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Them coming to you about their insecurities *requested*

💌 request: I don’t know if this makes any sense but can you do one where the boys express their insecurities to the reader in individual chats and the reader comforts them all in one big groupchat? Hope this is okay love your works by the way ❤

[requests are open]


Prompt: Taehyung cheats on you

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just curious - why are you iffy on the scene where simon n izzy train max?

Oh, it’s objectively an adorable scene and Simon and Max are so cute, but I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Max is essentially a child being taught to be part of an oppressive war machine, and Izzy and Simon don’t have the power to do anything but make it fun for him. 

Remember what happened to Raphael? Remember all the scenes we’ve gotten of vampires being killed quite brutally by Circle members, or hurt by Shadowhunters, all the history there? With all that context, suddenly Max’s memorized demands, the script that he’s being taught- with no rights to read and no recourse but violence and the threat of it- are much darker. He’s not getting classes in criminal justice or investigation or reasonable doubt, he’s getting taught how to tackle people in dark alleys and demand they surrender to the frankly dubious mercy of the Clave. That makes me a little queasy, for his sake and the sake of the all the people impacted by that military state culture. And that’s a good thing! It’s uncomfortable to see a little kid being coached in rote, basic brutality before he’s old enough to understand it and to see Simon leaning into it so much without remembering the consequences of Shadowhunters hunting down vampires. 

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yes in that scene, i feel like danny specifically was going after elektra or rlly about to kill her, and matt gets in the way. then those two start to fight, probably with danny saying things like 'she's gone' 'she's the black sky we have to kill it' (FUCK CAN U IMAGINE IF SOMEONE CALLS HER IT MATT IS GONNA FREEEAK) and then jessica gets between them to make them/matt stop. i don't see jessica actively fighting to hurt matt, concerning elektra

(cont’d) bc matt and danny are the only ones who have faced the hand before. matt never rlly believed the mythical aspect, but now this season he obviously will. but danny was raised training for this, and correct me if im wrong, like elektra he probably learned about the black sky and grew up preparing to kill it. and so out of all the defenders danny is rlly gonna be the one to push that despite matt’s feelings for her, elektra has to be killed (cue; MY SCREECHING IN THE BACKGROUND)


I’ve been highly anticipating Danny vs Matt fisticuffs for a while now (even though comics-verse Danny would wipe the floor with Matt, I’m expecting a more even and emotionally charged matchup on the show) but omg for it to be happening because Matt is defending Elektra is SO. MUCH. BETTER! 


I need to see this!!!

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In all seriousness, I wasn’t entirely sold on making the Hand the primary antagonist of the Iron Fist series (though I understood why) so I’m really hoping to see some amazingly good payoff in the Defenders, especially with Matt and Danny being so familiar with the threat and likely differing quite a bit on how to handle it. As far as how much Danny knows about the Black Sky, that’s less clear – in DD S2, it’s pretty much confirmed the Chaste learn all about it from the moment they start training, but they’re quite different from the folks in K’un Lun / other Heavenly Cities. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the story of the Black Sky was wrapped up into some part of overall mythology about the Hand up in K’un Lun. I really want to see Danny and Stick comparing notes and finally, FINALLY, learn what the hell it’s all about!

So, I finally got to start playing last week’s chapter and instantly I’m allowed to have my MC try on a new outfit. I’m thinking “Cool, PB is just giving us a free outfit. That’s generous.” Then after a cutscene, it reveals itself as a premium option so I have to take it off. THEN, as the scene ends, the little text box says ‘after you pay for the outfit you leave with [business!LI]’ and I’m thinking “Pay? Pay for what?” so I really hope this isn’t a new thing, dangle another premium choice over our heads making us think it’s free before dashing it away.

Favourite narrative tropes:

  • “That was ONE time!”
  • “Due to an administrative error”, or any major plot point which is caused almost entirely by bureaucratic fuckups
  • “Contrary to popular belief” appended to something that’s either really obvious or completely subjective
  • A character makes an assertion, then cut to the narrator contradicting it (‘“Everything’s fine!” Everything was not fine.’)
  • First-person narrators who call a specific character by a series of increasingly convoluted nicknames
  • Unusual narrative euphemisms. I still hold that describing around a curse word is almost always funnier than just using the word.
  • Establishing character moments which subvert your expectations right from the get-go. The best example is in the Brooklyn Nine Nine pilot, where Jake’s fooling around at the crime scene before revealing that he’s already solved the case.
  • Montages. Just montages of any kind, for any reason, anytime. I actually think they work better in text form because you can do so many creative things with them.
  • Side characters with a level of fourth-wall awareness / quasi-supernatural ability which is never quite certain, like the janitor in Scrubs.
  • Double meanings in narration that take a while to make themselves clear.
  • Really, really specific similes.

imagine a parallel moment (set after a mission or something) where this time it’s allura who kneels down to grab shiro’s hand/help him up, and it goes down like:

allura: shiro… are you alright?

shiro: (smiles warmly) i’m fine. we really make a great team, huh

& they’re still smiling at each other as they’re still holding hands, and lance is there to witness the whole thing so he turns to keith and says:

lance: holy shit, are you seeing this right now?? it’s like watching a scene straight out of a cliché romantic movie omg



When someone calls a member ugly/untalented/unimportant reaction moodboard

Every meme I make is so passive aggressive I’m doing backflips

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Writing paragraphs

Writing paragraphs seems like an easy thing to do, but here are some tips to help the flow of your story and make it easy for your readers to follow.

Always start a new paragraph when:

A different character speaks

A new event happens

The location changes

Someone enters or exits the scene

Time skip- forward or back, your choice

Your POV changes

Don’t make paragraphs too long. I’ve seen paragraphs which are an entire page long- looking at a large chunk of text makes it feel daunting, which isn’t something you want for your readers.

Go through and see where your focus changes- are you describing one part of a location, and then another? New paragraph. In the midst of a battle and your protagonist takes a moment to observe the scene after a one on one fight? New paragraph.

You can also use a new paragraph for dramatic effect. If you want to put emphasis on a certain sentence or action, use it as a paragraph on its own to hit home the importance, or raise tension.

It’s up to you.

Happy writing.


Soooooo with the potential reveal that Lance is in the red lion and Keith is in the black lion for season 3, I started thinking about what paladins might be able to swap lions if needed.

And then i thought way too much about this. And it became… a thing.

In the comics, there’s a scene where Pidge has to fight all the paladins, and she explicitly says that she HAS to take Lance out first because he’s able to work and enhance every other team member so well. So that’s where the idea that Lance could pilot all the lions came from. But what do you guys think? Am I wrong and a garbage human? What are your ideas?

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Q: You are attracted to a woman,  even not realising it, when she does what...?

Chen: the moment when she is tying up her long hair. When I see her slender neckline, my heart beats faster. It doesn`t matter if she had short hair. Although I think that Baekhyun~ee likes short hair.

Baekhyun: when I see a woman doing a deadlift at the gym and she happens to have nicely balanced muscels, I end up going “Oohh~”. Does that make me look like a weirdo? *laughs*

Xiumin: I like when a woman is sitting down while hugging your knees *demonstrates it*. It seems like I can embrace her fully with one arm so it`s cute.

ANAN Magazine July 2017

say what you want about klance but the reason i started watching voltron was because i saw the “we did it. we are a good team.” scene posted by a mutual and i was like, “oh sweet, there’s a canon gay couple.”