but the scene was pretty

Wait a second, if the baby was taken into county family services (According to Dr. Cochran’s story.) doesn’t that mean that that baby wasn’t Spencer? Because Spencer was given straight to the Hastings’, Veronica said she was already agreed to be Spencer’s parent along with Peter. Not saying Mary isn’t Spencer’s mom because that is already proven. I am just saying it would be more evidence to back up the twin theory???

I don’t know guys I have fallen down the 100s of theories about Spencer’s twin, and I am into it. 

Okay so, this is officially my first digital piece- kinda besides crappy first tries ages ago. I did all the line work on paper because I can’t figure out how to do so on my app without screwing up! Haha, anyways to the important bits!

So this little kylux piece is based on the first chapter of Here Comes Your Man by @hollyhark. I love this fic for many reasons, and that like tender first scene after they do it is pretty much amazing and sweet. I had to draw the armbands because I love the concept and have always liked wearing bands on my arms over my nonexistent muscles lol. I added the smoke after, to kind of represent the way even then on their first night things are already going up in smoke (The heavy fire theme throughout the story is also something I love about it) I’m not that great at much of anything digital art related yet so bear with me! I know the shading on the sheets and pillows is kind of awkward. :/ I hope this is okay to look at, I’m not sure how great it really is haha, but I hope some people enjoy it! <3 Thanks for the inspiration Holly! <3


I redraw one of the scene and change his expression a bit,

sorry if it looks pretty messy, I was sleepy😂 I hope you like it bro! keep up your works and stay determined

=============================== Omg omg omg that looks so cool ! It’s an honor to get a pic like this ×∆× No no its not a problem at all I love it ! I love everything you draw ! Keep up your goodwork too ! You made me really happy! I cant thank you enough for this ! (omg I think I am gonna use it everywhere xD like in my steam and other apps) He looks so badass :D

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I'm think that if "You're just doing your job" scene happens before the date (I'm pretty sure that Kara is exposing him to Lena) that could mean Lena goes on a date with Jack to help Kara investigate.

I mean, it’s a possibility? She is good at that kind of facade, as we saw with the Medusa virus switcheroo con.

But I’m kind of hoping that the kiss we see in the promo (during which Lena is in the same outfit as in the dinner scene) isn’t an undercover kiss or a mind control kiss because it squicks me.

But, personally, I’m thinking the order of scenes goes:

  1. Lena in Kara’s apartment
  2. Jack’s conference
  3. Anonymous source contacts Kara
  4. Car Explosion kills anonymous source (and someone sees Kara’s costume)
  5. Dinner with Jack
  6. Lena kisses Jack
  7. Kara sees evidence that Jack killed people
  8. Kara gives evidence to Lena
  9. Kara faces off with Jack

Not sure if the hug happens early, like sometime before the dinner, or toward the end of the episode. Depends on if Lena finds out that Kara is Supergirl in this episode and how she reacts. Like if she finds out and reacts poorly, it’s probably early on. If she doesn’t find out or reacts well, it could be toward the end of the ep. 

Or there could be a really interesting “I’m mad at you but I’m sad about other things right now so hug me” thing going on, but it’s not as likely.

Princess and the frog is a good movie

-Majority of cast is POC
-most of the music is jazz, which is super fitting
-one of the characters gives up her love interest to help her friends
-some of the scenes are so pretty like look at this fucking art it’s beautiful
-Some encouraging af words
-also character motive?? Lots of motive
-shows interracial friendship between a poor black girl and a white rich girl, their friendship is major to the plot and never actually points out the difference in colour.

Cons? They kill a character

I kind of want it specified that like. Frank says his wife ripped his heart out, brought the pain, etc etc. In the scene, he’s using he and Maria as a pretty poor example for a healthy relationship, but it’s because he has no context for what’s going on with Matt and Karen. He doesn’t see Matt treat her like she can’t take care of herself, tell her to be quiet and step down when she has a point she wants to make. He never sees the lying and the let down and them mutually pretending to be better people than they are. He sees a relationship going through a rough patch.

Frank’s face when he talks about Maria says everything. She gave him hell, and he loved it. When Karen yells at him in the prison (rot in your god damn jail cell) he like. RESPONDS to that. He’s PLEASED. He thinks it’s great that she’s like ‘heY FUCK U CASTLE’. Frank knows he’s always been kind of a shit, he’s full aware that he’s an asshole. It stands to reason that Maria knew that, but also knew he was a good dude and so threw any and all bullshit he spewed back in his face. (Which isn’t to say I think they fought a lot, so much that Maria didn’t stand for his nonsense, and Frank knows he needed to hear someone tell him to shut up sometimes. Maria and Frank balanced each other out, I think.)

And even if it hurt to have the truth shot at him, he was madly in love with the fact that she did it. That she cared enough about him to see all the shit parts of him and still wait for him to come home every time he went away.

Point is, I’m real upset about Frank and Maria like all the time you guys.

Untouchable [Adlock FF]

I’ll be honest. I actually forgot to post the companion fic of Predictable. So I apologize for posting it just now. It’s pretty much the same scene in Irene’s POV. This is probably more smutty that I first intended it to be.

This is for the pinay adlockers out there. Thanks to @realestofgeek for informing me that there’s quite a lot of us.

A true dominatrix takes and takes with very little giving.

Most people would feel scandalized just by being in her presence. The word dominatrix seemed so sexually provocative to most. It was almost always equated to prostitution of some sort.

Perhaps that was true in a way. She did appeal to her clients’ wishes and desires for money and protection, but it was never about sex.

In fact, sex had nothing to do with it. Sex was just a very powerful and efficient tool to bring them quickly to their knees before her. She barely gets aroused in her sessions while they writhe on the bed.

No, for Irene, it was the power. A dominatrix should be able to wield her clients and let them see their own desire, most of which they never even knew about, until they begged and begged for more.

The sheer amount of power she had over them, even in the small amount of time, was something she relished. It was as if she had whipped her riding crop hard enough to crack open their hearts and let them show her their souls.

And she takes them all. Information. Scandals. Secrets. Anything that could be useful to her.

As much as what others have perceived of her because of her profession, she had rarely taken part in intercourse. Her clients surely wouldn’t have the pleasure of doing so. Of course, she had occasional lovers as well, but she always breaks them before they could even try to make love. In the end, she’d still be taking over and continue to take everything.

One could say that she was a very selfish woman.

But so was he.

She’d always believed that she liked being in control especially in his equally dominating presence. It was one of the things that drew her to him. There was an air of arrogance and dominance around him that somehow matched hers.

She liked it, she admitted, and had lost count of how many times she had won or lost.

In fact, it didn’t really seem to matter that much. Not when he was trapping her body with his strong arms around her waist, pressing their bodies flush, as he devoured her mouth. A wave of desire and want washed over her and threatened to push her over the edge of her self-control.

He pressed her on the bed with his own lean body, tightly pinning her wrists above her head as he kissed her hot and hard. She rolled her hips against his hardness, and he responded by ripping his lips from hers and finding that spot beside her ear that made her lose control more. His swollen lips slowly traced her jaw as his other hand ripped her clothes apart.

And suddenly he was everywhere. His lips were pressing soft wet kisses in her neck. His tongue drawing out small circles on her skin. His hand gripping both of her wrists tightly, her pulse pounding against his palm.

Irene Adler, the infamous dominatrix, was losing control under the scrutiny of one (the only) Sherlock Holmes, under the hard planes of his body, under his hands both pinning her on the bed and wandering around her body.

Under his control.

She had always been the one in control, especially in the bedroom where she moved with utmost ease and skill. And now there was this. Now she was literally pinned down, feeling almost helpless under him.

The thing was that she liked it.

Even more so when his skillful fingers finally touched her, his mouth and tongue on her. She couldn’t feel. She couldn’t think. All she felt and knew was the man between her thighs as he brought her down to her knees with another flick of his tongue. Her orgasm ripped through her, white and hot and, oh, so delicious it left her gasping for air and gasping for more.

Begged. Irene Adler had begged. Once? Twice? She would not dare admit it but she had lost count.

By the time, they joined, her control was barely intact as he played her like his violin, his fingers pressing onto her on the right places, his mouth muttering melodies of pleasure and sentiment, his body cradling her with care and primal desire at the same time.

Though she had tried to right things by rolling on top of him, she still found herself dizzy in the feel of him under her. His hands found her wrists once more and pressed them to her back as he moved his hips against her. Something flared within her and she did something she had very rarely done, perhaps only in his eyes.

She let go.

And instead of breaking him, he had cracked her open in vulnerability. Words that did not make sense fell out of her mouth as she grew more breathless against him. Her moans and sighs echoed inside her own head. The mask that she wore shattered into pieces as her emotions bled through the cracks. Desire. Pleasure. Sentiment.


And she didn’t understand. She didn’t understand why but the sound of her name from his swollen lips brought her to the peak. His voice had awoken something deep within her that made her chest tighten in a way she could not comprehend.


The sound filled her head as it echoed endlessly in the midst of pure white ecstasy. Her body and mind soared and soared until she fell back down to him, her body collapsing against his heaving chest.

She was supposed to be untouchable, she thought as her heart refused to calm down at the feel of his arm around her waist. Her profession required her to be untouchable. She liked it, liked being on top of them all under her heels. And here she was, falling so deep into this man.

“Stop thinking.”

She wasn’t really sure if the command was for him or for herself. Perhaps it was for herself.

After all, tonight did nothing but bring more clarity to the growing turmoil in her heart. It was indeed clear that she had been tamed, brought down to her knees, she thought as she buried herself deeper into his arms and warmth.

The untouchable dominatrix had finally been reached.

Sherlock Holmes had her.

Her body.

Her mind.

Her heart.

The ending is kinda cheesy I know. I’m sorry :P

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Oh this chapter- I loved it (and it was hot!) but poor Jack. He's such a quick learner but sometimes he learns the completely wrong lesson.... Pitch is a pretty good and attentive dom in scene and it seemed like he was going to do at least *some* aftercare this time but Jack just noped out too fast. Right now I'm not sure which of them would have a harder time with proper aftercare. Anton needs to knock some sense into both of them.

Jack’s bright, and his mind works quickly, but yeah, he often comes to the wrong conclusions or learns the wrong lesson, that combined with his habit of internalising things as being his fault (something absolutely encouraged by Lune in general) means he just makes these epic leaps to ‘this behaviour means X, and it means I have to respond like X.’

Pitch was definitely going to offer aftercare (at least more of it) this time. In fact, one of the reasons he didn’t touch Jack a great deal during the edging was because he knew he could make up for it afterwards. Instead, we get a Jack that’s hurriedly pulling away, a Pitch that’s wondering if that’s what Jack truly needs, doubting it, and also kind of doubting himself as a Dom? (Something he’s not used to doing like this). It’s a mess. Pitch has a lot to work on right now, especially as Jack’s reaction/s here are pretty much entirely down to how Pitch has treated him in the past. (Along with Jack’s reticence to ask for clarification).

Oh yeah, pretty sure Anton will be finding out in the very next chapter, tbh. His ears have been burning for a while now. :D

As soon as I saw all of the crystals I knew they were going to have Zelena’s magic to turn the magic in the crystals dark. Interesting that it’s because Zelena’s magic is unstable. Not sure it totally works since Zelena is very adept at using magic almost always.

Emma looks really meek in this scene, the Snow and Charming scene was pretty good though.

“Hey” for Zelena and Belle like they are old pals? Plus, that used to be a Rumbelle thing, but I guess the writers don’t think like we do at this point.

Wait a minute. What’s the deal with the crystal shard? Is she using it like a wand?

And portals, beans, so easy nowadays.

H**k is just annoying. He always gets a line or a close up even if he has nothing to really contribute, which IMO is most of the time.

OH my god, that promo for the musical episode. Just that artwork. Ugh. Aside from that though, they are acting like there isn’t an episode before it. The general audience is probably going to think that there isn’t one next week, unless they realize the promo doesn’t match…

OMG, this stuff with Zelena, Regina, and Emma would work better if she hadn’t killed Neal. That’s a constant slap in the face, and a giant elephant in the room.

And of course what I’ve been suspecting happened. She gave up her magic. So how soon before we get people saying how she did what Rumple couldn’t do.

Of course this is going to go bad isn’t it. The scene in the shop. And what is this random McGuffin with Emma and the crystal. Ah yes, so the promo for next week makes Rumple look bad and was there even a single shot of Belle? How does she have hardly anything to do with Gideon’s story? It’s really bugging me now. It looks like everyone else is all over this episode next week. I hope she has a role because at this point I’m pretty sure she isn’t in the musical episode. Don’t get me wrong, I like that we got a hug for Rumbelle in this episode, but we’re running out of time and if Rumbelle aren’t all over the finale, I’m afraid we won’t be getting much of them before the end. We shall see I guess.

Also, still can’t forgive Zelena, largely because they swept what she’s done under the rug. They just ignore it or bring up something else that is significantly less than the biggies…

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I am pretty new to the A/O/B scene but I have fallen for it hard. I don't know if you're into role play but do you know of any A/O/B role play groups?

I don’t know of any, but I’m sure some of my followers can help you

Guys? Know anyone?


kingdom hearts appreciation week
↳day three// disney vs original worlds