but the poles are just like: the important thing here is this train signal

Undercover - A short Reylo Story

So @marisaa8 requested on the 22nd of Jan this year that I write something to Khelani’s ‘Undercover’

It took a while, but I finally got there! All I wanted was to create a pole routine to this, not write a story. That’s a very hard thing to get past!

And I know you wanted spies, and I could totally see it, but my fingers wouldn’t take me that way. So instead you get this. I hope it’s okay.

Without any further ado, finally here it is:

 @marisaa8​, this is for you!

‘It’s done, right?’ Their faces were anxious, pulled tight with well-meaning concern.

‘Yes.’ Was all Rey said, arms crossed over her chest. She realised it was a defensive stance and tried to make it seem as casual as possible, relaxing the tension in her face and shoulders and popping her hip to the side.

'Thank goodness,’ Finn slumped into her, arm slung over her shoulder as he forced her to take his weight. 'I was so worried about you, Peanut. I know you’re a grown woman and all, but I was really worried.’ Poe was nodding slowly, wrapping a piece of string around his fingers to keep his hands busy.

A cool breeze tugged at them, nipping at exposed flesh, reminding them all that autumn had finally arrived as they stood in the sunshine, enjoying their afternoon in the park.

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Swapverse Steven Universe

Laying down my claim here for an AU idea I had.

Jasper, Peridot and Lapis Lazuli being the Crystal Gems, Steven still being half human, with some differences.

The fourth, Steven’s mom, would be a new Gem, or one that will be shown later in the show, even possibly that Yellow Diamond that we hear about,  but the idea is that what if the Crystal Gems didn’t want to be on Earth? What if they weren’t choosing to stay, but somehow prevented from leaving?
Lapis, Jasper and Peridot + Stevens AU Mom/Yellow Diamond, they didn’t want to stay on Earth. They were sent to investigate a different planet, and there was a malfunction that crashed their ship into Earth. This means that the Gems of their world have no idea that Earth even existed, and there are no monsters sent to Earth, and instead of being focused on both action and slice of life, it’s mostly slice of life.

They eventually came to some small measure of acceptance of their fate, but they really don’t like Earth, and no gem monsters are involved. They aren’t involved in the town, partly because they tend to scare the other Beach City citizens, and partly because they don’t particularly like humans.
Yellow Diamond accepted Earth, eventually, and Steven happened similarly to in canon. Steven in this world isn’t learning about his Gem powers to join them, while he does learn about his Gem powers, he is the one teaching the Gems in his own Steven-y way. He wants to show the Gems how to live on Earth and be happy. So there’s not much changed with Steven himself, although different, it’s more important to focus on the Gems. Eventually some of the stuff will show up (and we’ll explain this down below.)

The temple is something that they made, and is less of a temple and more of a high tech base designed by Peridot, built by Jasper, and decorated by Lapis. It’s a base full of the Gem’s best technology, and they’re trying to figure out how to send out a signal back to the homeworld. Steven’s home was made by Peridot, which means that it’s much more basic and monotone and not very homey. But Steven is always bringing stuff in to make it nicer. Peridot understands that he needs a bathroom and a bed, a fridge and a water source, but the rest is a basic cube that is standard issue for the Gem spaceships

Jasper fills Amethyst’s role, Peridot is Pearl, and Lapis fills a new role, similar to Garnet in a way, but different. In fact, the whole thing is shuffled, and you can find parallels scattered between all the episodes and characters. Some of the more villainous traits are either toned down or put into the far past, back when they first landed  Breaking down the new character versions of this AU:

Lapis (Garnet)

  • Lapis is very much the heart of the Gems, and she’s the one with the most connection with Steven and humans, while the other Gems treat Steven like a burden or an annoyance, she finds him to be a good friend.
  • She’s got a strong memory and knows a lot about the past, rather than future vision. She doesn’t have the ability to predict things, but she knows almost everything about Gem history.
  •  This trait comes from the fact that she was made by the homeworld Gems in the form of a mirror of knowledge, that Peridot and Jasper took along with them to Earth.
  • The crash broke her gem free from the mirror and she was formed, meaning that she’s younger than the other gems.
  • This makes her the ‘weakest’ Gem of the group, and also the lowest on the totem pole. She isn’t weak, but she’s inexperienced, and Peridot & Jasper treat her more like a child or nuisance, respectively.
  • That’s is the basis for this universe’s ‘On The Run’, mixed with ‘Ocean Gem/Mirror Gem’. During the events, Lapis gets fed up with being treated as the lowest Gem, and decides to run away when Steven starts reading a series about castaways, instead of hobos train hopping. They build a boat and sail off into the sea, She takes him to the wreckage of their ship and shows Steven her old mirror/prison. Since Jasper and Peridot do care about them, loathe as they are to admit it, they find them and try to cheer up Lapis in their own way. Peridot offers to give her more responsibility on their temple,and promises to give her ideas more credit and treat her as an equal. She says it in a cold way, but it’s understood what she meant. Jasper is much more tsundere (not romantically, just as a term) about her apology, but she says she’ll treat her better too. She does, although she’s still Jasper.
  • Lapis is a good artist and likes everything to be decorated and properly beautiful. The temple’s bare workings was too stiff for her, and she began prettying the place up, the other two concede a little
  • Lapis is the one most in tune with the humans, and she loves the beauty of the sea. Her room (like all their rooms) is a holodeck, but hers is a beachside house, with a huge ocean full of little fish and beachy goodness, and she swims in the ocean all the time

Peridot (Pearl)

  • Peridot is not very social, even by the standards of the other Gems. She doesn’t enjoy their company as much as she does her computers and blueprints.
  • There is a running gag about how almost every thing she has is broken by the other Gems, accidentally or not. Any activity that involves her stuff tends to end with it shattered. Jasper and Steven playing soccer? She’s working on her computer outside, and the soccer ball shatters it.
  • She’s the one focused on getting home, even though it’s been at least a thousand years since they landed, she’s still trying.
  • She views both of her companions in a less than flattering light. She thinks Jasper is a muscle headed impulsive oaf who keeps breaking her stuff.(Although that is kind of accurate), She feel like she has to talk to Lapis in either a cold commanding tone (asking for information) or as a very simple child who needs things explained to her. She views Steven in a similar way, but there’s a little bit of protective streak in her, which grows throughout the series. She’s still patronizing, but she does care about Steven.
  • She has the most trouble interacting with the citizens of Beach City, finding them primitive and disgusting (not to mention breaking her stuff), She is not on board with the idea of accepting Earth as a home that she might have to live with.
  • She has little knowledge about how to raise Steven, although she’s the one who knows the most about Gem care. She tries to raise Steven strictly as a Gem, but it’s not working as well as she hoped.
  • She’s always building little robots of all kinds, which are the source of some of the only antagonists in terms of fight scenes. They’re not often destructive, but Beach City is full of little robotic animals that they have grown to deal with. The little marbles are actually helpful to the town, although Peridot doesn’t care about them.
  • Peridot has a huge obsession with keeping everything up to regulation, to the point that the temple is built exactly to code with homeworld houses, the rooms are all the basic sets, and the rooms where Lapis and Jasper sleep in are holodecks, because she refused to give them control over an actual room to do as they wish.
  • She is still sending and storing daily log reports for the time when they’ll be rescued, and has never missed a single day. This means that the reports mostly blend together as they don’t make much progress.

Jasper (Amethyst)

  • Jasper was created in a Kindergarten, but it was on the homeworld. She was raised there, and therefore doesn’t have any hang ups about it to make ‘On The Run’ happen to her.
  • Jasper finds humans weak and pathetic, but she doesn’t care about them enough to do anything.
  • She’s extremely pent up with the peace at Earth, which is why she joins the wrestling game, instead of being the Purple Puma, she’s the Tiger Terror, and her wrestling is much more extreme than Amethyst was. Steven doesn’t want to join in for that episode, instead, he tries to find a better outlet for her anger.
  • Steven eventually figures out how she can express her violent tendencies in a more healthy way, and shows her how to play human sports. She doesn’t like it as much as beating the crap out of things, but she has to admit that it’s pretty fun
  • She’s the one who breaks all the arcade machines in Arcade Mania, trying to play the game breaks them, and when she loses, she breaks them anyway.
  • She’s gets obsessed with Meat Beat Mania not because she’s hypnotized. but because she fails at the game enough times to make her NEED to finish it, hyper focused on it and insisting on beating it. Steven manages to beat her, and that snaps her out of it.
  • Jasper is the one showing Steven how to use swords during ‘Steven The Sword Fighter’, although she’s not the one who gets stabbed. Steven’s messing up ends up sending the sword spinning, stabbing Lapis in her Gem. This combines the episode with ‘An Indirect Kiss‘ and a bit of ‘Ocean Gem’, where they find out Steven has healing powers, not the fountain at all.
  • She’s eventually rather enthusiastic about showing Steven how to kick ass, although Steven isn’t super sold about it.
  • Malachite is a much less unstable fusion in this universe, more resembling Sugilite than the monstrosity of her canon form. The events of ‘Coach Steven’ take place with Malachite, meaning Malachite is less of a creepy non consensual thing, it’s just a dangerously big and dangerously had to transform out of thing, like Sugilite.

Now, as I said, there is the canon Gems in this universe, and a version of Jailbreak happens. See, the swap is two ways. Amethyst is still Jasper, but Pearl is Lapis, because Pearl in canon has expressed a wish to go home. Garnet is Peridot, with the whole ‘commanding the things’ thing she has going on, along with the fist theme.

By the end of the first season, Peridot has finished her signaling device, which does its job… but the results are similarly not good, like canon. The canon Gems are sent out to snuff out the failed Gems, who clearly need to be exterminated due to their uselessness. This is how they work in this universe:

Pearl (Lapis)

  • Pearl is the one who crashes into Earth, just like the Lapis, but the events of Space Race sends her back home. This doesn’t mean it’s not similarly dangerous. She has a different power, her spears are like magnets, pulling things up to them, and she can also toss them at specific areas to pull them closer, so she starts dismantling the entire town, planks and all for parts, instead of the ocean.
  • Steven helps her get home by helping her build it without destroying the town.
  • She finds that the homeworld Gems are not interested in having her back, Jailbreak happening to her mostly the same.
  • Opal in this universe is a twisted version more resembling Malachite, with malformed parts and such. Pearl drags them down into the earth, burying them in the sand, trapping them forever.

Amethyst (Jasper)

  • Amethyst is still small like she is normally, but she has a huge Napoleon complex. She used to have a fusion partner, but she was long gone, and now she insists that she doesn’t need fusioning anymore.
  • Even though she’s not very big, he is a huge powerhouse, more than Jasper is.
  • Her downfall is that she is extremely impulsive and gets much more angry while fighting, leading to a breakdown where she’s blindly fighting with huge power. Peridot is able to take her down, not because Peridot is a fusion, but by being smarter. It’s the first time Peridot honestly got into a fight, and also the first time Lapis is the leader, forced to pilot the ship, because Jasper has no idea how it works.
  • She has no self control, even less than either Amethysnt, and Jasper in canon. She yells and screams at the other Gems, barking out orders and punching and whipping things in her rage.

Garnet (Peridot)

  • Garnet is the one to first pick up the smaller signals that Peridot was sending.
  • She still has her future sight, which is how she found out, and her general feel is not someone who is monitoring everyone, but someone who is already all knowing.
  • Her attitude of monotone statements are much more menacing than Peridot’s angry screams, and she has way more power.
  • She’s the leader of the group, instead of Amethyst, but she still lets her ‘boss’ her around, because she doesn’t feel any sort of threat towards Amethyst.
  • When she escapes the ship, she is split into Ruby and Sapphire, both fall in separate pods.
  • Sapphire lands closest to Steven, and if/when she comes near, she’ll pretend to be a new Gem, trapped in the Gem’s ship just like them, but her part of the ship broke off during the descent, and she claims she’s, searching for Ruby, her lover (which is sort of true, at least the lover part)

And finally, have the new theme song, the first two lines and their name sung by the three Gems, and the rest sung by Steven
♫ “We are the Crystal Gems
We guess we’re here to stay
And if you think that’s bad
I’ll have to find a way~
To show you that this world’s one you can live in
Lapis, Peridot, Jasper, and Steven!” ♫

I’d like this to be a thing, please. Can this be a thing? Like, not as a stolen idea, but can this be my thing for the SU community?