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good morning carol!!! i hope ur well!! <33 i'm feeling a little weird and anxious today so if i could get some good thoughts while i fix my morning cuppa i'd greatly appreciate it <3 ily so so much!! (also i lowkey wish i had Romance Drama to bring into ur askbox but ALAS)

good morning angel!! i’m doing ok (mondays are always v rough and i got rained on earlier which didn’t help much bUT IT’S OK I’VE MOVED ON FROM THAT NOW). i’m sorry to hear that ur not feeling great 😞  i searched for some motivational quotes + cute pics/memes that will hopefully cheer u up so here u go!! (i’ll dm u the pics + memes heh)

  • “My darling, you are allowed to fail without being a failure. You are allowed to make mistakes without becoming one. More opportunities will present themselves, you will find hope again.”
  • you will become better than you are, and you are better than you were.
  • “the world gives you so much pain, and here you are making gold out of it. there’s nothing purer than that” - rupi kaur
  • things to believe in: a wonderful future, the sun rising, fresh starts, happiness, the moon, kindness, poetry, beauty, magic, love, you
  • u got through everything u didn’t think u were strong enough for. u’ve made it through 100% of ur bad days, and that alone is an incredible feat. u are so much stronger than u know!!
  • “You’ll be fine. You’re 25. *taylor swift voice* 22 ooooh. Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path. Don’t avoid it. See what those feelings are showing you and use it. Take a breath. You’ll be okay. Even if you don’t feel okay all the time.”
  • “you have done things that you have never thought you would be able to do, whether its a small or big thing, you have made it there; you’ve worked hard, you’ve pushed yourself, you’ve improved, and you should try and be proud of that”
  • “please be gentle with yourself. you’re trying. if it’s taking you longer than you thought to achieve something or get somewhere that’s okay. try not to compare yourself to others too much because not everyone gets to where they need to be right away. you’re alive that’s what matters. keep trying. you’ll get there.”

and i found some links that might help to make u feel a little bit better!!

i hope this helped a little!!! not so gentle reminder than i love u lots and lots and u are a cherished ray of sunshine in this world!! u deserve only good things!! if i could i would bake u some banana bread and pour u some tea rn but U LIVE TOO FAR AWAY so instead i will settle for a virtual hug + some cute cat pics, which i will dm to u via instagram so prepare urself 💕💖💞

The Best Thing on the Internet Today - February 27, 2017

A cute pic of our friends, the Andersons. We enjoy going to Farmer’s Markets and brunching with them on the weekends. 

Ain’t no party like a… welding themed party?

Umm… my Uber is here you guys. I’m just gonna see myself out the back door. 

Swamp public transport is cheap but it’s always so inconsistent. 

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idk if you care but it seems like you like messages so here is something that really made me feel things, i was scrolling through your nicky tag and theres that pic of when he played for dynamo moscow with the fans holding up a sign and on his jersey in the drawing they actually wrote an affectionate diminutive nickname for him Kolya as if his name were the russian nikolai and that is very cute to me agh

I do like messages, but not when you hurt me like this. ;__; I assume you’re referring to this, which presumably came from this cute video

Originally posted by welshhockeyfan

And oh, anon, Kolya is absolutely adorable to me, as well. I guess that’s an almost no-brainer, when you think about it, but still, I’m just so happy they seem to have loved him over there. (In the video, I think they actually just called him Nikolai? Haha.) And his Dynamo teammates must have called him Kolya!! Sans Ovi, I assume, because Ovi’s been on the personal warpath to get Backy to stick since the beginning of time or something.

Not gonna lie, though, watching Nicky wear those jerseys make me emotionally compromised in ways I’m not ready to admit. 


the gang’s here! seeing as I’m doing a clean install of the game, I decided to get my characters’ presets in order. so why not take some cute pics, right? (shh I know the Bran one isn’t new). in order:

Evangeline, Brandon; Kieran, Sal; Rafael, Tabitha

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OHMYGOD! THIS IS HYESUNG HAIRSTYLE! Thank you so much for the pics and same here! I LOVE BLACK SYUNG! When I first saw their Touch performance I was screaming my lungs out. HE'S JUST SO SEXY, HOT AND CUTE AT THE SAME TIME. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!

AS A FELLOW HYESUNG STAN, I FEEL YOU. On stage, he’s ILLEGAL AF, off stage, he’s an ACTUAL CINNAMON ROLL ;u; You can not possibly deal with this man, it’s an endless rollercoaster ride stanning him. I’ve lost count of the number times I’ve died and gone to heaven, HE’S JUST TOO MUCH


I’ve been quiet lately bc I’ve been very off and on with running. I’m 99.999999% sure I have another stress fracture and I’m just really frustrated. I was just starting to hit times I never thought I’d see. Running was such a good escape from this really stressful semester. I’m sad and frustrated and just want to run fast and run far. Taking time off makes me feel fake. Like all my progress was fake.

On the bright side, I had a really nice time with my friend at Disney and took some really cute pics.

For the next two weeks it’s the pool and bike for me. I’m signed up for a 5k on the 11th of March so I’ll reevaluate then. Please send healing vibes my way. Thanks for reading this rant 😘

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Hi all! I am new on Tumblr, but been on this ship for 3 years as anon & I FINALLY come off of anon & boy did I pick a great time for my debut (joking)! I never posted much as an anon but read EVERYTHING (except anti's/Samzie's/Tait's crap, because it just cranked my aggravation level to an all time high. I have 1 question: How the hell can we ship anyone if we can't talk about them or discuss it. I 100% agree they are feeding off our blogs, so what do we discuss? The weather?

Well….from now on I’m just reposting cute pics of SC… :)