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disney built the biggest and most expensive animatronic ever in their history and then built a mountain around it and it BROKE a couple of months after the ride opened and it’s impossible to fix it without dismantling the entire mountain structure and that’s honestly the most hilarious verified disney fact™ ever

the second most hilarious being that the chum animatronic on the finding nemo ride at epcot used to pop out of the barrel to scare guests but one time a cast member was walking past it during an opening/closing procedure and it popped out and smacked them clean in the face so now it’s turned off permanently

Things I loved in Thor: Ragnarok

- the fight scenes were extremely epic
- all the things said by Korg, he’s hilarious
- Loki’s expression when Odin called them “My sons”
- Thor always throws stuff at Loki to see if he was really there
- Bruce Banner cosplaying as Tony
- Get help!  “Classic”
- Steven fucking Strange
- Thor taking selfie with random girls
- Des and Troy
- Valkyrie walking off her ship like a badass but then falls because she’s drunk af
- That story about Loki transforming himself into a snake because he knew Thor loves snakes and then suddenly transforming back and stab him when they were like 8
- the sun’s getting real low
- but giant monster!
- *Hulk appears in the arena* Loki: “I have to get off this planet”
- strongest avenger
- Loki acting like a total diva when he says “Your saviour has arrived!”
- ‘i would hug you if you were here”
- “i’m here”

Okay but all the Batkids get kidnapped at least once as a civilian

The first time it happens was with Dick and Bruce was freaking the fuck out. He had the ransom money all ready to go and he was ready to bust in as Batman when Dick showed back up at the manor with a bloody nose from when he fell to the ground because he was tied up to a chair and Bruce just scoops him up in a hug and doesn’t let him go for approximately eight hours

Barbara was next. She was both the daughter of Jim Gordon and close to Bruce Wayne, so ofc she gets kidnapped for a stupidly high ransom from Bruce and stupid demands from the police department. Bruce and Jim weren’t even able to call them back after the demands were made before Barbara came waltzing into the station with exactly one scrape on her knee

Bruce is panicky with Jason, but they don’t even get him to the hideout. He gets dragged into the truck while he was out with Bruce, and the five minutes it takes for Bruce to call the police and for them to get there Jason has beat up his kidnappers and is driving the truck back. He asks Bruce if he can keep it and Bruce is too surprised to say no and he just sorta nods while hugging him

Tim actually waits for the police to show up, and when they get there he’s sitting on a ridiculously plush couch with a glass of chocolate milk and a laptop and playing minesweeper while his kidnappers cower in the corner, and Jim just sighs before calling Bruce

Steph thinks the entire thing is hilarious and she just goes along with everything they say for shits and giggles. When they call Bruce (whose gotta do that concerned parent thing “is my baby okay?”) and they give her the phone she just “Bruce they took me to a warehouse . A fucking warehouse how cliche can you get–” and at this point she’s fighting them off while talking to Bruce “I’ll be home in 20. Love you”

They drop Cass off. The literary bring her back as Bruce is calling Jim and when she walks through the door she just sits at the kitchen table, looks and Bruce and all she ever says about the kidnapping is “they were a bunch of cowards”

Bruce is super panicky with Damian and when he finally gets the ransom call he demands to speak to Damian and “don’t you dare kill them” “but father” “Damian, no” “can I at least beat them up” “nO” “BUT FATHER” “YOU WILL WAIT UNTIL JIM AND I GET THERE” and when they show up Damian is pouting in the chair that he’s tied to

Batman came to get Duke because it happened while Batman was on patrol, and when he gets there Duke is already halfway out of the complex and “I didn’t think you would come” “what” “you were patrolling and–” and then Bruce hugs him and they have a very serious conversation that Bruce will always come for Duke and it may end in them crying it may not


Carrie got like, halfway kidnapped. They were dragging her to the white get away van™ when she kicked all there asses and walked back over to Bruce “what” “are you–” “I’m fine” “are you sure–” “yes oh my god let’s just go get coffee”


Bruce is actually pretty worried and panicked when Terry gets kidnapped. Like, this kid is a pice of shit and he says all the wrong things at the wrong times and that’s exactly what he’s doing now and he just doesn’t seem to notice until he’s like, in serious shit? But he gets out of it anyway because he’s the goddamn Batman and when Terry shows up all banged up and dragging his kidnapper behind him Bruce just sighs and “I’m too old for this shit”

Voltron Swears

·        Pidge and Keith probably have the biggest potty mouths

Like Pidge has very colourful language, and uses a variety of curses at random

It freaks out the rest of the team because she’s so small, and the language she uses can be so vulgare at times

Lance and Hunk laugh whenever she swears around the team; Shiro is appalled.

  Like how could one so smol and innocent be able to curse like a sailor!

·    Keith doesn’t really care either way   His own foul language is mostly composed of the word ‘fuck’, which he uses frequently in different tones depending on the situation

Like when his lion gets hit, or he loses a round in training, it’s a short and angry ‘Fuck’

When he’s pissed off at someone it’s a loud burst ‘FUCK off!’ or ‘Fuck you!’ that makes the rest team jump in alarm

When he’s annoyed it’s a drawn out ‘fuuuckk’

And when it’s Lance nuzzling at his neck it’s a soft, mumbled ‘fuck’

He also flips people/aliens off a lot, and will often end a conversation by holding up two middle fingers and walking backwards out of a room

·        Shiro doesn’t really swear, out loud anyways.

He curses a lot in his head though, but has a really good poker face, so no one ever knows what he’s thinking

Besides “patience yields focus”

He almost lost it a few times with Slav though

·        Hunk tends to swear only when he’s in really stressful situations, but they aren’t actual swears

They’re more like utterances of ‘darn’ and ‘crap’

It’s hilarious and Lance will nearly piss himself laughing whenever he “curses”

Hunk once dropped a plate of space goo and muttered ‘oh for craps sake’ and Shiro, absolutely straight faced, said “Language Hunk.”

Everyone went silent, and Hunk looked ready to die of embarrassment not knowing if Shiro was being serious or not

But then Keith, of all people, began to chuckle, and the gig was up

Now whenever Hunk curses they all go “Language Hunk,” and Shiro mumbles something about a ‘swear jar’

·        Lance also tends not to swear, seeing as he came from a large family with smaller children

He tends to use playful expressions like ‘what the cheese’ and things like that

There are times, however, when he’ll switch to Spanish, which is like, level two anger for Lance

He can string long Spanish curses together and go on a rant whenever he feels the need, and it’s entertaining to watch, seeing as he’s very expressive with his hands, but also a bit intimidating, since none of them know what he’s saying

Sometimes he’ll just spout a bunch of random words to make his rant a little more impressive

He’ll also murmur Spanish curses whenever he and Keith go at it, which Keith loves, since it means Lance is in an entirely different world of pleasure

Level three swears for Lance are scary.

Like, he is pissed off.

When Lance uses actual swear words you know you done fucked up

·        Allura and Coran swear as well, but in Altean, so the others don’t really know what they’re saying (like with Lance)

Coran uses his curses efficiently, sticking them into conversation wherever he feels they’re needed

Allura, on the other hand, is much like Pidge, and has an impressive vocabulary when it comes to curse words

Coran is used to it for the most part, but there are times when she gets really mad and he has to remind himself that, yes, she is a princess, and not some ruffian raised in a bar

The others pick up certain words as well, and use them randomly, which is all very comical, until Lance accidently called an important diplomat a word he heard Allura use once, and said diplomat happened to know the Altean language.

Needless to say Allura had to do some extensive ass-kissing to make up for that one

Coran decided to teach tell them what the words meant after that, and the team had never seen Lance go so red

Keith still makes fun of him for it


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Based off of the request: Hey! If you’re accepting requests, would you mind doing one where Peter thinks the reader is dating Ned or Flash or even MJ? I think it’d be hilarious and I haven’t read an imagine like it yet 😜

Requested by @yoyococo18

A/N: Peter thinks the reader and MJ are dating and gets a little jealous. Requests are still open!

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Hi Carrie. I don't know if you're doing prompts or anything but I needed to ask anyway. You're always able to help me when I need it (when my mum was diagnosed with cancer and when I broke my elbow). I had to have my 12 year old German Shepherd put to sleep last night (April 28th) and I feel so empty and lost now. I don't know what to do and I was hoping you could write something to cheer me up/help/distract me?

i’m so sorry to hear about your dog. this is a little late, but i’ve been travelling and stuff and i’ve only seen this message just now. sending you lots of love, and i hope this ficlet cheers you up a bit

Derek loves his family, he really does. But sometimes he wishes they weren’t so… weird. And it’s not that he doesn’t have fun at the annual Hale-Extravaganza, the ridiculous family reunion that they hold every summer at Lake Bellasue. When he was a kid, he looked forward to it every year, how all the Hales from all over the country would gather and he’d get to see his favorite cousin from Texas and see Aunt Jo and Uncle Monty argue over jam and his grandma would make all the best food. It’s two weeks of potato-sack races, scavenger hunts, s’mores, swimming, and more, and the only time Derek sees his cousins and stuff. 

Even if they weren’t werewolves, they’d still be weird. For instance: Derek is wearing a bright pink t-shirt (Cora’s design, this year) that proudly declares HALE PACK WEST COAST BEST COAST because in about an hour he and the other kids (Derek is twenty-two years old, and he can’t believe he still has to play all these games) on his team are gonna face off against the cousins from New York. 

The matching t-shirts, Derek could probably explain. There are a lot of families who do that. There’s at least two other reunions (none quite as large as the Hales) at this lake, which is a popular vacation destination. Derek’s never took much notice of the other people there; just usually kids on spring break from the local college partying and swimming and racing around on jetskis and stuff. 

But this year is different.

“Hey, Derek!” 

Oh, fuck, he’s shirtless again. Derek can see every one of his moles playfully scattered across his chest. There’s a mole right on his hip, and Derek freezes. 

“Hi,” he manages, his throat closing up. Derek is painfully aware that there is glitter on his cheeks, and probably mashed potatoes still in his hair, and he’s wearing mismatched flipflops. 

Theoretically, Derek should be annoyed by Stiles– everything from the backwards hat, the board shorts, the litany of “dudes” that flow from his mouth, the fact that he is one of the obnoxious spring breakers. But the first time they ran into each other, Stiles immediately got into an argument about him about Star Wars (Derek absolutely does not count the extended universe as canon, and Stiles does), and then proceeded to help Derek’s two year old niece tie her shoe and well… Derek is, for the lack of better word, very, very distracted this family reunion.

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So like, post-Joseph route AU where, after Amanda leaves to go and have ice cream with the Emmas, the rest of the cul-de-sac are still hanging around and talking, and Lucien, of all people, notices that MC isn’t looking all too great.

And Lucien has nooo idea what to do. Because man, he hasn’t said more than a few words to the guy.

But MC is just looking so miserable, sitting on the porch by himself, staring at the present his daughter had given him. None of the other dads have noticed yet. And maybe Lucien should just get an adult to go and check if MC is okay. But he doesn’t.

Because in that moment, there’s something about MC that reminds Lucien of his own father - tired and worn out after a long day at war with the world.

So Lucien, against his better judgement, goes up and sits down next to MC.

“You okay…sir?” he asks, because goddamn it may have been more than a month since they’d moved into the neighbourhood, but Lucien still has no earthly clue what the guy’s last name is.

MC looks up, surprised, and gives a tired smile. “I’m fine,” he says.

He doesn’t look fine. At all. So Lucien sits with him, and they talk for a while.

Lucien is pleasantly surprised to find that MC is actually a kinda cool dude. He’s a huge dork, of course, but that kind of comes with the territory of being a father.

By the time Damien comes over to thank MC for the lovely party and to let Lucien know they’re going home, MC’s tired smile looks a lot more genuine.

When Lucien bids him goodbye, MC just laughs and ruffles his hair.

“You’re a pretty good kid after all,” he teases, and Lucien just slaps his hand away with an embarrassed grumble.

Damien has no idea what’s going on, but far be it for him to complain when someone notices how brilliant his son is.

After that, Lucien doesn’t really see much of MC, and he mostly forgets about their conversation at the party.

But after Amanda finally moves away and MC no longer has anyone to badger him about getting out, MC kinda becomes a social hermit. The only other dad he actually hangs out with is Craig, because they’re college buddies.

And when a month has passed and Lucien realizes it’s been a while since he’s seen their new neighbour, and he remembers how tired MC had looked that day at the party, he feels a bit worried.

So, he asks his dad if they can invite MC over for dinner at their place one day.

Damien is a bit confused, but he agrees.

And it all starts off kind of awkward, but by the end of the night, MC and Damien are laughing together as if they’ve known each other all their lives, and Lucien can’t remember the last time he saw his father so happy.

After that, MC and the Bloodmarchs take turns inviting each other over for dinner once a week, and go out together on weekends as a family.

When Lucien has to miss one of their dinners together one night because he’s sleeping over at Ernest’s house, Damien walks into his bedroom to freshen up before MC arrives, and finds a box of condoms on his pillow that definitely wasn’t there before.

Damien just about dies of embarrassment right then and there, and can’t look MC in the eye for a solid hour.

When MC finally caves and asks what’s wrong, Damien tells him what Lucien had done, trying to play it off as a hilarious joke - “Kids, amiright?” (His voice is a little too high to be convincing, and his face is beet red).

MC stares at him thoughtfully for a long moment, thinking over how to respond, before finally his lips pull into a sly grin.

“Well, no point in letting those condoms go to waste, right?”

Damien chokes on the sip of wine he’d just taken, looking up at MC with bewilderment.

While MC tries to apologize through his hysterics, Damien is trying to figure out if the offer was sincere because holy hell does he wish it was.

(When Lucien returns home the next morning to find a sleep-rumpled MC cooking breakfast in their kitchen and with lovebites scattered all across his neck, the shit-eating grin doesn’t leave his face for the rest of the day.)

The Mistake (Part 4) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The One Where Stiles Plays Al Green”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Malia Tate, Lydia Martin, Scott McCall, Allison Argent & Reader

Author’s Note: So far, I think this is my favorite chapter. I am so grateful that @fillthevoid-stilinski asked me to write this series. It has been some of the most enjoyable writing I’ve done thus far. All of my inspiration and the only reason that this story exists is because of her fake relationship series. Go read it.

Thanks: to @ellie-bee242 for helping me decide what to do with the Stiles and Lydia scene. I was really conflicted and she is just the bomb.

Song: You definitely have heard this before, and I am imploring you to listen to it. You gotta understand what Stiles was hearing that finally made him go for it.

Gif credit: @ludi-lin

Summary: The night after Scott and Allison’s wedding, Stiles finally admits that he wants more than just a fake relationship.

Prologue - Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Epilogue

You and Stiles finally left the reception around four in the morning, splitting a cab and returning to your respective homes. He trudged into the post-wedding, pre-honeymoon sendoff brunch at a quarter to nine, chugging blue Gatorade and trying to stave off premature death. He smiled, however, when he saw you happily chattering with Malia over an empty chair between you and the beautiful were-coyote. He glanced around the room and didn’t see anyone standing, so he sauntered over, hoping you had been saving the seat for him. You felt strong heart palpitations when you saw Stiles, already half-dressed for work, his white sleeves rolled up to his elbows and his skinny black tie, hanging, unknotted, from his collar down his shirt-front.

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100 Dollars

Justin’s texts in bold. Yours are normal. You’ve been texting this guy for a while now and little do you know that your actually texting THE Justin Bieber.

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Are we ever ever going to meet?

Not yet

Why not?

My mom doesn’t let me

What? Justin your a grown ass man that’s a lie.

Alright fine. You got me I’m actually 12

I knew it since the beginning, you know


No but seriously why not?

Can we not do this right now, I’m eating out with my friends for my birthday.
I’m just not ready.

But we’ve been texting for 7 months, what do you mean your not ready?

I just don’t wanna meet you yet
It’ll change everything

Hell yeah it will!
It’ll be so freaking fun!

No Y/N not like that
I mean in a bad way
You’ll treat me differently

100 dollars says I won’t

Don’t make that bet unless you have a hundred to spare

…If you didn’t wanna meet me you could have just said so

No Y/N it’s not like that
Cmon don’t be like this

Read at 5:36 pm


With a loud and agitated sigh, I shut my phone off and threw it down on my white bed sheets besides me. I’m beginning to get sick of Justin’s excuses - they’re beginning to make me a little claustrophobic. I need a break. 

With yet another loud sigh and the rub of my face, I decided It was time I actually left the house and began my decent down the stairs, into the kitchen where my mother stood wiping the marble bench top.

Not having the energy to converse with her at this moment, I grabbed the keys right off the exact bench she was currently rubbing at and made a dash for the door. “I’m leaving.” I informed her on my way out.

“Alright sweetie!” Mom replied with no fuss and at the approving comment, I was out the door.

I need something to get my mind off things. Just me. No phone, no parents and no Justin. Quickly darted out the house and towards my new white Range Rover which my father bought for my birthday that just passed recently.

As I settled inside and switched on the ignition, I sat for a second debating on where I should go and escape the rest of the day  and at the thought, my stomach made a loud gurgling noise. Guess I’m going out to eat.

With no hesitation, I finally mustered up the perfect place to go and began backing up out of the driveway, beginning my decent down towards a close friend of mine’s shop. Cassy owns a big fancy restaurant down the road from me and always gives me discounts on my food. 

The people there despise me considering I always rock up in sweat pants and an Adidas shirt while they all practically parade around in designer dresses and expensive pearls.

Once I arrived, I jumped out of my car and threw the keys to the valet employee. I don’t know why but every time I come here I seem to act like queen shit. It’s honestly kind of hilarious.

I stepped through the large, grand restaurant doors and not even a few seconds later was immediately greeted by Cassy herself, running forward towards me. “Oh my god Y/N, it’s been so long. C'mon lets get you seated.”

With a smile, I obliged to following the girl over towards a table for two draped elegantly in a creme cloth that was decorated with a few flowers and fine cutlery. I placed myself on one side, Cassy seating herself on the other. 

She always accompanied me when I come to eat here, it was our little thing. With the flick of her fingers, a waiter came over and took our orders, then left once we were done.

Suddenly she sat right up, a face full of excitement. “You came on the right day my girl.” She smiled and I furrowed my eyebrows at her enthusiasm. 

“Why, what happened?” I chuckled. 

“Alright,” Cassy began “ Don’t freak out but, guess who made a reservation and is sitting in this restaurant right now?” She squealed

My head quickly jolted up as I glanced around the restaurant. Then my eyes landed on a boy sitting a little further away with a group of people and a rush of adrenaline ran through my body. Justin Bieber! He was my idle though for some reason, I didn’t find myself jumping for joy as I expected too.

“No way.” I whisper shouted. Cassy giggled “Yes way. Apparently today’s his birthday or something.”

Hm, that’s funny. It’s also my friend Justin’s birthday.

“Cool.” I mumbled, turning my head away.

“You should go and talk to him.” Casst smiled but overall I just shrugged “Nah, I wouldn’t wanna disturb him on his birthday. He’s probably just trying to enjoy a nice lunch.”

“Suit yourself.” She shrugged.

It was silent between us for a moment until I decided to stand up and said “I’m going to the restroom.”

An approving hum was sung from Cassy and I found myself strutting my way over to the restroom afterwards. It was a unisex toilet meaning there was a mixture of men and woman in here, but nothing really other than a few old posh white folks who were eyeing me wearily for my fashion choice.

I ignored the stares and found my way into a stall, did my business and walked over to the sinks. By then, everyone else had left the bathrooms and I was found pumping some soap from the dispenser in my hands alone. Just then the door opened.

I looked up into the mirror and spotted Justin Bieber himself walking into the room. He wore nothing but a pair of baggy jeans and loose white fitted T. His hair messily flipped over his forehead and tattoos on full display. 

That’s a bold move to pull in a restaurant like this, the oldies hated any inked skin and tended to gossip. But I liked his confidence, kind of like myself.

 I smiled small at him before applying my concentration back on my own hands.

He walked forward over to the sink beside me and began running a hand through his long blonde hair and I watched in awe as his fingers played around with his locks, not realising that I had been staring for a little to long.

He cleared his throat loudly, causing my eyes to dart down to his. “Oh um, sorry.” I muttered to which he chuckled.

 "Nah it’s alright. People tend to stare a lot.“ He shrugged

I turned off the faucet of the gold sink and moved over to grab some paper towels to dry my hands. "Must suck.”

“Yeah.” He replied straightening himself out. Silence overcame the surrounding air for a second as we continued on with our own things, until he suddenly spoke again. “I like you’re style. You do it on purpose?” He smirked. 

I knew what he was getting at. The fact that I had actually had the guts to appear in a place of displayed wealth, dressed like this. You wouldn’t do it unless you were trying to piss off the rich people who dined here. He knew too well, because it was obvious he was doing the same.

“You know it.” I nodded. “Its hilarious to see the snobby faces when you walk in. The scowls are priceless.” 

He chuckled. “Yeah, I know right?” he agreed.

“I mean, you would know.” I pointed out, glaring back at his outfit.

Justin laughed, glancing down at his choice of clothes and shook his head in humour. “I’ll have you know these jeans are designer.” He teased. 

“I’m wearing designer too.” I nodded. “I’m actually wearing Calvin Klein underwear.” I giggled. “That’s as designer as your gonna get with me.” 

Justin actually laughed at this, a full blown loud laugh, unlike the chuckles he displayed previously. I giggled along with him snapping the waist band of my underwear to prove my point.

Justin shook his head, finally letting down, and I stepped forward smiling at the handsome man.

“Well, I better go, my friends waiting for me.” I began my way over towards the door but was suddenly held back by a loud … 

“Wait!” He yelled. I stopped. “I didn’t catch you name.” He continued.

I smirked, glancing at him one more time, with one hand on the door. “ I think we both know you already know that.”

And with that, I left him in the bathroom, standing there in shock.

That’s right Justin. I caught on.


“I better get back to work.” Cassy sighed.

“Yeah, well, I’m done anyways. So I’m gonna leave. Thanks Cass.”

Cassy nodded. “No problems. I’ll see ya later.” She waved. I watched as she made her way into the kitchen, yelling at a few of her employees who were slacking off on the way.

I sighed in exhaustion and waved a hand over to my waiter, who slowly and carelessly made his way over to my table “Yes madam, what may I get you?”

“My tab please.” I smiled.

The man began shuffling through some papers in his hands before turning back to me, eyebrows raised in slight surprise.  "You’re clear.“ he announced. 

But I furrowed my eyebrows. "What? But I haven’t payed yet.”

“Curtesy of the man that goes by the name of Justin Bieber. He asked to put your tab on his.”

My eyes winded in slight shock and confusion but couldn’t help the smile that set across my face. 

That sneaky bastard. 

Justin’s POV

It’s her. It’s really Y/N. She’s so much prettier in person. We’ve been talking for so long and I just couldn’t believe she was actually here in front of me. She knew who I was and didn’t freak out.

I carefully watched as she conversed with the waiter for a little before getting up and walking out of the restaurant, sparing me a glance along the way. She sent me a small wink before exiting the restaurant.

“Jay?” I snapped my head up to look back at Hailey who had been apparently yelling my name.

“Hmm?” I asked.

“Why are you staring at that girl. Stop being a creep and eat.” She demanded.

I chuckled slightly, turning back around to dig into my meal once again. I’ll text Y/N later and figure out what the hell just happened. I want to ask her when she figured it out.

That’s when suddenly, the same waiter who was serving Y/N began making his way over to me. “Mr Bieber, you have a note from the women sitting opposing. I believe her name was Y/N Y/L/N.”

He handed me the note which I cautiously took from his hand and watched as he walked off further into the restaurant.

With curious eyes and cautious hands, I slowly pulled at the folded note and took a peek at the 5 words sprawled across. And subconsciously, a large smile found it way onto my face at the words. 

‘You owe me 100 dollars. - Y/N.’

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Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Anonymous said:Could you do what it would be like to be Jasper Hale’s mate? Thank you :))

A/N: Heya, lovely! Thanks so much for requesting! Jasper is truly one of my favorite characters, so I really loved writing this one! Sorry it took awhile to write, I hope that you enjoy what I’ve come up with and it’s what you expected! - Admin Kat 💟

Being Jasper Hale’s Mate Would Include:

- Obviously Jasper knowing what you’re constantly feeling, and due to that, having a deep bond.

- Tracing over all of Jasper’s battle scars, declaring that he’s still handsome, no matter what.

- Jasper explaining his past tensely and becoming very protective over you.

- Being Jasper’s mate won’t ever be boring.

- Constant teasing.

- Sex.

- Like seriously, the best sex ever!

- I believe beds and other objects shall be broken!

- Rough sex.

- Passionate sex.

- Hugs from behind.

- “Darlin’, I don’t know how I ever got by without you.” Jasper would hum attentively into your ear.

- He’s not really that into PDA, but you know, he gives off the vibe that says “Back off! They’re mine!

- Jasper won’t always be the type to say ‘I love you’, but he makes that heavily known in lot’s of other ways.

- The entire Cullen family loving you.

- Constant teasing from his adopted siblings.

- If someone upsets you, Jasper will be all over it! (And vice versa.)

- Despite Jasper’s experience and such, you’re very protective of him, which he finds really cute and hilarious.

- Little arguments or fights here and there, - unless called for, e.g. putting yourself in harms way, etc.).

- Definitely being a power couple.

- Turning heads when you walk by.

- Jasper would be ‘reluctant’ to cuddles, but let’s face it, he’d deeply love it. So he isn’t going to start it, but won’t stop you from initiating it.

- I think that when you’re at home, alone or in a comfortable setting, you’d face one another and playfully slip each other’s hands into the other’s back pockets.

- Jasper being too serious and you lighting up the mood, forcing him to smile.

- “Don’t worry, Jake! Ain’t nothin’ but a chicken wang!” you hollered after the chuckling wolf.

- “And I believe Emmett can come up with something better than that, darlin’.” Jasper would laugh.

- “What? Aren’t we meant to be comrades with them or something?” you’d inquire truly clueless of what you’d said.

- Having your own peculiar and useful gift that Jasper is totally fascinated by.

- Asking Jasper, - in the beginning of the relationship -, to make you feel different emotions/sensations because you think that his gift is cool.

- It’d eventually get a bit dirty because he’d start kissing you, then suddenly you’ll get into the mood (but obviously, if you’re adamant on not having sex, he’ll stop).

- When you’re “in that mood” Jasper feels EVERYTHING you do, so it EXCITES him more.

- You’d love each other wholly, devotedly and unconditionally.

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One in a Million

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Can you write a short where Seb abd Bucky are in the same universe and they meet. But the reader is dating one of them and hangs out with the other one then her bf gets jealous at the end with fluff please?? Requested by Anonymous

Word Count:1,816

Warnings: Language, Mention of Alzheimer, Tiny Angst, Fluff

A/N: And Happy Birthday Sebby! This is probably not what you had in mind, but it’s what I came up with. I don’t write rpf so Seb is not a Stan ;) I made that gif, you’re welcome to use it.

“Babe?” you called out to Bucky once you noticed him. You were supposed to meet at your favourite coffee shop for lunch and your boyfriend was standing at the hand-off counter, patiently waiting for his cup of coffee.

When he didn’t turn around, you walked over to him and slid your arms around his waist. You didn’t notice how the man tensed and straightened himself up. You nuzzled his neck and placed a soft kiss on his jawline.

“Um, you cut your hair?” The man gave you a little shove and you took a step back to look at him. “What’s wrong?”

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Felix Felicis | Jungkook

Pairing: reader x ravenclaw jungkook | Hogwarts AU

Genre: fluff

Summary: Jungkook has a huge crush on you, but is too shy to confess. Luckily for him, his friends make him drink some liquid luck potion that may have been that extra push he needed.

A/N: While I was planning my Slytherin Jimin au instead of doing my dreaded psychology essay lol, this idea came to mind. I couldn’t help but write it out and I hope you like it. This is dedicated to @floriaas b/c we’ve been so soft for bts hogwart AUs and Kookie is her bias <3

Word Count: 4,633

“That is a terrible, horrible, incredibly foolish idea.”

“I know.”

“Let’s do it and see what happens!”

And that’s exactly how Jungkook and Taehyung went against Professor Slughorn’s back in an attempt to make their own liquid luck potion—also known as felix felicitis—for their personal use.

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Eyes Closed ;; Tom Holland


summary: tom and the reader are roommates and he has to close his eyes to help her out in certain situations

warnings: uhhh mentionings of nudity and some foul language


“Thomas!” I yell from the bathroom, hiding my bare, cold, and wet body from behind the shower curtain.

God this was so embarrassing, but an honest mistake as well. My face started to heat up, my mind making up scenarios and the things Tom would say. He’d probably think I’m a major dumbass and who wants to live with a dumbass? Idiots. And Tom is not an idiot so therefor, after this is finished with, I am expecting him to start boxing up his stuff or something.

“Y/N? What’s up, is something wrong?” I hear his concerned voice muffled behind the closed door.

A soft smile is brought to my face at the sound of him, but I hurry to answer his question, “I’m fine, just forgot my towel on my bed. Can you like, I don’t know…”

There’s a brief silence between us and I hear his lighthearted chuckle, “You want me to bring it in there for you, Y/N?”

“I’m that much of a trouble?”

“Not at all, darling.” I listen to his footsteps fade away and then another light knock against the door, “I’m coming in, my hand is over my eyes so I won’t see you.”

I peek from behind the curtain and hold my hand out. The doorknob twists and he opens the door. It hits the door stopper and he walks in. I can’t help but let out a little giggle at how adorable he was acting. I’m glad he let me have my privacy and that he didn’t seemed phased by this. I grab the towel and thank him, our hands brushing in the midst of him handing off the towel.

“You’re great, T.” I smile, drying myself off from behind the curtain.

I hear him shut the door then on the other side of it say, “I’ve always wanted to hear you say that about me!”



Well actually, not really, more like piss but whatever. I’m still stuck on the toilet with no toilet paper. Why am I always stuck in this situation, and why do I always drag Tom into them? By this point, he probably doesn’t care, but I always feel so guilty afterwards.

“Tom!” I yell his name, setting my elbows on my knees in an effort to lean closer to the door. No response, “Thomas Stanley!”

Quick footsteps sound and they make their way closer to the door until it swings open, Tom appearing on the doorframe right in front of me, “Sorry love what’s up-“

“Tom! Get out what the fuck!”

The door slams as I grab the hem of the oversized sweater was wearing and tried to hide myself with it. My face burns with embarrassment, knowing all too well that he saw more than either of us wanted. I hold my head in my hands, mortified. Man, I need to start locking the door.

“I am-” Tom sighs from the other side of the door, “so stupid. And so so so sorry, Y/N.”

I breathe out a laugh, letting go of the sweater, “Your not stupid, it’s fine.”

“What did you need, darling?”

“Uhhh, toilet paper. Sorry.” I chuckle, knowing that the last thing he wanted to do was walk back in to the bathroom with me still sitting on the toilet.

“Alright, I’ll close my eyes this time. I promise.” he says, the smile on his face was evident in his voice.

The door handle twists again and I pull my shirt down again, just in case. His entire arm is thrown across his eyeslids this time as he holds out the toilet paper. I snatch it and he quickly turns around, blindly finding the door and walking out. It was a hilariously precious sight, and so nice knowing that I had at least a little dignity left.

“Thank you! I love you!” I call, tearing off some of the paper, the ripping sounding like angels singing.

“Of course. Wouldn’t want to deliver toilet paper to anyone other than you.”


“Arrghhh!” I groan, throwing my arms down at my sides and stomping my foot in frustration, “This is why I should always wear sports bras.”

The clasp on the back of my bra was stuck and wouldn’t come undone. I would try and pull it over my head, but being that this is my nicest one, I wasn’t willing to risk damaging it. I look at the time on the stove and huff before throwing my arms behind my back again and struggling miserably, again. I should probably head back to my bedroom instead of standing in the middle of the kitchen with no shirt. But alas, the flat door opened and in followed Tom.

And like any sensible girl does when she’s only wearing a bra, I collapsed to the ground, hiding behind the kitchen island.


“Y/N? Why are you broached behind the island?” he laughs, confused by my hiding.

“Uh,” I mumble, trying to think of a reasonable excuse but none are believable, so, i just blurt, “I’m not wearing a shirt and I can’t unhook my bra. Help?”

“My eyes are already closed, love.”

I rise slowly from the ground, watching him navigate his way towards me by touching everything. I guide him, and finally he’s behind me. His fingers cold against my hot skin, causing goosebumps to rise as he fiddles with the clasp.

“Oh, lacey? Who were trying to impress, Y/N?” he hums teasingly, playing with some of the small ruffles on the straps.

“I thought your eyes were closed, hmm? Don’t be a peeping Tom now, Tom.” I laugh at my own pun and can practically sense Tom rolling his eyes at my terrible comment.

“They are love, I’m a man of my word, I can feel the lace though.” He says, his breath hitting the back of my neck, causing a slight shiver to go down my spine, “Who’s the lucky guy?”

“Myself.” I state matter-of-factly.

“Atta girl.” he chuckles, finally twisting the clasp free.

“Wow, you must have experience, Holland.” I chuckle, wondering how in the world he unhooked it with his eyes closed.

“Well,” he mumbles, eyes still closed as I start to walk away, “I may have peeked once or twice. And the blue looks nice on you I must say.”

“Thomas!” I squeal, running back to my room and shutting the door behind me.


A plus size imagine where Y/N has always been too much for everyone. Everyone except Harry.

“Have a good night everyone,” she yelled behind her to her joyous group of friends. One of her arms waving drunkenly to them and the other latched onto her boyfriend. “Stop shouting Y/N,” the sober boy next to her sounded bitter. Her face fell, but she was good at hiding. He always told her to be quiet or sit still, but she went along with it because at the end of the day they’d go to his apartment and fuck and she couldn’t let that go.

She felt good tonight. Actually, she felt better than good, she felt marvelous. A silk flowy slip adorned her heavy body making her look sexy, something she didn’t get to feel often. She drank just enough to feel loose and happy. She was drunk, but still able to comprehend what was going on around her. The best part of the night was that her friends were laughing along with her and dancing like no one else was in the club. She loved the feeling of being loved.

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Imagine Chris making you feel safe.

A/N: Inspired by the terrifying IT trailer I watched earlier today, that’s still seared in my brain actually. If you don’t like scary movies or clowns, don’t watch it. Learn from my mistake, we don’t all have Chris to make us feel safe. 😂

Chris walked out from the bathroom and raised an eyebrow at you; you were watching something on your iPad that you were holding at arms length and on mute. He chuckled which made you flinch as you looked up at him. “What are you doing?” He laughed when you did, walking over to join you on the bed.

“I’m watching the new IT trailer,” you told him and you heard him heave a sigh. “What?” You giggled when he shook his head at you, chuckling. “It’s on my Facebook wall and it started playing as I scrolled past it, and you know me- I’m a very curious person.”

“You’re also a very timid person when it comes to scary movies, so don’t watch it.” He instructed as he picked his book off the bedside table to read a little more before bed. “Aren’t you needy tonight?” He teased as you forced your way into his arms, resting your head against his chest; his arm wrapped around you and rested lazily against your thigh.

“I’m always needy,” you lifted your head to kiss his jawline and he smiled, pulling you closer to him as he returned his attention to his book. Truth be told, you just wanted to be closer to him while you finished watching that terrifying trailer. “That looks like a very good book, babe,” you glanced back at him, testing the waters to see how immerse he was in his reading before you continued watching the trailer.

“Mm hm,” he hummed in response and said nothing more.

You smiled as you turned back to your iPad and pressed play, you held it a distance away from you and watched the horror continue to unfold. Even on mute, you were absolutely terrified because Chris was right; you were timid when it came to scary movies which was why the two of you never watched them during movie nights. You tried hard not to flinch or react too harshly because you knew Chris would scold you, but you couldn’t help yourself when the clown pounced at the camera. You yelped and jerked away from the iPad, tearing Chris’ attention from the book and onto you.

“I told you not to watch it,” he recited almost monotonously because he’d already expected you to. “Now what?” He quizzed, an amused smirk on his lips as he watched you pull away from him to put your iPad aside. “Are you going to spend the whole night asking me to check out every creak and thud?” You rolled your eyes as you took off your glasses, tucking yourself into bed; beside you, Chris tried hard not to laugh as he continued to tease you. “‘Cause I will not be doing that, especially not when I have an early morning meeting tomorrow.”

“I’m perfectly fine, Captain,” you retorted, turning your back towards him as you tried to go to sleep. “It wasn’t even that scary.” It was terrifying and you could still feel your heart pounding. “And it’s unrealistic anyway, clowns are- they’re dumb.”

“Mm hm,” Chris tried not to laugh; he knew you were terrified. “Well, since you’re not scared and you’re going to bed- I hope you don’t mind me finishing the book downstairs.” You felt the weight on the bed shift and you quickly sat up; your head snapped in his direction so quickly that it nearly gave you whiplash.

“Why can’t you just finish your book here?”

“Because you’re going to sleep and I don’t want to disturb you.” He was trying hard not to laugh as he leaned forward and kissed your forehead. “Goodnight, baby.” You huffed and laid back down, pulling the covers up to your chin. “Don’t let the clown demons get you,” he sang song as he walked out of the bedroom, turning off the lights as he left.

“Hilarious!” You called and heard his laughter follow him downstairs. “It’s just a trailer, Y/N.” You mumbled to yourself and closed your eyes. “It’s fiction. Stephen King writes fiction, it’s not real.” You heard a thud on the roof and your eyes shot open. “It’s probably just a rat, or a bird. Relax, Y/N.” You heard scuttling against the hardwood floor and you buried your head under the covers. “But you’re a writer and writers write from experience which means-” A blood curling scream escaped your throat when you felt something jump onto you; it was only Dodger, but you were too deep in your own imagination to realize that.

“Y/N?!” Chris scrambled upstairs; his rational side told him he had nothing to worry about, but like you- he caught a glimpse of the trailer and had a vivid imagination. “Fucking hell,” he cussed when he turned on the lights and saw you hugging Dodger with a sheepish look on your face. “Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

“If you didn’t leave my side, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“If you didn’t watch the trailer, we wouldn’t have this problem.”

“Can you just stay here?” You asked with an adorable pout and he chuckled softly, holding out a hand. “What?” You quizzed as he walked over, taking your hand and pulling you out of bed. “Where are we going, Chris?” You asked when he tucked your arm under his, leading you out of the bedroom.

“I thought you’d like to join me while I make a round of the house and check all entry points,” he told you and you chuckled, hugging his arm tightly. “That way you’ll believe me when I say everything’s locked.” Your grip tightened around his arm when thunder crashed outside; Chris chuckled and kissed your head. “Scaredy-cat,” he mumbled into your hair.

“I am not,” you yanked your arm out of his and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Okay,” Chris held up his arms in mock surrender and walked ahead, padding down the staircase with you following behind him. Your whole body flinched when another roll of thunder roared, but it wasn’t until you heard a thud come from behind you that you rushed back to Chris side and slipped your hand in his. “Yeah,” he chuckled softly, entwining his fingers with yours. “You’re very brave.”

“Why did you let me watch that trailer?” You frowned at him then scanned your vicinity warily, flinching at another stroke of thunder. “You know how bad I am with scary movies,” you scolded and he scoffed with an amused smirk, “especially when there are clowns involved. I hate clowns, Chris. They’re so- Oh God!” You yelped, making Chris jump too. “It’s just our reflections,” you chuckled sheepishly when he frowned at you.

“I told you not to watch it, but you’re so God damn stubborn that you watched it anyway.” He pulled you along as he checked the front door. “And of course I know how much you hate clowns, you practically had an anxiety attack when that clown tried to approach you in the lobby of that hotel we stayed at in Malaysia.”

“What kind of hotel has clowns as entertainment?” You argued as you shuddered at the memory. “Nobody likes clowns, they’re creepy and they’re not even that funny.” Chris chuckled as he moved on to check the sliding doors that led out to the backyard. “There’s a reason people use clowns as serial killers and possessed demons, Chris.”

“Relax, baby,” he chuckled and squeezed your hand. “It’s just a trailer, okay? It’s fiction, you have nothing to worry about. Look, we’re checking all the entry points- there is nothing and no one that can get in here tonight.” You huffed and he chuckled again, “if you don’t trust grade-A locks, at least trust your grade-A boyfriend. I’m not going to let anyone get to you, I’m Captain America for a reason. Hm?” He poked you in the cheek and waited for you to crack a smile; it didn’t take long. “There we go,” he smiled. “You’re okay, I’ve got you.”

“Let’s check the back door and go to bed,” you said and he nodded, taking lead with you slightly behind him. You bit back your smile as you watched him check the lock. It never once ceased to amaze you that he would do whatever he needed to make you feel safe, even if the reason you felt unsafe was irrational and stupid. Any other guy would’ve just told you to stop being an idiot, but not him; Chris always accommodated you and your overactive imagination, and that was one of the many reasons you loved him.

“We good?” He quizzed and you nodded, smiling. “Okay,” he lifted your hand to his lips and kissed it. “Let’s go to bed.” He said, pulling you alongside him as the two of you made your way back upstairs. “Hopefully you can sleep soundly now that you know you’re safe, and now that it’s raining.” He looked to the ceiling, smiling at the soothing sounds of the rain falling against the roof. “I know how much you like sleeping to the sound of rain.”

“I do,” you smiled, hugging his arm. “And I always know I’m safe around you,” you told him and he smiled. “Like you said,” you poked his side, “you’re Captain America for a reason, right?” He chuckled and scooped you into his arms, bridal style. “Chris!” You laughed, wrapping your arms around his neck.

“Gotta keep you close to keep you safe, right?” He winked.

“Right,” you chuckled and tenderly pressed your lips against his.

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patience is key | M

Jimin x Reader 

Genre : Smut

Word Count : 4,437

Life out of high school couldn’t have been better. You were on your way out of your parents house to finally living on your own. A job that you simply love, I mean, until you head off to college to work the job of your dreams, and best of all Jimin. Your new boyfriend. The last few months you’ve had with him have literally been the best; he spoiled you all the time. You did feel different and at times, a bit awkward considering you were now in your first real relationship. Next to you, Jimin hung out with his 6 closest buddies, which you didn’t have a problem hanging out with either considering they were also friends with you. Every once in awhile when they are all free, you all set aside a day where you all can hang out together.

And today was the day.

You woke up on a bright Friday mid-morning to the sound of constant buzzing on your nightstand. You slowly opened an eye to reach over to your nightstand to cease your vibrating device till your eyes widened at the time and the numerous missed calls from no other than, Jimin. Your eyes drifted down your lockscreen of the countless times Jimin called as you scrolled through previous notifications from the night before. You sighed happily and cocked your head to the side as you unlocked your phone to call him.




You immediately pulled your ear away from your phone as you covered your mouth immediately, letting out a stifled laugh, slowly lifting the phone back to your ear with a slight smirk stretched across your lips.

“Hey baby.”

You responded with a innocent smile stretched across your lips as your heart immediately fluttered at the sound of his voice.

“What are you doing, have you forgot that we are meeting up with the gang!?”

You sighed while your eyes drifted off around your room, your fingers fiddling with delicate fleece gently rested over your thighs.

“I know babe, I haven’t forgot, will you come pick me up?”

Obviously Jagiya, now get ready, I’ll be over there in 30.”

You simply melt when you hear him call you ‘jagiya’, you lifted the fleece up just below your chin with a slight as your eyes closed tightly in pure happiness.

“Jagiya … Jagiya!”

You heard a faint voice echo throughout your head as your eyes slowly opened, coming back to reality.

“I’ll be ready.”

You replied gently, simply lost in his voice. Jimin chuckled softly and sighed.

“Alright chubs, I’ll see you later.”

You released a soft giggle at his little nickname for you, it’s too cute. As you both hung up, you rested your phone back on your nightstand, connecting it to its charger as you turned to the opposite side of your bed, stretching. You stood up and walked to your nearby dresser and opened your drawer. “Hm..” You scanned through your numerous outfits. “It will .. just be inside so.” You grabbed a pair of black and white adidas shorts and lifted your head to your doorknob which had the black overhead hoodie you had happily stolen from your boyfriend. You smiled widely and nodded, satisfied with your choices. Tonight you will be meeting up with Jimin and the others at Jimin’s house to watch some movie. Jungkook chose, lord help us, probably some horror or action movie, which you can handle. After showering and freshening up, you walk back into your room and lay your new pair of underwear across your bed. A sinister smirk stretches across your lips with thoughts of how this night could go, being the bold tease that you are would Jimin like puddy in your hands. You have only had sex a couple times, but he’s always been quite shy. You chuckled evilly and removed your towel and slipped into your new underwear, feeling so confident as you stepped in front of the mirror hanging on your wall. The scarlet red really enhanced the glow of your skin and really made you look mesmerizing. Not to mention as your turned around in front of your mirror the way the slight clinginess made your curves even more pronounced, which really made you feel great in your new set. After gawking at yourself, you walked over to your bed and slipped the oversized hoodie over your head and slipped on your shorts. After getting dressed and slipping on a pair of old converse, you walked over to your nightstand and picked up your phone and stuffed it in the hoodie pocket. Reaching behind your nightstand, you unplugged your charger and stuffed it into your purse. As you took one last look in the mirror, fluffing and fixing your hair, you gently pulled the hood over your head and closed your bedroom door. Making your way downstairs, your phone buzzed. You lifted it from the pocket and took a glance to see that Jimin texted you.

‘Be there in 5.’

Perfect timing.

Your mom was in the kitchen making the last preparations on dinner for the family as she noticed you making your way towards the door.

“Headed out honey?” She asked, tilting her head as she watched you unlock the door.

“Yeah I’m going out to meet up with Jimin and the others.”

She was delighted to hear.

“Alright, have fun, got your keys?” You gave her a slight nod and shook your purse as your keys made a faint jingle. She gave you a nod.

“Don’t stay out any longer than you know you’re not supposed to.” You gave her a nod and smile as you disappeared behind the door. You scanned the street outside of your house and then back down at your phone. About 2 minutes later, you saw Jimin’s car appear in front of your house. Your heart skipped a beat as you watched the driver’s side car door open slowly, as your boyfriend appeared. He looked like pure boyfriend material. His hair in a bit messy, a clingy black t-shirt that really brought out his muscles, which you immensely enjoyed. His tight, ripped skinny jeans which intensified those huge thighs, god, you could go on and on about how great your boyfriend looked. You quickly ran down your steps and ran towards him, jumping into a passionate embrace as his large arms wrapped around your waist. He left soft pecks against your cheek as he gently set you back on the ground and motioned you to get into the car.

“C’mon, we gotta beat the boys.” He responded as he got back into the car. You nodded and made your way around the car and got in on the passenger side, closing the door. He did the same and started up the car. As you drove off, you quickly snatched the aux plug and inserted it into your phone. On your way there, you sang your heart out to Jay Park’s ‘All I wanna do’, which Jimin found hilarious as he watched you flail your body around like an idiot. It wasn’t too long after your karaoke session that you arrived at the house. You both stepped out of the car and headed to the front door. You still can’t get over how astonishing your boyfriend’s house is, just huge. You walked ahead up his front steps as he locked the car. You couldn’t help but feel as though he was staring at you as you walked ahead, your eyes quickly peered behind you. You weren’t wrong. He had his hand gently rested over his mouth as his eyes couldn’t tear away from the shorts you were wearing, You had to admit, the wear comfortable around your lower body and they really looked nice on your ass. You smirked slightly at his reaction.


You sighed and bent over, adjusting the tongue of your shoe, main objective to tease him a bit more. Your eyes shifted to the corner to see Jimin, walking passed you. Hm? Odd. He would have broke after that. You stood up and walked to the front door with him as you fixed the wrinkles in the hoodie. He tilted his head as he watched you fix the hoodie, unlocking the front door.

“Isn’t that, mine?”

You slowly lifted your head with an innocent smile as you stuffed your hands into the pocket.

“Maybe?” You responded with a giggle as you walked inside. You heard Jimin chuckle as he turned to see the Jin’s car parking in his driveway.

“The gangs all here.” He announced with a bright smile as he motioned them inside. One by one, they made their way out of the car and up the front steps, tackling you both with love, and aggressive hugs.

“Where we watching the movie?” Taehyung asked as he glanced around the house, as if he’d never visited before.

“Downstairs.” Jimin responded, wrapping an arm around you, walking alongside you. You all made your way to the basement, where his indoor theater room was located. Astonished everyone took their seats while you and Jin were in the kitchen preparing popcorn. After a few minutes you both arrived, meeting up with the rest of the boys to watch the movie. You placed the popcorn on a nearby ottoman and hopped onto the huge sectional, squeezing next to Jimin. They left an available for you next to Jimin at the end of the couch. How sweet of them. Namjoon turned off all the lights in the basement as you leaned over to see Jungkook. “So, what do you have in store for us?” Jungkook smirked evilly.

“A horror movie.” He responded.


Didn’t really bother you much so you shrugged as you leaned back against the couch, turning your attention turned towards the screen. You shivered a bit and Jimin noticed immediately. He reached behind himself and pulled a nearby fleece, laying it across your lap. You sighed happily as you rested your head on his shoulder. However, about 30 minutes into the movie, you began to feel uneasy, as Jimin rested his hand on your knee, running his thumb around your knee in a circular motion. Your head slowly rose from his shoulder as you rested it gently on the cushion behind you. Slowly, his hand rose higher, and higher, causing you to swallow nervously.

What is this all of a sudden? He was always so shy to touch me.

You decided to brush it off, until you a low whimper escaped your lips, Jungkook’s attention turned towards you as you quickly cleared your throat to cover it up. Jimin’s hand was gently rested on your inner thigh, his index finger delicately brushed up against the thin fabric of your shorts. Your breathing became a bit heavier as you tried to control yourself. You were actually getting into this movie and if he kept this up, who knows what would happen. You casually tried to brush his hand away. With that, his hand gripped your inner thigh quite aggressively, making whimper again, which caught now Taehyung’s attention. He turned to see your face slightly red, at least, he could tell by the flickering of the screen.

“Y/N, are you okay? Are you not feeling well?”

Your eyes shifted to see Jimin’s reaction.


His eyes were glued onto the tv the whole time.


You then looked down at Taehyung, who was sitting on the floor in front of you.

“Don’t worry about it I’m fi–”

You stopped immediately as you felt his soft, cold fingers slide underneath your shorts and up your panties, swiftly brushing his middle finger against your clit. Your eyes were widened as your head slowly turned to see Jimin’s head tilted to the side with a smirk stretched across his plump lips.

Cocky bastard.


Taehyung’s soft voice caught your attention once again as you turned back to him, giving him a slight nod of assurance. He turned back to the movie as you slumped down in your seat, your body on fire as his finger moved in a slow circular motion, over, and over, and over again. Faint pants escaped your lips as you felt Jimin lean close to you. Aggressively pulling on the collar of the hoodie, he brought his lips to your ear as he spoke in a low husky voice.

“Now you see how it feels to be teased babygirl.”

You felt your heart stop at his words. Dirty talk was everything to you, and coming from your boyfriend made it a 1,000 times better. You leaned in closer, as he brushed his lips against the edge of your ear. You could feel him smirk as he moved his fingers a bit faster, your lips parting as you released another whimper, not caring who heard at this point.

“You thought you could get away with that huh? You naughty girl.”

With a sudden push, he shoved a finger inside you, having you throw your head back against the backboard of the couch, releasing a delicate moan into the air. The slow, teasing circular motions had you squirming for more, your body screaming for more, screaming for him. You heard a soft chuckle from Jimin as he suddenly retracted his hands quickly, pulling them out of your shorts as your head slowly dropped back into place to see everyone staring at you. You swallowed nervously and smiled.

“I-I’m okay, honest.” You responded weakly, causing Jimin to look away as if he was innocent. After your statement, you had a couple lingering eyes, but in the end they all turned back to the movie.  You sighed in relief, turning back to Jimin.

“W-Why the hell did you stop?” You whispered, squirming next to him which made him chuckle, leaning over, leaving gentle pecks along the curve of your neck which made your body grow hotter and hotter with each kiss. After one last peck, he lifted his head and whispered in a deep, sensual voice,

“Patience Kitten, besides, I think my bad girl deserves a punishment.”

Are you, fuckin serious?

He pulled away, his attention fell back onto the movie as if nothing happened.

He made you sit there, agonizing till the movie ended. You watched as the credits rolled up the screen, ‘wow’s and ah’s’ were heard around the room as the movie reached its ending. You sat there frozen. The members attention fell on you, pointing at you, worried. Jimin waved them off, reassuring them.

“She’s fine, just a little scared is all.” He convinced as you finally snapped back to reality seeing everyone’s eyes fall on you. You quickly jumped to your feet, slinging your arm around his.

“R-Right right, just need some sleep guys, don’t worry about it.”

The guys exchanged glances and shrugged it off, walking upstairs. Jimin followed them as you stayed put, collecting up the remaining garbage that laid across the floor.


You made your way upstairs to the kitchen with the dishes as Jimin waved everyone off. You were in the kitchen rinsing out the popcorn greased bowls when you heard the front door shut. You attention slowly turned to the entrance of the kitchen, as you saw Jimin leaned there against the wall.

“I-I could u-use some help.” You mumbled, quickly turning back to the dishes, hiding the fact that you were blushing like crazy.

“I can see that.” He whispered from behind, swiftly taking both of your hands away from the bowl and pinning you against the nearby wall, his lips crashed onto your soft pair. You slung your arms around his neck, and your legs around his waist as slowly made his way to a nearby guest room, sitting you down on the floor. You lifted to see your boyfriend standing there, the tips of his hair lightly coated with sweat gently stuck to his forehead. His eyes full of lust, and flickering in love.

“Bed, now.”

Such demand in his voice made you melt, frozen in your very spot. You watched as Jimin’s hands gripped the ends of his shirt, and seconds later was over his head. God, the sight of those perfectly toned abs was a blessing. You wanted to kiss, feel, it was killing you. You slowly stumbled back until you hit the edge of the bed, Jimin scoffed and charged at you pinning you down violently as he attacked your lips and neck with kisses. Your echoes already filled the room as you felt those plump lips attack your neck. His teeth sank into your skin, pulling away slowly until there was nothing but an ocean of purple and blue spread across your neck.

This, was not your soft mochi anymore.

In a swift movement, the sweatshirt was over your head and thrown into some random place in the room. Jimin paused and stared as you threw your arms over your chest.

“D-Don’t stare so hard!” You begged as you watched Jimin’s shocked expression transform into a lustful smirk.

“What, I simply can’t stare …” Jimin paused as he aggressively groped both of your breasts while leaning down to your face.

“ … at what’s mine?” Your head was tilted back against the pillow below you as you simply could not believe what was happening. He gave your breasts a sweet slow rub as he rested his face between your breasts, sliding his hand behind you, unbuckling your bra.

“Buying new underwear, mm, you must have known this would happen.” He mumbled as he unhooked your bra, snatching it off and tossing it in some other unknown place propping himself up to hover over you, getting a clear view of your naked upper body.

“Ah Y/N, I can’t control myself anymore.” He then lowered himself again, kneading one of your breasts as he sucked on the other. Such overwhelming pleasure took over your body, your toes, your fingers curled in as the sweet sensation spread through your nerves. You watched as his tongue wrapped around your erect nipple, his teeth delicately grazed over your nipple, enclosing around as he pulled it upward. You released a long dramatic moan into the air as it echoed around the room, as you wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him close to your breast.

“J-Jimin..” You moan breathlessly, squirming around. You stop suddenly as you feel him stop sucking as he then lowered himself slowly, leaving a trail of butterfly kisses down your breasts, down your stomach, to your panty line. Jimin slowly lifted his head to see you looking down at him.

“Jagiya … be a good girl, and scream for daddy.” He demanded, biting on the waistband of your

panties, pulling them down. You simply couldn’t believe what was happening in front of you, he was alway so innocent and shy, what happened!? But you couldn’t continue being nervous anymore.

“Okay.” You replied confidently until you felt his lips enclose around your throbbing clit. Your fingers intertwine with the sheets below you as you cocked your head back quickly, moaning in overwhelming pleasure. Lowering your head, You watched Jimin’s head slowly rise to meet eyes with you, he was waiting on you to finish, you knew it.

“Okay … Daddy.” You replied, resting your index finger over your lip, turning away from him, blushing furiously. He chuckled, grazing his fingers gently down your hips until his hands sank into your thighs, lowering his head once again.

“Good girl.” He replied as he blew a gentle puff of air against your clit, causing you to whimper, your back arching slightly. His tongue slowly trailed from your clit to your oozing core.

“Look at how wet you are.” It was such a sight to his eyes, he dove right in, licking viciously, grabbing you by your hips to pull you in closer. You watched as the bedroom suddenly became a blur with every flick of his tongue.

“Faster~.” You begged as you rested your hands on both sides of his head as he sped up, putting your body under a spell as he worked his magic. His hair felt amazing against your fingers as he moved his head back and forth. He smirked smugly as he loved hearing your begging, with that, he forcefully slid in a finger, and another, curling it slowly inside you lifting his head to see your reaction, which pleased him. The way his name rolled of your tongue had anxious to see more. He pumped you harder, and faster, harder and faster. Your legs stretched out along the sheets, back arched a bit more as you took in each and every pump, your body overflowing in pure ecstasy. You felt your lower stomach suddenly tighten, you were close, but you didn’t want to cum on this note, it was too soon. However, as you were thinking, Jimin noticed that as he felt your muscles suddenly tighten around his fingers. You felt pressure suddenly escape your body. You looked down confused until you watched his hand reach his for the button of his jeans. You couldn’t resist it anymore took over, quickly reaching over help him. As the button was undone, and zipper was unzipped, off came his pants. It had been a while since you have had sex, but as you saw him once again, it was like it was your first time all over again.

“Jimin…” At this point you had no words, your hand however was doing all the talking as your fingers slowly snaked around his large throbbing bulge hidden under his boxers. A low hiss escaped his lips as he felt your touch. You enjoyed his reaction and lowered yourself till you were between his legs.

“It’s my turn babe.” You whispered as you brushed your lips against his hardened cock, rubbing it slowly. He threw his head back suddenly as he felt the delicate touch of your lips press up against him. Slowly, you pulled his boxers down, dropping them on the floor as you finally could see his throbbing length standing in front of you. You chuckled evilly as if devil horns appeared on your head. You sighed happily and lowered your self again, gently kissing his tip. You felt his warm precum coat your lips, sending shivers down your spine. The sour taste trailed down your throat, which made you release a soft muffled moan against his tip, he released a groan under his breath which turned you on even more, gaining the courage to, you finally lowered yourself, having his full length slide down your throat. You whimpered in slight discomfort, sending slight vibrations, which he very much enjoyed. After a few seconds of getting used to it, you began to suck lightly, running your tongue along his cock from the bottom, to the tip. Jimin had no reaction, you could feel him twitch in your grasp. He sat there, motionless, his fingers twitched as he felt your teeth graze softly, finally he moaned breathlessly, the ends of his hair soaked in sweat from the overwhelming heat. The pleasure, he couldn’t take it anymore as he pushed you off of him, pinning you back down onto the bed and fixed his position so that he was ready to enter inside of you.

“I need you … now.” You watched as his chest heaved up and down, his muscles were flexed as he had you pinned down, the lust in his eyes, the hot pants he released, you needed him.

“Please.” You moaned as you quickly wrapped your arms around his neck. He rested his head on your shoulder as you did the same. After a few breaths, you threw your head back, releasing a sweet pleasure filled moan into the air as it echoed across the room at the anticipated entrance you’ve been anxiously waiting for. There was slight pain as he remained still, letting you take it in. Warm puffs of air bounced off of your shoulder as he slowly began to move. You heard Jimin mumble about how tight you were which made you giggle lightly. After a few more thrusts, he quickly got used to it and thrusted a bit deeper. You quickly burrowed your face in the curve of his neck and released muffled moans as he thrusted into you. Your mind couldn’t focus on anything else besides what was going on right then and there. The shared heat between you drove you crazy, causing your brain to fog completely. Balancing himself on one hand, he gently brushed his thumb over your clit which made you snap instantly. You screamed his name, there was no keeping quiet anymore. Your body heat covered every inch of your body. Your fingers dug deep into his back, the small orbs of sweat from his back rolled down your fingers as you pulled him closer, making sure you weren’t leaving no space between you two. You felt him smirk against your shoulder as he pounded you deeper, harder, and faster. Over, and over, and over again. With every pump you begged for him to move faster. He just knew where to thrust, hitting your g-spot every time, perfectly. There was that feeling again. The knot in your lower stomach. It was more powerful this time and boy were you close.

“J-Jimin, I’m-I’m close.” You moaned, he knew you were, and you knew he was too. His thrusts became sloppy as his breathing became more hitched, your heart was beating an unbelievable pace as your stomach became tighter and tighter.

“Y-Y/N–.” He pulled you closer until finally, he threw his head back suddenly after thrusting his last few pumps inside you, releasing a sensual moan into your as he finally released himself inside of you. The hot sensation suddenly flowed inside of you that you couldn’t take it anymore, you screamed in pleasure as you came yourself, holding him the tightest you could. After having every last drop fill you, he slowly pulled himself out of you, you released a faint whimper as you both collapsed on the bed, laying next to each other, breathing heavily. You slowly rolled over so that you were laying on top of his heaving chest. You could hear his heart thudding loudly as you smiled at the sound of his voice.

“That .. was amazing.” You chuckled lightly and propped yourself up so that you were looking in his eyes.

“Now, why couldn’t we do that earlier?”

Jimin smirked and patted your head. “Patience is key kitten, you deserved your punishment.”

You rolled your eyes and laid your head back onto his chest, sighing happily.

- admin K

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you rec some good sheith fic? ^^


first of all, feel free to go through my fic rec tag here. I’ve also made a fic rec post a few months ago here! (I may repeat some of my favorite fics in this post so I apologize if you’ve already seen them.)

  • in the nook of a cousin universe — So as you might’ve seen today, my talented friend @amillionsmiles just posted it this week. It is fucking amazing. While I do recommend watching the movie first (because it’s kinda confusing sometimes and because it’s a gorgeous movie), I binged this fic right after she wrote it and I died. Please read.
    • Also do yourself a favor and read ALL OF HER FICS. She’s seriously a talented writer and I promise you won’t be disappointed. I can’t even pick a favorite. They’re all good.
  • every sheith fic that @arahir writes! but I’ll call out a few I’ve read so far that I love:
  • hello, i love you, won’t you tell me your name by perzimon— this has automatically made it’s way onto my top 5 favorite sheith fics. I laughed until I cried and then I died of cuteness.
  • lightspeed by nein — this one made me cry. it’s sad but so beautifully written! (and it ends on a happy note so don’t worry~) It’s based off of Voices of a Distant Star
  • Call my name by Mythril / @pepperpaprika — Pre-Kerberos fluff. I really loved it. <3
  • With these broken wings by Mythril / pepperpaprika — Small divergence from S2E1. Really beautiful.
  • Do Not Disturb by @xyriath — (nsfw) this one had me laughing the whole way through, it was so fucking hilarious. (premise: Lance walks in on Sheith doing the do)
  • blow my candles out by @starboysheith — (nsfw) birthday goodness :) I loved the way it was written. <3
  • Glory by razielim — (nsfw) REALLY well written character development for Shiro here.

these are on my to-read list, so I don’t have an opinion on them yet but they look good so far!

other than that, I guess there’s my fics too 😅 My big bang fic, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, is an Edge of Tomorrow AU, which is basically a combination of military sci-fi, groundhog’s day, and 50 first dates!

happy reading!

Day One

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,116

A/N: Well, I was inspired. Get ready for a new series. I don’t know how long it will be, but this should be fun. I love feedback, and as always, enjoy.

It was finally Homecoming Week at school and you were actually excited for it. You had already talked to your friends, Ned, Michelle and Peter, about dressing up for the different days. You had become close friends with those three throughout your freshman year, and you were thankful for that. You were especially thankful for Peter because he was probably your closest friend out of the three because you both lived in the same apartment complex. You always planned movie nights at each other’s places every Friday evening when there wasn’t a big exam the following Monday. You both probably had way too many inside jokes that annoyed Ned and Michelle when you both would laugh at what it would be to seem nothing. Everyone thought that you and him would be a great couple, but you always denied it because Peter was infatuated with Liz Allan, who was a senior, the smartest girl in school and the prettiest, even if you did have a slight crush on your best friend.

Keep reading