but the whole moment


“I’ve re-checked the figures, sir, and it’s a mistake.”
“You’re not overdrawn by £50. I’m afraid you’re overdrawn by £60.”



If you’re familiar with my dear friend’s @owlygem‘s fabulous character Sun - Mars is a character from the same universe, and, obviously, the spirit of Mars!

About Mars;

He’s basically the designated edgy one, and he delights in actually living up to the reputation for the hell of it. He likes to be intimidating, but he also likes to surprise people with random moments of kindness.

He cares a whole lot for many things and holds great pride in his planet, especially after they discovered water on it (Something that Earth had to inform him of - he wouldn’t notice on his own). Being one of the few planets with water, he was really excited about it and even changed his appearance in accordance to it - however he wouldn’t admit any of this. He likes to play it careless.

He has a very short fuse and gets mad fast, having a very hard time playing by anyone else’s rules but his own.

His over-edginess generally comes across as ridiculous, he’s very dead-pan in his jokes, has a dark sense of humour and boards on offensive a lot, but he over-does it so hard, that he comes across silly rather than genuinely intimidating (Especially to those who actually know him - to an outsider he might actually appear like a horrible person lmao). He is also 100% aware of this and mostly keeps the attitude because SOMEONE has to. 

He cares for his galaxy family, but has no barrier when it comes to brutal honesty - which is why him and Sun don’t get along much.

He chooses to dress in a somewhat asymmetric style in an attempt to make it look cool, so that his naturally deformed, asymmetric moons don’t feel bad.

He’s basically a jerk by nature but he cares a lot about everything.

Also yes, his shirt says ‘WAR’.
Just in case anyone’s wondering.

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i love the fact that even is friends with the ballon squad again and that he’s happy, but i’m gonna be bitter for the rest of my life about the fact that we didn’t get a FULL look on even’s back story

A Brief Moment Timeless

A seabird scans the endless sky
perhaps searching for a lover
as crabs race the ever changing tide
first the one and then another
crystalline sand squishy
and soft neath our toes
umbrellas littered in silent repose
waves crest and crash relentlessly
as the morning sun heals body and soul
holding hands, together we smile
and in a brief moment timeless 
two as one are made whole

In my head, I’m kinda hoping something goes down at the dinner between Rachel, Ira, Susan, Delphine, Cosima and Westmoreland, that Cosima is not on board with. Something that rubs her the wrong way and she just gets up, looks at Delphine and says ‘I think we’re done here’. And I kinda want her to be flustered, I want her to be irritated, I want her to take Delphine back to their room to vent and plan their escape. And I want Delphine to just diffuse the situation, to calm Cosima down, to tell her that everything will be okay. And I want a parallel back to S1 when Cosima says 'how can I possibly believe that, Delphine?’ and that’s when I want Delphine to promise to protect her and I hope that eventuates into something more. A promise of forever, a commitment. I want that to be the moment Delphine gives her whole heart to Cosima and Cosima reciprocates.

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well my musical is still waaay in the works, but it's based in the 20's and the main character is a flapper who's kinda figuring out and learning that she likes girls!! (Of course that isn't the whole story, haha) it sounds rlly simple at this moment but yeah! that's just a tiny bit of info!! -tiny anon


hey! I’m brayden. despite my excessive use of question marks, exclamation points, and emojis i am very monotoned. like my voice hasn’t changed octaves since i was 8. i sound bored and sarcastic all the time. i am the best thing to happen to pierce the veil. i also think i’m someone’s sister but lol who knows. i am constantly at the gym and if not i’m baking. i will make you a whole buffet of baked goods at any given moment. come get some cookies from ya girl sometime 😘

gh: baedenx

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For the series ask thing Bungou Stray Dogs (I'm not sure if you've seen it if not then Servamp :3)

I have seen BSD. I literally blogged stuff for it the other day…. huh…(゜▽゜;)


  • Favorite character: Atsushi Nakajima!
  • Second favorite character: Dazai Osamu(or Odasaku actually)
  • Least favorite character: ….Mori?? Idk.
  • The character I’m most like: Definitely Atsushi. Maybe a bit Dazai in his cheerful/weird side at least. And Junichirou a tad bit, personality wise.
  • Favorite pairing: I like Dazushi tbh, But I am chill with 95% of the ships anyways. :V 
  • Least favorite pairing: N/A
  • Favorite moment: OH MAN. Honestly that whole ending part of s2 was all pretty great. 👌👌👌 Like I had sooooooo many feelings going through at that time.
  1. The party for Kyouka.
  2. Akutagawa fainting cause Dazai said “You’ve become strong”.
  3. “You protected it, it’s your city.” AHHHH
  • Rating out of 10: Hmm, I give it a solid 7. If I’m gonna be hyper critic here. I LOVE REALLY BSD THO. I heard a movie is coming! So yay!!!

Thanks for asking! 

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Hey guys, I’m still around queuing up posts ^_^

I was put back in hospital last week for a couple nights and I’ve had to make some drastic diet/lifestyle changes as well as medication changes so while I am around (because I am working WAY less)…. I don’t have the energy at the moment to do a whole lot *_*

I see all your replies, and I super appreciate it that you guys take time out of your day to comment on my posts <3 One day I will get around to replying to you all :P

I still have a 500 followers gift to upload, I just need to take some photos plus some other goodies :)

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Kiznaiver :P

You would send this. Haha but alright~

  • Favorite character: Nico Niiyama
  • Second favorite character: Katsuhiru Agata
  • Least favorite character: Hisomu Yoshiharu. I wouldn’t say least favorite. He just kinda freaked me out with his…. Masochistic tendencies. Ha….. (゜▽゜;)
  • The character I’m most like: hmm. Probably Chidori? Excluding the jealousy part. HAha Maybe Nico in a way, at least the whole “I want my friends to get along” part.
  • Favorite pairing: ???????????????? The whole anime kinda ended up becoming about the ships and it made the whole plot change suddenly. So yeah??? 
  • Least favorite pairing: ?????????¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Favorite moment:


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  • Rating out of 10: hmmm….. The beginning idea/plot was really cool and interesting (and the animation is really awesome too) but then there was some forced relationships at the end imo… and it kinda left the original sci-fy drama that it was originally and became about mostly romance??? Idk. I give it 5. That’s just me.  

Thanks for sending!

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the beginning of taking flight is such a rollercoaster for keith like:

here is he, extremely worried about lance, watching him closely

he is so eager??? to let him out of the pod??? (you can already see allura going “wtf chill boi”)

tfw u get scolded for wanting your boyfriend out as soon as possible (pidge is judging him too)


“I just want to see my bf allura is that too much”

always by his side

he’s the last of the group to leave the pod, which means he stayed in front of it all alone for a bit


and last but not least…..the look of betrayal™ after he sees lance flirting with allura

this guy is in love wake up america


I beg your pardon, ma'am. There are entries for your wage laborers here, but I see no accounting for the others.