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🔮 [4/ 4] Miya Rurika as Morgane in 『La Légende du Roi Arthur』 (2016)

this is a dumb 2 second gif but for me this gif captures Usnavi’s character so well. The first expression, how proud he can be and sorta confident when he’s in a setting he’s comfortable with, like a cute little peacock who believes he’s the prettiest, his people-pleasing side, and then when he turns to Sonny you really see his kindness shine through, like look at his eyes, he is so genuinely happy and it shows so much, and that happiness just automatically translates into kindness and generosity, you see how nurturing and gentle he can be too. God, I love Usnavi.

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can you believe bre is honestly cha hakyeon in disguise? first off an actual ray of sunshine and joy all i see is her complimenting others like im going to change the url name to ilovebre or something SHE SINGLEHANDEDLY BRIGHTENS UP DAYS HOW

second off A+ gifs? do you SEE the coloring on them? like THIS ONE especially (admin is a haken shipper too ;u;) but yeah pretty colors pretty gifs like honestly im a huge fan *shyly offers a pen and a messy sketchbook* 

third off wow. an amazing being like the intellectuals that are vixx once said ‘thank you for being born’ - admin cha-schire

send a url for a SO not biased 3 positive facts about them ;;;