatever Stefan said clearly made Kai upset. He clenched his jaw and hissed through his teeth.
“Whatever happens to Y/N from this point on … it’s all on you.” Kai grabbed a knife from a small table near by and stabbed Y/N in the abdominal making her cry out in pain.  From the other end of the phone , she could hear Stefan scream ‘STOP!’ …  Kai pulled out the knife and plunged in her abdominal again before returning his attention to the phone conversation with Stefan.
“She will bleed out in a few hours. Better think fast. Tick tock …”

Her vision blurred , the world starting to spin. She wasn’t sure if it was the pain or the blood loss. A very blurry version of Kai left the room.
Y/N kept blacking out and waking up.  Y/N had no idea how long it had been since Kai had left her , all she knew is that every time she became conscious , she felt weaker.
Someone shoved a hand full of pills into her mouth alongside some water. Slowly the pain started going away and she drifted into a dreamless sleep.



  • Incomplete by James Bay reminds me of Ziam.
  • This is so pointless but I wanted to make this.

I breathe in slow to compose myself
But the bleeding heart I left on the shelf
Started speeding round, beating half to death
Cause you’re here and you’re all mine

So I press my lips down into your neck
And I stay there and I reconnect
Bravery I’ve been trying to be perfect
It can wait for a while

Scared of hope in my head it’s been making me sweat but it turns out
You’re here with your head on my chest
I should’ve guessed

The world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete

I breathe out now and we fall back in
Just like before we can re-begin
Let your lungs push slow against my skin
Let it all feel just fine

Gone is the emptiness
We just take what’s best and we move on
All that the hurt gets left
I should’ve guessed

The world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete
This here now, it’s where we touch down
You and me let’s be incomplete

How’d we go without
I don’t know it’s look like we’ve made it again
Tell me you’ll never look down, down

And the world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incom…

I don’t wanna look down
I don’t want us to break up in the cloud
All I want is to stay us, to stay with you now

I don’t wanna look down
I don’t want us to break up in the clouds
All I want is to stay us, to stay with you now

And the world will turn and we’ll grow, we’ll learn how to be
To be incomplete
This here now it’s where we touch down
You and me let’s be incomplete

My Girl (Staurt Twombly One Shot)

I sighed heavily as I gripped at the manila folder in hand, the anger boiling deep inside me while Graham, yet again as per usual, made an asshole comment toward Zach, our overweight group member.

“You’re so fat, man,” he muttered, making a face in disgust. “So fat…”

I pressed my lips together as I tried to hold back my own snarky comment, but bit my tongue instead. With that he finally dismissed our team for the day.

As I collected the rest of my things and began heading out, I could feel myself deeply regretting the decision to ever come in for an internship at Google for the summer before my graduating year from Stanford. Well, more like I regretted ever agreeing to team up with Graham.

I rolled my eyes as he eyed me up and down the minute I began making my way toward the exit. From the get go, I knew he hadn’t bothered to pick me for his team based on my merit, but merely because of my looks. He made that extremely clear.

“Will I be seeing you later then, beautiful?” he smirked.

“Nope,” I stated simply, slamming the folder right into his chest and making my way out. He huffed out in slight annoyance, but desire.

“Always playing hard to get,” he said through his accent, not bothering to hide his smirk. “I love it.”

Ignoring the comment, I immediately reached down for my purse in attempt to pull out my phone and distract myself a little further while I continued to walk. I huffed out in annoyance as I continued to dig, but couldn’t find it. An audible gasp and small shriek escaped my lips as I ran into someone.

“Whoa, whoa,” an unfamiliar voice cried out, reaching out for my arms and quickly grounding me. “I’m so sorry about that!”

I quickly turned over to look directly into a wrinkled smile and kind blue eyes. Instantly, I was able to recognize one of the older interns Graham was so set on destroying.

“You’re fine,” I breathed out before finally gripping the familiar lump and pulling out my phone from my purse. “Thank you.” With that I lowered my gaze onto the screen and attempted to maneuver my way past the old man.

“Whoa, whoa, hang on there,” he began, his hands pulling me back by the arms. “You’re (Y/N), right? Part of Graham’s team?”

“Yeah,” I nodded, looking up to him, my brows furrowing slightly.

“I’m Nick,” he smiled, dropping his hold on me and extending a hand for me to take.

“Pleasure,” I responded rather curtly as I looked back down to my phone screen.

“Look at you,” he seemed to chuckle. “You remind me of a certain team member of my own. Nose always stuck to that small four-inch screen. Uh, maybe you’ve met him.” He made a gesture and I barely glanced in time to watch him point over to someone in the distance. My eyes followed. “Stuart. Stuart Twombly.”

The minute my gaze landed on the boy, I felt my throat constrict and my cheeks burn up. Of course I knew who Stuart Twombly was. We both had gone to the same high school, graduated the same year, hung around the same crowd of people. He was the same boy I had been crushing on since my freshman year. However, he never knew I even existed.

It was a huge surprise when I came to find out that he had joined the Google internship program as well. That first day, when we were split up into groups, I had hoped to join him, but Graham beat me before I could even approach the boy.

During the first challenge, I would steal glances toward him every now and then. Watch as him and his team mates would frantically write against the clear board trying to figure out the bug in the code. However, the minute he’d take notice that someone was watching, I’d instantly look away. It wasn’t until the second challenge that I tried to interact with him, but as usual, he was glued to his phone. During the second half of Quidditch, I purposely dropped the quaffle in order for Stuart to get a hold of it and score for his own team, earning them the big win. For a brief moment we exchanged smiles that day, but it never went past that.

“I take that as in you do know him?” Nick gave a laugh, snapping me back into reality.

“I—I might have been acquainted with him,” I stammered, lowering my gaze yet again as my face only grew hotter.

“Whoa, wait a minute,” his expression seemed to twist into that of sneaking suspicion. “Do I detect a little something for our little Stewie?”

“N—No. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I cleared my throat and held my head high, straightening my composure as if to seem uninterested. “You guys are the enemy, according to Graham. The competition. And besides, Google policy is: say no to love. Even if I was interested—which I’m not—it’s not going to happen.”

“Now, now,” he shook his head and chuckled. “I can see straight through the act. There’s no need to pretend you’re even on that asshole’s side. I’m sure you’re a pretty smart girl. Maybe a current student attending UCLA or something—”

“Stanford,” I corrected.

“Even better,” Nick shrugged. “You know that following Graham will only take you so far. And policy or not… You gotta live a little sometimes. I mean take me for instance; I was told I’m not allowed to go after a certain sexy Australian in management, but yet I took a chance and asked her out to dinner some time.” He paused as he looked down to me, pointing a finger. “Now I saw that glint in your eye. It was just enough to tell me everything I need to know.”

“Which is?” I gulped slightly.

“You care about Stu. You’re interested,” he smirked slightly. “And a little birdy once told me… He seems to be pretty interested in you too. Do with that what you will.” He seemed to shrug before walking off. “It was nice meeting you, (Y/N).”

I squinted my gaze as I watched him walk off toward his group, clapping his hand with Stuart in greeting before getting back to their own work. The boy’s eyes flickered over to me briefly, a small awkward smile creeping upon his lips before tentatively waving toward me with two fingers. Could the bump in have been on purpose?


Later that day, I sighed heavily as I slammed the empty tray over the bar counter, my calves burning and my feet throbbing with regret. Much like every other night I took up a shift at the bar, my body begged me to stop wearing heels. However, that seemed to be nearly impossible with the kind of job I had.

Even though Google provided me with a lot of things, I still had bills to pay, and the internship was just that… An internship. Meaning, I had no money whatsoever. With that being said, I took up a part time job as a waitress slash bartender at a local strip club.

Sure, I could have easily taken up a waitressing job at any other restaurant or bar, but Brass Rail was known for its huge tips. In one shift, I could easily pay for my car and phone bill. And the best part about it all, I didn’t have to take my clothes off for the money either. However, policy did state that my appearance had to be presentable. And by presentable, I mean I had to wear promiscuous outfits, especially if I wanted to make great tips for the night.

“Why don’t you take the rest of the night off?” Patty, the bartender for the night, asked as she wiped the bar counter clean. The woman was a few years older, but she had become a really close friend of mine and she most definitely looked out for me. “You’ve been working hard for the past couple of days. And besides, shouldn’t you be back at home working with your team to create that new app or whatever?”

“No, Graham got it all covered,” I said with a roll of my eyes.

“Either way, I think we’ve got it covered. The night’s still young, maybe you should go out and have some fun!” Patty encouraged as her lips curved into a playful smile. “Maybe find yourself a cute boy or something. You’re always too busy with your internship and here that you never have any time for yourself. Find yourself a cutie.” It took me a minute to realize she was nodding toward the entrance. “Kinda like that one.”

My eyes flew over to the door, quickly landing on the familiar boy that stood at the front of his group, nose buried deep into his phone. Instantly, I felt my eyes go wide as I caught sight of his friend and team mate, Nick. He quickly grinned as he noticed me and began reaching out for Stuart, who didn’t bother to acknowledge him.

“Oh no,” I gasped, quickly spinning around and gripping at the counter behind me.

“What?” Patty asked. “What’s the matter, sugar?”

“I—I know him,” I stammered.

The music continued to blare throughout the club, the bass bouncing, while Patty took a moment to herself and gasping.

“Ahhh! I see where this is going!” she shouted over the sound. “You like the boy, don’t cha?”

“Kinda,” I admitted guiltily as I turned back to her feeling myself wanting to panic. “But he’s never noticed me.”

“Then make him notice you,” Patty smirked. I gasped as she suddenly reached over the counter and toward my already see-through romper, ripping at the buttons in order to reveal more of my black laced bralette and stopping just an inch before my belly button. She ran her hands through my hair, adjusting it before turning me back to face the group. “Now grow some ovaries and go to him!”

I stared at the boy with wide eyes for a moment before sucking in a deep breath and starting my way over to them. You could do this. You got this, (Y/N). “By the way! You’re officially off the clock! So whatever you do from here on out won’t be held against you!” Patty shouted after me.

“Show you to your table?” One of the topless girls asked as she approached the group. Her eyes landed on Stuart, about to make a move before I stopped her in her tracks.

“I’ll take care of this one,” I assured her with a small smile. He hadn’t bothered to tear his gaze away from his phone.

“Great big world out there, my friend,” Nick said, his fingers making their way under the boy’s chin. “Just three inches up, I beg you.”

His eyes slowly lifted, growing slightly as he finally noticed who stood before him. I bit my lower lip as I felt a surge of confidence grow from within me.

“Hey,” I greeted simply.

“Hey,” he said breathlessly.


“(Y/N),” he nodded, seeming dazed. “I know.”

Nick’s lips curved into a huge grin as he pushed him toward me.

“Experience the world, Stewie,” he encouraged. “There’s a whole lot more outside that phone screen.” I looked over to Nick, nodding in appreciating before turning back to the dazed boy that stood before me.

“What—what are you doing here?” Stuart asked.

“I work here,” I responded, taking his hand and leading them to their table.

“You’re not—”

“I’m not a stripper,” I laughed as I turned over my shoulder to look at him. “I’m a waitress slash bartender. I needed something to pay the bills while I’m doing this internship at Google.”

“In that case, you can hook us up right?” Nick asked as he rushed his way forward. I grinned and nodded.

“Shots on me, guys,” I said, coming to a stop and turning over to Stuart. “But only if this one dances with me after.”

He pushed on his glasses and opened his mouth as he turned to his friends, unsure of what to say before Nick and the others nodded in encouragement.

“O—Okay,” Stuart agreed.


Everybody cheered as I made my way over to the table, carrying the large tray containing the fourteen shots of tequila.

“Before we do this, (Y/N), meet Billy, Lyle, Neha, Yo-Yo, and of course you know Stuart,” Nick quickly tried to introduce as he clapped his two hands together. “Now we can all indulge into some good ol’ shots knowing each other’s names! Let’s go!”

“It’s about time this group had a night,” the other man, known as Billy said.

“Let the good times roll!” Nick shouted.

“Bingo!” Billy agreed.

“There’s two for everyone,” I grinned as I placed the tray down and my way over in order to sit next to Stuart.

“Alright, here we go!” Nick cheered, picking up a shot and handing it over to the boy known as Yo-Yo. “Bottoms up, bud!”

“Oh, I—I can’t,” he stammered.

“What? You’re twenty-one right?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, but my mom says alcohol numbs the brain,” Yo-Yo shook his head.

“Look, I’m not saying a shot of tequila’s the first step on the journey to self-respect, but goddamn, maybe it’s a step in the right direction. Maybe?” Nick finished off, handing him the shot as we all took one in our hands. “Your call.”

The boy hesitated for a moment.

“One shot!” Yo-Yo finally said, holding up a finger rather sternly.

“You’re gonna want that other one, dude,” I grinned as I edged myself closer to the table, holding out my shot.

“Anyways, CHEERS!” Billy shouted as we all brought our shot glasses and clanged them together before taking the swig of alcohol.

“To the night you’ll never remember!” Nick cheered.

We all turned to Yo-Yo as he was the last to take his shot. He hesitated for a moment before forcing the liquid down and shutting his eyes tightly. We all waited for a moment as he shot up out of his seat and began screaming.

“YEAH!” He shouted.

“All right!” Everyone cheered.

“One more!” Yo-Yo cried out, reaching out for his other shot glass.

I gripped at Stuart’s hand and intertwined our fingers the minute we finished our last shot and began leading him to a clear opening. Whether it was the new found confidence that began blossoming after Patty or maybe it was the tequila taking over, I felt myself growing comfortable enough to dance.

“Holy shit,” Stuart breathed out as I turned my back to him and wrapped his hands around my waist, moving my hips along with the rhythm. I gave a satisfied smirk as I pressed myself against him, allowing him to move along with me.

We had gotten halfway through the song, grinding against one another before he stopped. Stuart quickly turned me around, keeping his hands over my waist while I wrapped my arms around his neck, enjoying the closeness.

“Can we talk?” He finally asked, gulping slightly.

My smile faded as I looked up to him, letting my hands slide down from his shoulders to his chest.

“Yeah sure,” I nodded. He took up my hand and lead me back to the table, where the rest of the interns had cleared up in order to have their own fun. We both sat down, Stuart instantly dropping his hold on my hand before wiping it against his jeans and looking down.

“Uh. I—I have to confess something,” he stammered.

“What is it?” I asked, my brows furrowing slightly, attempting to scoot closer to him.

He hesitated for a moment, noticing the closing space between us.

“Is it horrible timing to say I’ve liked you since freshman year of high school?” He asked. My smile faded slightly as my eyes widened. “Maybe it’s the tequila talking…”

“N—No. I—I mean, you have?”

He simply nodded.

“I just never thought I’d even get the chance to do this with you,” he admitted, finally finding the courage within himself to turn to me and motioning between the two of us. “I always figured you didn’t know I even existed. I mean, I know I’m not the greatest person ever. I don’t like people and I hide behind snarky comments, so I come off as an asshole, but…” His eyes softened. “I like you. You’ve been the only person I’ve ever really liked.”

I kept my silence as my expression lifted in awe.

“When I saw that you took this internship at Google, you were the only person I wanted to team up with. Especially knowing your background. I mean, you were Valedictorian in high school, so obviously you’re really smart—like, really smart. So, when I saw you walk in through those doors, I thought… maybe this is my second chance, my time to grow some balls and actually talk to you and work with you, but then I saw Graham beat me to it, so I gave up,” he lowered his gaze again as he shrugged. “I grew bitter. Became more of an asshole… I just didn’t want to team up with anybody else.” I pressed my lips together as I felt myself smile.

“I like you too, Stuart,” I finally said, taking up his hand. He looked up to me, surprise lining his features. “If I’m being honest, I’ve liked you since freshman year too. I just didn’t have the courage to talk to you and get to know you better back then.”

His lips curved into a small smirk as looked to me from the corner of his eye, a new sort of confidence about him showing.

“Well, in that case… wanna start over?”

I chuckled and felt my smile turn into a grin.

“I’d like that,” I nodded.

“Drinks?!” I heard a familiar voice shout over the booming music. Quickly turning over, I finally noticed Patty standing around with a tray full of shots, a smirk plastered over her face.

“YEAH!” Yo-Yo cheered as the others came swarming in for their drinks.


After a few more shots and other various drinks, both Stuart and I began to loosen up. Talking and laughing the night away. Just a few feet ahead of us Neha began bouncing up and down, before running up and taking me by the hands and leading me to the dancefloor. I quickly turned back and grabbed a hold of Stuart’s hand, bringing him along.

The beat began to pick up and I moved my body to the rhythm while Neha tried to grind against me. I laughed as Stuart stood back, dancing about rather awkwardly. An idea suddenly sparked as Neha was dragged away by one of the various strippers in order to receive a lap dance. The tequila was definitely taking over this time.

I led Stuart back to the table before tossing him back into the comfortable chairs. His glasses fumbled a bit before he pushed them back with a laugh. I smirked before quickly climbing over him, straddling him and giving into the music. My first official lap dance over the guy I had been crushing on for six years.

My hands ran through his dark hair, his glasses messing up along the process as I drew closer to his face. His own hands made their way down to my hips, moving me along his lap. I smirked as I lowered myself just inches away from his lips.

“Look at what we got cooking here!” Billy laughed as we both continued to move along. “Ready?” I snorted and moved in order to rest my head over Stuart’s shoulder as the giggling took over the minute a flash of light spotted over us and Billy finished taking our picture.

“Exchangeagram moment, bitches!” he cried out, while the two guys high fived.

I threw my head back and laughed as I continued to grind against the boy once Billy left us to our private moment. The tequila was definitely talking for me as I lowered myself once again, my body not bothering to stop. My hands gripped at Stuart’s face as he watched in amazement, slowly lowering them down to his shoulders. I bit the corner of my lip for a moment as I drew closer to him. He stopped, having caught on as one of his hands made their way over to the crook of my neck. Our breaths slowed down as they came out in low shallow huffs. Without further hesitation, we both collided, our lips finally connecting. Whether it was the alcohol or something more, my head swirled and for a moment I could have sworn that sparks flew from all around. The whole place seemed to grow quiet for a moment. It was just the two of us and from deep inside, I felt a surge of emotions begin to pour out into the long awaited kiss. The moment I had been anticipating was finally happening and it completely surpassed any fantasy I had ever had. He was an amazing kisser and the chemistry was beyond what I had ever imagined. The make out session ensued the minute we began to move our lips against one another.

“(Y/N)?!” A familiar voice called out from behind. I quickly pulled away with a gasp, my whole body tensing up. “What the hell are you doing with these losers?!”

“Graham,” I muttered, turning my attention to the boy.

“I’ve been calling you fifty thousand times,” he held out his phone, his brows merging. “Zach said you’d be at work, but I see you’ve been doing far more than just work.”

I quickly climbed off of Stuart and looked down in shame. Even though I hated the guy, I didn’t want to be kicked off the team. It was still a great opportunity to work at Google, even if that meant I had to deal with Graham the entire time. If I was kicked out, there went my chances.

“You’re coming back with me,” he demanded, snatching up my wrist and pulling me with him. “We have work to do!” I tried to yank myself away, but it was useless. Turning back, I noticed the anger flicker over Stuart’s face as I stared back apologetically, stumbling behind Graham. It was bound to happen, being a part of his team, I wasn’t allowed to interact with the competition. Especially Stuart.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” Nick held out his hands in the air as he stepped between the exit and Graham. “What seems to be the problem here?”

“It’s not any of your business, old geezers,” he spat out, attempting to maneuver past the two.

“Come on take it easy,” Nick grinned as a few other guys began approaching the scene. Graham’s posse no doubt. “Is this the Jets and the Sharks all of a sudden? Montague and Capulets?” Stuart pushed his way through, finally facing Graham and his grip suddenly tightened around my wrist. He smirked as he pulled my body closer to him, wrapping an arm around my waist. I cringed and tried to push away from him as he lowered his face to mine.

“(Y/N) is part of my team. She’s my girl, isn’t that right, sweetheart?” He drawled out as he tried to kiss my cheek. My brows furrowed and I pushed him back, the anger I felt obvious by now.

“I’m not your girl!” I spat back. This seemed to please him as he gave a laugh.

“She sure loves to play hard to get,” Graham smirked, turning to the others. “Now, if you’ll excuse us. We need to get back on track to beating you guys.” He turned to me, wrapping an arm around my waist. “Come on beautiful.”

I made a face and tried to push away his arm.

“Get off of me—”

“Don’t touch her,” Stuart grumbled, stepping before the two grown men that tried to hold him back, his hands shaking as he balled them into fists. Yo-Yo, Neha, and Lyle soon appeared just behind.

“Oh yeah?” Graham huffed, seeming amused. “What are you going to do about it?”

I gasped as the strobe lights suddenly turned on and the fighting began. Stuart was the first to throw a punch and lock against Graham’s jaw. Indistinct shouts began to echo throughout the place as the others joined in.

“Stop!” I cried out, trying to pull Stuart away from Graham.

“AHHHHH!!!!” Yo-Yo ferociously yelled as he climbed over a table and jumped on someone’s back. I shrieked and stepped back as Graham fell over on his back, Stuart punching furiously.

“STOP!” I shouted again.

“Stay away from MY girl!” Stuart cried out, his hands gripping at Graham’s collar before raising him for a second and slamming him right back down. My eyes widened slightly as I stared in both shock and awe. He had called me his girl.

“My mother hits harder than you!” Yo-Yo shouted, instantly snapping me back into reality.

“YEAH! Down goes Frazier! Whoo!” Neha cheered as she kicked someone’s groin. “What’s up—oh, shit!”

My eyes widened as the security guards all began rushing in, picking up the girl and attempting to escort her out.

“See you again! I’ll kill you!” she shouted as she struggled against them. “Hide your kids! Hide your wife!”

One of the bigger ones finally managed to yank Stuart away from Graham.

“That’s how you party!” Stuart shouted in pride before being escorted out. I pressed my lips together as I fought back my laugh before attempting to follow after.

“(Y/N)! Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” The boy cried out, his body still laid out as he tried to raise himself on his elbows. “Get back here!”

I stopped and turned to him, my expression hardening. Maybe I would regret my decision later, but I had had enough of Graham for one night.

“No,” I responded. “Find yourself another team member. I quit!”

“You can’t quit! You’re mine!”

“No,” I shook my head. “I’m Stuart’s now.”

Just a few steps ahead, the boy stopped and looked to me in awe as I turned to him with a smile. Stuart suddenly grunted as the security guard kneed him and pushed on to get them out. My eyes widened and I quickly rushed over to help.

“We’re too hot to party!” Yo-Yo shouted as a security guard yanked on his collar. “That’s why they got to kick us out! Cause they’re gonna call the fire department! Why don’t you bring it outside the party?!”

“WHOOO!” Lyle cheered on.

“No more fun, c’mon,” Nick sighed as he grabbed a hold of the two boys and led them out.


Stuart and I sat back on one of the picnic tables by the Golden Gate Bridge, one of the few spots made to take in the beauty of it all. The boy groaned slightly as I lightly tried to clean up his wounds. I made a face and chuckled as he lightly pushed my hand away, not being able to stand the pain.

“You really took a beating back there,” I muttered.

“Well, I couldn’t stand around and let that asshole disrespect you like that,” he grumbled, his eyes glued onto the bridge.

“Would you look at that view?” Nick sighed out as he made his way closer to us, clapping a hand on Stuart’s back and causing him to wince in pain. “Buddy, you were an animal out there tonight!”

“Right,” Stuart scoffed, resting his elbows over his knees and looking down.

“No, you were!” Nick shook his head. “I’m sure (Y/N) agrees with me!”

I simply nodded.

“Thanks for standing up for me,” I smiled, keeping my gaze on him. Reaching out for his hand, he turned to me for a moment as we intertwined our fingers and I scoot my way closer to him, resting my head over his shoulder.

“Awe, would you look at that? Looks like you two really hit it off,” Nick grinned. “Glad my plan worked!”

“You set this whole thing up?” Stuart asked, his eyes squinted as he turned to the man in disbelief. He gave a shrug as he stuffed his hands into his jean pockets.

“I had a hunch you two had a little somethin’ somethin’ so I thought why not?” Nick chuckled. “It sure got you to loosen up, Stewie. Plus, I figured it’d give me some brownie points so you’d warm up to me.” Stuart fought back a smile before turning to me as I nuzzled myself closer to him.

“Thanks man,” he said, turning back to Nick.

“What up with it, hot thing,” Lyle continued to sing along, making his way over to us as he texted away. “Hot thing, hot thing…”

“Lyle!” Nick called out. “Looks like you also hit it off tonight. Saffron, right?”

“Yeah, I’m texting her that I love her and I’m sending her this picture I just took of little Lyle when he made pee in the bushes,” he slurred. “Look, he’s winking!”

“No, Lyle. Lyle, Lyle, that’s a horrible idea,” Nick shook his head. “Please don’t do that. You’re drunk off your ass.”

“I appreciate your concern, but I’m flying, baby,” Lyle responded with a high pitched chuckle.

“Okay, Lyle, you’re not flying,” Billy joined in, shaking his head. “What’s seventeen squared?”

“Two eighty-nine. Why?” Lyle asked.

“Give me a harder question that that,” Billy sighed as he turned to us. “You know where I’m driving with this.”

“Try, uh, maybe square root of seventeen,” Stuart suggested.

“Like, four point twenty-three? Maybe?” Lyle answered uncertainly, his expression becoming puzzled for a moment.

“That’s the app,” Nick gasped. “That’s the app we should do right there!”

“What?” Billy asked. My brows furrowed slightly as I sat up straighter, not bothering to drop my hold on Stuart.

“Some quiz questions you gotta answer before you can send a drunk text or a drunk email or phone call. Something to protect you from yourself,” Nick continued.

“Wait, you guys still haven’t come up with an app yet?” I asked.

“No,” Stuart shook his head.

“Well, that’s actually a pretty good idea,” I nodded.

“Can we do that?” Billy asked.

“Hells yeah, we could do that,” Neha scoffed out with a nod.

“Are you shitting me? I could program the shit out of that bitch on the bus ride home,” Yo-Yo slurred as he kept his laid down position.

“I could help with the customization and settings,” I suggested, my eyes landing on the drunk boy. “Considering the condition of the main operator.”

“Wait… You’re going to help us?” Billy asked, his expression twisting into that of confusion. “I thought you were with Graham.”

I grimaced as I looked down and tried to force a smile.

“Actually, I don’t belong to any team now, so there goes my internship,” I shrugged. “Which means you guys aren’t the competition anymore, so I could definitely help.”

Nick and Billy turned to one another while the others looked amongst each other. Their expressions lit up as they finally looked to me.

“(Y/N), how would you like to be one of our fellow Nooglers?” Nick offered. My eyes widened and I felt myself grin.

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah, can’t leave Stewie’s girlfriend behind now, can we?” Nick chuckled.

“I’m in!” I huffed out in excitement.

“C’mon then!” Billy began standing up.

“Let’s roll!” Nick announced. “Let’s get back to HQ!”

“Hey, wait, wait,” Stuart stopped everyone. “Let’s—let’s stay, like, five minutes, you know?” His eyes flickered over to me. “Just enjoy the view a little more.”

“Yeah, all right,” Nick agreed.

“Okay!” Billy sighed out and sat back.

Stuart hesitated for a moment as he looked directly into my eyes, his face slowly inching closer to mine. Before I knew it, he took up the crook of my neck and our lips gently met for a moment. From all around, I could hear the rest of the group start to cheer, causing us to laugh through the kiss and ultimately break away. I rested my head over Stuart’s shoulder as he pulled me closer, our eyes landing back to the rising sun over the ocean. What a way to end the night.

(A/N Crystal): Okay I know this blog is supposed to be Teen Wolf related but omg I had to because Stuart is just ugh. Beautiful. Anyways. I’m so sorry for the quality. I’ve been locked out from my computer so had to post through phone. Sorry for any mistakes! Hope you guys enjoyed!


Can I request a TFLN where Harry and Y/N are deciding on which movie they will watch together? With like cute banter

This is my first request ever, how exciting is that?! Feel free to send in some more xxxx

This is also the longest one I’ve ever written, I hope you enjoy it

Harry Y/N

-          What are you up to right now H?

-          Ordering room service

-          Because I’m lame

-          Living the dream H

-          I mean yeah, I love not having to leave my hotel room

-          God we’re pretty much the same person

-          It’s sad

-          Or endearing

-          Depends how you want to look at it

-          Hahah good point

-          Anyway, wanna have a movie date?

-          I know I’ll get to see you soon, but we won’t get a lot of time to ourselves and I miss you

-          You’re probably busy

-          If you’re busy we don’t have to

-          You’re talking too much again

-          I’d love to have a movie date

-          Excellent, what are we going to watch?

-          Ummm, I’ll look on Netflix and make a list

-          You’re gem Harold xx

-          Are we feeling safe or risky?

-          Safe

-          Unless it’s something that we’ve been meaning to watch for a while, then risky

-          That doesn’t help me

-          At least give me a genre?

-          Rom Com

-          Ahhh my forte

-          When Harry Met Sally – a safe bet, we’ll definitely enjoy it, like every other time

Four Weddings and a Funeral- because you haven’t seen it and quite frankly that’s a crime against all things good in this world

Fantastic Beasts and where to Find Them – Because I haven’t seen it yet and I know you love it, not a rom com though (that might be a deal breaker)

Legally Blonde- Safety first, a classic, impossible not to enjoy

The Notebook- I don’t care how many times we watch this, I will make you love it

Juno- Who doesn’t love classic about teen pregnancy?

Shrek- Again not a rom com, but incredible soundtrack, quality entertainment

Pretty Women-  The safety film, always a good time for both of us

-          I don’t know why I bothered with that, I know you’re going to choose Fantastic beasts

-          I appreciate the effort

-          But I also love When Harry Met Sally, so I’m torn

-          I should have stopped at Four Weddings and a Funeral, because I can’t believe you’ve never seen that

-          It’s never appealed to me

-          Who are you?!?!?!

-          Y/N

-          Well played

-          Anyway my choice is Four Weddings

-          You?

-          When Harry Met Sally

-          Who makes the final call?

-          Um

-          Do we have time to watch both?

-          Probably not, I have class soon- sorry H

-          Well that’s a bit rude

-          We’ll watch When Harry Met Sally

-          You’re a true gentleman

-          Far from it

-          Are we skyping or texting?

-          Hmmm

-          Maybe text, so we don’t get the annoying echo and I can get ready for class towards the end

-          Alright, let me know when you’re going to start it so we can start it at the same time

-          Give me 5 xxx


Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Little Picture
Words: 1.5K
Masterlist: x

Sweat coated your skin fully, your breath was shaking, your body panting as you attempted to take of the gloves struggling until a silver haired goofball did it for you. Pietro had been training in the gym also, working on the weights, although keeping an eye on you and the punching bag, making sure you were doing it correctly to not hurt yourself. He always looked out for you like that, I mean you were a big girl, you could take care of yourself but Pietro hated taking risks and would rather take care of his best friend.

“Ah, princessa, you look drained maybe go shower no?” Pietro suggested wrapping his sweaty and sore arms around you placing his chin on your head, neither of you ever really caring about the sweat or the aches in your muscles, you were both just completely enjoying the moment.

“Meet you in half an hour in the lounge, i’m making my favourite for me and you” he spoke placing a kiss on your forehead before you teletported back to your room. The perk of teleportation was that after workout you didn’t have to traipse yourself back u the stairs.

The shower was quick, you loved the feeling on your sore back muscles, but your legs could barely hold you so you cut it short, leaving your short hair to dry as you pulled on yoga pants and Pietro’s old shirts.

“Hey, princessa, thats where my shirt went” he noted as you walked into the lounge, him just finishing preparing the worlds best grilled cheese; you should have known it would be this. “You know what would be great with this?” he questioned handing you a plate as he began to root back through the cupboards. “Vodka aha!” he exclaimed running back into the lounge and taking a bite of his grilled cheese, you trying to click open the bottle of strong alcohol that would make your night more interesting.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Hours must have passed and you literally felt amazing, you were so incredibly drunk, about th same as Pietro whilst you both giggled to yourselves, Pietro’s hands squishing your face.

“Ah, princessa, your beautiful face is all, squished up!” he laughed making you giggle too, he could have said anything and you would have laughed that’s how far gone you were.

“Pietro your hands are so cold” you whined him laughing and pulling you closer so you were almost straddling him, you were both too drunk to realise this was dangerous territory for friends.

“Better?” he asked his wands now around your waist, the cold feeling easing, as Pietro began to kiss your neck a little.

“P. This isn’t a good idea,” you whisper out, you trying desperately to be sober enough to stop before damage is done.

“Why not, Y/n, I love you” he slurred the kisses starting to become small bouts of sucking certain to leave a mark.

“P, I love you too but, this isn’t the way to do this, we can talk about it in the morning. Bed, we need bed” you spoke, leaning against Pietro’s chest as he somewhat picked you up before flashing you back to his room and throwing you onto the bed.

“CUDDLE!” he yelled diving on the bed with you causing giggles to explode out of your mouth as he pulled you under the covers with you, him snuggling into you taking in the scent of perfume that he loved so much.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“Fuck” you murmured your eyes fluttering open over the harsh light that was draining in through the window, god did your head hurt. Sitting up you began to remember last nights ‘escapades’ and realised you were no longer in his room, you were in yours; alone.

Hopping out of the bed you glanced into the mirror and saw the little purple marks that decorated your neck making you groan. “What the f-” you whispered looking around the room, trying to work out whether or not you had dreamed a part of this.

Once you had finally gotten partially ready you decided to head downstairs and get some aspirin because god was vodka rough on you. The steps took longer than normal, partly because your muscles were collapsing underneath you and partly because each step sent shots of pain to your head, although after walking in a very funny fashion you made it to the kitchen.

“Morning drunky” Nat spoke, seeing you approach the kitchen in your hungover state. “Who was the lucky guy huh?” she questioned noticing the small purple bruises and chuckling, you blushing as you poured yourself some coffee and took a couple of aspirin, hoping the would act fast.

“Er there isn’t a lucky guy” you chuckled taking a sip of the disgusting coffee but knowing it would wake you up.
“Calling bull y/n, look!” she spoke walking over and examining your neck, “Whoever did this knew what they were doing I mean, there’s even freaking beard burn” she chuckled “Who did this?” she asked giving you the death glare. Before you had a chance Pietro walked into the room rubbing his head groaning from his hangover.

Natasha looked at him and back at you giving you the glance of ‘OH MY GOD NO. YOU DID NOT DO THAT WITH YOUR BEST FRIEND’ before turning back to look at her suddenly now very interesting coffee.

“Morning” he called out neither of you really answering, Natasha just giving him a weak smile before slipping out of the kitchen not wanting to be a part of this. “Does your head hurt as much as mine princessa” he asked taking the aspirin packet and getting two for himself before using your coffee to down them.

“Jesus y/n, what’s on your nec- oh shit that was, shit that was me wasn’t it?” he groaned once again realising what he had done. “Y/n, I am so sorry I hurt you, I didn’t mean to, here let me kiss them better” he pleaded attempting to place his lips over the bruised marks but you flinched.

“P, I don’t think you should be doing that anymore, er you said some pretty heavy stuff last night” you spoke the words hitting off your tongue harsher than what you had meant.

“What that I love you? Yeah I know I said that, I mean is it really that much of a surprise?” he asked as you turned back towards the counter, his chest against your back, his hot breath hitting your shoulder making you shudder. “Y/n, of course I love you, you are the woman I love, I don’t have a big picture of the world, I have a little picture, Wanda and you, that’s my picture, my priorities, and if it takes some Vodka to give me enough courage to tell you that then so be it. But I do, I fucking love you. I love every fucking inch of you, I love the little dimple in the bottom of your chin, I love the face you pull when you’re thinking,  I love the fact that you get these bursts of confidence when you’re with your friends, like the time you were dancing and acting so fucking sexy and then stop and become all shy. It drives me crazy, I love every single fucking thing about you and I can’t stop myself from falling in love with you more and more each day.” his strong sokovian voice spoke as his arms found themselves around your waist, his lips back onto your neck kissing over the bruises being careful not to make any more.

“P” you whispered literally biting back tears as he spun you around so you were face to face, you could see the love he had for you, you couldn’t understand how you had missed it earlier. It must have been minutes until you spoke again, you were too busy drinking in his features, his beautiful fucking eyes that you could stare into all day, had you hypnotized.

“I love you so fucking much” you smiled as he looked down and laughed, this was new territory for the both of you but you were trying to keep your calm. Pietro took your hand in his and kissed your lips softly, you both smiling into the kiss.

“Called it!” Nat yelled, running back into the kitchen causing you to pull away from his lips, you both giggling as Nat started to yel for Clint to get down here. You knew you were gonna get teased for what just happened, but you loved him that much, you didn’t even care. Clint appeared in the doorway with a surprised looking, Nat breaking the silence withe:

“Pietro has feelings, who fucking knew?”

Meeting Rossi

gif is not mine

Pairing: Rossi x Reader

Word Count: 594

Warnings: none

A/N: This was requested by @jdougl-love: Hey can I get a Rossi story where him and the reader meet a coffee shop and a relationship blooms? I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

It was going to be a long day and if Rossi wanted to get through the day, he was going to need some coffee.  He decided to go to the coffee shop that was down the street from his job.  It was a quaint cafe that had decent coffee.  It was better than the coffee at any police station.

Rossi looked around, noticing the new decor they had on the walls.  His eyes observed the shop and that’s when he saw something familiar.  He saw one of his books in the hands of a woman.

Once the agent had his coffee, he decided he could spare ten minutes to talk to you.  He approached your table, gaining your attention rather quickly.  He smiled back at you, pleased that you knew who he was.  Most people knew his name, but there were some who didn’t know his face.

“Do you mind if I join you,” Rossi asked politely.  “I won’t take up too much of your time, I promise.”

Keep reading