but the second one when he does that smile crying

Some Kirishima family headcanons :

- Arata would often use a clip to pin Hikari’s hair back when she was pregnant with Touka because he liked being able to see the sparkle in her eyes whenever she rubbed her tummy and talked about their soon to be born child.

- The day Touka is born, Hikari is the one who jokingly pins back his hair so that she can see the happy tears in his eyes when their daughter lets out a sharp cry and waves her tiny fist at him. “She’ll be spunky just like me”, she quips squeezing his hand, but Arata simply smiles, responding that he “wouldn’t have it any other way”.

- Arata does the same routine throughout Hikari’s second pregnancy only this time, when Ayato is born, they both pin back the little tuft of hair covering Touka’s eyes so that they can revel in her wide-eyed gaze when she sees her baby brother for the first time.

- When Ayato begins learning to walk, it is Touka who holds onto his pudgy little hands and helps guide him towards their parents. She’s also the one who, once he masters the skill of walking, takes him by the hand and teaches him how to run, each day prompting him to run faster and faster until their legs hurt and their parents have to carry them home. While it was not Touka’s intention (she was just having fun running around and playing with her family), the skills developed from that time unexpectedly come in handy when evading the ghoul investigators in the future.