but the truth is my favorite song

For Selene

I drove home in silence
My heart heavy with the thought
That cancer has robbed us both
We are now the fatherless
We share this same pain

She asked me if it ever gets better
My tongue could not lie
There is no comfort in condolences

I told her the truth
About how it never gets better
How it sometimes feels
Like it’s gotten worse
How a perfectly sunny day will crumble
To the melody in his favorite song
How cooking his favorite meals
Is an undiscovered struggle
How there are no words for this pain

I tell her you learn
To live around the hole of pain

You learn
How good you can become
At faking a smile

I am the one before the one.

It’s a role I’ve learned to accept.

I am the one who will overload your senses, I am far too much of everything, but you will try to encompass all that I am. I will be the one who teaches you exactly what you want from “the one.” With me you will see things as though the lights were turned too high on the dimmer so that you could only see me and the music too loud that you couldn’t quite hear anybody else. With the next girl you end up with she will shine just brightly enough that you will be able to see everything you couldn’t see with me and the volume of her music will not leave you deaf when the song ends.
I will help you grow by pushing you to the extent of your limit, I will call you out when you’re wrong, I will ask you to do a little better than last time, and I will love you with a love you didn’t even know could exist.
It will feel as though one hand I’ve given you to hold holds all the love in the world and the other holds the words my tongue lashes out with no filter. But with those hands you will learn both the love you deserve and how to finally not hold back how you truly feel. These hands will teach you to speak freely without fear of condemnation and condescending judgements. They will teach you to love and touch everything that you find beautiful as you pull your hands through her hair or frolic through a patch of flowers and pull the petals to your face to smell their fragrance.
You see after me, you’ll learn not only how to love yourself, but love her. She will tell you that she’s never experienced a love quite like yours and you’ll never tell the secret that you learned it from me.

You see, I am the one before the one.

But like that scar you got from scraping your knee on the climb up your favorite mountain, you won’t forget me.
When pieces of her emanate me, I will be present in the breath you hold in just a second too long at the memory of me, the sharp feeling on your tongue as you bite down as my name starts to slip through your mouth, the butterflies in your stomach as you remember the way my eyes lit up at your presence. Her smooth edges that represent who she is will often remind you of my jagged edges, the ones that cut you but you still loved to climb. And for all those moments you’re reminded of me, you’ll touch your knee and realize you hadn’t climbed your favorite mountain to your favorite view in a while. You’ll wonder if instead of the common smooth edged rock you’d found on the ground, the one you could buy for five dollars at your local farmers market, you could’ve had a fine cut diamond with jagged edges.
And as you look into her eyes and see your reflection you’ll wonder if the pressure of my love could’ve made you a diamond as well.

—  I am the one before the one
Send me numbers please

Send me some numbers yo, I’ll answer them all.

Please, I’m extremely bored. :)

  • 1:Name
  • 2:Age
  • 3:3 Fears
  • 4:3 things I love
  • 5:4 turn ons
  • 6:4 turn offs
  • 7:My best friend
  • 8:Sexual orientation
  • 9:My best first date
  • 10:How tall am I?
  • 11:What/Who do I miss?
  • 12:What time was I born?
  • 13:Favourite color
  • 14:Do I have a crush?
  • 15:Favourite quote
  • 16:Favourite place
  • 17:Favourite food
  • 18:Do I use sarcasm?
  • 19:What am I listening to right now?
  • 20:First thing I notice in a new person
  • 21:Shoe size
  • 22:Eye color
  • 23:Hair color
  • 24:Favourite style of clothing
  • 25:Ever done a prank call?
  • 27:Meaning behind my URL
  • 28:Favourite movie
  • 29:Favourite song
  • 30:Favourite band
  • 31:How I feel right now
  • 32:Someone I love
  • 33:My current relationship status
  • 34:My relationship with my parents
  • 35:Favourite holiday
  • 36:Tattoos and piercings i have
  • 37:Tattoos and piercings i want
  • 38:The reason I joined Tumblr
  • 39:Do I and my last ex hate each other?
  • 40:Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts?
  • 41:Have I ever kissed the last person you texted?
  • 42:When did I last hold hands?
  • 43:How long does it take me to get ready in the morning?
  • 44:Have you shaved your legs in the past three days?
  • 45:Where am I right now?
  • 46:If I were drunk and can’t stand, who’s taking care of me?
  • 47:Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
  • 48:Do I live with my Mom and Dad?
  • 49:Am I excited for anything?
  • 50:Do I have someone of the opposite sex I can tell everything to?
  • 51:How often do I wear a fake smile?
  • 52:When was the last time I hugged someone?
  • 53:What if the last person I kissed was kissing someone else right in front of me?
  • 54:Is there anyone I trust even though I should not?
  • 55:What is something I disliked about today?
  • 56:If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
  • 57:What do I think about most?
  • 58:What’s my strangest talent?
  • 59:Do I have any strange phobias?
  • 60:Do I prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?
  • 61:What was the last lie I told?
  • 62:Do I perfer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
  • 63:Do I believe in ghosts? How about aliens?
  • 64:Do I believe in magic?
  • 65:Do I believe in luck?
  • 66:What’s the weather like right now?
  • 67:What was the last book I’ve read?
  • 68:Do I like the smell of gasoline?
  • 69:Do I have any nicknames?
  • 70:What was the worst injury I’ve ever had?
  • 71:Do I spend money or save it?
  • 72:Can I touch my nose with a tongue?
  • 73:Is there anything pink within 10 ft from me?
  • 74:Favourite animal?
  • 75:What was I doing last night at 12 AM?
  • 76:What do I think is Satan’s last name is?
  • 77:What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?
  • 78:How can you win my heart?
  • 79:What would I want to be written on my tombstone?
  • 80:What is my favorite word?
  • 81:My top 5 blogs on tumblr
  • 82:If the whole world were listening to me right now, what would I say?
  • 83:Do I have any relatives in jail?
  • 84:What superpower would I have?
  • 85:What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
  • 86:What is my current desktop picture?
  • 87:Had sex?
  • 88:Bought condoms?
  • 89:Gotten pregnant?
  • 90:Failed a class?
  • 91:Kissed a boy?
  • 92:Kissed a girl?
  • 93:Have I ever kissed somebody in the rain?
  • 94:Had job?
  • 95:Left the house without my wallet?
  • 96:Bullied someone on the internet?
  • 97:Had sex in public?
  • 98:Played on a sports team?
  • 99:Smoked weed?
  • 100:Did drugs?
  • 101:Smoked cigarettes?
  • 102:Drank alcohol?
  • 103:Am I a vegetarian/vegan?
  • 104:Been overweight?
  • 105:Been underweight?
  • 106:Been to a wedding?
  • 107:Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
  • 108:Watched TV for 5 hours straight?
  • 109:Been outside my home country?
  • 110:Gotten my heart broken?
  • 111:Been to a professional sports game?
  • 112:Broken a bone?
  • 113:Cut myself?
  • 114:Been to prom?
  • 115:Been in airplane?
  • 116:Fly by helicopter?
  • 117:What concerts have I been to?
  • 118:Had a crush on someone of the same sex?
  • 119:Learned another language?
  • 120:Wore make up?
  • 121:Lost my virginity before I was 18?
  • 122:Had oral sex?
  • 123:Dyed my hair?
  • 124:Voted in a presidential election?
  • 125:Rode in an ambulance?
  • 126:Had a surgery?
  • 127:Met someone famous?
  • 128:Stalked someone on a social network?
  • 129:Peed outside?
  • 130:Been fishing?
  • 131:Helped with charity?
  • 132:Been rejected by a crush?
  • 133:Broken a mirror?
  • 134:What do I want for birthday?
  • 135:How many kids do I want and what will be their names?
  • 136:Was I named after anyone?
  • 137:Do I like my handwriting?
  • 138:What was my favourite toy as a child?
  • 139:Favourite Tv Show?
  • 140:Where do I want to live when older?
  • 141:Play any musical instrument?
  • 142:One of my scars, how did I get it?
  • 143:Favourite pizza toping?
  • 144:Am I afraid of the dark?
  • 145:Am I afraid of heights?
  • 146:Have I ever got caught sneaking out or doing anything bad?
  • 147:Have I ever tried my hardest and then gotten disappointed in the end?
  • 148:What I’m really bad at
  • 149:What my greatest achievements are
  • 150:What I’d do if I won the lottery
Have you been in a loop lately? Do you feel like you’ve been living the same day for months on end? It’s really not your fault, life tends to water us like we were meant to be more than just overgrown weeds waiting for the lawn to be mowed. It’s really not your fault, things will work out just fine if you take a second to ponder. Think about your many what if’s and what could’ve have been realities. It’s really not your fault, you’re allowed to cry. Do you ever wonder why the moon is constantly in a state of change? Or how the sun likes to sleep right when the party starts? It’s okay to feel alone, it’s okay to be weak every now and then, you are allowed to be human. Your soul demands it. It’s really not your fault, you’re just tired of the bullshit. So breathe in and breathe out. Your favorite people won’t leave without you. Your favorite song will still be your favorite song when you wake up from a long night. You are strong, you are going to be amazing some day. It’s really not your fault, the universe has a weird way to tell us hello. You get to have feelings for people that you shouldn’t. You get to have feelings for people who are no longer there. Although they’ve hurt you, once upon a time– they loved you. It’s really not your fault if you’re living in the past tense, just remember that your present is just as important. Your future is just a curious version of yourself waiting to burst into colors like a box of melted crayons sitting inside of a summer heated car. Do not be alarmed, you’re just melting. It’s okay to be colorful. It’s okay to properly deal with your hurt by eating your favorite ice cream. It’s really not your fault, they’re just learning too. It doesn’t matter if you start today, tomorrow, next week or next month– it’s just important that you start. And love does have a strange sense of humor, it was just a normal day, you just wanted to buy that new book that you’ve been anticipating for months. You get to fall in love with strangers. You get to start anew. No one’s going to judge you harder than yourself, so get used to loving that pretty smile. Get used to being happy. It starts when you’re ready, so like a masterpiece– you’ve been a blank canvas and the painting is already there, you just need to paint. Prepare your bristles and spray down your palette. You’re going to be someone’s somebody. Your voice will be their favorite song. Your skin will be their favorite chorus, how many times will you hold my hands today? Enough to speak the miracles into truths. Enough to spill ink around the moon. Mask the intensity with a splash of nervousness, won’t you let the real you come out to play? It’s really not your fault, you’re just you. As lovely as you have always been. As good as you’ll try. Arms stretched out to grab the sunrise, won’t you be my favorite rhythm tonight? The wolves will howl, the stars, they’ll shine. It was never our fault to live this life of ours, so go out and live it because you’re the only you that’ll ever happen today. As a matter of fact, it’s almost unbelievable that you’re here. Unique as they come. You’re like the sky, we’ll never experience the same sky twice. There will never, ever be another person like you on this earth ever again. I want to hug you good morning. I want to kiss you good night. So write these poems into your eyes and blink twice because life was meant to be nice, you were meant for this. Whatever your “this” is today, go out and do it. You were designed for this, from head to toe, you may fall, you may tip over, you may try to deny your own beauty– but the stars don’t lie, you were born from the very star that keeps you alive day after day. Don’t waste a single second living the same day over and over again. Wake up, you have changed. Each day bleeding into the next, you weren’t meant to be ran over by a lawn mower. You’re just waiting for the right person to dry press you into their journal. You’re just waiting for the right person to write about you. So I’m writing. And this? This isn’t your fault. We’re all built to be flawlessly flawed, beautifully beautiful, and enchantingly enchanting. It’s really not your fault that I’m writing about you. You needed this.
—  It’s really not your fault.
Send me a number
  • 1: Name
  • 2: Age
  • 3: 3 Fears
  • 4: 3 things I love
  • 5: My best friend
  • 6: How tall am I
  • 7: What/Who do I miss
  • 8: What time was I born
  • 9: Favourite color
  • 10: Favourite quote
  • 11: Favourite place
  • 12: Favourite food
  • 13: Do I use sarcasm
  • 14: What am I listening to right now
  • 15: Shoe size
  • 16: Eye color
  • 17: Hair color
  • 18: Favourite movie
  • 19: Favourite song
  • 20: Favourite band
  • 21: The reason I joined Tumblr
  • 22: Do I ever get “good morning” or “good night ” texts?
  • 23: Where am I right now?
  • 24: Do I like my music loud or at a reasonable level?
  • 25: Do I live with my Mom and Dad?
  • 26: How often do I wear a fake smile?
  • 27: If I could meet anyone on this earth, who would it be?
  • 28: What was the last lie I told?
  • 29: Do I perfer talking on the phone or video chatting online?
  • 30: What's the weather like right now?
  • 31: Do I have any nicknames?
  • 32: Can I touch my nose with a tounge?
  • 33: Is there anything pink in 10 feets from me?
  • 34: Favourite animal?
  • 35: What was I doing last night at 12 AM?
  • 36: What’s a song that always makes me happy when I hear it?
  • 37: What is my favorite word?
  • 38: My top 5 blogs on tumblr
  • 39: What would be a question I’d be afraid to tell the truth on?
  • 40: Failed a class?
  • 41: Been on the computer for 5 hours straight?
  • 42: Watched TV for 5 hours straight?
  • 43: Been outside my home country?
  • 44: Been in airplane?
  • 45: Learned another language?
  • 46: Dyed my hair?
  • 47: Rode in an ambulance?
  • 48: Stalked someone on a social network?
  • 49: Do I like my handwriting?
  • 50: Am I afraid of the dark?
  • 51: Am I afraid of heights?
  • 52: What do I like about myself
  • 53: My closest Tumblr friend
  • 54: Any question you'd like?
100 Personal Questions

Feel free to message me as many questions as you want!

  • 1. List 5 things you want to do before the year ends.
  • 2. What color are your pants?
  • 3. Favorite motivational quote.
  • 4. When was the last time you drank coffee?
  • 5. What was the last thing you ate?
  • 6. Favorite animal.
  • 7. Favorite song.
  • 8. Last movie you watched?
  • 9. Any turn ons?
  • 10. Any turn offs?
  • 11. List 4 big words off of the top of your head.
  • 12. What are some meaningful movies?
  • 13. 2 most important people in your life right now?
  • 14. What are 3 things you want to do before the month ends?
  • 15. When was the last time you read a good book?
  • 16. How long do you study for usually, if you study?
  • 17. Do you have any nicknames?
  • 18. Favorite kind of perfume? (fruity, alluring, etc.)
  • 19. Do you have any international friends / friends who live out of state?
  • 20. What is something unique that you do every single day?
  • 21. If there was a movie based on your life, what would it be called?
  • 22. When was the last time you bought a gift for someone?
  • 23. Are you a shopaholic?
  • 24. What are some songs that always make you feel better?
  • 25. List 3 activities that you can only enjoy by yourself.
  • 26. If you could live in any biome (and survive) which biome would you live in?
  • 27. How do you like being roused in the morning?
  • 28. How was your day? What did you do?
  • 29. What did your last text message say?
  • 30. Do you respond to texts quickly?
  • 31. Who was the last person you called?
  • 32. List 5 things that are on your wish list.
  • 33. If you were famous, what do you think you would be famous for?
  • 34. Winter or summer?
  • 35. What is a quality that all people should have?
  • 36. If you could have a large collection of one item, what would that item be?
  • 37. What have you been thinking about lately?
  • 38. What is the secret to a happy life?
  • 39. What are some phrases you say often?
  • 40. Favorite food?
  • 41. List 3 wishes.
  • 42. What are some of your greatest fears?
  • 43. What is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
  • 44. Most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen (in real life)?
  • 45. Spicy food:Like or dislike?
  • 46. Scary movies:Like or dislike?
  • 47. Do you like to travel?
  • 48. Any regrets?
  • 49. Do you like rain?
  • 50. What do you spend most of your money on?
  • 51. Would you rather visit the past or the future?
  • 52. Favorite clothing store?
  • 53. What is the best advice you can give to those who are feeling down?
  • 54. How often do you think about your future? Does it scare you?
  • 55. What angers you the most?
  • 56. When was the last time you got majorly angry?
  • 57. When was the last time you got really sad?
  • 58. Are you good at lying?
  • 59. What foreign language would you like to learn?
  • 60. How many languages can you speak and what are they?
  • 61. How often do you go to parties? If you don’t, what do you do instead?
  • 62. What books do you plan to read this year?
  • 63. Do you have breakfast every morning?
  • 64. Tell us a secret.
  • 65. How many concerts have you been to?
  • 66. Last hug?
  • 67. Who knows you better than anyone else?
  • 68. Baths or showers?
  • 69. Do you think you’re ambitious?
  • 70. What song is stuck in your head?
  • 71. Countries you’ve visited?
  • 72. What do you most value in your friends?
  • 73. What helps you to sleep better?
  • 74. What is the most money you have ever held in your hand?
  • 75. What makes you nervous?
  • 76. What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?
  • 77. Is it easier to forgive or forget?
  • 78. First mobile phone?
  • 79. Strangest dream?
  • 80. Best dream?
  • 81. Who is the smartest person you know?
  • 82. Who is the prettiest person on tumblr?
  • 83. Do you miss anyone right now?
  • 84. Who do you love? Why?
  • 85. Do you like sharing?
  • 86. What was the last picture you took with your phone?
  • 87. Is there a reason behind everything that happens?
  • 88. Favorite genre of music?
  • 89. If you had one word to describe yourself, what would it be?
  • 90. Describe your life in 5 words.
  • 91. Describe the world in 4 words.
  • 92. Craziest thing you’ve ever done?
  • 93. First three songs in your favorite playlist?
  • 94. Are you more creative or logical?
  • 95. Would you rather lie or hurt someone with the truth?
  • 96. What are you most proud of?
  • 97. What personality trait do you admire in other people?
  • 98. When you imagine yourself as really, really relaxed and happy, what are you doing?
  • 99. How do you usually start a conversation?
  • 100. What is the best news you could hear right now?
my favorite lyrics from every dear evan hansen song

anybody have a map?: “i’m kinda coming up empty, can’t find my way to you” // “’cause the scary truth is i’m flying blind and i’m making this up as i go” 

waving through a window: “give them no reason to stare, no slipping up if you slip away” // “on the outside, always looking in, will i ever be more than i’ve always been?” // “can anybody see? is anybody waving back at me?” // “when you’re falling in a forest, and there’s nobody around, do you ever really crash or even make a sound? did i even make a sound? it’s like i never made a sound, will i ever make a sound?”

for forever: “all we see is sky for forever, let the world pass by for forever, feels like we could go on for forever this way” // “and i see him coming to get me, he’s coming to get me, and everything’s okay”

sincerely, me: “kiNKY”

requiem: “cause when the villians fall, the kingdoms never weep” // “after all you put me through, don’t say it wasn’t true, cause you were not the monster that i knew”

if i could tell her: “but we’re a million worlds apart, and i don’t know how i would even start” // “but what do you do when there’s this great divide, and what do you do when the distance is too wide”

disappear: “If you never get around to doing some remarkable thing, that doesn’t mean that you’re not worth remembering” // “no one deserves to be forgotten, no one deserves to fade away” // “no one should flicker out or have any doubt that it matters that they aren’t here”

you will be found: “have you ever felt like you could disappear, like you could fall and no one would hear” // “maybe there’s a reason to believe you’ll be okay” // “even when the dark comes crashing through, when you need a friend to carry you, when you’re broken and on the ground, you will be found” // “if you only say the word, across the silence, your voice is heard”

to break in a glove: “it takes a little patience, it takes a little time, a little perseverance, a little uphill climb” // “you do the hard thing, and that’s the right thing”

only us: “i don’t need you to sell me on reasons to want you, i don’t need you to search for the proof that i should” // “and the rest of the world falls away” // “if you like me for me and nothing else, well, that’s all that i’ve wanted for longer that you could possibly know”

good for you: “are they giving you a world i could never provide” // “and you play who you need to play, and if somebody’s in your way, crush them and leave them behind” // “stop it, stop it, just let me out!” // “so you got what you always wanted”

words fail: “no, i’d rather pretend i’m something better than these broken parts, pretend I’m something other than this mess that i am, ‘cause then i don’t have to look at it” // “'cause what if everyone saw? what if everyone knew?would they like what they saw? or would they hate it too?” // “all i ever do is run, so how do i step in… step into the sun?”

so big/so small: “and i knew there would be moments that i’d miss, and i knew
there would be space i couldn’t fill, and i knew i’d come up short a million different ways, and i did, and i do, and i will” // “your mom isn’t going anywhere
your mom will stay right here, no matter what”

finale: because today, today at least you’re you and, that’s enough” // “all I see is sky for forever”

I know that this is going to do some damage, but we both have to go through with it. I’ve been keeping this underneath my skin for far too long, do you still remember the words to my favorite song? Do you still remember the first words we shared? You used to love everything about me, baby, where did we go wrong? You no longer look at me with such eyes, do you have someone else in mind? Maybe it’s me. Maybe I’m the one to blame. Feelings like to flicker like a star with a OCD, if I feel you in my heart enough times– do you think we’d bleed the same? Keep those butterflies alive for another second, keep the lights off for another moment, whisper our thoughts into centuries lost to the truth, anxiety strikes like lightning and it’s always in the same spot– do you still believe in love? I’ve loved you, I’ve loved you, I’ve loved you, I’ve loved you, I’ve loved you, I’ve loved you. If I say it enough, do you think time will sort out the complexity of loving you? You know something? You put me on such a high pedestal, darling, I’ve fallen and I’m forsaking you. Sometimes angels come with wings made from clouds and halos made from soft gold, but I come in the shape of pain– if I leave you tomorrow, promise me that you’ll love another some day. Promise me.
—  Can you write something about not wanting to break someone’s heart but you have to because you think it’s what’s best for them?

she remembered
french vanilla coffee,
favorite songs playing,
tender, sweet kisses,
and whispered,
secret nothings.

she remembered
lazy days
cozy nights,
walks in the park
strolls along the shores.

she yearned for
that time she had felt
longing, belonging
and loving,
feelings of
security and

she missed her
she loved her
and she would
never forget
those young, wild
hopeful days she
had spent with her.

she could not
see it yet,
the truth of that
pain inside was
still not set,

but in her we knew,
like others always do,
that she was
beautiful, brave,
and despite it all
would grow,
learn from it all,
and pull through.

—  for a friend [I believe in her] (5/21/17), thekaijusleeps

anonymous asked:

Do you have any examples handy of Liam making up new harmonies during OTRA that you mentioned a few days ago?

Yes of course I do! The truth is, you can watch any performance from any 1D live show and hear Liam doing some cool note changes and/or adding in some sweet harmonies, because he’s just that good. I’ve included videos from TMH and WWA as well.

He especially likes to show off his falsetto harmonies in the choruses of songs. One of the things I like about him doing this is that he doesn’t overdo it, you know? And if anybody has examples of Liam’s added harmonies and awesomeness, please add them!!!!! I can only add five videos to this post but there’s SO MANY.

One of my favorites! Harmonizing flawlessly, note changes, and helping out Niall, all in a span of 4 minutes. (Little Things, TMH Los Angeles I believe?):

Here’s Liam showing off with Zayn. (Moments, WWA Washington DC):

My favorite performance at my favorite OTRA show. Great note changes and harmonies. They’re a bit hard to hear but this is the best audio I could find where the video wasn’t completely Harry-focused. (Through the Dark, OTRA Baltimore):

Listen to him harmonizing with Harry on the second and third choruses, as well as killing Zayn’s second solo. (Night Changes, OTRA Brussels):

And a compilation because honestly there’s so many incredible Liam vocals through the years and I can only add five videos to this post. A lot of these are just great vocal moments with note changes and not necessarily new harmonies, but there are some great harmonies in there too. His falsetto during Night Changes at the very end is just to die for:

I can’t add any more videos but I suggest also looking up any live performance of Fireproof, You & I, More Than This, and any instance where he does covers of other songs, because he always manages to put a unique spin on them.

A Response to Officer D.Va “Controversy”.

Alright, seeing as how people are shockingly offended by the Officer D.Va skin, I thought I would chime in on the controversy that now surrounds my favorite Overwatch character.

Let’s start by listing the reasons why you being offended is completely UNJUST:

A.) Hana “D.Va” Song is a 19 year old South Korean gamer who works for the South Korean military division know as MEKA.

Note: NOWHERE in her lore does it state she is Korean-American, or that she works for any branch of the American government. And while she operates for Overwatch, it is NOT an American military organization, rather a FICTITIOUS version of the United Nations.

B.) In South Korea, the Police force is another branch of the military, that many South Korean men join in order to AVOID being shipped off to war.

Note: South Korea is a relatively PEACEFUL country, as will be brought up in the next bullet point.

C.) South Korea is the poster child for PEACEFUL protest, and as such do not face the adversity of police brutality, cultural appropriation, or racism.

Note: South Korea is noted to have an incredibly low crime rate, DESPITE being on the border of the incredibly hostile and Communist North Korea.

D.) Overwatch is a video game that takes place on a FICTITIOUS Earth, in a FICTITIOUS future, with FICTITIOUS politics. That celebrates diversity with a vast array of characters from different backgrounds, genders, races, sexual preferences, etc.

Note: Why would a game that has been celebrated for it’s free willingness to acknowledge and celebrate diversity be an okay outlet to push the controversy of racial crimes in?

E.) By pushing AMERICAN political movements such as Black Lives Matter into a game like Overwatch, and more specifically onto a character who was NOT born or living in America, YOU ARE culturally appropriating the South Korean people, which in itself is RACIST.

F.) NOT every single American police officer is bad, in fact, most are GOOD. Like any organization, there are bad eggs mixed in with the good. While Police brutality is an issue I cannot stand for, we must stop with this notion that every single police officer in the world is out to kill minorities.

Learn to discern reality from fiction people, You’re only holding yourselves back by not learning this.

Truth Or Dare

Hope this isn’t too bad, thanks for requesting :)

Warnings- hella fluff

You and Peter sit in a circle on the ground outside the school with Jubilee, Jean, Kurt, and Scott. Peter is laying his head on your lap while twiddling his thumbs in boredom, and you’re resting your hands against the scratchy grass, peering up at the blue sky. You and Peter have been best friends since you joined Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. You remember how you met like it was yesterday, you were in the hallway, touring the school with Jean and Jubilee, when the speedster came barreling down the hall, paying no mind to his surroundings. He crashed into you, hurdling his earbuds across the hall, landing next to where you sat. You heard the song Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics blasting through the bare speakers. That was one of your favorite songs, so you pretty much instantly bonded with the silver-haired Quickster, even though he completely swept you off your feet… literally. After that you slowly began falling for him, rather hardcore.
“Guys, you know what’d be really fun!” shouts Jubilee enthusiastically.
You all look at her wearily in sync, waiting for her brilliant idea.
“Let’s play truth or dare” she elates, practically bouncing up from her place on the ground.
“I dunno, Jubs, remember how that went last time…the pole…the ice…my tongue” Scott sighs.
“Oh c’mon! Y/N hasn’t gotten to play with us yet, it’ll be better than just sitting around doing nothing” Jubilee states, crossing her arms over her chest.
“I’m in” Peter says in his usual “I’m a total stud” voice.
“Jean, Kurt?” Jubilee smirks.
They both exchange looks then nod at her in approval.
“Sorry, Scott, you’re over ruled” Jubilee rubs in his face.
Scott huffs and scoots closer into the circle.
“You get to go first, Y/N, since you’ve never played with us before” Jean says “Truth or dare?”
“Hmm, dare” you say languidly.
“I dare you to go and give Professor X this number for a toupee salesman” she says with a giggle.
You gulp nervously and laugh “Okay.”
You pick up the business card and walk over to Professor X and wait for him to finish speaking to the student he’s helping.
“Y/N! How are you enjoying the school?” he says with a smile, making you feel bad about what is about transpire.
“Er, fine… here you go” you say, quickly handing him the card and walking away abruptly. You can see your friends bursting into laughter in the distance.
“You should have seen his face!” Jean wheezes from laugher, holding her stomach.
“Okay Peter, your turn” Jubilee says, her voice resuming seriousness “truth or dare?”
“Psh, dare, obviously” he says, confidently, making you smile to yourself.
The group all exchange looks with Jean and giggle. Pete begins to look nervous.
Jean clears her throat and attempts to pull off a straight face, “I dare you to ask out Y/N.”
Your eyes widen and you swallow loudly. Peter pauses and evidently stops breathing momentarily. He doesn’t make eye contact with you at all and stares at Jean like his life is flashing before his eyes.
“We’re waiting, Quickie, go for it” Jubilee sasses.
Peter turns to you and makes a look as if he’s asking for your approval. You nod your head and he scoots in closer. “So, Y/N, do you wanna like… ya know?” he says in the best cool voice he can make.
“I don’t think she does know, Peter” Scott teases.
Peter blushes and sighs. “Y/N, will you go out with me?”
You feel your cheeks heat up immediately. The boy you’ve liked for months just asked you out, is this even real?
“Of course, Quickster” you say shyly, hugging him tightly, hiding your inevitable smile in his silver jacket. You can feel him smiling too, and that alone makes you the happiest person alive. Peter Maximoff is smiling because of you.

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  • Normal people: my favorite character won the spelling bee and is always kind and bakes cookies and is super smart and is always trying to be helpful. They are just great.
  • Me: *favorite characters are rude, awkward, insane, PTSD riddled, mass murderers, womanizers, freaks, several literally tried to be god, have a general depression about life, I could go on*

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Only One: Chapter One

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Tags: +18 / body insecurities / fatphobia and prejudice against fat people / cheating / smut / angst / original character / MC POV (plus sized woman)

Featuring: Park Jaebeom (Jay Park, AOMG)

Writer: rolliepollieyeolie // chanyeolspeach on wattpad

Word count: 1783

Comments: This is the first chapter to what I’m hoping to be a continuing series/story. It starts out kind of corny, but soon it will take some twists that I hope everyone will like (or dislike).I hope you all enjoy this. Please reblog and like if you would like me to continue this. 10 REBLOGS FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER!!

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As promised, we’ve got some videos of the show for all you Adventurekateers old and new! We’ll be starting with just some musical numbers, but I’ll post a video of the full show when I have it. The sound quality is not the best, I’m afraid, but I trust you can see what a great time our performers had. 

Don’t forget, if this almost aggressively amateur video isn’t enough, we have another post here with some excellent professional photos!

First up, there’s the Sparks Nevada theme song. You also get the tail end of On With The Show. 

Then we take you out to the Red Plains (Well, not that red, I have a small stage and a fondness for minimalist sets) for “Written in the Stars”. 

From a happy couple to one not so much, here’s the second verse through the end of “Gettin’ Nowhere Fast”. This little bit contains my favorite joke in the show.

And you know we just HAD to pay tribute to our fictional sponsor, which is why we closed Act 1 with a word from @workjuice Coffee. BOW BEFORE YOUR KING AND HIS CAFFEINE-RICH MAJESTY!

For a little bit of every song in the show, check out The Wedding Medley. Featuring all the Mutantes and killer robots you want. Just like everyone dreams of at their wedding. 

And finally, as any good Adventurekateer knows, the only way to properly send off a performance is with this simple truth: LOVE AIN’T NO BILLY GOAT. 

Sparks Nevada created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker 
Music by Andy Paley
Lyrics by Acker and Blacker & Andy Paley
Sparks Nevada’s Theme by Eban Schletter
Love Ain’t No Billy Goat by Jonathan Coulton 

Nadeshiko Glass Cannon : Story of Hirate Yurina (平手友梨奈)

Today marks the day of Keyakizaka major debut. 6 April 2016, 20 girls were introduced to the press to become Nogizaka sister group. What kind of music they would produce, what kind of appeal they would develop to grow a fanbase, all was unknown. Among those girls stood a rather young and plain one, wearing a mushroom haircut. With a calm and poised speech, she declared her will to do her best on behalf of the group. Little did we know that she would become the unmovable center of Keyakizaka. The further we dove into her world, the more questions roses. Just who is Hirate Yurina? But this is precisely her appeal : this mysterious side of her. Fans wants to know more about her, and for each layer of her personality lifted, the more fascinating she become.

“Techi” comes from her name “hirate” (平手)and friendly suffixe “chan”. To make it more original, “Hirate-chan” became “Hiratechi” then “Techi”. Credit to  @yurina46tento.

Prior to their first release, Silent Majority, there was roughly 2-3 months of introduction during “Keyakitte, Kakenai?” their regular variety show. Hirate isn’t the extrovert kind of girl, and started the series as very quiet and humble. This shyness is quite understandable after all, this is the first time most of the girls step into the idol world. You could catch sparkles of excitement from her when MC (Tsuchida & Sawabe) talked about japanese comedians (she’s fond of them), but overall she was just waiting for the two host to ask her questions and react from it. It can be seen as passive. Furthermore, her lack of reactivity encouraged Tsuchida to tease her in some extent. It is true that, at the beginning, Yurina was intimidated.

A girl whose hobby is to listen to music, who practice basketball as main club activity, and dislike haunted house. Techi’s profile is not what you could call uncommon. To be honest, with girls with unexpected skills like Horsemanship or past modeling work, Yurina comes pretty average. But is it really a rebuke? To be reserved makes the girls look cute and innocent (and thus explain why people want to tease them). Granted, she is not creating opportunities of wide laughter in the studio like Oda Nana or Ozeki Rika, but many times her airheadness brought comical situation and liven up the mood. For example, when doing the monomane of GO!Minagawa (a comedian) she was the only one who accompanied the move with his “sound” signature, making her embarassed.

The innocence of a 14 years old, makes her lovely. It could be just that, but fate was preparing a different path for her. TAKAHIRO-sensei, the main choregrapher of the group, had authority of the first senbatsu choice as he was in charge of Silent Majority dance. And while Techi ability to dance and facial expression weren’t outstanding, he felt Yurina’s strong feeling toward her dear Keyakizaka, and his intuition lead him to chose her as Keyakizaka first center. From there, early fans witnessed a change. The change.

“At crossroads brimming with people, where will you go? (Being washed away) Wearing the same clothes, wearing the same expression…”  

Silent Majority, the first and most well known track of Keyakizaka. A rugged location, filled with an heavy atmosphere where girls in military outfits shout their opposition to a crooked society of hypocrite adults. This powerful message, needed the appropriate attitude to be conveyed accurately. Techi did better than that; she traded her feeble character and became an avatar of rebellion. Her grip exploding in strength, her stare you can’t escape from, and sharp moves made people forget she was only 14. Despite her discrete debut on Keyakitte, she turned out to be a formidable vessel to deliver the meaning of the song.

Was it thanks to an incredible amount of training? Sometime it’s about something else too. In Sekai ni wa Ai Shikanai, there was this particular shoot where the MV producer had to screen the girls at the Gymnasium, the choregraphy sequence in particular. While the girls started moving, Techi was remaining still, fixing her hands. “what is she doing?” he thought. Because she was supposed to move at the same time as the girls. And when asked, Techi said “i realized how grateful i was to be part of them, and wanted to picture it deep in my memories”. After consideration, the producer noticed that standing still when everyone else was moving, naturally created a focus on her. Also, her smile toward Yonetani nanami felt natural and expressed this very gratitude she talked about, making the scene soothing. He then decided to keep it.

If a song is bland and plain, to be cute or excellent in dancing won’t change anything. But when the song has the potential to be a tube, it’s important to choose someone who has the style/character that fits the song to release his full potential. Yurina has this particulary skill to “understand” a song. Listening the track over and over, feeling the emotion rushing in her mind, and finally embodying it. In Futari saison, each performance is different. Whenever she’s happy, and look at her comrades dearly, her dance will become lively. If she’s feeling down, her solo will have a tormented feeling on it.

“People often say they want to see the past me, but past is past, and all I can do now is now.”  -Hirate Yurina

There’s a theory that seeks to explain why Yurina did so well as Silent Majority center. An answer to where she draws all her bottomless energy. In a song that express anger, rebellion and freedom, the best way to convey those feelings is to actually have lived it in the past. This theory rose when fans noticed that during Yurina’s “jibun history” (my story) instead of taking pictures of her younger self or family, she’d prefered to talk about her favorite comedian duos. To incarnate “the girl in the train”, people speculated her past hid somber events that caused this emptiness within her. All in all, the reason why she fits so much in songs about pain and suffering is simply because she’s hurt as well. What makes her want to run forward so much, if not to run from a painful past?

The truth is, i was also fascinated by this theory. I wanted to know Techi’s past. However, i also realized that adhering to this theory was also comforting myself in what i wanted Techi to be : the girl from the train. But Techi is Techi, and the gloomy girl from the Yamanotesen and her are two different person. Hirate Yurina has this burning desire to change because deep inside her, she wants to live a fulfilling life. And by that, it means to live any kind of experience, to the fullest. Her way to apprehend a song is the same way she apprehend her life : She lives it and grows from it. The Yurina during the first Silent majority performance is not the same Yurina during Kouhaku utagassen. The yurina from the past is not the same Yurina as now.

And this is striking at how we also perceive idols. Fans knows : Stereotypes picture the idol genre as sub-music making money out of girl’s cuteness and innocence over delusional single middle aged japanese men. But the truth is, Idols are just the reflect of mankind : girls who want to find their way, who they are, through a bumpy road with many obstacles along the way. Instead of crying over their fate, they work for a way out. Even if there’s no guaranteed success, even if it’s painful, the girls show lot of courage and move forward. Yurina, with all her workload, opportunities, and newfound nakamas, embrace everything to grow and get stronger. This courage inspire me to do my best. Supporting her, is like supporting myself. By being courageous facing the future, she became a great idol. By being herself, she became a great individual being.  

“Backstage, Yurina is all lively and kiddy. But when the times come to perform, she switch on to Keyakizaka Ace. It gives me goosebumps” - Imaizumi Yui

Nadeshiko is an ancient japanese word for “loveable girl”. Glass canon is a gaming vocabulary that define someone with high attack/damage but weak defense. Yurina proved many times she had great mental resilience (able to perform 10 songs+ in ariake colosseum), although she also stated many times she doesn’t consider herself as “able” to perform as Keyakizaka unmovable center. A self criticism very severe, implying her power unleashed during performance lean on frailness of mind. She did thought of quitting, and with her young age, it can’t be helped to be inexperienced. A giant of paper, who risk of consuming itself if not able to manage his energy properly.

Center is a lonely place. Despite the light of the spotlight, the 0 position is actually a dark ceiling, where mistakes are prohibited, where there’s the most pressure. But I beg to differ, Keyakizaka is not all about Hirate Yurina. Those many hands bolstering her back, this warmth surrounding her, is what makes her keep going. Those experiences she mentioned earlier, are also meetings. Coming across her newfound nakamas changed her life. Moriya Akane with whom she can act like a spoiled child, Suzumoto Miyu with whom she can share her everyday life, and Nagahama Neru with whom she can confess her worries. Being around her friends, is also where Techi is in her most natural state. Her teammates put her at ease, as well as being fuel for doing her best.

Earlier we supposed Techi drew her energy from pain. My new theory, or faith, is that Techi draw her bottomless energy from gratitude. Even though she has been pro active to make things work, she always have this kind humility toward what the present brings to her, like american family who thanks God for the food. Doing her activities to the fullest, not wasting one bit of energy, is a way to express her gratitude toward the staff, her friends, and family. This is also Keyakizaka motto: humility, kindness, and bonds.

“She looks so serious and cool on Stage, but she did also pranked me when i was sleeping! And used a scooter in Handshake even though Staff forbid it! And…” - Suzumoto Miyu

There’s no “true” Yurina. No character, no fake attitude. The girl who entered Keyakizaka “in order to change”, like a diamond glass half-full, half-empty, has finally become whole by focusing on “becoming” instead of “being”. To follow Yurina, is like walking on a journey where each day is a surprise. Because we don’t know which Yurina will come up next. The 48group is about “Idols you can meet”. What if the secret motto is “idol you can see grow”? If that the case, Techi, from the very fiber of her being and will, incarnate those words.

A courageous girl, not naive but conscious, fragile but resolute, sometimes childish but always grateful. It isn’t this oversimplification where an Ace is a girl with perfect dance, singing or comical abilities. Techi has qualities and imperfection as well, but it’s how she faces it with a brave heart that makes her incredibly beautiful and interesting. All in all, her ability to absorb, convey, sublimate Keyakizaka46 songs justify her position of Ace. The potential of Yurina might look like exceptionnal, but is it really relevant, since what she’s only doing, is being herself? Maybe she just excels at… being human.


  • Psychic: *reads my mind
  • My mind: Fast food
  • Greasy
  • Taco
  • I love
  • Nacho bell grande
  • Cheesy gordita
  • I like your nachos
  • Like diarrhea
  • Man I really like
  • Taco bell
  • I know I can't
  • Watch you make my food
  • Drop on the floor
  • I think it's rude
  • Man I really like
  • Taco bell
  • [Chorus: ]
  • Here's to the Mexican
  • Who makes me my food (me gusta)
  • How is that I just ate
  • Now I have to poop
  • Fast food
  • Greasy
  • Taco
  • I love
  • Food like this
  • Could only come
  • From above [x2]
  • [Jay Joseph: ]
  • Robbed a taco store and asked them for a refill
  • Hey this is JRizzle
  • Listen up all y'all
  • I'm winning tacos just because of this gumball
  • I put chalupas where my mouth is
  • So watch this
  • Because I'm the dopest rapper
  • That you've ever messed with
  • Sir, welcome to Taco Bell
  • May I take your order
  • Yeah can I have a big mac and a pepsi
  • Sir we don't sell big macs
  • And some chicken nuggets
  • We don't have chicken nuggets either
  • Sauce!
  • T-A-C-O B-E double L
  • The cashier's name is Omar Vizquel
  • People always
  • Persecute me
  • But I know they'll die
  • For eating Chipotle
  • How is it that you
  • Could hate
  • Good old taco bell
  • And how is it that you
  • Could like Chipotle
  • We walked into the Taco Bell
  • Because I was craving some crunchy shell
  • The man behind the counter said oopah (oopah)
  • I was flying as high as a kite
  • And I looked up to my delight
  • They were having a special on chalupas
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • And as you know there was a man
  • Who preached the truth
  • On rock and sand
  • And Jesus won't hold your sins to you
  • And we all know that he broke the bread
  • But I know that St. Peter said
  • That his favorite food was chalupas
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • My chalupa
  • I love this song
  • Beef
  • It's a good song
  • And Cheese
  • Beef and cheese
  • Beef and cheese yeah
  • Beef and cheese in a taco shell yeah
  • Beef and cheese in a taco shell
  • Take that it'll make you fat
  • We got the stuff that'll make your booty go
  • Take that it'll make you fat
  • We got the stuff that'll make your booty go
  • Take that it'll make you fat
  • We got the stuff that'll make your booty go
  • Take that it'll make you fat
  • We got the stuff that'll make your booty go
  • Beef and cheese
  • Beef and cheese
  • And lettuce
  • Beef and cheese
  • Beef and cheese
  • And lettuce
  • Beef and cheese
  • Beef and cheese
  • Okay
  • And lettuce
  • Beef and beef and cheese
  • Now is the time
  • That we end this song
  • Without tacos
  • Life would be wrong
  • Man I really love taco bell
  • Michael was right
  • Tacos are great
  • If you're real hungry
  • They're open real late
  • Man I really love taco bell
  • [Chorus]
  • I'm full
  • So dude there's these two black guys in a bar
  • Hey shh we're still recording
  • [Unintelligible burps and noises and laughing]
  • Psychic: what the fuck


It was about touring and girlfriends and love and everything that’s been important to us in the past few years. There’s a line in the song that goes, ‘I know the world’s a broken bone, but melt your headaches, call it home.’ I told Brendon (Urie, lead singer) to pay special attention to that line.

Ryan Ross to Rolling Stone, April 3, 2008

Look, there’s a reason most Panic fans get really, really emotional about “Northern Downpour”. The first, I think, is that it calls invariably a kind of Utopian pre-split Panic to mind; the melody was written by Jon, and the words are Ryan’s, with Brendon and Ryan alternating on the album version, but in performance, it becomes about the whole band. Take a minute to watch this performance and pay special attention to the end: everyone sings. You are at the top of my lungs, drawn to the ones who never yawn. 

It’s collaboration, in the way Panic got it briefly, fleetingly, wonderfully right during Pretty. Odd. “Mad As Rabbits” actually does much of the same work, but it doesn’t have the same resonance within the fandom. After all, the exclusive fanclub (analogous to TAI’s “Santi’s Little Helpers” or Fall Out Boy’s “Overcast Kids”) was called “Northern Downpour.” 

Interestingly, Jon was reluctant initially to share the song with the band. In this track-by-track review by Ryan and Brendon, the two of them again reinforced the importance of the track to the project of the band (emphasis mine):

Ryan: For me, I remember Jon sending me the idea for that song, and he never thought it was very good. And I always loved it.

Brendon: It’s kind of a Jon Walker tune that we all kinda loved.

Ryan: The melody is Jon’s, and I wrote the lyrics for it, but he wrote even the chorus melody. The sugarcane part. So yeah, Jon wrote some really great melodies on that, and i just wanted it to be as simple as possible as far as the arrangement, because I think the melody and the lyric are just really the focal point of the song. It’s got some of my favorite lines on it, like the um, the world’s a broken bone, melt your headaches call it home. Some of the stuff that I thought actually had something important to say. That’s one of our most grown-up songs, I guess.

Northern Downpour,” then, effectively becomes a summation of what the Pretty. Odd. era Panic project is about–beautiful melodies, collaborative writing, innovative instrumentation, and letting the lyrics fall organically into the music rather than trying to wrangle melodies around them. The lyrics become increasingly obscure, even on this track, with moments of bare, emotional truth–to use Ryan’s words, having “something important to say.” And the important thing is to accept that the world is broken and imperfect, but to let go of fretting about that, to love it anyway.

Like, there’s a reason Brendon doesn’t play this song live anymore, and there’s a reason in this video (which broke your heart if you were in 2011-ish Panic fandom, don’t even lie) he cracks on melt your headaches, call it home.