but the walk offs are hilarious

  • Taiyang: So on our first day of Beacon, after we had done the whole team formation exercise, Qrow took us all up to the roof for more bonding. Anyway, we got up there and remember at this point, none of us knew Qrow's landing strategy, all we knew was that I landed and Qrow appeared beside me. So Qrow walks over to the edge of Beacon Tower, and jumps off. I freak out, Summer almost has a heart attack, and Raven just stands there, doing nothing while a fucking crow - which we later learned was Qrow - flies up and lands on her head!
  • Qrow: I told you I was going to show you something.
  • Qrow: And it was fucking hilarious!
Tease (Tom Holland x Reader)

Prompt : Can I have a Tom Holland imagine where the reader teases him with something and when he comes up to confront her He is all dominant and it’s really hot and the reader likes it:) no smut tho Thanks in advance if you do it

Word Count : 806

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“That was hilarious! You just,” you couldn’t even finish your sentence you were laughing too much. “Yes we get it, (Y/N). I broke my chair. It isn’t even that funny!” Tom exclaimed, agitated. You continued to laugh with tears in your eyes. Once you calmed down, you turned to Tom and kissed his cheek. “I’m sorry, Love, it amused me. That’s all,” you whispered into his ear. He nodded, accepting your apology before turning the tv on. “Please,” he whispered into your temple, “Please don’t watch it again,”. You snuggled into the couch with his arm over your shoulders. After a few minutes of trying to hold it in, you couldn’t help but giggle a little. “What’s up, Babe?”

“You broke your bloody chair, Tom!” you responded while wiping your eyes clear of tears.


“(Y/N)? I’m back, babe!” Tom called out into your apartment. You were settled on the bed with your laptop at your side, ‘Tom Holland’ in the search bar of your tumblr. “In here,” you said, scrolling down. Tom walked in with a smile on his face, taking his jacket off and setting it on a chair before crawling onto the bed. “Hey Love,” you said, kissing him briefly before going back to your laptop screen. You scrolled down a little before seeing a gif of Tom falling off his chair, setting you off laughing. Tom huffed before standing up and grabbing his jacket again, walking out the bedroom door.

“Tom!” you exclaimed, “Tom, what’s up? I turned it off! I’m sorry!”

“I have seen that goddamn gif so many times! It’s been mentioned so many times today! I fucked up! I get it! But now my girlfriend laughs at me for it too? I can’t stand it anymore!”

“No, Tom!” you said earnestly.

“I’m going out! Don’t wait up for me.”


The door slammed around 3am. You were sat at the kitchen table, barely keeping your eyes open. Tom stumbled into the kitchen in search of the aspirin when he saw you. “Hey Love,” you whispered lovingly. “Hey,” he answered shortly, downing the aspirin with a sip of water. He sighed before grabbing your hand gently, leading you to the bedroom. “I told you,” he said softly, “You shouldn’t have waited for me. It’s late.” “I couldn’t go to sleep without you,” you whispered. He kissed your temple and let you get into bed before pulling his pants off and settling under the covers with you.


Tom woke up without you beside him. Confused, he got out of bed and stumbled towards the kitchen. He looked at the clock on the wall to see it was quarter to ten in the morning. You were standing at the stove making pancakes for him. He smiled lovingly before walking up behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. You jumped, not expecting him, and quickly locked your phone. “What was that?” he asked. “What was what? Nothing. Nothing at all. I’m just making pancakes,” you stumbled. He smirked before grabbing your phone from your hands, backing far enough away from you, and unlocking it. The gif of the chair breaking underneath him started to play again. Suddenly, he stepped forward and placed his arms either side of you on the counter, getting really close to you. “I told you,” he said, leaning in to kiss your neck. “I told you to stop watching that.” You mumbled something he couldn’t hear. “What was that, Babe?” he asked confidently, still kissing down your neck to your collarbones. “I… um… I need t… to finish the… um… pancakes.” He grinned before letting you slide out of his arms and to the pancake pan which you struggled to flip. He wrapped his arms around you waist and began sucking at the nape of your neck. You shuddered and continued failing at pancake flipping. Tom turned the knob, stopping the burner before turning you around, pressing his lips to yours. You kissed back forcefully as he picked you up, placing you on the kitchen counter.

“I told you,” he whispered against your collarbone, “to stop watching that.”

“I know,” you said quietly.

“Why didn’t you?” he said, moving his kisses to your earlobe.

“Um… I just… ah.”

“You what?” he asked cockily.

“I um… wanted to… ah! Tease you,” you said, gripping at his biceps.

“Well,” he whispered into your ear before nipping at your earlobe lightly, “that, my dear, is my job.” Tom disconnected his mouth from you before grabbing a pancake off the tower of pre made ones. Walking away, he slipped his jacket and shoes on before turning to you with a cheeky smile on his face. “Might want to cover your neck up today, Babe. It’s a bit… bruised.” He chuckled at your blank expression before strolling out of the front door.

My Favorite Things About The Signs and Anger

Aries’s confrontational attitude and how when something bothers them you know damn well they’re gonna say it.
Taurus’s immediate roast and then walking off as the other person is stunned as shit
Gemini’s being overly direct and letting you know exactly how they feel about whatever you did.
Cancer’s telling everyone what happened with comedic jokes and exaggerations, making it fucking hilarious.
Leo’s ability to make it a huuuuge deal, even if it’s small. (I love watching those go down tbh)
Virgo’s ability to roast to others but let shit go.
Libra’s ability to just tell them they didn’t like what they did and then try to fix it, and if they can’t come to a compromise they let them go.
Scorpio’s ability to fuck someone’s life up.
Sagittarius’s no-boundaries way of speaking, taking Aries’s confrontation to whole new levels.
Capricorn’s revenge and x2 modifier on whatever someone does to them.
Aquarius’s ability to stay neutral, but when someone gets on their nerves or starts shit big time, they reveal every nitty gritty detail they know about them and destroy them.
Pisces’s ability to make the other person confused and think about what they have done and advert the attention to what they’ve done back to the other person.

*Check Mars, too.

Les Amis & Acts of Friendship

‘cause shipping’s my jam, but friendship is as valuable as romanic love, yall

  • Bossuet crawling into Grantaire’s bed at night when he’s crying from a bad mental health day or having a nightmare, hugging him tight and making him feel like the world is okay. Bossuet comforting his friends in general, because he always has the right words
  • Joly sending individual morning texts to all of les Amis, because every day is full of promises and laughter, and it ought to start right
  • Jehan knitting all year round for their friends, providing warmth and comfort in the winter, with special patterns and colours associated to each ami
  • Courfeyrac throwing surprise parties for everything and anything to make his friends feel better. Failed a test? Had a bad day? He’ll throw a party to get his friend’s mind off it and show his support
  • Grantaire makes them laugh. Sure, he has his moment when he rant, but he can be hilarious. He’s a walking meme. He’ll go out of his way to get a laugh out of you, cause that’s about all the good he thinks he can bring around him
  • Combeferre going out of his way to help his friends, doing his own research and showing that he really cares deeply about all the conversations they have, ranging from poop shapes to Plato’s Republic
  • Enjolras constantly going: “that reminded me of you!” because he knows his friends and their interests and there all fascinating people in their own way, which he adores
  • Feuilly shows so much physical affection. He’ll hug. He’ll give pas in the back. Thumbs up. High fives. Good all bear hugs. He loves his friends so fiercely it’s like he needs them to know. Thankfully no ribs have been broken from hugging. Yet.
  • Bahorel will compliment the fuck out of his friends. Whatever it is, he’ll find something to say. He also buys a lot of random trinkets at the flea market. Everytime something reminds him of an Amis he’s like !!
the signs inspired by people I know

Aries:sweetheart, very active, loud laugh, stylish, makes friends easily, feisty when mad, loves dogs, lowkey emotional, fast walk, very social, loves sweets/candy, always on point, distinct noses, fast movements, strong eyebrows

Taurus: show off, gossips a lot, cute laugh, good sense of humour, extreme lowkey bitch, lives on netflix, the most stubborn people, glistening eyes, sensual, likes to joke around a lot, probably has a cute little sneeze

Gemini: hilarious, very smart, loves socializing, show off, curses a lot, hides their true self, very energetic, so loud, total flower crown girls, very expressive, loves the outdoors, straight savages, manipulates to get out of situations

Cancer: cries often, is actually powerful af, good sense of humour, very bad luck, pretty weird, gleaming eyes, insecure af, loves sleep, netflix addicts, always cracking jokes, loves to party, loves swimming

Leo: hair is perfect 24/7, charismatic, louder than they think, fierce eyes, witty, can be shy but also outgoing, loves little animals, hopeless romantics, beautiful laughs, loves music, many facial expressions, wild cuties, athletic bodies, unrecognized geniuses

Virgo: worries what people think of them, social, stressed is not a mood it’s a personality, petty af omg, can be really selfish, lowkey horny, bedroom eyes, quiet beauty, big chested, loves a weird genre of music & no one around them understands why, recognized geniuses

Libra: quiet & shy, dirty sense of humour, can be actual bitches, but are sweethearts deep down, beautiful eyes, has a lot of friends, loves clothes shopping, parties often, likes to make people laugh, wants everyone to get along

Scorpio: cutest people ever, very sensitive, great sense of humour, talented at many things, pretty sexy;), SUPER WEIRD, amazing laughs, real romantics, more than meets the eye, so so dramatic, chill af but can also be a worry wart (paranoia to the max)

Sagittarius: lives of the party, popular af, very clumsy, weird laughs lol, cuties, honestly scared even though they don’t show it, longest legs, obsessed with their friends, likes photography and/or videography, wants to travel everywhere

Capricorns: obsessed with their family, strict, can be so fun, good sense of humour, loves to work for some reason, an actual meme in a person, scared of getting into a real relationship, classic romantic, elegant

Aquarius: hands down funniest people, quirky and weird AF omg, contagious laughs, different, sparkling eyes, huge hearts, generous, music freaks, adorable, petty when mad, so intelligent, lovely smiles, most awkward people on the planet

Pisces: smol cinnamon rolls af, giggles so much, can be quite deviant, idealistic, probably has a lot of weird dreams, enjoys reading, sparkling eyes, lovely laughs, hilarious when confused, can be fuckboys but usually sweethearts, very giving and selfless, spiritual

Okay but Victor’s reaction to Yuuri saying he was alone at the banquet and that he couldn’t even talk to Victor broke my heart.

Sure it led to a hilarious moment and a plot twist, so to speak, but man I feel so sorry for Victor. This right here shows that Victor has spent the past 10 months or so believing, in earnest, that Yuuri remembered everything that happened that night. It explains the hurt look he gets when he offers Yuuri a photo and Yuuri just turns away and walks off. It explains the sad look when asked what he plans to do for the next season. It explains why he seized the opportunity to fly to Yuuri and why he used the excuse of wanting to be his coach. It explains the flirty touches and the desire to build up on their relationship. It explains a lot of his confusion when Yuuri is embarrassed or flustered. It adds a new light to that bit when Yuuri is skating his free program and Victor says something along the lines of, “This is the part that represents when I became your coach…it doesn’t look like you were very happy about it.” IT ALSO SHOWS WHY HE LOOKED A LITTLE SAD WHEN SAYING IT. Also, Victor’s reactions to Yuuri’s skating seem much more adoring now because of that. AND THE REASON VICTOR ASSIGNED EROS TO YUURI IS A LITTLE MORE CLEAR NOW. 


AND YUURI DOESN’T EVEN REMEMBER IT. Like Victor literally gave up everything to be with Yuuri and Yuuri doesn’t even remember asking. 


My dad writes a poem for my mom every Christmas, and she frames them and puts them up all over the house. I’ve always thought ‘That. That’s what love is. That’s what I want.’ Today, I went to a bakery with a boy and we talked and laughed about the silly little things we both do, and I learned that his laugh reminds me of fluttering wings and soaring so high you can do nothing but smile. We adventured through to the bookstore for hours and read and goofed off between the shelves, and I learned about the stories he’s made of and his terribly hilarious sense of humor. He told me he had always felt a little lonely as we walked around town with coffee, and when I grabbed his hand, it closed around mine like it was the easiest, most natural thing in the entire world. It felt like I was holding the moon. He shook hands with my father and I stood there smiling and thought, ‘This. This is what it feels like.’
—  It Feels Like This

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headcanon that stan's scared of spiders and ford is the one who has to deal with them whenever they're in the house, starts while they're kids n never stops. while ford's gone if stan walks into a room and sees a spider he turns around and walks out


i love the image of stan shrieking and running from a tiny spider; it’s adorable for baby stan, and then it gets increasingly hilarious as he gets older and more gruff. imagine ford just trudging in with a rolled up newspaper, all “i once faced down a two story tarantula beast in dimension 59′/F and you flee in terror from this inch wide speck” and Anchor Arms McConman is off evacuating the shack

-We all know that Jeremy really likes it when Jean speaks French

-However, he has no idea what he’s actually saying 95% of the time.

-Additionally, Jean knows all too keenly the pain of people asking him to say “Anything!” in his native language and how of course you forget every word in that language when the Trojans ask.

-So Jeremy doesn’t ask him to say anything specific and just Goes With It.

-Therefore, when Jean is trying to work Jeremy up, he just babbles in French.

-Half the time it’s just innocuous nonsense like their grocery list, his homework, and that kind of stuff.

-But when he’s just walking about the house, he takes great joy in saying the filthiest possible phrases he can in the most monotone voice, so Jeremy thinks he’s just muttering to himself. Jean thinks it’s hilarious.

-His fun comes tumbling down one day when Kevin’s visiting.

-Jeremy walks into the kitchen where they’re eating breakfast and rattles off a phrase he heard Jean say when he was getting milk out for cereal the other day. He’s very proud of himself.

-Kevin spits out his coffee.

-Jean nearly laughs himself hoarse.

-Until he has to explain what he actually said and watch Jeremy turn very, very red.

-Jean is in so much trouble, but it was worth it.

-Kevin’s just pissed that he thought he was safe from idiots when he visited, but apparently not.

only saying this once then I’m dropping this topic. But People should stop starting rumors about these 2, I don’t know them but this is probably EXACTLY why they stay away from the Hollywood lifestyle. Why she doesn’t have a social media account and why he never wanted to have one either (and now that he does he barely uses it) Their relationship is nothing new, he’s clearly with her for a reason. I’m tired of people looking for off guard pictures of them on the street and then claiming they must be an unhappy couple cause they weren’t smiling for the camera that was following them. Get over the fact that they’re together and have a cute little family. Stop being jealous. Let them be happy.

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The shutter broke today so we literally couldn't get into the building. Staff were sat outside eating macdonalds, there were workmen on cherry pickers trying to fix the very obviously broken shutter and customers were still trying to walk past it all to get in. It was hilarious and sad.

They’d all walk off a cliff together if there was a 50% sale sign hanging beyond it. -Abby

Sherlock 4x02

I LOVED tonight’s episode. 


-Sherlock writing ‘fuck off’ on the street with his walking pattern was flat out hilarious.

- Mrs. Hudson being a badass to her telling off Mycroft and sticking up for John. 

- Culverton was a very creepy character. I honestly got chills when he talked. Toward the end I wanted to just skip the whole scene but I watched. I loved the similarities done between him and the real like H.H. Holmes. 

-John hearing that Mary asked Sherlock to save John by having himself be in danger and needed John to save him to save himself was perfect. 

-The fact that John did save him but I laughed because Sherlock had a plan all along. “You cock” so freaking perfect. 

-I loved that although Mary was gone John saw her in his head and she was perfectly Mary except she wasn’t. 

-I loved that John talked to ‘Mary’ at the end and told her what happened with the woman. It was raw and perfect. That entire scene between John and Sherlock and ‘Mary’ was perfect. 

-That hug. We all know Sherlock loves John but for John to completely breakdown and be vulnerable and for Sherlock to want to hug someone for a long time was just…really so much growth. 


-Everything tonight was brilliant. I was captivated the whole episode. I am beyond excited for next week.

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Ace here. I've been on a health journey and lost a lot of weight. Today I was talking to a friend about how I was considering a breast lift, because I love how I look and feel now with that one exception (the weight loss sag is severe enough it can't be fixed through more weight training). She straight up looked me in the eye and said, "Why would you waste your money on something nobody's even going to get to use." Because my breasts are apparently only meant to be used by others. (Part One)

(Part two) I shut her down and walked off but I’m still 10 kinds of angry and sick and I can’t even articulate half of them. Her logic was literally I shouldn’t “falsely advertise” like that even means something. Idk. I just wanted to get that off my chest… Pun unintended but still hilarious.

That was horrifically shitty behavior you had to deal with. Not only was it acephobic, but it’s misogynistic and objectifying.

- Fae

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I have this headcannon that (when the war is over and EVERYONE obviously makes it out whole *sweats nervously) Evangeline meets the cadre and has the BIGGEST crush (not in a weird way ! just a very normal, innocent admiration) on Fenrys (tbh who doesn't...) and she goes absolutely tomato red whenever she's around him and it's hella cute and sweet and absolutely mortifying for her of course, and the only person who she tells is lysandra, who tells aelin ... or rowan idk, anyways thoughts ?

This is adorable and I totally get what you’re saying. Kids get crushes on adults not in a weird way but in a “you’re cute and idk how to act around you please don’t forget to cut the crust off my sandwich” kind of way. (My niece is a year and a half old and whenever my bf walks into a room she smiles at him and laughs and runs around. It’s hilarious!)

The only thing I’d add to this is that IT PISSED AEDION OFF. At dinner one night, Evangeline is looking at Fenrys and Aedion is like, “Gelly, eyes over here, daddy is over here. Look at me. Focus.” BAHAHAHAHA.

Tom Hardy Imagine (Smut)

You couldn’t get your key in the lock. The bag on your shoulder almost slicing off your arm; the weight of your work was unbearable. Folders and folders of documents. You had been feeling this frustrated and stressed for weeks at work now. You just didn’t like the job. The pay wasn’t even that good. Finally, you inserted the key and unlocked the door. You threw down your bags and walked through to the living room.

You threw your body down onto the couch before looking around the room. “Oh fuck” you gasped in shock at the sight of your boyfriend sat at the other side of the room. “I didn’t know you were home, Tom.” you put your head back on the couch. “Y/N, I don’t like how you’ve been recently. What’s happened?” Tom balanced his head on his hands before carrying on. “You haven’t spoken to me in days.” You sat up to give Tom your attention, “I know, I’m sorry. It’s just work - I despise it with a passion.” you wiped your head trying to keep it together. Tom walked over to sit beside you. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder pulling you into his chest. You shoved your face into him and embraced the warmth of him. “Then quit, I want my bubbly girl back!” You lifted your teary face to look at him. “You know what, I’m gonna.” “Good, but before you do” Tom cupped your face and kissed you with such affection. 

He threw you passionately onto the bed. Lust filled the room. He stood at the foot of the bed and undressed as you watched with a luring smirk. When he was fully unclothed; his eyes traced your body as he still stood there. “I adore you, Y/N.” “Shut up and get over here!” you squealed with delight as he began grazing your body with his lips. He climbed on top of you still pecking your face and neck. You felt his member becoming harder against your thigh. You grew wetter and wetter. “Get inside me, Hardy goddamn it!” You both moaned in unison as he began thrusting in you - faster and faster until you both arrive at your limits. Tom moves to lay at your side, before either of you had time to speak you grabbed your phone and dialed your work number. “What are you doing?” Tom smiled at you. “Hello, is that Joe? Oh good, it’s Y/N and I quit because your company is shit. Thanks for everything; bye!!” you put the phone down and looked at Tom. You both burst out into laughter. “Fucking hell Y/N, you make me laugh.”


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Hilarious things my teachers have said (jokingly)

“What the fargo are you doing?” -Psychology teacher

“Get off your phone or I’ll punch you and then throw your backpack out the window again.” -Psychology teacher

“That’s bolshevik.” -Psychology teacher

“Don’t talk to me, I’m $50k in debt.” -AP English Literature

“You only deserve extra credit if you buy me a hashbrown from McDonald’s.” -AP English Literature teacher

“You people disappoint me.” -AP English Literature teacher

“I don’t adult very well.” -AP English Literature teacher

“I’m just a walking ball of anxiety right now.” -AP English Literature teacher

The entirety of my AP English Literature teacher’s reenactment of the Shakespearean version of Star Wars Episode 1

“Who’s ucking over there?” -Advanced Math teacher

“I hate you.” -Advanced Math teacher after a student told her she makes him happy and mishearing what he said

“You guys would make awesome computer scientists because you’re all lazy bastards.” -Robotics teacher

“That comment was almost as bad as [student]’s haircut.” -Robotics teacher