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bakery au (oldie but a goodie)

Part 1

“He hates me,” Bitty moaned, flopping on his couch. Holster was raiding his kitchen, listening to his rant about Jack Zimmermann.

“I don’t even know what I did wrong! Maybe it was because I told him that he played a hard game last night the first time he came into the bakery? All he does is glare at me and say stuff like ‘Eric, the coffee is too sweet,’ or ‘Eric, you need more protein.’”

“Brah, maybe Zimmermann just has a total resting bitch face,” said Holster as he pulled out a leftover pie from Bitty’s fridge. “Guy seems fucking intense. At least he’s good for business.”

“He keeps on glaring at me! And he comes in, like, three times a week. Orders a coffee and just drinks it in his corner, ignores my attempts at conversation even though, mind you, he has already said some pretty rude stuff!”

“The guy’s a celebrity, he probably has his head so far in his ass and doesn’t care about shit, and also just wants some privacy. Bits, you haven’t been taking pictures of him and posting it on twitter have you?” Holster asked, alarmed.

Bitty gasped, “Adam Birkholtz! I would never!”

“Then just treat him like an antisocial customer, he can’t be the only one going to the bakery who doesn’t want conversation and just wants service and food,” Holster said, dropping down next to Bitty on the couch with two tins of pie.

“I know,” Bitty sighs. “He’s just…so handsome. And he was so nice to Nursey when that fool tripped. And he tips generously. And he’s just so gorgeous, even when he’s glaring at me and speaking in grunts whenever I ask him how his day has been. I just want him to like me!”

Holster navigated the TV to a rerun of Golden Girls and handed Bitty one of the pie tins. “I think that’s your problem. You’re an amazing person, Bits, but maybe you can be a bit too friendly for resting bitch face robozoid Zimmermann. Maybe stop asking him about his day and just let him chill.”

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As promised, here is my list of ereri ficrecs THIS LIST IS FUCKING HUGE BTW (50+ fics). So, feel free to blacklist ‘sarah’s ficrec’ in order to keep this from clogging your dash. I think I have them organized pretty well, but I really don’t have a good understanding of the word, so yeah. Also, I feel like I should mention this: if your fic appears on this list, and I haven’t left kudos IM SORRY I AM TERRIBLE ABOUT FORGETTING TO LEAVE THEM. And, all works posted only come from Archive of Our Own. So, anything posted exclusively to Tumblr, FanFiction, etc. is not going to be on this list. Also, if any of the multi-chapter fics are rated ‘E’: IT PROBABLY HAS SOME FRICK FRACK. So, please be wary of tags. All the fics are posted in alphabetical order.


AU MULTI-CHAPTER (incomplete) -

Around Your Neck by morphemes 


In the depths of the city of Trost, there lies a dangerous and violent rivalry between Sina Academy and Maria Grammar School. The debacle unfolds when Eren Jaeger takes one step too far in his hatred toward the Sina elite, when defending his best friend. With his education on the line, he’s signed up to help develop the annual festival hosted by his school for the town – a perfect opportunity to upstage Sina Academy in a form of revenge. Events lead to first encounters and Eren meets Levi, the mysterious lead singer of a local rock band, and his friends. The tension unravels as Eren tries his hardest to make his school the best it can be and attempt to keep his lacking love life in check, all whilst trying to grow up with those surrounding him. 

Domestic Relations by Shangalangalang 

WC: 37k+ | MATURE

It was only supposed to be for a little while, just until Eren got his degree in psychology and Rivaille paid back his debts to Grisha. But what was only supposed to be for a while turned into an unlikely roommate romance between a college psychology major and a hardass, sleep-deprived doctor, and it all goes downhill from there.

Everytime I Poop, I Think of You by suckaknob 

WC: 11k+ | MATURE

Eren and Levi spend the night drinking and getting into a lot of trouble. They wake up to a lot of surprises. 

Ice Cream in Winter by kazuma85 

WC: 25k+ | MATURE

Eren is a University freshman forced by his sister and his girlfriend to take dancing lessons with them. 

In the dance school, he meets his short and slightly quirky instructor with whom he already had a short and nearly disastrous encounter.

If the Seas Catch Fire by RobinRedR

WC: 46k+ | MATURE

Eren doesn’t really like gay people. Well, and that’s putting it lightly. Somehow, Armin convinces – read ‘blackmails’ – him into joining Trost High’s Gay-Straight Alliance in the hopes of altering his chauvinistic attitude. Now enter Levi, who is pretty damn smart and badass and different, and who begins cropping up everywhere like a weed in the neat flowerbed of Eren’s life. He is also, unfortunately for Eren, very very gay.

Otherwise known as the high school!AU in which pretty much no one is straight, Hanji runs the experiment of their lifetime, and maybe there is more backstory to Eren’s bigotry than first meets the eye.

Keep Your Head Up by MildlyMoonstruck 

WC: 102k+ | MATURE

It’s not that he doesn’t want to be at auditions, Levi acknowledges—if there’s anything that’s true about him, it’s that he will never do something unless he really wants to, on some level. ‘That’s the only stupid reason I said yes to this,’ he grouses, scowling. ‘Never should have watched Dr. Horrible with Erwin and Hanji that one time. Note to self: don’t let anyone know you like things. Liking things is stupid and gives people a way to exploit you because they know you want to do Dr. Horrible like nobody’s fucking business, and they were counting on that. Ugh. I hate them. I hate people.’

Enter a certain bright-eyed freshman who can’t seem to keep his mouth shut.

Keeping Time by WolfNotFawn 


Eren was a bright-eyed dreamer with hopes of making it as a singer, oh, and a hopeless crush on the man who was supposed to help him become one.

Lists by Trick_Fantasy 


The story of Levi (“Why bother trying to make friends when you can learn to control people instead?”) and Eren (“Because you can control people better when they think that they’re your friends. They don’t even know they’re being manipulated.”) coping with social interaction at college in their own different ways.

Never Back Down by warschach 


Eren is a stubborn omega that refuses to submit to any Alpha’s will. No one can make him surrender and therefore he has prided himself on his ability to resist the most imposing Alphas out there. Enter Levi, an beautiful Alpha that makes Eren’s inside wet (literally) and never backs down from a challenge. He set on making Eren his Omega but Eren doesn’t play nice. Now if only that nagging voice inside of him begging for submission would just shut up, Eren will be just fine resisting the beautiful raven. 

Organic Chemistry by pachysandra {WC: 26k+ | RATING: T}

Paint It Red by mc_jaeger (also eruren) {WC: 16k+ | RATING: T}

Romance Is Only a Click Away by Matcha (also eruren, erejean) {WC: 21k+ | RATING: E}

Room 23 by ghosts_desu {WC: 63k+ | RATING: M}

Sang D'Encre by minorthirds {WC: 88k+ | RATING: M}

Sometimes Things Turn Out for the Best by Resmiranda {WC: 132k+ | RATING: M}

Traffic Jams and Holding Hands by Thequietgamer {WC: 17k+ | RATING: M}

Turning Point by LiquidLithium {WC: 5k+ | RATING: M}

Undercover by bexara {WC: 7k+ | RATING: M}

Wanderlust by Sabrinanikkol {100k+ | RATING: E}

AU MULTI-CHAPTER (complete) -

3 A.M. by loveatfirstsight

WC: 101k+ | EXPLICIT

The story is about Levi: A neurotic man who suffers from depression, is successful at writing but unsuccessful at everything else. Setting: Breakfast (never in the morning) at his favorite diner, a record store that hasn’t dusted its ceiling fan since the 1970’s, a hole in the wall cafe to drink black tea and judge the terrible tongue tied poets on the shoddy ill-lit stage, a park with swings that are always annoyingly wet, and his immaculate apartment in the city. Levi is riddled with quirky traditions and struggles with anxiety, still battling childhood memories he can never completely forget. Then enter Eren Jaeger, the too loud and too passionate guitar player that takes the stage one night that just won’t stop staring at Levi. Eren is full of hope and promise and everything Levi needs, but Levi can’t have what’s good for him. Right?

34,000 Feet Above the Ground by kaorusquee {WC: 8k+ | RATING: M}

The 6th Ward by coldmakerel {WC: 93k+ | RATING: M}

Art of War by catsonfire 


Noisy neighbors, nursling dinosaurs, satanic box cutters, shitty convenience store management, the word ‘fuck’, hereditary (but not really) homosexuality, beer and ramen, pennies, truckstops, strippers, closets, semi-public defacing, rings, house parties, “recreational” drug use, accidental rendezvous, toxic stew (don’t eat the stew), nice abs, housewives–batteries not included, over-educational movie sessions, copious domesticity, kittens named after landlords, a shit joke at participating locations, and many, many happy endings.

A modern AU in which Eren moves into the apartment directly above Levi’s.

Charnelle by madchilla {WC: 24k+ | RATING: E}

Club Tryst by ScarlettSiren {WC: 36k+ | RATING: E}

Dental Care by elliewritesthings {WC: 14k+ | RATING: T}

ED May Stand for Emotional Dysregulation… But It Doesn’t Have To by SolSermisiere {WC: 18k+ | RATING: E}

Epilogues Are Better Than Prologues by ninanna {WC: 37k+ | RATING: T}

A Forged Wedding by mistyhollowdrummer {180k+ | RATING: M}

Haute Couture Love by SailorHeichou (also eruren) 


Eren Jaeger is sharp, determined and hard working but doesn’t consider himself beautiful or good looking in the least. When he lands his dream job, working at Survey Corp Publications as the Executive Assistant to a high-end Fashion magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, his life is turned Topsy-Turvy. All he wants to do is work hard to become an Editor, but his boss Levi seems keen on making his life a living hell.

Levi is a notorious playboy who gets what he wants both in and out of the bedroom. As Editer-in-Chief of New York’s best selling high-end Fashion Magazine, Levi is forced to work with an overly determined, hot-headed brat with a rat’s nest for hair and the most incredible eyes he’s ever seen and it’s all because of Erwin Smith.

Holding Hands in the Rain by twisting_vine_x 

WC: 106k+ | EXPLICIT

Basically the one with thousands of words of Eren and Levi crushing like crazy on each other, and being absolutely freaking ridiculous together, and slowly falling in love against the backdrop of modern-day Vancouver.

- - -

Levi only realizes how much he’s not paying attention to anything around him when there are shoes beside the puddle he’s drawing. Looks up to find Eren standing right there in the rain, the hood on his jacket pulled back, and his hair plastered down against his head. He’s just standing there, and – he’s watching Levi with an expression that looks so fond it actually hurts; and Levi’s just managed to get his breath back and open his mouth when Eren moves closer, and Levi loses his air all over again.

It Was Monday by Nelly_Belly 


Levi is an art student, Eren is the new model.

Junkyard Dogs by acidtowns 


Autocracy — a system where one leader has absolute power — is the only government that exists in prison. Levi is the current ‘Top Dog,’ and for years, no one has had the mind to challenge his position — at least, no one until now. Enter: Eren Jaeger, a new inmate with indefinite mentalities and obscure motives. With the power to shake Levi’s throne, Eren becomes the one exception of everything.

Knockout by Raylou 

WC: 113k+ | MATURE

Eren joins the Keith Shadis Self Defense Academy as part of a deal with Armin. For the rest of the summer he has one-on-one sessions with the district’s best martial artist and captain of the Academy’s elite tournament competitors, Levi. Levi is known for scaring off students with his brutal teaching methods, but in order to become an instructor, he needs to prove that he can hold a student in private lessons. Levi doesn’t want to soften himself in order to get promoted, and Eren doesn’t want to become another cowardly student. Eren plans to become Levi’s first official student. The fat crush he develops on Levi is unplanned, but not entirely unwelcome.

Louder Than Words by TheArtofWar 

WC: 142k+ | EXPLICIT

My boyfriend, Eren Jaeger, disappeared ten days before his seventeenth birthday.

Six months later, he was found again, completely intact save for his mental and emotional scars. Oh, and the fact that he would never be able to speak again.

And so, we all started to rebuild from the debris that had been left in the destruction of our lives.

Love’s a Menace by seaofteeth 


“Your favorite customer is here!” Hanji continued and damn them, Levi could practically hear their shit-eating grin. That could only mean one thing.

My Old Friend by mongoose_bite


When Levi was a teenager, the unrequited love of his life was Eren, his best friend’s father. Fifteen years later, Levi finds himself back in Whitecrest Cove to sell his late uncle’s house.

Night Drive by shotgunsinlace 


Working as a desk clerk for Sina Enterprises isn’t the most grandiose job out there, but it sure beats every other option Eren had jotted down since graduation. Troubled past behind him, Eren strives to make a name for himself by not fucking up the only good thing he has going for him. But when a certain foul-mouthed and dapper executive waltzes through the lobby doors, Eren is more than willing to set aside his “no fraternizing with the higher-ups” rule. However, the engagement ring on Levi’s finger proves to be a deal breaker. It was supposed to be a one night stand, one night to get each other out of their systems, but the two of them bit off more than they could chew.

No Such Thing As Fate by mysecretfanmoments


“You forgot,” he said, with a tone of sudden clarity. “Ah. So that’s why you called me captain.”

Reincarnation AU in which Eren and Levi never established a relationship in that other life.

Not All Lips Go Blue by claralikesfood

WC: 35k+ | MATURE

Eren never expected to be here. Never, in his life, he had thought of a situation that would lead him into this. Sure he had had some strange experiences. For example, that one time he ended up wandering in a girl’s underwear shop for almost two hours, before noticing where he was (he even had chosen a pair of panties). This, however, was another level.

The Red Long Johns, Or “Be Sure to Dress in Layers” by shulkie 

WC: 32k+ | MATURE

It’s the week of the yearly Trust Initiative Teen Action Network (T.I.T.A.N.) retreat but this year Levi is left out in the cold when Hanji breaks her leg. To make things worse, Principal Smith gets a replacement chaperone—the new, very green English teacher Eren Jaeger. Levi and Eren butt heads over every little thing from professional to personal. Despite all of this, Levi finds himself distracted by the red long johns the fashion-challenged Eren wears under all of his winter gear and just how to get into them…

Serendipity by seaofteeth {WC: 10k+ | RATING: E}

A Tenuous Third Space by artenon {WC: 13k+ | RATING: T}

Thursday by yaoimage {WC: 38k+ | RATING: T}

Time’s Up by dippthy {WC: 14k+ | RATING: NR}

An Unforgettable Face by ryuusea – WC: 16k+ | EXPLICIT

“Have we met before? I recognize your face…” Levi’s brows furrow, scouring his memory as to why he knows this guy’s face from somewhere.

“Ah, you’ve probably seen one of my videos!”

“Hmm. YouTube?”

“No. Porn.”

Woke Up Dead by PresquePommes {WC: 50k+ | RATING: E}

Yesterday, I Loved You by acidtowns {WC: 14k+ | RATING: G}


I Trust You by twisting_vine_x 


Later that night, he ends up lying in bed with Levi, the air cool on his skin.

Eren’s already out of his shirt, down to nothing but his pants; but Levi’s in no hurry, it seems. Still has all his clothes on, and is propped up on one elbow, trailing his fingers along Eren’s chest and stomach as Eren lies there on his back and tries his best to not squirm all over, his pants tented obscenely and his fingers twisted in the sheets. He’s flushed pretty much all the way down his neck and chest, at this point. Grits his teeth and tries to think over how hard his heart is beating.

Shit, it’s hard to think when Levi’s looking at him like that.

Inappropriate by the_original_n_chan


Eren is trying desperately to figure out what he wants. Levi knows all too well what he wants, and that he probably shouldn’t pursue it. (Make that definitely.) But temptation is a bitch, Levi is far from a saint, and Eren is way too hard to resist.

Mikasa, I’m with Child by NeigeAuSoeil {WC: 99k+ | RATING: E}

This Cruel Yet Beautiful World by fandomesque {WC: 11k+ | RATING: E}


Beyond the Walls by Light_Within_Darkness {WC: 72k+ | RATING: E}

Blackbird by the_ugly_fic_ling


The war is over. Humanity is free…

…except for Levi, whose medical complications lead to an amputation that leaves him feeling trapped, broken, and alone.

And he might have stayed there too, if it hadn’t been for a certain green-eyed soldier who was too stubborn for his own good.

Courting Troubles by Bird_of_Dreams {WC: 10k+ | RATING: T}

Don’t Let Go by twisting_vine_x 

WC: -5k | TEEN

That night, he wakes up – he’s not even sure when he managed to fall asleep – with Eren’s mouth a phantom press against his own, and his hands tangled into the sheets instead of Eren’s hair.

Lies there and pants, his heart slamming in his chest, and then wipes an arm across his eyes, and rolls out of bed. His knees aren’t quite steady and his face is flushed; and he slides on his slippers and wraps his housecoat tight around himself, and then crosses the room to splash some water on his face.

Ends up leaning over the basin with his hands holding tight to the table, doing his best to not look in the mirror, because he really doesn’t like what he sees there.

This is horrible.

Let Me Help by twisting_vine_x {WC: 12k+ | RATING: E}

The Misanthrope by kazuma85 {WC: 25k+ | RATING: E}

A Sound like Breaking Glass by mongoose_bite {WC: 53k+ | RATING: E}

These Weren’t Memories by mongoose_bite {WC: 24k+ | RATING: E}

Trompe-l'oeil by appleapple 

WC: 11k+ | MATURE

He has never minded the bitterness at the bottom of the cup.

Warm Water by KeroseneShowers {WC: 35k+ | RATING: E} 


Checkout by carpebagel {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

Cuddling Under the Stars by Bluefxy {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Embers by residualechoes {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Five Years by ichogoangel {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

A Nest of Pillows by ErenShorts {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Nocturnal Baby Dinosaur by Essence {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Professionalism by Mysecretfanmoments {WC: 5k+ | RATING: T}

The Question Game by suckaknob {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Titan Onesie by AuroraLovene {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Tu et Moi by YourShadow {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

Unprofessional by S_N_Sterling {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

You’re Kidding? by Zzxya {WC: 7k+ | RATING: M}

Wings Like Cobwebs by seaofteeth

WC: -5k | TEEN

Eren is an incubus. Levi is asexual. They fall in love anyway.


Green-Eyed Monster by lunardistance {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

Holiday by appleapple {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

In Which Eren Regrets Trying to Socialize by Aurorealis {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Incomprehensible by DoomedTemperament (slightly nsfw) {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Lay with Me, Stay with Me by zhedang

WC: 4k+ | TEEN

Levi had been sleeping with Eren for over a year. Just that: sleeping.

Laundry Duty by idioticintentions {WC: -5k | RATING: T}

On the Rooftop by JaegerBombs {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Playing Favorites by Ketita 

WC: 6k+ | TEEN

In which Levi seems determined to spoil Eren rotten, whether he likes it or not.

(For the record, Eren hadn’t expected his confession to lead to this sort of thing at all).

Rules of Breeding by milleandra (slightly nsfw) {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Taking Flight by ilydaa {WC: -5k | RATING: G}

Ten Kisses by kittenprince (slightly nsfw) {WC: 8k+ | RATING: M}

Until the End of the World by noero  (slightly nsfw) {WC: -5k | RATING: M}

Want by artenon

WC: -5k | MATURE

Eren sits on the edge of the bed. Levi waits for him to lie down next to him so they can sleep, but Eren just continues to stare at the floor. He looks like he’s working up the nerve to say something, so Levi waits patiently, and sure enough, Eren turns to him a minute later and opens his mouth.

“Have you ever thought about sex?”


Always Taking Care of Me by twisting_vine_x 

WC: -5k | CANON

Levi should have never taught Eren how to fuck.

Ambrosia by Missmurder {WC: 6k+ | AU}

As Gentlemen by XoxStrifexoX {WC: 7k+ | AU}

Barley Legal by CuddleFuddle {WC: -5k | CANON}

Black Gloves by ryuusea 

WC 5k+ | AU

Levi gets no warning, just a jerk of Eren’s head and a glimmer of pearly whites before he feels teeth sink into the index finger and thumb of his gloved hand.

Blue Silence by loveatfirstsight {WC: 6k+ | AU}

Body Choreography by kirakiracats {WC: 6k+ | AU}

Call the Shots, Babe by MildlyMoonstruck {WC: -5k | AU}

Christening the Kitchen by JaegerBombs {WC: -5k | AU}

A Commander By Any Other Name by shotgunsinlace 

WC: 5k+ | CANON

Rising in the chain of command normally isn’t something worth celebrating, but after a division-wide toast that triggers a foreign sense of merriment in him, Levi isn’t above getting his hands a little dirty. Lucky for him, Eren’s been waiting for this night for the last six years.

Come Closer by noero 

WC: 6k+ | CANON

Completing the Hunt by murakamism  

WC: -5k | CANON

Levi marks him, over and over and then over the same spots, wishing that they would stay past morning. He’s mine, Levi thinks, and growls at the thought of others not knowing.

Countdown by Opulence {WC: 16k+ | AU}

Do, Pretty Boy, Don’t Think by erenjaegrr {WC: -5k | CANON}

Don’t Worry, I’m Weak to You by myoue {WC: 6k+ | AU}

An Exercise in Self-Restraint by kirakiracats 

WC: 10k+ | AU

Levi moves away from the only town he’s ever known, off to university and away from his two friends, Isabel and Farlan. Having roommates is a new experience, one that he thinks will be totally unpleasant, but when the last person to turn up is a gorgeous male omega, his perspective changes.

Unfortunately for him, it’s bad practice to fuck your flatmate. Levi has a tough year ahead.

Fragile by noero {WC: 8k+ | CANON}

Good Enough to Eat by kirakiracats 

WC: -5k | AU

Eren has a new kink that he wants to try, and if Levi had actually been paying attention and not been so sarcastic when they were discussing it then he probably would’ve seen this coming a lot sooner.

Good Little Corporal by erenjaegrrr 

WC: -5k | CANON

Levi wants Eren to fuck him, hard. Eren accepts the challenge.

Hang-Ups by freshia {WC: -5k | AU}

How We Love by Pinkfxy {WC: -5k | AU}

I Don’t Mind Dying if It’s You by PorcelainBlue {WC: -5k | CANON}

If We Should Happen by Resmiranda {6k+ | CANON}

Interesting (Falling Deeper In Love) by TheSketch {WC: -5k | AU}

Interruptions by FoxofNineTails {WC: -5k | CANON}

Juicy Couture by shotgunsinlace {WC: 5k+ | AU}

Kissed by Fire by gayofthrones 

WC: -5k | AU

A Saturday afternoon between the sheets.

Knot a Word by shotgunsinlace 

WC: -5k | CANON

Hanji had warned him that, sooner or later, some biological quirk would be bound to show up in titan shifters. Of all the possibilities, Levi had never expected for this to actually be it.

Last Customer by mongoose_bite {WC: 5k+ | CANON} 

Late Bloomer by shotgunsinlace {WC: 5k+ | CANON}

Making a Mess by ryuusea {WC: -5k | CANON}

Morning Snack by ackermvn {WC: -5k | AU}

Nape by ryuusea 

WC: -5k | CANON

Levi wonders if it is ironic or just pure coincidence that Eren’s weakest spot is the back of his neck. He licks one, two stripes across that exposed nape, then another up, then down, reveling in how this always turns Eren into a keening mess in his arms.

No Rest for the Wicked by Azshalade 

WC: 8k+ | CANON

Levi just wants a good night’s sleep but you can’t always get what you want.

Open Book by morphemes 

WC: 8k+ | CANON

Eren has always thought Levi couldn’t express any sort of emotion, let alone show it, but, after Levi ignores him for three whole days and Eren demands an explanation, he’s led into a whole variety of emotions regarding his corporal.

Ousama Game by shiroyasha {WC: 8+ | CANON}

Power Struggle by erenjaegrrr {WC: -5k | CANON}

Quarter to Five by gayofthrones

WC: -5k | AU

I can barely breathe when you’re here loving me.

Salt on Your Skin by kirakiracats 

WC: 11k | AU

When people ask Levi about how his summer holiday went, he’ll say ordinary things about the weather, the food, and the hotel. But actually, the first thing that comes to his mind, and the one story he’ll never tell, is how Eren had been a horny little shit at the beach.

And Levi had gone along with it.

Surprises by mitsukoooo {WC: -5k | AU}

There’s a First Time for Everything by kiokushitaka {WC: -5k | CANON}

Until the Mountains Crumble to the Sea by ohheichoumyheichou {WC: -5k | CANON}

Yellow Wall by Trick_Fantasy {WC: 9k+ | AU}

Please note that the length of some of the multichapter fics is obviously going to change (same thing goes for the ratings). So, please don’t hold me to these word counts. Also, more fics may be added, because I am positive I have forgotten some. I sincerely hope this sates all of your ereri fanfic needs, because this took forFUCKINGever. And, what are art skillz bc look at my shit drawing omfg ahahhahahahahah.

Enjoy ~

a lot of the time i find myself in a rp whit a shit load of potential, but dying for no reason. everyone has a lot of muse, everyone is saying how they “hate how this is dying like how can this be happening”, everyone obviously logged on, yet there are only a couple people who dare to actually attempt to keep it alive. i wish i can say this has only happened once but lately i find myself in this position a lot, and by all the complaining in the rpt tags i know i am not alone on this. so, i decided to make a little rp helpers guide or whatever cause some people obviously need this. 

so here is:


  1. don’t complain about the rp dying

i always see this and it always gets on my nerves. i’m not talking about those who post a starter and in the tags say “where is everyone at?” cause even though there is some complaining  involved in that, they are still doing more to try to keep it alive, actually posting a starter. i’m talking those who are obviously on the dash cause you see them post an ooc saying “this is dying i’m so sad :( :( :( “. that is not being active, thats just complaining, and being annoying (well a least for me. and if you really were so sad you would actually do something about it, maybe reply to a starter, then make one of your own, or something. DON’T BE THE COMPLAINER, THEY ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

       2. don’t blame the admins

although it is an admins job to run a rp, rarely is it ever actually an admins fault that a rp dies. keep in mind that along with running it, they also have parts in the rp, and like all of us do, they have lives outside the internet. if the main isn’t active for a day or two, so what? that doesn’t mean that the rp is dead, it means that the admins may have something else in their lives going on, or maybe even, that are participating in the rp, and doing their part to keep it alive? 

      3. don’t only reblog muse shit

in the past year or so, muse blogs have really made a difference in the rpc. now, we have a place to find things that can relate to our character, or a plot that they currently have with another character, and reblog them, giving people more of an in-depth sense of our chracters, from more then just statistics or a bio. i would be lying is i didn’t admit my love for this, cause it truly has made a difference. but, i cannot tell you how many times i have seen a rp slowly dying and there is that one person or in some cases, multiple people, who you know are on the dash, cause they are reblogging stuff, but instead of reblogging starters and replies, they are reblogging musings, or pictures. has this ever happened to you? you post a starter, and you worked hard on it, thinking of starters that are original is pretty hard, but you finally do it. how ever long after you see that little one thing on the tumblr refresh thing, telling you that there is something new on the dash. excited, you go, click on that refresh button, and when your dash reloads, its a quote, a picture, a gif set, something along those lines. now knowing someone is on the dash, you wait for that response, but it never comes. instead, your starter gets buried. #stopburyingstarterswithmusingshit2016. i’m not saying stop reblogging muse shit, please, if i did, that would make me a hypocrite. but mayb,e while your on the dash, and you happen to see a reply, or you happen to see a starter, or you see how no ones made a new starter in a day or two, why not make make posting actual rp stuff your priority?

     4. do be active 

this one is kind of a given, but i fee. as though lately, some people need a reminder. in order to keep a rp alive, you must simply be active! i know, i know, its hard to if no one else is on the dash, but, if your not gonna be the one to break the dead rp ice with a starter, then who is? what i have found out over my time in the rpc  is that activity is almost like a chain reaction. most of us are on at the same time, or at least once a day, yet for some reason everyone seems scared to post a starter, or even a reply, no one wants to be first. its like at a buffet or something, no one wants to be first in line, yet everyone wants to eat. so what can you do? be the first in line! start the activity up again! when it seems as though no ones on the dash, who cares? just post a starter, and reply to your other replies, and i’m sure the rest of the rp will start to be active again.

    5. if you don’t have muse, either try to get some or just leave the rp

i know some of us get very attached to some of our characters, and feel as though we can play them forever, yet, there always those times where are use just isn’t as high as it was before. it happens to the best of us. but, that doesn’t really give you an excuse to just abandon the rp. in my eyes, there are two ways to go about solving this problem. 1) you take a day or two, make an ooc saying that you just need a day or two but you promise to come back soon, let the admins know, and take that day or two, and try to develop your muse again. whether is that just taking that time to be off the dash, in the real world, looking through muse blogs, making photoshop shit for them, plotting with more people, i don’t know! but if you want to stay in the rp, with muse, i recommend doing this.  2) if you have attempted this last step and it just didn’t work, or you really just want out of the rp, just leave then. simple! i’m sure all the admins would understand, plus, i’m sure there is someone out there who will be more then happy to fill your role in the rp with whatever muse they have. 

    6. don’t ignore starters

this may seem like common sense, but i have seen this happen way too many times, where someone pot a starter, and then the complainer comes on, or the muse reblog person, orrr those people who mean well, do replies, but just for some reason don’t reply to start starter, instead make one of their own. part of keeping an rp active is being inclusive! sure, that person may not be your favorite, or you just don’t get their chara, or your muses don’t get along well, so what? if you want to keep the rp alive, your going to have to include everyone, thats just how it goes.

    7. promote!

this one may seem like it should only be reserved  for the admins, but it is not! promoting the rp to your friends or the rpc, either by talking about it, posting a link on your aim updates, posting a link to it on your rph/rpc, reblogging a main promote post on your rpt/rph, the list is endless. this way, your friends can join, people you met on aim yet don’t talk to anymore for whatever reason can jojn, those who are too lazy to go through the tags and just look at the rpt or rph tag for some reason can join, anyone can really! 

    8. try to get online

i know we all have outside lives from the rpc, but joining a rp, you are making a commitment to stay active. if something happens and you need some time off, thats when you ask the admins for a hiatus, and i’m sure they will understand and let you have some time off. but, if you find yourself bored, the dash slow, why not get involved, be active!

i know i’m going to get a message or two once i post this saying “ugh this is so annoying, this is all common sense blah blah blah,” but, lately from my own experience and from what i have seen people complaining about on the tags, i feel as though people need this reminder. also if majority of the rpc follows these tips, i’m sure rps would last a solid amount of time, and people can stop complaining. also, if anyone has any more tips, feel free to reblog and add them, or message me them!

The Reunion

Summary: It’s time for the Riverdale Class of 2019 Ten Year Reunion! Betty Cooper is excited to see all of her old classmates, but there’s one classmate in particular that she can’t seem to get off her mind…

Chapter One

“Hello and welcome back to Riverdale High School! Please take a moment to find your name tag - you’ll notice it has your yearbook picture on it to help people better recognize you.”

Betty smiled brightly as the man in front of her searched for his name tag. She watched with curiosity as he plucked one off the table - Benjamin Nisher.

She tried to remember any sort of memory she had with him. She seemed to recall something about… chess club? Or maybe it was the book club? Whoever he was, Betty was drawing a blank.

Oh well, you can’t know them all.

“Ethel,” Betty turned to the young woman standing beside her, “Would you mind going back into the kitchen and checking on our appetizers? Guests are arriving and I want to make sure the wait staff is prepared to start making the rounds.”

Ethel nodded with a smile and headed off toward the cafeteria, leaving Betty alone at the welcome table. She looked around, smoothing the skirt of her dress before readjusting the floral arrangement for the millionth time. As former student body president, it had been her responsibility to plan the ten-year reunion. Which worked out surprisingly well, coinciding perfectly with Betty’s career as an event planner.

She remembered being in high school, dreaming of being a reporter. She had even followed those dreams to Boston University, majoring in journalism and graduating with honors. Unfortunately, dreams were quickly dashed when she found herself glued to a desk instead of out in the field, everything she reported on feeling lackluster when compared to her times in Riverdale.

She had been tasked to interview an up-and-coming event planner in the area when things finally clicked into place. Before she knew it, she had applied for an internship with the company, quickly rising through the ranks before finding herself second-in-command of one of the most elite planning companies in the United States. She loved every ounce of her work - the planning, the use of creativity, the organized chaos of it all - it left her buzzing with satisfaction. And now here she was, back at her old high school, with everything seeming to come full circle.

Ten years. It had been ten years since she’d graduated high school. Ten years since she’d left the borders of this town. Ten years since she’d seen him.

Her heart sighed at the thought of him. She wondered where he was now. She’d heard rumors - everything from being in jail to thriving in New York - but the only truth she knew was in his novel. His tale of Jason Blossom’s murder had mild success across the country, and wild success in Riverdale. He had sent her a copy when it was published, a simple “Thank you” scrawled on the inside cover. Nothing more. It was the only real communication she had received from him since graduation.

The door opened, and Betty brought herself back to reality. Plastering on her best smile, she welcomed an alumni couple as they approached the table. Giving them their name tags and sending them on their way, Betty mentally kicked herself for getting so lost in the haze of adolescent memories. There was no use thinking of him, she reminded herself, because wherever he was he was long gone. He had even RSVP’d no to the reunion.


A familiar voice rang out across the hall, and Betty looked up to spot her lifelong best friend walking toward her.

“Veronica! Hi!” Betty rushed out from behind the welcome table and embraced her. “How are you? It feels like it’s been forever.” 

“Wonderful!” Veronica beamed, “Tonight is our first night out without the baby. Archie was incredibly nervous, but we simply couldn’t miss this! Especially since it’s a Betty Cooper event! Plus,” Veronica winked at her, “I needed a good excuse to wear this.” She backed away and gave a small twirl to show off her slimming black cocktail dress, complimented by violet heels and her signature pearl necklace.

“You do look amazing.” Betty laughed, “As always.”

“As do you!” Veronica cooed, “Seriously, Betts, that dress is gorgeous with a capital G! Blue has always been such a great color on you.”

Betty blushed at the compliment, her heart warming in the glow of her friend’s affection. “So, where is Archie?”

“Parking the car, probably double checking that all he has all the baby photos ready to show off.” Veronica laughed. “What can I say, he’s one proud father.”

“Talking about me?” Archie appeared, a smug grin on his face and a familiar blue and yellow jacket slung over his shoulders.

“Archie, it that -”

“His letterman’s jacket?” Veronica rolled her eyes, “Yes, it is. Babe,” She gave him an accusatory look, “I thought we agreed you’d leave it in the car.”

“Oh, come on Ronnie! I’m reliving high school!” Archie pouted dramatically, “Just let me have my fun.”

“Alright fine - but just for tonight. Then it goes back in the attic where it belongs.” Veronica smiled and placed a single hand on his chest, leaning in and kissing him sweetly. “Now come on. Let’s head inside and let Betty finish her work. She’ll join us later.”

“See you on the dance floor Betts.” Archie joked, winking at her and dramatically spinning around to show off his “moves”. Veronica laughed at him before pulling him away, the two of them disappearing into the gymnasium.

“Betty,” Ethel scrambled up to the table, “The appetizers are ready to go, but Josie just grabbed me and said somebody moved her earpiece after sound check, she can’t find it.”

Betty sighed. It wouldn’t be a true event without at least one problem to be handled. “Okay, I’ll go talk to her. I’m sure it’s nearby. Do me a favor and keep greeting our alumni okay?” Betty placed an encouraging hand on Ethel’s shoulder before moving down the hall, welcoming people as she went.

She was halfway to the music room when she spotted him.

anonymous asked:

Hey 👋🏼 Could you do a BTS reaction to meeting a western fan in Seoul??? Thanksss💕😊


He was at the grocery store picking up a few ingredients they had ran out of back in the dorms. He wore a mask and cap as disguise hoping he could just grab the items and go without being spotted. Unfortunately, security wasn’t as his side because the store was about a block away from the dorms and he was trusted enough to not get seen. He was reaching for the last spice they had on the shelf when another hand reached for the same thing. He pulled back quickly to make eye contact with your widened ones. Unsure of what you would do, he froze staring at you, mentally praying you wouldn’t cause a scene. “O-oh you could have it,” you said handing the jar to him. His shoulders relaxed once he realized you weren’t gonna call him out in the middle of the store. “That’s okay you can have it, I’ll just substitute this for something else,” he gently pushed the spice back to you and gave you a quick smile before leaving.  


You were only staying in Seoul for two weeks. Throughout the five days you’ve been here, you managed to find a lively coffee shop not too far from the hotel you were staying at. Every single morning you walked there to grab a drink and a quick bite to start the day. This time, as you stepped into the shop, you saw a familiar hoodie. A familiar hoodie that belonged to a familiar person with mint green hair. Your heart rate increased by the second as you cautiously walked towards the figure. Not wanting to frighten the poor person, you whispered out softly, “Min Yoongi?” He immediately turned around and his eyes widened as a fan recognized him. “I don’t speak Korean but I’m an ARMY,” you gave him a big smile hoping he would get you. He showed you his famous gummy smile and nodded because he did, in fact, get what you said. Not wanting to invade his space, you waved goodbye and scurried out the coffee shop forgetting your sole purpose of even being there.

(A/N: My bad I actually don’t even know if this is really light mint green or silver I’m not stupid I swear gtggtggtg)


Your vacation to Gwangju was absolutely everything you imagined. It was even better in person than all the Youtube vlogs you’ve watched before the trip. Sadly, today was your last day so you and your friend rode the train to Seoul to visit all the main hotspots. Every single second of your trip was being documented, there was never not a time when you weren’t pulling out your vlog camera. As you and your friend were walking on the sidewalk, you started recording. Lifting the camera just high enough to capture the both of you and a little bit of the background. You were explaining where you two were heading to when a male figure jumped in behind you two and started making faces at the camera. Your friend was just ready to start questioning who the man was when she let out a big “OHHHHH!” You turned around to see who it was when you came face to face with none other than J-Hope from BTS. You and your friend were both major fans and to see him in the flesh was such a big honor. You both stood there mouths wide open watching as he laughed and waved goodbye.


You were thankful enough for your mom to allow you to spend one year in Seoul on a homestay program to attend school. This morning, you snoozed through all six of your alarms and now happened to be very late. With your hair not brushed, shoes unbuckled, and an empty stomach, you dashed out the door running as fast as you could to the bus stop. You were a mess, your backpack flew open and all the books and papers flew out causing you to stop and groan. Someone who happened to be watching the whole thing unfold decided it was time to give a helping hand. He crouched down and started to pick up your now ruined school papers off the ground. You, on the other hand, were on the verge of breaking down from embarrassment and anger. “Thank you thank you tha-,” you hurriedly thanked the stranger until he looked up at you. You remained in your mid-crouched position staring wide-eyed at the person. Kim Namjoon just helped you with your stuff. Never have you ever thought you would get to meet your ultimate bias in person. “Oh, are you an ARMY? Just be careful next time okay?” He chuckled and helped you stand up but you just stood there staring at him, mouth opening and closing. You got knocked out your trance when the roaring of the bus engine filled the quiet atmosphere and you watched as the bus drove off in the distance. You missed your bus, but it was worth meeting Namjoon.


As he was walking out his favorite little snack shop, you pushed past him in a hurried state. Out of curiosity, he watched from the distance at your fear-stricken face as you asked every single person in the store some type of question. You made hand motions that seemed like you were describing height and width. He watched as your shoulders slumped in disappointment when they shook their heads at you. ‘He/she must be looking for something’ he thought and started to walk away, a bit sad that he couldn’t help find what you were looking for. At a nearby table, he spotted a wallet with none other than his face on it. It clicked to him that you probably lost your wallet and he found it. “Excuse me,” he stopped you and held out the wallet as if asking is this yours? You clutched your heart in relief but also shock that Park Jimin from your favorite kpop group, BTS just found your wallet with his face on it. “C-can I have a hug?” You stammered out. You both were the exact same height and he wasn’t as short as he looked in the pictures. He nodded and looked around before wrapping his one arm around your waist and pulling you closer. Your dark cheeks heated up with excitement and you wanted nothing more than to just hold him forever. When you went back to your hotel room, you called up your friend and told them your exciting story.


When he wasn’t busy working on new songs or learning the hard choreography for a new dance, he liked to unwind by going on a shopping trip. He only brought enough won to buy himself at least two sweaters and maybe a snack when he was done, but that was enough because he didn’t plan on getting anything big. As he was browsing through the sweater rack, he found the perfect one. He decided to get two, one for him and one for Jimin. He was about to go check out when he heard you let out a frustrated sigh. You, too, had found the perfect sweater, but unfortunately, all the sizes were too petite for your figure. You searched every single clothing tag hoping to at least get something that was one down your size, but there was no luck. With the broken Korean you knew, you asked the store clerk if she had any other available sizes. Taehyung, who understood exactly what you were asking, walked over to you when the store clerk left. He was kind enough to give you the sweater he was going to buy for himself, despite it being male clothing. Every single ounce of your body fangirled and you internally screamed to just take the sweater from Kim fucking Taehyung, but the polite side of you rejected. He kept insisting until you finally agreed. He was so happy in person, his skin unwhitewashed and bare, he was perfect. He was actually interested in talking to you and stuck around for a while even though he knew he wasn’t supposed to. You two ended up grabbing a snack together while having a pretty casual conversation even though your Korean wasn’t all that great.


It was your first day in Seoul and you were completely lost. Back at the hotel, you told your friends to go off without you, as you needed to go to the bathroom for a really long time and they didn’t have the patience to wait for you. Now that you were out in the busy street, you were lost and on top of that, nobody was answering their phones. You looked up the directions to Jinju Hoegwan, but unfortunately, you still didn’t know how to get there. You quickly rushed to the first passerby you saw asking them if they knew how to get to the restaurant. They froze and looked at your phone screen as if it were written in some ancient handwriting. “Sir, excuse me?” You waved your phone hoping that would snap him out of it. “I-I don’t know sorry,” he spoke in English with a heavy accent. But this voice was so recognizable to you, it took almost a solid minute to figure out who. “Jungkook!” You called out to the person but he was already running off with his head down and shoulders scrunched up. You facepalmed yourself so hard, you meet an idol for the first time and you already scared the poor man. You wished you could rewind back to those 2 minutes and redo everything again.

Yeaaa as you could see I kinda got carried away lol my bad

Here they are!!! The Prompts for Elsanna Week 2017!!

Let’s talk about the main ideas of these prompts, shall we?

Day 1 - June 18 - Fire and Ice
Fire!Anna is something we’ve all seen in a majority of the ships in our fandom, but let’s do a day about how opposites attract. Fire Powers!Anna was something that was on the last Elsanna Week ballot, so we’re bringing it to you this week.

Day 2 - June 19 - Body Swap
What would it be like if the girls switched bodies for a day? This was also a voted on prompt, so now it’s up to you to decide if there will be chaos, intrigue, or whatever else your little heart desires. If you wanna mix it up, we encourage you to add in other characters for some Frohana fun, but it’s not necessary :) After all, this is Elsanna Week. Up to you!

Day 3 - June 20 - Curiosity
Well, this can go one of two ways. It can either be innocent or… well, we’ve all read the fics and seen the art. Another option on the ballot, in the same category as Teasing and Flirting so you may add those in as well. What!? Three prompts in one? I know, it’s awesome.

Day 4 - June 21 - Making Today a Perfect Day
Anna’s Birthday!! The Summer Solstice usually rolls around the 21st (not this year it’s on the 22nd, but just go with it), and that’s Anna’s birthday! So take us all back to the plethora of sunflowers which is totally why this background was chosen and love that Elsa dedicated to Anna on that day despite her illness.

Day 5 - June 22 - The Sky’s Awake
Precious moments are precious, and we can all use some adorable fluff (or smut, if that’s how you roll). The Northern Lights are something special for the girls, so much so that it translated into Olaf and his own wonder of the Lights. So have our girls dance or kiss or whatever underneath the gorgeous Aurora Borealis.

Day 6 - June 23 - Heir and Spare
For those of you who listened to the deleted songs “We Know Better” and “More Than Just the Spare”, you know there are major differences between the girls when responsibility is involved. Anna has insecurities, and so does Elsa. This is a day dedicated to the girls supporting one another, and perhaps Elsa can help make Anna feel less of a spare?? Your call, my friends. This one has more of a canonverse/royal theme, so let your imaginations run wild!

Day 7 - June 24 - Pride
This month is Pride Month! Spread the pride with Pride AUs! Will one sister be supporting the other, will they both be celebrating? The choice is yours! But do be courteous to others who are celebrating Pride outside the fandom, as some might not like Elsanna on their dashes. Let’s keep the peace, so tag accordingly :)

Alright! Those are the prompts. We will start accepting submissions the day before June 18 and will stop accepting submissions the day after June 24. Make sure to put elsanna and elsanna week in the tags so we can see it and reblog. If we miss yours, send us a link in a submission so we may reblog it from you.

Make sure to tag your work properly, as well. If one does not wish to see any NSFW content, do make sure to blacklist the things you want to avoid.

We look forward to seeing what you come up with!


sunstarmonster  asked:

Hi! Can i get some general head canons for Gai with an S/O who's been a close friend since forever basically? SFW and NSFW please? And like, when he's trying to woo her what he'd do? Dude doesn't get enough attention from fans and he's such a sweetie…. I gotta know what's up!

AHHHH YESSSSS I love Guy Sensei so much!!! He’s unfortunately apart of the “amazing characters that don’t get NEARLY as much recognition as they deserve” gang :’( So here you go! I also apologize, this became way more backstory-y and less headcanon-y than I intended ahaha, I hope it’s alright :) ~Admin Song

Might Gai being Friends with His S/O a Long Time Before Dating Them

Originally posted by springtimeisnotover-yet


• The way I picture it, you and Guy are inseparable. Constantly challenging each other to physical challenges- even though he always wins, he loves encouraging you and is your number one cheerleader. You share meals and talk about everything. It gets to the point where Tenten, Neji, and even Lee are suspicious of unspoken romance. They see you two hanging out all the time, and you’ve tagged along for a few training sessions (spectating lol).

•  Guy’s feelings creep up on him. The more time he spends with you, the more he’s confused about what’s happening. Why is he going red every time he pins you to the ground during a sparring match? Or when you’re soaked with sweat and wipe your brow with your shirt, exposing your belly? Oh yeah, it’s suuuuch a mystery. Tenten’s shaking her head in the corner and Neji refuses to watch. Lee’s like “boy aren’t they good pals!”

•  Finally Tenten’s like “so Guy Sensei, are you and *insert name* a thing?” Guy’s completely caught off guard, his world’s exploding. He’s never thought of that possibility before, he treasured the friendship so much. But the more he things about it, the more it clicks. Every touch between you two is electric and the way you laugh is honey to his ears. He finds your harsh breathing after the final push of a brutal workout terribly appealing and somehow even sensual.Yep, he’s definitely fallen for you.

• Burdened by this newfound understanding, Guy struggles to stay composed around you. Now he knows why it’s impossible to concentrate when you’re around, and finds himself growing suddenly self-conscious of his otherwise normal habits. He’s a physical guy, but suddenly second-guesses putting his hand on your shoulder or patting you on the back. His still the same confident Guy, but more stumbling and scrambling. His words jumble like alphabet soup when he talks to you, and you notice he doesn’t (or rather can’t ) hold eye contact for long.

• Frustrated by the recent turn of events, Guy finally decides to grab the bull by the horns and ask you on a date. After all, why waste anymore of the precious time he could otherwise be spending with you? Seize the day! He springs it on you after a training session, during which it’s obvious he’s holding back something BIG. When you say yes, he’s ecstatic, picks you up and swings you around, stops, apologetically puts you down, and dashes off into the sunset with the renewed energy of the energizer bunny.

• Training dates are a thing. A couple that trains together stays together. At the end of the day you two are knocked out in bed, wrapped around each other and snoring.

• LOVES showing you off. Guy’s constantly bragging about you to his friends, his students, his rival, everyone and anyone that will listen. He loves taking you out on the town to restaurants, lavishing you with the very best because it’s the least that you deserve.


• The first time he kisses you is during training. You’re holding a plank and Guy leans down and is like “yeah you can do it!” when he’s all of the sudden smitten by your expression and suddenly his lips are on yours. He’s SO kind and polite, and would never pressure you into anything, but you notice his hands linger longingly as he corrects your form, on your hips and stomach, under your arms and sides. Guy doesn’t want to cross a line and make you uncomfortable.

• When you finally do have sex, it’s bed-breaking rambunctious and wild. Guy’s hands roam all over you, tightly squeezing your softest parts and pulling you close. He’s a strong man, and while he does try to be careful, it’s difficult to contain the extent of what he wants to do to you. The morning after the first time you have sex, you can hardly walk. Of course Guy’s a sweetheart about it, serving you breakfast and helping you everywhere.

• This man takes CARE of you. He trails kisses all down your collar bone to your belly and down past your hipbones, licking your most sensitive areas. Guy doesn’t stay down there for long though, he’s always moving and suddenly he’s sucking on your neck or nipple.

• He can’t really help it, being as strong as he is, but Guy fucks hard. He always starts slow and gentle, but as the heat builds he gets so excited that soon he’s right up inside you and going. Dude compensates with MAJOR foreplay so you’re always prepared and relaxed enough.

• If you give Guy a blowjob he melts. It astounds him that this amazing person wants to pleasure him, and something about you on your knees really turns him on.

• Post-sex, you’re exhausted and sweating and breathing hard. Guy’s probably fine, but he’s got the stamina of a fucking god. He’ll wrap you up in his arms and pull you close, stroking your arm or back as you drift off. To him, watching your eyes slip shut and your mouth part is part of the satisfaction of sex.

anonymous asked:

do you think there was some major beef/internal conflict in 1d (Niall, Louis, & Liam V.S. Harry)?? because I really get the impression that Harry was very separate from the other members of the band, always kind of off doing his own thing while the other boys seemed to be a band of their own... am I crazy or do you sort of see this divide as well??

Hi anon!

OK, so I truly never thought it was OT3/4 vs Harry, I really didn’t. I thought it was all tabloid fodder, made up by Dan and Simon, etc. And I would like to preface this whole post with “this is all image, we don’t really know what’s going on behind the scenes, this could be part of their solo pushes,” and so on and so forth.

But having said all of that, yeah, I’m starting to think that view has some truth behind it.

Keeping in mind that Liam tended to act as the spokesman for the band, and he’s doing active promo for the first time, let’s look at him…

There was this sort of weird tweet. I remember at the time, the fandom was like “that’s kind of weird.” But whatever, who knows who wrote the tweet, and he did say he’s proud of Harry.

But then we come to hear it was Harry who wanted the hiatus first (per Harry’s Rolling Stone article) and Liam says that Niall had the hardest time with it, and that Liam didn’t even know what a hiatus was (which sounds like bullshit, but that’s the story he’s pushing), and that’s just…something to note. OK.

Then we get the totally flat affect of Harry talking about Liam’s music on Grimmy’s show. And he said he didn’t know about Liam’s chains, which was weird.

We get the Harry Potter tweet about celebrity from Liam, and then Liam kept posting pictures of the chain all over the place, including with Niall.

Then we have Harry being rude to the fan who got Liam’s chevron tat, and claiming it had nothing to do with him (as if he wasn’t part of 1D?).

And the way that Liam talked about Harry and his music today was not positive, while he talked positively about Niall’s music and showed up at WangoTango and was photographed with him (and the chain).

Then we have the comments Liam made about how he wrote half the songs on MITAM (I think that was half of the songs that any of OT4 wrote for the album?) and how he wanted to tour it. Harry has been sold as being the one who “changed” 1D’s sound, but we know that Liam has done a ton of the writing. In fact, if you compare the writing credits, Liam wrote more songs for 1D (including on MITAM) and got production credit on things (often remixes).

Finally, we get these weird questions from Dan toward both Niall and Harry, where they both leave open the possibility of One Direction existing without Harry. And we have Liam including Zayn in his answers about what the band is doing for their solo music. And go bacik to the first link in the above paragraph, where he says, “It’s difficult to see how everyone’s gonna work out at the moment.”

Now, you asked about Louis, Liam, and Niall as a unit.

When I rewatch OTRA clips now, I wonder if the other men ever got annoyed with Harry being all over the stage and sort of taking over, especially while they were singing. A post crossed my dash today about stage Harry in OTRA and he was swinging around his hair, bounding across the stage, dancing with mics, etc–and in this clip, it wasn’t when he was singing. I’ve talked about how Harry’s stage presence on SNL was not what I expected, and in rewatching OTRA clips now, it’s clear often Harry was able to be stage!Harry because the other men were singing. I wonder how they felt about that? (I wonder. Truly wonder. I’m not making assumptions, I’m rethinking old assumptions.)

I think Niall will always try to be a neutral as possible. He’s like Switzerland. But even he left open the idea that 1D could come back without Harry. Which…?

I think there is clearly no love lost between Harry and Zayn, and I think that’s for real.

Louis seemed more in sync with the other men (Niall and Liam) in OTRA. We know Harry had his own stylist, etc. 

So. To answer your question, yeah, I see it. And I don’t know if it’s just for promo purposes or what. But I see it.


Pairing: Dean x reader

Genre: ANGST  

A/N: This is for Bev’s ( @chaos-and-the-calm67 ) Milestone Challenge, which I am so glad I saw pop up on my dash! I hope you really like! And ‘Foolin’ by Def Leppard is one of my favorite songs ever! 

Word Count: 1,704

Warnings: lonely!dean, language, ANGST,  and a dash of intense making out, slight subtextish and mention. Dean being a a-s-s 

Tagging:  @sis-tafics @mysteriouslyme81 @winchesters-favorite-girl@daughters-and-winsisters @spnsisimagines @winchester-writes @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @sincerelysaraahh @ilostmyshoe-79@abaddonwithyall@winchesterwhisper @waywardsons-imagines@winchester-writes@winchesterfics @winchesterenthusiast@winchester-clique @soaringeag1e@spnfeelstrain @msimpala67@ivvitm1109 @mkay-chan@the-mrs-deanwinchester  @one-shots-supernatural@mysupernaturalfics@supernatural-jackles@bringmesomepie56@youwerelikeadream@mysteriouslyme81@zombi3gyrl07@beatlesobsessionlove @wanderer-08@madelineannmolder@feelmyroarrrr@girl-next-door-writes @oh-goodness-loki @chantillilace@mysupernaturalfics @castiels-sweet-little-grace@supernotnaturalcas@atc74 @mommaton@ilostmyshoe-79 @my–heroine@curliesallovertheplace@blacktithe7@pureawesomeness001 @little-red-83@deansbaekaz2y5@ellen-reincarnated1967 @chaos-and-the-calm67@tardis-full-of-fallen-angels@therewillbeblood @meeshw777

He closed the door shut and leaned back against it as if it wouldn’t stay shut without the weight of his body. He felt like he had half the world chasing after him. An exaggeration, yes, but when you started adding up people like…

You, at one time. 

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greaser boy - part I

High school AU - bad boy!Bucky

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Characters: All the avengers, Peggy Carter, Loki

When a new student from Brooklyn joins the reader’s school, she doesn’t know what is in store for her. He is the epitome of trouble and she finds herself caught in his headlights. The more she resists, the harder it gets. Limits are tested and so is patience. Will she fall for the greaser boy with the bad reputation?

Word count:  1,294

A/N: I’m not sure if bad boy! Bucky is a thing, but I noticed the drought of these sort of imagines and decided to write one myself. Just imagine 1940s Bucky, with greaser style. Also, Peggy is in this because I thought, what the hell! If you want to be tagged just ask, I really don’t know how long this mini-series will be. 

All parts of Greaser Boy are on my masterlist

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“I’m telling you Y/N, Mrs. Dott hates me,” Your best friend, Nike exclaimed.

“That’s because you called her a bitch and you said she looked like the Stepmother from Cinderella,” You said.

“Hey, she had it coming. As for the Stepmother comment, the resemblance is uncanny,” She continued.

“And that’s why you’re gonna fail American Literature,” You added and adjusted the strap of your backpack.

The school campus was nearly empty except for the cross country team that was getting ready to practice. You and Nike had just finished your community service at the school library. She fiddled with the keys of her car and continued to talk about which teachers she suspects of hating her.

The school day was finally over and all you wanted to do was go home, order a pizza and continue watching Game of Thrones. There are perks of being a good student. You managed to get ahead on your homework and you found yourself stress-free. You were proud to say that you had a whopping five A’s in the grade book. Nike, on the other hand, was freaking out over missing assignments. Of course, you would lend her your completed homework to let her copy.

You and Nike weren’t exactly part of the ‘popular’ group, cause there is no popular group. There is only a handful of well-known students that are all friends and you happen to be a bit close with them.

Steve Rogers, captain of the football team. He has never lost a game ever since he started playing. He has a big heart and is the most down to earth person you’ve ever met. Steve’s girlfriend, Peggy Carter is an exchange student from England. Plenty have tried to woo her, but the Captain managed to capture her heart.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner are the smartest students at the school. They take every AP class, are always creating new inventions and are both quite dashing. Together, with brilliant minds like theirs, they can put Isaac Newton to shame. Everyone is convinced they’ll find a cure for cancer. Tony is well known for being a player and rich, whereas Bruce is just a quiet person who always seems to be learning new things through books.

Natasha Romanoff is one of your close friends. You’ve known her since freshman year when the both of you were assigned partners for biology. She’s one of those girls that you don’t want to mess with. She will make your life hell if you do. Her best friend is Clint Barton. They’re inseparable. Two peas in a pod. Clint is the star basketball player of the team. He has never missed a shot. The team has an impressive winning streak thanks to Clint.

Thor is an interesting character. He and his brother Loki are always arguing over stupid, yet simple things that can be handled easily, but they exaggerate everything. They’ll argue over anything. Girls, who’s hair is better, the last slice of pizza. Nevertheless, they throw the best parties. Something insane happened at Thor’s party? That’s nothing new.

Sam Wilson is a certified ladies man. His good looks can kill. He has, not only girls but guys at his feet as well. Sam is on the soccer team. He’s one of the best goalies. Of course, he’s also Nike’s crush since sophomore year.

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are also exchange students. They’re from Sokovia and have only been here a little less than a year. Pietro is one of the fastest runners as the school. He’s the reason the track team’s been getting more wins that loses. Wanda always goes to his meets to cheer him on. She’s his biggest supporter. Wanda is really sweet. You have two classes with her and you occasionally copy off each other’s homework and notes when one or the other wasn’t paying attention.

“Rumor has it, we’re gonna get a new guy,” Nike said.

“Who told you?” You asked and slid into the passenger’s seat.

“Margery,” She replied and started the engine. “She claims that he’s a total bad boy. I think he got kicked out his previous school for getting into a fight. He’s from Brooklyn. His name is James or something like that”

“Exactly what we need, another troubled kid that will fight anyone that looks into their direction,” You rolled your eyes.

“Watch yourself there Y/N,” Nike stated. “You might find yourself falling for him.”

“As if, the last thing I need is a distraction from my school work. I’m not gonna get into a good college if I’m in La La Land, thinking about a no-good guy,” You huffed.

“You never know, Y/N, you never know.”

You groaned and reached for your phone. Mornings were always such drags. From getting up early to eventually sitting on a chair in Music History. Your eyes squinted at the light coming from the screen.

8:15 AM

You were suddenly fully awake and you were very late. It was a race against time as you pulled on a T-shirt and a denim jacket over your shoulders. At that point, you didn’t care how crappy you looked.

Your father never worked on these days, so you asked him for a ride. Your parents never dared trust you to drive one of their cars. Not after you accidentally crashed into the fence and caused major damages to your Mom’s Subaru.

You walked as fast as you could across the English hall. First period was in the band room and even though Mr. Smith never marked anyone down for being late, you wanted to get there on time because you actually liked the class.

You turned the corner and crashed into something hard and sturdy. They reached out and grabbed onto you before you fell back, that would’ve made you look like a complete fool.

“Whoa there.”

You looked up and were faced with a very handsome guy. His blue eyes were filled with mischief. A small smile played at the corner of his lips. His brown hair was perfectly quiffed. He looked straight out of an 80s movie. A teenage heartthrob that was a total pantie dropper.

“Uh-yeah,” You stuttered, dumbfounded. You mentally smacked your forehead at how you fumbled with your words. This guy was hot.

“You okay there, doll?” He asked. Oh, my god, you said to yourself.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” He released you from his grip and let you settle down in your own body.

“Gotta be careful, don’t want you to get hurt,” He continued. His black leather jacket, white shirt, dark jeans and Doc Martens screamed greaser. He definitely looked like a modern day greaser.

“I’m new here, any chance you can direct me to the correct classroom?” He asked. You tried to ignore the fact that his voice was dripping with velvet and sex. His gaze was on you. You could practically feel him burning holes in you. With a shaky hand, you took his schedule and examined it. After explaining to him where each class was, you realized you had two classes with him. Fifth and sixth.

“Thank you,” He smiled and you nearly melted. “I’m James Barnes, but you can call me Bucky.”

This is the new guy Nike was talking about. He sure lived up to the explanation. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N.”

“Well Y/N I hope to see you around and if not, I’ll come find you. I want to see your pretty face again, doll.” He winked and turned on his heels before walking down the English hall. You released the breath you didn’t know you were holding. The conversation replayed in your head. Heat rushed to your cheeks when you remembered that he called you 'doll.’ You realized one thing: Bucky Barnes was gonna be trouble.

Harmless Gossipers

(A/N): This is sort of aweful? Idk anything about snakes? I tried.

Pairings: Maria HillXReader

Request: Can I request a Maria Hill where the reader has a power/mutation to talk to snakes and has two for pets. While Maria is afraid of them until she learns that all they do is gossip.

Warnings: None?

Tags: @sxph-t@iamwarrenspeace

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(Y/N)’s powers were… different. After being bitten by a snake that was in illegal animal experimentation, they had gained the ability to talk to and control snakes which enabled them to befriend almost any snake. It seemed as an unlikely power since they always hated snakes or any sort of reptile but since they got their powers, they found out they meant no harm and immediately began to love them. (Y/N) began to love them so much, she kept two as their pets, one being an albino python and despite the team’s major objections, a vibrant orangish-red bush viper. No one like the idea of having a venomous snake roaming around the tower but (Y/N) promised they wouldn’t cause any harm.

Maria loved (Y/N) with all her heart but she hated their snakes. She was afraid of snakes to begin with and when she heard (Y/N) got a venomous snake as a pet, she had a near freak out. On multiple occasions, they would try to get her to hold the python but she constantly refused. Why on earth would she want to hold something that could squeeze the life out of her, even though it was a small python. She tried to avoid the snakes at all cost but it didn’t help that she wanted to spend time with (Y/N) but every time they did, it seemed like one of their snakes was looking at her creepily. She also felt as if the snakes were planning to kill her or take over SHIELD or something. It sounded stupid but (Y/N) would talk about their conversations, crazy thoughts and ideas and it never ceased to creep her out but most of the time, she never knew what they talked about. As much as she wanted to get rid of them, she knew (Y/N) loved those snakes and didn’t want to see them unhappy so, she pushed her fear away just for (Y/N).

Maria had a day off and she wanted was to spend it with (Y/N) so, she heads over to the Avenger tower to go see what they were up to. She walks through the elevators, in a more casual outfit than usual, and she sees Natasha making coffee in the kitchen. “Hey Nat.” Natasha turns, looks up, giving a warm smile and Maria sends one back.

“Hey Maria, looking for (Y/N)?” Maria nods and Natasha begins to sip her coffee as she leans against the counter. “They should be coming out in a sec.” As if right on cue, (Y/N) walks in, hands rubbing their eyes, trying to rid themself of being groggy and they give a sleepy smile when they see their girlfriend.

“Hey, M.” (Y/N) mumbles out with a smile and Maria goes for a hug before emitting a squeak, recoiling quickly noticing a white and orange snake wrapped around their shoulders. (Y/N) stands confused at their girlfriend’s actions and Natasha begins to chuckle at Maria’s scared expressions.

“The great Maria Hill is scared of snakes? When were you planning on telling (Y/N)?” Natasha teases and Maria looks over, sending daggers her way but it only causes Natasha to chuckle more.

“How are you not scared of that?” Maria spits out as she points to the orange viper on (Y/N)’s shoulder and it sends a hiss towards her causing her to back away from them more. Natasha smirks before sipping her coffee nonchalantly.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m intimidated by him but we’re cool. Dash and I are good pals.” Maria stares at Natasha like she’s grown two heads and she chuckles before pushing herself off the counter. “Anyways, have fun you two.” She taunts, as she walks out of the kitchen and into the training room. Maria averts her eyes to (Y/N) who has concern etched on their face as they stare into her blue eyes. They gently grab the snakes off their shoulder and place them on the counter before walking over to Maria.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” (Y/N) utters out with guilt in their voice and Maria purses her lips together before grabbing their hand in hers.

“I know how happy they make you. I didn’t want you to think I wouldn’t love you because of them.” Mari confesses as she steps impossibly closer to them, placing her arms over their shoulders and leaning her head against theirs. Damn, she has a soft spot for (Y/N).  A small smile grows on (Y/N)’s face as they stare into her beautiful eyes.

“I love you.” (Y/N) whispers out as they take a glance at Maria’s lips, wanting nothing but to kiss them and Maria notices before slowly leaning forward, capturing their soft lips into a kiss. (Y/N) emits a soft moan as they place a hand on Maria’s face and she smiles against them as she pulls back, giving a content sigh as she stares lovingly at them.

“I have the day off, want to watch some movies and eat junk food?” Maria asks with a smile still plastered on her face and (Y/N)’s smile widens.

“Of course, I just need to put Dash and Jinx away so they don’t scare Clint or something.” (Y/N) states as they pick up the orange viper and they stop before grabbing the python, confusing Maria. “Would you like to hold her? She’s harmless but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Maria freezes, hesitating slightly but bravely nods her head, trusting (Y/N), knowing they wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Their face breaks out into a wide smile before excitingly laughing.

“O-Okay! Well, just hold out your hand and she’ll wrap around you a little but don’t be scared. She’s just trying to stay secure so she won’t fall.” (Y/N) utters out as they pick up the white python and gently place it in Maria’s hands. Maria holds her breath as the snake begins to slowly wrap around her arm but rather loosely so it doesn’t hurt and she stares surprised at how gentle it is.

“This isn’t… that bad.” Maria slowly says as she turns her hands, observing the white snake that’s perfectly happy where it is. “I still think they’re planning to kill me and take over SHIELD.” (Y/N) giggles at her statement.

“What?” Maria chuckles out and (Y/N) places the snake their holding on their shoulder, allowing it to wrap around them as they walk to their bedroom.

“They love you, M! They talk about how much they love you all the time and if not that, they just gossip about the team. They especially like to talk about Clint and Sam.” Maria is amused by this new information and she can’t help but laugh. (Y/N) laughs themself before an idea pops in their head. “Later, we should scare Clint by putting them in the vents.” Maria laughs harder, looking down at the snake currently in her hands before a devilish smirk appears on her face. She would probably get in trouble with Fury but ,oh, this is going to be fun.

That’s when Maria realized, snakes weren’t that scary after all.

Kill meeee

R76 FicRec

I’ve never done a fic rec before, so I’m sorry if it gets a bit weird XD. But these are possibly my most favourite fics of all time in the fandom, I’ve come back to read them multiple times and definitely will come back to them more and more in the future. I hope you guys will enjoy them as well and please support all these magnificent writers!!!

Note: Some of these have mature content. You have been warned.

1. Breaking and Entering by W4nderingStar

Additional Tags: BickeringSasssassynessthe old dads taking a breaksort of anyways…like i said beforei don’t know how to tagFeelsworking on your undead relationshipNuditybecause heyi just wrote 20k words of them without sexy times so you knowIt’s Timeif you want to know what happensjust look at the rating I mean come on! It’s mature for a reason.LanguageFoul Language

Summary:  Jack and Gabe take the closest thing they can to a vacation. (Sort of)

(Nei’s note: Delicious smut, beautiful, emotional-packed fic surrounding two old men’s stubbornness.Gabriel’s character is wonderfully well-written and Jack’s reactions are absolutely on point. The author is an absolute fucking gift. MUST READ.)

2. Bilingual by misbehavingvigilante

Additional Tags: Slight mention of dubious consent

Summary: Or the one where Jack Morrison understands but doesn’t speak Spanish and Gabriel Reyes would have liked to know about this beforehand.

(Nei’s note: You haven’t read this absolute piece of joy? THEN GO READ IT RIGHT NOW!!! Beautifully fluffy, guarantee to stuff you into a cocoon of happiness. Author is also an absolute gift. Better yet, GO READ THE WHOLE SERIES RIGHT HERE!!!)

3. A La Minute by bzarcher

Additional TagsFine DiningFoodCookingAlcoholrelationshipsI don’t even know how this happened. Alternate Universe - Modern SettingAlternate Universe - Restaurantwhy yes gabe you ARE gay for Jack Morrison

Summary: Gabriel Reyes and Jack Morrison have been working to revamp the menu at Overwatch, but their executive Chef just threw them both a major curveball. (Note: Several characters are mentioned in passing but do not have speaking roles.)

(Nei’s note: Interesting details of the culinary world, beautiful depiction of Gabe being a longing, stubborn idiot. A pinch of tension, a dash of brilliant character interaction. Simply delicious.)

4. Give up the ghost by EtLaBete

Additional Tags: ReunionsLove/HateTextingReaper feelsAngst and Light Fluff

Summary: The vigilante known as Soldier: 76 sends messages to a number he thinks belongs to a dead man, and it does, technically, except Reaper reads them, every last one, and he can only stay a ghost for so long.

(Nei’s note: The feeling of angst and bitter-sweetness in this fic won’t leave you reeling, but definitely form a sad knot in your chest. Gabriel is depicted so wonderfully in here, and you can keenly feel his warring emotions. Absolutely beautiful read.)

5. One Night of Many by nb_vint  

Additional TagsFluffLet the boys restCharacter Study

Summary: Gabriel wasn’t usually this talkative, Jack must’ve looked more like shit than he thought. Was it failure to not mask this pain? Either way it was getting late enough that acting like this didn’t faze him was more trouble than it seemed. Maybe another effect Gabe had on him.

(Nei’s note: A great take on Jack and Gabriel’s time during SEP. The support seen in Gabriel and Jack’s line of thoughts are wonderfully written.)

6. The Stars Have Nothing on You by pinegreenapples

Additional TagsTrainsShenanigansJack has motion sickness

Summary: Jack’s never been fond of trains.

(Nei’s note: Soft, longing feelings that make your heart ache a little for them. The emotions running in this fic flow fluidly, gentle and sad. Recommended if you’re looking for a quick fix of angst.)

7. Cherry Ice by dkthunderIV

Additional TagsInjuryHospitalsPopsiclesTwo Goofs In Love

Summary: Do you ever wonder how Reyes got that scar on his lip? After a good night, Gabriel scares the shit out of Jack and busts his lip in the bed of his truck. Stupidly having no medical supplies or training, Jack has to make a four AM detour to the hospital.

(Nei’s note: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…The cuteness runs strong with this one! Two dorks of men being in love, clumsy and endearing. Bringing ALL the good feels yo!)

F.T.Willz never dies?

Do you remember the theory about FTWillz and his poetry? Around the net, especially in the fandom, this is not news and it seems like this person won’t cease to amaze us.

Since I started to investigate on FTWillz, his poetry has absolutely become my favorite topic.

I spent days around a lot of tumblr blogs and google researches, finding out things I would have never expected to find.

It may be because of the deep meaning behind his poems, or the simple and desperate need of help FTWillz communicates with his dark writing, that the issue concerns me so much.

First of all he had a myspace, then livejournal and finally twitter. What if this is not all?

Recently, a girl informed me about a really important blog she found on tumblr: f-t-willz-must-die.

To be honest, at first sight I thought “this is certainly a blog like another, maybe an appreciation one… I don’t think he would like to be found out so easily with the final ’‘must die” like Frank’s’’ but I had to think about it again as soon as I opened the link.

I made a quick journey in that blog just to see what I could have find and the first thing you can see is that the blog owner hasn’t written anything since September 2013, four months after he made the first post on his blog.

If you search the blog on whasoever search engine, the website does not appear, so it seems like this blog has been hidden by the owner.

This option can be activated once you register on tumblr, in the settings page, where you can allow the search engines to index your blog. So we can say that FTWillz thought that hiding his blog from other ones would have helped him with not being found out by people.

Or maybe he was just desperately trying to be discovered?

We passed hours on this blog, even though it has just 4 pages, and we noticed a lot of interesting stuff about his poetry.

First of all, the way FTWillz writes is stunningly similar to Frank’s, both the lack of capital letters and the frequent use of dashes on their poems.

There are about 34-35 poems written in there and FTWillz “sends” us a message that we can classify as “full of hate” and “desperate”.

Nothing new, right? All things that connect us to Frank’s poetry, whose poems are really similar to the new FTWillz ones.

Other important things can be the notes and the tags: actually, FTWillz didn’t add tags on his posts and he has just two notes, one of which is the girl’s who told me about this blog.

Seems like Frank didn’t want to be found out.

I immediately thought that the blog was a kind of “refugee” where he wanted to write safely without having problems.

The obvious question is: why didn’t he make a private blog?

You can tell this blog is absolutely interesting from every corner of it.

One of the things M noticed was the last poem he wrote, the 20th September’s one that appears on the top of the first page, where FTWillz mentions a certain Sylvia Plath.

I’m pretty sure someone of you recognized the name.

The same poetess was quoted by Frank in an interview years ago during The Black Parade, as a reference to the album, inspired by the figurative death in Plath’s poems.

Can it be just a coincidence?

Talking again about FTWillz, in the poem written the 25th August, I found an extremely important thing that, from the first sight, I’ve noticed.

Do you remember “From My Head to My Middle Finger, I Really Think I Like You”? The poem both Frank and the (not so) mysterious FTWillz have published?

Well, the same sentence was written by FTWillz must die too the 25th August.

Still a coincidence?

By the way, the 23rd May FTWillz published a poem named “houston we have a…” and the “you’re so cool cool cool” line shocked me a bit.

You have surely recognized this line, didn’t you?

The sentence is the same as Kill All Your Friends and this makes me think that this is not just a coincidence. We can notice that FTWillz is pissed off with a person who changed and who believes he is important so he calls him “arrogantly successful”.

Even if you’re not obsessed with this band you can surely tell that Gerard never wanted to be cool (yeah, we all know the NME interview), so we can assume that the fact that Gerard changed pushed FTWillz to write those angry lines.

There’s another thing that I noticed really easily. I am referring to the 15th July poem where FTWillz writes “club 27 has reached capacity”, which is also the title Frank gave to one of his poems in his website.

Still a coincidence? Let’s think a little about this.

If someone still remembers it, back to 2004, a message from Frank appeared to search for Gerard who disappeared after leaving a message telling him he was going to be the new Jim Morrison, who died when he was only 27 (the same age Gerard had in 2004) of overdose.

Now, let’s be honest, in that recording Frank seems to be crying instead of just being sick, so we can tell he cares a lot about his best friend and the fact that Gerard was basically drunk and on drugs all the time seems to confirm my theory. Seriously, Frank was really worried for him.

If you have never heard it, here’s a youtube video where you can find the recording http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iwNtBb7CqQ

Do you still think this is just a mere coincidence? This poem is about someone who wanted to commit suicide at the age of 27, come on! It’s obvious now.

Moving on, FTWillz named a poem with a line a letlive’s song, Banshee: “My stomach hates the, hates the bitter taste of the truth” and, in another poem, he uses another line from another letlive’s song, Younger. And I found this thing pretty suspicious.

This could say barely nothing but I made a little research about this group just to see what type of connection they have together and I found something interesting.

Apparently, it seems like the two bands have in common the same label and this explains why FTWillz knows some of their songs.

As I said many times before, you can say this can be just a coincidence and the blog owner could be someone who enjoys making fun of other people and who can perfectly imitate the way Frank writes. And I understand this because I know the fanbase is full of teenagers that do not have anything to do all day, but I’m pretty sure there are a lot of things left and I’m definitely convinced that FTWillz must die is Frank.

Don’t believe me? Take a look here.

Do you think this is something a teenage boy or a teenage girl could write?

I don’t think a fifteen-years-old teenager can write those type of things, especially because I am one. Like the majority of my peers, I’m absolutely disinterested in politics and I’ll never be able to write things like these, not even in a million years. Trust me.

And the main reason I think FTWillz is Frank is the fact that if you open Frank’s page on his university’s website you can tell politics is a topic he is really interested in. I am convinced that he is such an intelligent and cultured man.

Do you think a grown up fan would waste his time making fun of a crowd of teenagers? I strongly doubt it.

In conclusion, I am definitely sure that FTWillz must die is Frank and that he WANTS us to find out these “secrets”. And I am convinced, after I read his poetry, that he was really close to reveal something, something we already know but something they still keep hiding.

Sorry for my not-so-good English and I wanted to thank my “colleague” M for helping me and for tolarating my silliness during this discovery!

We are going to analyze his poems soon so, stay tuned!

I don’t know what I can say anymore, it’s all up to you. There’s definitely more than just “stage gay” between those two.

Yall mind if I rant: The Sequel Nobody Wanted

The newest comic got me to question my stance on Korra/sami yet again (the dashes here exist to keep it out of the tags, just in case that’s still a problem). The short version of this is that my stance really hasn’t changed. (Also, just a headsup, I haven’t read my old anti k/s post in a long time, but it’s probably full of logical fallacies and the lot, so…what I’m getting at here is please don’t judge me based on what I’ve written in the past). 

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Uta Pri: 6th Stage Report Pt. 2

Continues from Getting Tickets

PRE-SHOW: The Goods Line & Trading @ Sunshine City 5/25

In my research of Japanese concerts and seiyuu events, I learned about goods sales typically happening before the show. I noticed people mentioned that you could line up any time before doors opened, there wasn’t a set time that the merch tent would ~open for business~. Sometimes there was order forms, sometimes not. Either way, you’d be waiting a while to get your stuff before the actual concert. I spent a good few weeks trying to mentally prepare myself to get to Met Life Dome on the first train out, trying to figure out a schedule, make sure I was super rested for a really really longggggg daaaay.

Of course, for 6th Stage, with such anticipation of getting goods, the staff decided to make a separate event over several days leading up and including the live weekend to join the queue at Sunshine City in Ikebukuro for the majority of the available merch. This…..threw a wrench in my planning! Just when I thought I had a whole day to dedicate to 6th Stage, I now realized the first thing I was ever ever ever going to do in Japan…….was going to stand in line. For hours. To try and buy merchandise. Of fictional idol groups.

Me: (to me) why are you l i k e t h i s

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One Year and Thank You’s

One year ago, I started this blog. Let me tell you, it has been a ride. The first person to ever follow me on here was @r-a-n-d-y-o-r-t-o-n. I remember it. It was an amazing moment. I remember going away for a week and all the sweet messages and asks people sent to me. I have never been so happy about something as I am about my writing here. 

But it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. This blog has also made my self esteem crash and my mental state to take a major nose dive. That doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all of you. 

Every single one of you make me so happy. I’m so proud of what we have done. I’m so proud of this blog and those on here. So, I want to recognize the people that I have met on here, the amazing people I have met:

@vaudevillediva101- I have no idea what to say. You are one of my best friends in the world. You have helped me more than I would have ever thought someone could. To say that our friendship is perfect is totally wrong. But I know you are there for me, and that means everything. 

@thedeboniardevistation- The first time I talked to you, it was so scary. I thought you were super intimidating and that you wouldn’t like me. Little did I know that you are one of the sweetest people I have ever talked to. You make my whole live better. I love nothing more than to talk wrestling to you. So thank you, and I promise, our story will be written sometime. 

@dorkyvillain- Honestly, Sparrow, you are the reason I started writing for WWE. I remember staying up really late reading your stuff. When we first started talking, it was like talking to one of my idols. I wish we talked more, but I guess it is what it is. I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you how much I love you, because you deserve nothing but happiness. 

@extremereigns- Charlie, you are the other writer that inspired me. It was so scary to talk to you. You seemed like some goddess that would never want to talk to me. Now that I know you more, I have come to call you a really good friend. I love you and your writing. I wish we talked more, but I understand.  

@heelturn-timesten- We haven’t been talking that long, but Goddamn it, you already mean the world to me. You are one of the nicest, most understanding, and most gentle person I have talked to. At first we bonded over Kevin, then over everybody. You are my mom friend and I appreciate you so much. 

@freekmode- So, I’m going to be 100% honest here, when you asked me if I wanted to be tagged in your fic, I was absolutely honored. I had never EVER been asked that before. I literally told all my friends. I am so happy and proud of you and your writing. Our long conversations about all the men we totally thirsty over are legendary.Thank you for being the Peyton Royce to my Billie Kay. 

@foreverwwefan- When you tagged me in your Dash fic, I was absolutely floored by your writing. I aspire to be as good as you. Also, you are another total mom friend and you give me such sound advice. You really help me, and your advice is invaluable. 

@ashleymarie2021- Girl, I can’t believe we have only been talking for a month or two. It feels like we have been friends forever. I love talking to you and all your ‘presents’. Thank you for being there with me, I know it can be hard some times, but thank you for being there. You have really helped me through some hard times. 

@specialagent-dalecooper- I love talking to you! It feels so good to find some that loves Kyle as much as me. Honestly, we haven’t been talking all that long, but I already love talking to you so much!

Now for people who I haven’t talked to all that much, but still mean a lot to me! (Also, I’m sorry if I forgot some people, I am writing this kinda quickly.)

@eviewatcheswrestling @wrestlingnoob @leelakoiwolff @helluvawriter @sammiielli @alexahood21 @heyambrose @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans @wwe-smutfics 

There are over 1,300 of you. I just want to say, thank you. Thank you all. Thank you all for being her for me. Thank you for everything. 

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anonymous asked:

Why! Sorry to bother you, but Im really interested in that post where you said the Cousland Warden could have a strong claim on the throne. Can you please please talk a bit more about it? I love the political aspects of DA-

It’s not a problem, I love talking about politics too. Though I’m not as well versed in medieval politics as I’d like to be.

The problem with the politics in DA is that they’re often glossed over or forgotten entirely.

If we’re going by Middle Ages rules, GoT rules would come closest. Cousland, technically, should be like the Lannisters or the Starks. More powerful than that even. They’re the second most powerful family in the realm after the King, come from a distinguished noble line which dates back to antiquity, and the child of an exceedingly popular war hero that many nobles wanted to have take over the throne instead of Cailan after Maric died.

Cousland descends from:

1) The most powerful landowner in the realm.

This means vassals, lots of vassals, lots of bannermen, lots of smaller lords who owe them their allegiance, and lots of blood ties to other noble houses. This is in opposition to Loghain who, while a war hero, is a commoner. Most loyalties and allegiances to him stem from Fereldan’s most recent war with Orlais.

They should actually be able to call up an army on their name alone.

Cousland is the one Grey Warden candidate you can pick who is literally hamfisted into the role. They have options. Bioware doesn’t want you to think it, but they do. They are the one Warden candidate who can pretty much give Duncan the middle finger at any point between A to B and depending on how you want to think about it, they’ve a duty to do exactly that in the name of keeping their family name alive. With their mother and father dead, and their brother missing, they are the acting Teyrn Cousland.

Unless they want to suicide the family line and all their responsibility therein, they have no business joining the Grey Wardens. They should be the Sebastian of DA: Origins. On a mission to gain alliances to regain the family lands and restore the title stolen from them by one of Loghain’s bannermen.

They’d be able to find themselves some loyal retainers who escaped Howe and make a dash for the nearest supportive Bann in order to rally the troops to oust Howe.

2) Ancient House. Ancient name. Popular House. Popular name.

All those qualities buy a lot of currency, and Cousland isn’t a bastard like Alistair. They’re a known quantity. They should have about as many connections to the rest of the Bannorn, if not more, than Anora. Old family alliances they can trade on and barter favors for.

Seriously, knocking off Bryce Cousland is like trying to knock off the Earl of Warwick or the Duke of York. You can, sure, but they’re so well insulated that you’d piss everyone off and launch the country straight into civil war.

What did Loghain say to Howe when he came up with this plan?

“Howe, I’ll give you the Teyrnir if you knock off the Couslands when we destabilize the country thus making it easier for Orlais to invade.”


Loghain should have never wanted Bryce dead along with Cailan. He should’ve wanted him neutered, tied up, seen the majority of his forces destroyed, and left in a vulnerable position where he’d be forced to rely on Loghain for assistance when the Orlesian “invasion” that Loghain foresaw finally came.

You want a man like Bryce leashed and providing stability for you, not dead. And if Bryce won’t do, assassinate him and make one of his children take up the cause. Let them deal with taking over their position and forcing them to rely on you. Meanwhile, keeping the Couslands close lends Loghain the legitimacy he needs as he cannot claim the throne for himself or through his daughter.

Neither of them have any legitimacy and only able to rule by force or arms.

The convenient solution would be to take the wet behind the ears Teynir just come off the two experienced members of their family murdered at Ostagar, marry them to Anora to lend the throne the legitimacy it needs in the wake of Cailan’s planned death and reassure the people or marry the surviving daughter himself to unite their lands, and move forward from there.

Bloodlines are valuable.

The North went to war with the South over the death of Eddard Stark.

“You killed my liege lord! I will take vengeance!”

This is ridiculously common because with their liege dead, the banns who stood for Cousland must now work to maintain their status quo. Their power has been crippled.

The Bannorn was willing to put Bryce on the throne, shunting Cailan from claiming his birthright. This tells me that, for all their supposedly the vaunted True Kings, the Theiriens didn’t have a powerful grip on the monarchy, and they also lacked the faith and trust of their Banns.

If Cousland is male, why would Anora have any interest in a marriage alliance with Alistair when the more popular and legitimate option is standing right there? Why wouldn’t anyone else bring it up or treat you like you’re unimportant?

If Cousland is female, possibly the last surviving female of the Cousland bloodline, why doesn’t Arl Eamon jump on that? Sure, a male Cousland is bad when it comes to his designs on the throne for Alistair but a female? Female Cousland would give Alistair the legitimacy he (as a bastard) needs and give him (with Eamon as proxy) a significant status boost/hold over their lands/means to disrupt Loghain and Howe’s stranghold/nice sob story to villainize Loghain in the eyes of the populace and lure in the Cousland aligned nobles.

A marriage alliance should’ve been one of the things that was on everyone’s mind at the conclave and the Banns who didn’t care for either option should’ve been pushing for Cousland, regardless of gender, to throw their hat in the ring.

TLDR: Loghain is stupid.

3) The Theirin line is not that strong.

This may be resulting from the fact that Bioware really, really, really doesn’t understand how politics work but if Maric’s seat was unsteady enough that the Bannorn could knock him off in favor of one of his own then his grip wasn’t strong. Cailan also, as far as we know, wasn’t a strong king.

Whatever mystic strength they’re endowed with, they suck at politics and not in an endearing way.

4) The one Warden army.

You can’t say they haven’t proven themselves on the field of battle or as a diplomat, bringing an alliance of Mages or Templars, Elves or Werewolves, and dwarves in true Gondor calls for aid fashion.

They’re the Aragorn in this equation, not Alistair.

They took a ragtag band of misfits and united Fereldan to stand against the Blight. They murdered their way through the Deep Roads. They’ve killed their way in, and out of, at least a few castles by the time they’ve arrived in Denerim. They’ve fought through demons and Abominations in the Tower.

They’ve got the bastard son of the previous king tagging along at their heel, who lets them do the talking for him.

(I’d be seriously concerned about this if I was Arl Eamon.)

Everything about them says, “I am a competent warleader, mass murderer, I will slay your house and your guard if you disagree with me. I don’t need that massive army I amassed behind me to walk onto the battlefield and wreck your shit. I’ve face tanked all the ogres. Hear me roar.”

Let’s be honest, if you had to choose between Alistair, Anora, and the guy/girl who could probably murder everyone in the room if they felt like it, who’d you choose?

Honestly, all Wardens should have the ability to become King or Queen. By the point they’ve hit Denerim, they’ve pretty much reached Warlord Who Bends Knee Because They Feel Like It status. The Viking lord who when gifted with Normandy grabbed the French King by the foot on his horse and hung him off it when he lifted it up to kiss it. The French King demanded he kiss his foot as a show of homage. The other guy didn’t care and he didn’t have to because he had them by the shorthairs.

Winner by the sword.

Your Inquisitor had even less reason not to conquer the world, by the way. They had a private army, independently funded, and loyal to a cult of personality rather than ideals. No one wants an Inquisition because you never have a way to make it stop until it burns itself out.

Seriously, all the Inquisitor has to do is point at a local lord and say, “My Andrastian gifted senses tell me that this man is in league with demons!” and the majority of the populace would believe them then they could take the lord for all his land and money turning it over to someone more agreeable to Inquisition policy.

You’re killing me, Bioware!

This is how the Church worked. You can see the same concepts at play beautifully (and terrifyingly) in The Witcher 3 when they’re overturning the houses of rich setting minorities like sorceresses and ransacking them.

A large part of persecuting minorities throughout history has been for money. Jews in Europe were the only ones who handled money because the Catholic Church considered the handling of money unclean. They acted as the medieval banks, lending money because they were forbidden or driven from most other forms of commerce. Jews were persecuted in Europe periodically when either the Church or some Lord wanted a scapegoat and their money.

There are literal religious institutions built around killing people and taking their stuff.

Both the Warden and the Inquisitor fall into this warlord category.

Bioware likes to pretend that they’re not actually powerful enough to change anything, but really they could both knock over the monarchies of Fereldan and Orlais for themselves if they wanted.

Cousland’s just the one with the best excuse to do it and the most cultural backing behind them.

5) Bioware falls under the “My Character is Too Important for My Story” Trope.

Bioware are like a lot of fantasy writers who want their characters to be important. Alistair is the bastard son of a king. You can play an exiled dwarven prince/princess and you’re running around as the last Cousland, the second most powerful family in the realm after the King, trying to get revenge on your house.

The problem with Cousland is that they’re encountering more situations than the others where people should know who they are and accord them their station. If no one knows Castle Cousland has fallen to the Howes (HOW DOES NO ONE KNOW? HOWE IS NOT THAT STEALTHY??? THE CASTLE WAS BURNING???), then they should be recognizable and welcomed by the vast majority of nobles, possibly even commoners, that they encounter.

Unlike Alistair, they should have some level of celebrity on name recognition alone and guesting privileges with a number of Arls and Banns from big to small.

They’re the one Warden who’d have to work hard enough to stay undercover.

It’s not, “Find me two Wardens.”

It’s, “Find me, Cousland.”

The first time I played Cousland, I genuinely forgot how important they were supposed to be halfway through the game and by the time I got to Redcliffe I figured an Arl and a Bann were more important than a Teyrn which was why everyone was so mad at Loghain for taking over the throne because he was acting in a manner so far above his station.

Tiny house that was friends with the previous King seizes the throne through his daughter, the now dowager queen, makes a lot more sense as an insult.

Genuinely, I thought Teyrn was the littlest and teeniest of the houses because of the way no one seemed to care much about who Cousland is or be disturbed by the fact Loghain just handed all the lands to that bastard Arl Howe.

Hell, I’m still confused as to what Howe is even doing in Denerim. He should be dealing with a civil war unless all the Cousland vassals, all their bannermen, and all their vassals’ children have all been wiped out.

Statistically, that’d be about half the Bannorn if not more given that they’ve more ties to the Cousland line through blood than to commoner-born Loghain.

Anora has nothing to offer other than her skill as a ruler (or really an administrator, which is not insignificant), but she is a commoner from a house that has only one generation to its name. Her ability to hold onto the throne comes almost entirely from her father as she doesn’t have any lands to her name or soldiers of her own.

If she keeps the crown, it’s because the Warden backs her and because the Bannorn primarily cares about the status quo returning to normal.

Cousland’s backing, even if only on their name, would lend her the legitimacy she’d need away from her father. An alliance (marriage or otherwise) with them, would give her more social credit to trade with the other Banns when it came time to securing their vote.

It kills me, man. It really does.

There’s probably lots I’m forgetting too, but Cousland is, well, that one Warden who brings way more to the table than anyone else. On name recognition alone. They genuinely don’t belong in the story that Bioware is trying to tell with the Wardens, tbh because their presence directly shoots Alistair’s claim to the throne in the foot and tosses him off a mountain.

It’s painfully obvious that when Bioware was originally structuring this way back when DAO was supposed to be multiplayer like Neverwinter Nights with all the different backgrounds available to play that M!Cousland’s plot was for him to end up as King.

He’s made for it. It’s the natural fantasy trope trajectory for him.

It’s the only way any of the contextual clues and surviving plot lines for the Cousland’s make sense or why their plot more than other is so wound directly into Loghain, the main antagonist’s. The other characters all get their special zones, but Cousland’s trajectory is tied up in the main plot and they should have more insight into what’s happening with Loghain and Fereldan than anyone else.

It is unbalanced and downright weird.

Note: I am not saying Cousland is a more legitimate background pick than any of the others, (though Bioware’s favoritism for the human noble across three different games should be obvious). I’m just saying that they are tied into and their experiences are directly relevant to the main story in a way that the others aren’t.

For Alistair and Anora to be King or Queen, Cousland should not exist. Even if you stripped all the other legitimacy out of them, they’d still have their name and they could trade on that alone in Fereldan and Orleisian society.

I could go on about this for days, though I don’t know if that answered any of your questions.

I do love Cousland but on a setting and story level they drive me nuts because it’s one of the ways that the story falls onto its face.

According to Plan

Pairing: Dean x plus sized!reader
Word count: 954
Warnings: Swearing

Part 6 of Fat and Beautiful

Rolling over, your hand met a cold sheet, making you open your eyes. “Dean?” You yawned, propping yourself up on your elbow. “Babe?” Looking around, you blinked. He was nowhere to be found. Normally you were the first one up, and he woke up not long after. Pushing the blankets back, you got out of bed and stretched.

You made your way out of your shared room and through the halls looking for him. As you moved towards the kitchen, you pulled your hair up into a ponytail. Something smelled amazing, and it was making your mouth water.

“There you are.” You said softly, making him turn to look at you. “I was surprised to wake up to your side of the bed empty.” Moving closer you saw his face fall just a bit. “What’s wrong?” You asked, worried.

Dean smiled sheepishly. “I, uh, was hoping to surprise you…” He told you. “Was gonna bring you breakfast in bed. Had a tray all set, have flowers in a vase and everything.” Dean motioned to the counter behind him. Your eyes flicked between him and the tray. “Surprise.” He chuckled slightly.

Smiling, you kissed him gently. “Thank you, babe.” You said against his lips. “It smells amazing.”

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Hey everyone! Loved seeing your edits, thoughts and Asks across my dash this week! Keep it coming! 


  • The Capitolites are defined often by their looks and their general demeanor toward things. The Prep Team is the second wave of Capitolites we meet and they are an oddity in every sense of the word. Why does SC use this harsh contrast between the Capitol people and the District 12s? What type of emotion, thought or perception do they convey?
  • Cinna is a major player in this series and has a pivotal role in the Rebellion. For me, he’s the biggest indicator that the Rebellion was well under way before Katniss and Peeta ever got there. His actions were deliberate and an agitation to the establishment he was supposed to represent. What are your Cinna headcanons? Did he take that job to incite change?
  • Katniss and Peeta have had two important moments in their relationship: the Tribute Parade and their first rooftop chat. Katniss doesn’t know what to make of him in these moments since she’s calculating the costs of trusting him and allowing him to be kind. Since Peeta is always the strategist, do you think his actions were “calculated” or more driven by his love for Katniss?
  • Katniss said that the Avox and the boy looked like they were of the Capitol. I’d never thought about that detail before. Katniss indicated that they had run away from the Capitol to most likely run to D13 as we realize later that that was where people were heading. What would be the driving factors for these two to defect?


Get yourself to Beauty Base Zero. I don’t need pictures, but just do it. Pamper, scrub, pluck and moisturize yourself. Make it as painful or as painless as you want.

The Capitolites. Make a post with what you think Capitolites looked like, dressed like and smelled like. Collect images, draw, find a video from the 80s (since that’s what I always picture.) Be creative and have fun with it!

Describe your THG journey in gifs.

Make that orange chicken creamy dish that Katniss and Cinna eat and take a pic.

As always, tag everything with #rethg!! Make sure to check out the tag to catch up, comment or to reblog. Thanks, everyone!!!