but the question is when is the mayor back

she shouldn’t be feeling this way

[a post 5x05 snippet]

“Okay, that’s it for tonight,” Oliver announced much to her surprise. She glanced at the clock at the bottom of her screen and saw that it was a lot earlier than when he usually wrapped up training sessions. It was almost a normal time to be ending a work day.

“Why so early boss?” Rene voiced her question.

“I uh… I’m having dinner with someone…”

Felicity was glad her back was to them as she stiffened, her fingers freezing over the keyboard and her breath catching in her throat. A reaction she shouldn’t have had, emotions she shouldn’t be feeling. The door was closed.

“Mayor business or a date?” Evelyn asked and Felicity wished she hadn’t because even though she knew the answer she wanted to pretend it was something else.  

“Knowing her, probably both,” Oliver answered with a twinge of amusement before she heard his footsteps trail towards the bathroom.  

She could practically feel Curtis’s eyes boring into her and she slowly turned her chair around.

“Yes?” she raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“You okay with this?”

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So I have a family now.

Me and my friend were playing dnd for the first time with 3 of our friends, our job was to get into the mayors office and break a gem.
This is why you never send us to distract guards

Female rouge:(ooc) I begin to seduce the two guards
Tiefling (me):(ooc) I walk over and try to intimidate them *rolls high* (ic) what the hell do you two think your doing with my wife!?

The guards are taken back a bit when our gnome walks up, she is older then both me and the rouge combined but is quite short and wrapped up like a burrito.

Me: Look, did you have to do this in front of our child?
Guards begin to question if we were a family
Gnome: pointing at me “Dad!” Points at the rouge “Slut!”
Needless to say, our friend sneaked into the mayors office.

((In the last episode of Gravity Falls, Stan wants to run for mayor to gain some respect and make something of himself, so Dipper and Mabel use technology from Stan’s bro to control him so he gets popular. The thing is, Dipper never once stops to question the morality of physically and mentally controlling Stan, which is worrisome after he himself was possessed and taken advantage of similarly by Bill.

I REALLY hope when Bill comes back, he congratulates Dipper and points out how he’s acting like him and I want the blood to run out of Dipper’s face and have his stomach clench up in complete guilt when he realizes what he did.))