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Heyho you Sweet Buns x3! Can I request a scenario with some jealous Bokuto and short, little chubby fem!s/o? Where she mistakes flirting from strangers with simple kindness and flirts back but didn't really notice that because (1/2)

(2/2) she thought it’s obvious that her attention and heart only belongs to the owl boy and Bokuto get’s all flustered and happy when she’s telling him that after he act weird because of his jealousy?  You are awesome writers btwand so cute and kind!

I think I’ve actually requested something like this on another blog, but it had to do with Tsukkii getting jealous…. And it involved Tendou lmao Always fun! Anyway!! DID YOU GUYS SEE THE RECENT CHAPTER??? BOKUTO IS BACK, BABY!!!! *cries some more* Anyway, I hope you like what I’d come up for you, also I couldn’t think of how to incorporate the fluffy attribute of the s/o, so I kind of left it up for your imagination :D! Thanks for requesting! -Admin Satori <3

Bokuto Koutarou:

Nationals. Every victor team of every prefecture was present in the large auditorium.

And you would have been lost among the crowd if it weren’t for your hand being enveloped by your boyfriend’s large hand. He walked ahead of you, your intertwined hands in between the both of you, as he made the way through the crowed over to where Kuroo had texted him he’d be. You’d been bumped into anyway though, Bokuto’s broad chest could only make way for a few seconds before the people on either side would step back where they had been before he’d walked through. You didn’t get upset though, since you understood that you were far smaller than their line of sight.

You couldn’t help but laugh softly when Bokuto let go of your hand to run at Kuroo, practically breaking his friend’s back as he jumped in his arms. You walked over to them, but didn’t invade their bubble.

“And who are you? Cute little girl walking around here unattended?” A deep voice asked from behind you, a second voice seconding their interest. You turned around, but had to crane your neck to be able to see their faces, “Ohhh… She’s even cuter when she’s facing us.” One of them commented, leaning down so he was face to face with you.

“What’s your name, cutie?” The other guy asked, standing just to the left of the one leaning down to your level.

Maybe they’d seen you hanging around the Fukurodani team, and they wanted to get the inside scoop of the team. Maybe the just wanted to know why a nonplayer was in the middle of all these teams. You smiled up at them, thinking their intentions were nothing but friendly, “Oh, good morning!” You greeted, giving them both a small bow, “My name is _____ ______. 3rd year at Fukurodani Academy.” You introduced.

The one who’d leaned down to your level gave you a small smirk, “Miya Atsumu. 2nd year Itachiyama Academy.” He grunted as his friend pushed him aside to get a better look at you.

“Hoshiumi Kourai. I’m a second year, also!” He smiled widely down at you, even though he wasn’t all that much taller than you.

You smiled up at the both of them, “Nice to meet the two of you. Are you excited for the matches?” You asked generally, not really knowing much about their school or who they were as players. You were sure you’d heard their school name thrown around the Fukurodani team, even the Nekoma team, but you hadn’t paid too much attention since you were sure that Bokuto could easily beat them.

Miya rolled his eyes, but didn’t lose his lazy smirk, “Oh, no. Not at all. It’s going to be too easy to rise to the top. So many pathetic players hyping themselves up for no reason.” He shrugged easily, his tone ranging between sarcasm and genuinely showing no concern.

Frowning, you shook your head, “That’s not very nice, Miya-san. Everyone here has worked very hard to get here-“

“Yeah! Like me! I’ve been practicing and training nonstop!” Hoshiumi interrupted, bouncing on his feet excitedly, “______-san, I want you to cheer for me, okay? I want to be able to hear you above everyone else’s yelling.” He stated seriously, his wide eyes showing how focused he was on getting you to agree to him.

You furrowed your eyebrows, not understanding why he was so adamant about it since you’d just met him, but smiled politely nonetheless, “Of course, Hoshiumi-san. I’ll be cheering-“

“For me, right, _____?” A familiar deep voice sounded from behind you, making you turn quickly in response and smile up at your boyfriend. Bokuto had approached once Kuroo had pointed out that you were being hit on, and had just gotten to the three of you as you were agreeing to this short stranger. Bokuto had thought it was Hinata at first, but realized that the colors were all wrong for his disciple. This was an unknown, unwelcomed stranger to him.

“Kou!” You giggled, wrapping your arms around his middle and staring up at him, “Did you have a nice conversation with Kuroo-san?” You asked curiously, not noticing how he was glaring at the two boys you’d been conversing with before. When he didn’t answer, you frowned and tugged on his jersey a bit, “Kou, did you hear me?” Bokuto didn’t answer, instead reaching around his back and grabbing your hand before pulling you along behind him to a quieter place. His pace was quick, and you had a hard time keeping up with him. You didn’t even get the chance to excuse yourself from the two you’d been talking to, which was the most upsetting part of being dragged away. When you felt that you’d been dragged long enough, you pulled your wrist out of Bokuto’s large hand, “Koutarou! Don’t ignore me.”

Bokuto stopped once you’d pulled free, and he turned on you with an unreadable expression, “Have I done something wrong, ____?” He asked quietly, wringing his hands in front of him as he turned his eyes to look down at his feet, “Please tell me what I did wrong…. I don’t want to lose you.” He muttered, his shoulders slacking as he remembered how happy you looked talking to two strangers. He was fooling himself into thinking that maybe you weren’t happy with him. Maybe you wanted more than he could provide, he thought.

Shaking your head quickly, you reached out and took his large hands in yours, bringing them up to your lips and pressing a kiss to his knuckles, “No, Koutarou…. You haven’t done anything wrong!” You exclaimed, tugging him closer to you by his hands, “You’re not going to lose me, silly… I’m here. Right here in front of you.” You gave him a gentle smile when he glanced up at you from the floor, “Why would you think that you’re losing me?” You asked, reaching up and cupping his cheek, stroking his cheekbone as he pressed into your touch.

“Mghsmfpe” He muttered against your skin, making you giggle at the ticklish feeling. A smile lighting up his face just a little at the sound of your giggles, his eyes focused on your expression before he sighed and pulled his lips away from your soft skin, “You…. Looked… happy. Talking to them.” He muttered, averting his eyes when he saw from your pursed lips that he was completely wrong to think that.

After a few seconds of silence, you couldn’t help but laugh softly, making him snap his gaze back to your face with confusion. “You’re such a dork, Kou.” You giggled, cupping his face in both of your hands now, “I was just talking to them. A friendly conversation.” You explained, “Nothing to get jealous about, silly.” You giggled before leaning up and pressing a kiss to his nose, “Why would I ever want to look away from you?” You asked rhetorically. “You’re the only one I have eyes for, Kou. You’re the only one I love.” You assured, reaching up again and pressing your lips against his in a quick, but meaningful, kiss.

His face flushed from your words, and he couldn’t stop the wide smile spreading across his face, nearly blinding you in its brilliance. He also couldn’t help but lean down and press his lips against yours for another kiss, his arms pulling you closer to him, holding you against his broad chest. “Thank you…” He whispered as he pulled his lips away from yours, resting them against your forehead instead, “Please don’t stop cheering for me.” He murmured against your skin, his lips quirking in a smile when you trailed your hands from his cheeks into his hair.

You smiled to yourself, “I’m your number 1 fan, Kou.” You made a reminder to reassure him once more before his actual match started and even after. You didn’t mind one bit. You loved him with all your heart, and you’d reassure him of your love for him every second of the day if you needed to. Just so long as you got to see that beautiful smile of his, the light that shone in his eyes every time, and the strengthening of your relationship with him.

Sooooo I was honestly so excited to get to this ask, but I just… *deep sigh* I couldn’t think of what to write! Sorry :/ I hope you liked it nonetheless! (And I have no idea if Miya, Hoshiumi, Sakusa, and Komori are on the same team… lol whoops!)