but the way she says i'm not your girlfriend

Fat Amy 'outs' Beca (based on the PP3 trailer)
  • [The Bella's gather at the bar in Atlanta, at their little reunion in their old Bella's uniforms.]
  • CR: Why so glum Beca?
  • Beca: Huh?
  • Fat Amy: She's pissed that her girlfriend broke up with her.
  • The Bella's: WHAT?!
  • Beca: Amy!
  • CR: Pay up bitches.
  • [The Bella's begin to take money out of their purses except for Chloe and Beca. Chloe is noticeably quiet, clearly stunned by the revelation that Beca is gay, and Beca looks past Aubrey at her nervously. Because Beca has the HUGEST crush on Chloe but has no balls to tell her.]
  • CR: *counting money* Five years of waiting. Totally worth it.
  • Beca: For the record, I'm not glum. And if I was it wouldn't be because of Alex. Who, by the way, was a total bitch in the end.
  • Fat Amy: Hey she wasn't THAT bad.
  • Beca: You're only saying that because she was Australian...
  • Fat Amy: Alright, so she was a bitch.
  • [The Bella's all fall silent, swigging their respective drinks. Beca cant look at Chloe who is noticeably staring at her.]
  • Chloe: What happened?
  • Beca: Huh?
  • Chloe: Why did your girlfriend break up with you?
  • [Beca looks at Chloe briefly then blushes so looks back down at her beer bottle, picking at the label with her thumb.]
  • Beca: I...um...I lost my job. They were downsizing. Last one in first one out, you know?
  • Chloe: And she just broke up with you?!
  • Beca: Yeah, well...you know...she had expensive taste. No good being with someone if they can't buy you things.
  • Fat Amy: Alex didn't work and she spent all of Shawshank's money.
  • [The Bella's all gasp and grumble, muttering about what a bitch Beca's ex was. But Beca simply grimaced, embarrassed that she'd been played by her girlfriend of eight months. Her first proper girlfriend. The women fell silent again until Chloe quietly pipes up.]
  • Chloe: She didn't deserve you.
  • Beca: Yeah, well, I'm an idiot...
  • [Beca and Chloe look at each other sadly. The Bella's are looking from the two friends to each other, sharing eye-rolls and knowing looks. Because they KNOW that both Beca and Chloe are crazy for each other. Beca quickly resumes her focus on her beer bottle with a deep breath and forced smile.]
  • Beca: Anyway, that's enough about me.
  • Fat Amy: Actually, I don't think it is.
  • [Beca looks at her housemate with a furrowed brow, but The Bella's are looking from her to Chloe and back again.]
  • Fat Amy: I know you're going to kill me when I say this but for crying out loud Beca, will you just get on and tell Chloe about the massive toner you have for her!
  • Beca: Uh...
  • [The Bella's all nod, their eyebrows raised in encouragement and Beca blushes again]
  • Chloe: Beca?
  • [Beca turns to Chloe who is looking at her cautiously, clearly breathing heavily. And all Beca can do is grimace apologetically.]
  • Beca: Chloe I kinda have...this thing...for you.
  • Aubrey: Um I think we should go...
  • [The Bella's hastily leave Beca and Chloe, moving to the other side of the bar. But Beca and Chloe don't move closer together. They're rooted to the spot as Beca waits for Chloe's response with baited breath.]
  • Chloe: I...don't know what to say...
  • Beca: Then don't say anything. Ugh I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. You know what Amy's like...
  • Chloe: Beca. It's okay. I have a thing for you too.
  • Beca: You do?
  • Chloe: Yeah.

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I'm sure you're going to get this x10000, but why do you hate being gay? My girlfriend says she hates it too and because I don't feel the same way I'd love to know your opinion. 💕

It’s not necessarily that I hate being gay. Girls are hot af and all. It’s just the lifestyle it comes with. There’s a lot of cheating with lesbians and I hate the lesbian circles but it’s hard to find anyone who’s not in a circle. And I hate how you can’t be talking to a girl without her talking to like 3 other girls. For me it’s just that girls know what hurts and they know what to do to fuck someone’s heart up… yet they’ll still do it. So it’s more just the things it comes with rather than the gayness. Bc lemme tell you, I can eat a girl out all night and I love every second of it

Uncle Qrow Comes To Town
  • This takes place when Ruby is about 18 years old, Salem is defeated, still bad guys about but Ruby is at home with Oscar, Yang, her dad, and Zwei.
  • Taiyang: I see a black dot in the distance. (Puts his hand on Oscar's shoulder) Son. I have no other way to say this...but Qrow's going to kill you.
  • Ruby: Dad! Oscar, don't worry; he won't.
  • Oscar: I don't know Ruby. Your uncle has been avoiding me for seven months. He's seriously pissed.
  • Ruby: He doesn't mind any of Yang's relationships! Why should he care about mine? I'm 18. Technically an adult.
  • Yang: Ruby, Dad still reads you bedtime stories and gives you milk and cookies.
  • Ruby: Yeah, well, okay, is it a CRIME to love cookies?!
  • Oscar laughs softly watching his girlfriend. He loves her and she loves him. Two years they've been together, and there's no person he'd rather be with.
  • Taiyang: I think he's here.
  • Qrow: Open the door, Tai!
  • Taiyang: Qrow...do you promise not to be violent?
  • Qrow: We talkin' physically or verbally? Cause either way works. I prefer physically, though.
  • Taiyang: Qrow!
  • Qrow: Fine! Let me see my nieces, you old man.
  • Taiyang: We're the same age, for your information. (opens the door)
  • Oscar: Hello, sir! Nice to see you again!
  • Qrow: Sh—I mean..hello...kid. Ruby, Yang!
  • Ruby and Yang: Uncle Qrow!
  • The three pull in for a familiar hug.
  • Qrow: What's happening?
  • Yang: I'm actually about leave. I'm gonna meet up with Blake.
  • Yang walks the door with her motorcycle helmet and keys.
  • Qrow: (winks) Cool. See ya. (Looks at Ruby) What about you?
  • Ruby: Oscar and I...
  • Qrow: Oscar and I? Hm, okay, what are you two planning to do today?
  • Ruby: I wanted to go kill some Grimm. For sport. Oscar wanted something more romantic, like...a picnic. So we're going to watch a horror movie and then have a picnic!
  • Qrow: I love both those things, why don't I tag along?
  • Taiyang: Qrow...
  • Ruby and Oscar hold hands and Oscar pecks Ruby's lips as a sign of defiance to her uncle. Qrow steams.
  • Qrow: I'm coming along.
  • The two start off towards the door, with Uncle Qrow following them.
  • Taiyang: No! Leave the kids alone.
  • Tai stops Qrow with a hand.
  • Ruby and Oscar: Bye!
  • Qrow: Tai...
  • Taiyang: It's okay. Our girls are growing up. (tearing up)
  • Qrow: Ugh, Tai, get yourself together, man! I was just upset that this kid took my extra room!
  • Taiyang: So you're not mad Ruby has a boyfriend.
  • Qrow: Well, yes. But mostly cause of the room.
  • Taiyang: That wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't insisted on them sleeping in separate rooms!
  • Qrow: Well pardon my caution!
  • Taiyang: Why do I even talk to you?
  • Qrow pulls out a flask from thin air and flops on a sofa.
  • Qrow: Can't get rid of me. You know you love me.
  • Taiyang: Yeah, who wouldn't want a brother like you?! (Rolls his eyes)
  • Qrow: Wait, I looked recently at the film times for tonight. There are no horror movies until 11:00 pm!
  • Taiyang: Your point?
  • Qrow: When will they have a picnic then? Unless..."picnic" is code for... the deed!
  • Taiyang: Qrow...I'm sure that's not what they meant!
  • Qrow: You know kids these days! (gets off the couch and opens the door)
  • Taiyang: Qrow, no.
  • Qrow: (already up a hill, yelling) I'm coming for you Ruby! That son of a $&%*# will never take away your purity! Neverrrrrrrrrr!
  • Taiyang: (sighs and closes the door)
  • Zwei comes up to him, barking.
  • Taiyang: Yeah, I think he was drunk a long time ago, too, Zwei. Now come on, boy, let's go tend to the rose garden. (Smiles knowingly as if perhaps he broke the fourth wall and the readers know that he knows exactly what RoseGarden is and that he ships it 100%)

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Herro~ How do you think IM, Minhyuk, Wonho and Jooheon would react to their martial artist girlfriend being insecure of the fact she doesn't have the stereotypical abs that everyone assumes she has? That's me ^^' I'm fit, I have muscles, but the abs just aren't there and it makes me self conscious about what people say.

Hi there! First of all, i’ll just say fuck what people say/think about you and what kind of body you should have. You’re beautiful the way you are my lovely ♥

Martial Arts girlfriend being insecure (I.M, Minhyuk, Wonho & Jooheon)

I.M; He’d be a little upset over the fact that people are making you insecure. He’d frown when listening to you rant and he would sigh, “People are such idiots. You are perfect, i promise you.” He’d cup your face and kiss your forehead, “Don’t be upset about that anymore.

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Minhyuk; He would widen his eyes when you told him you were feeling insecure because of idiot people. He’s blink, because honestly he wouldn’t even understand, “.. Jagi, you don’t need no abs to prove how awesome you are! Just kick their asses and prove them that abs are nothing!

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Wonho; He would be the one who understands the most, because he is insecure himself over people always pressuring him into taking his shirt off and seeing his abs. “Baby, don’t you worry about that. You are so, so beautiful, and talented with your martial arts skills. Abs don’t matter.” He’d smile at you and caress your cheek. 

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Jooheon; I feel like he would comfort you silently, just telling you that people are idiots. He’d be angry inside though, and he would definitely write a rap song for you and other people who feel insecure and pressured because of these kinds of stereotypes, calling these stupid people out in his song and cussing at them. 

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So this drawing is for @sai-shou and Frisk get better you two!

Mom, thank you for putting up with my terrible art and annoying messages. You are my inspiration and I love you and your blog so so much so please take care of yourself. I’m trying to help as much as I can though my family doesn’t have that much money I’ll try to donate to you because it pains me to see you sad and hey you don’t always have to stay strong it’s okay to cry and take as many breaks as possible. We all love you and we’re all here for you. Please try to remember that.

Frisk, I’m sorry about your dad. Mine is the same way about that type of stuff hell I don’t think he even knows I have a girlfriend but I don’t care about what he thinks anymore and I think you should feel the same about your dad. Plus, if you feel bad about Amelia please don’t because she has said that she would put herself in the middle a million times if it met saving you.

Stay strong you guys

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They say don’t date a writer,
because she’ll sweep through your bones like a storm no weatherman could predict.
Let me be the one to tell you,
they’re wrong.
Date a writer.
She’ll bury herself in your head and make her words pour through your soul and flow through your veins until you feel like you can’t hear anything but her.
And suddenly you won’t be able to speak anything, but her.
As if she is a language that you can learn.
As if you can study her day by day
and become fluent in the way your hands curve around her hip and the way her eyes light up in the sun.
—  They say don’t date a writer,
because they want all the writers for themselves.

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TIAA ASK BOX OPEN OOH GOSH! Pleease, how about a scenario where Aomine's girlfriend starts to buy male playboy (omg, Male Playboy it's really a thing? D:) just bc he always have his magazines of May-chan with him? Like she wants to make him feel jealous and insecure, just the way she felt. Bonus if she say "You know how I feel now". Sorry my english, i'm mexican!


Aomine’s eyebrows furrowed as he heard the drool in your voice. His eye opened slightly, a frown on his lips as you lightly kicked your legs, laying down on your bed.

He heard you whistling, eyes completely attentive on the magazine in front of you. There was a content smile on your lips, as you rolled onto your back, ignoring the bluenette’s stare. 

He attempted to poke your sides, trying to get your attention away from the other guys. The only one who can beat him is him, and he wasn’t going to lose out to some guy in a magazine. You fidgeted under his touch, but remained composed. 

He growled, moving to snatch the magazine when you rolled onto your side, hiding it behind your back. You looked up at him, eyes innocently blinking.,

“Is something wrong?”

He scoffed, looking away with a scowl on his face, “No.. Nothing’s wrong.”

You rolled your eyes, standing up and walking with the magazine in hand. 

“You’re a horrible liar, Aomine-kun.” 

He blinked, “A-AH? What’s that supposed to be mean? Oi _____!”

Stopping midway, you sent him a look, a shiver running down his spine,

“Now you know how I feel, idiot.”

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Drabble pleaseee~ After say goodbye at the door of Konoha, Shikamaru observed how his girlfriend returned in the way to Suna, then he walks quickly out of the gates of Konoha to reach her, and take the arm of temari. He don't know why he did it, but after looking at her in the eyes a few minutes without saying anything, he kisses her. (Sorry for my english, I'm soooo in love with ShikaTema and your written)

no worries! Went a little over 400. 

She’s mesmerizing.

He never noticed it before, but when she walks, she sways. Her hips are like a pendulum, back and forth, and he expects she’s not even aware of it. Women have charm. His dad had told him things like that – that they’re spellbinding. He didn’t understand- how could he? All the women he’d known were Ino. And Sakura. But even they had some similar effect, though not nearly the same as Temari.

No, Temari is different. Perhaps he’d spent too much time at her side than otherwise, for he’s sure he would’ve noticed – how could he not, seeing as his eyes are having trouble looking away? They didn’t want to look away. That much he could accept, what he couldn’t was the sudden desire to catch her. To spin her from his grip on her wrist, to catch her – to kiss her.


It’s probably not even fair.

But he doesn’t disobey his feet. He doesn’t force them to stop as they follow after her. She notices, of course, for he’s not exactly trying to hide it – she hesitates, her hip midsway, and perhaps he can play it off like he needs to tell her something. She’d forgotten something. A meeting for next time, so they wouldn’t need to exchange letters.

But upon seeing her teal eyes, all words are lost.

Instead, he looks.

She blinks beneath thick lashes, confusion beginning to frame her irises.

Ah, screw it.

He kisses her. Soft, slow – because if he’s going to delay her, he might as well make the most of it.

And it doesn’t take long before she responds, almost a little surprised at first, the surprisingly receptive; each press gentle and featherlike, the warmth from her lips refreshing to him – calming, sweet, and the sudden urges that prickled through his body finally sated.

The moment passes. Not like he isn’t expecting it, but a hand connects to his chest – not quite meaning to be forceful, but he still barrels backwards. And her face: a brilliant red, so far it reaches the tips of her ears and the hue borders on magenta.

Her lips quiver as she tries to form words – and truthfully, there’s something very endearing having caught her offguard – and she swallows once, the muscles in her throat clenching with effort. “Next time, do that somewhere private!” Temari whirls on her heels and saunters off – her hips still swaying, the tips of her ears still tellingly red.

Shikamaru can’t help but to raise a finger to his lips.

And with something akin to a laugh – a vocalized burst of exhilaration, he couldn’t quite help it, nor care, if there was a bounce in his step on the way home.

  • Lillian Luthor: Who are you to my daughter?
  • Kara: I'm her... friend, good friend, gal pal, fine, I'm her girlfriend. Wait, shit, does Lena know you run Cadmus?
  • Lillian: My daughter's dating an alien, the disgrace.
  • Kara: Does she know???
  • ***Later, after the rescue***
  • Kara: (how do I ask this without being obvious?) Lena? Do you know your Mom runs Cadmus?
  • Lena: What? What makes you think that?
  • Kara: (Sources, I should say sources) She kidnapped me and took my blood and made me make a solar flare. Oh and by the way I'm Supergirl.
  • Lena: O_0 ???

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So me and my girlfriend were laying down watching a movie and my friend calls me and invites us to the beach for a BBQ so I asked her and she agreed so a little time goes by and out of no where my girlfriend gets on top of me and starts making out with me then she moves her way up to sit on my face as I'm eating her out my friend calls me and she picks up as she's riding my face and says "he can't talk he's busy" but before she hung up she accidentally let out a moan hottest shit ever

  • Ashton: "Do you want to, you know, get out of here? Go back to my place? Have a little fun?" The voice whispering in your ear is harsh and emotionless compared to the way he talks to you. You turn your head to tell him he's going home alone before you feel large, warm hands on your waist, pulling you away from the stranger. Your back hits his familiar chest and you instantly feel safe. "Hey, mate, mind not hitting on my girlfriend?" Ashton asks casually. "Like she's actually your girlfriend," the guy scoffs. "If she is, she's slumming it." Ashton barks out a laugh at the guy and says, "At least she can guarantee I'm not going to give her an STD. Get lost, man." The guy shakes his head and wanders off, probably going to look for another girl to con into a terrible night. Ashton's arms wrap tightly around your waist, bringing your body flush against his. He presses a soft kiss to your neck, making you smile. "What an asshole," Ashton mutters softly against your neck. "You're jealous," you sing softly. "So what if I am? I mean, like, he tried to take my girlfriend from me. I knew it wouldn't work because you're so damn faithful, but you're still mine and he doesn't have a right to talk to you like that," Ashton replies, placing soft kisses on your neck and jaw in between his words. "You're my girlfriend and no one else gets to take you home but me. Speaking of which, let's go home, babe. This dress looks so good on you, but it probably looks better on my floor. And I'm allowed to say that to you because I'm your boyfriend, not that prick. So, let's go."
  • Calum: You cover your mouth as you laugh at the terrible joke your friend just made. He shakes his head and says, "You shouldn't cover your mouth when you laugh. You've got a great laugh and a really beautiful smile." You can't help it. Your cheeks flush a dark red and you end up staring at the scuffs on your shoes. You tuck your hair nervously behind your hair before you mumble out a thank you. Your friend didn't mean it in a flirty way. He knows you are happily taken, but what he said elicits the same reaction from you as if he had. When your friend disappears to go refill his drink, Calum appears in his place with a frown on his face. "What did he say to you?" Calum's word come out before you can even ask him if he's enjoying the party. "Excuse me?" you reply. "What did he say to you that made you blush?" Calum asks firmly. "Um, he said I shouldn't cover my mouth when I laugh because I have a nice laugh and smile. Why?" Your eyebrows furrow as you reply to him. Calum's jaw clenches and his hand tightens into a fist. "Oh, come on, Cal. He was just being a nice guy," you sigh. "He knows I'm taken. Every person in this room knows I'm taken." Calum doesn't listen to you. He reaches out and takes one of your hands in his, leading you toward the back corner of the party he and the rest of the band have claimed for the evening. Calum's spot on the couch hasn't been filled in his brief absence, so he slides back in next to Michael and gives your hand a swift tug. With a roll of your eyes, you sit down on his lap. He lays his arm across your thighs, keeping you locked in place. You would never get him to admit he was jealous. He is far too proud for that. But you know he was, so you let him have this one and just smile a little to yourself for the rest of the night.
  • Luke: You're listening to Jack tell another embarrassing story about Luke from their childhood. When the punchline comes, you throw your head back laughing while his brothers' chuckle to themselves. You're about to launch into the story of how you and Luke met when you feel Luke's hands rest on your shoulders. He drops his lips to your ear and whispers, "Can I talk to you for a minute?" You nod and he kisses your head quickly, just long enough that his brothers both try to take the piss out of him for being cheesy. He takes one of your hands in his, threading your fingers together, before leading you inside, away from all of his family. Luke drops your hand in order to lean back on the kitchen counter. His hands grip the edge tightly. You raise your eyebrows, his cue to speak. "This might sound stupid, but, um, you've been ignoring me all day. Did I do something wrong?" His voice is shaky and hesitant. His eyes dance from object to object in his kitchen, never finding yours. "Of course not," you tell him, stepping forward to wrap your arms around his waist. "I'm not ignoring you, Luke." He sighs and wraps his arms around your shoulders, hugging you tightly to his chest before mumbling, "Just seems like it. You've been talking to everyone else but me." That's when you know what's going on. "You're jealous that everyone else is getting all of my attention today," you say. "Not jealous," Luke cuts in quickly, far too quickly in fact, making you giggle. He groans and tries to bury his face in your neck. "I'm sorry. I just really missed you when I was on tour and- I'm sorry," he mumbles against your neck. You squeeze him tightly and run a hand softly through his hair. "It's okay, baby," you tell him. "How about I'm yours for the rest of today?" You feel him smile against your neck as he says, "I'd like that. I'd really like that."
  • Michael: You lean your head on Calum shoulder and curl up against his side, pulling the sleeves of Michael's flannel down over your hands. "Cold?" Calum asks you and you nod in reply. He wraps an arm around your shoulders and brings you tighter against his chest, warming you up instantly. You feel yourself starting to fall asleep against Calum. "Stealing my girlfriend today?" You open your eyes to see Michael standing in the kitchen of the tour bus, looking at you snuggled up against Calum. "She was cold," Calum shrugs, keeping his arm around you, "and she's a good cuddler." Michael nods and says, "I know. She's my girlfriend." Calum looks over at him and says, "Dude, she cuddles with all of us all the time. Get over it." Michael scoffs before grabbing a drink from the fridge and heading back to the back room to continue playing video games. You sigh, before pulling yourself away from Calum and standing. You open the door to the back room and hesitantly call Michael's name. "Yeah?" he sighs, pausing his game to turn to look at you. "Cuddle?" you ask with the kindest smile you can manage. He rolls his eyes, but opens his arms to you anyway. You situate yourself between his legs. His arms wrap around you to pick up the controller to start playing again. "You know I love you, right?" you say hesitantly. "Yeah, I know," he replies. "It's just, I don't know, you've been hanging out with the band more than me this tour and I miss you." You lean back and turn your head to kiss his jaw. "I'm sorry, babe. And you're cute when you're jealous by the way," you tell him. "You know what? Fuck you," he curses before kissing the top of your head. "I wasn't jealous. I just missed you." You roll your eyes and let this one go.
  • A/N: An anon requested this a very long time ago. Here it is.

“Call me back, maybe” written by @thegladelf 

Emma waits for moments when Killian is out and about to listen to the twelve voicemails he left her. She knows this probably makes her the worst girlfriend in the world, but she can’t help it. It’s impossible to forget the way he blushed when he returned her phone and scratched that spot behind his ear as he sheepishly suggested she simply delete the messages.  [read more]

P.S: Kindly reminding you to at least like or reblog the fic if reading it, because it’s worth it and Margaret is a great writer and marvelous person.

PSA to retail and other workers, keep your coworkers safe and never ever ever answer these questions without their permission:

  • “I’m an old friend trying to get a hold of them, could you give me their number or tell me when they might be there?”
  • “I’m [unknown relative or friend] calling for so and so, can you tell me when their shift ends?" 

These can be innocent and normal questions, but they can also tell potentially dangerous people exactly what time and where your coworker will likely be alone and walking to their car (especially for late shifts). It’s an easy way to attack or abduct someone.

Even if they claim to be a relative or a friend, it’s always better to say "I’m not entirely sure, can I take your name and number and have them call you back?”

This way you’ve given no information, and your coworker will be able to decide themselves if they feel safe giving their information.

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I recently became the fuck buddy with this girl in an open relationship only thing is that her girlfriend hates me and doesn't want us fucking because we both have chemistry. Little does she know she's been sleeping over my house and we've had hot sex sessions without her knowing. I love when she pulls my hair and goes down on me. The way she moans makes me want her more. She's staying over tomorrow and even the thought makes me wet. Needless to say, I'm excited for another hot session.

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I know you're not an advice blog but you're so confident and I was hoping you'd give some tips on how to be? My boyf would always talk about his ex (in positive ways) including saying how great their sex life was and how horrid ours is. Anyway, she is petite with huge cans and blonde hair and blue eyes and I'm the opposite in every way. I just feel so ugly and mannish compared to her and it's really starting to hurt my relationship (i won't let him touch me anymore/see me naked) how'd u deal??:(

Holy shit he sounds like a jackass. If he wants to speak positively about his ex that’s one thing but there’s definitely a point where you need to draw the line in order to make sure you don’t make your current girlfriend uncomfortable. And to go as far as comparing your guys’ sex lives LET ALONE saying that theirs was better, those are all red flags. I honestly have no other advice than to dump him. He sounds like he’s doing it maliciously. If you don’t think he is though, try and talk to him about what’s making you uncomfortable and don’t downplay any of it. Let him know that it hurts and has even effected your self esteem. Aside from all of that, with or without him you need to realize you’re beautiful in your own ways and don’t ever compare yourself to anyone. Tell yourself you’re hot until you believe it. Good luck honey, do what you feel is right.

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Okay so my girlfriend and I have been together for a while. And let's just say she has way more experience then I do(I'm at zero) and we have been recently talking about having sex for the first time together and she said that she wants to go down on me. Don't get me wrong id love to have her do it but I'm just not confident with my area. I'm not sure what I should do about my lack of confidence? By the way I love your blog!

hey okay it is okay to feel like this, but talk about it with her. explain to her how you feel so she can keep that in mind, maybe she will let you feel confident. just talk about it, im sure there is a way to make you feel better. But don’t do anything you don’t want. Talking about sex in a relationship is an important thing. 

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Tbh I showed my girlfriend yours and shortstack's blogs and told her I'm gonna do my best to love her the way you love your girl because holy hell yall are goals.

Well Hello,

Thank you for your kind words. If you love this girl, and I am sure that you do, then you will. I try to limit the amount of times I say “no” to Alyssa, because I understand that she wants to spend time with me. Something that I want to do, but haven’t gotten into the habit of is keep a categorized list of her favorite things like books, beauty products, shows, etc. This is practical for you if you are like me and forget easily. Just being able to surprise her with an evening enjoying something she enjoys will mean a lot to her. I know it is easy to get caught up in making someone feel special and loved, but make sure that these things are reciprocated because it is easy to spoil a person. The more frequent something is the more that person becomes accustom to it, and the value of the gesture is diminished which can lead to resentment and other negative feelings. Timing is key. Giving her attention is key especially when she is projecting to you. One of my biggest mistakes is tuning out when Alyssa projects to me because I may be caught up in some frivolous task like Dark Souls. I used to be captivated by every word she uttered, but over time I had began to tune out more and more. Currently I am making a strong effort to give her the attention that she needs when she wants to engage in discussion, or just vent. I understand that it hurts when your SO is not engaged. Its not always perfect sunshine and rainbows, but its real and I really love her. We have a mutual respect for each other. If you ever feel like there is tension the best thing to do is to confront it and ask if everything is okay and then give your reason for asking because its not always obvious. Space is super important in a relationship as well. My reasoning for this is that it gives you time apart which will allow you to miss them more, and there will be new topics of discussion. I mean if you are attached with someone you are both experiencing the same things at the same time and after a long time the amount of “new content” and discussion fodder diminishes, so space is important. Something else that is really important is to always encourage her with anything she feels passionate about, because that may become her career one day. If she doubts herself then tell her that she can do it because she can. We all can - it’s within the capacity of the human mind, and nothing is unattainable. I am ranting now, but Alyssa is definitely special to me, and I will always work hard to provide a comfortable life for the both of us.

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I'm lesbian and almost all my past girlfriends are bisexual. I find it really disappointing that other lesbians think badly of bisexual women and it's sad how some people see it as 'oh she's bi? 2x as likely of cheating' that's the most ignorant thing anyone could say and/or think. Honestly the chances of a bisexual woman cheating on you is the same chances as a lesbian woman. It really all depends on the type of person they are not their sexuality. Lots of love your way <3 <3


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hi Sea Family - my girlfriend recently started looking into that she might be polyamorous and when she told me I played it cool I guess? But in all honesty I don't know how this makes me feel other then confused. I'm happy she's doing self exploration but at the same time I don't know how I do or ever would fit into it if she wanted to add someone into our relationship. I don't know if I want to share or anything of the like. And I'm just so conflicted. Help?


(Darling, while it is great that you accept your girlfriend the way she is, you should remember that your relationship is a two way thing. If she wants to bring someone into the relationship, you can say no because you’re uncomfortable and she will understand.

You should never force yourself to do anything just to please your partner. Your comfort matters too.)