but the video quality was pretty shitty


Hi, guys. I want to share with you this short animation for chapter 188 that I worked on in my free time since it came out. Please check out the video on YouTube for links to all the resources I used to put this together. 

P.S. Sorry for the quality in “animation” as it was more like image manipulation in Photoshop than actual animating. Also, sorry about the audio and resolution. It’s my first time making a video and as expected it’s pretty shitty.

19 Days by: Old Xian

Translations by: Yaoi-BLCD

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🐝 -Tag three friends and your three favorite things about them!
@mrolau You’re one of the few people I can gush about Code Geass to you’re an overall good guy and good friend!
@seeralvis another good friend of mine! I love your caring nature and how you are always willing to look out for others. You’re also super hilarious!
@lentranced even though we haven’t known each other long, you’re pretty cool! down with Tharja
@klefkitoyourheart I love our games of CAH, you have a wonderful sense of humor!
@rebel-titania you’re always ready with a cool YouTube video!
@bluejackals someone who feels my pain about shitty Heroes summons
@telethiaplume very quiet, but very funny! (lass uns in deutscher zeit reden!)
@monado-purge very loving and always has some quality cats on the dash!
(I know to tag 3, but I just love my friends ❤️)

🦄- List your three favorite things about yourself
I love my sense of humor, it’s essential for a good life!
I like my eyes, they’re kinda cool!

Thank you for the ask!

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So fam what about like shiro making makeup tutorials on YouTube when he was a teenager and like the rest of the paladins finding it. Just like the shitty quality camera footage from his bedroom of him just constructing the perfect cat eye.

There’s the awkward voice cracks and the awkward puberty periods of hands and feet being big and acne. Oh my gosh, acne. He’s got other videos about makeup stuff because acne is like the bane of every teenager in existence and it’s pretty legit.

And if Keith’s like his little foster or adopted brother, then imagine him occasionally popping up in videos for demonstrations and he gets all red and embarrassed right there with Shiro when the others show them these videos.

(Lance later insists on them teaching the others how to get that perfect cat eye look because he’s lowkey jealous.) 


I’m really sorry about the shitty quality of the video and the cover haha. (with headphones you might hear better)

It’s actually a song I find pretty hard to sing but I did my best. I’m more comfortable with other songs but I thought this one would be more suited for the blog ? I don’t know. Let me know I you wanna hear more covers or if you want me to stop singing forever haha


and its actually so cute it makes me tear up a little 
—-but it uploaded in shitty quality sooooo i’m pretty bummed about it but its still cute so watch it and tell me what ya think

love you sulsss


So this is the video I made that was a winner in the ChiCon music video contest. I used the song “Truce” by Twenty One Pilots and the song’s pretty sad, just as a warning ouo