but the text never lets her explore that

Creepypasta #406: My Girlfriend's New Friend

My girlfriend has a new friend.

Raquel doesn’t have many friends, not that it bothers her. We both value quality over quantity, but I’m happy that she’s made a new friend. His name is David. I’ll admit, sometimes when she talks about him, I get jealous. But jealously is an awful trait so I push it away and just try and be happy for her. They seem to get on really well.

According to Raquel, David is really clever. According to Raquel, David is really talented. According to Raquel, David is very thoughtful and profound. She tells me they talk about God and the Devil for hours. I try not to get jealous. As an atheist I’ve always found it hard to join in on her deep talks about God and religion.

I met David last week. He seemed nice enough. He seemed okay. But there was something…something about him. I can’t put my finger on it…okay, okay, I can. There’s nothing wrong with him. It’s me. I’m jealous. David doesn’t really seem like Raquel’s type, but, I guess attraction can grow over time…

But what am I saying. Raquel would never cheat on me. But would she leave me for another man? After all the things we’ve been through? I’m not sure. No. Of course she wouldn’t.

Raquel told me, David shares her morbid obsession with serial killers and psychopaths. Raquel said there going to an abandoned mental hospital together to explore. I told her I didn’t want her to go. She got upset. They didn’t go. I read her text messages to David. She told him I wouldn’t let her go. She told him I was being an asshole. She told him I had anger issues. I didn’t read anymore, I didn’t have to.

Instead I messaged David from Raquel’s phone, pretending to be her. I told him that I had changed my mind, and told him the trip to the abandoned mental hospital was back on. I said I’d meet him there.

When I got there, I could see David sat in his car. He was looking around anxiously. Something felt off. The brick I had brought with me sat on the passenger seat next to me. I held it in my hand, ready. He spotted the car and started walking towards it. I was wearing a black hoodie. He couldn’t see my face.

When he got to the car he froze. He realized it wasn’t Raquel. It was me. I hit him over the head with the brick. It knocked him out automatically but I hit him again just to be sure. I dragged him back to his car. His head was bleeding, thick red blood like jam seeped out into his slightly greasy hair. Luckily it didn’t get on the pavement.

I opened the drivers side of his car, sat him in, upright. Put his hands on the steering wheel, for a laugh. That’s when I noticed it. In the back seats of his car. Rope. Masking tape. A knife. A change of clothes. I left the brick in his car. It was a nice addition to his collection.

I went back home. I apologized to Raquel for not letting her go. She forgave me.

The next day she said she hadn’t heard from David. She said he wouldn’t reply to her texts. She said it was stupid he was ignoring her all because she didn’t go last night. She decided to stop trying to contact him.

I talk about God and the Devil a lot more with Raquel now. We talk about the line between good and evil. We talk about people who worship the Devil whist thinking it is God. I’ve realized I do believe in God, in some sense of the word.

And I believe God and the Devil are just two horns on the same goat.


So I’m pretty shocked at how big the story got. The more comments I read, the more I realized I needed to go check if David was alive or not. I was getting paranoid, I was getting anxious, and that wouldn’t do.

I managed to delete the messages from Raquel’s phone. She has one of those old phones where the messages stay in a diffrent folder, so you don’t see the last message you sent. It’s an old phone. I should really buy her a new one. Anyway, I’m assuming she hasn’t read them. I think she would have freaked if she did.

Last night, around 10pm, told Raquel I was going to a friend’s house for a couple of hours. I wore my black hoodie and gloves, just in case David was still there. I got to the abandoned mental hospital. His car was still there. I was almost relieved until I saw them. Two people, looking into his car, they looked…concerned.

I walked up to the car, hiding the bread knife I brought in my pocket. I brought it because it was long. I just hoped it was sharp enough. Then the woman said something along the lines of, “Oh my god…Hi, uh, we think this man might be dead! Have you got a phone? We need to call…” In a very high pitched, annoying, voice. I think she was scared. I pulled out the knife and stabbed her, and grabbed her male friend by the arm just as he went to run. He didn’t even try to help her. But then he was skinny and pretty weak. I stabbed him too and dragged them both into David’s car. It was still unlocked.

Once they we’re in the back next to the brick, my old friend, I threw in the knife too. I went back to my car and grabbed the gasoline and matches that I brought from the trunk. I went back to David’s car and set it on fire. I think the girl was still alive in the back. I can’t be sure. But she’s not anymore.

Anyway, I’m back home now. You’re all probably going to tell me I made another mistake, left some evidence, I don’t know. I feel surprisingly calm about the whole thing.

Just felt like something I had to do. And now I have to buy a new bread knife.

Credits to: sssleep

The Thing About Apple(s) + A CS One Shot

A little modern Killian with a Thanksgiving twist….because this is what happened when I had to help my impatient, technologically challenged mom with her new iPhone and I was inspired with fluffy thoughts :] 

Rated: K
Word Count: 1.6K

“Swan, I told you this was a bad idea.”

Emma rolled her eyes dramatically for what was certainly the hundredth time in just under an hour. That’s how long they’d been fighting this war - well, losing it. The morning of the first holiday celebration they’d be hosting at their new home was probably not the best time for a technology lesson, but since it was supposed to be a day of gratitude, putting it off another day didn’t seem logical. It wasn’t that she was lacking on things to be thankful for - she just couldn’t wait to add ‘my boyfriend’s working cellphone’ to the list.

“The screen is black again, Swan,” he huffed, swiveling on the bar stool as he hovered over the device on the counter. “It’s definitely broken.”

Emma groaned as she set about scouting out the gravy spoon her mother had given to her earlier that week for the dinner they’d be hosting that day. She’d had her morning routine laid out somewhat precisely at first - turkey in the oven, check with Granny about the pies, make damn sure a recently purchased bottle of wine was right next to the corkscrew - but her systematic approach to a peaceful Thanksgiving had been shoved aside when a certain pirate noticed his new phone had arrived in yesterday’s mail.

A quiet cooking environment was out of the question the instant he managed to pull the plastic seal off the device’s box.

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Don't let the romance die

- Text her and tell her how beautiful she is just because.
- Be spontaneous
- Keep Exploring each other: physically & spiritually
- Find new, exciting things to do together.
- Support each other’s dreams & aspirations.
- Communicate with each other even when things get tough and you wanna run away.
- Tell him how much you care about him (yes, guys like to hear that kind of stuff too)

NEVER take them or anything they do for granted. always be appreciative of the little things your partner does.

Lastly, Keep in mind what made you fall for your significant other in the first place