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twin andrews part three | jughead x reader

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a/n: wowie part three!!! lemme know if you’d like a part four!! requests are open for all you lovely little nuggets! happy reading👱🏻‍♀️🌈🤴🏼

tonight was a totally flop, my feet kill from standing so long, the food was served cold and to top it off no one asked me to dance the entire night so i stood and watched an awkward Betty try and confess her feelings to my brother and so far it didn’t look like it was going to crash hot

just when i thought the night could get worse if it possibly tried i spot cheryl walking over to me and at this moment i just wanting the ground to swallow me whole.

“hello my fellow riven vixen” she smiles sweetly

“hey cheryl” i smile and muster up as much enthusiasm and fake smiling as i could manage “what’s up” i tilt my head blinking to let her know im not a robot.

“are you coming tonight to the after party? im in the mood for chaos” her smile turns sinister as she batts her eyelids. “not tonight im super tired but enjoy!”

i try and walk past her but she catches me arm and yanks me back “i beg your pardon?” i roll my eyes pulling my arm free “i said no cheryl i will not be in attendance tonight- now if you’ll excuse me-”

she begins her snappy come back when i see reggie mantle walking over to us “care to dance andrews?” i breathe a sigh of relief “why of course mantle- if you’ll excuse me” i tell cheryl before grabbing his hand and letting him guide me out into the middle of the dance floor

“i never thought I’d say this but ive never been so happy to see you ever in my life” i sling my arms around his neck as we begin to slow dance. he chuckles at my remark and places his arms loosely on my hips

“things looked a little intense so i thought I’d go help my damsel in distress, you are my river vixen after all” he teases pulling me closer to his body.

“woah steady eddie i think your getting a bit ahead of yourself there. i can handle myself but thank you” he smiles down at me “your welcome”

the song ends and we break apart i catch a glimpse of the others watching reggie and i closely as he snakes his hand around my waist and tugs me toward his side. my brother mutters something to Betty before walking over to me and breaking us apart.

“if it isn’t the inferior twin, hey bud how you doing. did i tell you that your sister got mega hot” he winks at me before smirking up at my brother “jesus reg” i roll my eyes at the hormonal teen before walking toward my brother “let’s go home”

“actually Betty, Ronnie and I are going to the Blossoms- you should come-” i shake my head “no thanks im just going to hit Pops and then head home for a well needed bath”. he nods before turning and disappearing in the crowd.

i start the walk over to Pop’s my clutch in one hand my shoes in the other the cool wind blowing through my hair. i quicken my pace when i see the shimmering neon signs of the diner “thank god” i mutter entering the only place open at 11pm

it was much warmer inside then out my whole body shivered as it adjust to the warmness, “hey pop” i greet “the usual?” he asks and i nod searching for a booth when I spot the brunette boy huddled over his laptop.

“ill be sitting with juggie” the old man nods turning and placing my order into the kitchen, my stomach growling at the mouth watering smell of burgers and fries.

i approach the table with caution my whole body shivering from the cold “jug?”

his eyes shoot up from his laptop annoyance across his face as he realises it’s me, my heart sinks as i wrap my arms around my body “can i sit?” he doesn’t say a word he just nods focusing his attention back to his work

i slip into the open seat opposite him placing my heels and purse next to me, we sit in silence and i tap my fingers against the table hoping that he’d break first.

“god dammit!” i bang my hands on the table causing jughead to look at me in an instant closing his laptop. “what?” he says panicked

“im sorry for bailing today okay! i got swept up with B & V and my brother forced me to this stupid dance and i don’t have your number so I couldn’t message you to say no and i just had a really crappy night and I had to walk all the way from school to here in these damn shoes- and it’s like minus 2 degrees out there and I’m cold and hungry and annoyed because i flaked on you and i never flake- so im sorry please don’t do this-” i blurt resting my head in my hands.

the diner falls quiet and i keep my eyes close not wanting to see a Jugheads expression “here” i hear him mumble

i lift my head and see jugheads outstretched hand with his jacket hanging from his grasp, i grab it softly slipping into it and instantly feelings it’s warmth “thank you” i mumble.

“it’s okay-” he pauses to clear his throat “i actually only got here about an hour ago-” he chuckles grabbing a few fries off my plate and popping them into his mouth.

i drop my face into my palms and turn red in embarrassment before making eye contact with him again a grin wide on his face. i narrow my eyes at him pulling my plate closer to me.

“i can’t believe you made me think you were mad at me you jerk” i complain somewhat relieved at the concept “i tried to stop you but once you start ranting it’s extremely hard to stop you”

i laugh at the brunette boy as i sip on my milkshake “you’re an idiot” i mutter “you’re a an idiot” he mimics my voice making extremely offensive hand gestures. i throw a napkin at him and roll my eyes at him before sticking my tongue out at him. mature i know

we talk for a little bit before the bell in the diner goes off my brother walking in looking rather guilty “s'cuse me” i mutter to jughead before slipping out of the booth and walk over to the service desk where archie stands

“sorry kid she hasn’t been in here tonight just these two-” “who” i ask catching the end of their conversation “uh betty” he confesses itching the back in his neck he walks past me and toward jughead

“archie what’s wrong with B?!” i ask annoyed but he ignores me asking jughead to sit before taking my place in the booth “earth to archie?!” i complain annoyed.

“what!” he snaps gazing at me

“Betty, where is she and what the hell happened at Cheryl’s”

“nothing!” he stammers looking to the both of us before looking back down at his hands “look ronnie and i- uh we kissed..” my jaw drops

“in front of here?!” i ask fuming “well not tech-”

“archie i swear to god-!” i yell anger pulsing through me

“yes!” he snaps yelling at me “i came here to apologise!” he tries to reason

i scoff “to who, to betty to me or to jug- because I’m pretty sure you owe us ALL an apology even damn ronnie needs one” i yell at my brother storming away from the booth before turning quickly on my heels and heading back to the boys.

archie flinches as i reach over the booth and give jughead a hug “night jug sorry again ill see you tomorrow- ive got to find Betty” he nods understandingly “to be continued?” i nod and turn around walking out of the diner and directly to the coopers residence

i sneak up into Bettys room and knock twice waiting patiently for her to open the window, within a minute the lights inside her room turn on and the click of her window unlocking as she pulls it up with ease “(y/n)?” she says surprised

“what the hell did that stupid ginger haired brother of mine do this time” she sniffles and i hold my arms outstretched and she rushes into them crying softly into my shoulder

“the kissed in the closet for seven minutes in heaven- she knew & so did he but they did it anyway” she wipes her eyes before siting on the edge of her bed “boys are stupid” i tell her placing my hand on her shoulder

“i don’t get why he doesn’t like me (y/n) what’s wrong with me i just-” she chokes on her words wiping her wet cheeks with her fingers.

“he loves you i know that just not in the way you want him to- but you know what sometimes they’re better of being friends then anything more” i try and comfort her letting her rest her head on me.

her phone vibrates and she sighs when she reads it “its arch-” she croaks “he’s outside” i give her shoulders a squeeze.

“you don’t have to see him if you don’t feel up to it, i can tell him you just want to be alone” she shakes her head “it’s okay” she gives me a weak smile before we both stand from her bed and walk downstairs

she pauses and turns around staring at me looking puzzled “what?” i ask “is that jughead as jacket?” i look down at the fabric and smile shyly “yeah i was at pops and it was cold so juggie leant it to me”

she raises her brows at me “jesus just open the door”!

she opens the front door to reveal my brother standing further down the drive way “ill be right here” i tell her giving her hand a reassuring squeeze before she walks down to meet him talking in hushed whispers before Betty turns around and rushes to me crying even more than before

i run my hands over her hair trying to soothe her as i catch my brothers guilty expression “call me if you need anything okay B?” she nods wiping her tears and mumbling a thank you before disappearing into her house

i walk past my brother and over to our house “i can’t believe you” i mutter slamming the front door in his face.

“c'mon (y/n) you can’t be mad at me okay” “watch me” i yell back stomping up the stairs

“why do you even care!” he retorts clearly annoyed “she’s my best friend arch what the hell is that supposed to mean!”

“hey hey what’s going on here, arch (y/n/n)?” “nothing dad just the same ole jerk archie, night”

i shut my door with some extra force due to the anger coursing through my body “i can’t believe him” ♕

“are you still mad?”

i stay seated in the passenger seat of my brothers truck, ive been giving him the silent treatment all morning and we’ve finally arrived at school & i was certainly in no mood for bullshit today

“look arch- i am still mad okay your my brother and she’s my best friend i hate having to pick corners it’s not fair- what you and veronica did was wrong okay? but i stand by you because your my brother but that doesn’t mean that i ive forgiven you for what you did”

he nods staring blankly at me “i guess I’ll take it” I give him a single nod before getting out of the car and walking off to find betty i was definitely not in the mood to wait for my brother and face her with him.

i spot her leaning against her locker, “Betty!” i call out. She smiles when she see,s me she looks a lot better almost like last night never happened. i approach her giving her a small hug and a small squeeze on the shoulder

“your still wearing that?” she smirks at me. i glance down at juggies jacket “it’s warm, plus i can return it to him today” i finish closing my locker

“yeah okay whatever, oo i have something to pick up from the office wanna come with” i nod following the girl “how you feeling?” she shrugs “im over it” i nod >

we enter the office and i spot a huge vase of yellow flowers, “are they for betty?” i point and betty widens her eyes opening the car perched on top of the bouquet, my eyes widen even more “from v? as in-”

“veronica” the three of us say in unison, we turn to see Veronica standing in the door way holding a box “i also got you some cupcakes i flew them in from New York” i side eye Betty and furrow my brows giving her the ‘are you serious look’

i sit back and watch as veronica vows to never do anything like that again and beg for Betty’s forgiveness and as Betty is in fact Betty she stupidly forgives her and now they are back to best buds typical

“im actually surprised that you forgave her so easily, i would’ve made her grovel a bit” i tell her as i smell her flowers “yeah i know you would c'mon i have free period let’s go to the lounge”

“do you think if i act upset she’ll fly me in cupcakes too?” i joke earning a chuckle from Betty “atta girl” i wink at her as we exit the office. “you’re impossible” she jokes.

thats when we pass the familiar brunette standing a this locker his eyes already locked on me, we walk past him and i send him a shy smile “hey juggie” he’s cheeks tint and as he smiles stupidly at the ground “hey-” he mumbles a smile clear on his face

a/n: send me a request if you’d like a part 4!! i hope your enjoy this let me know commenting down below, sending me a message or by following my blog so you’ll never miss an upload!! lots of love nugs🌹🥂

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Hey, I was wondering what exactly astral travel is, it seems to be in my feed a whole heap at the moment. So naturally my curiosity got the better of me. Thanks a heap! xx

I don’t have time to type up a whole post on it right now, but essentially astral travel is where your consciousness is in two places at once. You aren’t fully there (like projection) but you are there enough to interact with the astral realms. This is often done through meditation/trance work.

Some links to help you out! 

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ooo how about headcannons foorrrrr oh man i hope this makes sense lol, for what you think would happen when junkrat/roadhog/lucio/anyone else youd want are at a guys slumber party at HQ, and how they would react when they play truth or dare and theyre asked about their crush on reader? or maybe their reaction when SURPRISE! reader and some of the other girl heros were secretley there the whole time planning on having a PILLOWS RAIN FROM ABOVE! moment before they were asked about the crush? lol

My brain has been a little dead lately so hopefully these make as much sense as I think they do???  Bonus Genji!


  • Always picks dare – there is nothing this boy won’t do, just try him

    • Starts to get bored when the guys don’t make him do anything risky

    • Still happy to be dared to eat an entire box of Oreo’s in under five minutes

  • When he picks dare again he’s not expecting it to be Lucio to dare him to ask you out

  • He’d freeze up and go scarlet, stuttering a reply but not making any sense

    • He’d much rather someone try to ask him about his treasure

  • Roadhog would nudge him when he doesn’t answer

  • Above them D.Va, Tracer, and Pharah are grinning at you from ear to ear

    • Pharah tries to give you a playful shove but it makes the ceiling crash down and you bounce off Roadhog only to land right in front of Junkrat, right between his legs

    • So much blushing going on in the room while Lucio and Genji help the girls up

  • Lucio reminds him that the dare is still on the table

    • Everyone is watching

    • D.Va has dug into whatever snacks are nearby with Tracer

  • In a fit of panic Junkrat asks if you want to get Boba

    • If you accept he’s full of nervous giggles and tries to get you to go right away, no matter the time


  • Always picks dare, only because he is a man of few words

    • With his mask on it’s impossible to tell what he’s thinking but he’s fine lifting it up to do the eating dares

    • Lucio likes to dare him to pick things up, just to see how much he can lift

    • Junkrat dares him to throw him as far as possible, which everyone agrees not to do

  • Of course it’s Junkrat that dares Roadhog to give you the gift he got you for Valentine’s Day (even though it’s already way past)

    • Roadhog does a lot of growling at his partner

  • Lucio would ask for more info (plus encouragement)  to which Junkrat proudly declares Roadhog’s crush on you

    • Pharah gasps so loudly that D.Va and Tracer burst out laughing and you all fall to the floor

  • Roadhog would help you up without a word

    • He’d leave without a word too

    • And return with your gift (a pachimari plush with hearts on the cheeks as blush)

  • Your response would determine everything so make it good

    • Hug, kiss, smile, anything to let him know how you feel


  • Would go 50/50 on truth and dare

    • Always honest, like does he have any secrets at all?

    • You and the girls listen in hoping to get some dirt on him but all you discover is that he is as perfect as he appears

  • It’s Genji that asks him about his crush on you, and questions why he hasn’t made a move yet

    • Because I bet in Genji’s eyes Lucio is like an angel—charismatic, positive, etc–who could say no to him?  Why would he ever be nervous?

    • Well, you make him nervous, which is why he taps his fingers together and tries to stop his cheeks from darkening

  • In an attempt to lean in and hear more you crash through the ceiling with the girls, pillows everywhere

    • Lucio would rush to help you up only to realize what you must have heard

    • Tracer prompts him to answer the question

  • He’d finally admit he was waiting for the right time

    • D.Va would play his wingman and dare you to kiss him

    • If you do he’s in complete shock but very, very happy


  • Always picks truth, especially when it’s Junkrat doing the asking because his dare’s are usually too dangers

    • Regrets it when Junkrat grins and asks when he’s finally going to confess his feelings for you

    • Lucio ooooooh’s while Roadhog just gives a small amused grunt

    • You, of course, stop D.Va, Tracer, and Pharah from the planned attack, suddenly very interested in the conversation

  • Genji would hesitate and try to switch to dare until Lucio and Junkrat prod him more

    • He tries to say that he has no plans to confess and the room goes quiet

    • D.Va shouts “Why not?” while bursting through the ceiling with too much movement, making you all crash to the floor.

  • You land on Genji, or more accurately Genji would easily catch you

  • His movements are stiff as he tries to figure out what just happened, how long you were there, etc.

    • But with D.Va’s shout it’s kind of obvious how much you heard

  • You would have to say something first to get him to snap back to reality

    • The poor thing is a bundle of nerves

    • You have to ask for him to put you down

  • Even with the accidental confession you would have to make the first move however you like, because he will definitely be feeling unworthy

    • You could kiss his visor

    • Hug him

    • Smack him with a pillow and demand he answer D.Va’s question

    • No matter what it will lead to you two getting together

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i find it so funny that wonho has the facade of being sensitive and crying all the time and you stans fall for it hook line and sinker hes actually got you guys right where he wants you. how are you forgetting his ulzzang days he's not innocent hes probably done bad stuff in the past but the moment he does his whole fake sensitive bs his stans like YOU call him a bunny and fall for it. how pathetic

i find it funny how ya damn near burst your blood vessels typing this out and i stopped reading after “i find it so funny”

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I'm at a loss. Kaylor were all over each other in the last months of '16 and this year we get more J*shlie and T's MIA. Is it possible that the election forced them to change their plans? And I don't see how dragging this "relationship" out benefits JK anymore. They're gonna have to break up eventually, isn't it better to do it now and find some other girl? His folks are probably wondering why they're not getting married yet after 4+ years. (1)

And I don’t think the “Karlie’s too young” excuse he’s probably using will keep them at bay for much longer. And from K’s POV, well, it’s obvious. I know they’re sort of business partners but any reasonable person would’ve noped tf out the moment Tr*mp was elected. Honestly, this whole thing is just too shady for me to try to understand lol (2)

Honestly anon, there isn’t much I can answer here because I agree.

It seems like choices have been made that make no sense, and that’s frustrating. I don’t know why J keeps pushing the association, but my best guess is that he’s having trouble finding a replacement. She hates confrontation and as a result probably finds it difficult to push back and get out?

I wish she would. I wish she and her girl thought they could just be themselves. But at the moment, they don’t, and I get that too. It’s a complicated business, trying to make the world like you for a living. They’re both under tremendous pressure.

If they tell the world tomorrow, I’ll support them. But if they wait decades, I’ll understand that too.

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I rewatched this scene and I just wanted to tell someone about this. When Lucy tells Mina she loves her and Mina is all like "has our whole friendship been a pretense?" This is the moment you can tell Mina has never been in love. Because if you are truly in love with someone you would give them the whole world, everything you do and feel has an essence of them in it. Lucy would probably die before she ever let anything bad happen to Mina/ upset her because she really is IN LOVE with her.

And Mina has the fucking audacity to say that she’s just been using her?! Never, poor sweet Lucy could never wish any harm on Mina, her best friend the love of her life, and you can watch her little gay heart smash into a million tiny little pieces when Mina shouts at her. Mina really believes that Lucy would ever try and hurt her!!! Basically I had a lot of feelings about this scene. (Also Mina low key annoys me, in case you couldn’t tell) anyway have a nice day/afternoon/night

i know! it’s so frustrating because poor lucy would never do anything to hurt mina and yet mina just fucking destroys her. ya i’m not mina’s biggest fan either.

That moment when you’ve drawn at least 2 whole pages filled with fan-art for your  #1 favourite ask blog

but your Camera is being a bitch and you’ve wasted FOUR HOURS trying to get it to import to your computer, because you love this ask blog so much and will die for them.

COUGH @ask-2p-italy-luciano-vargas COUGH 



so, first off– thank you to everyone who wished me good luck on my interview!! speaking of which– lemme tell you about my moment in the twilight zone with that whole thing.

so, it all started with the way things happen at my work changing, and i’ve been getting stressed, so i figure it’s about time for me to start looking elsewhere. i apply to like 7 different positions last wednesday with this clinic we get referrals from (i work with another clinic,) and get a call the same day saying that they wanted to schedule an interview. only problem: they wanted to schedule it for thursday/friday, but i was going to be out of town. so, we scheduled for today at 9am, and they said they’d email me the info. well, i never got the email. i even called them back and gave them a different email to send it to, but it still never came– so this morning rolls around and i still don’t know which office or what position or who i even talked to– i just know i spoke with someone from the clinic because they had called from their phone number.

well, 8:45 rolls around, and im over at the office i think im supposed to be at, and their hiring manager says they didn’t have an interview with me, and they had already filled the position i thought i was being interviewed for. weird, but not bad, because barely a minute later, i get a call from the corporate hiring manager saying she emailed all the hiring managers of the positions i applied for, and none of them had scheduled an interview with me– however, she did say she told them to take a look at my resume since i had applied. again, weird, but not bad– i figure this mysterious guardian jobs angel who scheduled this nonexistent interview just got me some decent exposure to the hiring managers of this place.

lo and behold, just before im finishing up my shift at work today after the whole mess this morning, i get a call from the clinic i applied to again, only this time i got the person i spoke to’s name, the position i’m gonna be interviewed for, and the office– this time, i have an honest-to-goodness interview! it’s set for this wednesday afternoon, (oddly, a week after my birthday,) and i have a really good feeling about it because it’s for a position i really want.

again, thank you all for the good luck wishes, because it seems my lil jobs angel pulled through with them!!

the beginning of taking flight is such a rollercoaster for keith like:

here is he, extremely worried about lance, watching him closely

he is so eager??? to let him out of the pod??? (you can already see allura going “wtf chill boi”)

tfw u get scolded for wanting your boyfriend out as soon as possible (pidge is judging him too)


“I just want to see my bf allura is that too much”

always by his side

he’s the last of the group to leave the pod, which means he stayed in front of it all alone for a bit


and last but not least…..the look of betrayal™ after he sees lance flirting with allura

this guy is in love wake up america


I beg your pardon, ma'am. There are entries for your wage laborers here, but I see no accounting for the others.


#tfw your crush beats up your ex-boyfriend to defend your honor


( ´ ∀ ` )ノ