but the son was such an awesome character

i-solemnly-swear-i-am-a-shipper  asked:

But like, Tony has a kitten shirt on in the "not a hug, totally a hug" scene and I. Fucking. Can't. I find that absolutely adorable and the most in character shit to ever happen.

Yes, his awesome kitty shirt!!!! Good lordy loo, so far the trailer has given us in character Tony, but I ain’t getting my hopes up too much. We’ve all seen Marvel screw their characters over with horrible writing. But I saw somewhere supposedly that Peter is wearing the same shirt as Pepper. A science joke or something, can we bring that up again and just have a club of father-son wearing awesome shirts?

me normally: its cool, characters with no explicit mention of their gender or sexuality can be headcanoned any way you want, just don’t be mean to other people about their headcanons and everyone can play this awesome game and relate to these characters :)

me after seeing this shit: actually you know what fuck you Blanche is totally agender now, Candela is a trans woman and her and Blanche are FUCKING MARRIED and Sporky my son is a bisexual trans boy FUCKING  F I G H T  M E

What your Harry Potter OTP says about you:

Romione: You’re loyal and kind. You may be a bit of a romantic, even if only for characters in books. You will protect Ron and Hermione, as a ship and even just as characters, until the end of time. Very protective of fictional characters in general. Likes to refer to things as “My son/daughter” even if they’re like 43. You were probably very unhappy about the movie kiss scene.

Hinny: You’re brave and will defend your favorite ANYTHING to the death. Conventional, but maybe only because you’re stubborn. The older sibling of your friend group who is serious and mature, but would probably buy the younger ones alcohol and throw an awesome party. You love Ginny more than life, and weep sometimes at how she was written in the movies.

Dromione: It’s canon in your eyes. You probably tend to have a lot of “fanon” OTPs unfortunately. The yin/yang dynamic is your weakness. You see the good in everyone and have few very close friends, but you trust them completely. You have seen and probably regularly think about Dramione AMVs. You will ship it until you die.

Drarry: You read a lot of fanfiction. You probably even write a lot of fanficiton (We all know it’s smutty too just own it). You’re an expert at reading between the lines. You, like the Romione shippers, are rather romantic, although it’s hidden under a colder exterior. They DEFINITELY love each other. You will ship it in the afterlife.

Harmony: You shipped them, even as a child which might explain why you are so dedicated to them and why when you have a crush, you crush HARD. While not as romantic as Romiones, you’re are intelligent and believe that the best kind of relationships are slow, steady, and bud from mutual respect and friendship. You also have probably dreamed about owning a library.

Snilly: You weren’t loved enough as a child.

Jilly: Get outta here with that weak ass teen romance shit. Marriage AUs are your favorite and you’re a firm believer that if you can’t imagine your OTP bitterly assembling Ikea furniture together, than they probably aren’t your OTP. You’re compassionate and gentle. Probably the mom of your friend group.

Deamus: You are the funniest person in a lot of peoples’ lives. You’re spunky and maybe a bit of a bro when it comes to people you care about. It’s not that you’re bad at affection, but “I love you” is usually followed by “Bruh” or something like that. It’s canon. Everyone knows it. But you ALWAYS knew it.

Nuna: You live for fluffy fanfiction because that’s basically all your ship is. The last twenty minutes of the movie was just one big Nuna fanfiction and you’re fine with that. It’s the only change they made for the movie that you’re 100% ok with. You’re funny, charming and you’re friends with pretty much everyone you meet.

Wolfstar: You read more fanfiction than Drarry shippers. Or at least, you would, if there were any.

Snarry/Snamione: The creepy uncle that everyone knows, but never talks about.

Huna: You’re a dreamer. You’re the softest of the shippers, silently knowing that yours is the best, but you won’t brag about it.

Ronks: Everything about the way their relationship was portrayed in the movie pissed you off. Like Jilly shipper, except more emotional and like 6 times more deadly. Your favorite AUs are the ones where your OTP literally is just still alive.

Fremione: Like Romione, except you cry a lot more. You ok over there?

87% of Facebook/Twitter right now: I’m not against gay rights, but you can’t just give Captain America a boyfriend. He is a heterosexual™, has had nothing but female love interests, and giving a straight man a boyfriend makes him homosexual. Stop twisting existing characters to fit your gay agenda and make your own!

Me, a bisexual: 


Today the Departments of Awesome Parenting and Impossible Cuteness met to squee in delight at the outrageously adorable and elaborate charaben (character bento) lunches created by Li Ming, Singapore-based mother of two lucky sons. Ming began making these exceptional midday meals when her eldest son, 10-year-old Ivan Tey, was having a hard time adjusting to starting school:

‘He refused to go to school and cried everyday - he was not used to the longer hours and missed me. I packed him charabens with written messages to make him feel more secure.“

It wasn’t long before her youngest son, Lucas Tey, started asking for special lunches too:

"Lucas saw one of them and asked for one to take to kindergarten and he really enjoyed the attention he got from his teachers and friends. I ended up decorating either their lunch or dinner instead and they eat those at home. They still enjoy looking at what I make and will give comments at times on how I can position certain parts.”

Li Ming has now made over 100 delightful charaben meals for her sons. Sometimes her inspiration comes from everyday life and other times share uses ideas suggested by her kids.

Visit Li Ming’s Flickr stream to check out many more of her amazing bento creations.

[via Demilked and The Daily Mail]

listen up dweebs because imma bout to slap you upside the butt with a book order recommendation

this baby right here is gonna annihilate like half your bookshelf because it is just that cool

also take a little look at that name near the bottom because you’ve just met your new lord and savior Keith Thompson

this trilogy has gorgeous illustrations that with knock your socks two-thousand years into the future and onto the USS Enterprise

let me show you a sight you’ve never seen before

Genre: Historical Science Fiction




BIO-PUNK (betcha didn’t know that was thing, didja?)!



and guess what, oh man this is the icing on the proverbial cake of AWESOME because okay hold on gotta get ready don’t fall over


This right here is Prince Aleksandr

he’s the son of Franz Fucking Ferdinand! so yeah he’s definitely not real but he’s still in hella danger after his parents are murdered in Sarajevo leaving him sole heir to Austria’s throne and plunging Germany, Austria, and other ‘Clanker’ nations into war.

this right here is Deryn Sharp

she sneaks into the British army by pretending to be a boy called 'Dylan’ so she can serve on one of the great 'Darwinist’ airships.  a wee bit of a mishap lands her ass aboard the airship of airships and active in the war in both diplomacy and battle.  but damn she’s gotta keep her secret or she’ll be sent back to her Aunt Femininity in London

and this big boy is the Leviathan

Darwinist airship and huge ass flying whale

also check out this rad trailer

honestly, if you love yourself:

read the Leviathan trilogy by Scott Westerfield, illustrated by Keith Thompson

  • me: i love anders he is great and awesome
  • some selfless samaritan, hearing the "anders positivity" siren and rushing in to Save The Day: but don't forget his flaws. don't you remember how bad he is? i just wanted to remind you that while you were talking about how much you liked this character, you forget to mention how terrible and awful they are. just so you know. for your future help i have composed this list of all the reasons why he sucks. 1. In the first scene where we see anders he is helping a child, which is problematic because what about all the other children who need help. 2. he got on low health once and used up one of my health potions. 3. he killed MILLIONS OF PEOPLE. MILLIONS. IN ONE BUILDING. 4. When you give him a cat he talks to it instead of you. 5 -
  • Netflix: hey do you like action and sci-fi shows
  • Me: uh yeah I guess
  • Netflix: well how do feel about canon queer couples as main characters
  • Me: yeah that's pretty cool
  • Me: *starts manic laughter* YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

Okay hansolosbutt you asked for a list of reasons why Jake Peralta is amazing so you could give it to ur Mom and I’m HERE TO DELIVER bc quite frankly, if she’s only seen the pilot I can see why she’d dislike him.


1) he’s an inherently feminist character and it’s completely normalized. He treats his female coworkers as equals, and respects the hell out of them. Also, he has some pretty awesome platonic friendships with Rosa and Gina, and Platonic Only m/f friendships are v hard to come by in today’s media content

2) while usually despite his childish shenanigans he doesn’t really say anything particular offensive or gross, the few times he screws up he’s always ready to learn why what he said was Not Okay and grow and accept his screwing up and NOT DO IT AGAIN. This is really super important bc too often in comedy especially writers try to get away with sexist, racist, or otherwise nasty “jokes” by pawning them off to the signature “childish” “inappropriate” or “vulgar/out there” character, and yet never make an effort to correct the character when those comments are made, thus perpetuating the normality of those nasty comments. NOT THE CASE HERE, LADIES AND GENTS, and it is so, so nice. Jake’s always ready to learn when he’s crossed the line (which he actually RARELY does) and everyone else is ready to call him out

3) he’s not your typical suave attractive ~~~“male fantasy”~~~ hero type? Idk how to explain this coherently it’s really late but. He’s not Tough. He’s not brooding or angsty or edgy. He’s fun and goofy and a total Dork most of the time, and he’s got a big nose and a soft tummy and occasionally jumps into Terry’s outstretched arms. He’s also sensitive and emotionally vulnerable and, while in no way incapable of doing his job (which involves a certain degree of badassery) he does have a number of “traditionally feminine” character traits. And that’s shown as Completely Normal and a good thing, which is SUPER IMPORTANT.

4) while he did have kind of a shitty childhood, it’s stated by other characters (reminding him and the viewers) several times throughout the show that he’s still pretty privileged compared to a lot of other people, and he knows and accepts that

5) even though he’s almost pathetically in love with Amy since basically episode one, he doesn’t feel entitled to her in any way shape or form and when he doesn’t ask her out on time and she’s happy dating another guy he distinctly states that it’s her life and her choice and he’s happy that she’s happy (even though he’s metaphorically dying internally but nbd)

6) he punched his childhood hero in the face for making homophobic comments about Holt that one time

7) he’s a goofy ball of sunshine okay like yeah he comes off as a tiny bit of a jerk in the first two episodes but his character grows so much and is actually an amazing cinnamon roll and I love him s O m cu h save me


female awesome meme: [1/3] mother characters  ⇒  Catelyn Stark (Game of Thrones)

“Please. He is my son, my first son. Let him go and I swear we will forget this. I swear it, by the old gods and new, we will take no vengeance.”


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016) - David Yates

5 bullets on this film:

  • First of all, don’t watch this film thinking it will stop the crisis you’ve had since Harry Potter ended, because it’s set in the same universe and it has some similarities, but it has nothing to do with the movies we know and love. There are some little details that remind you of the Harry Potter films and that was so cute and it made me feel nostalgic. 
  • The characters are awesome and it was amazing to see the american magical community, but many things were left unexplained (maybe because there will be other films) and I felt like many concepts were kind of forced into the movie.
  • Eddie Redmayne is great, but Ezra Miller and Dan Fogler made the entire movie. Honestly Johnny Depp was a terrible choice to play Grindelwald, I’m sorry, that was a huge turn off. 
  • The special effects are not that good and some scenes were kind of awkward because you could really notice that everything is fake, even the scenery, so the magical vibe wasn’t really there.   
  • I really loved the beasts, though. This may sound kind of silly but they were really cute and now I want my own briefcase full of magical animals.  
things i loved about magnus chase

- diverse characters with different origins and handicaps

- awesome father-and-son relationship 


- so much subtle homo, all the homo everywhere 

- Magnus is a sarcastic lil shit and it’s great

- the boy and girl relationship isn’t romantic for once 

- Annabeth and Magnus’ friendship is wonderful

- Hearth and Blitz are such great friends and might be more 

- everything 

Haikyuu! Au- Love Actually

Love Actually is a typical rom-com movie based on the love lives of multiple couples that loosely connect. It’s actually a pretty crap movie but it’s awesome fanfiction material and I was Haikyuu inspired to try and make them fit into the roles of the characters. 

  • Dachi is completely lost after the death of his husband, Suga, leaves him with the other man’s biological son Tobio (can you imagine this angel being related to this tiny preteen asshole) The two can’t find any common ground until Tobio comes to Daichi for dating advice, since he’s gotten a crush on his classmate, Hinata.
  • Tsukishima is newly appointed into some kind of position of power, and gets a big fancy house with serving staff and whatnot. He meets one of the staff, Yamaguchi, a slightly clumsy boy that has him smitten. Unfortunately Tsukki is always in the limelight, and doesn’t want to drag Yams down with a scandal.
  • Tanaka and Ennoshita are movie doubles that have to do a lot of scenes together, mostly sex scenes(they don’t actually have sex but damn the eye sex could kill a man) They are pretty much best friends and have no problem being intimate. Until they go on an actual date and it’s so awkward omg these losers can’t even hold hands after they spent like an hour making sex noises on top of each other.
  • Asahi is a small town boy that moves to the city to find love. He find Noya, a tiny punk rockstar that decides to pull Asahi into his lane and shake up his world for the fuck of it. Poor Asahi has no idea what’s going on like 87% of the time
  • Kurro and Kenma just got married but Kurro’s best bro Bokuto, seems to hate Kenma. Everyone else thinks this is because of his feelings for Kurro. (Does he? Is he actually in love with Kenma? Will he end up with both of them? Will Akaashi join in for my OT4 ) muffled chanting: polyamory, polyamory, poLYAMORY
  • Oikawa is a famous writer who goes on a trip to france after his ex cheats on him. He is heartbroken and lonely when he meets Iwaizumi, the sexy gardner of his town house that also lives there. However, Iwaizumi is from Spain, and only speaks Spanish. Oikawa only speaks Japanese, and neither of them are very good at French. Yet they still fall in love.

There are supposed to be eight couples but I couldn’t think of any others and I feel bad for not not including my girls. Boo.. Well, someone please write me this, any of it please. Please my soul needs this.


Boruto: Naruto The Movie – Rock Lee, Kankuro, & Killer Bee’s Children & More Shown Off In WSJ.

The next generation really is looking pretty awesome. Whether you look at Metal Lee, or at the son’s of Kankuro or Killer Bee, you really start to wish that we could see some of these characters in a new anime or something

Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #8 Genna Lannister

Here’s something most Lannisters seem to posses: sassiness. Case in point: Genna Lannister. She is Tywin Lannister’s sister. 

When she was younger, her father agreed to marry her to Emmon Frey (yes, one of those Freys). It was a poor match and only Tywin spoke out against it. She always loved him for that. Emmon and Genna did get married. They have four sons but Genna is clearly the one running the show. Like her niece, Cersei Lannister, no one ever calls her by her married name.She’s like Cersei in another respect too: there are rumors her husband is not the father of her children. But then, Genna hasn’t murdered any bastards that we know of, so she’s a better person in that regard. She also seems happier and more fun to be around. Her husband is often the butt of her jokes.

Genna is noted for being a shrewd examiner of people’s personalities. She knew Tywin could be hard but deeply mourns his passing. She knows House Lannister will be adrift without him, and when Jaime suggests that Tywin “had a son” she famously replies that Jaime is not like Tywin adding, “Tyrion is Tywin’s son, not you. I said so once to your father’s face, and he would not speak to me for half a year.“ Making her one of the few members of House Lannister to recognize Tyrion’s political abilities and consider him a worthy heir to Tywin despite his deformities. 

She also utters the quote that I might get tattooed on my person, “Men are such thundering great fools.” 

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters

Image of Lady Genna by Felicia Cano for Fantasy Flight Games

On Vacation with the Saiyuki Boys  ^.^v. This image is too awesome not to share, so what better kickass way to start vacation than getting my T-shirt today. But the best part : it FITS DAMMIT! It fits! I didn’t know what to expect from Japanese sizes since compared to US plus sizes well..

^_^ whatever. GO WEST!

Edit: This image makes for a real nice wallpaper



I’ve received this question from an Anon: “Something was bothering me: When luke lost his aunt and uncle who were for all intensive purposes his parents he was like ok gotta go become and awesome jedi and pillar for the light side. But when anakin lost his mother he was like cool time to murder people. Don’t get me wrong i love anakin so much and think he is a wonderfully complex character, but why the absolute different reaction?”

Was their reaction really that different? Was becoming the perfect Jedi really Luke’s main reason why he left Tatooine?

Although those situations are a little bit different, the reaction of the father and his son are actually much more similar than meets the eye despite the fact that they had completely different background coming into it. Anakin spent 10 years separated from his mother, missing her, knowing where she was but unable to see her or free her and fulfill his promise to her despite having visions of her dying (something for which he blamed himself forever). He held her in his arms as the life was leaving her and all Anakin could do was to helplessly watch. In the end he, a 19 YEAR-OLD, even had to close her eyes. However, most importantly, when his mother died the culprits were nearby and he punished them. That’s why his revenge seems more violent compared to Luke because it was swift and immediate. If we look at what happened with Beru and Lars 23 years later - they were killed by stormtroopers and when Luke arrived the perpetrators were long gone. He didn’t know which one of them killed them and he couldn’t kill all the stormtroopers on Tatooine. But that’s not right, is it? He DID know who killed them - IT WAS THE EMPIRE and the stormtroopers were just pawns serving it. So what does Luke do next? He joins Obi-Wan, lands the fastest ship from the planet and sets out to rescue the Princess who fights AGAINST THE EMPIRE AND JOINS THE REBELLION WHICH, TOO, FIGHTS AGAINST THE EMPIRE. It might not have been as explicitly stated in ANH but LUKE’S MAIN REASON FOR LEAVING TATOOINE IS ACTUALLY TO EXACT REVENGE ON THE PEOPLE WHO KILLED HIS FAMILY. SO BOTH FATHER AND SON ARE MOTIVATED PRIMARY BY REVENGE. It’s fitting that their immediate facial reactions mirror each other -  the shock, the disbelief, the helplessness they feel as they look away, unable to bear to watch the lifeless bodies of their loved ones, until the moment they look back with their eyes full of resolve, defiance, anger, rage, hate and the need to take revenge. Those two moments are so powerful and life-changing for both characters.

A much more telling scene which displays the glaring similarities between them is the one following Obi-Wan’s death - it shows Luke’s rage, anger and need to revenge the people he loves, and in that way fight for them even after they are gone, so much like his father. The thing about the Skywalkers is that they have always thought with their heart instead of their brain, a trait that Padmé shared with Anakin and one reason why she was drawn to him. It’s no suprise their children and grandchild(ren) are no different.

The “awesome Jedi” comment reminded me how much similar these two men actually are and I don’t mean the notorious “desert boys taught by Obi-Wan Kenobi, tempted by the dark side” kind of thing, but the more subtle ones. In this case, the shared resolution to become a mighty Jedi Knight after the death of their family and their distorted and naive, almost child-like, notion about the Jedi - the impossible fantasy of ideal, all-powerful knights without fear and beyond reproach who fight and defeat all evil.

“I want to learn the ways of the Force and become a Jedi like my father.” - Luke Skywalker

“Someday I will be the most powerful Jedi ever.” -  Anakin Skywalker

However, the actual truth was much more murky as Anakin learned firsthand. It would be interesting to see Luke’s reaction if he saw what was left of the glory of the Jedi during the final 13 years of the Republic, just like his father saw it - their helplessness, useless dogmatism,…