but the rest of the panel kept shutting her down it was so frustrating

Dammit Jim

Fandom: Star Trek

Summary:  Kirk is a flirt. That’s no secret. But, with Y/N McCoy it’s more than that.

Words: 1,600+

Pairing/Characters: JimKirkxReader, mentions of Bones and Scotty

Warning: Cursing? Suggestive comments/actions? Fluff?

Author’s Note: This might seem like it’s coming out to left field, but it really shouldn’t be a surprise. Look a my icon for goodness sake. I hope you people like this little thing, plz give it a chance.

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The bolt squeaked pathetically as you tightened it with a wrench. You groaned and used the back of your hand to wipe a little perspiration from your forehead. Some water leaked out of the pipe, splashing onto the side of your dress.

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ultra kind of love || cody christian

description: in which he asks you to spend the rest of your life with him

requested by: @sammwhiches

warnings: none

notes: maybe i’ll make a continuation to this? i’m not sure

“Do you think she noticed anything?” 

To anyone, this might seem like an entirely valid question. But to Dylan, it was the sole reason for the annoyance that now riddled his features. The younger man turned to his friend, stopping him short as he placed his hands on his shoulders, looking him straight in the eyes. 

“Dude, your nervous is showing.”

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The blue lion spun as it tumbled downward head over tail. The sound of metal tearing drowned out the screams of the paladin within… ___________________________________________________ Hey! So I’m writing this short little thing based off of the new season three trailer ( the first one, I haven’t seen the rest yet) this is just to get a feel for the new situation the paladins are dealing with since Shiro is gone and the pressure that surrounds them now. If you want me to continue this just let me know :) (This does lean more towards Klance than it does lean away from it. It’s not explicit or anything, but I will put down a warning that his is geared towards more mature readers because of graphic depictions of injury as well as some self hate.) This was inspired by a text post by @vld-keith I hope you don’t mind that I took this and ran with it ;) Once again, this is geared for more mature readers due to some content related to injury. If this is something you want to skip over you can, I’ll place warnings before and after the scenes which graphic descriptions. I CAN release a version of his story without the depictions being too graphic, just let me know if you would like me to. Thanks! Enjoy the story :) ___________________________________________________

“You want me to lead Voltron?This is how I lead.” Anger filled Keith’s voice as he spoke over the com to the other paladins. “At the rate you’re going you’ll kill someone so I suggest you calm down.” Allura disconnected her video feed from the screens, but kept the comm online. “Coran and I are going to make adjustments to the castle and run some diagnostics on the black lion. Pidge, you and Hunk will need to stay here and help us once we’ve assessed the damage. Keith, you and Lance will need to find some materials for us. I’ve uploaded the maps onto your screens, you should be receiving them now.” The screen shone bright blue as the map laid out in front of Lance. “So we just need to dip in and grab what we need. Good. Any people actually live on this planet?” Allura didn’t sound confident when she answered. “Not that we know of.”
“Do you know any songs on the banjo?” Lance’s feet were barely dangling off of his headrest and he rested his shoulders against the cushion of his seat. “What?” Keith’s response was biting, but Lance let it slide. “I dunno, just wondering, since you lived in the south and in the desert for a while.” Lance’s head began to swim as blood flowed towards his head. Before Keith could reply back Lance righted himself and eased the blue lion forward. “Just focus on the mission Lance. We don’t have the luxury of goofing off.” Lance rolled his eyes as he pulled up the map. “Aye aye captain.” Keith let out a sigh of frustration as he weaved ahead of Lance. “Prepare to break the atmosphere, we’re going in as soon as possible.” Lance buckled his straps in and bore down on the pedals. “Awesome!”
“Can you connect this to the other port?” Pidge handed Hunk a chord without turning back as she typed a few bits of coding into the preset system. “Yea sure, any idea when we might be finished?” Pidge shrugged and continued typing. “Hey Allura?” Hunk turned to face her as she entered the room. “Yes Hunk?” She had her hair up in a bun that swept her hair out of the way of her armor. “Any idea when this might be done?” Allura rested a hand on her chin and shook her head as she thought. “Coran said we should prepare for a few more hours of system resets. The lions may have their own being, but they are mechanical beasts. Whenever Shiro…” she paused and then continued on. “Whenever Shiro went missing the black lion essentially shut down, we’re just working on bringing basic functionality back.” Hunk sighed and turned back to Pidge. “Any idea where my tool belt is?” Allura brightened at Hunk’s question. “You plan to access the black lion?” Hunk shook his head. “I plan to fix the black lion, I’m not leaving yellow to be a substitute.” Allura leaned back slightly disheartened. “Yes of course.” Hunk pretended he hadn’t heard the disappointment in her voice and Allura remained insistent that she had kept her emotions in check.

“There. That’s the last of it.” Keith shifted the weight of the sack from one hand to the other as he placed the last stone inside. “Nice! Now we can explore a little bit before we set off!” Keith glowered at Lance and shook his head. “We’re going back to our lions. I’m not about to fail a mission because you want to take a joy ride.” Lance shrugged and picked up his sack before they headed out of the caves together. Lance watched Keith as he headed towards his lion, but didn’t stop him. “Here, I’ll store them in blue since she can take the extra weight.” Keith seemed to glare at Lance as he shouldered his sack. “I’m sure red will be fine, it’s just a sack of rocks.”“ A sack of very heavy rocks.” Keith closed his eyes and pinched his the bridge nose with his fingers. “My lion is fine.” Lance held his hands open and backed away towards his lion. “Ok just offering.” Lance boarded his lion and set the sack towards the back of his hub and jumped into his seat. “Alright, set the course captain!” Lance saluted Keith even though he couldn’t see it. “You need to take this seriously Lance.” Lance rolled his eyes as he fastened his belt. “And where would the fun be in that?” Keith brought the map up on his screen and placed his feet on the pedal. “It’s not supposed to be fun Lance, it’s a mission.” Lance moved blue closer to red as he prepared to take off. “Oh sure, yea, welcome to Voltron where we’re very serious. In fact, we’re so serious that our first battle took place in our dining hall, with space goo!” Lance laughed as blue’s feet left the ground. “Shut up and fly your lion.” Keith bore down on the controls as he flew red out of the intricate cave systems. __________________________________________________ “Hunk?” Allura peeked over the paladin’s shoulder as he turned to face her. “Yes princess?” His cheek was smudged with oil, but he paid it no mind. “Oh I was just checking in, how’s the work?” Hunk raised an eyebrow, but returned to his work. “Uh good? Well, I mean, the main control system is out and the motor functions of the legs is splayed.” Allura but her lip and swept a pesky hair out of her face. “Well at least it’s still functional.” Hunk shrugged. “If functional is being able to glow then yea, it’s functional.” Allura’s fave fell into a frown that she seemed to be wearing more often than not these days. “Well keep me updated. I’m going to see if Coran needs any assistance.” Hunk stuck his hand in the air to say goodbye as she turned and exited the hangar doors. She had to remind herself to compose herself before she entered the main control room. “Coran?” She scanned the room until she found him fidgeting with one of the control panels. “Coran?” Her footsteps echoed in the large room as she crossed it. “Oh! Princess!” Coran turned quickly to face her. “I didn’t know you had come in, here let’s sit.” _______________________________________________ “Keith? They’re on my tail, can you hit them?” Lance’s grip on the controls increased as he twisted his lion through the shrubbery. “Kinda caught up at the moment, just shake them off!” Keith turned and fired his laser at the approaching fighter jets. “Keith I really need thrust help about now!” Lance’s leg had been hit by a stray shot as he had ducked away from them. “Just go into the caves and hide or something, I can’t get these guys off of me!” Keith fired a shot and clipped the wing on the last pilot. “Alright I’m on my wa-” Keith was cut off by the sound of metal. “Lance??” His voice was filled with panic as he scanned the terrain for the other paladin. “Lance answer me!” Keith saw a flash of blue and soared towards it, but he was too late. The blue lion spun as it tumbled downward head over tail into the intricate cave system they had walked through before. The sound of metal tearing drowned out the screams of the paladin within. ___________________________________________________ (Alright I’ll have to finish this later since I’m about to eat dinner, but enjoy ;D) (I’m on mobile so I apologize in advance for any formatting awkwardness)
Entitlement (Part 2) (dad!Tony x reader)

I wasn’t going to do a part two, but you guys asked for it!  It’s not very long, but it’s all I could do right now.  :)

Warning: Minor car accident

Part 1

“Dad, no, I told you this a thousand times already,” you snapped at the endlessly infuriating man on the other end of the call, trying to focus on both your needy father and navigating the busy city streets, “your meeting with the Secretary is tomorrow at 2pm, not 3.  Repeat it.”

“Tomorrow at 2pm.”


“Seriously, (Y/N)? I’ve got it.”

“Again, Stark.”

I meet with Ross tomorrow at 2pm,” he answered with a snide huff of accomplishment.  You could almost see the smile on his face at his victory, and you couldn’t help but smile at the thought.  “Okay, so where is it again?”

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I'll Keep You Safe

Prompt:Dan and Phil get stuck in a lift at the BBC, all would be fine if Dan didn’t have claustrophobia and starts freaking out when he finds out they won’t be out for a few hours, Phil tries to help calm him down, when they finally get out the lift, Dan is taken to hospital for shock, that evening when they get back home Dan is still a bit scared and can’t sleep on his own so Phil cuddles him to sleep.”

Genre: Fluff, angst, panic attack/shock.
Warnings: Angst, panic attack.
Words: 2.630

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Double Agent Vader fic: Bedrock

Someone in my writing group asked for Leia’s interrogation on the Death Star in the double agent ‘verse. So this is that.

No actual torture occurs in this fic, but the idea of torture is pretty omnipresent and they talk around it a lot, so please be safe, friends!


Her cell was too cold and too bright and far too sterile. But it wasn’t silent. No, there were sound-damping panels installed in all the walls and the floor, she was sure, but even they weren’t enough to drown out the constant low hum of the giant space station that enclosed her.

Leia curled her knees against her chest and shivered.

You weren’t on any mercy mission this time, Vader had said, and the message had been clear. This time, he couldn’t afford to show her mercy. This time, there could be no excuse for letting her go.

She hoped that Artoo had escaped. She had to believe he had. He was their only hope.

The door to her cell slid open with a sudden hiss, and Leia sat up sharply, her spine straightening and her eyes blazing with fire. Until they caught on the droid.

Darth Vader stood there in the doorway, a massive black shape against the stark white and chrome of her world, and beside him hovered a shape out of nightmares. It was all blinking lights and humming servos and long, sharp needles and blades, and even given everything she knew about the Empire, Leia hadn’t really believed this thing existed.

“And now, Your Highness,” Vader said, “we will discuss the location of your hidden Rebel base.”

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