but the world goes round

Things CGs miss when they don't have a little...

Grabby hands
Bedtime stories
“Do I have to do ____.”
Being the big spoon.
Kissing ouchies.
Saying, “I’m so proud of you!”
Being looked up to.
Calling them cute pet names like sweetheart, lemon drop, darling, precious, little one, pumpkin, tator tot, etc.
Having someone who needs them.
Pouty faces.
Forehead kisses.
Artwork made just for them.
Hand holding in public not because you’re a couple, but because you have to make sure they don’t cross the street alone.
“But whyyyyyyyy?”
Being called mommy, daddy, big, or whatever.
Being serenaded in nursery rhymes.
Reminding them to do x, y, z.
Cute speech patterns.
Being the person that makes their world go round.
Having someone be the reason your world goes round.


Movie Jazz, A Spotify Playlist:

  1. Duke Ellington - “Main Title/Anatomy of a Murder” from Anatomy of a Murder (1959)
  2. Charles Mingus - “II B.S.” from U-Turn (1997)
  3. Sidney Bechet - “Si Tu Vois Ma Mère” from Midnight in Paris (2011)
  4. Bill Evans - “Peace Piece” from Jack Goes Boating (2010)
  5. Thelonious Monk - “Straight, No Chaser” from Se7en (1995)
  6. Charlie Parker - “Ko-Ko” from The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)
  7. Bud Powell - “Glass Enclosure” from The Missing Person (2009)
  8. Herbie Hancock (with Dexter Gordon) - “Body and Soul” from ‘Round Midnight (1986)
  9. Dizzy Gillespie-  “Theme from The Cool World“ from The Cool World (1963)
  10. Elmer Bernstein’s Orchestra and the Chico Hamilton Quintent - "Goodbye Baby” from Sweet Smell of Success (1957)
  11. John Coltrane - “Equinox” from The Boss’ Wife (1986)
  12. Miles Davis - “Générique” from Ascenseur pour l'échafaud (1958)
  13. Dave Brubeck - “Unsquare Dance” from Silver Linings Playbook (2012)
  14. Sonny Rollins - “Alfie’s Theme Differently” from Alfie (1966)

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Miranda Lambert lyrics for star signs

Aries:  Mama I’m OK out here, I’ve seen how hard the world can be, my step is sure and I know my name

Taurus: I’ve been saved by the grace of southern charm

Gemini:  I’ve been moved to tears by the wonders of this old world

Cancer:  if I could just come in I swear I’ll leave, won’t take nothing but a memory from the house that built me.

Leo:  ‘Cause I know you like the back of my hand, got a heart of gold and a piece of land

Virgo:  Life ain’t hard but it’s too long to live it like some country song

Libra: That’s the way that the world goes 'round, one minute you’re up and the next you’re down

Scorpio:  The Texas Sky is the biggest one I’ve seen, but it still ain’t big enough for you and me

Sagittarius: Got a real good feeling something bad about to happen

Capricorn: I’m lookin’ forward to the girl I wanna be

Aquarius: know all about it, so you don’t have to shout it, I’m gonna straighten it out somehow

Pisces: Somehow I always get stronger when I’m on my second drink

So the world goes round and round With all you ever knew
They say the sky high above
Is Caribbean blue…
Alors que le monde tourne et tourne
Avec tout ce que tu as toujours su
Ils disent que le ciel tout au dessus
Est d'un bleu de Carraîbes…
Enya - Caribbean Blue

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Blood Games

All the movies and books got it wrong. It was never out in the open or a secret that everybody knew about. It wasn’t commercial and advertised and swooned over because of piles and piles of cheesy movies in which love overcomes the thirst for blood.
In the real world vampires are an underground culture old as time that only certain people have the privilege of knowing about. In the real world vampires don’t sparkle, nor do they settle for human friendly animal blood. In the real world vampires are mobs and kings with underground kingdoms where blood is a currency and dirty deals are a type of game. Humans rarely survive for long, often sold, gifted or traded for not much more than their blood, and owned like walking personal meals. 
But there is nothing money cannot cover, so they remain in the shadows. Their crimes swept under the rug or blamed onto somebody else.
That is how the world goes ‘round, so better watch your back, even if there’s little you can do. 

Ella, much like the rest of the world, was blissfully unaware of what happened behind closed doors. She was sweet and young, still a student with a part time job in a gallery, never one to get into trouble. But her life was too much like the beginning of a novel and that is always boring until something happens and the calm ends and the storm rolls in. 
Truthfully, it was a shock she’d survived as long as she had. Her rather unique appearance was tied to rather unique blood. Blood often searched for and gifted in the underworld like a bottle of expensive wine. But somehow the tiny creature had managed to make her way trough life without disappearing mysteriously, until the day she herself stumbled onto something that wasn’t meant for her eyes and that ultimately was to be her downfall. 

Dark alleys are never a safe place for a young girl, but who really expects to walk into one and see what she saw. A girl draped in the arms of a man partially hidden in the shadows. Blank expression, halfway closed eyes, hair matted and wet where what remained of her blood ran in a line along her neck, the side of her face, staining her cheek. 
The smart girl she was, Ella stopped for merely a second, pale gaze lingering on the grotesque image for just a breath’s time, before she kept walking trying to pretend she’d seen nothing, so sure that she’d get away, that she’d be lucky enough to have slipped away without the man catching a glimpse of her. 
She had no idea that the scent of her blood dragged along the street and filled the air like smoke blown out candle, painting a path so easy to follow by someone in want of a fine little treasure. 

Her heart was beating, blood pumping trough her veins and yet her fingers felt numb as she tucked a lock of silvery hair behind her ear, trying to keep up her act of normalcy. She was afraid, terrified actually, but still smart enough to be able to piece together a simple plan of escape, weaving her way trough the streets in the most complicated patterns, slowly making her way towards her apartment, deliberately going the longest, most confusing route possible just in case anyone was to follow her. Silly girl naively thinking that would be enough to hide her.



Liza reminds me so much of Judy when she sings this song, the forties style hair and clothes probably help, but there’s just so many little looks and movements that she does during it and I just can’t help but think, “There’s Judy”

I’m seeing a lot of “Dark Kaneki” stuff being discussed in the fandom. And I think people are missing some key elements.

First and foremost, one of the core aspects of Kaneki’s character is his empathy. Arima explicitly states that his brain scans showed an unusually high level of development in that portion of his brain.

Another thing I think people need to realize is that we appear to be at the stage of The Tower in the Fool’s Journey.

The Tower symbolizes upheaval and sudden change, but also revelation and positive changes in our lives. The pain is necessary.

And what comes next is what is truly important, because the next stage of the Journey is my personal favorite card.

The Star, the card of Inspiration and Hope. Once the darkness of the Tower passes, the Fool has reached a point of serenity and is able to regain faith in himself and the future.

He is restored, and can look at the world with new awareness.

This is not another round of “Kaneki goes off the deep end and goes bad”. Sasaki is not the same lonely and broken young man that he once was. He is an adult with many people that he cares about, with a greater confidence and ability to understand others and himself.

He’s in for a rough time, but I don’t think we’re simply going to see him retread the same mistakes from the past.


Liza Minnelli | But the World Goes Round (from New York, New York)

I take back what I said before. It was worth the two hours to get to this point.

Sometimes a friend starts treating you bad, but the world goes round.
And sometimes your heart breaks with a deafening sound.
Somebody loses, somebody wins; one day it’s kicks, then it’s kicks in the shins.
But the planet spins, and the world goes round.

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Britney Simpson’s audition tape 

I feel so amazed knowing that I went to high school with her. She’s ridiculously talented and deserves SUCH great success.

Best of luck to her in New York!  

I love the art style of GF and I’ve just gotta get this off my back because I think this is super clever

I’m sure this has been pointed out before but here goes nothing

So the style of the world is very rounded– not many sharp edges, especially on the characters.

Compared to Phineas and Ferb:

Sharply defined edges, bright colors, barely any shadows besides the ones on the ground. Compared to P&F, Gravity Falls has a more muted palette, it looks more three dimensional.

And enter this motherhugger:

Literally the perfect design for an unnerving supernatural creature in this established universe. Look at it. In this world that has been painted to be shadowy, natural, three-dimensional, suddenly this sucker pops up.

Look at him, he’s literally 2d. He’s a literal 2d brightly-colored triangle. That’s gonna stand out, throws you off. Jeez just look at this thing, this is brilliant.