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Omg for the gf ask game thing. Pls do them all!

1: what color is her hair?


2: what color are her eyes?


3: how old is she?


4: how did you meet?

We had the same class in night school but only started talking after it ended lol

5: is she ticklish?

I’m not sure >:)

6: what’s her favorite song / band?

I’m not sure about favorites but I do know that she likes The Cure and a lot of 70s/80s kind of music

7: what’s her favorite movie?

Idk if it’s her fav but I know she likes Spirited Away and other Studio Ghibli movies

8: what’s her favorite book?

,,,,,,I know it doesn’t really count as a book but I know she likes the Hellboy series

9: what’s her favorite tv show?

She likes all kinds of cartoons like Rick and Morty, Ed Edd and Eddy, Futurama and cool stuff like that!!

10: who is her celebrity crush?

Probs Leela bc she’s butch af

11: does she have any pets? Are there any pets she wants?

She has lots of cats and she says that she wants a frog lol

12: what’s a song that reminds you of her?

Any Cure (is it ‘Cure’ or ‘The Cure?’ idk) song bc she introduced me to them lol

13: does she play any sports?

Not really??

14: what are your favorite things about her (physically) ?

She has a really cute smile and button nose and her expressions are cool if that makes any sense

15: what are your favorite things about her (personality wise) ?

She talks a lot about what she’s passionate about and she’s just really really interesting 

16: how does she dress?

Pretty butch ngl fam

17: what was your first date (ideal first date if she’s just a crush)

We walked to Dunkin Donuts and then just walked around town until it down poured. Then we walked the railroad tracks and sat on a bench and talked even longer lol. We were out so long that I didn’t even realize my mom was trying to call/message me and she was about to call the cops to go looking for us, so an A+ first date.

18: what’s a tiny detail about her that she doesn’t realize you’ve noticed?

Idk how to explain it but I like how she stares off into space?? It’s kinda cute.

19: what are her talents?

She can draw and she makes really cool gifs and she knows so much about cartoons and animation it’s crazy

20: write a tiny poem about her

Roses r red

Violets r blue

I’m sorry I act like Boo Boo the Fool

21: Does she have a tumblr?

Hell yeah it’s @dodrio fam

22: what type of things make her laugh?

Memes, ig. But, like, only the dumb ones, ya feel me?

23: what’s her star sign? Are you compatible according to astrology?

Virgo. I just googled it and it says that we’re the least compatible oml

24: what’s some place she’s always wanted to travel?

She said something about how she’d like to move to Ireland someday and have an art studio in the middle of nowhere sounds p coolio

25: what’s something she’s super interested in?

Cartoons, especially 90s and adult cartoons like Ed Edd and Eddy and Rick and Morty

26: when did you realize you loved her?

The more I saw her in class, the more I was like, “dam,,,,I like hurr,,,”

27: what’s her favorite food?

I guess I’ll have to find that out :000

28: what’s a food she hates?

That’s something I’ll have to find out too :00000

29: what’s her hogwarts house?

Not sure!!! But I hypothesize Ravenclaw! 

30: is she more Earth, water, air, or fire?

I think she’s more of an Earth bender (if that’s what we’re definitely talkin about)

31: what’s something that makes her angry?

People that ship Rick and Morty tbh bc y’all that do that are fuckin nasty

32: is she taller or shorter than you?

I think she’s the shorter one???

34: what’s her name


35: what’s her aesthetic?

If you can imagine leather jackets and old school Nickelodeon cartoons that’s her

36: what’s the first present you bought her/ plan on buying for her

I’m not sure???? I’ve bought her coffee but that’s not really a present lol

37: is she an early bird or a night owl?

I mean she’s more of an early bird than me lol

38: what about her do you brag the most about?

That’s she’s so fuckin cool like omg

39: is there any accessories she always wears/ brings with her?

She wears a leather jacket sometimes and it’s p butch

40: is she a vegetarian?

I don’t think so

41: what’s her favorite subject in school?

Not sure!!

42: what highschool cliche does she fit best (think that scene in mean girls) ?

Definitely the art freaks table lol

43: how long have you been dating/ crushing

Crushing since whenever I started English class and dating since 5/31

44: describe her laugh

Just so ???? great??????? idk how to describe man

45: does she wear makeup?

Nah she doesn’t really like to

46: what’s her favorite art medium?

She likes to paint!!

47: does she play any instruments?

I don’t think so

48: what animal does she identify most with?

??? I’ll have to find that out

49: does she like camping (or the outdoors in general)

She’s told me camping stories but if she likes it?? I’m not sure bruh

50: post her picture if you have her permission

(yes that is an irl pic of her I’m the one who took it)


Once upon a time, two awkward elementary schoolers got together and made a music video to this song by this country singer no one knew at the time - Picture to Burn (see very awkward screenshots in the middle) This friendship grew into a love and as they grew up with this country singer - Taylor Swift - and grew up with her. Her music got them through high school drama, relationship ups and downs, family deaths, and made them who they are today (aka awkward young adults who still make music videos to her songs)

We will be in the BSTAGE PIT in Glendale, Arizona on August 17th! We’re prepared to have the best night of our lives with our best friend (and if we met her that would be pretty damn cool too ngl)

Those players gonna play but we all gonna shake :)