but the whole thing is just a joke ok

white armys: lol engrish speakeu time lol i hateu snakeu fuc me oppa saranghaekookieoppa kkkk -eu uwuuwuwuwu 

poc armys: thats kinda offens-

white armys: itS a JOKE calm down Its NOT racist ok lol 

poc armys: jimin hates white ppl 

white armys: uhh excuse me??????? thats racist smh :///

poc armys: its a jo- 


You know, I like the idea of Zuko making the wrong decision in Ba Sing Se and being able to recover from that. But like, I’m also lowkey upset we didn’t get to see Zuko run off with the Gaang at the end of Book 2. What we had was good and dramatic but just imagine:

- 78% of Zuko’s S3 angst comes from his decision to side with Azula in Ba Sing Se so if he never had that moral quandary, it’s arguable Zuko would be more at ease with himself and the others especially given how good he was doing at the end of Book 2. Plus the Gaang (Katara especially) would be much easier on him so instead of being angry/suspicious, it’d just be super…. awkward… getting used to another member plus an ex-fire prince who used to chase them? Classic

- Also so like it’s very possible the Gaang could’ve escaped Ba Sing Se unharmed with Zuko’s help. The city was going to fall no matter what but Zuko probably could’ve stopped Azula lightening at Aang. My point being, that spirit water is still available and she did offer to heal Zuko’s scar… just a thought. It would come in handy when undercover if the traitor prince no longer has his obvious identifying mark.

- After about 5 minutes Sokka decided that Zuko was his new best friend, he’s a guy around his age who’s mature but also mischievous with a love of weaponry and strategy and yes. Zuko and Sokka are attached at the hip and it drives Katara crazy cause they get into so much trouble but she’s never seen her brother happier. Oh my god, when Sokka gets his meteor sword the two of them will spar all day. They get their weapons taken away frequently.

- Chief Hakoda sees Zuko has repented and hears .4 seconds of his story before trying to adopt him. (“You’ll love the Water Tribe Prince Zuko! Don’t worry, your new grandmother will fatten you up” “!?!”) Toph has to break it to Hakoda that Iroh has already claimed Zuko and Zuko meanwhile is overwhelmed by all this affection. Still, he’s honorary Water Tribe now

- Zuko interacting in normal Fire Nation towns. Think about it, he was a crown prince, he’d probably never been outside the capital city and then he was banished from the Fire Nation. He’s likely never seen regular Fire Nation life. It’s just as new and exciting for him (plus he helps them blend a little better)

- Zuko starting Aang’s firebending training, being a bit more gentle once he hears the reasons for Aang’s block. They walk through the basics and soon Aang slowly but surely begins to develop his bending. Zuko is able to learn from everyone too and, on a whim, decides to practice lightening bending. His mind is free of turmoil and is shocked when he’s easily able to summon the electricity. He scared the pants off his sleeping companions who think Azula has come to them.

-  Katara and Zuko, mom and dad of the group. They just fall into sync parenting the often wild Aang and Toph while keeping Sokka in line. Zuko insists on helping her with cooking and cleaning up and is surprisingly good at it. She nags all the others about following Zuko’s example. Also awesome playful bending battles between opposing elements that always gets crashed halfway through by the others.

- Appa and Momo adore Zuko, Aang and Sokka are totally jealous. Appa because he knows Zuko saved him from Lake Laogai and Momo because Zuko is a literal heater and he can almost always be found snuggled with Zuko. But Zuko is, in general, very good with animals. Even better than Aang.

- Joking about Zuko’s past mistakes becomes a thing, it’s not awkward or snippy, they just love bringing up embarrassing memories and teasing him about it. It helps Zuko feel more at ease, he still feels bad for the things he did in Book 1, but they tease to let him know he’s forgiven.

- Like in canon, Iroh is captured in Ba Sing Se and Zuko is half mad with grief for a while afterward until he hears that Iroh was not executed but merely thrown into prison. He cried happily and openly when he learned he hasn’t lost his only remaining family member who loves him. He makes plans to break Iroh out on the Day of Black Sun.

- On a side note, Zuko tells the story of his mom and you know, you fuckening know, that Operation: Find Zuko’s Mom is a go. He doesn’t have Ozai’s confirmation but he still suspects she’s alive. They all agree to search after the war ends.

- Zuko gets along with Toph better than all the others, they get the whole idea of nobility and honor but also know when to let things loose. Firebending and Earthbending have similar principles so they gel together. Katara and Aang are relieved that Zuko is there to balance out Toph’s brashness with his own quiet stubbornness. He fits in so well, it’s weird to imagine him not always being there, he’s able to complement everyone.

- The Gaang realizes very quickly that Zuko’s self-esteem and sense of worth is below nothing. Years of emotional (and physical) abuse from his family, being told he’s weaker and worthless plus those years of shameful banishment means he’s got no confidence. Aang breaks down into tears when Zuko casually remarks that he likely won’t survive the war. He’s legitimately shocked to hear the Gaang would be devastated if he died. The team works hard to build up his confidence and let him know that they love him. It works wonders on his mood and even his firebending improves without that mental block. Team Avatar swears that they’ll defeat Ozai not just for what he’s done to the world, but what he’s done to their friend.

- Once relaxed and assured of his place, Zuko really opens up. He’s never had true humor in his life but he develops a cutting but wry sense of humor and more often than not finds himself chuckling at Sokka’s terrible jokes. His protective, stubborn nature is in full force and he would do anything to keep his turtleducks safe (he’s usually put in his place but he’s trying ok). Temper’s still there, it’s a firebending thing, but it’ll flame and go out quickly and people just get used to it. He gets playful with his bending and is not above pranks. He’s smiled more in the time before in the invasion than he ever remembers in his whole life.

So I just finished watching both movie and musical versions of Heathers and hot damn is JD done differently in the beginning.

Like yeah, they both end up basically the same way but musical JD gave off very few red flags to me at the beginning. He did the whole trench coat and “look at me I’m deep” shit, but that’s high school boy? The draino thing was when I was like “eehhhhhhhhhh that wasn’t a joke like you’re trying to play off but ok”.

But movie JD? Holy shit. He’s one giant ass red flag. Veronica honey. Love yourself. Avoid at all costs please for everyone’s sake. We’re only 15 minutes in and he’s pulled out a real ass gun

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Why care about the whole Jimin hates white people thing. I'm white and I don't mind at all, I actually find it funny. It's obvious it's a joke and people fucking around, it's nbd? Besides these types of jokes run around the internet and if anyone thinks it's serious all they need to do is ask and people will answer. Whoever doesn't like the joke can just not interact w it and that's it.

I keep asking this but no one can give me an answer. Why use Jimin? How about let’s use your own face and put the same caption?

What you all aren’t saying is that you all use Jimin to make the joke more acceptable to more people. It’s normalizing hate because you use a familiar face to convey it and because Jimin is someone that’s like a separate person from yourself, you somehow don’t make yourself accountable for the hatred. But use Jimin as a vessel to normalize it and make it ok. I don’t care what you hate. I’m saying that it’s really shitty to use Jimin as a face for it so that you can pass it off as a joke and let people in and think it’s ok to do it.

It’s very very very heartbreaking it comes from our own fandom. Please don’t use jimin for your hate. I don’t care if you just think it’s just a joke. Don’t drag jimin into this.

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thoughts on that fanservice bit in Dan's liveshow?

I have so many thoughts!

- It was fucking hilarious. 
- It was a laugh with you not laugh at you moment. 
- He was teasing us but there was no underlying anger or anxiety to it.  Dan was in a good mood.
- He volunteered so much information that he didn’t need to: what they did for lunch, who they went with, that he went to meet his mum, why he went to meet his mum. None of that information was pivotal to a You guys are gonna flip, I was cold earlier so Phil gave me his coat and I wore it joke/story. 
- It feels like another one of those moments of increased comfort, that he was even ok sharing that under the guise of a joke. I mean, the whole point of it was just them sharing clothes. It was a big deal because Dan knew his fans would flip out - and they did. And he told it anyway.
- The things he actually said could so easily have turned negative, but the tone wasn’t negative at all. He was dragging his fans the same way his fans drag him; with truthful digs but no malice. 

tl;dr - I liked it!

ok but lbr that was sooooo unprofessional how beatty “read it wrong” (lmao HOW) and the fact that the entire cast and crew of la la land was even up there at all was super embarrassing, and took away from the celebratory moment that the moonlight crew should have had. sloppy sloppy sloppy. Im so angry that THIS is how Barry Jenkins and the crew received the award for the crowning achievement of their lives, and now it’s a joke. You just KNOW news outlets will only focus on the scandal of the whole thing and make jokes about it and not even MENTION how it was a fantastic win for moonlight. smh why is the oscars always trying to ruin the experience for their black nominees

Caps Fan- Andre Burakovsky

Originally posted by leondraiisaitl

Ok the Caps/Flyers rivalry is HUGE, so when I got this, I was stoked! And I think it turned out pretty cute! You even get a little Andre with children, so enjoy that!

Warning: one bad word

@th3littlemermaid14 Request: Hi!!!! Love love love all of your writing!! I just thought of this request with ever so adorable Andre Burakovsky where he meets your family like everyone and is adorable with the little cousins but also the reader is from another city like for example im from Philly and (don’t hate me) been born and raised a flyers fan (but Andre is my favorite) so if the readers fam could poke fun at both of them and he’s super nervous but the whole thing is just super fluffy and adorable!


              “I can’t believe you wore that” you mumbled as you turned on to your childhood street.

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Surprise Run In- Josh Pieters Imagine

Word Count:1,470

Request: could you do a josh one where the guys find out your dating as they walk in to a restaurant and see you two there having a romantic meal etc


“You look beautiful tonight (Y/N).” your red headed boyfriend complimented, sitting across from you at dinner.

“Thank you handsome. You don’t look too bad yourself.” smiling back at him.

You and Josh have only been seeing each other for a few months. You first bumped into him at a coffee shop. Literally, bumped into him.

*Flashback to memory*

You were in a hurry that morning, stuck at the pick up counter waiting for your latte. It seemed to take forever. When the barista finally gave you your coffee, you began to race out of the shop. You weren’t quite paying attention, quickly turning your body, and slammed into someone. Dropping your latte to the floor and spilling it everywhere.

You instantly reacted, apologizing up and down. You looked up to see a tall guy with red, curly hair. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention…” you were interrupted by an understanding voice.

“Don’t worry it’s ok. I’m perfectly fine! I’m just thankful it didn’t spill on me!” He joked. The first thing you noticed was his smile. It was genuine. Making you feel better about the whole ordeal.

You both stood up, so the one of the workers could clean up your mess.“Are you sure you’re alright? I’m sorry, I’m usually not this distracted or clumsy.”

“Seriously I’m alright. In fact, let me get you a new coffee. I’m Josh by the way.” he reached his hand out to shake with yours.

“That so nice of you! I’m (Y/N). And I promise I’ll try not to spill this one.” you both laughed. Josh got you a coffee as well as himself, you talked in that coffee shop all morning. Before you knew it, you went on a few dates, and then started dating.

*Present Day*

Tonight Josh wanted to take you to a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant. He had had a really busy week with special projects for his channel. Which meant various meetings and video planning. So you hadn’t gotten to see him that much. You had been looking forward to this dinner date all week.

Josh reached across the table for your hand. Then took his thumb, guiding it back and forth along the side of it. You loved when he did this. It was one of your favorite things. With your hands still intertwined, you both glance down at your menus, trying decide what you want.

The waiter came and took your order. As he walked away, you heard Josh mumble, “Oh shit.” His body language tensed up and his eyes shot down at the table.

“Josh what is it?” Trying to figure out his bizarre behavior. Your eyes still fixed on Josh, who still had his head down. “Can you answer me please weirdo?”

He lifted his head a little and shot you a glance. “The boys are here.” he whispered.

You adjusted your body in your seat, giving yourself a better view of the front of the restaurant. You suddenly realized why Josh was acting so uneasy. There in the entrance stood Mikey, Joe, Jack, Oli, and Caspar. Conor was away with George for the weekend. None of the boys knew about you. The only person who knew you and Josh were dating was Caspar. Which made sense because they lived together. It would’ve been awfully hard hiding it from him. Josh told you he wanted to spend time together, just the two of you. He knew how the boys could be sometimes and wanted to be more private at first. Giving you a chance to get to know each other without a lot of attention. However, it had been a few months now. So many things went through your mind.

Why hasn’t he said anything?

Does he not want to go public?

Is he embarrassed?

“We knew we weren’t going to be able hide from them forever. They were going to find out sooner or later.” you explained.

“Yeah well I didn’t know that day would be today!” He fumbled with the napkin in his lap, avoiding any eye contact. “(Y/N) I have an idea. Go to the bathroom and I’ll let you know when the coast is clear. Go! Go!”

You shoot him a look in disbelief with your hands on your hips, “Seriously Josh? You’re being ridiculous. I’m not doing that!” He glared back at you unamused.

It was too late you had already been spotted.

“Cor look who it is! It’s JP! And look, he’s got a lady friend with him!” Mikey shouted across the restaurant, waving over to Josh. Also grabbing the attention of the other boys. He sighed with a fake smile on his face and waved back. They made their way over and congregated around our table.

“Hey there buddy!” Joe cheered, giving him a nudge.

“Well, well what do we have here? Jack sat down, putting his arm around Josh.

“Yeah Josh. Why haven’t you introduced us to your friend?” Oli chimed in. You were surprised Josh didn’t say anything. Which kind of bothered you.

Jack spoke up again, “We should join you! You don’t mind. Do you Josh?” Before he could respond, they already began pulling chairs up and sat down. Making themselves comfortable.

As you sat and ate your food, the boys carried on in conversation.

“So where did you meet the ginger tree?” Jack asked jokingly.

You were about to answer when Josh cut you off, “Guys please lay off. You’re not even supposed to be here.” he scoffed.

“Alright Josh mate. Calm down.” Mikey interjected. Josh just brushed it off and went back to his food. You were curious why he was behaving so weird. He wasn’t making it a point to introduce you to his friends or acknowledge your relationship. Which really pissed you off.

You couldn’t take it anymore, you had to say something. “Josh do you understand how annoyed I am right now?” firmly sitting with your arms crossed, glaring at him. Completely oblivious he just shrugged his shoulders.

You felt yourself getting more annoyed and upset. “Maybe I should leave.” you blurted. Finally getting his attention, he glanced up at you about to speak. But you didn’t want to hear it. Without saying another word, you got up and exited the restaurant. You heard footsteps run after you, it was Josh.

Grabbing your arm, “(Y/N)! Wait!” You stopped and turned towards him. “What the hell was that about?”

You stood in silence for a moment before asking him,“Why haven’t you told the boys yet? I know when we first started dating it made sense. But it’s been four months Josh.” You started to tear up. “I just don’t understand, are you ashamed of me? What is it?”

He walked towards you, motioning with his arms for you to hug him. He pulled you close into his chest. “I would never, ever be ashamed of you. You’re my girl.” he said softly.

He pulled away with a sigh, “The reason why I haven’t told them is because I love it being just us. No pressure, jokes at our expense, or judgement. Like you saw in there, they love to poke fun and our relationship is serious to me. It’s important. Not to mention they ruined our date. I know it’s silly…”

It all made sense now. You interrupted him, “It’s okay. And it’s not silly, I understand.But you know I’m a big girl, I can hold my own. I appreciate you trying protect our relationship. I love you for that, but they’re your best mates. Of course they’re going to tease because that’s what friends do. At the end of the day, jokes aside, they care about you and your happiness.” you squeezed his hands in reassurance.

He smiled down, taking you by the hand. “You’re right. I’m sorry for acting like a jerk. Now, how about we go back in and I can introduce you to the gang?”

“I’d like that.” you nodded happily. Walking hand in hand into the restaurant.

When you got back to the table, Josh put his arm around you, clearing his throat to get the boys attention. “Boys, this is (Y/N) my girlfriend. (Y/N) meet the boys.” Everyone smiled and waved at you.

“Thank god they know now! I don’t have to keep your secret anymore. Four months is a long time!” Caspar sighed with relief, making you giggle.

“Woah you’ve kept her for four months? I’m surprised she’s put up with you for this long! Jack said with a laugh. Josh put his head down slightly. “In all seriousness though Josh, I’m really happy for you. (Y/N) you have a good one.” He gave Josh a pat on the shoulder. 

“Thanks Jack. I know he’s the best.”

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What are ur thoughts on the whole jimin hates white people moodboards n stuff? I personally feel they're just (very funny) jokes but some people are overreacting so much...

idk i don’t find them funny. but some people do so ok let them do their thing i guess

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I have so much respect for you, I feel like you're my favourite blog now. Because, normally most of the harry blogs are like 'oh yeah we're together, you just dont know' and all that shit, like they could possibly have a chance with the most gorgeous man alive. But you are so realistic and genuine. You are living in the realistic world, spilling true facts that you couldn't be in a relationship with him. Not fanfic world - and I loooove that!

Well, first off, I’m going to say thank you, cause that’s quite the compliment! So thank you very much. But I think that it’s only right to emphasize that the “we’re together you just don’t know” joke is just that – a joke that we all make (I think I’ve been known to make it myself, although I’m wary about making jokes since they don’t always go well, so I might not have made this particular one yet).

 There’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about being with him – gorgeous though he may be, and as incredibly successful in his chosen field(s) as he is, and even living the lifestyle he lives… there’s nothing wrong with fantasizing about being with him. It’s no different than what people have done for ages, with everybody from Clark Gable to Prince William to even completely fictional characters in stories. To want to be with him and to think about every day moments or some of the larger than life scenarios (some of which are a reality for him), doesn’t make somebody unrealistic, I don’t think – it just makes them human, it just means they can have fun in their minds thinking about things. It’s perfectly okay to *want*  things with him – anything – and it isn’t restricted to a certain amount of people or people who only fit into a certain mold, whatever that mold is. Although fantasy isn’t real, there’s not anything unrealistic about fantasy, if that makes sense – it is inherently not a fact, but someone can, for instance, fantasize about marriage one day. It isn’t a fact, it’s a fantasy, but in theory it COULD happen. Yeah, Harry Styles is… a few dozen steps up the ladder, just in the strictly technical sense of it all, because he does have his circles and we can only operate inside of our social circles – all of us – however unfair that might seem and however that might make us appear, but he’s still… a fun fantasy to have. And people wanting that doesn’t make them deluded, it just means it’s fun to think about, cause isn’t it?

And although there are so many people in the world who want him – so many on this website, so many off it, so many people who haven’t heard of him, and so many people who haven’t met him yet and who don’t know they want him – the fact is, we don’t know who he’s gonna meet, where he’s gonna go, where any of these many, many people are going to go and meet. The odds for all of them are small, but like… even the bloggers here who make lighthearted comments, we don’t know where they’ll go. I’m not saying he’ll wind up with anyone ever, cause there’s NO way to predict that, but just… there are a lot of people – on here, off here, who haven’t heard of him, who haven’t met him and don’t know they want him – who might not “seem” like it could be “realistic” for them now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t ever be. Hell, looking at 16 year old Harry, people probably would have told him, “You. 23. Debut album. Self-titled. Massively successful career already well established” and that would have been unrealistic, you know? 

The reasons why I wouldn’t be in a relationship with him are my reasons and my reasons alone. Granted, I’m also the first to say he wouldn’t want a relationship with me (but that’s… listen, I don’t talk about myself a lot here, cause that’s not what I’m here to do, but I’m not my biggest fan. It’s cool, it’s fine, I’m working on it, but that means that I’ve got my own reasonings and perceptions of myself that influence that), so he’d have his reasons, too, but…. My reasons for not thinking it would be fair to him to have a relationship with him or thinking he wouldn’t want a relationship with me have everything to do with me. Not because of who he is, not because of who he’s been with in the past or what social circles he runs in, just me. He’s a guy, and just a guy. Although certain situations will put certain people at more of an advantage… the world is so big, life is so long, people are doing so many amazing things (and of course, there are so many more who aren’t allowed the opportunities they so very much deserve, but that is a WHOLE other discussion that will take MUCH more than my little ol’ blog and feelings to solve). 

But like… I dunno, in another world where I’m a little more ok with myself, I’d like to think it wouldn’t be SO outrageous to entertain the thought/to joke about being in a relationship with him… gorgeous man or not. I’ve joked about him being the sun but… he isn’t the sun. It’s ok to want him. it’s ok to fantasize about him. It’s ok to want a man who seems to be as respectful, hardworking, considerate, genuine, compassionate, careful, and artistic as he is. There’s no admission requirement to love him and support him, or anyone else – no height requirement, or restriction, no weight limit or minimum, no… nothing. He’s about inclusivity, and I’ve got to believe he’d never demean people who think he’s attractive based off ANYTHING. I think he’d find it flattering, and I don’t see him as being the type to make anybody feel like he’s above them or out of their league or anything. I don’t see him as the type of person to make people feel stupid for thinking he’s attractive. And in a world where he’s got a little more freedom with his words, I could see him joining in on the fun joke. 

I bet after awhile the Beifong’s are going use the whole Baatar thing as a family joke for years to come

“Really you want to date her?”– “Hey atleast she isn’t a tyrant.”

“Spirits forbid I didn’t take out the trash ok atleast I didn’t help blow up Republic City." 

"So should’ve just kept you in that education camp, you need it" 

"I could be the fiance of a tryant do you realize how lucky you are?”

“Call me Jr. one more time and I’ll rebuild that goddamn mecha tank!" 

"On a scale of one to shoot a spirit ray how much to you love it/them" 

i started watching utena

… and it’s good? HOLY SHIT? i came in expecting to be too old to laugh at lame shojo jokes and how exaggerated and over dramatic everyone behaves but … yeah, the show knows it’s laughing at itself, which is… nice… good… wow…

the girlfriend said: “so their random symbolism makes sense?”

(we grew up on evangelion, ok, we have low expectations for deep shit)

me: “I don’t know anything about their symbolism or whatever, even just operating on the language and visuals adds up and that’s good enough.”

it certainly did better with the whole princess/prince thing over evangelion’s try-hard ‘angels & evolution’ thing. (pls try harder if u want to copy arthur c clarke.)

extremely light spoilers? i guess?

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Adrien tries to describe his crush to someone without mentioning it's Ladybug. The person assumes it's Marinette and tells him so

“Why do you always clam up whenever anyone tries to talk to you about who you have a crush on?” Nino ask. 

“I don’t-”

“And don’t even try to tell me that you don’t. I sit next to you everyday and have seen my fair share of heart doodles.” 

Adrien flushed. “It’s just… it’s just complicated ok?” 

“You know that as your best friend I am contractually obligated to listen to and keep your secrets right?” 

“There was a contract?” 

“I was being hyperbolic, dude.” 

“Oh. Sorry.”

“Look, how about this- you don’t have to tell me any details. No name, nothing specific. Just talk to me, because clearly this is a big deal for you and I want to support my best bro!” 

Adrien chewed his lower lip. “I… I think I’m in love.” 

“Wow,” Nino said letting out a soft whistle, “guess I was right about the big deal.” He gave Adrien an encouraging smile. “So what’s she like?” 

“She’s amazing,” Adrien sighed, his gaze fixing out into the distance a lovesick grin spreading over his features. “She just… she’s brave and resourceful, she’s always looking out for everyone else with no concern for herself, you know? And she’s so confidant, and poised. I mean she can be totally stubborn when she wants to be, and a little bossy at times, but… I dunno that somehow just makes me like her more, you know? And she’s so clever!” 

Nino laughed, his face morphing into a smug grin. “Wow dude you really have it bad.” 

“Shut up.” 

“And I assume she’s pretty cute right?” 

“She’s gorgeous. I mean her eyes… its like staring into an ocean on a perfect day, and the freckles…” 

Nino let out a laugh. 

“I sound like an idiot don’t I.” 

“No man its not that it’s just…” Nino’s expression softened, “you know that you are my best friend right?” 

“Of course.” 

“And I know that you get kinda weird about social stuff and whatnot.” 


“But the whole “Bro code thing is just a thing we joke about.”

“What do you mean?” 

“Dude, I am not gonna get upset just because I used to have a crush on Marinette. I totally get it man, and honestly you guys would be really great together.” 

“What? I don’t…”

“Dude come on, I’m not mad. That was ages ago and Alya and I have a great thing going.” 

“I don’t have a crush on Marinette!” 

Dude, come on. Brave, clever, stubborn? Always putting other people first? Blue eyes? Freckles? You weren’t exactly being subtle man.” 

“But… but…”

“Adrien are you ok?”

“I have to go.” 

Edit:  If you want to see this or one of my other drabbles turned into a full length fic you can vote for it on my Ao3 link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8914789/chapters/20421238 just follow the instructions in the notes ^_^

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ok, but is repeating jokes an autism thing? bc i know i repeat jokes a lot, past the point to where i know its not funny anymore, but it still feels enjoyable for me? like, if my friend made a joke with the words "beep beep" i would probably repeat beep beep a whole bunch for the next hour before i realize im being annoying and i need to stop. i cant tell if thats an autism thing or if thats just me?

It is an autism thing (although not *only* an autism thing). It’s called echolalia and I do it a lot too.

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best line from bob's pitstop recap for this ep; 'If we can make fun of Roxxxy for being abandoned at a bus stop by her mom, why do you think your weight is off limits?' girl, that was literally the challenge. eureka made that joke at an inappropriate time (and she realised tht). this wasn't an inappropriate time. it's what the challenge is. plus, she made fun of shea's teeth. how is that not equally making fun of someone's appearance? ugh, I just can't

I don’t get it either girl, you said this perfectly. Katya literally joked about Roxxxy being left by her own mom at the bus stop (and this fandom jokes about that too a lot) and its totally ok no one bats an eye. Alexis get her panties up in a bunch after making fun of other people herself and suddenly some people out here trying to compare the whole Sasha/Eureka situation. Like shut the fuck up it’s not the same thing, stop trying to find shit to be offended about. I swear this fandom drains my energy

not to bring it up again and insert myself into the discourse™ but the whole “lesbians are predatory and creepy” way of thinking has real life consequences and implications it’s not just something you can say on the Internet to be ~edgy~. It was so so hard for me to accept that I was a lesbian and be comfortable labeling myself as a lesbian because I’ve heard stuff like that my whole life & I thought maybe I was a bad person bc of my attraction to women. But I’m not and neither is any other wlw so anyone who says stuff like that is shitty and a lesbophobe imlo


Carl looks proud.
“Congratulation to your tenth walker kill.” He smiles at you but you can’t return it.
“Hey, it’s ok. Stay calm, I’m here.” Carl whispers and you nod.
“Thank you.” He wraps an arm around you and together you go back to Alexandria.
It will be always the same with him. He protects you and you take care of him when he’s hurt.

“Leave him alone.” Carl hisses to Negan and you shake your head in shock.
“Oh c'mon, I’m just joking. Your little boyfriend is not interesting enough for me.” Negan laughs.
You can’t remember how you came back to Alexandria, the only thing you know is his voice in your head and his smell in your nose.
The whole next day you lie in his arms, burying your face in his neck.
“Carl, I’m sorry. I know I should be stronger.” Your voice is rough, carefully he presses his lips on yours.
“Psst, it’s ok. I’m strong enough for both of us.” Carl says and with a smile you finally fall asleep.

Overprotective (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Anonymous requested:

Would you mind doing a Bucky x reader imagine where besides Steve the reader is the only one who is nice to Bucky and in return Bucky is super protective over the reader. Over time he starts developing feeling for the reader and admits it in a romantic way

  • Words:  1.475
  • Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
  • Warnings: Fluff.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/L/N) is your last name.

Bucky’s introduction to the Avengers was hard for everybody. Tony was especially reluctant to have him around his facilities, but considering that Steve was quite persistent he had no choice but to accept anyway. He always kept an eye on him and by an eye I mean two eyes; your eyes.
Somehow you were the one everyone trusted. You were very rational, and one of the best agents in all aspects. If it wasn’t for agent Romanoff and agent Barton, you’d be the number one, but there was no rivalry between you three; you were friends and you belonged to that privileged group of people called The Avengers.
When you first met Bucky was because Steve introduced him to you. You were not afraid, and surprisingly he seemed afraid to touch you, even if it was just a normal handshake, it made him terrified.
“Buck, this is agent (Y/L/N)” He pointed at you and you gave the ex-Winter Soldier a warm smile.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you” He greeted coyly, avoiding your look.
“The pleasure is mine, James” You held out your left hand; he doubted for a few seconds but you didn’t. You waited for him to held out his hand and when he did you shivered at the temperature “Wow, it’s kinda cold” You tried to joke; Steve sighed in relief and Bucky seemed to relax just a little “It’s good to have you here, you’ll be a great addition to the team, soldier” You smiled again which made the corner of his lips curl up a little “By the way, my name is (Y/N). You can skip the whole ‘agent’ thing” You quoted with your fingers and he nodded; now his eyes couldn’t part from yours.
“You can call me Bucky, or Buck” He replied.
“Ok Buck” You nodded to him.
“Do you want to show him the facilities?” Steve asked “Stark needed me for something and you know how diva he gets when things don’t go out his way”
“Sure!” You said excitedly “Buck and I are gonna have some fun going through the different rooms, right?” You looked at the brunette man whose jaw quivered when he tried to say something “I’ll take that as a yes”
“Ok, thank you (Y/N)” Steve leaned to kiss your cheek and then he ran to Tony’s lab.
“I guess the tour starts now” You said.
After 9 months of Bucky being around, the rest of the group still didn’t trust him and they tried to show him by giving him the cold shoulder. You, on the other hand tried to talk them out of the idea but they all had various reasons and as much as you hated to admit it, they were valid.
Luckily for Bucky and Steve, you had nothing against him, and as you predicted when you first met him; he was indeed a great addition to the team. More than once he saved your ass. There was this one time where you were got stuck in some metal bars that fell after Tony shot at them,  Bucky was the only one who saw you. He always kept an eye on you just like you were entrusted at first. He lifted the beams with his metal arm and his flesh hand pulled you closer to his body. Then, he picked you up bridal style and ran before the whole building went down.
Unfortunately, this gesture didn’t make the Avengers any less wary of him, but it made you way closer to him. Your recovery time was spent almost entirely with Bucky. He brought you everything you wanted and needed; even if it was pizza at 2 in the morning; he was running down the stairs and then up again with fresh pizza for you. He was opening up to you and it felt so good. He was always saying nice things to you and it was no wonder that you two spent a lot of time together. Training, having breakfast and sometimes, you even slept together because Bucky was still haunted by the memories of HYDRA. Those were the only times you feared for your life.
They occurred at about 3 in the morning, and you were always woken up by a sound of knocking at your door; it seemed like your brain became accustomed to that routine. That night was just like the others. A tired and sleepless Bucky went into your bedroom and you offered him the warm spot of your bed. You tried to be awake until you heard the slow pace of his breath but you couldn’t.
“It’s alright, I feel much better now” He whispered, stroking your arm. You always slept with your back to him, but you felt like turning around that night.
“Are you sure?” You cupped his face in the dark and caressed his cheek with your thumb in soft motions; you felt his smile against your hand “I don’t mind…” You yawned for long seconds “… staying up a little more”
“No doll” He leaned to kiss your forehead and you giggled when his stubble met your skin “I’m fine really, go back to sleep”
You snuggled closer to his bare chest (because he was not a fan of pajamas; you were lucky he had enough decency to go to your room with a pair of pants) and his soft heart beating and the air he exhaled dozed you off again in no time.
When you woke up, several hours later; you were sleeping alone in your bed. You tried to adjust your eyes to the bright sunlight that came through the curtains. You searched for the body that slept with you last night but it wasn’t there. ‘This is weird.’ You said to yourself. Indeed weird; Bucky never woke up earlier than you on nightmare nights. Your brain was still sleepy to find him, but you didn’t have to search further. You were woken up again by that same familiar metal knocking. It was either Bucky or Tony was in full-armor trying to talk to you.
“Come in” You said, and it was the first option. Bucky came inside with a wooden tray.
“Hey doll” You blushed whenever he called you cute names like that and his grin got wider each time he saw your reaction “I brought you breakfast”
“Thank you” You yawned “You shouldn’t have Buck”
“Nah, come on” He placing the tray on your side “I owe you tons of breakfasts for all the times you have let me sleep with you”
“If you say so” You shrugged innocently and picked an envelope resting next to your teacup “What is this?”
“Read it” He encouraged you.
“’You will have a surprise after breakfast’” You read out loud and looked at Bucky; you frowned, not understanding well what it meant “Mind explaining me?”
“After breakfast” He laughed.
He brought tea, orange juice, two bowls with different fruits and waffles. He said he would have brought also eggs and bacon, but he thought it was perhaps too much; you weren’t much of a breakfast person, but considering the nice gesture towards you, you decided to eat everything. It took you a while to do so, but you accomplished the mission.
After breakfast, he carried the tray back to the kitchen and came back really quick to be with you again, cuddling in your bed. You rested on his chest while he had one hand over your stomach.
“You ate breakfast today, that’s a nice change” He chuckled.
“I know, I think it’s gonna rain today or something strange will happen” His happiness was very contagious “I like this, being together like this… It’s nice”
“You know what I like more? You”
“Come on” You let go of his arms and turned around to face him “That’s the worst pick-up line ever. I’m sure that it didn’t even work out in the 40’s”
“Steve is the worst love advice giver…” You agreed in laughter “Anyway, this turned out quite different from what I expected… I thought you’d say something like ‘Oh my god, Bucky I like you too!’” He faked an annoying girly voice and you had to beg him to stop.
“Who says I don’t?” You smiled innocently and bit your lower lip.
He didn’t need to ask again, he just cupped your face in his flesh hand and the metal one grabbed the back of your neck, pulling you impossibly closer to his lips; they moved slowly against yours. Like he waited for his entire life to do it.
It all made sense now; the protectiveness, the nice words, the cute names, breakfast in bed. You started to wonder if the nightmares were real or if they just were an excuse to be with you. Whatever the reason, you were just happy to be loved by him.

April fools is coming up so quick PSA:

DO NOT POST THE VALENTINES DAY VIDEO!!! The agreement is to reference or post tiny footage/audio tracks of the video but IT IS FORBIDDEN to upload the whole damn thing!!!

Uploading tiny bits is permitted due to the ‘fair use’ policy as using tiny bits and changing the purpose from the original is counted as fair use and referencing it is ok as you are not showing the video and you’re just talking about it.

So quick reminder: DO NOT POST THE VDAY VIDEO… EVEN AS A JOKE!!! Phil will hunt you down and immediately give you that copyright strike. Dont you even dare try to upload the entire AUDIO as well! Dont even dare upload the entire visuals only (with or without subtitles or whatevs).

Thank you

Me: The whole thing that my agent went off and hooked himself up with people’s OCs behind my back is just… I can’t

@aearyn: Yeah it’s pretty good let’s be real. Like, your own OC is cheating not only on his bf AND his wife, but on you too

I mean, I guess that means he’s staying painfully in character?