but the reversal of not just the earlier 'whoa-I know' but this

Title // I Got You (Alex Standall/Justin Foley)

Title: I Got You

Pairing: Alex x Justin

Request: Can you write a Justin x Alex with Justin being all jealous and possessive of Alex?

Word Count: 880

Date Uploaded: May 12th, 2017

Summary: A simple date at Monet’s turns out to be anything but.

Author’s Note: I had a lot of fun writing this one! Hopefully you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also, I never expected to get so many notes from posting my imagines on here, so honestly, thank you so much for anything! I’ve been getting most of my requests from Wattpad, but honestly, don’t be afraid to request anything! I’ll do them all x

           “You know, you don’t have to hold me 24/7,” Alex mumbled.

           “How else will everyone know that you’re mine?” Justin asked, nuzzling his nose into the crook of Alex’s shoulder.

           “Come on, stop that,” Alex laughed, playfully pushing away.

           “What, do you not love me anymore?” Justin faked shock, staggering away with his hands pressed to his chest, pretending to have been shot in the heart.

           “You’re such a goof,” Alex cracked a smile, reaching for his arm and pulling him towards him. “Of course I still love you. But I’ll love you a little less if you get us kicked out of Monet’s. I’ve almost finished trying everything on the menu.” Justin cuddled back up to him.

           “Wouldn’t want to stop you from accomplishing your mission, now, would I?” he asked.

           “Come on,” Alex said again, trying to pull him off without making it too obvious.

           “What’s wrong?” Justin asked, concerned.

           “Nothing,” Alex said, eyes darting quickly to his side. Justin followed his gaze to a cranky old man who was staring at them with a disgusted look on his face.

           “You got a problem with this?” Justin yelled.

           The man quickly looked away – But not before saying, “Homosexuality is a sin. You both will burn in Hell.”

           Alex’s cheeks burned a bright red, but Justin stood fearless in the face of criticism. He kissed Alex passionately, right there in the middle of the shop, adding sound effects just to further piss off the man. A few people cheered.

           When they finally pulled apart, Justin looked flushed but happy, which was a stark contrast to Alex, who looked shy, vulnerable, maybe even close to tears.

           “Can we please leave?” He whispered.

           “Alex, no,” Justin said. “That would be letting him win. We have just as much of a right to be here as he does. There is nothing wrong with you, or me, or us. Don’t question yourself because a random fuck is still stuck in the cavemen times.” Alex was quiet, reaching for his hand.

           “Thanks.” Justin cleared his throat, trying to lighten up the mood.

           “So, what drink are you on now?” Alex looked up, scanning the menu.

           “Double chocolate mochachino.”

           Once they’d gotten their drinks and had sat down at a table, Justin said something about having to go to the bathroom, leaving Alex sitting alone to nurse his scalding cup of coffee. He tried to take a big gulp, but ended up burning his mouth. It was while he was waving his hands in front of his mouth in a pointless attempt to somehow reverse the damage that had already been done than an attractive guy, looking to be around his own age, sidled over to him.  

           “Hey,” he said, casually slipping into the seat beside him.

           “Hey…” Alex said cautiously, still a little on edge by what had happened earlier.

           “Has anyone ever told you how attractive you are?” The guy asked, his blue eyes intensely locked onto him. Alex stayed silent, opting instead to stare at the chocolate sauce drizzled over his coffee, beginning to feel uncomfortable.

           “My name’s Todd,” the guy said, either not noticing or not caring that Alex was not reciprocating the appeal. “You can do better than him, you know,” Todd said, biting his lip as his eyes trailed Justin leaving the bathroom. Alex shifted to the edge of his seat, ashamed that he wasn’t speaking up, but unable to get a word out. If he had been able to speak, he would’ve said a sarcastic remark about how Justin was a million times better than him; how he would never hit up random people that were obviously taken.

           Justin’s eyes narrowed as he began to walk over to their table.

           “What the fuck is this?” He asked, his words hot and angry as he slammed his palms on the table.

           “I was just leaving,” Todd said cooly, making as if to leave.

           “No, no, stay,” Justin said, his tone nice and welcoming, but his eyes telling a different story. For the first time, Todd appeared a little uneasy. Alex squeezed his eyes shut, gripping his cup so strongly that he was almost afraid that it would break. When greeted with silence, Justin came to the conclusion himself.

           “You were trying to come onto him, weren’t you?” He asked, almost growling.

           “Uhm,” Todd searched for an excuse, but before he could come up with one, Justin punched him in the face.

           “Whoa, what was that for?” Todd asked, hands flying up to his wound.

           “For harassing my boyfriend, you douche,” Justin said, gripping his collar and pulling him closer to his face. “Don’t you dare fucking bother him again,” he snarled before shoving him away. “I don’t ever want to see you again, you hear me?” He yelled as Todd rushed out, head down.

           The entire place was silent, looking at them.

           “What the fuck are you looking at?” Justin yelled. Alex got up, walked over to Justin and wrapped his arms around him; burying his head into his chest.

           “I love you,” he breathed. He could feel the tension slowly fade from Justin as he gave into the hug.

           “I love you too. You don’t ever need to be afraid, okay? I’ve got you. I’ve always got you.”

While You Were Sleeping - part 5

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Kent went back to his closet, yanking the door open just in time for Joe Jr. to fall over.

“Ooh!” He grabbed onto the wall.
“Oh, god!” Kent stared. “What’re you – what –” Joe toppled forward, landing with his hands on Kent’s chest. “What are you doing?!”

“I slipped,” Joe said. He was wearing one of Kent’s dress shoes.
“You’re trying on my shoes?” Kent shoved Joe off of him. “C’mon. Get out.”
“No! When I fell, my foot went like that, right into the shoe,” Joe said, making motions with his hands. A knock at the door silenced both of them. Kent whipped his head to the side, staring.
“Uh – who is it?” he called.

“It’s me,” a voice said. “Alexei Mashkov.”

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Tossy...Part 9

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22  Epilogue)

Racing across three towns into a small area known as Hubbell, you pull up into the driveway of the first victim’s home as you shut down the car, undo your seat-belt, and throw your door open.

“Hey.  Y/L/N,” Morgan says, his hand reaching out to grip your arm as you slowly pan your gaze over towards him.

“You know you don’t have to be someone you’re not around us,” he says, his eyes softening as your gaze hardens.

“If this is your way of getting into my pants,” you begin as you watch Morgan’s lips pull into a straight, taut line, “then rest assured, the women you hit on are just easy.”

Ripping your arm out from his grasp, you start your trek up to the front door as you knock on it lightly, rocking back and forth on your feet as you watch the doorknob slowly turn.

“Hello?” the petite woman asks.

“Hi.  FBI,” you say as you quickly flip out your badge, “I just need a few minutes in your house.”

“I-is…is something else wrong?” she asks as a man comes up to the door, his hand resting protectively on the woman’s shoulder as your eyes dart up to him.

“Please excuse my colleague,” Morgan says as he approaches the door, “she doesn’t get let out much.”

“Anything to help,” she says, her voice trembling with emotion as she steps aside, ushering you both into their home.

Barging through their door, you make a beeline for the kitchen, throwing open cabinets as Morgan comes barreling behind you.

“Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa,” he says, gripping your arm tight as he whips your entire body towards him, “now’s a really good time to clue me in on your little escapade.”

“They didn’t fight back, Derek.”

Using his first name caught him off-guard, so much so that his entire face fell.

“These women, who…who were fighting for their sanity, for…for their ability to feel happiness and joy and…a-a-and…and beauty…and they didn’t.  Fight.  Back.”

Clenching your jaw as you turn your attention back to the cabinets, Morgan sighs as he begins to backtrack towards the couple, now understanding what his boss was talking about earlier, as he slowly turns towards the couple who are staring at you quizzically from the entrance of their kitchen.

“Would it be alright if I took a look in your bathrooms?” he asks.


“Anything, Reid?” J.J asks, dipping her head into the room.

“Out of the list of 58 men, I have it narrowed down to…seven,” he says as he picks the papers up in his hands, “…seven possible men.”

Rearing up and handing the papers to her with their faces, home addresses, and anything else you could possibly want on them, J.J. nods as she strides out into the police den.

“Run these guys names and faces through every system you’ve got access to,” she says, handing the papers to Dale as he nods and turns himself to his computer screen.

“What kind of criminal activity am I looking for?” he asks, clicking buttons on his slow-moving computer as J.J. bends over his shoulder, watching the screen as it begins to whir with faces.

“Any at this point,” she sighs.


“No drugs,” you say as you jam the back of your head into the car-seat cushion.

“Well, the toxicology reports-”

“-only outline drugs found in the system that they routinely test for,” you interrupt.

“Why are you so sure that these girls may have been taking something illegal alongside their medication?” Derek asks, turning his body in the passenger seat and eyeing you pointedly.

“It’s not uncommon for someone battling depression, even on medication, to seek out the comfort of something else to aid in combating the…symptoms,” you enunciate as you clasp the bridge of your nose in between your fingers. “I just don’t understand why-”

“Y/L/N!” Morgan raises his voice.

“What!?” you roar, snapping your cold gaze to his fiery eyes as your chest heaves with emotion

“You’re fixating,” he breathes.

Running your hands wildly through your hair, you squeeze your eyes shut as you shake your head tightly.  Opening your eyes, Morgan watches the emotion drain from your eyes, slowly turning you into the cold, calculating person you have been portraying yourself to be.

“Y/L/N…” Morgan lulls, trying to coach the emotion back out of you as you sit up straight in your seat.

“Let’s get back to the precinct. Can you call Garcia and see if she has that list of suspects for me? She was narrowing dow-“”

Feeling your phone vibrate against your hip, you sigh pointedly as you rip it from your pocket.

“What?” you drone.

“We have him,“ Spencer says, "he fits everything. White male, 34, drives a dark blue truck with a fully-covered bed, been going to anger management for his outbursts that started after his mom died three months ago after a long battle with cancer. Apparently his mom also had a bi-polar disorder.”

As your eyes widen, you jam your car keys into the ignition and turn them ferociously, bending the key in the process as you throw the car into reverse, peeling from the driveway as you watch the GPS in the SUV light up with a destination.

“Garcia’s sending the address to your car GPS now,” Spencer confirms.

“It says ETA is 23 minutes,” you lull.

“Alright, see you in 15,” Spencer says before hanging up the call.

You felt your cheek twitch ever so lightly at the sentiment.

And Derek caught it, too.

I did love how Todd made one throwaway mention of Blackwing and the entire fucking Dirk Gently tag went m e n t a l like whoa. Because this is such an important conversation for them and it’s so bizarre that we don’t have any details about how it went down? Or even how much detail Dirk went into? Because, as far as we know, Dirk was just… literally experimented on as a child. By the government. How the hell would Todd even begin to respond to that?

My initial assumption was that Dirk must’ve told Todd during the Epic Gay Puzzle Quest™ in episode five, because Todd shared his biggest secret (that he never had pararibulitis) and Dirk probably went well, this is a huge leap forward in our relationship, I guess that sharing secrets is a real non-CIA person Decision To Make™ so here’s mine. And at that point Todd’s really coming around to the idea that Dirk is actually psychic - even if his first reaction was to also do an experiment on (with?) Dirk in the diner - so he’s less likely to throw Dirk’s claims back in his face (which I lowkey feel might have happened to Dirk at some point, he deliberately mentioned that no-one in his life has ever stuck around for him).

But then I saw a post by @shinmaya-aka-fred about Todd learning part of the truth earlier, and I really like the idea of Dirk trying to open up to Todd after the conversation with Riggins at the end of episode three, because Todd has only just started to think that perhaps Dirk is what he says he is. Dirk’s left the Ridgely Building in tears after Riggins asks him to come back in after sixteen years for debriefing and honestly I can’t imagine him going back until he’s pretty sure that it’s safe and CIA-free. So there’s enough time for Todd and the rest of the mystery squad to get nice and worried.

So Dirk gets back and decides to skip checking in at Todd’s apartment, he doesn’t have the emotional energy to answer questions and he’s pretty sure that he looks like a mess. But then he unlocks the door to his own apartment and Todd’s breaking through the window in a weird role reversal of the first episode. Dirk shrieks but does not throw a shoe (because his shoes are weirdly expensive and also he’s exhausted) and Todd explains that Amanda and Farah are crashing at his flat so he’ll be sleeping on Dirk’s couch. Todd’s not an idiot and can see that Dirk’s distressed about something, and asks Dirk whether he’s okay, and that’s when Dirk realizes that this is someone who actually-maybe-probably cares about him as a person. Even after Todd got shitty with him in the hallway over the magic lightbulb, he’s still sitting next to Dirk on his couch at 3am asking what the problem is. So Dirk has one of those moments he gets where he’s overwhelmed with A Human Emotion™ that he never properly learned how to process, and Todd suddenly has an armful of hysterical psychic bean man.

Todd ends up awkwardly stroking Dirk’s hair while Dirk sobs into his chest and his flannel shirt is fucking wrecked but Dirk’s also gone weirdly stiff and Todd couldn’t extract himself even if he wanted to. So he sits there with his holistic detective attached to him like he’s keeping Dirk from drowning and Dirk keeps choking out how could they and please don’t let them and but why now and Todd has no fucking clue what’s happened but he’s down to fight someone.

Then Dirk calms down just enough to tell him that “someone” is actually the CIA and Todd wonders when being a suspect in multiple murders became the least of his worries.

After Dirk’s cried himself out, they don’t talk much. Todd’s still processing everything and Dirk’s just drained. They end up sharing a bed by mutual agreement because neither of them have the energy to fold the sofa bed out (later, Todd will realize that he could’ve just… slept on the couch normally). But it’s been a stressful week and it’s only Tuesday and sharing body warmth feels like the most natural thing to happen to either of them for a long time.

There’s also the added emotional complication that Dirk technically has people in his life who did believe him, and who do want to hang around. It’s just a pity that, you know. They don’t see him as an actual person.

Magic Position, NC-17

anon prompted: Can you write something where Kurt and Blaine realize that they can see the couple across the street from them get it on and they accidentally get into some sort of voyeuristic competition with them?

[Kudos to my amazing beta reader Caroline <3]

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Kurt is so ready for a lazy evening in bed, cuddling up next to his newlywed husband and letting something random on the TV wash over him. Today’s shift at the diner had been pure hell and even now his legs and feet are still aching. He drags himself over to their bed, only having thrown on a fresh pair of underwear and a shirt after his shower, falling into what can only be described as heaven. Soft-cushioned, good smelling heaven.

“So, today’s cuddle night?”

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dairi89  asked:

I totally didn't notice that he was actually writing in a journal til I saw your posts about, and whoa! Totally awesome. I am loving that and wondering if they will bring in again what he is writing about exactly. Can we discuss the fact that, if that indeed is his side of the bed, Felicity was totally lying there earlier? Or if it's her side, he is?

Oliver Jonas Queen. The freaking Green Arrow keeps a journal.

It’s a lovely visual of how much he’s grown, right? There was a time when all he kept a journal for was crossing off the names of people he hunted. Now he gets to fill pages with his dreams, hopes, mistakes, things he doesn’t want to cross off or move on from. Because all of this is a part of him now. Even the things he regrets, he doesn’t want to forget. He wants to learn. He wants to grow. He wants to grow with her.

I don’t know if they will bring the writing back or not. And honestly, for me, it doesn’t really matter what he’s writing. It’s just the fact that he is writing. What is the purpose of keeping a journal anyway? To vent. To let all those confusing thoughts and emotional longings out in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone. Journaling is designed to help the thinker. 

Considering the context of the episode, it actually makes sense. Who does Oliver normally voice all of his struggles to? Well, Diggle and Felicity. He’s already talked to Dig, but maybe these particular thoughts are more private, more specific about his relationships with Felicity that he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone. Who does Oliver normally run to when he has no one else? Felicity. His truest confidant. But he can’t exactly talk to her right now, because they’re in a disagreement. Hence, the journal. 

It’s a simple, quiet, very human moment. (And it’s certainly a healthier response than putting arrows in people.) 

Now, Felicity also didn’t seem surprised whatsoever to see him writing away his silent musings, so that implies he does this often

And good grief, you bring up an excellent point. They have sides.

My instinct says that it was his side that he was laying on while journaling, since that was also the same side he was on while they were still in Ivy Town. Which means you’re totally right, and Felicity chose to rest on his side. Maybe it smells like him? Since Oliver’s learned how to get some deep rest, even after all the hell he’s been through and lack of sleep he’s endured on a regular basis, maybe Felicity thinks she can somehow channel that by resting in his spot? Who knows why we do what we do when we’re upset? It was an emotional decision, not necessarily a logical one. She was seeking comfort, even if she didn’t realize it.

And even if we’re wrong and that was Felicity’s side, that means Oliver chose to lay down on her side, waiting for her to come home to him. This in itself is a pretty remarkable reversal of all the times she’s had to wait for him to come back to her.

Either way, they seek each other out and keep pursuing one another. They want what’s best for the other person, which is partly why they disagreed tonight, because they had different ideas about what was best. But that drive also keeps them fighting for each other, for their relationship. Ultimately, this is how they will stand the test of time. This episode just gave us a snapshot of Olicity’s future. Whatever trials come their way, whatever heartache, whatever “problems”…they will overcome them. Together.

Whoa. I Know.

My favorite part about 1x06 was the parallel between the Pilot. The repetition of, “Whoa.” “I Know.” was the exact same line, just drastically different circumstances. The simple and subtle character development and reverses roles was incredible. This is a one shot from both Karma and Amy’s viewpoints and the difference between the two practically identical moments. Enjoy!

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