but the vid quality wasn't that great

anonymous asked:

Can i ask how you got his shair so shiny WITHOUT changing his haircolor from brown to black? How did you keep it brown but make it so shiny bc like when i color things it gets too dark / black-ish /post/162319434545

(anon from before) and I already use High quality vids like its not because of the quality.. its just whenever i color everything looks great but i cant get his hair so shiny and keep the same brown color

hmm i don’t really remember how i adjusted that gif since i didn’t save the psd. i don’t have a specific technique for keeping his hair shiny or anything but maybe it has to do with the way you sharpen your gifs?? i add a layer of diffusion and blur after i sharpen so that it isn’t so grainy and everything comes out smoother. since it gets too dark maybe try not to add too much black when selective colouring and instead using exposure to add extra depth to the gif so that you still maintain some of the natural colouring!!!!