but the saying goes the time wasted on your rose is what makes the rose your rose or something

Frost (Chapter Three)

So I feel like this chapter is maybe a little boring… but it’s the first real interaction between Tony and Loki and the first stepping stone into their relationship, so I didn’t want to leave it out! Let me know what you guys think :)

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“Forgive me.” Loki stopped in his tracks a few steps into the library and bowed stiffly. “I was not aware that you were in here.”

“No it’s fine.” Tony waved him in, barely looking up from his book. “Come in. It’s a big library, you won’t even notice I’m here.”

“I highly doubt that.” Loki bared his teeth in something resembling a smile and started backing away. “I’ll leave you to your reading.”

“No, seriously.” Tony put his book down, frowning over Loki’s odd comment. “This is your library, not mine so–”

“As the consort of the King, it is in fact your library. I have plenty of books in my room to read.” Loki raised his eyebrows. “I will not intrude on your quiet. Good day, Sir Anthony.”

“Do you not like me?” Tony asked, sounding irritated and Loki’s eyes snapped shut, trying to hide the panic that filled them.

“I’m sure I don’t know what you mean.” he said through clenched teeth.

“No?” Tony challenged. “Because the other day in my room you said that I reacted to you the same way I react to my–” his throat moved as he swallowed uncomfortably. “–to the team. And at first that made me mad but then I sort of– well I don’t like that. I don’t like that I still react that way. I thought I was over all of it and it turns out I’m not. Not completely anyway, and I don’t like that. But it’s not that I equate you with them, I just– we have a weird past, you know?”

“Yes, I was told it took months for you to even be comfortable around Thor, much less comfortable around your Avengers. However, I’m sure whatever I said can be ignored as I actually have no opinion either way about how you act around me or any other person on Asgard. I was simply trying to get a rise out of you, and it has worked perfectly.” Loki kept his tone cool, his posture relaxed even though he felt like screaming.

Why was the mortal so upfront about everything? Why did he seem to take to heart everything Loki said? And more than that, why did it seem as if he was upset that Loki thought he was uncomfortable when they were together?

“Look.” Tony sighed. “Look. All I’m saying is, I don’t like that you said that. I don’t look at you like I look at my team. If anything, I don’t understand why I want to—”

No no no no no. Loki did start to panic then. The last thing he needed was this mortal bringing up the odd draw between the two of them, the way they couldn’t seem to not look at each other. He did not need a question about the Hjartslattur bond and he did not need to be standing here talking about anything even remotely related to it.

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One Dance

“So wait….you didn’t dance at all?”

Oscar and Ruby were sitting nearby a beautiful viewpoint overlooking the city, relaxing after the very stressful day of training. The two had manage to steal themselves away from the in for just a chance to hang out (Ren and Nora were doing their own thing while Jaune and Qrow were having some private lesson). It was these moments the former farm boy adored, just getting spend time with Ruby like the average teenagers they SHOULD have been. 

The stars in the night sky were just about to become visible as their talk had steered towards their school lives. While there wasn’t much Oscar could offer on his side, getting to hear more about Beacon was fascinating. He may have Ozpin’s soul and memories of the school, but it was listening to Ruby’s stories that really made it come alive (he distinctly tried not to think about the state it was in now, the former Headmaster was pretty much the same way). And that eventually led into the talk on the dance.

Ruby shook her head, a wince followed by a smile as she went on. “Yeah, not really my thing, you know. Honestly, just being in high heels was bad. How Weiss fights with them, I’ll never understand.”

“That sounds like a waste to me. Back home during the festivals, my aunt would always make sure I went all out to enjoy myself. Granted, aside from school I didn’t really leave the farm at all so those days were a treat for me.”

She shrugged. “Well, I guess dancing has never really been all that fun for me. I always felt more comfortable swinging Crescent Rose than trying not to trip over someone’s feet.”

Oscar felt like laughing at that, but he kept it in. “Well, you can’t spend your entire life fighting, no matter how much you enjoy it. Besides, if you think about it, fighting and dancing aren’t all that different from each other. I mean, it’s the only reason I’ve managed to keep up with the footwork Qrow has been teaching me and Jaune.”

Silver eyes widened before going back to normal as Ruby. “That’s funny; that’s almost the exact same thing Ozpin told me back then.”

Oscar laughed weakly. “Well, I guess that goes to show its good advice!”

You couldn’t have come up with something better than that?

And that shifted the farm boy’s attention back to the soul resting in his head. ‘Oh, don’t even go there. And I thought we agreed you’d stop me before I say something too much like you!’

Oh hush, that last bit was completely your own. And isn't part of the reason you’ve been keeping up is due to those dancing lessons of the past Wizards, specifically my direct predecessor? 

Oscar almost winced at that, remembering the rather pleasant snippets of memories he had seen in his dreams of a former Wizard. Particularly of a lovely young lady with golden blonde hair and blue eyes that struck him as intimately familiar, but Ozpin never dived into too much detail about that. 'Yeah, I still can’t believe the former King of Vale, the infamous Warrior King, threw himself into so many dancing lessons that he HATED simply to impress a girl. And I thought Jaune was a big dork.’

Good rule of thumb; if a young man does something stupid once, it’s cause he’s young and young men are not known for their prime decision making skills. If he does it more than once; it’s usually to impress someone they like. Granted, it probably would have been a lot less hassling for him if he had found out sooner that she much preferred books over dancing….

It was then that reality kicked in as Ruby waved a hand over Oscar’s face. “Oscar, hello? You in there?”

He was startled slightly before he smiled and apologized. “Yeah, I’m fine. Just lost in my thoughts.”

“You look you got something on your mind. Want to talk about it?”

Oscar opened his mouth for a moment before deciding against it and shaking his head. “Sorry, Ruby. One day, I promise I’ll tell you what’s on my mind. Just not today.”

Ruby smiled in understanding. “Just so long as you DO tell me.”

“You’ll be the first, I promise. Anyway, it seems like a waste to go to a dance and not dance.”

“Well, its not like I really had much of an opportunity to learn. My dad and Uncle Qrow taught me and Yang how to fight and other things, but when it came to girly stuff we were kind of left to our own devices. Honestly, the first fashion lesson I ever got was from Weiss and she looked like she wanted to ask if I had been raised in a barn or something.”

Oscar piped up then with a sly smile. “Hey, I take some offense to that!”

Ruby smiled at that. “She wasn’t talking about you, you haven’t even met Weiss.”

“Well, your stories have already told me a lot. Still, don’t you wish you could have danced back then?”

She looked down at that, rather pensive. “Well…..maybe a little. But it’s not like anyone there really wanted to dance with me. I don’t really….attract guys the same way Yang does, but that’s okay. I really don’t want to deal with that kind of attention.”

The resulting quiet moments left Oscar thinking what he should say next (he could have said he very much heard otherwise from her Uncle and most of those admirers were scared off by her sister, but he decided not too). Then his mind lit up with an idea. “Hey, can I see your scroll?”

Ruby looked up at him questioningly, but got it out regardless. “Ummm….sure.”

Oscar went through the Scroll, utterly grateful for Ren and Jaune’s lessons on technology. “Let’s see, connection here should be strong enough….now let’s just see if it’s on the web….”

The young huntress looked at him questioningly. “What are you looking….?”


Nice choice, particularly for her skill level.

That shook her a little as she saw the satisfied expression on Oscar’s face as he pushed a button. As soon as he did, a slow deep song began to play. Then he got up and set the phone a distance away, but turned up the volume. After that, he returned to where Ruby was, offering a hand. “Well, since you didn’t get to dance back then, would you mind dancing with me now?”

That got Ruby’s face to flush, a display of uncharacteristic fluster for the young huntress. “Well…..but Oscar….I….I really don’t dance!”

Oscar smiled, his hand taking hers and pulling her to her feet. He then drew her close to him, the two standing cheek to cheek. “If I can fight, you can dance. Just follow my lead.”

Ruby did so, smiling shyly as they slowly moved in tandem with the music playing. “Well, at least I’m not in heels.”

Oscar whispered softly, smelling her unique intoxicating scent of chocolate, roses, and gunpowder. “You can step on my toes any day.”

Unaware to the dancing pair, not too far away they had someone watching them.

Jaune Arc pulled out his own Scroll. This is so adorable, there is no way I am not recording this.

Wow, I actually managed to get this done. Adorable little thing, right? Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the language of dance moves. That works better visually I think.

Anyway, I’m off on my graduation trip to Disneyland, so it’ll be a while. Next time will be focusing on Summer and Qrow.


I don’t know how it all happened but it all started when I was born. My family said that everyone receives a specific locket, and within that locket is a flower. Fresh and vibrant. And in that flower, it helps you find your soulmate. But it sucks that there’s a huge possibility that it’s on the other side of the world.

I examined my flower, a vibrant red, sometimes fading into white and another rainbow of colours, but today, it turned into a shade of blood red. It’s impeccably impossible to find my soulmate since the flower was purely common to everyone. And rose, it grew with the family since each and everyone in my family also owned a rose, with a different shade of colour.

They said that if you find your soulmate, it would brighten up and change into another colour, and with that, I didn’t believe, but it happened to my cousin and I saw it with my own eyes.

But it’s so weird that when it changed into a pastel orange, it happened in the spark of an eye contact, like they knew each other in a very long time but saw each other for the very first time. I wonder when I’ll meet mine, but with a flower so common, I think it will take a longer time to be fulfilled.

I examined the flower once again, it turned into a nude color. Maybe it meant something I thought, but shook it away immediately knowing that all my hopes would just be wasted with a false truth. Sighing, I hid the rose emblem inside my shirt and went out the room.

“Rosie, it’s time!” I yelled in the hallways. Rosie, my cousin, appeared out of nowhere and ran down the doors. “Quick! I want to get the front row.” She shushed me, opening the front door and running to the car. Shaking my head, I went down the stairs, took the car keys and locked the door behind me.

I saw Rosie jump wildly in the passenger seat, which made me chuckle under my breath. “You know, it’s just a band…” I told her, getting in the car and putting the key in the ignition, the car roaring to life. “I know! I just think that maybe one of them, by chance, would be my soulmate.” She told me, pulling out her emblem and looking at the rose pink colour of the chrysanthemum.

“One day, cousin. One day.” I told her, taking the car away from the driveway and to our destination.

“At least we got the front row, couz.” I concluded, playing my nails as we patiently waited in the front row seat of the sound check. I smiled, feeling content of what we got. “Yeah, I know.” She remarked, jumping up and down in her seat. “God, can you calm down more?”
“No, I can’t.”
“Because they’re here, we’re here, we got front seats and we’ll get a clear view of them while they perform.” She told me in one round of breath, and she didn’t even break a sweat.

“You’re crazy.” I told her, playfully punching her shoulder. “I am.” She laughed loudly. It wasn’t in a few minutes when four insanely tall boys came out from behind the curtains. “Hello everybody!” Luke, I think, the tall blonde guy with the black lip ring waved enthusiastically. They all synchronizingly sat on the edge of the stage, their legs hanging off and dangling sideways.

It’s good to have a few lessons to know who they are. Got them from Rosie since I’m going to be the one ‘babysitting’ her for the event. So summing it up— they’re Five Seconds of Summer, Australian band and are only four in the group. The tall, blonde quaffed hair with the black lip ring, as what I said, is Luke Hemmings. The shaggy haired, dirty blonde boy with a sunshine smile is Ashton Irwin, also known as the oldest and as what Rosie says “The daddy of the band”. The red washed hair with overly envious red luscious lips (yes, I said luscious because maybe I’d like to kiss them) is Michael Clifford, the gamer-lead guitarist of the band. And last but not the least, the slightly chinky eyed, chubby cheeks cutie, Calum Hood.

Good enough for someone who’s a bit curious to know who’s she going to see for the night. I mean, it would be terribly embarrassing to go to a concert with the an artist you don’t know and just simply attend to hear one of their famous song play. Critical.

“So, are you all ready for some sound check?” Ashton chirpily asked, the small crowd clapping and screaming, which he laughed out.
“Okay, let’s hit it boys.” Calum said in a very low voice. The backstage personnel began to go to them, handing Michael and Luke an acoustic guitar, Ashton with his beatbox and Calum having nothing, but he just smiled weirdly and it made every girl laugh out loud, including me.

They played three songs, a little bit familiar because of Rosie’s lesson. They played Beside you, which is my personal favourite, Amnesia and What I Like About You, and they were amazing. I was awestruck in between every song, even if it was acoustic, their voices were pure talent. Plus with their instruments, a classic band to listen to.

After the small gig, they began to make contact with the fans, asking them for questions. “Okay, settle down everyone.” Luke said in a low, announcer voice.
“Shut up, Luke.” Michael said, grinning over the crowd cheekily.
“Anyways, we have a lot of time left.” Ashton said, opening his arms widely, as if welcoming us. “So, let’s do the hot seat.”
“And here it goes,” Calum commented, making the crowd rumble in small laughter.

A bunch of girls raised their hands all at the same time. They didn’t know who to choose but Luke spoke up abruptly. “You there, with a black tie dye, of what seems like my smiley shirt.” The girl stood up, cheeks flushed as he complimented her. “News flash, it was mine, you just borrowed it.” Calum said, instinctively playing his bass for a little groove. “Shut up, Calum.”
“Love you too, bro.” He replied, winking to his way.

The girl prepared, her hands nervously playing with her bands. “This is going to be a first, hard question to answer, I think.” Michael joked, in which the girl nodded and the crowd stayed silent, waiting for her to speak.

Finally, the girl spoke. “Since in this world, we have the soulmate system, I hope you wouldn’t mind sharing us your flowers…” She requested, a bit hesitantly. But she stood tall. Looking back to the boys, all their brows are raised, probably surprised but at the same time giving a soft smile to her. The boys, looking at each other for a group decision nodded at the same time and pulled out their pendants.

And one by one, they described it. Ashton was first, since he’s the very talkative. “Well mine, it’s a reddish Carnation.” He told softly, admiring his designated flora.
“Mine is a very bright yellow Sunflower.” Luke proudly said, the colour radiating his mood, in which he was happy. Michael spoke next raising his pendant confidently up to the crowd for all to see. “Well, I’m happy that mine is a purplish-blue Forget-me-not!” He chirped, in which the crowd smiled and awed.

Last but not least, Calum took out his pendant from his neck, wrapped the chain around his fist and looked at the pendant like it was his life.
“Mine is a simple red rose that’s changing into a white one… Just right, now.” He said, confused. I tilted my head to the side, hearing his kind. I nervously pulled out my pendant to see my red rose turn to the same shade of white.

I heard gasps around me, seeing Rosie cover her mouth. “Calum!” She shouted, standing up from her seat. Calum turned his head to our direction, his eyes seeming to be a bit frail. “My cousin has the same flower and the same color as yours.” She whispered, as everyone gasped on the sudden discovery. She pointed at me, in which Calum looked directly straight to my eyes. I didn’t know what to do. My eyes landed on his, creating some sort of vision of a future which seemed to blur my mind, and I think he felt it too.

The other three boys were awed, watching the scene in front of us, with the crowd doing the same. I stood quietly, quickly fixing myself up. I broke our eye contact, looking at somewhere else and excused myself from them. “I’m just gonna go to the bathroom.” I hurriedly went through every row and raced to the bathroom, the halls silent with my footsteps sounding through the walls.

I stopped, putting my hand on my forehead, not believing what’s happening. Damn, could he be my soulmate? I asked myself, but as I started to walk to the bathroom, rushed footsteps and a hand groped my wrist, forcefully turning me to look at him. Calum fucking Hood is not my soulmate, that’s impossible.

“Could I please, just for a quick second, look at your pendant?” He begged, his eyes pleading for a bit of mercy. He seemed a little eager to know the truth. So giving him the chance, I removed the pendant around my neck and placed it delicately in his hands, together with his pendant. Both were white. White as snow. But as the glass clinked with each other, the roses changed into a new color— it turned into a red rose with tips coloured with white. It was beautiful.

I gasped, the fantasies and stories I thought that will never happen, unfold in front of my eyes. Looking away from the flowers, I looked back at Calum, only to see him stare at me, fawning to watch my reaction. Still in shock, I awkwardly laughed, not knowing what else to do, but he laughed with me.
“What does this mean then?” He asked, as he crept closer to my figure.
“Well, it means we’re soul mates…?” I stated, sounding more like a question.

“Well, if it’s going to be in that way…” He trailed off. He coughed up, fixing his posture and appearance. He put out his hand to shake and smiled at me widely. “I’m Calum Hood, bass player and vocals of a shitty band. And pure Aussie and Kiwi.” He introduced, biting his lip in slight shakiness.

Grinning back, I took his hand and shook it affirmatively. “I’m Y/N Y/L/N, normal girl, not a bit of a fan of you but I might be one after a few dates and free food.” I jokingly said in which he chuckled and grinned. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it again. He looked at me adoringly, his hands slowly wrapping around my waist.

“Well, Y/N, I think we need to find out if we truly are the soul mates, and hoping, maybe to be the best one after my other band mates have theirs.” He half-joked. I nodded at him, giggling like a school girl. He pulled me closer to his body and leaned his head closely to mine. He looked at me reassuringly, in which I nodded solemnly and closed the gap. I clasped my lips with his. Our bodies on fire and our souls a little bit lifted up with a purer spirit.

Our lips moved perfectly, his lips unavailingly soft and warm as of mine were chapped and cold. I took hold of his cheek, maintaining the right amount of distance and a bit of affectionate care. Running out of air, we both pulled away. We smiled like idiots and intertwined our fingers. A few seconds of peace, he spoke in spiteful rush.

“Well, we really need to start our future earlier than I thought.”

Wonderful Life [Fanfiction]

Summary: Life - this mysterious string of coincidences and cosmic miscalculations. Sometimes they bring people together. Sometimes, perhaps, they don’t. AU.

Author’s note: It’s been forever since I actually wrote a fic in one go, but here we go.

Wonderful Life

The universe and everything in it is simply an outcome of a string of chances. Therefore, when one day an Arthur Kirkland walks down the street, stumbles upon a gorgeous bouquet of roses lying on the pavement, picks it up and gets shot, well, it’s a simple cosmic miscalculation, never meant to happen, but irreversible nonetheless in all its insignificance.

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updated feysand fic

“Feyre, were you listening? Now, Ianthe has arranged for the wedding dress to be altered as you seem to have gained some weight while under that bat’s curse.” Tamlin was pacing the vast ballroom as his servants dressed the walls with garlands of spring flowers. The wedding was to continue, but this time inside, within Tamlin’s protection wards doubled so that no-one could possibly interrupt it a second time around.

“Okay Tam,” I responded. My mind was far away, however, in a particular dream city. Velaris, the court of dreams. The one place that I felt completely at ease. But I could not go back, not until my mission was completed. I owed that to Rhys and the others. I played with the frills on the edge of the lounge I was on.

Rhys, I’m bored.

I know Feyre darling. There is only so much fun a person can have when they are re-planning their wedding.

Shut up. I hated this idea and you knew that but agreed anyway. I was all up for killing him in his sleep, but no, you wanted my to be sneaky.

Sorry, I just hate the fact that you are going to be married to him as well. I also find it very attractive when you’re sneaky.

I know you do, Rhys. At least this will make him trust me again so he can share his plans with me.

“Feyre, you’ve got to start paying attention. Now, we have to make sure that the protection on the house can last long enough for the ceremony. This time I won’t have any disruptions.”

He is going on and on and on. I might just kill him now before he bores me to death.

Feyre. Later.

“Lucien, what is bothering you? You have been on edge ever since Feyre came back to us.” I looked at Lucien sitting on a chair opposite me, who was indeed looking as if he might snap at any second. His golden eye glared at me.

“Nothing, Tamlin,” he said through gritted teeth. “I just need some air. Feyre, can you join me? I need to talk to you about some things. With Elain?”

Right. Elain was his mate, but there was no way in hell that he would want to talk to me about her. “Sure.” I got up from the lounge, eyeing Tamlin for any hints as to what was really the matter with Lucien, but he just went back to pacing. Typical Tamlin, not giving a shit.

Lucien lead the way out into the expansive garden. Even though I hated being here, I loved the garden. Full of roses and peonies, all blooming no matter the weather and massive trees that swayed in the soft breeze. It was beautiful here, apart from the monster that ruled over it all.

This should be interesting, Feyre. Remember, don’t waste all of your energy into angering Lucien up.

Pssh. As if…

“What’s up, Lucien?” I say with a sneaky grin.

“Don’t play all nice now, I know what you’re up to. Toying with Tamlin. He may be dumb, but I’m not. The only reason why I haven’t told him that you’re not actually in love with him is because I actually need your help with seeing Elain.” Lucien put his hands in his pockets, his ginger hair glittering in the Spring sunlight.

Bargain with him. Get you out and bring Elain to him. Or both come to Velaris seeing as Elain and Nesta are staying here.

Maybe, I need to see if he really cares about Elain before I am letting him anywhere near her.

Alrighty. What do you need help with?”

“As soon as I saw her come out of that bath, I knew she was my mate. She is the most beautiful person I have ever seen. I need to see her again.”

What do you know? Knew he was going to ask.

“I need to know that you truly care for her and that you won’t corrupt her. She may be older than me but she is much more fragile.”

“I know. I can feel that.”

“Good. So you also know me and how protective I am.”We were walking down the path that leads to the most beautiful part of the garden, the roses. Every color you could imagine, blue, red, white and black. It was a sight worthy of the Night Court. I stopped to pick up a black one, whose velvet petals reminded me of Rhys’s wings.

“I know that you’re only here just to gain information for Rhysand, but you could say a little more attention to what your ‘fiancé’ is trying to get you to do.”

I walked deeper into the rose garden, while Lucien stayed at the edge. “But, he’s so boring. I never noticed before, but now that I can see”, gesturing my fae eyes, “I can see the truth that he hides. He is a child, and if he doesn’t get his way, then everything goes to shit. You know that, yet you feel obliged to stay and serve him.”

“It’s not like that. He saved me, and I am in his debt. I don’t feel like I can just leave at the drop of a hat.”

“Would you leave for Elain? If she asked you to leave Tamlin, would you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well then, I don’t know if I can take you to see her if she even wanted to see you. She has no idea who you are and she has just been turned fae. She’s petrified.”

I stare at the black rose in my pale hands. Such a contrast of color, it would be easy to paint it.  

“I propose a deal. You get us both out of this darned Court and we will go away and be with the people we were meant to be with. That way we can both be happy and leave Tamlin to sulk.”

“I’ll think about it Feyre, you are asking me to leave everything Tamlin has ever given me. If I go, we will be committing treason in his eyes, he would go to the ends of the earth to get you again.”

“What, like it’s a bad thing to leave Tamlin? He is manipulative and over-protective. I forgave you for not doing anything while I was his prisoner, but I will never forgive him. I was wasting away and nobody noticed, except Rhysand. He freed me from this hellhole.”

“I saw, I just didn’t know how to help you without getting in Tamlin’s way. He warned me about getting too close to you, so I distanced.”

“Well, maybe if you had stood up to the tool, we wouldn’t be in such a pickle right now, with both of our mates too far away and there isn’t anything we can do yet.”

“Yet? What are you talking about?”

Careful, Feyre.

Don’t you have some business to tend to, including doing something in order to break that damned Cauldron?

There is only so much you I can do a day, darling. Besides, watching you make Lucien squirm is entertaining.

You have your secrets and I have mine. Now, let’s get out of this cursed garden before I vomit over its beauty.”

“You’ve changed, Feyre.”

Anger suddenly filled my head, how dare he tell me that I’ve changed, when he didn’t do anything to help against this change. I wouldn’t change it for the world, I would go through the pain all again just to get back to Rhys, but it doesn’t justify what Lucien did or didn’t do to stop me from breaking.

“Yeah, I’m happy, but I guess you wouldn’t know what that certain emotion looks like on a woman’s face.”

I stormed off once again towards my rose prison, leaving his mouth hanging open like a stunned mullet.

The Curse of the Boyfriend Sweater

“Consumption of troll liver is linked to a number of rare, incurable, and fatal diseases which infect and afflict the think pan and smooth muscle tissue, leading to slow, agonizing death.”

The tape measure wraps around a gray bicep, then slips away to hug Karkat’s chest.

“Cool story.”

“Prolapsed waste chutes and internal bleeding are not uncommon, although you’re more likely to die from heart failure or an aneurysm after a short bout of complete memory loss and insanity.”

“So a Prion disease.” The waist, now. My hands linger. “Humans get those from eating brains, but the liver is considered a delicacy by the more refined cannibals.”

“That’s why I’m warning you.”

“I’m not going to eat you, Karkat. That’s some Silence of the Lambs shit. I hated that movie.”

“I know.”

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alternate universe (rose garden)

day four | alternate universe. karen owns a tattoo parlor and frank recently inherited his grandmother’s flower shop.

Frank stares at the amount of flowers sitting in his Grandmothers flower shop, a scowl written on his face. They aren’t flowers from the shop, they were from the funeral.

“You’d think people would think of something far more creative than flowers to send to a flower shop owners funeral.” A gentle voice lifts Frank’s head up and he’s looking at a blonde woman. There’s a small smile on her face, a bit sad and a bit welcoming.

“My thoughts exactly.” Frank says. The blonde stops at one of the flowers and picks up the card, reading over what it says. “Who are you?”

“I’m Karen, I own the place next door.”

“Nail salon?”

“Tattoo parlor.”

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Devenford Prep part 3

Devenford Prep Part 1

Devenford Prep Part 2


Hey guys! It’s a short update, but I hope you enjoy it! It’s short because I didn’t want to get into the other parts until the next update which I might go ahead and finish now. I just wanted to get something up!

You look back at Brett in questioning, why on earth would Brett ever care that you might go and sit on the Beacon Hills side and cheer on Liam? Why would he ever call you babe? A confused frown formed on your face as you looked back at the field where Liam was now chatting with Erika. Shaking your head you continue over to Liam. Of course you wouldn’t sit on the Beacon Hills side of the field, but there was no problem with speaking to Liam in general. And why did it matter that it might be a problem? You look back at Brett and your frown falls flat, he was looking conflicted on whether he himself should approach Liam too.

“Hey Liam!” You shout back toward your two friends as you jog over toward them. “How are things going here are Beacon Hills?”

“Things are going okay,” He nods smiling at you. “People at Beacon Hills are very strange, but nice.”

“That’s good, I guess,” You furrow your brows and look down grabbing the pendant resting against your chest. “Strange how?”

“It’s nothing,” Liam brushes that thought off. “I’m surprised to see you at an away game, but really at a game in general.”

“Oh she is here for a couple of reasons,” Erika commented nudging you on the shoulder. “She’s here to see you and to look for someone else. Someone wants her to be here.”

“Wait what?” Liam laughs then looks at you funnily. 

“Erika!” You snap dropping the pendant back to your chest. “It’s nothing, but I did want to see you, I was curious about how things were going for you.”

“Just making a few friends here and there and trying to stay out of trouble.”

“Yeah she has been receiving anonymous text messages and gifts from this secret admirer, he gave her that necklace that she’s wearing right now!”

“Erika can we not with this right now.”

“Can I see the necklace?” Liam asks.

Quickly you pull at the pendant around your neck and Liam gives it a good look.

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anonymous asked:

If someone were to write a demonstuck fic, what would be somethings that one would need to put in the fic?

it would depend on how deep you want it to be, like if you just wanted little one shots or a whole novel lmfao. i have the whole story in my head im just not in a writing mood lately? but if someone felt like writing a fic of it, there’s generally just a few things to follow event wise. 

the plan i have for it is under the read more if you dont want spoilers!

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this whole thing is from a head-canon prompted from this post by @couldnt-think-of-a-funny-name. most of the dialogue, and the whole plot is from there, not from me. i just wrote it into a one-shot 😊


Farkle’s walking into school when it happens.

They’re in the middle of their freshman year, and he slept in. If the doesn’t hurry up, he’ll be late to Math class. If it were any other class, he’d be fine, but Math? Mrs. Williams teaches Math, and that woman hates him. Hates everyone, actually. So, he runs around the house for ten minutes, being too rushed to even think about breakfast, and texts his friends in a group-chat that he might be late.

He rushes to school, his phone buzzing a couple times, letting him know someone texted him, but he doesn’t even acknowledge it, his only focus being getting to school on time.

He bursts inside the building, panting, being met with a few quick stares. He only looks up when he sees a pair of shoes in front of him. Riley’s looking at him, an amused smile on her face as she hands him a cup of coffee. “Have you even checked your phone?” She asks, giggling slightly at his confused face.

“Wait, I’m not late?” He asks, frowning as he looks around, seeing everyone still mingling in the halls.

“Farkle, your phone.” Riley repeats. He can see Maya and Lucas in the corner chuckling as they look at them, Zay and Smackle walking towards the blondes. He obliges, taking his phone out of his pocket quickly, his eyes widening as he sees the time. 7:45. He’s actually ten minutes early. He hears Riley laugh at him, before she pushes the steaming cup of coffee into his hands.

“My alarm must have gone crazy for some reason…” He mutters as he takes a sip, trying to rationalize why his alarm read 7:35 am when he got up, though it was actually only 7:05. He doesn’t notice the slightly nervous look on Riley’s face before he talks, or the slight sigh of relief she takes when she hears his words. Little does he know, she knocked over the clock on his bedside table last night, when she took the shirt off of one of his four TV screens, the alarm clock having unplugged itself. She plugged it back before she left, but it was already delayed.

“Probably.” She says. “Finish up your coffee, bell’s almost ringing.” She tells him, making him nod.

As they walk to class, he notices the jacket she’s wearing. He lent it to her a few days ago, and she still hasn’t returned it. When he asked for it yesterday at her house, she just gave him a look. “Farkle Minkus, if you think you are ever getting this jacket back, you are sorely mistaken.” She said, glaring up at him on her purple bed, as he stood next to her, having just walked inside through the window. He laughed as he threw himself down on her bed, both of them chatting for a while before they actually studied.

“You’re still wearing my jacket, I see.” He says, a small smirk on his face as he looks at her. She rolls her eyes and pushes him into the classroom right as the bell rings. His smirk falls as she takes off the jacket mid class, setting it on the back of her chair. She’s wearing a grey shirt, the NASA logo on the front of it partially covered by her dark hair. She had cut it during the summer, but it grew back already.

But the NASA shirt is his. For a second he thinks that maybe she just got a shirt like that too. She’s a space nerd too, why wouldn’t she? But then he notices that it’s about three sizes too big for her. He shakes his head, having an inner battle with himself, trying to figure out if it really is his shirt for the rest of the class.

Only when she gets up, does he notices the small blue streak right where it hits on her hip. The one he got there when he was in class last week. He forgot to put the shirt in the wash, and there it is. It’s his shirt, he’s sure of it. So, he walks up to her in the hallway.

He grabs her gently by the arm, pulling her away from their friends, meeting her confused gaze. “Are you wearing my shirt?” He asks, cutting straight to the chase. The question had been eating away at the back of his brain for the past twenty minutes, so he didn’t want to waste any time.

Her eyes widen and she frowns. “What? No. I got this last week in Demolition.” She explains immediately, but the tiny grin she’s fighting off tells him she’s hiding something.

“Really? You just happened to buy the same shirt I own, in my exact size but for yourself?” He asks, a smile clawing at his face as he looks at the now shorter brunette. Even though she’s lying straight to his face, she still looks adorable.

“Yup.” She says, an expression he could only describe as a shit-eating grin on her face as she looks at him one last time, before she turns on her heels, her hair spinning around her as she walks away from him and back toward Maya, who he can see starts laughing as they talk. He only rolls his eyes as Zay whispers to him, asking whether or not the shirt she’s wearing is his.

He rushes to school the next morning too, but not because he’s late. Because three other of his shirts are now missing from his room, orange roses having been placed on the ground in their place.

“How did you even get in my house?” He questions her, now noticing her lips curving downward as she tries to fight of her giggles.

"I have no idea what you mean, Farkle. I just bought some new shirts for myself. I’m a teenage girl, we experiment with style a lot!” She says, and the next sound that fills his ears is Maya’s laughter at their exchange.  

“Riley, I wore that shirt yesterday.” He says, pointing at the ‘The Who’ band tee she’s wearing, and she just sends the same grin from yesterday his way, before turning to Smackle and mentioning their English homework.

That night, he double checks to see if all entrances into his house are locked, and whether or not the security system is set before he goes to bed, but still, when he awakes the next morning, five more of his shirts are missing, along with the ninja costume he wore last Halloween. Again, orange roses lay in their place.

When he get’s to school in the morning, Riley’s again wearing one of his shirts, it has a math pun on it, but he dismisses it completely, just going up to her and talking. He feels like he’s going crazy. How the hell is she managing to sneak into his room every night? He personally made sure everything was locked, how are he shirts gone? What’s with the roses?

“Honestly, woman, why are you doing this to me?” He asks, sighing.

“No idea what you’re talking about, Farkle.” She says, but still the grin is there, and she laughs as he groans, hitting his head lightly on his locker.


It’s been a couple of months. Riley’s evolved from stealing just shirts. She’s gone on to jeans, and even a pair of shoes too. It only happens once a week, twice tops. And it’s never on the same day of the week, so even if he tries to stay up to catch her, which he has, multiple times, she doesn’t go by.

He’s stopped snapping at her or even just asking, having just accepted the fact that she’s always just gonna steal his clothes, but he can’t contain himself when he sees her walk into school, covered head to toe in his clothes.

“You have no proof I stole anything.” She says as he marches up to her, already telling what he’s gonna say by the look on his face.

“RILEY, YOUR ENTIRE OUTFIT USED TO BELONG TO ME!” He yells. He hears Maya and Zay snickering, but he ignores them, because it’s true.

She’s wearing the first jacket she took, his blue 'Newsies’ shirt, a pair of his black jeans, and even his red sneakers, along with a black beanie. A black, tight belt holds the look together, the shirt being tucked into the too big jeans. “I’m like four shoe sizes bigger than you! How are you not walking out of them?” He points at her- well, his shoes.

“Farkle Minkus, for the last time, you have absolutely no proof these are yours! However, theoretically, if someone was very determined it probably wouldn’t be that hard to stuff them to fill the extra space…” She says, smiling at him, before literally running down the hall away from him.


“Two can play this game.” He mutters to himself as he paces around in his room, before he slips on his shoes and a jacket, locking his bedroom door behind him so his parents don’t walk in, the key in his pocket, and sneaks out of his house.

He jogs all the way to her apartment, stopping by a 24/7 convenience store and getting a bouquet of orange roses, climbing up the fire escape like he usually would, his breath coming out in white puffs of air, even though it’s mid May. He plans on sneakily looking through her room and getting his clothes back, maybe considering stealing some of her clothes. He’s whispering to himself that he can do this, that nothing can stop him as he opens the window. But turns out, he’s not unstoppable, because he trips as he walks out the Bay Window.

He’s done this almost everyday since he was five, how the hell did he trip? He asks himself as he buries his face on Riley’s carpet as he hears her laughing.

“Oh my God, Farkle, what are you doing here are? Are you okay?” He hears her ask, through her giggles.

“Leave me here to die.” He mutters, feeling his cheeks flame up due to his embarrassment. He hears the bed shift and footsteps near him, before he see her grab the bouquet off of the ground.

With a heavy sigh, he stands up and starts brushing himself off. He turns around, confused, to see what he tripped on, and squints slightly, before he sees the trip wire at her window. She was anticipating his break in, she was a step a head of him. He turns to look at her, stuttering random words in shock, not managing to accomplish a whole sentence before she just smirks.

“You’re really gonna have to try harder than that.” She says, before she pushes him out of the window. His eyes are still wide as his body hits the fire escape, butt first, and she sarcastically waves at him before going back to bed.

In almost a decade of friendship, Farkle Minkus has never seen Riley Matthews smirk like that, and, though he hates to admit it, he found it pretty hot.

As he shamefully walks back to his house, questions race through his head. His dad is a billionaire, and has a seemingly impenetrable security system. Besides, they live in a skyscraper, she can’t exactly climb up the window. If one 15 year old girl can break into his house anyone can.

He doesn’t ask his dad, because he both doesn’t want to worry him and he doesn’t want to explain that he snuck out at 2 in the morning because the girl his parents think he’s dating, though he’s denied it many times, has been sneaking into his room every week for the past six months. But if he had asked his dad, he would’ve been informed that Stuart provided both Maya and Riley with keys and the code to security system in case of an emergency.


The following week, Lucas comes up to him when Riley’s, again, wearing an outfit that used to fully belong to Farkle.

“Does Riley seem different to you? Something feels a little off about her.” For a second, Farkle worries something bad has happened. Maybe her bully came back, or her parents fought or something, before Lucas sees the worried look on his face and provides him the extremely needed context. “Like, has she been dressing differently lately? Or maybe she cut her hair again?”

“Lucas, she’s been wearing nothing but my clothes for the past six months!” He whisper-yells, Lucas’ face lighting up in realization as he nods. “How the hell are you just noticing?!”

He explains the whole situation to his friend, having to stop so he can laugh at the whole 'trip wire at 2 a.m’ incident, and Lucas agrees to talk to her. First Farkle is hesitant, but Lucas assures him he’ll be subtle.

Lucas waits until they’re leaving school, because he know Maya got detention for a paint bomb and Riley will be walking home alone. He offers her a ride and they talk all the way to his car. “I’ve been meaning to ask you about your new wardrobe, lately.” He says, 'casually’ leaning against his car door.

Her smile disappears, and a glare etches its way onto her face. “Did Farkle put you up to this? I’m not admitting anything.” She says, getting inside the car.

Lucas shakes his head as he starts driving, and continues talking as they pull out of the school’s parking lot. “He just wants to know how you’re breaking his security code, Riley. I’m sure Mr. Minkus would be pissed if he found out about this.” He says, though he knows that argument is bullshit.

She scoffs, running her hands through her hair. “Please, if I was breaking into their house by finding a bug in the security system, Mr. Minkus would congratulate me and buy me a personal bunny farm out of pride.” Riley says, Lucas stopping for a second before nodding in agreement.

“…That’s probably true.” He says, making her chuckle. “Okay, but why do you keep stealing Farkle’s clothes? I won’t tell him, I’m just curious!” He assures her.

She hesitates slightly, before answering. “Are you honestly trying to tell me that this outfit doesn’t look better on me?” She keeps her eyes on the passing streets outside, not noticing Lucas looking her up and down, before shrugging.

“Fair point.” He mutters, before turning his eyes to the road again.

She laughs, but it’s true. Somehow, she pulls it off. She’s wearing a black shirt with a galaxy stripe on it, it being tucked into her jeans, that look high waisted, though they’re not supposed to. She tucked the remainder of the jeans into Farkle’s black boots, the first jean jacket tied around her waist. It’s completely weird to see floral sundress wearing Riley in such dark clothes, but she still looks amazing, and everyone around her can tell.


The next moth, Farkle’s cramming at 4 in the morning for AP and honors courses he’s taking, since finals are approaching. He stopped looking at the clock when it hit 2:30, and is on his second cup of coffee. He’s struggling to knock out an English paper that is worth 90% of his final grade, when suddenly his door opens up, and in slinks Riley Matthews, orange rose bouquet in one hand. The situation would be weird enough on its own, if it weren’t for the fact that she’s dressed in his ninja Halloween costume.

She jumps when she sees him awake, clearly expecting him to be fast asleep. They just stare at each other for a long moment. He’s sure they’ve been frozen, looking at each other for ten minutes now, when she casually says.

“So, do you think you could help me with my thesis for that English paper?” As the words leave her mouth, Farkle loses it. He falls out of his chair from laughing too hard, and she quickly joins him, because, even though she started the whole thing, she has to admit it’s a ridiculous situation.

They laugh until their stomachs hurt, and wind up laying on the floor, staring at the planetarium ceiling. Farkle can’t even bring himself to ask her for an explanation, because every time he opens his mouth he starts laughing again. He eventually falls asleep to the sound of her giggling.

When he wakes up, she’s gone, and he almost wonders if he dreamt the whole thing. But, there’s a flower crown made out of orange roses placed around his head. He sports the biggest grin on his face when he wears it to school, his smile only widening when Riley innocently asks where he got it from, acting like the previous night didn’t happen.

And he realizes something as she plays with the flower crown, her arms around his neck as she adjusts it on his head. He’s in love with a madwoman.

Luke Hemmings + Roses = Love

“I had been dating this guy for about 2 ½ years; I had no doubt that I loved him. My whole life revolved around him. Every time he touched me, I got butterflies in my stomach, identical to the ones I got when we first started dating. There was something in the way he looked, the gaze he gave to me when we eat dinner together, they way his hand fit perfectly on every inch of my body; everything connected in the most beautiful way. However, it wasn’t always the perfect love story. 7 months ago, I was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. It was the most heartbreaking moment that I’ve ever encountered, time had seems to slow down for what seemed like an eternity as the words flowed like Niagra Falls from the doctors mouth. Every word was like the waves on the beach as they crashed hard along the sand, and the breath between every word was like the wind mixed with the sand under my feet hitting hard like bricks at my body. All the air was gone from my chest as the salty tears flowed down my cheeks.

The ride home was torture because I knew you had to come home and deliever the news to Luke, but I were scared he would look at me differently, touch me differently, talk to me differently.

The drive was extremely short, I blinked and I was pulling into the driveway. I blinked again and I was in the living room enjoying the warm embrace of the man I loved. “Luke? We have to talk. Please sit down…”


“…no Luke, just please. I have something to say, and your really not going to like it. No, I’m not breaking up with you, nor and I’m moving out so please be a little more realxed,” his shoulders dropped and he leaned back more into the couch cushion. As I was trying to think of how I wanted to word my following sentences, I began to tear up, and Luke became tense once again, “Luke… I don’t even know what to say, or how to say this,” he was staring attentively and I could feel his eyes trying to understand without me telling but he couldn’t; too many outcomes to rule out just one, “Baby…. Luke….,” here goes nothing, “I have lung cancer.”

Silence flowed through the room. No one dare say a word, and I could tell by the look on his face, he was trying to figure out what to say. He opened his mouth but then closed it right away. The anticipation was giving you a panic attack so I went to my bedroom and watched TV.

That night the silence remained, Luke slept on the couch that night, and left for work early in the morning. The doorbell rung about noon and I opened the door to reveal a middle-aged man holding a single rose. “Are you Y/N,” he asks as he holds out the rose, “Yes sir,” I responded as I took the rose delicately from his hand. He walked away and I shut the door and walked to the kitchen to put the rose in the vase.

This happened, exactly the same time, day, after day, after day, non-stop. No one ever questioned them”

Baby, this is our love story. When you read this, I will be far gone. I want to thank you for being there for me in my time of need, for putting up with me, even if it was something petty, for believing in me when no one else did. I love you so much. Please don’t waste too many tears on me, there was nothing you could have done to save me. Please don’t waste too many hours dwelling on the past. I will forever and always love you. I know one day you’ll make some other girl as happy as I was, please don’t let me hold you back. I want to look down at you and see you with all your grandchildren. I want you to have a bright future and bring lots and joy and happiness to people all around the world. Promise?

P.S. I know you’re the one that sent all those flowers. Please bury me with them so I can hold them forever.

A/N: Hey babes! Did you like? I hope you did, I have been thinking of this idea for a really long time. Hopefully, there will be a new story soon so keep an eye out for it, I love you <3

Weiss Schnee’s Guide On How To Deal With A Vampire Roommate Chapter 13

uhh i have no explanations


Summary: I’m sorry, i don’t know how to balance romance and action XD

Chapter List ~<3

Chapter 13: Hoe don’t do it.

Waking up the following morning to Ruby'scheerful “Gooood morning, Weiss!”, the werewolf in question sits upand there’s a mug of coffee shoved under her nose. She blinks and narrows hereyes against the bright, dazzling light of Ruby’s smile and general charisma.

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A Piece of Gold (1/?) NinexRose, Growing-Up Together AU

A/N: So the lovely kilodalton has been waiting for more than a year for a story from me. This is that story. It’s no the original one we discussed, but rather something that jaxin88 helped me brainstorm after getting immensely frustrated with myself that no matter how hard I held a staring contest with my computer, no matter how many freewrites I did to jog my memory, I couldn’t manage to get down this story for you. I feel so bad! 

 I hope you like it. I’m sorry it took so long - it’ll definitely be more than one part, so hopefully that’ll make up for the wait. 


The day he quits school is the day he meets Rose Tyler.

Plagiarisim, they’d said. No bloody way a seventeen year old could be that smart, they’d said. Well, they could shove their no bloody way where the sun didn’t shine, for all he cared.

John leapt on his bike and rode, not paying attention much to direction; not paying too much attention to anything else beyond that. It was riding, even on good days, that kept him sane, that kept him going, that pushed him just a little bit further beyond the specter of a burning house, just three blocks away, and all the people in it he hadn’t been able to save.

John lives with foster parents these days. The latest set are Eric and Pat, and they’re all right, as foster folks go. Don’t give him much trouble as long as he don’t give them reason. Fewd him proper when he shows up for dinner and don’t ask questions when he doesn’t. 

That’s just how he likes it.

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I won’t Fall for you...

The lore dump of Episode 6 made the world of Remnant somewhat more complicated: now we have magic, in addition to Aura and Semblance, which seems to work mystically rather than in a way that can be explained by science (at least as implied by Atlas’s research into how Aura and Semblance work).

However, what we’ve learned about the magic of the Maidens does give context to something unexpected: the song “Sacrifice,” which played during the credits last season.

To spoil my speculation so that I can put the analysis beneath a cut:

I think the song “Sacrifice” is Raven Branwen’s refusal to become Fall Maiden, as well as her harsh criticism of the members of the Inner Circle, and a threat to go public with what she knew about them and what they were using the Maidens for.

The consequences of this act of rebellion were that Raven was forced into hiding and didn’t see Yang again for much longer than planned; and that the powers of Fall went to a random girl, Amber, who was attacked by Cinder before the Inner Circle could find or adequately protect her.

And now it seems that the Inner Circle is making extra sure that Pyrrha’s with them before giving her the full knowledge of the myth she’ll soon be playing an active role in…and that makes me a bit worried.


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Damon And Elena: Rising From The Ashes

Elijah: “He’d die before he’d let anything happen to her, they both would.” 2x10

‘The Sacrifice’ is when the rift between Damon and Elena was silently patched up. 

Delena’s journey in season two is about the progression from hate to love. While Damon shifted dramatically on his own individual road in this respect just recently, Elena experienced her own personal shift in this episode. 

They weren’t entirely aware of it, but the circumstances of these forty minutes brought them crashing back together in a typically spectacular and passionate fashion. 

So let’s take it from the top. 

Elena: “What about Klaus?”

Stefan: “We’ll find him right after we get the moonstone.”

Elena: “Is that before or after he kills everyone that I care about, including the two of you?”

Until now, Elena has spent this season verbally denying even an ounce of affection for Damon. While her actions spoke otherwise, she claimed to have written him off, which should imply that she doesn’t care anymore. Or at least, not like she used too.

In this scene she finally dropped that pretense and reopened the door for Damon. In front of Stefan.

“Is that before or after he kills everyone that I care about, including the two of you?”

She concludes this question by gesturing toward Damon. And holding his gaze much longer than strictly necessary.

That look they share lasts no more than four seconds, but it changes everything. Again. 

It’s in his face. He recognizes the beginnings of her forgiveness when she doesn’t think twice about including him in her list of people she’s afraid to lose. 

And she silently confirms he’s reading her intentions correctly when she maintains that eye contact. She doesn’t blink or glance away. She looks unflinchingly into his face and allows him to see the olive branch she’s just proffered to him. 

Damon: “Not a good time Rose.”

Rose: “Don’t be angry with me.”

Damon: “Why, what’d you do.”

Rose: “You need to get to Richmond immediately.”

Damon: “Tell me.”

This is extraordinarily telling. 

Not just because Rose seems to understand that Damon is better equipped to handle Elena’s current gesture of selfless insanity. But because it sets a precedent for the remainder of this series. 

Damon is always the one that everyone calls first when Elena is in danger. And there will come a time when Elena herself will turn to him first in crisis. 

Rose was simply the one to kick start the habit. 

Elena, being the remarkably selfless girl that she is, chose to sacrifice herself to Klaus (or attempt to) to spare the lives of her loved ones. 

And Rose didn’t hesitate to call in the one person who would never let her get away with it. She knows as we do that Damon will go further than anyone else to secure Elena’s safety. Even if it means risking her wrath all over again. 

I’ve taken to looking at season two as the writers’ method of distinguishing how each Salvatore brother loves Elena. Damon and Stefan’s feelings for her are different in almost every conceivable way. And this season shows just how much disparity there really is.

But more than anything, it shows which brother loves her more. 

This episode is one where both brothers do something out of the box in the name of their love for Elena. Stefan winds up locked in the tomb with Katherine because he saves Jeremy. Damon was seconds away from being ripped apart by an original to keep Elena from Klaus. 

The difference? Elena isn’t with Damon, nor does she know how he feels about her. Yet he doesn’t hesitate to put his life on the line for her. With a look on his face that says he’d fight to the death to protect her from any threat. 

Damon: “Come on, we’re leaving.”

Elena: “No.”

Damon: “I said we’re leaving.”

Elena: “I’m not going with you.”

Damon: “You do not get to make decisions anymore.”

Elena: “When have I ever made a decision? You and Stefan do that for me. Now this, this is my decision.”

Damon: “Whose gonna save your life while you’re out making decisions?”

Elena: “You’re not listening to me Damon, I don’t want to be saved. Not if it means that Klaus is gonna kill every single person that I love.”

Damon: “Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself.”

Elena: “No.”

Damon: “Don’t ever do that again.”

This scene gives me chills.

They’ve had scant interaction recently for a multitude of reasons. So not surprisingly, the first scene they share after their silent truce earlier in the episode is riddled with passion and sexual tension.

In what is yet another example of how Damon’s love for Elena is different, he doesn’t even consider trying to persuade her to change her mind and leave with him. He just demands that she do it and if not, he’ll force her out the door. 

This could seem disconcerting given Damon’s history of trying to force people to do things his way. But this time, his actions are coming from a place of love. He’s trying to save her from her own folly, even if he has to fight her to accomplish it. 

Which is what I find interesting about this exchange. It’s a fight, like many of their early conversations in the series. But it’s a fight where Elena is the one in the wrong, even though she doesn’t believe she is. 

Even more interesting is the way the dynamic has subtly changed between them on the other side of Damon’s secret love confession and Elena’s silent gesture of forgiveness. 

Because before now, a fight like this would not have played out in this manner. Yes, she’s slapped him before in the heat of the moment and yes he’s pulled the menacing, impulsive vampire card when she does. 

But this isn’t like those other times. Something is simmering between them that wasn’t there before. More than passion or tension or barely concealed anger. 

The air between them is crackling with the fires of hidden affection. 

Elena says so herself, indirect as it was. 

“Not if it means that Klaus is gonna kill every single person that I love.”

For the second time in the span of the same episode, Elena holds Damon’s gaze when she makes these grand declarations of protecting the ones she cares for. 

The difference here is it’s just the two of them in this room and in this conversation. And she doesn’t stop at simply caring. She goes for the gold and lets him know that she’s doing this to save her loved ones. 

And that he is one of them.

She’s done nothing for episodes on end but claim to hate him and want nothing to do with him. She’s put up constant walls between them both emotionally and otherwise. 

But she shot it all to hell by looking him directly in the eye when she says the word love. 

And again he recognizes her indirectness for what it is. 

Which only serves to infuriate him further. 

Because if she DOES, in fact, think of him as a loved one then he’s going to fight that much harder to ensure she stays alive. He absolutely will not let her give herself up, not just because he loves her and needs her, but because despite his recent errors in judgment and his dark past, she still has it in her heart to love him.

And he’s not about to let that go without a hell of a fight. 

Damon: “I killed you. You were dead.”

Elijah: “For centuries now.”

When Elijah shows up in all his badass, heart ripping, suit wearing glory and kills the vampires that were there to take Elena to Klaus, Damon wastes no time in stepping in front of Elena and gearing up for a fight he knows will get him killed.

And you can see on his face he doesn’t give two shits if he does die so long as Elena is safe.

Which makes me wonder yet again why people question his feelings for her. 

Because he spends every second of season two looking out for her and loving her from afar and accepting whatever relationship she’s willing to give, all while protecting her from everything under the sun and turning over every rock to find a way to spare her from the sacrifice.

In fact, Damon puts in more effort to save Elena from Klaus then Stefan does. Beginning with the previous episode and continuing until the night of the sacrifice, Damon is the one that is constantly searching for an escape route for the girl he loves. 

Something even Elijah picks up on immediately. 

Elijah: “I did have a little run in with one of the brothers that killed me.”

Jonas: “I assume he didn’t live to tell about it.”

Elijah: “Actually I spared him. He’d die before he’d let anything happen to her, they both would. She’ll be kept safe.”

He saw in Damon’s face exactly what we did. 

The undying love. Love that only allows Damon to orient his life and sanity around Elena and her safety, regardless of the personal cost.

Elijah knows she’s everything to Damon. And at this early juncture, that is of the utmost importance.

He’s a periphery character at the moment. A potential bad guy and threat whose just come to town, much like Katherine, or even Rose. 

And much like both of them, he can see the truth of Damon’s feelings. And what Damon will do because of those feelings. 

“Thank you for bringing me home.”

“Well your ride left you, I didn’t want to leave you stranded.” 

“She was just scared, she didn’t mean to run.”

“Yes she did. She’s been running for 500 years.”

“I can’t believe Elijah’s alive. Why do you think he killed those two vampires and just.. Let us go.”

“If I had a dollar for every time some evil vampire surprised me. What you did today was incredibly stupid.”

“Actually the only thing that was stupid was that I got caught. I don’t question why you and Stefan and everyone else tries so hard to save me. You shouldn’t question why I would try to save all of you. Damon, good night, okay.”

This is crucial.

They haven’t shared a porch scene since 2x03, since Elena told Damon he had lost her forever and they would never be friends again.

And now she’s eating her words not seven episodes later.

Because if anything, the fires of their friendship are burning even hotter now then they were before she tried to break it off with him. 

Never mind the fact that he felt the need to walk her to her door instead of simply dropping her in front of her house, this scene is rife with everything that has been missing between Damon and Elena in recent episodes.

Open and honest discourse. Delena style.

Yet again they manage to have a conversation that involves something serious and life threatening, something meant to inject humor or sarcasm into the tension, and something unconsciously affectionate. 

In other words, their friendship is back and better than ever. And just in time.

Because the remainder of this season is their test, a constant series of obstacles that place endless strain on their rekindled friendship just before it becomes something more. 

And not to be outdone in the way of angst and intensity, their first test comes at the close of the episode.

“Don’t you dare.”

“Stefan’s in there Damon. How could you let this happen?”

“What are you talking about, I was too busy saving you from your crazy kamikaze mission.”

“You didn’t even have to go after the moonstone in the first place.”

“It was the right call Elena.”

“Right call? How is any of this the right call? Damon, let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me. Please.“

"You done?”

Married Delena strikes again. 

As Stefan and Katherine nonchalantly listen from the back of the tomb.

They haven’t argued like this in too long. They couldn’t when things were so shattered between them. That distance kept them from behaving as they naturally do in any and all situations.

Like a team. A partnership. 

But now the rift has been healed. 

The fires of hatred threatened to destroy them at the top of the season. 

The only problem is: fire can’t destroy that which is already forged from fire. 

Rather than wrecking the delicate bond they had formed in season one, the blazes of rage and pain made them something even stronger, turning their natural flames into the beginnings of a wildfire.

Damon and Elena can’t be conquered by the likes of emotional distance and vicious fury. No matter what tries to tear them apart and burn them to ruins, they will always come back together, more powerful than before.

They will always rise from the ashes. Because fire cannot kill the dragon.

Ten/Rose AU: Triboelectric {2/10}

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Genre: Alternate Universe
Rating: Teen.
Summary: “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.”
― C.G. Jung

One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten / AO3.

Chapter Two: Contact Electrification

It was a bit ridiculous, at the ripe age of twenty-three, to have gotten herself separated from her father and become lost in a silly old Museum, but here she was. The smiling private tour guide had said, “If you’ll come this way, Mr. Tyler, Miss Tyler,” and Rose had had every intention to follow, but a pregnant woman with two small children standing close by had suddenly come over faint. Noticing her sudden pallor, Rose had hurried over to steady her.

Now she was wandering about the place, trying to spot a slightly balding (“It’s distinguished, Dad, it means you’re confident in yourself, no combovers or silly toupees needed”) ginger tycoon in an Arsenal jacket, Pete’s idea of casual weekend wear. How could they have gone so far in such a short time?

It was supposed to be their father-daughter bonding day, with a little bit of work thrown in because Pete could never really go five daylight hours without checking in with the office. He had ulterior motives in bringing his daughter to the Science Museum - Vitex’s charity foundation, spearheaded by Jackie Tyler and a gaggle of accountants, had recently been courted by a prominent council member for a hefty donation to the Sciences.

Dad wasn’t picking up, even though she’d rung him twice. Reception was terrible inside the building. Rose found one of those YOU ARE HERE maps, stared at it for thirty seconds, felt even more confused as she was totally hopeless with maps, and finally located a Guest Services desk.

Just her luck, no one was manning the station. There was a bell on the counter, an oddly quaint touch, something you’d see in an old shop and not in a cutting edge museum showcasing humanity’s greatest scientific achievements. Rose tentatively pressed it.

A head popped up from behind the counter. “Hi!”

“Holy sh-!” she bit off the curse, aware of a family with children passing behind her. The face that looked back at her broke into a wide, unmitigated smile of recognition.

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RWBY Fantheory #1 : Ruby Rose

A RWBY fantheory under read more.  I wanna start doing a series kind of like “Game Theory” on Youtube, where I come up with some wild theory about RWBY that’s backed up with canonical facts.  

Naturally, I don’t believe any of these to be canonical or something that will ever pop up in the show, but what the hell, it’s just for fun!

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* You and Luke fight and break up part 2*

(http://imperfect-imagines.tumblr.com/post/89983969350/you-and-luke-fight-and-break-up-imagine-i)Part 1

*Bing Bing*

Another text read but not answered, another phone call ignored. You weren’t talking to Luke. It has been 4 days since you’re break up and honestly you were miserable. You couldn’t sleep, you could barely eat. You cried every time his music came on the radio and you had to completely avoid twitter all together. 

*Knock Knock* Sniffling, and wiping your eyes you get up from the comfortable couch and approach the door. You open it and your heart breaks a little. There Calum stands with tissue in his hand, and sympathetic smile on his face. You smile softly back at him. as another tear falls down your cheek. You reach for the tissue box and he steps inside. 

“Oh Come on (Y/N), please don’t cry. Come on I know you guys, you can get through this whatever it is. He has been trying to call you, text you, DM you. Everything why are you avoiding him? Don’t you want to fix it?” Calum carefully says as he leads you over to the couch to sit down.

“Did he send you here to check up on me or something? Probably to make sure (G/F/N) isn’t here to help me ‘cheer up’.” You reply with a soft snarl, as you roll your eyes, wiping your sore nose with a tissue. Calum sighs and leans his head back on the back of the couch.

“Does it matter? He is worried about you and he wants to fix whatever the problem is. I’m tired of hearing him mope around and write sad love songs about you. I’m tired of him pestering every one of us asking if you have contacted any of us.” Calum sighs, and puts his head in his hands.

“Well jeez Cal if I didn’t know any better I would say your going through this break up.” I glare at him, and run a hand through my messy hair.

“You expect me to just accept everything that has happened, accept that nothing is going to change. That he is going to continue acting the way he is towards me and not care. He doesn’t care Cal, he just wants me in his little palm at all times. I mean how stupid was I to think that Luke could actually ever love me. I mean me out of all the people in the world. He could do better cal, everyone knows it. He knows which is why he checks out other girls right in front of me. Oh you didn’t know about that? Yeah how do you think that makes me feel Cal? it makes me feel worthless, like all this love and trust that I have for him just goes to waste because he doesn’t feel the same. Look I really truly appreciate that you came over to check on me, and see if I’m okay and try to talk me into taking him back, but this time its not that easy.” You say angered, and scared and letting your emotions fall from your mouth like word vomit. Cal sits for a moment shocked by your outburst, but then sighs and nods and stands from the couch and walks out the front door after leaving a kiss on your cheek. A stray tear falls from your eyes, as your head takes a place in your hands.

Luke’s P.O.V

I wait patiently by the hotel room door, pacing waiting for Calum to come back. The door opens and I jump up onto my feet and look at him anxiously. By the look on his face, I can see that it’s bad news. I collapse back onto the bed, and settle my head in my hands. Tears stinging my eyes. I feel the bed dip down next to me and a heavy arm placed onto my shoulder.

“I’m sorry Luke, I tried I really did. She is a wreck, she misses you a bunch but she is tired of being treated like she isn’t the only one you’re interested in. And you check out other girls in front of her? What the hell is wrong with you? You’re suppose to make other girls jealous of your girl, not the other way around. I hate to say it, but until you decide that you are going to treat her right, the way she deserves to be treated, you should leave her alone. She doesn’t deserve it Luke. You have caused so much insecurity in her. She’s really hurt.” Calum says softly, trying to break it to me softly, but the tears stream out anyway. Sobs start to take control of my body. I know I didn’t deserve her, the way i treated her was not fair at all. She didn’t deserve that. She deserves to be treated so much better than I had been. I calmed down and wiped my eyes. I can’t go on without her, she is the only one I want. So if it was the last thing I did I was going to win her back.

*Your P.O.V*

Luke has been sending a rose a day for the past 6 days. Each time with a little note attached around its stem with the same words, one month. baffled by this you shook your head, and smelled the rose, roses were your favorite. This morning when you awoke you opened the door, expecting to find another rose waiting for you on your doorstep. You found the rose, it was being held in the hands of Luke. You looked up into those eyes that could make you melt and that you have missed so much. He hands you the rose and you take it from him, the note attached to the side said the same as the others, one month. Before you could ask him what they meant he opened his mouth.

“A Rose to signify each month I have spent loving you. A rose to signify each month I have been loving you and didn’t let you know how much. A rose to signify each month you have spent with me when you could be with someone better. A Rose to signify each month I should’ve spent making you feel like the only girl in my world. A rose to signify each month that I would never trade for anything in my entire life. A rose to signify each month I have spent with the love of my life. I know I’m not perfect. I know I don’t treat you the way that I should. But from now on until you decide you don’t want me anymore, I will spend every waking moment treating you like I should have been all this time. I love you (Y/N) more than anything in this world. So what I’m really trying to say is I’m sorry and just give me one last chance.”

He swing his acoustic guitar that was on his back, into his hands and starts playing Daughtry’s 'One Last Chance’

Tell me what you need and I will find a way to stop the bleeding,

no don’t add to my mistakes, and tell you’re not leaving and ill tell you

everything you need to know, don’t throw it all away don’t say my words

are just too late, I don’t want to be left behind I’ve been so blind to all that

I have broken, can we put this back together? and no more empty

promises they don’t exist, just me out in the open, I know this will take

time, can you give me one last chance to make this right.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9abXgbu3GE )

Tears stream down your face without stopping, as his beautiful voice rings out and into your ears caressing them softly. He ends the song and looks at you nervously not knowing whether the tears are happy tears or sad tears. Before you know it you are flinging yourself at him, and he is suddenly clinging onto you.

“yes yes ill take you back we can work on it, I love you so much. I have missed you so much.” you says breathy against his neck, and he clings onto you tightly and closes his eyes as happy tears start to fall from his face. 

“Thank god, I love you so much. i have missed you, don’t ever leave me again okay?” he sighs against your hand. his large hands holding you.

“Never.” You reply pulling back and kissing him with such passion that the world could catch on fire and you wouldn’t even notice.

*Yaay so that was part 2, yeah sorry it’s long I wanted to get it all done without a part 3 or whatever. I hope you guys like it(: Leave me requests and stuff(: I’m sorry that this took so long too I have been really busy, but its up now and I hope you enjoy it. *