but the resulting aches are practically the same

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HC - Bitty doesn't have class on Thursdays and knows Jack's schedule by heart and often is just taking a pie out of the oven when Jack gets home from practice.

I’m sorry for such a belated reply to this anon! I was excited about replying but was waiting to be in the mood to do a lengthier reply. 

Jack’s well aware of the age difference between him and Bitty. He knows it doesn’t matter, not really. As you get older, age differences between you and potential partners become more common place. His dad is several years older than his mom and it doesn’t affect their relationship, not that he’s seen at least.

The difference between his father and his mom and him and Bitty though, is that his parents both led unconventional careers. His mom did go to Samwell, and had a lot of treasured experiences there, but she also was balancing working as an actress and model. Sacrifices of her normal college-life were made by herself for herself. 

Jack knows Bitty likes spending time with him, and not just for his double oven kitchen. Despite the fun they have together though, Bitty is also still in college. He’s experiencing a lot of firsts, making those college memories that Jack got to make for himself and hears his mom talk about (again, and again, and again). He deserves to opportunity to get schwasted at kegsters and go tray sledding down the hill by library. He should be able to be do all these without worrying about if he’s spending enough time with Jack. It would be selfish for him to expect Bitty to make concessions in his college experience on his behalf.

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