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Gilmore Girls Revival Highlights


Kirk and his new business (Uuuuber) 

The “Paul is forgettable” running joke (It went a little long, but it was definitely a highlight in “Winter”) “I just forgot the entire conversation we just had” - Luke

Lorelai throwing bagels at Kirk whenever he says uuuuber

Berta played by Rose Abdoo!!!!

The giant picture of Richard

Richard’s funeral (The first time of many that I cried during this revival!)

Lorelai and Emily’s big fight in “Winter” (It’s always fun hearing these two amazing actresses go at each other for some reason :) 

Kirk at Friday Night Dinner/playing soccer with Berta’s kids

Every scene with Paris!

Louise Goffin (Carole King’s daughter and fellow singer of the theme song) as The Town Troubadour’s sister! “But i’m your sister!” “No proof of that”

Hep Alien together again!!

Emily in jeans and tshirt, getting rid of anything that “doesn’t bring her joy” 

Paul Anka dressed up as Luke


All the scenes  of Lorelai and Emily at a therapist

The Spring Food Festival! “Singapore is just being a dick” - Kirk

Mr Kim!!!!!!

Liz and TJ joining a vegetable cult

Lorelai and Luke at the Black, White, and Read bookstore watching eraserhead/everyone bringing food from outside the movie theater

Another “Film By Kirk”

The Gilmore Guys cameo

Paris teaching a class at Chilton and having a breakdown in a Chilton bathroom

Doyle is a screenwriter!!!!

Jason Mantzoukas’ cameo!

Lorelai charming people into giving her the things that people are waiting in line for.


April breaking down in front of Rory

The whole town meeting where Taylor first talks about Stars Hollow The Musical

The therapist (Kerry Butler) auditioning for Stars Hollow The Musical

Esther (The woman who never stops filing, at The Stars Hollow Gazette)

The scene with Lorelai and Rory delivering the papers (with “These Boots Are Made For Walking” playing in the background)

Every scene with the “thirty something gang” (especially the “i drink your milk shake, I drink it up” scene) “We love everything Paul Thomas Anderson does”

The entire “Stars Hollow: The Musical” (I get why people think it was too long, maybe it’s my love for musicals but I thought it was just long enough :)

The meeting after the musical!! “What do you want it to be? Less perfect? -Donald

Jess taking Luke’s hat off his head and tossing it away

Rory writing a book about her and Lorelai’s life


Jess unhooking the WIFI!!! And everyone’s reaction

The entire Life And Death Brigade scene with “With A Little Help From My Friends” playing in the background (especially Finn, Colin, and Robert’s badass entrance)

Logan taking a mental picture of Rory before they end their relationship

Lorelai’s story about her boyfriend breaking up with her on her 13th birthday, skipping school to go the mall, her father finding her and buying her a big pretzle with mustard and taking her to a movie 

Lorelai proposing to Luke (and Luke’s entire rant just before)

Emily finding contentment in Nantucket. (The scene where she listens to “Some People” from the musical Gypsy. Which is a very empowering song)

Rory walking through the empty Gilmore mansion and all the flashbacks of Richard!

Michel giving all the applicants for his job a hard time, because he doesn’t want anyone else to have the job.

Miss Celine!!! “Lorelai, I need to finish pinning that dress, I don’t want you to lean over and have your Deanna Durbins tumble out in front of the clergy”

Luke being friends with Kiefer Sutherland and Lorelai’s reaction, her impression of Kiefer Sutherland is gold. Lorelai dancing so she can fit in her dress and telling Luke to leave when he suggests she not eat ice cream.

Dean’s cameo (I’m so happy that he’s found happiness in his life! He deserves it!!!)

Sookie’s cameo!!!! (As if I hadn’t cried enough during this revival!!!) Michel’s reaction to seeing her and eating the fat free granola with his hands.

“Reflecting Light” playing in the background while Luke and Lorelai elope!! (Whatever company makes Kleenex should pay ASP for all the money they made off of this revival!!)

And yes even the ending and the last 4 words. (My only disapointment is that we might not get to see Lorelai as a grandmother)


Unpopular opinion I’m sure, honestly I loved the trailer, especially the second half!!!

If you look at the overarching theme of the second half of the winter trailer it’s all about relationships and HOME; they joy, the sorrow, what’s been lost, reconciliation, pain, and, yes, the angst but in all this mess it heavily features Holby’s couples. And right in there, in this soupy, angsty, thrilling, messy, do not forget DRAMATICALLY HYPED MIX, are Serena and Bernie! They’re not breaking apart they’re standing together, they’re holding onto one another and Bernie, BY GOD is right there for Serena.  And this, this is all I have ever wanted!

Plus the leopard print shirt I have missed it so much and full on raw-emotion Serena! I may die. ALSO THIS IS  NOT A DRILL PEOPLE SERENA’S HAT IS BACK!!!!!

You Little Devil (Matt Murdock x Reader)

Request: Can I request where the reader finds out she is pregnant with matts baby? YOUR WRITING IS AMAZING..

Warning(s): Language, pregnancy, and strong sexual themes.

Word Count: 1,606

A/N: Thank you so much to person who sent this in. It was really quite fun to write, hope you enjoy <3

Send me a request!

How long had you been planning your pregnancy? Exactly zero days and zero minutes. That’s why it was so surprising when your doctor approached you with the news.

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Minuscule-Goblin’s Beloved yet Totally Underrated Band: Lyrics Not in English Edition

If you’re looking to expose yourself to languages other than English through amazing music, I’ve got six suggestions that will make you weak at the knees.



Folk/Viking metal from the Netherlands. Sing about history and Germanic mythology. Known for their heavy riffs and shiver-inducing harmonies from their two full-time singers. 

Language: Dutch

Listen to: “Winter Woede,” “Drankgelag,” “Vulgaris Magistralis,” and “Ostara.” 


Thrash metal with folk influences from Estonia. Enjoy lyrical themes such as nature, war, and mythology, sung expertly by a gravelly man and man with a voice so deep the human ear can barely register it. Big fans of alliterations.

Language: Estonian

Listen to: “Mullast,” “Muhu Õud,” “Pummelung,” and “Äio.”


Proggy, trashy, heavy metal from Finland. Though mostly beloved for their antics, their socially-conscious lyrics and catchy tunes make them a must-listen. Boasts some excellent guitar playing. 

Language: Finnish

Listen to: “Dynamo,” “Vihaa,” “Meidänkaltaisillemme,” and “Väkivaltakunta.”


Melodic death metal from Germany and one of many bands with the same name. Probably the best-known band of the list. Their singer growls about vikings and mythology. Vehemently anti-nazi and anti-fascism. 

Language: German

Listen to: “Guten Tag,” “Achtung,” “Rotkäppchen 2015,” and “Invictus.” 


Metal band from Hungary featuring multi-instrumentalist Leander Köteles at its helm. Complicated bass lines, furious drumming, strident guitars, and the right balance between clean and harsh vocals await. 

Language: Hungarian

Listen to: “Híd,” “Szeresd Bennem,” “Madár,” and “Valami Folyjon.”


Folkish metal from Latvia. Enjoying exposing the rest of the world to the unknown Latvian mythology. Some beautiful harmonies that will make you feel like you’re sailing to the west with a horde of vikings. Also, bagpipes. Don’t let the English song titles fool you.

Language: Latvian

Listen to: “Son of the Mare,” “Long I Heard, Now I See,” “Two Brothers,” and “The Devil Slayer.”

Continuing with my car wash theme from my post the other day.

You have no idea how satisfying it was just a little bit ago, to get home from my monthly Illustrators meeting and immediately grab the cleaning supplies to wipe down the dashboard (and rest of the interior surfaces) of my car.

The sun is shining brightly and my dashboard revealed, on my long drive home, just how much winter dust/grime had built up on it.  I could not wait to get home and clean it.

And that is exactly what I did. 

Ahhhhh….. carry on with the rest of your amazing weekends out there friends!

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Hey! My day has been going pretty well, I'm a bit stressed but I'm going to a dance tomorrow so I'm excited! (For the aesthetic blogrates if you're still doing these!)

planet: mercure || venus || earth || mars || jupiter || saturn || uranus || neptune || pluto

hogwarts house: hufflepuff || slytherin || ravenclaw || gryffindoor

colour: mustard || cream || apricot || charcoal || hunter green || mauve

location: beach || bonfire || castle || club || outer space || café

scent: rose || grass || coffee || rain || parchment || cinnamon

painter: monet || van gogh || da vinci || picasso || kahlo || vermeer

season: spring || summer || autumn || winter

greek goddess: nemesis || rhea || aphrodite || artemis || persephone || athena || hera

era: antiquity || middle ages || renaissance || enlightenment || victorian || reconstruction || contemporary

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hello! my favourite character has always been luna lovegood. i love her bc i can relate to her on so may levels. she's in ravenclaw, yet is often described as a daydreamer who is often detached from reality (does this even make sense? idk what i'm saying). thank you! xx

luna my moon child!!!! yes i get what u mean shes a great represention of the non stereotpyed ravenclaw and thats amazing!!!!! 

name aesthetics: Reading under your blanket at night, laughing so hard you’re crying, winter winds + freezing hands, afraid of the unknown, butterflies in your stomach, fluffy socks, smiling kindly 

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T - This Isn’t You (Lunafly)

A - Amazing (B1A4)

E - Erase (Big Star)

W - Winter Is Coming (Han Suji, Goblin OST)

O - Ocean of Light (Nell)

O - Oh You Yeah You (U Sung Eun)

Playlist Theme: Lovely listens! 

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Frozen river 🌫

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🎵 Ryuichi Sakamoto - Main Theme (at Хотинська Фортеця)

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Kuroko no Basuke Compilation Movie 3 Opening HD

Still so sad that I didn’t get to see this while I was in Japan. ;^; The first two were amazing and these Tip Off opening movies build up so much hype and excitement for the main event. :3

MidoTaka goodness with OLDCODEX music for the opening and ending themes? Sign me the hell up!!

The Hiyoko in the manners reminder videos are too cute but I haven’t been able to find them anywhere….

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heyo how was your day? anything fun? sad? in between? i love your blog!

my day is going quite well thank you !! i’ve got music in an hour but otherwise everything’s fine ah

planet: mercure || venus || earth || mars || jupiter || saturn || uranus || neptune || pluto

hogwarts house: hufflepuff || slytherin || ravenclaw || gryffindoor

colour: mustard || cream || apricot || charcoal || hunter green || mauve

location: beach || bonfire || castle || club || outer space || café

scent: rose || grass || coffee || rain || parchment || cinnamon

painter: monet || van gogh || da vinci || picasso || kahlo || vermeer

season: spring || summer || autumn || winter

greek goddess: nemesis || rhea || aphrodite || artemis || persephone || athena || hera

era: antiquity || middle ages || renaissance || enlightenment || victorian || reconstruction || contemporary

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👽 also i recommend watching princess and the frog bc amazing!!!!! just like u

listen to me sarah pls come watch the princess and the frog with me

hogwarts house: gryffindor / ravenclaw / slytherin / hufflepuff

season: summer / spring / winter / autumn /

hogwarts class: charms / transfiguration / DADA / history of magic / astronomy / herbology / potions

era: fantastic beasts era / marauders era / golden trio era / next gen era

spell: accio / alohomora / confundus / expelliarmus / reducto / lumos (get it bc you light up my life) / stupefy /

quidditch position: chaser / keeper / beater / seeker / fan / announcer

+ compliment: sarah i already told you this but i love your new mobile theme so much and that icon!!!!!!!! love it and all the pink in your theme is almost as lovely as you are!! i just love your blog and ilysm

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(Spoiler) Five Things That Really Bugged Me About Civil War


Cap 3 has gained tons of positive reviews since its release, with many going as far as saying it’s the best Marvel movie to date. Unlike Batman v Superman, I went into the cinema with my hopes insanely high. The Winter Soldier was so good, how could Civil War possibly be a disappointment after being crafted by the capable hands of the Russo brothers?

Don’t get me wrong, Civil War is good. Really good. There are scenes and themes in this movie that are brilliant and the inclusion of Black Panther and Spider-Man was a massive hit. 

However…I came out of the screening disappointed (don’t shoot me MCU fans). Maybe it was because of how confident I was that this film would be amazing, but Captain America: Civil War honestly left me thinking “…is that it?” Whilst it definitely knocks its DC rival Batman v Superman out of the park, Civil War had a few things going on that really freakin’ got on my nerves. Let’s count ‘em down.

5. The two teams only fought once. The airport fight sequence was good, don’t get me wrong. Giant Man’s appearance, Spider-Man fighting Winter Soldier and Falcon, Black Widow being Black Widow. But after the trailers and promotion for Civil War hyped up Team Cap vs Team Iron Man, I wanted to see more of Team Cap vs Team Iron Man. I wanted to see these two teams clash more than once. The ending of the fight sequence, which sees Black Widow letting Bucky and Steve leave for Siberia whilst Team Cap are detained like criminals really let me down. Instead of getting more action between all of the Avengers, we just get to see Steve and Bucky’s bromance. Stucky fans will hate me and I feel like I should state that BUCKY BARNES IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS AND I LOVE HIM TO DEATH, but this film didn’t need to be the Steve and Bucky Show. More on that later.

4. What happened to Scarlet Witch’s mind control powers? Scarlet Witch is being hyped by the Russos and the Avengers cast as possibly the most powerful member of the team in the MCU. In Age of Ultron we got to see not only her cool telekinesis-kinda thing, but also her power of mind control and the ability to destroy someone “from the inside.” What happened to that in Civil War? Wanda has some pretty cool moments, like throwing Vision fifty feet underground with her powers and containing a chemical blast, but the extent of her powers weren’t truly shown. Yes, she is still learning to control them, but we saw way more of her abilities in Age of Ultron. Why didn’t she use her mind meddling against Team Iron Man? Better yet…why the hell didn’t she use it to help Bucky Barnes with his trigger words and Hydra conditioning instead of ending the film with him going back into cryofreeze? Wanda and Bucky were both pawns for Hydra, some touching moments between the two as she uses her power to help him recover would have been great to see. Not only that, but why was her dead twin brother Quicksilver or her long term hatred/distrust for Tony Stark from the previous film not brought up?

3. Bucky and Natasha’s past in the Red Room was not expanded upon. Sure, it was cool to hear it acknowledged when Natasha tells a frenzied Winter Soldier “you could at least recognize me,” but nothing else comes of it. With his memories coming back to him there should have at least been touching glances or interactions with Natasha as Bucky remembers their forbidden relationship, but no. Their relationship isn’t treated as if it is important at all. True, many fans may not want to see Black Widow in a romantic storyline after the dreadful relationship with Bruce Banner in AoU, but the BuckyNat relationship is something many comic fans (and Sebastian Stan) really cherish and would love to see explored in the MCU. Yes, he was recovering from being brainwashed, but Bucky didn’t really seem to give a damn about Natasha and she hasn’t been shown in Winter Soldier or Civil War as really caring about him. Dare I suggest Marvel finally make a Black Widow solo movie starring Sebastian Stan that will delve more into their past together?

2. There was not enough of Sharon Carter in this film. Poor Sharon has been spat on by many Stucky fans in the past and I’m sick of it. Sharon Carter is BADASS. She’s a powerful woman who should have had a bigger role in the Cap films, yet she’s had barely any screen time to establish her character or set up a realistic relationship with Steve. And no, there’s nothing wrong with her having a relationship with Steve. Cap deserves some damn happiness and so what if Sharon is Peggy’s niece?! Stop judging her character simply because of who she is related to. Marvel desperately needs to expand upon the amount of powerful, badass women in their movies and Agent 13 would have been a perfect fit. Instead, she’s reduced to a small role and a hurried kiss with Steve. Many fans argue that, while she should have been more important in the film, her relationship with Steve would have set her back and was unnecessary, much like how Black Widow doesn’t need a love interest after the Hulk fiasco and the (non-existent) relationship with Hawkeye. Whilst Marvel does need to showcase more women than just the obligatory love interest; you can still be a feminist character and have romantic relationships with other people. 

1. The ‘civil war’ should not have been about Bucky Barnes. Again, cos I’m pretty sure I’m pissing off a lot of Bucky fans, I’ll reiterate; I FREAKIN’ LOVE BUCKY BARNES. Sebastian Stan is a phenomenal actor and the Steve-Bucky friendship/bromance/possibly gay love story is a great theme in the Cap films. However, Captain America and Iron Man should have been fighting over the Sokovia Accords, or as it is known in the comics, the Superhuman Registration Act. It didn’t feel like the Accords were really explained in detail, such as the superheros having to give up their identities etc. Even Steve saying to Tony in his letter at the end of the movie “I’m sorry we disagreed about the Accords” felt like an afterthought. The Avengers fought each other, brother vs brother, friend vs friend, family vs family, and what for? Bucky Barnes? Bucky was great in this movie and I cried a little the moment he appeared on screen, but he should not have been in the center of that conflict. True, he was the mask used by Zemo to push the Avengers into fighting, but it just didn’t feel like Civil War to me. By the time the characters began fighting the Accords didn’t feel that important. Spider-Man didn’t even know about them, or really understand why he was fighting. Bucky and Steve’s relationship was an important factor in the movie, but it should not have been the sole reason for the Avengers turning on each other. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably warm up to Civil War the more times I watch it. There were still plenty of moments that had me hooked (did I mention how freakin’ awesome Black Panther is?) However I really had to get this off my chest. Hopefully the next few Marvel movies will fix all this: more Sharon Carter, BuckyNat moments, Scarlet Witch’s power being shown more. Plus there’s still a new Spider-Man movie to look forward to, which after Tom Holland’s performance, looks like it’s gonna be pretty freakin’ great. 

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hi amy ! can i have an aes blograte for my dnp blog @dangoghs?? thank u !!! 💓💓

hi, sure thing pal !!

planet: mercure || venus || earth || mars || jupiter || saturn || uranus || neptune || pluto

hogwarts house: hufflepuff || slytherin || ravenclaw || gryffindoor

colour: mustard || cream || apricot || charcoal || hunter green || mauve

location: beach || bonfire || castle || club || outer space || café

scent: rose || grass || coffee || rain || parchment || cinnamon

painter: monet || van gogh || da vinci || picasso || kahlo || vermeer

season: spring || summer || autumn || winter

greek goddess: nemesis || rhea || aphrodite || artemis || persephone || athena || hera

era: antiquity || middle ages || renaissance || enlightenment || victorian || reconstruction || contemporary

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AGIRLINGREY’S THEME GIVEAWAY !!! i just passed 1,500 followers here and i’m really amazed at the whole thing. i would go on and on about loving and fuzzy things, but i know that you’re all waiting for me to skip this part and get to the good stuff, so here it is: TWO people will receive a custom theme, with pop-up pages and all the other shenanigans, coded by me. rules are simple: you must be following me ( if you follower-jump and unfollow right after the giveaway, i will disqualify your url from all future giveaways because it’s rude af ), reblogs and likes both count, but only after you reblogged it at least once. reblog it as many times as you’d like, but be considerate of your followers. giveaway ends on 16TH OF OCTOBER, SUNDAY. good luck to you all and as always, thank you so much for being so amazing to my precious daughter :)

THEME EXAMPLES !!! ( one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. )

Made a background to match my new icon. Journey was such an amazing game and background music was especially sensational! Though the game takes place in a desert setting I decided to throw our little protagonist into the stormy tundra to coincide with my winter theme. :) 

Keep trekking up that snowy hill, little guy! You’re almost there! Where exactly? I haven’t the slightest inkling…


Claire Plays: Amazing Piano Cover of Game of Thrones Theme by Ear!

played by PPPianist