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yo blitz is dark skinned why is your art of him so,,,, light

I’m sorry, I really don’t understand how is this light?

Or is it not clear enough that this character is black? I really don’t understand…Like, if you compare him to Hearth for example… I don’t think Blitz comes off as white? Maybe the lighted areas are giving you this opinion? Or is Blitz just not..as black as you imagine him? 

I guess he isn’t as dark as I drew TJ or Walt, but still?

I try to give characters various versions of skin depth, so…I am honestly a bit confused.

i think we always knew gabe was extra...

… but this deleted footage just really cements it.


I always wondered what kind of person could do such a thing, but now that I see you, I think I understand. There’s just nothing inside you, nothing at all. You’re pathetic and sad and empty.

But as much as I hate you… I just can’t do it.

How to Make Your Descriptions Less Boring

We’ve all been warned about the dangers of using too much description. Readers don’t want to read three paragraphs about a sunset, we’re told. Description slows down a story; it’s boring and self-indulgent. You should keep your description as short and simple as possible. For those who take a more scientific approach to writing fiction, arbitrary rules abound: One sentence per paragraph. One paragraph per page. And, for god’s sake, “Never open a book with weather” (Elmore Leonard).

But what this conventional wedding wisdom fails to take into account is the difference between static and dynamic description. Static description is usually boring. It exists almost like a painted backdrop to a play. As the name suggests, it doesn’t move, doesn’t interact or get interacted with.

There were clouds in the sky.
Her hair was red with hints of orange.
The house had brown carpeting and yellow countertops.

In moderation, there’s nothing wrong with static description. Sometimes, facts are facts, and you need to communicate them to the reader in a straightforward manner.

But too much static description, and readers will start to skim forward. They don’t want to read about what the house looks like or the stormy weather or the hair color of each of your protagonist’s seventeen cousins.

Why? Because they can tell it’s not important. They can afford to skip all of your description because their understanding of the story will not be impacted.

That’s where dynamic description comes in. Dynamic description is a living entity. It’s interactive, it’s relevant. It takes on the voices of your narrators and characters. In short, it gives us important information about the story, and it can’t be skimmed over.

So how do you make your description more dynamic so that it engages your readers and adds color and excitement to your story? Here are a few tips.

(I have a TON more tips about setting and description. These are just a few. But I’m trying to keep this short, so if you have any questions or want more advice about this, please feel free to ask me.)

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i made another #relatable enamel pin set haha

i’m titling it the “art student starter pack” 

my favorite is the offbrand micron

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hii!! I just found your art and i was wondering if you drew any girls?? Anyways your coloring style is amazing!! I love the colors you choose. For some reason i feel like youd be a good traditional painter...have you tried it before?? (Oils?? Acrylics??)

most of my non-fanart are girls but i dont tend to post a lot of these….

you could also check my original art tag…i’ve also drawn quite a few jojo girls but those drawings are too old to link so ^q^ 

 and i’m actually a pretty bad traditional painter!! LOL i’ve read “creative illustration” by loomis and “color and light” by gurney so i know my way around the basics of mixing colours and toning a palette but i lack the patience for actual traditional painting….. i do love the look of trad paint tho esp the matteness of gouache

Set List:



Hum Hallelujah

Sugar we’re going down

Alone Together


American Beauty American Psycho


Save Rock and Roll

Last of the Real Ones

Young and Menace

Dance Dance

Expensive Mistakes

Thnks fr th mmrs

I Don’t Care

This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race

Grand Theft Autumn


Uma Thurman

Light ‘em up