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Tomorrow is the one year anniversary since this frog (the last Rabb’s Fringe-limbed tree frog in the world) died and his entire species went extinct. You may remember him from the 2015 documentary @racingextinction. I wrote a Huffington Post article about meeting this frog and his caretaker called “The Loneliest Frog in the World.” (You can find it, just google) Tomorrow I will be with his previous caretaker Mark Mandica @frogsneedourhelp at the @amphibianfoundation - they are trying to save amphibians around the world. I will do a live Q&A with Mark at 4pm ET tomorrow (Tuesday) from my FB page facebook.com/leilanimunter so please feel free to post any questions you may have for Mark and please share Toughie’s story and watch Racing Extinction if you haven’t seen it. (at The Amphibian Foundation, Inc)

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Ray has hand, foot and mouth disease. He’s highly contagious. The doctor insists I keep him home until Wednesday.

Court is tomorrow (Tuesday). I’m not allowed to bring him with me to court.

Everyone I know works. All of my cleared resources work. My mom is retired, but she lives more than two hours away.

After about an hour of panicking because of all of the above, I found out that the patriarch of the M family is off tomorrow and would be happy to watch Ray for a few hours while I’m at court.

I will be bringing him his Dunkin Donuts beverage of choice in the morning (plus a gift card; the Ms won’t take cash). He has my undying gratitude.

As if court isn’t stressful enough…

🌜spells & days of the week🌛

lil chart for when to cast your spells RE days of the week


🌚 moonday!! great for fertility, healing and personally i like to cast all my self love and positivity spells here too 🌙


the day of mars so strength 💪  and courage spells will be more potent! also gr8 for agriculture so bless your pets and plants🍃


mercury day!! communication, study 📖  and travel. i like to do spirit work on a wednesday and it’s good for wealth too. 💸


🍀 day of jupiter. lucky lucky thursday. i don’t have much to say about thursday except luck and fortune. i’m anti thursday🍀


VENUS. U KNO WHAT THAT MEANS. 💞 ALL the love and relationship potions go riiiight here. incl. self love if you’re not a moon worshipper like me and didn’t do them monday. in fact do them both days. do them everyday 💕


saturday (saturn) is good for clearing obstacles. saturn is all about renewal and liberation so bear that in mind. i’ve put emojis for everything but idk what to do for this so here is the saturday dog 🐶


again…sun…day…🌞 good for health and success, but also recharging and happiness! ☀️

I have made the highly regrettable decision of reading a 45-chapter 100k+ something fic at roughly 9 at night, and telling myself, “It won’t take that long.”

I finally went to bed around 1:30 in the morning, and only because I managed to talk myself into getting a least the pitiful hour and a half of sleep I had left before it was time to get up. I slapped another hour on top of that, because fuck it, ain’t nothing going on today.

So I’m walking into a Tuesday (my Monday) after two days off with exactly two hours sleep to my name.

It was, as I mentioned, a highly regrettable decision.

I’ve been ignoring Frida, and I feel terrible about that. So, in case you haven’t seen photos of Frida, or videos, here she is! Here’s a video:

From Time:

A labrador retriever is earning international praise for her efforts to rescue a dozen lives in various natural disasters following a pair of earthquakes that struck Mexico in recent weeks.

The dog, Frida, is deployed by the Mexican navy (SEMAR) in the event of natural disasters. Equipped with protective goggles and boots, she was put to the test two weeks ago after the Mexican state of Oaxaca was hit by an earthquake, and then again when Mexico City was struck Tuesday. During the former, she was able to locate the body of a Juchitan police officer in the rubble, according to the Los Angeles Times. In total, the 7-year-old has detected the bodies of 52 people throughout her career, 12 of whom are still alive.

Frida is still working with 14 other rescue dogs alongside human workers to locate victims of the 7.1-magnitude Mexico City earthquake, which has left at least 305 dead. But her reputation has spread from her home country to other parts of the world thanks to social media.

And what about the outfit? The goggles protect her eyes from smoke and debris, and the booties protect her feet from digging and walking around all the sharp edges and other stuff on the ground.

With some of her companion rescue dogs:


I ate icecream with laxatives last night. First thing I’ve eaten since Saturday afternoon and it’s currently Tuesday afternoon

Im on the verge of passing out but can’t bring myself to do anything about it because I’m sick of being fat.

anonymous asked:

7, 9, & 54? :-)

7. how tall am i: 5′8″ tall! my dad is taller and my mom is shorter. 

9. favorite color: pastel blues and pinks!

54. my top five blogs on tumblr: i’m gonna take this chance to shout out some of my friends because i don’t really keep a top list of blogs! please go follow my dear friends (IT blogs) @peenywise, @edsrich, (non-IT blogs) @peachhpity and @tuesday-addams, and check out (valued mutual) @squip-me-jeremy because even though i’ve never talked to them, i think their blog is super cool! 

ask me?

This is deplorable. Sorry but I like things like science and animals. These scumbags are in no danger, and they herd the animals into a shooting gallery. Pretty sick, sociopathic behavior. 

It’s amazing how much voters are willing to overlook. It’s like living in the Twilight Zone. On Tuesday I was riding my bike, and this creepy old geezer was driving in the opposite direction, blaring his horn for a good 10 seconds. He scared the shit out of me. I didn’t realize until I rode a little farther that he was doing it because a neighbor had a Hillary sign on their lawn.


((Hi all! ❤️ Starting now, I won’t be able to draw anything for the blog for a week [Tuesday to Tuesday]. This because I’ll be in Germany for a holiday with a friend and I’m not bringing my laptop nor tablet. But! I will have drawn posts queued up til Thursday so far, and I’ll be able to make text posts between and after that on the spot :) ))

he stopped on the other side of the street and stared back at her. They weren’t strangers, but they most certainly were no longer friends. Between their eyes was a whole year of fights and laughs and kisses and inside jokes. Between their eyes were slamming doors and the bitter words of goodbye. They both lifted a corner of their mouth. Unable to do much of anything else. They went on their separate ways both thinking the other hadn’t thought much of the strange occurrence of passing. Both thought the same thing “i miss you”

e.s.w // Passing you on a raining tuesday // 9.25.17

barpurplewrites  asked:

How do the ducks feel about Halloween? Will they be trick or treating? What is a duck friendly Halloween treat?

The ducks don’t generally leave the safety of the house (or office, in Floyd’s case), and won’t be going trick or treating, but since learning of the existence of Halloween, they have been excited to try dressing up. Quite hard to find costumes that fit around the feathers though, and Floyd is lamenting the lack of vampire fangs that fit duck bills.

Whilst sweets are bad for little ducks, I have it on good authority that they enjoy shredded lettuce. 

Fic Prompts: Transformers Tuesday

Carly stared at the Autobots. “So let me get this straight,” she said. “You guys just decided to make new Autobots based on dinosaurs because why not?”

Wheeljack nodded. “Yes, I had thought that was obvious?”

But Carly wasn’t finished. “And then, you decided that because they were wild and independent and also very big, they were too dangerous.”

Optimus gestured to the damage to the Ark apologetically. “It…wouldn’t have been our first choice.”

“And so you walled them up in a cave?!” Carly waved sharply to the wall. “And everyone is just okay with this?!”

“She’s kinda got a point, guys,” Sparkplug grunted from the corner. “They were basically babies. Can’t expect babies to know how to act like adults.”

He blinked slowly, then added, “And the whole Cask of Amontedillado thing was creepier than necessary.”

Optimus and Wheeljack glanced at each other, fairly confused. This was certainly upsetting the humans more than they’d anticipated.

“Hey guys?” Spike spoke up for the first time that morning, “Considering those Dinobots are, y'know, sentient, and we put ‘em in a wall, um….what are they gonna do if they ever get out and remember that the Autobots put them in there?”

Update from two weeks and six days ago

This happened two weeks and six days ago almost a week after A came back from Mexico.
It was Tuesday and we have talked about meeting to talk but we didn’t settled anything yet. She called me at 10 am while I was at work to tell me she was around and if we could talk.
I told her she could come but that I had to work for two hours more and she did.
I was in the studio with the owner and he was tattooing his girlfriend so I was alone in the waiting room.
When she came in it was kind of weird to see her for the first time after what happened but I was also really happy to see her.
She braided her hair and she was wearing an overall so I asked her where she left her sheeps and she laughed. She was excited because she had bought some cassettes really cheap, she was reading the covers while I answered some questions in the studio’s facebook page and I asked her if they weren’t damaged and she just stared at me and shrugged. I laughed and checked them to see if they weren’t damaged, they looked fine but I told her she would have to listen to them to know and she told me she will look for a cassette player to buy later.
I laughed and told her something like “well that is just logic” and she told me “I don’t think things through” I just smiled.
She walked around the studio, sat down, stood up, layed down in the couch, stood up again, walked around again, started playing on her phone, layed down in the couch with her head hanging close to the floor, stood up again. I asked her “is everything alright?” and she answered me “Yeah, don’t worry about me I have been hyperactive like a ten year old kid since I got back. You keep working”
I laughed and said “you know this isn’t any science right? I am answering to comments and messages” She smiled and continued “I just don’t want to be a bother, I can come back when you are free”
I said “if you want to, you don’t bother me but if you are getting bored…” and she interrupted me “no, I am not bored. I guess I am just nervous or anxious or stupid or something. Don’t worry about it”
I laughed and closed my computer “well I am done with the answers but I do have to stay another hour and a half so do you want to watch The Office?”
We used to watch little clips on our phones during break sometimes and I personally never get bored of the office.
She smiled and we moved to the couch, we started in season three because we both have watched the whole show many times so it doesn’t matter where we start.
So we started watching and it was so nice to hear her laugh again, to see her being herself because I know she has been really down for what’s happening in Mexico and I can only imagine how hard it must be.
We watched four episodes and it was time for lunch so I got in to tell my friend I was leaving and he asked me to get in and close the door. I knew where he was going and he didn’t want to A to listen so I got in and sat in a chair.
He kept tattooing while he talked to me “mate I am going to leave after this tattoo because she is in real pain so I am going to take her home and take care of her alright? Now I really don’t have appointments for today and I don’t think anyone will stop by, because people with manners make an appointment before showing up. I wouldn’t want you to waste your afternoon hanging around an empty, cold and sad studio I see you are kind of pale, come here” he moved his hand so I got closer and I did, he touched my forehead and face and nodded “Yeah you are not alright, no no no no. You need to go home and rest, I’ll close don’t worry about it”
I laughed a lot and told him it was not necessary but he insisted so I thanked him I got out and told A that I had the afternoon free. She smiled at me and went to get her backpack.
We got in my car but we didn’t really knew where to go and I guess that being alone in a reduced space made us want to talk.
I started: “so… I have been thinking and I might have made a mistake the other day because I don’t want you to get a wrong idea of me or a wrong idea of this whatever it might be”
She just stared at me and when I finished she answered me “I know and I am really trying not to get any kind of idea or anything because believe I know that this is very delicate and I just want to let everything clear. I don’t want to drown myself in false happiness because I don’t want to create a world in my head so I would very much appreciate if you could be clear with me”
Unlike any other serious talk we have had we didn’t interrupted eachother. I continued “Alright so I will tell you everything as clear as I can and if you have any question I will answer them and then you’ll do the same alright?
I developed feelings for you a couple of months after I met you and since then even though I have really enjoyed our friendship I have felt deeply guilty and occasionally in a lot of pain, I have tried to dissipate those feelings and I can’t. So I had to accept them and deal with them, when you graduated and you weren’t my student anymore I had to face a different reality. I had one obstacle less but my faith seemed weaker, I realized then that your age was a bigger deal to me than I thought. And I was in this kind of dilema because it’s not only about telling you how I feel and risking you seeing me as your creepy former teacher, it’s also about telling that I don’t know if I want to do something about it.”
She looked down for a moment, probably trying to organize her thoughts and then she started “alright before making any comment I have a couple of questions alright? And I need you to be brutally honest with me.
Did you like me because you noticed I liked you?”
I answered without thinking it for a moment “I didn’t noticed you liked me until your graduation probably or even after I still had doubts so no, not at all”
She nodded “What would be your main reason to not do something about your feelings?”
“your age, mainly. I am close to being 30 and I don’t see myself with someone 7 years younger”

She laughed and said “me too, alright so my turn. I remember that I really liked you and it kind of escalated out of control and I fell for you, hard. I felt so stupid and naive so I just kept being me, I knew there was something about you but I couldn’t go around getting the stupid idea of you maybe not seeing me as one more of your students. I was honestly happy with our friendship, seriously happy. I don’t think I have ever been so close to someone and I honestly thought I could live with being your friend but then I graduated and well I really missed you but I don’t see myself with someone so close to being thirty and I don’t know what to do because I can’t imagine my life without you”
It felt good, then I was no longer lost alone we were both lost and somehow that made it easier.
She continued “but you know we don’t have to figure it out right now, can we have a fun afternoon?” I nodded and she kissed me and nothing seemed so difficult anymore.
We went to my place where I cooked so we could have lunch, I only had pasta and some vegetables so we ate that and we wanted to watch a movie but we couldn’t decide which one so we started watching a lot of youtube videos until we reached a video of the office and we decided to watch that. We watched some of season two and then season seven and A told me “I used to think I was like Jim, I felt so identified with that character but when I met you I knew you were the closest to Jim someone can get”
I laughed “I am more like Stanley or Kevin, but I think that the real difference is that I would shot myself between the eyes before working in such a flavorless job”
She continued “you have the exact same work as Pam”
I laughed but she is right so I couldn’t say much
She added “sometimes I could swear that when you looked away it was like you were looking to the camera” and I couldn’t breath for how hard I was laughing because she is 100% right, I do that at least once a day.
Then I got into my room to look for my old cassette player because I knew I had it somewhere and I found it, it’s old and full of stickers.
I gave it to her so she could listen to her cassettes, two of the three are a bit damaged but that is the risk you take. I told her to keep it in case she wanted to buy more cassettes. She was so happy and kept telling me she is now a true 90’s girl and she hugged me and thanked me so much.
We had an amazing afternoon and around 21:00 pm I took her home and she wanted me to take my pup (Elwood) with us so we did and Elwood was so happy to get so much attention.
When I dropped her off I kissed her again and when she was getting out of the car she told me “maybe seven years is not that much, think about it” and I smiled. Then Elwood got out of the car and we had to chase her for about ten minutes, nice.

I took way to long to get this update but I knew it was going to be long and now I have more updates so I hope I can make one clear and short post about what has been happening this last few weeks.

Let’s do this thing! First, thanks a lot to everyone who voted for their preferred episodes. In the end we decided to askew the results a bit towards the beginning of the show because we still didn’t have our awesome little group back then and we’ve never discussed early episodes as much as the others.

We thought we could watch an episode on Tuesday (whenever you can) and then talk, gif, fic, shitpost, etc. for a week about how Daisy & Coulson should suck face in said episode. For old time’s sake! We would begin next week and go for 10 weeks/episodes (but feel free to watch more in between if you want, haha). Does that sound like a good idea?

Cousy Rewatch schedule:

  • Week 1: 1x01 Pilot
  • Week 2: 1x07 The Hub
  • Week 3: 1x11 The Magical Place
  • Week 4: 1x16 End of the Beginning
  • Week 5: 1x20 Nothing Personal
  • Week 6: 2x05 A Hen in the Wolf House
  • Week 7: 2x07 The Writing on the Wall
  • Week 8: 2x10 What They Become
  • Week 9: 2x14 Love in Time of HYDRA
  • Week 10: 3x15 Spacetime

We’ll make a post to remind you of the episode we’ll be rewatching each week. Feel free to live blog, write meta on the episode, scenes, make graphics, write any related fic, shitpost… whatever you want. Tag your posts #cousyrewatch so we all know where to look.

Hopefully you like this idea, guys! We just really really miss the babes’ cute sexy justice-driven faces, hence this ~*event*~. Have fun!

The biggest smile Koushiro ever saw (Part 2)

Koumi Week

Day 04: School / University

Word Count: 2486

Pairing: Koushiro Izumi & Mimi Tachikawa

Time Period: Post Digimon Tri

Part 2

[ Koushiro flashback ends ]



The last period ended, and everyone was picking up their things, putting them in their briefcase, ready to get out of the classroom and leave school.

Everybody except Koushiro and Mimi.

Mimi was still looking at the empty blackboard, Koushiro was looking at Mimi.
Both of them remained in the same position for almost 10 minutes after the class ended.

Koushiro stood up and walked next to Mimi. —Mimi-san… i… — said Koushiro, with a sad expression in his eyes, trying to articulate the correct sentence.

—You didn’t even opened your laptop today. — said Mimi in a severe tone, without taking her eyes off the blackboard.

—I didn’t want to waste time on my laptop. — replied Koushiro in a dark tone.

Mimi looked back at Koushiro, for the first time in the whole day.

—What did you just say? — asked Mimi, surprised.

Koushiro took a couple of steps and walked in front of the blackboard, turning his back to Mimi.

—I didn’t wanted to waste time looking at my laptop.
I just wanted to look at you. —
confessed Koushiro.

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