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Ash (part1)

The campus has always had places of in-between; between our world and theirs, between magic and mundane, Fae and human, and there are those of the Fae that treasure these places of in-between greatly. Their little… projects.

I9 was one such project, all the students were sure. The building had been on campus for as long as anyone could remember, it refused to show up on any map, and had withstood every try at getting it removed. It didn’t really ‘fit’ with the rest of the campus, although somehow, sometimes, it seemed to fit far too well. Sitting just beyond the dense tree line of the forest, I9 was a small, old, cottage with thatched roof, and a happily running stream the only thing between it and the trees.

No one had lived there since… well, no one could quite agree on the last person who had lived there, some remembered it being a girl from an arts major. Others argued it had been a boy from chemistry. Some others put in that maybe it hadn’t been a student at all. Whoever they were, they hadn’t lasted long, hardly a month before being taken.

The Fae were all unusual, unpredictable, unsettling, but the one that took an interest in this place had something most others did not, patience and persistence.

The girl had applied late, to only do one unit a term, and to live on campus. Her high school marks were nothing special, hardly enough to graduate let alone to be considered for somewhere as prestigious as Elsewhere University. The admin staff placed her immediately in the rejected pile, but every morning they would find the application back on their desk. After a week, one member of staff decided to just shred the damn thing, but sure enough, the next day there it was again. After that, they all agreed that the choice had been made for them. When the paperwork came through though, and I9 came out no matter what room anyone typed or even wrote on the forms, that’s when they started to worry. Someone had been chosen again.

Maybe some members of staff (those who knew the history of I9) tried to warn the girl, tried to change fate, but in the end the acceptance letter still went out, and the room number was still unchanged.

Ash was all anxiety, and depression, and layer upon layer of shaky coping mechanisms that she’d built up over the years. She didn’t know anyone at Elsewhere, and didn’t have any friends from anywhere else either. Her parents had moved away to start new lives, and after two painful years of self-doubt and second-guessing, she had finally decided to try for uni. It wasn’t that she wasn’t intelligent, just that she was… different. She never kept friends, always talked to herself or to animals rather than other people, she never seemed to fit in with anyone, and often got on teachers nerves for being too reserved, and so her schooling had suffered. She knew she could do well she just needed time.

Things were strange when Ash got to campus. She wasn’t in one of the communal dorms like she had expected, instead she found her room number carved on the door of an old cottage by the forest edge. She watched the other students for a while, all of them avoiding the path down to the little cottage, all of them taking care not to walk on the little flowers that grew out the front. It took her a good twenty minutes to convince herself to go knock on the door, after all it wouldn’t be the first time someone had tried to mess with the new kid.

She could hear other students whispering as they passed, their eyes boring into her back as she walked to the door. It made her skin crawl and her hairs stand on end, like something was about to attack. She fumbled for her keys and found they were no longer the generic store cut keys she had collected, but one heavy, black, old iron key, it fit the lock though and she took respite within the tiny cottage.

Inside it was small, dark, and smelled of old books and dust. Beyond the entrance was a small sitting room, its walls lined with bookshelves stuffed to the brim with books. A little kitchen with old-fashioned fittings was to the left, a brightly lit study nook to the right, its windows large and filled with overgrown potted herbs and plants. Just past the sitting room was a cosy bedroom with a little bathroom hidden behind one of the wardrobe doors, Ash wondered what else was hidden in here.

The trees outside rustled and birds began to caw as she set down her things and took in her new home. It was strange, and eerie, and her cheeks still burned with the students whispers, but it felt oddly safe within these walls, as if she truly had come home.

Students in class were nicer than she had experienced in high school, though some of them refused to meet her eyes. Others insisted on giving her handfuls of little diner salt packets, which was odd at first. It took some time for her to believe this wasn’t some kind of cruel joke at her expense, but after a while she recognised it as something good. One guy even came up to her and shoved a little hand full of nuts and bolts strung together on a thin chain into her hand and muttered a brief ‘hang in there’ before strolling off.

Well she had heard rumours about people at Elsewhere being superstitious, she just hadn’t quite expected it to be this full on. Some students even had their own small rituals they performed before entering certain classes. Even with all the odd around her though, she still felt that she wasn’t exactly part of it all, she was still an outsider, as she had always been, never quite fitting in anywhere.

The first week passed uneventfully. Though the students in class weren’t cruel, they didn’t sit with her if at all possible, politely making their excuses before moving away if she sat at their table. By the end of the week she felt as alone as she had ever been, something she had grown quite used to.

The weekend came quickly and soon enough second week began. Ash sat at the back of the lecture theatre expecting to again be surrounded by empty seats, but this time a boy sat beside her. He had the most amazing eyes all glitter and angles. He didn’t say a word to her but watched like a hawk when she scratched out a few lines of a small poem before the lecture began. He was… odd, but the company was comfortable.

After that lecture the whispering became worse. She would catch snippets of ‘did you see their eyes?’, ‘definitely one of them’, ‘she didn’t even notice’ as she walked passed. Her cheeks burning with embarrassment, she quickly headed back towards I9. Just outside I9 though she was stopped  by the yowling of an animal in terrible pain. In the bushes was a small white cat tangled in some wires, everyone else was hurrying passed without even a glance its way. The thing was making such an awful noise she had half expected the bite of razorwire as she freed the creature, but it was just plain old wire. She could have sworn though, as the cat scampered off across the stream and into the forest, that as it turned away it suddenly had too many eyes, all glitter and angles, but she couldn’t be sure.

After that, things were… stranger. The shadows around the cottage felt deeper than was possible, wind chimes that had been taken down long before Ash had gotten there chimed happily in the dead still air, and there was a lingering smell of honey and wet fur.

She knew something was wrong when she woke the next morning. The feeling stole over her in cold waves of panic, something was different, something was wrong, something had happened. When she looked in the mirror she saw that the eyes staring back at her were wrong, they seemed to stare much much farther than a reflection should be able, and glinted with the colours of the aurora borealis. She heard the purring of a cat as tears welled in her beautiful, wrong, eyes.

It was late afternoon when she finally left I9 again, and slowly she realised her eyes weren’t the only things that had changed. She could see… things… playing in the trees just passed the stream. Things covered in fur and claws, and feathers, and bone. There was a lady at the other end of the path watching her closely, a small cat curled around her legs. Her eyes drifted past Ash, and Ash turned to see what had caught her gaze. It was a basket filled with… things. There was a bunch of rotten bananas, some plants that looked rather a lot like weeds still with their roots attached covered in dirt, a couple of lengths of string, a frayed bit of cloth, and a handful of stones and little bones. In a voice like dripping blood, and splintering bones the lady spoke to Ash ‘A small gift for my Girl Between. A basket of favours yet made, promises yet to come, use my gift well little one, I’ll know if you waste it’. When Ash blinked the lady was gone, and she was left alone with the basket of things, and a cat that definitely had too many eyes.


Isaac Lahey Imagine

A/N: The characters may seem super OOC but oh wells. 

High school was one of those occasions where you either fit in or you don’t.

That was how Isaac Lahey felt as he peered at the round tables from across the cafeteria where you were seated with your two friends—Kelly and Ashley—, the football, basketball, and rest of the cheer team. It was the whole flock of jocks.

Scott, Stiles, and Lydia plopped down next to him, causing him to avert his gaze from where you were.

“Hey,” Lydia said with a raised brow.

Stiles smirked. “You know, why don’t you confess your undying love for her, since you keep staring,” he started and mocked a sad face, “or are you scared that Ms. Popular is gonna embarrass you in front of all her friends.”

Isaac rolled his eyes. “You’re one to talk.”

“Oh yeah? Then go over there and ask where the party is at tonight.” Stiles grinned, taking a bite into his sandwich.

“Stiles,” Scott warned, taking a quick one-over at Lydia who was completely unaware of Isaac’s words.

Isaac glared for a moment before he got up, ignoring Lydia’s protest at how he’s going to embarrass himself, and walked over to the table.

It felt like stepping out of the regular world and entering jock galore where all they talked about were sports, parties, booze, and girls.  

“Monte, you are complete ass at basketball!” Football captain, Stefan said with a grin.

Monte’s lips twisted as he wrapped an arm around Kelly Fontaine’s shoulders, the co-captain for cheer. “I got us into nationals, hell you mean?”

Ashley Corono sighed, leaning towards you. “Boys…,” she muttered and erupted into fits of laughter with you.

Your eyes closed as you bit your lip from laughing even more.

Stefan turned his head and looked down at you, confused. “What’s funny?”

You set your bottle of water down on the round table and turned to face Monte and Stefan. “Let’s settle your annoying arguments, with beer pong. Loser has to streak naked around the house, when or if the cops show up.”

“AHHHHH HELL.” The two of them groaned with Kelly, Ashley, and you bursting into fits of laughter with the initial raspberry from Ashley.

Monte glanced at the only one who wasn’t laughing and rose a sparse brow. “Lahey, what are you doing standing around like you’re lost, shouldn’t you be with your Lacrosse team?”

Everyone snickered, except you who looked up at Isaac with a curious look. Isaac was your chemistry partner, and you had to admit, the kid used to be really weird, shy and gloomy. Then one day, he showed up like a brand new man with confidence in his voice and actual people-skills and he wasn’t that bad at Lacrosse anymore.

Isaac ignored him and turned his head to face you. “Where’s the party tonight?” He asked.

“You’re honestly gonna tel-” Ashley covered Stefan’s mouth with manicured hands and wide eyes. She moved her head slightly to hear what your response would be.

“807 Royal Court, bring your friends. If you stay long enough you might get to see one of these big boys run naked.” You wiggled your brows before chuckling at the table that used to be the loudest in the cafeteria, now silent.

Isaac nodded, his lips lifting upwards. “Save a couple shots for me?”

You nodded, ignoring the wild stares from the basketball and football team. “Oh yeah for sure, you’ll be the only one drinking my best liquor.”

His smile never left as he turned to walk back to his table. His keen hearing came in handy in one of these moments, where you were getting asked questions on ‘were you flirting?’ or ‘why did you invite that bozo?’.

“So, looks like you got scared off,” Stiles started when Isaac rounded the table.

“807 Royal Court, we have a party we’re going to tonight guys,” he laughed as Scott hit his shoulder with a grin.

Lydia leaned forward. “I’ve only been once, and their parties are wild,” she excitedly drummed her fingers on the table.

Isaac shrugged at Stiles who glowered at him. “Cheer Captain is sharing her best liquor of me,” he grinned at Stile’s shocked look, “and she texted me her number.”

“Isaac!” Scott called out, slapping his back. “You’re the man!”

Stiles sighed and leaned back with a defeated smile. “But I bet you’re not going to end up sleeping with your girl crush since freshman year, tonight.”

Isaac blinked and glanced over to where you sat.

You turned back to look at him for a moment and winked before laughing and turning back around to finish up your lunch.

“Game on.” Isaac replied with a solid smile.

When Lydia said their parties were wild, Isaac shrugged it off. How wild could it be?

“WOO!” Ashley screamed out, her eyes scrunched up after funneling liquor. She turned her head to where the group stood and giggled. “Heyyyyyy Steve!”

 Stiles glanced at Lydia. “Who is she talking to?”

“I think Scott? She’s looking at him,” Lydia practically hollered. She could barely hear anything except loud music and the occasional ‘WOOO!’s.

Stiles rolled his eyes. “His name is Sco-”

Scott stepped in front of the group and took Ashley’s hand as she fell into his arms, her eyes still half-way closed.  “Steve? That’s me.” He turned back to face the group and shrugged before following Ashley deeper into the house.

Isaac bit his lip at Stiles’ gaping mouth. “You good?”

Stiles regained his composure and crossed his arms looking at Isaac. “That bet still on?”

“Oh yeah, follow me.”

Lydia and Stiles followed behind Isaac through the thick crowd until they were outside at the poolside where it was more calm and relaxed. People were in the pool, drinking a cold beer. Others were standing in groups.

“I think I see her,” Lydia whispered, hitting Isaac against the shoulder as she nodded over to where you stood—in a strappy shirt with high-waisted shorts and Birkenstocks—talking to Kira.

“Get it dude!” Stiles grabbed a beer from the cooler and grabbed Lydia, leaving Isaac by himself.

He glanced down at his attire that consisted of a Ralph Lauren sweater and jeans. It was now or never.

“So, how about those shots?” Isaac stepped in front of you after Kira left when she heard Ashley took Scott somewhere.

You grinned, your cheeks were already rosy from the past couple shots you’ve taken with your group before the party started. “Hey, nice fit.” You grabbed his hand and turned, heading to the kitchen through a different door than the one he came through. “You get right to the point don’t you?

“Your offer sounded tempting.” He saw Monte and Stefan vicariously playing beer pong with people cheering from different sides and when he turned to the other side, there were other people sitting on the couch taking shots or smoking weed. He would choose the latter from his keen sense of smell.

“Well, I must say, I went back on my word and took a few shots already,” you started, letting go of his hand when you two entered the empty kitchen. You opened the freezer and pulled out a bottle of Grey Goose and Hennessy, “pick your poison, Lahey.”

Isaac leaned against the island, his cheeks started to turn red. “If I’m going to be honest, I never really drin-“

“Let me stop you right there,” you said, putting the Grey Goose back in the freezer and stepped in front of him, “the first shot I ever took was Hennessy, so you’re going to do the same thing.” You opened the bottle and reached beside Isaac to pull out two shot glasses. “I’ll take care of you, I promise.”

He smiled, leaning his head down as you stared up at him with a Cheshire grin. “I trust you.”

You handed him his shot and easily downed your own. “If you need a chaser, I have soda.” You turned around to head to the fridge when he pulled you back to him. You looked up at him confused. “What, no chaser?”

Isaac pulled your chin up some more before he kissed you in that empty kitchen.

You smiled in the kiss as your hands roamed up his chest, eventually dipping back down to only go up under his sweater.

He grazed your lip as he pulled away, hands resting on your hips as he watched you stare at him with a hazy gaze. “No chaser.”

You bit your own lip as you detached yourself from his arms, sauntering over to the French doors that led to the kitchen. “I’ll be honest, I’m shit-faced,” you slowly spoke, “and I probably, won’t remember anything, but I heard about you-”

Isaac stood up straight and dug his hands in his pockets as he took a step towards you.

“-and these parties get really stupid and boring after a while, so how about we take this bottle of Henny and go back to my room?” You started walking up the stairs with Isaac trailing behind you.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

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It's interesting (in a not-particularly-interesting way) that I see quite a lot of Jared fans on here and on Twitter super angry about the fact other fans hate Jared.. but the only time I've ever seen any "other fans" hating on Jared are the times when he has done something pretty awful (doxxing service workers, etc.) The rest of the time, it seems to me anyway, fans (not the hardcore) LOVE Jared. But maybe the diehards are privy to great swathes of hate that most fans aren't.. I dunno. :/

IDK. I’ve never seen Jared hate, though I’ve seen Jared disapproval, sure, and yeah, usually after he threw a fit on Twitter(again) about an airline, or posted people’s pic, name, and place of employment (again). People are rightfully upset with him in those instances.

And even those that don’t just love Jared/Sam, they still like him well enough. He’s just not their favorite character, or even their second favorite. It happens. Big deal.

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I was a part of a strange pack. We had an alpha who was a loner, he grew up with alphas and knew how to be dominate, but didn't want to feel responsible for everyone. Then there was me. I could have been an alpha a long time ago, but I grew up with too many dominate people around me and so I became a beta. Still people always looked to me to lead like an alpha cause that nature is still there, I just reject it. So I was a good beta because I could be responsible so long as I had someone else (1)

to lead. Then the rest were strays and mutts who couldn’t fit into regular packs and who came and went. It seemed like the kind of pack you would have fit well into. That’s why I was curious if you would ever lead a pack. -curious halfbreed.

I used to lead a pack, actually. There was no Alpha, and I was on top. We had a good mix, a delta, a gamma, an epsilon, and an omega. I wouldn’t mind leading again, it’s in my nature to do so, but I’m not sure if I want to. -exhales heavily- I’ve been kind of selfish lately, wanting an owner, rather than a pack, but I guess that’s just how things work out, yeah?


Newly independent #Starbuck wishes you a Happy Saint Patrick’s day in her unintentionally fitting home! Momma Bork was not initially pleased to see no signs of the #Starbabies but seems to have settled in well. This morning, she looked like she had had a very fun night partying it up. I am so thankful Starbuck finally graced us with her babies. They are beautiful and just as wonderful as you Starbuck! After she’s had some time to rest and recuperate I do hope to breed her again. Until then, our breeding plans involve our last two breeding contract girls - after that hopefully no more females on breeding contract. Just in case.

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Visiting a Candle Store with BTS!

I got inspired by my first ever fanfic I read! It was honestly so cute and I really wanted to do an outfit based off of it. The pieces I put together are more for around the fall or the late summer. Something comfortable but cute and matches well the each member! The bags/purses might seem a little out of place because it was meant as something simple but still fits in with the rest of the outfit!

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I've created a few characters for a story, two who are closer than the rest and fit very well together. But the other three characters seem like they're almost forced into the group. It doesn't seem like a natural group of friends. I'm not sure if there's too many characters, or if it's their personalities. I wouldn't mind editing the other three. How could I make this feel like a more natural, genuine group of friends (such as something like guardians of the galaxy type of gang)?

  • Combine Characters: If you have two characters doing the job of one, try combining them into one character. It’ll be easier to write scenes in which all of the group members appear because you’ll have one less person to keep track of.
  • Change Up Their Presence: If A and B are always together, try writing a scene in which A is only with C and D. And then another with A, B, and E. Or just A and E. Show B and D together. Change it all up.
  • Use It: Use this awkward dynamic to your advantage. This happens in real life. Two people might be seen as a “package”, i.e. they’re always together or they only hang out with the rest of the group if they’re both there. Your characters can bring it up as an issue within the group. It can create social conflict between the characters.
  • Keep Writing: As you keep writing these characters, you’ll get to know them more and you’ll be more comfortable writing them. As you rewrite you’ll be more sure of what they’re doing and their relationships might improve.
  • Reasons: Give them reasons to hang out. Why are B and C in the library? Maybe they’re partners on a project. Why are A and E eating in a different area of the food court? Maybe they’re both vegetarians and couldn’t buy anything at the burger place. Give them things to share.
sw prequels thoughts

okay so i know a lot of people look at the prequels as anakin’s story and anakin’s downfall and yeah that’s all well and good but i was in a conversation about how episode one doesn’t seem to fit with the rest and i started thinking well what if the prequel trilogy isn’t about anakin?

i mean i’m a creative writing major and the amount of lectures i’ve sat through on main characters and the amount of books and articles i’ve read on how to write a main character have drilled into my head that a main character has to be proactive, not reactive, and anakin is absolutely reactive

he reacts to qui-gon and obi-wan picking him up in the first movie, he reacts to padme, he reacts to the jedi council, he reacts to palpatine, he reacts to everything. i can’t think of many examples where he acts on his own in a way that isn’t directly rebellious to obi-wan (which is also reactive)

his going sith was ORCHESTRATED by palpatine and made easier by his upbringing and the loss of his mother. now, we’re conditioned to see an active protagonist in the person who loses their parents, because obviously a tragic backstory is only for the Main Protagonist

but there’s an issue there:

anakin just absorbs shmi’s death into him like one more reason he has to be angry. it doesn’t really progress him in any way aside from making his arc go faster

but who is the protagonist then? obi-wan kenobi

think about it: its HIS mentor who dies in phantom menace, not anakin’s. he’s the one that loses everyone over the course of the movies: his mentor, his padawan (his brother), even padme and the entire network he’s built his life around

he’s the one that discovers the clones on kamino

he’s the one that fights grievous

he’s the one that watches the boy he’s practically raised grow up to be a sith, and he’s the one that has to take that boy down

and in new hope, he’s the one that takes the place qui-gon held and falls in battle with a sith. except this time, it’s the sith he trained

the prequels are the story of obi-wan just as much, if not more, than they are the story of anakin

obi-wan may not have turned to the dark side, but he fell just as hard as anakin did


Yet another Undertale AU?

Had the idea for a crossover between Final Fantasy and Undertale.
This has been haunting me for almost 2 months now :I

Dont know what to call it. Ive used “Final Tale” to describe it for a while, but now 
Im thinking about CrystalTale….Im not even sure how much ima do of this… especially since my art style fluctuates so much (not to mention, I know nothing about composition, paneling, storyboarding, perspective or anything needed to make a comic of this…..but I’d like to learn to?)

Currently present:
Frisk- Freelancer (has a sword and shield, but rarely uses his sword
Comic Sans- Bard….seems fitting, considering his jester persona.
Papyrus- Gladiator? Paladin? Still unsure which I prefer.
Toriel- White mage, obviously. The role fits her so well.
Flowey- Essentially a moogle?
Annoying dog is now an annoying chocobo (kinda like choco from Final Fantasy Unlimited……if anyone remembers that)

Still need all the rest. I have ideas for Undyne, alphys, Chara, and even gerson (cid highwind? Cid ingeneral?) and gaster, but I have no clue what to do with Mettaton, asgore and asriel. I have ideas on how to implement FF related items to this (crystals, summons, monsters, ect), but nothing concrete.

Opinions? Ive never attempted something like this before :I

REQUEST 107 ~ Looking after the boyfriend

“Y/n, help me!” Dan groaned as he sneezed into another tissue. He had been sick for the past two days now but today seemed to be the worst one. 

“Well what do you want me to do?” i asked sweetly running my fingers through his hair. He let out a deep breath and closed his eyes. 

“Can you get me some paracetamol” Dan mumbled quietly. I nodded and got up slowly allowing Dan’s head, that had previously been on my lap, to rest on the bed sheets.

As i walked to the bathroom to grab the pills, i could hear Dan going through another coughing fit. It kinda sounds scary to hear someone coughing so intensely. Looking through the cabinets to find the medication and filling up a glass with cold water i headed back to his room. 

The sight in front of me was adorable. Dan had wrapped himself up in the duvet and curled up in a ball. His cheeks were red from his fever and his hair had retained its natural curly state. 

I put my hand on his shoulder a lightly shook him, “Hey Dan, i have your pills, can you sit up for me?” He slowly lifted his upper half up until he was sat comfortably. I handed his pills and water to him, which he took swiftly and downed the water. 

“Why do i have to be sick….” He whined and rested his head back on his pillow. 

“I don’t know babe but you need to rest, you’ll feel better if you do.” I spoke softly and took the empty glass from him. 

“Will you cuddle with me?” Dan asked me with puppy dog eyes. I giggled sympathetically and nodded. 

“Ok, let me just grab you another glass of water and then i’ll join you.” 

Once i returned with his water and stripped off of my jeans earning a small and muffled wolf whistle from Dan. I climbed under the covers Dan had left for me and pulled him to me. He sighed happily and rested his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder almost as if i was his personal teddy bear. 

“Comfortable?” I asked.


A small humming came from his throat making me smile even more, Dan slowly started to drift to sleep, hopefully when he wakes up he’ll feel better but if i’m being completely honest, this Dan was adorable too.


For anon…this is also a part 2 to this imagine per request of @xreader877 because the prompt seemed to fit rather well; a bit of swearing as well.

“Let me go,” Y/N demanded harshly.

Two Stormtroopers held her harshly by her arms. She tried to wrangle herself free from the pair. Anger and frustration coursed through her veins. Why had they needed to capture her if they already got information from her brother?

Moments later, she was strapped down by restraints. She cursed at her robotic-like captors as they left her in there. She let out a huff and rested her head against the back of the contraption. Y/N was furious with herself: somehow she was still thinking of that stupid Sith. The one guy she mostly wanted to destroy for traumatizing Poe.

After what seemed like forever, the door to her ‘interrogation room’ opened. Y/N’s breath hitched at the sight of his masked figure. Hastily, she gave him her most deadly glare. Unexpectedly, he pulled his mask off. She clenched her jaw to keep from showing the shock. He stalked toward her with curious eyes.

“It’s Y/N Dameron, correct?”
“Stay out of my head you punk ass bitch,” she growled while lurching forward.
He smirked, unfazed. “Oh, you’ll feel when I’m inside your head. I actually got that information from your brother.”
“Which reminds me, let me go so I can obliterate your ass!”

Kylo Ren cocked his head to the side as if to say no. Y/N bared her teeth at the Sith. This caused his smirk to morph into a grin. He leaned closer.

“Feisty. Interesting.”

He brought his hand closer to her head. He closed his eyes as he began to attempt to probe her mind. Just as he had done so, Y/N shut her eyes, clenched her fists, and focused on keeping him out. Being a rather exhausting task for both, they began to sweat.

A couple days later, tears laid silent on Y/N’s cheeks. Her eyes were closed as she swallowed thickly. Kylo Ren had managed to break through any barriers she had, through much effort, and obtain the information he needed. Surprisingly, it didn’t hurt as Poe said it did. She was crying merely because she felt as if she let him in. It was something in his eyes…damn those eyes.

“Damn bastard,” she muttered.

The image of his face returned from behind her eyes. His long, a bit tousled hair had framed his face well. And those eyes were beautiful. She snapped her lids open as she realized what she was thinking. She let out a heavy sigh.

What’s it matter? We’re on opposite sides.

Y/N kept her head still as she heard the door open. She didn’t care to look at his face again, it would only hurt. A click alerted her to look down at her hands and ankles. Her eyes shot to a mask-less Kylo Ren as she hopped down. He had a sad smile painting his features.

“Go,” he muttered, “No one’s around. You won’t be seen.”
She furrowed her brows. “Why are you letting me go?”

He traced the back of his hand across her cheek before he rubbed his thumb gently. He cleared her cheeks of the shine from her tears. Her eyes closed at his touch. Kylo Ren spun around and moved toward the door. He just wouldn’t admit it. He couldn’t admit that he was falling in love with her. He couldn’t say he hated seeing her in that chair or that every time he went to interrogate her, he had a horrible feeling in his stomach. He just…wouldn’t. Y/N stood there, confused.

“Just go…before I change my mind.”

With that, Y/N sprinted from the room and headed to the hanger. She may not be as good a pilot as Poe, but she could manage. Y/N stopped a moment as his face crept into her mental vision. She turned her head slightly, contemplating. Another moment later, she was gone.

Want to Request?

Can you do one where the farmer realizes they’re gay for Abigail?

For a while now, it had been the small things Abigail did for them that made them stop and stare. The way she would toss her hair over her shoulder when it was annoying her, the way her lips would curl when she talked about her favorite things, her quirky sense of individuality, even her pica could be charming, yet troubling. Sometimes, little moments would flash in their mind of the times they hung out or when they caught a glimpse of her doing, well, anything. The little thoughts were occasional at first, but the more they thought about it, the more they occurred.

“I’m just gay aren’t I,” they finally said aloud after staring at the beer in their hands, no longer drinking it, for at least fifteen minutes. Nobody else in the saloon seemed to hear.

Suddenly they burst into little fits of laughter before swallowing down the rest of the beer. “I’m so gay!”

They swear they could hear someone in the saloon say “Finally.”

I’m sorry, answering this wasn’t enough, I needed to doodle it out to heal my soul.

ikea ッ


“Well, that didn’t go according to plan.”

“No shit.”

Jason glanced down at the IKEA brand desk that should have been easy to put together. Should have being the key words there. Honestly, the picture based instructions should have made it easy, but for some reason the two young adult men couldn’t figure it out. Hand resting on his hip, Jason tilted his eye and squinted his eyes as he stared at the three legs connected to what seemed like the bottom of the desk and the other leg was lying on the floor.

“It should fit.” he muttered, loud enough for the other male to hear him. “But why doesn’t it?”

He glanced at Bobby, “Literally, a fucking chimp could put this together. Why isn’t it working?”

Jason was starting to hate Swedish furniture.

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It may seem weird! But I still have no idea what to do or where to fit in with this weird and wonderful platform! 

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- Tom

RWBY Lore - The Four Kingdoms

VALE rests on the northwestern shore of Remnant’s largest continent, Saunus. A steep mountain range along the western border provides protection from masses of inland Grimm, though that isn’t its only defense. It also rests on the border of the sea, which is to the east and too shallow for any large aquatic Grimm to pose a threat. There are three notable cities along the northwest as extensions of Vale’s territory. These are not yet named. Any attempt at expanding the Kingdom inland, such as Mountain Glenn, have been met with disastrous failure.

Combat School(s):
Beacon Academy, Signal Academy

Moderate. Hot summers, cold winters.

Cliffs, hills and mountains. Marginally flat terrain between mountains and sea.

Notable Characters:
Ruby Rose (Patch), Yang Xiao Long (Patch), Taiyang Xiao Long (Patch)

MISTRAL rests in the continent west of Saunus, known as Aunima. They have the most controlled territory, meaning greater diversity in geography, climate and indeed, people. Mistral’s high society contributes fashion, theater, architecture - basically all forms of art - to the world of Remnant. Mistral is also, unfortunately, home to the biggest black market in the world. The people of Mistral all share a deep respect for nature, especially the sea and sky. They appear to have been the first to invent airships, albeit primitive ones. There are two named outer cities - Windpath and Koutchinashi, which lie to the north and south of the main Kingdom, respectively.

Combat School(s):
Haven Academy, Sanctum Academy

Moderate. Hot summers, cold winters.

Extremely diverse. Cliffs, hills, mountains, desert, forests, etc.

Notable Characters:
Pyrrha Nikos (formerly), Team SSSN

ATLAS is located in the northernmost continent of Solitofs. There are nearly no Grimm here, as they are subjected to the harsh climate. The people invented technology far faster than the rest of Remnant as a result of the need for survival (household appliances, weaponry, etc). There is an R&D facility located in the land immediately beside the combat school. Dust mines and emerging technologies allowed for rapid expansion. The former capital of Mantle was quickly overshadowed by Atlas Academy (formerly known as Alcaeus), which grew into a city of its own and began to house the military, labs and research facilities. Eventually, it even grew a civilian population. Those in Mantle presumably hold a bitter resentment for those in Atlas.

Combat School:
Atlas Academy (formerly Alcaeus)

Polar ice caps. Frigid temperatures year-round.

Flat, frozen ice fields and cliffs.

Notable Characters:
Weiss Schnee (formerly), Winter Schnee, Penny Polendina, James Ironwood

VACUO is located on the western end of Saunas, in a scorching desert. It was once a paradise, containing a beautiful oasis wherein people thrived, living a comfortable life with minimal threat from Grimm. It was home to the largest Dust deposit in the world, and also contained vast natural resources. Atlas, Vale and Mistral set their sights on Vacuo’s riches and, as a result of their complacent nature, the citizens could do nothing to stop them from ruining their home. Human conflict, ecological disasters, and unrestricted mining changed Vacuo’s paradise into a harsh, desolate wasteland. Vacuo is home to a Schnee Dust Company mining facility, presumably a huge one given the rich deposit of Dust. The citizens were left to be nomads, traveling constantly as a result of depleted resources and Grimm attacks. After the great war, a formal government was created, but went unheeded by populace. The combat school, Shade Academy is the only sense of order Vacuo has. People in Vacuo have a mutual respect for one and other. If you can survive, you’re welcome.

Combat School:
Shade Academy

Dry desert. Rainfall extremely rare. Scorchingly hot year-round.

Desert. Mostly flat, contains sand dunes, presumably mountain ranges closer to the sea.

Notable Characters:
Sun Wukong, Team NDGO

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: in the flashback scene in rose’s scabbard, rose clearly respected and appreciated pearl, and seemed to share such a level of intimacy with her that one might even believe she returned her feelings. however, in story for steven, rose made a mockery of pearl’s feelings for her, even leading the rest of the gems to laugh at her for them as well. it was not only incredibly belittling and mean, but did not at all fit in with the previous example of their interaction shown. why did the crewniverse do this? is it not bad enough that pearl is eternally resigned to the role of the tragic solitary lesbian, but now she has to be mocked for it, as well? will her feelings ever be treasured and respected by someone new? or is pearl doomed to be forever unhappy, in the present, the future and even the past? why did the crewniverse DO THIS


So I was reading theories about who Big A is. I was very convinced it was Ezra. There was just so much evidence and so many theories that made it seem possible. Very possible. Then I saw people saying he looked like the mime.. I didn’t agree. At all. So I did more digging and came across Byron is A theories. So I looked at the mime again. Then at Byron. Then the mime again. This went on for about 10 minutes. So I layered their faces. Umm.. well the noses are literally IDENTICAL and the rest of the face fits pretty well. I’m now pretty convinced Byron is A. Anyone else?

things about dan and phil that make me want to cry

- dan’s secret box had the original question paper from pinof1 in it (and god knows what else)
- (and he’s kept up with it since 2009)
- they went to japan together just because they could
- they’ve been best friends for six years and they’ve already planned on stay that way for the rest of their lives
- them not living together is out of the question
- the only thing that seems to be stopping them from getting a dog is their apartment lease
- they’re polar opposites in almost every way but they fit together almost impossibly well
- at time same time, they’re so incredibly similar in interests and certain personality traits
- they trust each other to the fullest extent trust can go
- the wait for each other to wake up so they can eat breakfast and watch a show together
- they make each other happy

feel free to add more if you’d like!!