but the shades looked cool

As always with these Monsterverse reveals, you can’t look at that image and not be immediately drawn back to images from previous movies - Mothra vs Godzilla, Rebirth of Mothra, Sea Monster all deal with that imagery, and it feels so unequivocally tied to the character being represented while also giving us a new look and design.

Incidentally, the larvae look kind of similar to the original 1961 concept art for Mothra’s larva form with shades of the unused Gigamoth. The adult Mothra just looks like a cool new variation on the classic design, from what can be gleaned.

How To Visit A Graveyard

I have at long last found an amazing local graveyard, and as I walked around it, I wanted to write some encouragement for you to go graveyard hunting!

It’s one of my fave hobbies. Its not only a great way to feel ghosty, but also to connect with your local area, learn some history, get out doors, and be immanent. I especially want to encourage my copingkin followers, or ghosts with mental health troubles, to go visit your local graveyard. They are such peaceful places, and a great excuse to go for a walk.

1. Respect the living
The dead don’t care, as far as I can tell. Graveyards are for the living, and the living get pissed. Dress down - leave the black lace parasol at home. No pagan stuff or rituals unless what you are doing is indistinguishable from “a nice walk”. No make-outs. If you see another person - or as often happens, a funeral - simply make yourself scarce. Finally, if you are taking photos, avoid any graves from the 1940s or later - as they may have living relatives.

2. Good things to bring: good shoes, graveyards can be uneven to walk on. A camera. I like to bring plastic bags and gardening gloves. Appropriate weather gear. Some tissues - many yards will have toilets, but they aren’t always kept regularly.

3. Take care of your graveyard, and it will take care of you. I like to litter-pick as I go, as a way of saying thank you; I often stand planters back upright or clear away stones and debris obscuring a name (never do this at Jewish cemetaries, as leaving a rock each time you visit is a custom - it’s normal to see small piles of stones on their flat stones)

4. Photos look best with high contrast between light and shade. Overcast days and midday sun are only really good if you want a personal record of a cool stone you’ve found. For the dramatic, I-can’t-believe-how-easy-this-is photography, the long magic hours as the sun comes up and down gift you gold light, intense contrasts and deep black shadows. Even if you plan to make finished stills B&W, they will look better taken on a sun&shade day.

5. Cool things to look out for:
* People from different eras.
* People from different cultures, representing waves of immigration to your area.
* terrible poems
* symbols on gravestones, such as the anchor or Mason’s compass
* people who died in unusual ways, including War graves
* new features such as crematoria, ash gardens, children’s areas, chapels of memory, crypts etc
* nature - trees, birds, etc. Yew trees are traditional.

Every graveyard I go to now, I spot something new. Last week, I found a graveyard with a sign up about their “grave reclaimation” program, the rules they follow to reuse old graves for new people. You can see as you walk around graves with “chosen for reclamation” signs on them; if no family member challenges them in over a year, the graves will be taken down.

There is always something new to discover.

| pro hero E R A S E R H E A D |

Applejack having a tea party with fluttershy but she’s kind of clumsy, requested by @flowerquest

this picture took like 6 hours to complete why do i try to draw lineless art

edit: here’s the speedpaint

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anonymous asked:

Hello friend! Although I've been practicing in digital art for almost 3 years, I'm never completely satisfied by the result of my works. I usually never like the coloring. And from what I've seen you have the most unique and beautiful coloring style. So, I wanted to ask you, how did you find it? How did you expirement and settled in this style? Thank you for your time!

!!!! Thank you so much! ;v; 

We’ll start with ygo !!  because everything else before that is Dark Past and absolutely terrifying Never Again

early 2015, I used to try doing semirealistic art because artists like jiyu-kaze, artgerm, and sakimichan
the last piece took probably 2 weeks???? it was painful lmao

I used to do the thing where you painted everything in grayscale first and then used a bunch of layer modes to layer colors on top, inspired by this, and it carried over to my tg art. it would take maybe long time to finish anything because I didn’t really know how to use it correctly. 

 Then my style started off being inspired by sui-zakki  (the author of tg), especially these pieces xx, x

I switched to using base colors after a while and tried to paint the way ishida did. I really liked the way that his art wasn’t exactly smooth?? or that you could still see the edges of each color next to each other… the colors looked really sharp and abstract. You could say this is the start of the style I have right now <:
Along with base colors, I used a lot of lumi & shade layers to add highlights and shadows. My backgrounds were usually a lot softer and sort of random at the time (I think you can see my style improvement best through the way I drew/colored my backgrounds ‘v’ )

Around 2016ish, the colors I used were lighter because I used less lumi & shade and used more on overlay and multiply layers (this is what I do now) or by coloring with only changes in opacity (this was mostly influenced by ammeja). There’s the prominent geometric edges or whatever in my colors because I started using a more square-ish brush for everything and I really liked how it looked when the colors weren’t seamlessly blended together. (the victor in the center was my first yoi fan art, he looks so different now asjdfjgjgjgjf :’> )

I color in a more blocky/geometric style, and instead of painting my pieces and smoothing them out like the ones above, I just stuck with sketches/lineart (this old tg piece is the one that got me to stick to lineart).
My coloring was mainly influenced by barachan, lanxin, and seventypercentethanol, and their pieces like xx, x
yahoberries (I love her art so much you don’t understand) influenced my blue/white outlines as well as the stray blob of colors that I sometimes don’t erase around my art
I really like crystal/gem-looking colors, and having geometric shapes as highlights or shades looked pretty cool too, so that’s how my style happened <3


I have NO idea what fashion is but I wanted to join the wave of ripped-jeans model @danisnotonfire and then got wild with k-pop styled silver-haired @amazingphil :D Their looks in 2k17 are somehow crazier than ever! And I let myself out with making up outfits! It was fun, thanks to the twitter squad xD

sleepysmallskele  asked:

Woah how do you do the shading of your paintings, it looks so cool and sligthly holographik. Like holo paint. And so smooth and 3d looking. It's so cool!

Thank you!! ; D
well, i make some filters on PS on a final picture, they usually involve just colorful gradient layers with different options.

it tends to make final piece more rich on the color.

Damn this boy is so prettyyyyy…….. I need more of him next season

So traveling.

Isak has left Norway all of once in his life– maybe twice if you count that time his dad took him to see relatives in Germany when he was a toddler. So like he’s not very used to the hours upon hours it takes to leave your damn country.

But whatever, Isak is half leaning against Even sitting cross legged on the floor by the window (because all of the chairs are taken? really airport? really?) with his own head buds in, legs crossed and tapping out the beat of a Nas song on his knee. No care in the world right? Shades on him, shades on Even, both of them looking like cool motherfuckers. He’s good. He’s chill.

Then Even, the fucker, who at this point had has his own music in and was people watching, arm slung carelessly over Isak’s shoulders, jerks when some song comes on his Spotify (let’s be real, probably something from the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack.) Ever the dutiful boyfriend, Isak looks up questioningly but glares when Even immediately pops an ear bud out of Isak’s ear and replaces it with his own.

“I was listening to-”

“Shh. This is better.”

“I swear to God if you play me Gabrielle-”

But then Isak settles down and slouches further into Even (bony or not, Isak has become extremely good at melting into Even’s side) and pauses his own music and fuck, okay maybe the song wasn’t all that bad after all even though it’s slower and not rap and-

-has he heard this song before?

And Isak’s lids start to droop, and Even’s hands come down to brush through Isak’s hair as he switches from people-watching, to his favorite activity: Isak-watching. And even though Isak has been grumpy all day (because their damn flight had been delayed for four hours), his features smooth out in his sleep and you never would have known that today was a not-so-great day.

Then mercifully, hours later, their flight is called Even doesn’t want to because Isak looks so damn cute, but he’d have to trace his hand over Isak’s cheek and wake him up with a few low-pitched “baby, wake ups” and Isak, not a morning person at all, swats at his hand before he realizes that if he’s being woken up, that means it’s time to get on the fucking plane and yes, thank god, he hates airports.

And then they are off to the warmest place either of them could think of because the winter this year had been a dick. So Ibiza here they come! Where they lay on the sand side by side in some form of ‘fuck school is over for both of us now- what does that mean’ holiday. And they drink so much (Even orders Isak some fruity drinks that Isak thinks are too girly but holy shit they are amazing???)

And then, whoops, they miss a day of sightseeing- much too busy concerning themselves of the sites they can see in the comfort of their own hotel room.

And they have a fucking fantastic time and when it’s time to go home-

“Flight to Oslo delayed 3 hours? Even- seriously what the fuck we are never leaving Norway again.”


Some of my older followers might remember my collaborations with @androiben​ !! She does the art and I make a story?! WELL WE ARE BACK AGAIN and look what she made me! Is this not the most adorable little thing??!?!! Go check out her stuff!

(Anonymous Submission)

aaaaaaay i was to submit this a day earlier (easter sunday) but alas; procrastination’s a dick, so sorry! but hopefully easter monday will suffice? any excuse to draw neamhni in that one bunny onesie tbh

i hope you like it; and happy late easter! (depending on your timezone of course) 

yoooo what!! would you look at this– how rad! Thank you so much for drawing this oh my gosh (and happy easter to you too! :D)

Meet-the-Fathers Dinner // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: domestic fluff, family fluff, parent!phan

Words: 2.4k

Relationship status: married

Warnings: none

Summary: Fourteen-year-old Emily Lester has some big news for her parents.

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