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For @stanuary Week 3: Memories

“Why doesn’t he know who I am?”

Ford looks away form the woman. “There… there was an incident and he has memory problems… you have to remind him of who you are.”

“Where are we going?” Stan demands as he climbs into the cab after his brother.

“Patience,” Ford replies with an excited grin.

“You know I only have a limited amount and I’m saving it for the kids,” Stan grumbles.

Ford rolls hie eyes with amusement and looks away from his brother out the window. His brother’s been asking what they’re doing in Jersey all day and his insistent questions have yet to cease. Ford can’t help but feel amusement in the entire situation.

Just you wait. We’ll get there soon and you’ll be happy over the surprise.

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Doing it the Holmes way

This one was requested by @kirstiehenderson29 and so much fun to write omg

“Sherlock, what are you doing?”

You laughed while watching him putting on his coat.

It was eight o'clock in the evening, a time the detective usually didn’t leave the house. 

“Put on your jacket. We’re going out.” 

You furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. 

“Going… out?”

Sherlock stopped in his tracks and looked at you.

“Yes, going out, what’s so unusual about that?”

You just smiled and shook your head, then decided to just go along with it and

got up to get your trench coat.

“Saint Barth’s? You’re taking me to Saint Barth’s? Can’t that wait ‘till tomorrow?”

“(Y/N), stop asking questions and start trusting me a bit more. I want to show you something.”

You crossed your arms and leaned back in the cab’s backseat.

The drive to your flatmate’s preferred laboratory wasn’t long, so less than twenty minutes later the both of you were standing in front of his microscope.

Without saying anything Sherlock started rummaging around the room and finally set up his microscope.

He seemed to be unusually hyperactive, and at the same time unusually quiet.


He pointed at the microscope.

In a few we’ll trained moves, you tied your hair up into a ponytail and bent over to look through the microscope.

“Oh my god.”, you whispered after looking at the substance in front of your eyes.

“I’ve never seen something like that.” 

You turned around to look at Sherlock again, not able to hide the excitement in your eyes.

“I found it in a bioluminescent octopus. Don’t know what it is yet, but it sure is spectacular.”

“Spectacular indeed.”

You murmured while looking at the chemical structure once more.

“Sherlock?”, you suddenly asked, eyes still fixed on the lenses.

“Yes?” He asked back immediately.

“Why are you showing me this?”

Finished with looking at the unknown substance you leaned against the table and looked at your friend.

Him trying to surprise you on a Friday evening, wanting to show you a very special new science thing?

It almost sounded like a date, a ‘Sherlock-edition’-date.

The detective shrugged, trying his best to seem all casual.

“Well, clearly you’ve been very stressed recently, so I thought maybe a distraction would do you good.”

“A distraction? Sherlock, are we on a date?”

He lowered his head.

“You’re blushing!”

This whole situation was far too surprising for you to stay polite.

You were completely baffled.

“Could you please just-”

In one single move he stepped closer, cupped your face in his hands and kissed you.

“-stop talking.”

A breathy laugh escaped your lips.

What had just happened?

You felt like you couldn’t even remember your own name anymore.

“For once, I think I’ll do as you say.”

He smiled at you with his beautiful ocean eyes which seemed to be glowing.

“Good idea.”

He whispered before the two of you kissed again.

 Who said laboratories couldn’t be nice places for first dates?

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anonymous asked:

Some fans (me) did get upset over the questions about his mother though? He said he felt uncomfortable about talking about her mother, and they kept asking about her

Apart from the fact that this isn’t what happened, it isn’t about you. If Louis has any concerns with the subject or how it was handled, he is an adult and can absolutely address it before his next interview. We do not know how he feels, and if he WAS upset then us making a big deal out of it would presumably only hurt him more. 

And in terms of general standards of appropriate interview behavior, I don’t see how they have done anything wrong. It was a somewhat in depth interview, Louis just experienced a public loss, and the interviewer politely and respectfully asked him about how that may have impacted his approach to his work and then shared their condolences for his loss.

Your description of the discussion is not at all accurate, unless there was another interview that I somehow totally missed. There was only one question, they did not keep asking about her.

I don’t know what you were listening to, but here’s what I heard starting from about 16:50:

Interviewer 1: I do want to mention this, because I know it happened in your life recently… how was it, after your mom’s passing, going – staying in the industry, and did you ever think about just stepping back and taking a break?

Louis: Yeah, I mean when I first – it’s not really something that I feel 100% comfortable talking TOO much about, but just quickly, um. Yeah when I first found out about the news, I kind of did want to throw the towel in, you know. Um, but it was me mum who said to me that I just gotta keep going, she told me very sternly that she wanted me to. So… I’m not doing it for her but yeah, we’re doing it for each other, I suppose.

I1: Good for you!

Interviewer2: And our deepest condolences, as well.

L: Thank you. It was tough, but I felt like it was nice for me to… almost have a little send off for her.

I1: Well your fans love you. There’s no need to – to dump sadness on top of sadness, let’s talk – the music makes people happy.

L: Exactly. Exactly.

I1: And that’s a great thing.

L: Mm hmm. Thank you.

A List of Reasons the Bunker Shouldn't Get A Sofa:

1 - The sofa in question is suspiciously abandoned.

They see it on the side of the road in a town they’re passing through for a messy ghoul hunt.

“Dude, we need that sofa,” Dean says, slowing the Impala to look.

“Since when?” Sam asks, not looking up from the stack of police reports he’s been obsessing over since the morgue.

“Since we can’t watch fuckin’ anything as a family without crowding into your room and sitting on your awful bed. We could get another TV and have an actual living room space in the Bunker.”

“Fine, but we’ve been doing that for years and you never complained, or said we should adopt every stray sofa we see. What gives?”

“What gives? I want a sofa and now we have a place to put it, story over.”

Sam gives him that annoyingly unconvinced look he gets when he is trying to remind Dean that he knows him so much better than this. He drops the subject though.

The thing that’s changed is that in the last few months, Cas has moved into the Bunker.

With Mary also there more often than not, it could be a case of over-crowding. If you assumed no ulterior motives to ending the stranglehold Sam’s room had on their group media consumption.

“How would we get it back, though?”

That stumps Dean but not so much they don’t argue on and off about methods for the whole three days they’re staking out graveyards, crawling around in storm drains, and generally cursing out the existence of ghouls. The sofa remains waiting for them on the side of the road whenever they drive past that intersection.

[Read the rest on Ao3]

celestialsushi  asked:

((Not a question but I just wanted to tell you guys this project is AWESOME and I can't wait!! X3 Romantic AND platonic routes? And romantic route no matter what your gender because gender-neutral character? SIGN ME UP :D Really looking forward to Undyne, Sans, and Papyrus!! :D Keep doing what you're doing, y'all! You're the best!! :D))

The amount of support and love we get from you guys is truly astounding and we truly appreciate every bit of it! Thank you so much for helping us keep us determined in the project!

anonymous asked:

Ok either the Holmes parents were extremely ignorant or they were never at home to notice that they have a psychopath daughter and a son who is so traumatized about the lost of his best friend that he still remember him as his dog. God I hate TFP..

Me too nonny me too. These are burning questions and we will probably never get answers for these and I hate tfp.

anonymous asked:

Hi. I see you're getting a lot of questions about if you've changed your opinion on Louis & the baby. I agree that we're still at 'wait & see'. Things can change quickly, & they're still tied to the OT. My plan has been to give it until 6 months after we know One Direction has signed with a new label & management (unless something big happens before then). Not just as solo artists, though that does have an impact, but if this is still a thing after the group is signed then I'll rethink things.

Hi! Sounds like a good plan, but it may be quite a while before the band signs anything new.  

I do get a lot of questions asking “Why?!” about various things. I don’t answer most of them because I get tired of saying “I don’t know.”

My stance right now is that as long as things are shady and nothing makes sense, I’m just waiting it out. I may get tired of waiting at some point, but until the players start acting like normal celebrities (I don’t ever expect them to act like normal people LOL!) and we have some reasonable explanations for the inexplicable, then I’m not buying it.

I’ve just lost interest in constantly detailing WHY I’m not buying it. The reasons remain constant even as the situations shift slightly.

If I ever do buy it, I’ll say why, but I think the why not has been covered enough.

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do you think the characters should all get an outfit that involves them not..wearing shirts? :P


YES?!!??!?! IS THAT EVEN A LEGIT QUESTION?? We just need to keep bugging them! I mean, how are they gonna show us a trailer with shirtless Noct and not let us play as him shirtless. FALSE ADVERTISEMENT I TELL YA.

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What type of girls are you attracted to? And what's your preference which hair color and height??

I’m not a preference type of guy. I like girls I can get along with, who like the same things as me, girls who have that incredible smile that just light up a whole room the second they walk in. I’m a sucker for any girl who can make me laugh. Hair color and height mean nothing if we get each other on a more personal level.

- S.W.

Ask Sam Winchester a question!

mayaqueerhart  asked:

Thanks for your reply! I always love to know what you think of the episodes. :) Do you think that MJ and company were trying to queerbait us, or did they actually intend for Rilaya to be canon? I've heard so many different stories. I really hope the intent was for them to be together. They have such a beautiful relationship. And the girls said it themselves, they wouldn't love any boy more than each other. So how could they be with anyone else besides each other?

To your question: no and yes. Yes they baited, however MJ and the writers baited everyone. They knew ships were popular (and Disney knew it too, hence them actually using ships names in promos and working ship names into the script [Yogby and Smarkle specifically]). So yeah, they baited, but we’re not alone in that. Just ask LMFRs who are…getting really desperate and tinhatty because they can’t accept they were punk’d again. No, because a large chunk of Rilaya is just Rowbrina. The chemistry comes from them, MJ can’t control that. They have chemistry, they have chemistry. Which is why I use the script and direction as “proofs” and not looks. I mean, if your ship is just based on chemistry, you’ll be baited for the rest of your life (*cough* S_an Q_een fandom), because writers don’t always follow chemistry, they write whatever they feel like writing. But in this case, I feel, the chemistry and writing came together perfectly. Like it was planned all along and it was maintained

Rilaya was pushed further and further to the forefront as the show went on. Their friendship got deeper (’World’ which took place 5 YEARS after they met) and deeper (’Master Plan’) and deeper (‘Terror 2′) and deeper (’True Maya’) and it’s like, WTH? Why were we watching a crescendo when Riley & Maya have already known each other for almost a decade! Why spend so many episodes on an already established friendship? They build on Rilaya so much, audience themselves are exhausted with Rilaya episodes. “Riley & Maya love each other!” ad nauseum. I believe they did all this to make it believable when Rilaya became a thing. It was gonna be their safety net and they could say “You can’t say this came out of left because we did show you development! You can’t accuse us of gimmick! We’re #quality writers with #integrity and #care.”

On the other thing you said about other people, Rilaya reminds me of that Boy Meets World episode where Cory & Shawn say they’re always gonna be together and then 2 girls walk by and say hi to them and they jump up and run in opposite directions. Rilaya are just unable to do that. Maya flat out walks away from Josh at Topanga’s and interrupts R*cas because she wants to be with alone with Riley in their special spot. Like LMAOOOO. If that’s queerbait, it’s extremely bizarre. 8 YEARS they’ve been friends and they’re still at Stage 1 in a relationship (”I love you” “You’re the best” “You’re too far away right now” “I wanna spend every day with you”). 

I assume the writers were keeping them there so they could pick up at Stage 1 once it was canon.  8 YEARS !!! and acting freshly bae’d. 

Thanks for the message 💜

‘dem answers

some updates: we have 1 more (!!) chapter to clean from joukakei. i plan on continuing the bboy fun. and i dunno the fuk is in this soup but… well, anyways.

sorry for taking so long in replying back to some of ya’ll (either here or on my private blog). whelp. i’m not ignoring you. i DO get ‘dem fluffy feels when i read them lol. thank you for the support as always! ya’ll comments, messages, discussions/debates in some of these platforms, questions, compliments, etc. are hella awesome and amusing as heeeell. 

i would like to thank these lovely, amazing peeps who literally deal with my constant rants and insane pace and this group wouldn’t even be an ounce worth of awesome without them (or even exist since they were the ones that convinced me to start this group… leh cough): @asukanon​ who is my twin when it comes to fangirling about these crazy abo stories, and who updates me constantly with abo news (T^T), @astaroth-trd for putting up with my random fangirl squeal at 3 in the morning, while continuing to clean as she deals with her own issues in life (thank you!!), @umbrellatp for cleaning when she can with her hectic student life (and for taking it as a champ when i spoil her LOL), @chizuru-shinya who is insanely informative about abo and is part of a joint we do for namida kareru na (and it’s because of her and asu that we were able to release the english and spanish version of nkn 03 literally 24 hours after getting the raws!) and lastly, @mydimensionalwonderland​ (aka addis) who is hella fast in cleaning with her magic fingers, as well as being hella funny. 

make sure you thank these ladies as well!!

i’m gonna try to answer what i can publicly here (for the others, i’ll respond back privately… i will!! xD; )

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So, after counting up all the votes I could find (both in the asks and in the notes), we have a winner! :D

The Fire Twins event shall be first. But it seems that there was a tie between the Royal and the Purple Events. So once this one is over, we’ll have to cast another vote to see. :D

Now, I’m not gonna start it right away. I want to get in some requests and regular questions and all that fun stuff before we switch Files. So, feel free to send in requests and asks about me or Candytale!

otakusteve  asked:

Are you, by any chance, working on exhibits for Eurasian animals of the Pleistocene? To me, woolly mammoths, woolly rhinos, Irish elks, Homotheria, and cave bears are easily among the most missing animals in your park.

First off let me just thank you for your interest in our park! We love getting asks from our fans around the globe. It gives us a chance to talk about our park and what it does on a more personal level.

Anywho, back to your question. Short answer is, we would love to, but we can’t. Long answer:

Our park was built in Australia for its urban development, proximity to the sea, and stable, warm climate. The warm part is the important part– many of our creatures come from an age were our warm is there nice, so we try our best to accommodate for that. We do have a few temperate ranged creatures, like the ones in our North America-centered Pleistocene Plains. The creatures you mentioned have a considerable adaption to much colder environments: a fact that makes hosting them here in Australia near impossible and definitely not comfortable for the animals. 

That doesn’t mean that there is no hope in the world for creation or de-extinction of those animals. I got my experience with large, Pleistocene mammals working at another location with access to this technology– Pleistocene Park. Built in Russia with a goal of creating a Siberian Pleistocene ecosystem, they have started, with our help and their own genius, to create some of the species you mentioned to fill their ecosystem! 

As for rather or not we will ever have such creatures… it is hard to say. While temperature is definitely a barrier to the idea, we are still an ever-expanding park and I may see some new faces in my exhibit soon enough… or not. Only the future can tell. 

Sincerely, Jameson Moss, Head Keeper of the Pleistocene Plains Exhibit. 

anonymous asked:

So we know the boys are into roleplay and we've seen them do it. But what other scenes have they done in the past? Or want to do in the future? The god/worshipper/sacrifice scene was too good.

Ohh good question.

I do have planned a Revolutionary War role play for them. Lafayette and Alex are two American soldiers that catch themselves a British Officer and they have to use…creative means to get information out of him. Will feature rope bondage, hot wax play, and a water pistol filled with lube.

I also want to write that scene I mentioned in passing in Dirty 30, Laf and John are gladiators that won Alex in battle. ^^

I am…open to requests…for roleplays… :)

anonymous asked:

Based on the current episodes, how do you think season 4 will end?

Well, we seem to be ramping up for another, more personal confrontation with Homeworld. Perhaps even the Diamonds themselves will get involved.

But I also keep hearing about this episode that may eventually come out called “Tiger Philanthropist” and I really want the Amethyst-Steven arc to come to a head, and it’d certainly make for an interesting final to the season- Pearl and Garnet finally having a sit down with those two, or maybe even some sort of conflict that makes them realize how much they relied on Steven and Amethyst’s cooperation and friendship as backbone to the team and having to scramble to pick things up themselves for once.


Pummeling Grimm, stopping evil madmen, driving teachers crazy - just a normal day in the lives of Team RWBY and Team JNPR. Only, this time we get to be an active part of it. How cool is that?

Today marks the first time I’ve done a video like this so I am a little nervous. If you stick with me to the end you have my thanks. If you have any questions you want me to answer, don’t hesitate to ask. Let me know if you enjoyed my senseless ramblings and what I could do better (should there be a) next time.

anonymous asked:

lmaooo that kind of question is often answered in larries blogs, and that anti is acting like it is "the question larries avoid because they are going to make them believe that louis is father" im crying

Anonymous said: Your anti anon thinking they are asking the hard questions we have no answer for… Are they new in this fandom? I’ve seen the topic discussed every other day. Honestly, how tired of getting the same question must you be!


Honestly, I’m a salty fandom grandma and stuff like this makes me feel like Bill Murray on Groundhog Day’s 94th repeat.

Cartoon Network just had a live stream where Rebecca drew the gems and answered some questions! Here are some things she said!
-when asked if we will see any more fusions in the future/who they would be, she said she couldn’t answer that
-Rebecca says yellow diamond is the hardest gem for her to draw
-when asked what gems are directly based off her, she said she is most like Ruby, then like Pearl when she is at work, then like Amethyst at home because she considers herself a slob
-she said lapis would be okay with wearing a snowman outfit if Steven also did it but no one else.
-gems don’t get cold
-they wear sweaters to make Steven feel at home
-Rebecca was very inspired by one piece (her favorite anime), Miyazaki films, and fleischer cartoons
-her favorite seasons of Steven universe are 1B/2A. She was really happy with jailbreak and said she loved the Peridot arc and barn arc
-Lars, Sadie, and Ronaldo don’t have set ages, but instead have ranged ages and are in their late teens
-Rebecca’s’ favorite type of music is Kpop and old songs from the Monica show (?)
-when asked if she could take on any physical form of any gem, she answered rose quartz
-her black bomber jacket with the rose is from big bud press (?)
-in the episode the test, the gems felt like they did not know what to do while they are usually seen as the adults that know what to do
-1 episode takes 9 months to a year. They work on around 10 episodes at a time
If anyone else watched the stream and has anymore things to add feel free!!

EDIT: I FORGOT SOME THINGS -she wants to publish a SU art book -Steven would hand make gifts for the gems for Christmas. She says he would make them art and even macaroni art for each gem

I have this headcanon that the Lions communicate to their pilots in different ways.

The lions have their essence, and that drives their personality. It also drives the bond with their pilot. They need to be compatible. Which is why it’s not that a lion and a different pilot cannot communicate, it’s just that it comes across as very jarring when you’re used to a certain kind of communication.

The Blue Lion, friendlest of all, makes suggestions.

“Why not try the ice cannon?”
“Want to go faster? Hit the booster!”
“Hey, now might be a good time for escaping.”

The Green Lion, eternally curious, asks questions.

“What do you think is on that planet?”
“Is that an invisibility cloak? Are you going to install it in my hardware?”
“When are we leaving? How much fuel does Voltron have stored?”

The terse, quick and temperamental Red Lion makes demands.

“Activate my gun.”
“Shoot those sentinels.”
“Get inside faster. I’m getting us out of here.”

The patient, steady Yellow Lion makes statements. Beautful, strange, obvious statements.

“That’s an asteroid.”
“We’re in space.”
“Fuel is almost gone.”

The Black Lion, leader of the rest, makes acknowledgements.

“You did well with that use of the shield.”
“Thank you for saving Lance, he was in trouble.”
“Everything will be all right, Shiro.”