but the scene was so beautiful

neil being completely unaware of how beautiful he is is one of my favourite things. because the thing is he doesn’t think he’s ugly, he doesn’t really think about his appearance at all. so he’s not an insecure person, except for a brief period when his scars were still fresh, he just has no idea of the effect he has on people. one day some girl is flirting with him and trying to give him her number and andrew is just like “not this again” and neil is like ????? and andrew can’t believe he has to spell this out for him. he says “how are you this oblivious. we went to the grocery store yesterday and no less than three people hit on you.” and neil is just so?? he does not remember that. a few people spoke to him yeah but? they were hitting on him? what? and andrew rolls his eyes and tries not to physically react to the pretty flush staining his pretty boyfriend’s cheeks 

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Wait, what? What was the missed opportunity w/ Magnus' cat eyes?

Honestly? It felt kinda out of place in my eyes. Yes, I get the intention behind it and it was kind of cute that Magnus showed his cat eyes to Max but ….

To me, that moment when Magnus would reveal his cat eyes to Alec, it always was something special. Intimate. Just them. So that Alec could appreciate the beauty of it. And tell Magnus how beautiful they are and all that.

And we got a scene where it somehow felt like… okay, let’s get this over with. It didn’t fit the moment. At all. Especially not with Maryse around.

I’m just an emotional mess after that! Those scenes were pure perfection! I can’t believe how far they’ve come! Everything they’ve been through together, the good and bad has all led to here. Their husbands now! I’m so grateful for Robron! Ryan and Danny make every single scene beautiful, honest and so believable. To find on screen chemistry like they have is so rare and I’m so thankful they make up Robron. I’ve got so much love for them, they’re absolutely amazing!

Harry posted a video of the crew making Magnus’ bed, and you have to ask, why was it messed up in the first place? I’d like to believe that we actually will get a morning after malec scene today and everyone will finally be able to chill the fuck out and this fandom can finally go back to talking how well the writers are handling malec and how healthy this relationship is without spewing rape accusations at alec and treating the writers with so much disrespect. Please can we all just be civil and hope we do actually get this glorious and beautiful morning after scene. Magnus and alec all disheveled in bed together. Let that sink in.

Edit: I didn’t see Harry’s comments before posting this so yeah, nothing was shown but like it’s whatever It’s not like we can go back in time
The beauty and grace that is Westallen 🙌🏾

Guys I’ve never been so obsessed and so freaking in love with a couple like Westallen. I literally cannot watch a single second of their scenes without crying and screaming. We are blessed with cuteness and beauty and grace that is Westallen and I just cannot handle it. I love both of them as individuals but they together… oh boy it’s all I want in my life because they are literally everything 😍😍 I can hear my heart break when I see how much these two are loving each other and honestly if you don’t agree you can fight me because I’m gonna defend them till my last breath (which I have no doubt will be because of them; let’s be honest I died a couple of times in the past watching them and that’s how I would wanna go 😂). Please tell me I’m not the only one who feels like my soul and heart are getting ripped out every time I see them and loving it because they are literally goals 🙌🏾❤️ I’m thankful that the writers gave (and still giving) us this healthy relationship and I’m thankful for the fandom cuz no matter where you’re from or who you are the love we feel for Westallen connects us and we would pretty much start a war if anything would happen to them 😂😘  P.S. they are so sweet I can’t even choose a gif without wanting to cry ❣️🤷🏾‍♀️💁🏾

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I can’t even believe it!! I haven’t been this happy in so long!!

What a BEAUTIFUL night for Caryl and what VALIDATION of their love! There were just so many scenes, and just SO MUCH. SO MUCH detail that went into every quote and motion and nuance, from Daryl’s “She gets hurt; she dies; she catches a fever; she gets taken out by a walker; she gets hit by lightning—anything. Anything happens to her, I’ll kill you.” To Caryl inviting him in after rejecting Ezekiel and the crying, and the hug (BOTH OF THEM). PLUS the fact that Carol is 100% honest with Daryl no hesitation and no front–JUST UGH.


I was honestly keep a sort of reserved space for myself, because we do tend to get too excited about spoilers, and premiers and there’s a lot of speculation so I was figuring maybe it was going to be a small scene but NO. They knew what they were doing, they knew what they were going for. This was 100% Caryl. Nothing else. Even Carol’s tiny ‘shut up’ to Daryl’s joke was amazing, because even with everything he’s hiding and she’s fearing, they can still joke around with each other and he tries to get her in a good mood, and in a safe place because he doesn’t want her to be consumed (wink) by the bleakness.

I’m going to rewatch this episode, which is so rare for me because I haven’t rewatched a single ep in TWD ever, but I’m on a high. 

I love Flip Flappers, it has a cute style that reminds me a lot of Madoka Magica, with the sketchy themes and transformations, but in its own beautiful way. The animation is so great too I feel like this anime’s really underrated like look at this beautiful stuff

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I knew when they announced it that an actual Sanvers-centric episode wasn’t going to happen, but how absolutely insulting for those characters and that relationship which has been developed so well, to be in an episode in which the main relationship focused on was the absolute insanity that is Kara and Mon-El.

Alex and Maggie have gone through such a beautiful journey already. They’re learning more about each other and learning what it is to be a couple, and whilst we haven’t been treated to a lot of scenes with that, what we do get is special.

And then we’ve got Kara and Mon-El. A man who has continued to be arrogant, condescending and just generally awful to her whenever she calls him out on something. If ever she starts to tolerate him (that should logically be the extent of her interactions with him, and even that’s being generous) he’s still a dick and then whenever she really calls him out he apologises, and then does it again! Tonight he decided Kara was “his” despite the fact that their relationship hadn’t even begun, and when Kara (the smart, more experienced superhero working with other people who have considerable experience dealing with non-human threats) chose to figure out a way to get rid of him, he talked over her and kept insisting that he knew best, and was stupid enough to think that Kara really was so shallow as to want to be with a man who just turned up in her living room. In the end, unsurprisingly, Kara figured out how to defeat him by herself, and Mon-El came crawling back, but the amount of times he’s apologised to her for similar things is starting to become a long list, and she deserves so much better than someone who continues to disrespect her so much.

Supergirl writers, in writing a show with female characters, in particular one with a female superhero as the title character, you have an obligation to tell her story in a way that can resonate with female viewers young and old. So they know that regardless of what powers they have, they can be strong, they can be vulnerable, they can make mistakes, but at the end of the day, they still stay true to themselves and their values, and don’t let anyone else tell them they’re wrong for who they know they are and who they’re meant to be. The story they’re telling for Kara now isn’t doing this, and for a show with huge potential to inspire female viewers, it’s failing with Kara. And even if a Mon-El redemption arc was believable (it’s not, because he keeps going back to his awful arrogant self regularly), funnily enough, we really don’t need another one on this show when so many other shows are already doing that. We need female driven shows, we need these strong female characters, and we need Kara to remember who she is and put that ahead of the feelings of some entitled boy who has decided that he likes her.



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oh my fuckng god melissa was so hot in that last scene tho manhell doesn't deserve all that beauty i nerver thirsted so much for her

she always look so good durin the nastiest fuckin scenes i cant take it

Dr. Mclaughlin’s Favourite Toy

Author: afangirlsplaylist

Rating: Explicit. 

Warnings: Smut, sex in a public setting.

Word Count: 2,613

Summary: Pretty much smut with very little if any plot. Based on the hospital scene of the ‘shock collar theatre’ episode (GMM #1063)

Notes: Counsel Me chapter is still in the works but this was mostly finished so enjoy this in the meantime. 

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Ok so can we talk about how beautiful that last scene was on the lake?????? And how wrong but so right it was to use At Last when carrying out a dead body???? This show ❤❤❤❤ Vera and Freddie 😍😍😍

  • I was a little dubious about this film until I saw someone praise its use of appropriate background actors/actresses, and had time to kill today.
  • So I went to see The Great Wall.
  • Seriously, go watch it.
  • It made me laugh, and cry, a mouth fall open in awe.
  • It's beautiful, it's stunning in design for costume and CGI and sets and everything.
  • All the battle scenes are SUPERB, and the crane corps - just wow.
  • Seriously, a whole regimental section for women alone cos they're BETTER at it.
  • *fans self* and the main lady, she's... well. I was sitting there quite glad I didn't have any friends with me cos they would have laughed so hard we'd be kicked out.
  • I was completely besotted with Commander Lin.
  • Which brings me on to romance - there is refreshingly NONE, so happy about this!
  • JUST GO SEE IT ASAP. I have no help for you if you don't.

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Super tough question what are your top 5 favourite moments from last nights episode and name 5 things you hope will happen in tonight's episode?? Happy Robron Wedding Day part 2 💙

Happy Wedding Day Part Two anon 💗


My five favourite moments from last night:

1. Robert giving Paddy a death stare when Harriet asks if anyone opposes the wedding. How beautiful.

2. Every Single Look that Robert and Aaron have one another jfc have you ever seen two people look so incredibly overwhelmed at and in love with one another?

3. Liv’s little speech to Aaron just before the wedding - she was so happy for him, wanted it to be the most perfect for him. The little soft voices all three of them were using in that scene.

4. Robert being so nervous about everything being perfect and Aaron seeing that and telling Robert that he would marry Robert “wherever, whenever”. Rip me.

5. Harriet not giving a shit about the rules of her job because she believes in love and basically she would literally fight anyone who tried to take the honour of marrying them away from her bc she’s a queen (and the little Ruby/Ali shout out bless)

As for the things I’m hoping for tonight… not to be a cop out, but I honestly and truly (despite what it probably looks like from the way that I blog lmao) don’t put expectations on to episodes. No matter what, I basically always go into everything basically expecting it to be terrible lmao. I’m just happy it’s happening and happy to see how it plays out. Who needs standards 😂 I gotta protect my heart! So yeah, I don’t have any specific things I need or expect. I’m just going to go in with a completely open mind and watch it, I guess.

A few things though - I hope I enjoy it and I hope everyone else enjoys it. I hope we get to see more of the boys looking completely in love (…we will)

(And ok honestly, I sort of want to see Robert rant a little about their ceremony getting interrupted lmaooo)

Lastly, I hope it spawns a lot of good wedding night fic. That would be ideal.

Episode 2x08

Okay guys! So I’m gonna be honest I really liked the episode! There were things that I didn’t like obviously but I’m not going to dwell on those things *cough* lack of Luke again *cough*. Anyways I really liked the Izzy and Raphael interactions and I want this to blossom into a beautiful friendship. The malec obviously and the Magnus and Jace scene. I’m not a Climon shipper but I’m not going to bash them because I don’t ship bash. Kat and Alberto were really good together, as always. The scene with Alec and Clary got me and both Matt and Kat did so great in that scene. Magnus! Oh my god Magnus actually killed me in this episode he’s so amazing and badass like holy shit I love him! The Alec and Clary scene at the end made my heart sing. I’m so excited for them to become best friends forever. And of course, perhaps my favorite scene in the whole episode, the Jace, Alec, and Maryse scene. Dom, Nicola, and Matt were so good. I really felt Maryse’s emotions and it was such a beautiful yet heartbreaking scene. So all in all, I would give this episode an 8/10. It was a lot easier to follow than last week’s and didn’t seem rushed or cramped so I liked that. But obviously I want to know what you guys think so come at me with your reviews! 😘