but the video quality was pretty shitty


Hi, guys. I want to share with you this short animation for chapter 188 that I worked on in my free time since it came out. Please check out the video on YouTube for links to all the resources I used to put this together. 

P.S. Sorry for the quality in “animation” as it was more like image manipulation in Photoshop than actual animating. Also, sorry about the audio and resolution. It’s my first time making a video and as expected it’s pretty shitty.

19 Days by: Old Xian

Translations by: Yaoi-BLCD

Evening everyone! I bring to you more music!

Song: Unravel

Artist: TK from Ling Tosite Sigure

Anime: Tokyo Ghoul

for my dear friends @kenkanekisama and @y-u-na, I hope you guys like this~

enjoy!! (I always appreciate feedbacks/reblogs! Thank you all so much) (careful, mind the volume~)

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Hi Mimi! Do you where can I download the full Halloween party with BTS? My internet connection is pretty shitty so I can't watch it on vlive :(

You can download it using a video downloader online. 

  1. Copy the link from the Vlive of your choice (for your case this one HERE)
  2. Past that URL HERE
  3. Choose the video quality and download the subtitles

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If it is not clear or you still have some difficulty, send me another ask or DM me^^

you lose  ♢  source deactivated 

Amy’s 6th anniversary of her death is coming soon and I kind of want to do something “special”. Every year I make a couple of gifsets but this time I have no idea what to do. I feel like all of you are tired of the same gifs I post, but please take into consideration that most of Amy videos you can find on youtube are of very poor quality, and I don’t want to give you guys shitty edits.

I am pretty sure some of you might have some cool ideas so my blog is open to suggestions.

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kissasian, much like kissanime, is a pretty garbage website for 1) not only having worse video quality as a result of shitty compression but also because 2) it profits like crazy off of piracy with all of their ads. in addition to them profiting off of stolen content in the first place, they're also profiting off of fansubbers who do it for free and in some cases buy blurays and the like out of their own pocket just for kissasian/anime to make tons of money off of. tl;dr fuck kissasian

I never said I liked Kissasian, anon, relax yourself. It was just that if you were unable to torrent/download for some strange reason it was basically the only choice unless you went to some shady-ass site or hoped it was on Youtube.

Also fansubs are in and of themselves piracy so you kind of lose on that part of the argument wwwww 

Oh man. So, I’m going through some really old Kingdom Hearts (and other) AMVS I have on my Youtube, right? There’s literally an AMV on there from 10 years ago, which is so hilarious to me. That’s like a milestone. I was a 12 year old making AMVs, wtf. ANYWAY. 

They are so bad. LMAO. But I love how I can see the progression of my video editing as the years go on? It’s actually kind of cool. I mean, compare my oldest Kingdom Hearts AMV to my most recent Voltron AMV and it’s pretty funny. 

Old videos: Shitty quailty in literally every aspect (video quality especially and audio), no sense of timing, overabundance of effects, stupid video descriptions

New videos: HQ video clips, sense of timing, minimal and intentional effects with purpose, 1080 x 720.

It’s just so funny to me. IDEK MAN.

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So fam what about like shiro making makeup tutorials on YouTube when he was a teenager and like the rest of the paladins finding it. Just like the shitty quality camera footage from his bedroom of him just constructing the perfect cat eye.

There’s the awkward voice cracks and the awkward puberty periods of hands and feet being big and acne. Oh my gosh, acne. He’s got other videos about makeup stuff because acne is like the bane of every teenager in existence and it’s pretty legit.

And if Keith’s like his little foster or adopted brother, then imagine him occasionally popping up in videos for demonstrations and he gets all red and embarrassed right there with Shiro when the others show them these videos.

(Lance later insists on them teaching the others how to get that perfect cat eye look because he’s lowkey jealous.) 


and its actually so cute it makes me tear up a little 
—-but it uploaded in shitty quality sooooo i’m pretty bummed about it but its still cute so watch it and tell me what ya think

love you sulsss


I’m really sorry about the shitty quality of the video and the cover haha. (with headphones you might hear better)

It’s actually a song I find pretty hard to sing but I did my best. I’m more comfortable with other songs but I thought this one would be more suited for the blog ? I don’t know. Let me know I you wanna hear more covers or if you want me to stop singing forever haha